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The Truth about the Triple Goddess
Jan. 17, 2010: There has been so much inaccurate material around on the subject of the Triple Goddess that I have been long meaning to put out the true story.

First thing I did was to dig up some references. When I did that, I realized I did not know what the Triple Goddess is. An abstract concept, apparently, to which various goddess' names have been ascribed.
So let me change that:

The Truth about the Triple Goddess
The Truth about Demeter, Hecate, and Selene

My own experience is that the legends (and they are diverse and often conflict) are mostly wrong.

Hecate is Demeter, and she is a very good goddess. She likes to be called Dem.

Selene is not a moon goddess. Her real name is Cillilu. She's a total sweetheart.

The third member of this trinity is Rowloy AKA Bin-Quy. I have not been able to find her in the legends, under any of these names nor any other names.

These three ladies share a common origin and are the best of friends.

Their mothers:
There is a species of powerful 4D female humans I have called the Titanesses. They are about 7' tall and very powerful. There are apparently no males.
These women have no heart centers, and are into power, not love.
Nonetheless, there are a bunch of them that are our allies. They have been fighting hard on our side non-stop for years. There also was an evil bunch. They were not in league with demons or into black magic, because Titanesses are too much into personal power to surrender themselves to treacherous forces. Yet the bad ones were demon-like themselves. They attacked me a couple years ago with great "demonic" force, because I was protecting the good Titanesses against demons. The bad ones wanted the demons to kick the good ones in the ass. They resented the good ones more than the demons.
Anyway, I think I got those mopped up; at least it's been a long time since I ran into an evil Titaness.

Thousands of years ago, some Titanesses were involved in some kind of conflict with good Pleaidians. They took some prisoners.
Three of the male Pleaidians were seduced by Titanesses and impregnated them (yes, many hyperdimensional humanoids reproduce the same way we do). The offspring were Dem, Cillilu, and Rowloy. I call them DemCilBin for short.
These girls inherited their fathers' benevolent hearts, and their mothers' power. They did not inherent their mothers' size. I don't know how they became involved with Earth.

At one time, they all had husbands. I think these were all of the same species, but I haven't figured out which species. They were great warriors, and the Archons killed them, widowing DemCilBin. Perhaps they killed off the entire species.

Fast forward to 2007. I read on Tim Rifat's site (warning! he is a totally evil ripoff artist) that Hecate is the goddess of ill-fortune, and he was trying to sell a crystal that supposedly harnessed her ability to bring misfortune on one's enemies.
I figured she must be one of his demonic allies, and checked her out. But she had a clean vibe.
I asked her to bring misfortune to various scumbags. No crystal required. I can't quantify how effective she is, but I can definitely feel her power being brought to bear on these people.
I told Anita in NJ about her, and she worked with Hecate, too. For whatever reasons, certain Mafia-reptilian-satanic developers enjoyed plummeting stock values after that. Of course, it was not a great time for the housing market anyway.

Dem and I had become allies, protecting each other from demons. There were times when I was under attack in those days, when sometimes either Jehovah or Dem would swoop by and tear into them. This went on for a while, when one day as she was taking off after rescuing me, and i sensed like a flirtatious wink. I married her on the last day of 2007. I'm pretty wild about her. She's pretty with fair skin and brown hair.

A few days later she brought Cillilu by. Wanted me to marry her, too. I didn't argue. Cillilu is fair-skinned and dark-haired. She has small breasts, big hips, and is terribly pretty and very sweet.
Then a couple days later I was married to Rowloy. For some reason she is dark-skinned, with dark hair, also pretty and sweet.

These ladies are great allies, and are usually out fighting bad guys.