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Tentative Technical Bulletin

Are Metal Shavings Good?

Now, I had heard the assertion (on the part of a certain prominent person) that one should not put lathe turnings or BBs in orgonite, as only fine powders are best.
Being of open mind, I finally got around to subjecting this to a small semblance of a test on February 1, 2005.

I had made up some shallow ice cube units for someone. The only shavings I used were pure Mg. These are pretty fine shavings.
The resin had a lot of fine powders, metallic, mineral, and herbal, mixed in. (I do agree this is a good thing to do!) Some super-nice ingredients.
I made 1 tray with almost no metal shavings, only a small pinch in each mold in one tray, and in the second tray I packed in the usual amount. In the first tray I used somewhat more of the powders (which did have a fairly high metallic content) to compensate for lack of shavings. In the second tray, I also added a few zinc-plated BBs to each mold.
All units had the same kind of small cat coil, and a similar amount of selenite chunks. No quartz crystals other than the sand in the mix.
I temporarily taped them together in pairs. One of these below is made from 2 of the ones with shavings and some BBs, the other with 2 with almost no shavings and no BBs:

Which is which? Which is best? Slide your mouse pointer over one, then the other. Some people can feel the vibes that way. answer
By the way, those units are about 1 inch tall. Each individual cube is about 1/2" tall.

Admittedly, this is not a comprehensive test. I need a government grant so I can study this stuff more systematically. Ideally, I would have put equal amounts of Mg in each type, powdered in one and shavings in the other.
Also, the second tray had zinc (BBs) while the first had no zinc.

Still, though.

Perhaps the powder rule does apply if one uses speakers to drive the orgonite, which I have yet to try.

I did pour a small muffin shape out of pure powders only, no coil, BBs, shavings, nothing but powders/sands. A pretty dense mix. And it did come out pretty decent, actually:

The top surface is rough-looking, but the others are very smooth.

Nice energy.

Based on this limited experience, I conclude that putting shavings in orgonite is not likely to ruin it for our purposes, and likewise, one can make pretty decent orgonite with no shavings.
Some people have great difficulty finding lathe turnings or the like, and might like to think about just buying powders. I have some info on good powders at my minerals page about 2/3 of the way down, but need to add a lot more info to this soon.