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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 2

March 6, 2003

Neutralizing House Wiring

I wanted to do something about my parents' house wiring the other day, and had them show me their circuit breaker box. There was no room for anything as bulky as orgonite, and I didn't have any of my handy Lakhovsky Coil decals along, but did have my 14g magnet wire and pliers.

So, I borrowed their drill and twisted up some double-strand cable, and made a nice 26.65" Jerrified SBB coil with unbent ends. I kept the coil flat because of space limitations.

flat coilActual coil diameter almost 2&3/4". This side of the coil drives more energy toward the viewer.

There was some blank space above the breakers, but I felt nothing when I held the coil there. Then I put the coil in the empty space below the breakers, which had a bunch of unused punch-outs on it. There I felt a strong energy.
This is because the wires going to and from the box are underneath. (To find the best spot requires some energy-sensitivity. But there are other methods given below that do not.) I taped the coil securely in place with several pieces of wide packing tape. I chose to face the energy direction of the coil into the box. Although I didn't measure anything with any scientific instruments, I'm pretty sure this mitigates the field throughout the house.

A Lakhovsky decal (mentioned on my coil info page) would have been of some value instead, although the above coil feels much stronger. One need not use twisted wire, though it is better; one could make the coil out of a heavy single strand.

Now, if you catch it while the house is under construction, you have more options. When I built my cabin I didn't know anything about coils or orgonite, so I taped an old Cook's Diode (a commercial device) to the back of my breaker box.

Harry in Hawaii once posted that savvy electricians will put a clockwise corkscrew twist into wire as they're installing it. Just wrap some around a stick, I guess. Apparently, negative energy can't travel in a clockwise path.

Some people on the forum have posted that merely wrapping a simple spiral coil, or a caduceus coil, around their incoming house wires does the trick. This might be easier for most people than a coil like the one above! Provided you are living in a place where the outside wires are accessible.
Sobell reports:

I took a 26.5" length of copper wire and wrapped a caduceus coil around the metal pipe coming into our house; with the ends stuck in the ground. Within about 48 hrs I felt bubbles of healthy energy in my house every few feet or so. Within another 48 hrs the bubbles were smaller and more dense and by the end of the week, they had popped and merged so that my whole house was one positive bubble :) Still is.
Another person emailed me that teflon tape (sold for sealing plumbing) works well to wrap the wire(s) if one is sure to leave space between the windings. Something to to with the flouride component in the PTFE having a negative charge.

One can also attack the EMF from inside in other ways. At work I placed an ice-cube orgonite unit on the exposed interior conduit for the wires, which produced a noticeable improvement. I'm thinking of taking an extension cord, coiling it into a caduceus or mobius shape, and casting it in orgonite, such that both terminals are left outside the orgonite and appliances can be plugged in.
Ben Morton advises that for spiral coils used around wires, both CW and CCW will work; in fact that CCW will ground more. He says to stick the end of the coil into the ground wire hole in the outlet.
Frankied has pics of a simple spiral wrap which probably works great and is easy to make.

One could apply the info in OTB 9 to wrap an incoming conduit pipe, such as to drive positive energy into the pipe.

I have to wonder how much of the grid outside the house such methods would neutralize.

So go ahead and do something easy for your well-being.

Update Jan. 20, 2006: Well, 3 years later, I'm sitting at the PC desk down here with that breaker box behind my left shoulder, and I realize there is a tremendous evil vibe coming from it. I check, and the coil is still there and working. The vibe is coming from higher up; as far as I can tell, from a double breaker -- one that has 2 switches and 2 breakers together in tandem so that if you close one, the other closes, too. There are several of these tandem switches, but the one the vibe seems to be coming from is different in that one of its breakers is sort of framed in what appears to be chrome-plated steel. Hmmm...

I had recently discovered that pebbles sifted out of agnihotra ashes are amazingly powerful for busting little covert DOR transmitters. Even tiny pebbles are superior to a much larger quantity of orgonite. So I stuck a few of these in the breaker box, and it helped immensely.

In India, it is not uncommon for people to place coins or other objects in the homa fire to be charged.

Update Oct., 2007: A very interesting and informative site I stumbled across is electricalpollution.com.


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