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Loohan's Who Izzit Page
Challenges for the Remote-Viewer or Dowser

Sep. 7, '09: There are a few mysteries I have not been able to solve.

1.) Who are the bad guys defending themselves against good guys in Galaxy NGC 3314?
[update Sep. 20, '09: Whoever they are, they are in therapy now and not fighting anymore.]

2.) Who is here at a depth of 111 ft under the west side of Knoxville, TN?
[update Sep. 15, '09: Whoever they were, they seem gone now. I therapized them and I think they split.]

3.) On Sep. 3 I wrote:
I found a US Marine base underground here in Pakistan. I got onto this because of this article. This base is much closer to Mirkur Sakro than Gharo, though.

(9:40pm) Forgot to dowse the details. Turns out there are 3 bases... One is at 100-130' depth, and contains 2,110 servicemen and women, ordinary soldiers, MPDed. Then there is one at 170-200' with 1,041 USN satanists. Then at 310-350' are 200 USN satanists, and something else i'm trying to de-cloak. ETs?
Who else is down there with our boys?
[update Mar. 16, '10: The golden Draco have taken care of these bases. I still don't know who was there, ET-wise.]

Sep. 11, '09: Here are 3 spots in LA that feel slightly DORy to me. The first one at 621' depth, the other 2 at 622'. I have no idea what's there.
1, 2, 3.
[update Mar. 16, '10: Got 'em, whatever they were. 5D critters of some sort. The first 2 were some kind of 2' long mammals; the 3rd something else.]

Jan. 11, '10: Similarly, there are at least 4 spots around Canaan, AR (just a few miles NW of my place) that have a bad vibe that I can't get any info on, not even depths.
[update Mar. 16, '10: Nailed 'em. Some kind of 4D 3' humanoids.]

Aug. 17, '10: Who is doing the chem-spraying on Earth now? For the longest time it was UNEP and NOAA. Then we apparently put them out of business and it was taken over by other agencies. Then we harrassed these to the point where they aren't doing it anymore. Yet, there are planes flying overhead leaving trails that turn into chem-clouds as before. I can see them, hear them, watch the chem phenomena, but in recent months, never detect any physical being aboard, nor physical metal (which would be programmable).