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The Hot-Plate Coil

Flat Loohan Coil as Compact Frequency Emitter
Late August, 2004

Here's a rather easy-to-make coil that radiates a piped-in frequency fairly well, and is compact.

It is a flat loohan coil with the ends not meeting; quite easy to make compared to many other coils.

Shown here with a passive tuner.

Make sure the wire does not touch itself. In fact, it is wise to slip something insulative between the 2 halves. May I humbly suggest a disc made out of eclectic layering (OTB 9)?

This disc is made of 3 layers of foil with 2 Lakhovsky coil decals and several labyrinths.
I designed it with most of the energy going one way.

One can set HHGs, large stones, or what-have-you on top.

OK, here's a bigger one.

And here it is to the right with 4 layers of foil, etc. between the 2 halves, and another 4 below, and 4 above. All wrapped up in clear tape. The circuit is closed for this picture by laying a wire on the terminals. Most of the energy of the unit is directed upward.

Took a solid morning to make this; this eclectic layering can be time-consuming, I admit. But now I have a very versatile, powerful item that can be sandwiched between orgonite units, and wired into my earth-battery circuit. It could also be cast in orgonite.

Update: Later I vastly increased the power of this unit by adding a bunch of (improved, color, gravitoned) pics on the intake side (bottom) of this unit. The principle is that the organic layer draws in.