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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin #39
started Sep., 2011

Combat Cones

This is not the real OTB yet. I do have an R&D monolog going here, and someday when the dust settles I'll distill the most relevant stuff into this OTB. [Update 2015: don't hold your breath.]
This project requires programming by The Committee, and construction guidance as well. However, I will endeavor to make it easier for the less-intuitive crafter by eventually providing as many guidelines and suggestions as possible.
If you do not wish to work with The Committee, it is highly unlikely you will be able to emulate these cones.

Pic above is of the first 2 I made, and one of the molds.

What are these things and why did I name them thusly? Aren't they just big HHGs?
No. Although they may resemble garden-variety HHGs, these are superior remote weapons for frying evil beings of all sorts. Especially those that are heavily invested in toxic, demonic energies.

There are many possible variations on these Combat Cones, but to fit my definition (and to have this function) they must have
  • A large cone shape that is as wide and shallow as feasible
  • 3 special programs
In addition they may have all sorts of other programs, such as jailers.

This technology and the programming of the 3 pgms flow from the goddess Maia, who is one of my wives and one of the "founding members" of The Committee. According to legend, she is one of the seven Pleiadian Sisters. However, although she is strongly connected to the Pleiades and Pleiadians, she is actually an Arcturan of the Snake Tribe.
This is a way for her to extend her middle finger toward the darkside parasites. She invites them to take the matter up with her if they have any objections.
She also extends nurturing female energies to the darkside. Suck this, she says:

Oct. 2, '12: I hadn't made any Combat Cones in a year or so, and meanwhile some new programs have come out. I just finished these 2:

These include the following new programs: July 2012, Vicarah, Iargan, Ighina, in addition to the usual Combat Cone pgms.

These did not turn out as good-looking, though.
Several of the layers have a handful or 2 of aluminum shavings. One layer also has a tiny bit of brass and copper shavings. Generally the shavings were placed eccentrically; more on one side than the other. Also each cone has a single crystal, a smallish funky Tibetan quartz, place eccentrically in the bottom. The very bottom clear layer is the one with the Ighina pgm. Also the crytals have the Ighina pgm.
All that grey stuff is from aluminum powder.


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