Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #3:
Your Food is a Weapon Against You
[Update Oct. 2012: I have not noticed this phenomenon in years now. What was apparently happening is that homeopathic preparations of the liver of a specially sacrificed infant boy were being added to most foods and cosmetics.]

April, 2006: In recent times I have become aware of the deliberate energetic tainting of health-food products. It seems most U.S. vitamin and "natural" foods companies are run by you-know-whats. This affects most supplements, "natural" soaps, shampoos, lotions, women's products, etc.
My impression is that in most cases, it is homeopathics that are used; no way to prove their presence. Also, some companies are owned/managed by sincere people, but these are usually infiltrated by people who dump in additives.

I bought some "organic" yoghurt from a very overpriced dairy that was unusually hard to clean up. I dowsed some kind of fluoride additive. [Update: this was probably homeopathic, too, perhaps sodium fluoride 1X.] Artificial flouride and flouride compounds like Prozac have a fairly nasty vibe, most of which I suspect is deliberately put in during manufacture.
This took an awful lot of spirals just to get it somewhat clean.

And it ain't only health-foods, of course. All major supermarket food corporations are also run by you-know-whats. Probably about any type of food other than fresh produce has this stuff.
And licit and illicit drugs and medicines. Alcohol. Someone recently told me that when she drinks major brand coffee (ground beans) she gets stomach problems, but when she uses coffee from a small independent company, she does not.
One would think it a bit stupid for these corporations to put stuff in their coffee which people will notice that way, but perhaps most people do not notice this physical effect.

So what is a person to do? Of course, ideally we would all grow organic food and barter it amongst each other, make our own soaps, etc. out of pure ingredients (carefully dowsed), etc.
Actually commercial organic fresh produce is usually OK, but even many organic grains and beans have this vibe, not to mention products from infiltrated alternative dairies.

Which leads one to another thought. Are homeopathics used in chemtrails? Aha! Well, what else do you expect?

Also, food for livestock, like salt licks and mineral supplements, even some "organic" ones apparently, have this stuff (bovine 100X?) in them so strongly that the resultant manure has a bad vibe, and will taint agnihotra bowls, and make inferior ash. Not to mention what it does to the energy of the earth.
I have a big compost pile that's almost 2 years old. Many pickup loads. This is mixed livestock manure from an auction barn I hauled in. It still has a fairly funky vibe. Organic veggies, anyone?
This livestock stuff is some serious technology, maybe something more advanced than homeopathy as we know it. It is very resistant to clean-up efforts.
It is easy for me to pull the evil vibes out of most of my food, but very difficult to remove them from this manure, even well-aged.

Irradiation: Remember back when that anthrax scare stuff happened? This frightful state of affairs caused our protective government and advanced industry to come together and build facilities for irradiating mail.
And it is well known that there are facilities in some places for irradiating food. EPA info.

Here's what I'm finding. And I think this only applies to regular businesses that they know about, not to casual occasional shippers. Businesses that sell food, herbs, or supplements.
Whether they send your products by USPS or other package delivery services, there is an FBI network (UPS employees, etc. that are also FBI, and all have an evil vibe at that) that re-routes all the stuff through one of these irradiation machines.

What comes out the other end has a pretty nasty vibe. That's what the technology is for. It manages to lock strong negative energy into the food. Maybe it also induces physical changes as the EPA article describes, but then those would be detectable by microscopic analysis, so maybe not.
I get that this has been going on for 3 years.
Because the facilities emit such a strong DOR field, they are rather easy to track down. Here's the nearest one to me. I get that all food industry items sent by US mail or other package services from my region goes through there.

So any commercial health supplements, etc. that you have shipped to you are going to arrive not only devitalized, but with a strong evil vibe, even if the company itself is perfectly clean.

Updates May 26, '06: I think what they mainly put in is potentized ritually-sacrificed children. A black magic thing of some importance, apparently. The network that is responsible for adding this garbage to food comprised 844,358 people a few days ago. There has been some small attrition since. Many of these are not consciously aware of what they are doing. They are MPDed, and I think the mechanism involves Enochian demons which are placed in the MPD victim. These are intelligent enough to recognize an opportunity for the victim to act out his/her programming tasks, trigger their alter just enough for them to add a pinch of powder, then returns them to normal consciousness. That's as closely as I have been able to figure out. So purging such people of Enochians is a good thing.
These people, and the guilty knowing ones, too, carry vials of DORy stuff. The guys usually in their left pants pockets, the girls often in their purses. This is what I dowse. I think they may be disguised as breath mints, lipstick, or the like. I haven't figured out why their ordinary personae do not wonder about these vials that certainly do not have mints or lipstick in them. Maybe the programming is just that good.

Good news: I have become increasingly adept at moving blocks of energy around. I have moved all the evil energies from all the world's evil homeopathics (flouride is much tougher) in all food, supplements, candy, salt, licit and illicit drugs, cosmetics, soap, and all these vials into the person who runs the MPDed people in my area. So y'all can relax a little. I will do this sort of thing frequently.

I did animal food, too, but those mineral supplements and salt blocks are tough. I could only incarcerate and disconnect the Goetia demons involved in those transmissions. But the minerals and my compost pile still have the intrinsic evil energy. If I can ever figure out how to get rid of that stuff, I'll be proud of myself.

Update June 2, '06: Done! Yesterday I was able to move all the evil energy that has been put in salt blocks and other animal supplements into some deserving folks. Also cleaned up all tainted manure, pastures, feedlots, guts of animals, gardens where this stuff has been spread, etc. Worldwide. Think I got it all. The additive was being made at a spot slightly west of a point 7 miles north of Berne, Switzerland, by a big pharamaceutical firm (not Sandoz). I didn't investigate further, but moved all the evil energy there into the chief of operations.
[Update Feb. 17, '12: A few days ago I got curious and decided to look for this factory. First I found the house of the former chief of operations, now retired. Unfortunately I failed to bookmark it, and now have trouble finding it again. Then I found a neighborhood inhabited almost exclusively by the factory workers and their families. But I could not find the factory. It was Sunday, and the workers were at home. I did check lists of Swiss companies, and feel that this factory was Farma Mondo's. Note that I said "was". The next morning (early my time but probably approaching quitting time there), I looked for these workers which I had been blasting. I found them in a long underground area stretching from Latti almost to Detlingen. The allies took them out, and now those houses feel mostly empty, except for 2 workers who did not work that day.]
[Update Oct. 2012: I noticed the houses have been reinhabited by clone doubles of the residents.]

Prior to this I had realized that Agricultural Extension Agency personnel tend to be darksiders. I did a Master Composter's course in another state years ago. I now realize that the instructor was a darksider, and was adding this stuff to the compost at the community recycling place where we made compost out of yard trash, etc. Thereby tainting the gardens of the people who bought the compost. I cleaned up that whole scene, and similar ones worldwide.

So I guess y'all can stop being paranoid about this for the time being. Sorry; I hate to ruin a good conspiracy.

Update 6/22/6: Yes, everything seems to be holding on this front. I was even finally able to clear the energy of the fluoride or whatever in that brand of dairy products. The funny thing is that it was a whole lot easier to move the bad energy out of the fluorides used in municipal water, something I should remember to do more often, as fluoride stocks get replaced with new stuff.
I have to check the other food additive stuff occasionally, as they will spread more new bad stuff into their pipelines.

As far as their irradiation plants go, lately they have been so low on demon power that it doesn't matter much, if at all, whether they run it through the machine. If there is harm being done, it is not of a nature that I can feel.

Update Feb. 9, '09: I believe the op of putting demonic homeopathics into food, etc., has ceased. Not only can I no longer detect this stuff in food, but I can't detect anyone still doing this.
It is my belief that they realized it was neutralized and no longer worth investing effort in.

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