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Galaxy M32 ETs on Earth
previously titled "Evil ETs of the Auburn, WA Area"
There are some evil human ETs in the area around Sea-Tac Airport in Washington State, as well as in many other locations being discovered.

They are highly psychic and to be regarded as physical demons. They have killed people and pets with evil energy attacks. They are pedophiles who have been discovered selling children to the USN.

Most of them are from galaxy M32 and seem to be here largely to diversify their genetic stock. The full-bloods look like ordinary Caucasians (this also holds true for a dozen or so other such ET groups on Earth). They marry compromised, soulless Earthlings of many races, and produce offspring that are just as demonic. Then 2 such half-breeds will marry and produce more half-breeds.
They all dowse as either 100% or 50% ET. I have not seen any 75%, etc. Oddly, all the half-breeds with other races look like full-blood blacks, Asians, etc.
My impression is that their youngest kids here are 4th generation, and that none of these ETs on Earth have ever lived off Earth. Maybe they would be better called descendents of ET immigrants.

They seem to avoid limelight most of the time. I have not found any state or federal politicians, movies stars, or the like that are M32ers. However, Father Gary Thomas is a full-blood.

We have identified 3 other galaxies that the M32 race also has populated. Our forces have been killing them off in these areas as well as the place near N204. So these on Earth really have nowhere to return to.

In addition, there are a few ETs from another race working with them. In this pic, the portly guy is an ET from near Galaxy N204. (The M32 men are usually thin like the guy on the right.) My impression is, there are 3 N204 couples in the Auburn area, 1 couple in St. Paul, and 1 more couple in College Point, NY. I suspect their function was providing extra nasty energy for the M32ers to use, but at this time the N204ers are much weaker than they were. They do not breed here, but it feels like they adopt kids from the M32ers. I sense this portly guy has 3 adopted M32 boys (he likes boys and is a scoutmaster).

These ETs seem to have quite a few SUVs, Suburbans, houses, proprietary businesses, and plenty of free time to stalk and persecute anyone who gets in their way. I suspect that their road to success was paved with dead bodies.
It may be that some have lower status and work regular jobs and give some of their money to the wealthier ones.
A few are cops, teachers, etc. The M32 kids are attending several local schools.

The psi attackers somehow draw energy through the fetuses of their pregnant women. Psi attacks weaken considerably when the fetuses and pregnant women are blasted. Besides, it's probably a real good idea to pick on these anyway. I know, I'm monster talking that way about preshuss baybeees that Jeeezus loves. So be it.

DNA Samples: I am in possession of hair from their evil ET cats that dowse as full-blood ETs. Write me if you have means of scrutinizing DNA.
Also, the lady frequently gets the contents of condoms smeared on the window of her door, from full-blood M32er donors. Thus far I have not gotten her to call the cops on this.

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Also note that over time, demographics may shift some from their status at the time I wrote these notes. Many of the Auburn houses, for instance, have been vacated. There has been an exodus, mainly to Calgary.
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