my trip back east
Commander Loohan Rides Again

January 2005: Recently, I felt it was time to make another trip to the Washington, D.C. area and do a bit of busting.

The place has been addressed some before:

Don Croft did some good work in late 2002.

Astral_spectre threw a little something in the Potomac a month later.

Then in March 2004, I went in with a boxful of items, plus made gallons of Sally Water for the Potomac, etc.

Then Stacie threw one of Al's trinity wands with, I think, 6 beads (described below) in the water down by Norfolk, a major Naval area. If you look at a map, The Chesapeake Bay is the major water body in the region, short of the Atlantic Ocean itself. The Potomac drains into it.
Later she threw one in the Potomac by DC, and also did some other gifting around there.

Yet still it wasn't enough. Washington, DC was still a cesspool of corruption.

It should be noted that this is a place with very high natural energies, though I never noticed that until after Don liberated them some. Earthgrid Bill now believes that the Becker-Hagens grid goes through DC on a north-south axis. He recently posted:

Having a B-H grid line run between nodes 09 & 18 at a longitude of 76.8 may not be perfectly accurate. The people of Trout Run, Pennsylvania tell stories about Route 15 on the west side of town, where cars keep dying (most likely due to strong earth energies). And with the Blue Grid, Trout Run residents don't get to have any grid line nearby. Trout Run's longitude may not mean much to a lot of people, but it will when I tell you the longitude of Trout Run is about -77.055618, which lines up perfectly with the White House in Washington DC. Actually it lines up with some landmark called ZERO MILESTONE just south of the White House. So with the B-H grid line longitude being at -76.8, moving this line more WEST would help. On top of that moving the grid line over the White House would put a grid line almost right on top of the Pentagon.

Additionally, there is a blue-grid line going roughly SW to NE through Manassas, AOL HQ, and Langley (CIA) that passes just on the west side of the city.

Websites abound on the occult significance of the streets and structures in DC. Here's a good one, if you can stand the religious rhetoric. Downtown appears to have been designed as a portal for something by the Freemasons. In fact, the very diamond-shaped outline of the city evokes the compass-and-square symbol.

But anyway, I drove from Arkansas this time. In preparation, I spent many, many days of hard work making a bunch of very powerful items using eclectic layering, etc. All of the larger orgonite items took several hours of labor each to make, and were extremely strong. Many had copper pipes sticking out.
I also made numerous trays of ice-cube units, and many bottle-based devices, with and without orgonite.
I even went around my place digging up older items, to which I taped the special beads. I did eclectic layering on those, and re-cast them. Not sure how many gallons of orgonite I ended up with, but it must have been 7 gallons or so, maybe more. I used almost 4 gallons of epoxy, not counting the several older items I recast.

I can't afford to be spending time and money on all this stuff, but it had to be done, and I was well-qualified to do it, so there was no choice.

I would like to thank the people who contributed:
  • Dragon Al Gray sent 200 very high-energy beads I used to jazz my creations up with. These are tiny, but the most amazing additive to orgonite I know of. Allegedly, they have a vibe inimical to grey and reptilian aliens. In any case, a very nice quality of energy. Makes everything much more powerful.
  • Ohfor sent a box of TBs. I think it was 25 regular muffin TBs and 3 much bigger ones.
  • Orgonote sent $40 for supplies.
  • I also had a bit of aluminum honeycomb Texascritter had given me, which adds a lot of effectiveness to water-gifting devices.

    Now for the actual gifting report: A couple weeks before I took off, I had to make a run to Little Rock. I put a strong unit with 4 beads in the Arkansas River, right in the downtown area near the Masonic Temple and loads of medical and government buildings. (That river was strongly gifted in other locations already, including 6 beads and other stuff right by Ft. Chaffee). On the way back, I put 2 beads and water-bottle devices into Lake Conway, and also Greer's Ferry Lake.

    Later when I started on my trip, I had to do another run into Little Rock, and I put 2 beads and other stuff in the reservoir.

    Then, I headed east. Now, Tennessee is the only state between Arkansas and Virginia, and it is a very long one from east to west. There are 3 nodes along the grid line that also goes east-west.
  • I put a unit with 10 beads in the Mississippi, and stuff including 12 beads near the blue-grid point near Arp, TN, just east of the Mississippi. I didn't get real precise (a GPS device would have been nice to have) but laid down some strong stuff. Incidentally the area had a very nice vibe already, and I saw no towers or other suspicious structures around there. I did see one tower a few miles east of there.

    Then I headed on. The next node was near Gorman, but it was very dark when I got there in the evening, too early for the gibbous moon to be out, so I blew off gifting for the time being. Drove a ways further, then spent the night in a motel. The first thing I did when I got into the room is put some of my powerful devices up against the plumbing pipes. The last thing before I left in the morning was to recoup them. No reason not to charge up the local water supply.

    The next day I drove over to the last TN node. On the map, it is right next to Milltown. Well, turns out Milltown doesn't exist. Maps are funny; substantial little towns are not marked, yet tiny ghost towns are. I never actually found the right place. A local store owner had to think a while about where Milltown, a couple miles away, was. He finally remembered, and said there was one residence there, and one abandoned one, and "That's Milltown."
    Incidentally, this area had the same vibe as the node at Arp. Beautiful, hilly country.
    He gave me directions, but I saw no road markings as he described, so I just found a nice place which I guessed might be within a mile of the node, and tossed a TB there. I had a strategy. You see, the Cumberland River meanders right close by there. I would just toss some stuff in the river, and the high energy would feed into the node. There might even be underground waterways sort of connecting the two.
    So I put orgonite with 6 beads in the river nearby, and several bottle devices. I also put numerous bottle devices in several other spots in that river. The river is real slow, more like a lake. The devices should stay put, unless they really open up the dam upstream. Even then, the more important pieces should be fine.
    The Cumberland River, especially between Nashville and the dam, has an intense vibe now. This river later sidles up alongside the Tennessee River as both head north into Kentucky, where the Cumberland then merges with the Tennessee River just before that one drains into the Mississippi.

    Time to move on. My next target was Oak Ridge National Laboratories, a particularly nasty place. For many decades, a veritable fount of nuclear and chemical pollution. Right on the water. Twelve beads, etc.
    I didn't realize something until later about the body of water. The lab is right near the headwaters of the Tennessee River, a remarkable waterway that goes way south into Alabama, running east-west almost the entire length of Alabama, then back north, crosses I-40 in TN again, keeps heading north into Kentucky, then empties into the Mississippi. Map.
    For decades, it has been a conduit to distribute DOR from the ORNL through a huge section of countryside. A good place to gift. I resolved to pay another visit on my return trip.

    Went on to where my parents live in northern Virginia. I pulled up there the afternoon of 12/31/4 only to see that numerous CTs overhead had "blue shadows" still happening from the device I had planted there in March! Unfortunately, I didn't take pics when I arrived, thinking there'd be plenty more. I did get only one blue-shadow pic later. Also got some pics of the countless CTs being partly-erased by this unit.

    I proceeded to get my first cold (or maybe light flu) in over two years. This set me back about 5 days. Meanwhile, I discovered that I could feel energy from maps, either digital or paper ones. I was looking at a map on my laptop, absent-mindedly pointing with my mouse to a spot I had gifted in March, and I could feel the energy through the pointer, just like I do when dowsing text in web pages with the pointer. It felt like all my gifts from March were still there, plus I'm pretty sure where Stacie's gifts are.

    I contacted Bill about the big node in southern VA, where 5 lines cross in one spot. How accurate is the mapquest service when you plug in latitude and longitude? Not very, he said; use terraserver or topozone. He even made me a little map as accurately as he could. Bill said that people reported that the gridlines seemed to be about 2 miles wide, so he drew a 2-mile circle around the spot.
    We also discussed the possibility of it having shifted, after I read something orgone_matrix had posted that he thought gridlines had shifted.

    I got out my paper map and a very sharp-pointed little cone hhg to see if I could find the point. I did find a very strong point a bit east and north of the one on Bill's map. When I checked on that (digital) map, I could feel the point, too. It was within the 2-mile circle. At least something strong was. I zeroed in on it as closely as I could, marked an X there in a graphics program, and sent it back to Bill.

    Bill writes back:

    Hey, is it any easier to dowse with Terraserver aerial images? Here's your "X" from your map in real life, zoomed in: map

    The funny part about your X is an odd story about Nutri-Blend, which just happens to be near your X, on Crews Shop Road, on the south side of your X. Last year they wanted to use biosolid (human and industrial waste) fertilizer. Eeew! That doesn't sound like healthy energy emanating from that area. It's neat how dowsing works! I hope the Terraserver link helps out...


    Well, see just a tad south of the exact center of the map, there's a darkish, squarish spot? That's where I feel the energy center is.

    A little webwork gave me the impression that Nutri-Blend contracts with municipalities to fertilize public lands with god-knows-what ground-up evidence they want to get rid of.
    Hmmm.... place in the country with big trucks coming in and out all day. Probably a cover for something else. I had a creepy feeling about this joint; like there was a small underground base there.

    So I ask Al if he could get some remote-viewing action on this building. Some hours later, I get a message from Al which says in part: (Warning, Al's debriefs can get somewhat pittoresque. As he often says, bring your own discernment. I'm not sure how much of this astral warfare I believe myself.)

    MaryK and I just got back from Virginia a few minutes ago. We found this place out in the country that pretends to produce 'fertilizer' producers, but is actually an arms brokerage house. Maybe I should say, nuclear weapons sales. In the arms business, it kinda compares to buying and selling old cars, sheriff impounds, repo's, etc. When nuclear weapons become old and get replaced with later models, they kind of go off the radar and nobody knows where they are. That's what these guys deal in. Israel is one of their big customers.

    And it's all underground, of course. The long building hides the entrance to the underground.

    Twelve foot tall lizard runs the place, looks more like a dinosaur than anything else, and doesn't shape shift. A dark-haired human female and a spineless toady type male human who runs the wet bar are his staff.

    O.K. Re-read all the above in the past tense. Last time I saw dino-man, he was thrashing about on the floor. Toady the go-fer was cringing behind the wet bar, and probably a bit wet himself. Spikey haired over-dressed female was running in terror down the hall. She broke one of her high heels, tripped and fell with one leg under her. She was unable to call for help, and when she began to vomit, she was unable to move either. She's a goner. Don't send flowers, send Triniti Wands.

    Hmmm. This sounded like fun, but Stacie agreed to handle the place with her own gifts. She makes stuff with those beads, too. She's not far away, and that would free up some of my resources for more busting around DC.

    Anyway, I pretty much got over my cold. It was time to get off my butt. I got serious. I got up before 3am one day, in order to drive down to DC while there was scant traffic on the bridges. There are many bridges connecting DC and northern VA. I put some hefty river-busters in the Potomac: total around 3 gallons of intense orgonite, containing 42 beads and a few pipes. These went in from 3 different bridges right near downtown DC.

    Went back home, but not for long. Time to head to Maryland for some more fun.

    Paid a little visit to NSA in Fort Meade, MD. Maybe I was too easy on them. Neglected to print off a local map before going.
    I had a driver. Rode around the compound fence shooting maybe 4 dozen good ice cubes from my slingshot. Some into wooded areas near the compound. Also tossed about 20 of the TBs Ohfor had sent me.
    Some of the TBs were oversized. A week previously, I had silicone-glued 5 ice cubes containing 2 beads each to the 5 strongest TBs he'd sent. These 5 were tossed. So, NSA got 10 beads. I had seen a nearby pond on a web map, but couldn't find it on the ground without the map, or I would have thrown in a bigger unit. Also, saw a big pond in the hollow of a freeway ramp, but too late, and didn't want to drive around a bunch to try to work my way back, and then still probably not have a chance, due to the traffic. Would have been nice to nail these ponds.
    Still, I think the vibe brightened up a bit around there.

    Then we cruised on over to Annapolis. In part, I wanted to gift the Chesapeake Bay directly (though when I got to the water, it felt very good, as the bay connects up with the Potomac south of DC, and the Potomac is zinged from all various gifts in it). This is not real far from NSA, in bead-range terms, maybe 20 miles. I wanted some more beads near NSA that they are not likely to find. Also, Annapolis is the capitol of MD, and has a Naval Academy. So, a couple water-charging units and strong orgonite with 9 beads went in not far from the capitol building.

    Actually, I confess the Annapolis thing went off better than I had planned. I was asleep at the wheel, and Providence took over. Funny how that works when one does "the good work".
    Here's what happened:
    Originally I merely intended to gift the Chesapeake as closely as convenient to Ft. Meade, i.e. around Severna Park somewhere. Even though I had lived in Maryland for years when I was young, I had completely forgotten that Annapolis is the capitol of MD! And the Naval connection had slipped off my screen, too.
    I was supposed to be navigating from the map, but I was spaced out, thinking about the events of the day (I was low on sleep) and we missed our turnoff and were almost in Annapolis by the time we noticed. So we decided to find water there, and dump the items. It would do. Annapolis is a little peninsula-type thing in the Chesapeake, and I figured if we just drive around a bit, we'll hit water.
    Well, after spending a lot of time driving in circles, we stopped at a store to ask directions to the nearest water access, as we were tourists wanting to see the cool boats, water, etc.
    It just so happened that, following the directions we got, we ended up right by the State Capitol building, one of those typical dome things.
    It wasn't until much later that it hit me how perfect that was. Part of the reason the vibes were so strong there was not just that the water was jazzed; there had to have been a major vortex there! Masons don't stick capitol buildings just any old place, you know.
    So it went in in the best place, energetically. If I had been more aware, I would have tossed in a bit more.

    I had trouble getting to sleep that night, even after being up 22 hours with only about 3 hours sleep the night before. It was like my energy body was connected with all the places I'd gifted. I opened a map, and the vibe coming off the Chesapeake was intense! The entire bay all the way down to Norfolk was a seething mass of orgone! There's a bridge down by Norfolk at the land gap where bay meets ocean. If I slid my finger across that bridge, the Atlantic felt real dead. Cross back over, and the bay felt real strong. Ft. Meade and Annapolis felt really strong.

    Well, that was pretty good, but I wanted to put some finishing touches on DC itself. Rock Creek runs just west of the central downtown area. The next day, I found a nice place. The water was very swift. This is near the end of the creek before it empties into the Potomac, and it is like a small river. It seemed deep. If you drew a straight line between the White House and the Vice-President's house, the mid-point of that line would be quite close to where the stuff went in. I normally avoid mentioning such specifics about where I gift, but they've got their work cut out for them if they try to retrieve that stuff in the violent waters. Twelve beads, some real strong orgonite.

    A couple days later, I put the final touches on DC. Twelve more beads went into locations I won't disclose, except to say they are very well-situated.

    It's a funny thing: I didn't plan it that way, but realized afterwards that I added 66 beads to the DC environment. Since there are 2 types of beads, that makes it 33 of each. Fitting for such a Masonic town, I guess.
    Also 2 more beads went in Burke Lakein VA.

    Heading back Jan. 18, I stopped again near Oak Ridge labs in Tennessee. This area, historically, has been probably the most polluted and DORy place in the south-eastern US. Nuclear radiation, fluoride emissions, etc. And is near the headwaters of that phenomenally long river. I had to sock it to it some more. I doubled the orgonite/beads and added some heavy glass bottle devices. All in all, the waters near ORNL have now received from me over a gallon of highly souped-up organite, several feet of copper pipe, and a gallon or so of charged water in bottle devices.

    Then later down the road in TN, I discovered I still had a quite hefty unit with somewhere around 42 fluid oz. of orgonite and 6 beads, and a resonant chamber filled with water and air, stashed behind my seat, which I had forgotten about! Aaargh! That would have been nice in DC, or even Oak Ridge. Oh, well... The next day when I got to Little Rock, I hiked up a drawbridge. Sploosh! Little Rock now has 14 beads; the Arkansas River has a total of 18. This, of course, eventually drains into the Mississippi, too.

    And both the Mississippi and the Chesapeake Bay drain into the ocean. The oceans of the world have been sluggish in raising their vibrations, despite years of gifting by many people. But I believe that perseverance will eventually pay off.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. I still had to bust that other node in TN, the one near Gorman. This was very frustrating. I didn't figure out until several days later what I did wrong.
    If you punch the coordinates for this point (-87.71540 and 36.09928) into terraserver, it seems to depict the highway splitting near the point. I drove back and forth searching for that split, unable to find it. So I tossed several TBs and ice-cubes around the area, as well as a couple medium-sized units with 4 beads each. Some bottles of charged water into the creek.
    Only much later did I realize that if you look up the point on topozone, it shows a railroad where that other road seemed to be in the aerial photo. I was searching for a paved road splitting off.
    Anyway, I got pretty close.

    I should mention that at no time during this trip did I get the impression that anyone gave a hoot what I was up to. On the previous trip, there was one brief but suspicious chopper sighting, but this time, absolutely nothing.
    One morning, right after I dumped major hardware into the Potomac, I was driving around downtown DC around 4am, lost. I had groggily forgotten to take a map along.
    Apparently, I must have accidentally turned my headlights into the parking lights position, and, since downtown is lit up almost like daylight these days, I didn't notice until a cop pulled me over.
    Oh, gawd! But the cop didn't even give me a warning or anything. I was driving my little Toyota pickup with a camper shell, and there was a mess of junk in the back, including all my stash of orgone devices, with open boxes of water-bottle devices. Hey, I've got nothing to hide.
    "What are all those bottles you got back there for?"
    "Um, it's kind of hard to explain... I do, uh, environmental work."
    "For a living?"
    "For a hobby. Those bottles, it's kind of hard to explain, charge up the water's energy to help it deal with pollution... You really got to look up a website by this guy named Emoto to understand...(ramble, ramble, mumble, blather)..."
    "OK, you can go now."

    Stacie paid a visit to that node January 28, '05. She's not necessarily done yet. But it already feels a lot better to me.
    I don't know whether there are old nuke weapons hanging around there, and neither does she, probably.

    Now, let's take a look at this map I cropped out of Bill's US map of the Blue Grid:

    A sensitive person may be able to touch the mouse pointer to a node-point to feel what kind of shape it's in. For example, the one in eastern Oklahoma sucks. But follow that line east, and the next 4 nodes are in good shape now. Also note that this line goes over the Chesapeake Bay, which is now seriously orgonized. Presumably, that is nourishing the line, too.
    Now, the other line, take it from Node 31 in Georgia. Someone's been there, I suspect. Follow it up: Node C which Stacie did... the line feels pretty good around N. VA near DC, which I'll take most of the credit for, and north of Baltimore which Momonamission has gifted. Node 36 has been nailed by Ohfor. Node W feels like it may have had a small amount of work done. The last one shown feels pretty sad to me.
    Several other nodes shown have been done. Ohfor did a great job on Pittsburgh, for example.

    3/10/5: I took a look at the VA node last night. I could tell Stacie had been out there again, as there was orgone in new spots. But, now that I'm a bit more seasoned at map work, it was apparent to me that the place is still not in very good shape. I emailed Stacie, who agrees. More work needs to be done on this one.
    Also in March, Texascritter and some other folks did the node in OK, which is in excellent shape now.
    In early April, several of us at the yahoo cloudbuster forum did some remote charging on a bunch of targets, including the node in VA, which is now better. But I still think it needs more stuff on the ground there.