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The Truth About Western Science  by Nick Sandberg

The Truth About Western Science - a brief exploration of the relationship between the Royal Society, Rosicrucianism and freedom of thought.

The purpose of this short article is to explore some of the less conventional theories now beginning to circulate regarding the true meaning and purpose of Western Science.

Few people reading this will believe for a second that the principal hypothesis holds any water whatsoever. And indeed many will likely regard the entire piece as about the most ludicrous conspiracy theory they've ever encountered. I don't blame them for an instant.

In tracing the origins of the school of thought we have come to know as Science, it's necessary to go back to the time of the English monarch, Charles II. And the formation of an organisation called the Royal Society - a group of learned men in England whose ideas became the basis for many of our current beliefs, both scientific and otherwise. The school of thought that became the legacy of the Royal Society is commonly known as Cartesian Dualism or the Newtonian Paradigm, names referring to two of it's principal creators - Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton. It was not created by the Royal Society, but it was their influence that made it the mainstay of today's scientific community.

Fundamental to what we now regard simply as 'science' are the concepts of reductionism and empiricism. Empiric science is a science that is experimentally reproducible. The need for experimental reproducibility is today the cornerstone of scientific method. A hypothesis is developed. It is tested experimentally and then other scientists reproduce the tests. If, from examining the results of the experiments, the hypothesis appears to be valid, a theory is developed.

Reductionism refers to the notion that we may comprehend something's true nature by examining its component parts.

But did Descartes, Newton and the founder members of the Royal Society actually believe in what they taught?

It's my opinion that not only were they fully aware of the incredibly limited breadth of vision of their creation, but that they deliberately deceived humanity for reasons I'll shortly go into.

Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, John Wallis, John Evelyn, Robert Hooke, Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton and William Petty. These are the names of some of the most important characters involved in the formation of the school of thought that, to this day, totally permeates our lives. The materialist logic that ultimately dictates our conscious and even subconscious thought processes.

Let's have a look at the background of these people and see if we notice anything interesting. What thing did the founder members of the Royal Society have in common?

Well, they were all very senior members of a Judaeo-Christian esoteric order whose beliefs are known as Rosicrucianism. And whose origins are shrouded in mystery.

Rosicrucianism has, in the background, been highly influential in the development of modern society. And is regarded as the occult or mystical source of freemasonry. In the modern era, it is believed to have resurfaced following the discovery of the ancient tomb of Christian Rosencreutz in Germany. It's founder in the modern era is believed by many to have been Francis Bacon.

Rosicrucianism derives its mystical knowledge from a variety of sources - Qabbala, Tarot, Bible, Torah and Sepher Yetzirah to name a few and is considered the mainspring of Western esoteric thought. Here are a few of the typical beliefs of seventeenth century Rosicrucians:

(i) The universe is fundamentally non-material and composed of the same thing - spirit. Solidity is illusory. Everything develops from this "one-thing" by adaptation. Pre-existent to the one thing is primordial, unconscious non-manifest source. This 'pre-existing entity' gives birth to existence via the interraction of its two opposing poles - being and becoming.

(ii) The human being is fundamentally a multi-dimensional, immortal entity created by and existing in Spirit. We have multiple bodies, some mortal, some immortal. Experiences on the physical plane feed information back up the system and cause development at the immortal level. The system is not energetically causal in the traditional sense understood by the majority of people. The physical universe in fact exists to facilitate karmic release and evolution, these are its prime motivating functions.

(iii) The phenomena of the physical world that surround us may be manipulated in and out of existence by anyone who understands the true nature of the universe as described above. The manipulation of visual imagery, frequently backed up with ritual and 'words of power' can thus bring about desired situations or physical states.

You don't need to be a Science major to see that little of this sits comfortably with the materialist belief systems handed down to us by these people. (Though you may notice that the first belief is actually very close to what many quantum physicists tell us the universe is actually like.)

So, here we have a group of learned men, all very serious devotees of an occult order. Yet all gathering together to create a school of thought utterly at odds with it. Creating a system utterly dependent on the experimental and reproducible observation of phenomena, when they themselves believed that the secrets of the universe could far easier be accessed by development of subjective analysis. Why did they spend years building a school of scientific thought absolutely and totally dependent on concepts they fully believed were fatally flawed?

Were they all suddenly embarrassed by the foolishness of these occult beliefs? Unlikely, as these were all very powerful and influential people. (Apart from being Rosicrucians, they were all also very senior level freemasons). They didn't need to care what others thought of them. So why did they do it?

I suggest that they did it for the specific purpose of concealing occult knowledge from the masses. They created and gave validity to a system of highly limited beliefs simply to preserve their own knowledge between themselves and the order they were members of.

It is interesting to note that from the seventeenth century onward, bright young men and women were drawn less and less into studying the occult, and more and more into studying empiric science. Within about 150 years, empiric science was revered as the one, true belief and the occult ridiculed as superstitious nonsense. A situation that remains to this day.

Now let's move on to an even more sinister area. The establishment of the modern mass media. And how our exposure to it actually blocks our spiritual development!

Rosicrucians believe that the universe we each of us experience is created by the way we imprint our self-conscious experiences on our subconscious mind. The patterns we thus impress via our conscious interpretation of our experiences alter the world around us. In other words, the events that occur in our lives are brought to us, not by causal interactions with our environment, but by the machinations of the subconscious mind. Rosicrucians believe that all so-called "matter" or substance is ultimately just an extension of the subconscious.

Bombard the conscious mind with information, therefore, that can only be interpreted and acted on by one form of dualist conscious processing - as the modern mass media does very well - and the Universe we experience becomes logical and obedient to the laws of science. We are literally thinking the causal universe into existence!

(Before you collapse in hysterics at such lunacy, remember for a moment that the very people who created our existing school of beliefs, people like Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton, must have believed this implicitly. They were both obsessed with what we know as magic. Newton alone spent decades of his life studying the occult. He like Boyle was a long-serving grandmaster of the infamous Priory of Sion - the French elitist organisation still committed to returning the Merovingian dynasty to the French monarchy, believing them to be the bloodline of Christ.)

Chronic overexposure to modern mass media, (ie everyday life for most of us), with its increasing uniformity of information formatting, causes the subconscious to be configured in a materialist, objective way. We begin to create the logical, causal universe we know so well, simply by being surrounded by TV and newspapers all our life.

The mass media therefore, can actually be thought of as an occult brainwashing technique! Because our subconscious minds are all being formatted into a materialist structure by our exposure to media, the universe we experience, the events that come to us in our lives, all begin to all conform to the laws of rational science.

The truth of the matter is that our real level of scientific knowledge now is minimal compared to that held in the 17th Century. Although we've succeeded in unlocking some amazing secrets in the so-called "material world", this only occurred because the true nature of the universe was successfully concealed from generations of scientists.

And the legacy of these achievements is a mass media literally imprisoning us in a material world.

The history of the last three hundred and fifty odd years is the history of a black magic control fantasy made manifest before our very eyes!

Nick Sandberg

For an Anthroposophical look at this issue, see this article on Ahriman. Quote:

Ahriman is the inspirer of materialistic science and commercialism, and permeates modern culture with deadening forces. Ordinary scientific thinking is only semi-conscious; we can, however, make thinking conscious.


Barcodes and Flags: negative energy devices  by Loohan

The US flag was given to us by Freemasons. Masons are experts in such things as the energies inherent in symbols.

A group of unbroken parallel straight lines constitute a negative energy device. Wayne Cook, in his book "Universal Truths" claims that cattle will stay away from fake, painted-on cattle guards, not because they mistake them for real ones, but because they are repelled by the negative energy of the parallel lines. (see note)

I have to conclude that the Masons deliberately gave us a negative energy device as a national flag.

Every day now I see people wearing flag t-shirts, etc., often with the emblem directly over their solar plexus or other key energy centers.

Cute. First they bomb the WTC as an occult sacrifice (among other reasons) then they use that to manipulate people into shutting down their chakras with their negative symbol.

From William Bramley's The Gods of Eden.

These are historic relics of national flags they almost gave us.

Preserved in the United States National Archives.

Please excuse the poor quality of the scan.

Yes, that is an all-seeing eye symbol on the lower one, too.

Ever notice that virtually all food, supplements, Bach Flower Remedies, etc. have barcodes? Do this test:

1) Take 2 identical containers of food, supplements, whatever, that you recognize as beneficial.

2) Strike a perpendicular line through the barcode on ONE of these. This neutralizes it.

3) Feel or dowse the energy difference. Or use muscle testing or a Voll Dermatron, etc.
[see update at page bottom]

Barcodes are everywhere. Building supplies of all sorts; each sheet of Sheetrock\AE has 6-8 barcodes along its edges.

So, boys and girls, strike through the barcodes on your comestibles, and enjoy better health. I do the same with any barcoded container I happen to use as a mold for orgonite.

And what about your mattress? Does it have stripes?

Barcodes mark of the beast?

Do you pledge allegiance?

Click pic for even more on the great barcode conspiracy, from Conspiracy Monkey himself.

and speaking of monkeys...

What Is In Your Clothing Tags?  by Loohan

There's been some controversy in the media about RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, and their increasing popularity amongst retailers. Do they allow tracking to the point of violating privacy, etc. etc.

Nobody mentions that some kind of crystalline(?) devices have been on most clothing tags for a long time. Here's something I posted a while back at orgonite.com:

What i did was take a highly-souped up little HHG with a real pointy tip, and scan the labels of some of my clothes with the tip.

I reasoned that any DOR-emitting device would cause an increase in tangible (to me) orgone. (I'm much less adept at feeling negative energy than positive.)

Well, maybe i'm crazy, but this is what i found (and i only went through a small part of my clothes):

Every single item had something in the tag that "synergized" with the HHG. I took a pair of sweatpants that i think dated to the late '80s, full of holes. The tag was just a faded white thing. It had probably been washed a couple hundred times, but the energy felt as strong as in my newer clothes.

Took a pair of pants that i know with certainty i purchased in '87. Same thing.

Every t-shirt i tried.

Even checked a Nikken far-infrared elbow wrap. Nikken is MLM, not sold in stores. It had 2 tags, one just with the size designation. Both had something.

So, either there is some synergistic metal or crystalline object implanted invisibly in these, or else tiny DOR emitters.

With the exception of the elbow tube, and a pair of Levis that had a tag on the crotch by the zipper, all the tags were either in the center of the lower pack, or where it would contact near the big vertebra that kind of sticks out at the base of the neck. Where many of us seem to carry a lot of tension.

I scanned around a bit away from the tags and noticed nothing. So i presume they only invest in their little devices where they will cause the most problems.
Since then I have come to realize that I can feel the gizmos with my finger, or trace their outlines with the tip of a paring knife.

Usually these are not detectable to the naked eye (wish I had a microscope!) but I saved this one oddball that was yellowish. The round dot you see on the back of that clothing tag is energetically active in some way. I do not know what it is; I'm not asserting this is an RFID tag. Tracing energy outlines on other tags, I find that this size circle is pretty common.
Catmagnet finds them with her pendulum, says they dowse very negative.

I have also found such things on tags that are halfway down on the side of jackets, etc. Always the left (receptive) side. The only exception is a Chinese down vest, circa 1991, that had the dot on the right side of the Eddie Bauer label.

Update 4/2006: The above article was written 3 years ago.
Recently my mom bought me a bunch of real nice T-shirts from Land's End. Each one had 4 tags in it, each of which had one of these transmitter units in it! Two on the back of the neck, and 2 more on the left side. Not sure why one T-shirt requires 4 tags...
Several of these had a dark spot. The spots were of some rubber-cement-like substance that rubbed off easily, but the energy remained in the spots.

Also I have recently realized that shoes and sandals, flip-flops, etc., at least the cheap WalMart Chinese type, all have something in the soles. I suspect it may be nano-transmitters mixed right into the composition of the soles. However, these do not seem very strong compared to the tags, and I wouldn't worry about them too much. I think European shoes are still free of this at this time.

I have some older cheapo shoes that do not have this stuff. I think it's a relatively recent development as far as mainstream shoes. On the other hand, those cheap, black-cotton Chinese Kung-Fu shoes, according to what I'm getting, have been messed up this way for the last 28 years. I used to buy them in the '80s and '90s for around $5.
I think this is what millions of Chinese wear for their t'ai chi, etc. These have a stronger evil vibe than WalMart shoes.

Update 12/2006: The bad energy of the barcodes, tags, shoes, as well as a host of
other transmitters depended mainly on demonic energy input, i.e. black magic spells. Recently there has been a dearth of effective black magic, so the energy differences I wrote about are now insignificant to non-existent.

Update 3/2007: I just ran across this interesting article on barcodes from 1995 by Peter Lindemann.

Update 2/2010: On 2nd thought, although the demonic energy is no longer riding on these things, and they are hence much less dangerous, they are still evil. Try muscle-testing with them. Not the barcodes so much anymore, but the tags. Actually it might be that the tags have been "upgraded" and are more potent than before.

Furthermore, to keep people from cutting tags off, they are now imbedding whatever it is into ink, and stamping it in the back of the neck (in addition to keeping a tag on the left side lower down, in the case of Land's End) (as I discovered to my horror when my mom sent me a bunch of new shirts).
I tried neutralizing these by sandwiching one between 2 large, powerful neodymium magnets for 10 hours, with no improvement.
The Committee (see glossary) is able to reprogram them to a clear state, but it takes a long time, and a lot of energy they could be doing other things with, so they probably won't do this for just anyone. Especially anyone who knowingly buys such clothing.
It is possible that in some cases one could brush the ink off.

Update 3/2010: A friend in Denmark sent me this pic of his TNT jeans. The bottom tag here has this same energy crap.

And someone in AR sent me a pic of her bra. Apparently it's in the velcro-type part. Same stuff. This was very irritating to her, and she thought that was due to toxins.

Update April 1, '12: It is possible manufacturers are no longer doing this. At least, I recently received another batch of Land's End T-shirts, and these had what appeared to be the same kind of printing, but no vibe. It is possible the bad energy was obvious to too many people. Also I bought a bunch of Beefy-T shirts and some Jer-zees at Walmart, which had the same kind of printing, but innocuous.

Update Feb '15: Merona clothes (sold by Target) still have nasty tags on them. And under the tags, they have imprinted lettering which is also DORy, right on the clothing.

Update May 2016: My Danish friend has also sent me pics of T-shirts he bought with DORy fibers.

And my mom sent me a couple Martha Stewart sheets and pillowcases. The sheets were OK, but the pillowcases had these DORy tags. The reason I even noticed the tags is because they made the whole pillowcases feel nasty, as though the cotton conducted the energy from the tags. After I cut off the tags, it took a minute for the DOR to drain out of the pillowcase! I do not understand this tech.
Another interesting thing is that the most recent batch of Martha Stewart sheets and pillowcases is made of non-GMO cotton. Cotton was GMOed in order to delete the positive energy that natural fibers have, which is believed by some to offer some protection against EMFs. This century it has been fairly impossible to find natural cotton goods unless they are certified organic. But even chemically-grown non-GMO cotton has that good vibe.
Presumably due to the decreasing popularity of GMO seed among cotton growers, it is getting harder to find the bad cotton. Perhaps repticlone Martha had to stick these labels on so that humans would not experience dangerously positive energy.

* There is probably more to be known about the business of parallel lines. In the I Ching, the hexagram with all 6 of its lines unbroken is considered the most positive, and feels like it, too. Maybe it's a matter of spacing, line thickness, etc.