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Gray Slaying Turtles
(are now Jesuit slaying)

April 2, '12: I just completed this set of 4 turtles to address the gray problem. They each have a fair bit of the 3012 Anti-Gray program, and are real heavy on the jailer programs.
The types of grays we have issues with these days are physical, and can't be physically jailed, but their astral bodies can. Also, the grays throw a lot of demons around that need to be jailed. And sometimes thousands of grays will collaborate on creating "hard astrals"; tough demons that are difficult to jail. Hence the hefty jailer stuff in these turtles.
They also are linked to Lt Veo and other allies, and mark all gray bases, machines, etc. they find for destruction.

So if you think you might be sensing some grays anywhere, submit any impressions to these critters, and they will work it into their busy schedule.
For general demon-busting, it is more appropriate to contact Lt Veo.

Update May 29, '12: No more gray-slaying. The grays are now on our side, only having been evil due to the infestation of invisible snake demons.
Now the turtles have re-programmed themselves and are going after Jesuits only. However, people can't call on them and expect them to attack certain Jesuits, because they work one area at a time.

As of late June, they are concentrating on the elite Jesuit stronghold in Abell 2218. If you are getting attacked by these, the turtles can help some.

Update Sep. 24, '12: And after we demolish all the Jesuits, we'll rename these turtles again.

It turns out these these turtles have the ability to find evil machines, even those lacking any evil energy signature that I can detect. This includes transmitters, computers, androids, robots, robotoids, etc.
Once found, such garbage is reported to the allies for demolition.