my CB array
(historical; circa 2005)

Picture taken late Jan/05.

The 3 big white chunks are of special quartzite from Virginia.
quartzite: n: hard metamorphic rock consisting essentially of interlocking quartz crystals.
Please note that the large blue unit and the blue cone both have a predominantly downward direction. If it were upward, I think I'd be seeing a lot better anti-chemtrails action out of that big chunk of quartzite.
(Note: I have since removed the big chunk from its position, and set it atop a very powerful orgonite unit with upward energy. This is more efficacious.)

These orgone units are not recent. I could do a lot better now. But they are still pretty strong in energy. The big blue thing is about 3&1/2 gallons in size. The blue cone is 2-quart. The CB in back is around 2 gallons for the time being.

This array powered by an earth battery.

I had brought back a few pieces of local quartz from VA, because I wanted to be able to try to replicate the effectiveness of the device I had planted there. I doubted the quartzite had anything much to do with it, but it was nice stuff anyway, so I got some. Alas, only a fraction of what I would have gotten had I realized that this is no ordinary quartz.

On February 24, 2005, I put the cone on the ground, replaced it with a large cylindrical unit with a strong upward energy, and set the big rock on that.
(see pic to the left)

This improved performance quite a bit.
But March 19 I got to thinking even more unorthodox thoughts. I took the pipes off the CB, leaving only the short base pipes, on which I placed the new unit and all the special rock. Also the 2 big coils and some chunks of clear quartz.
(see below)

Both the (buried) CB base and the other unit on top of it have strongly upward directions. The unit in the background is strongly downward.
Then I noticed the scarab coils still on the CB pipes I had laid on the ground, and put them on the quartz:

Lovely, eh? But intense.
I suspect this will bust chem even better. So far so good! There's a few easy tweaks I can do to improve it more, too.