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Orgone Technical Bulletin #41
Dec. 2012

On the "Need" for Shavings and Crystals in Resin

I am writing an OTB on this subject because it keeps coming up in my correspondence. Many people have read old instructions on how to make "orgonite" which say you need to put metal shavings and crystals in TBs etc. or they won't work. The theory is that due to the interface between organic (resin) and inorganic (metal), orgone is generated in a fashion similar to Reichian orgone accumulators. There may be some truth to this, I don't know. I made orgone devices with plenty of metal and stones in 2002 until sometime in '05 when I discovered High-Energy Clear-Casting. Since then, Clear-Casting has improved quite a bit, as I have worked with other beings on far more advanced programming for resin.

Let us back up a little. My first experience with resin-based orgone devices was in 1995 with products from Energ-G-Polari-T. I spent hundreds of dollars on their overpriced products, then realized I could have saved a pile of money by signing up as a distributor. So I did that and spent hundreds more. Little did I know at the time that they were just resin with mineral powders anyone could make inexpensively. I loved the energy.
Their devices contain no shavings, just powders.

Then in 2001 I read about Don Croft and "orgonite". Actually the word orgonite was coined by satanist NGC4414er Karl Welz to describe his own particular (mediocre) formulation of resin and other ingredients (which I have heard were not shavings but powders). Welz also claimed to have invented this substance called orgonite, but basically it was his version of what Ener-G had been doing since 1964.
Any fool can mix up some powders and call it Loohanite or whatever. I got lots of Loohanite formulas.

It is my understanding that Welz was Don Croft's mentor. Don Croft is [was] an ensouled [up until Summer of 2015] "96" Earthling, but he is MPD, and his NSAtanist shapeshifter wife is his handler [now deceased and replaced by clone].
Welz apparently taught Croft to make a shavings-and-resin mix. Somehow the Crofts started publicly calling their stuff orgonite, and the term became generic in use.
The NSA was promoting orgonite because it was a doomed, deadend weapon, they thought. In 2005 the darkside was able to make all matter they chose DORy; to hijack most any positive energy and turn its radiations toxic by demonic activity. For a while I was advising people not to pour, because the resin would just be corrupted.
But we have gotten rid of 99+% of the demons now, so resin-based orgone devices are extremely useful after all.

In 2002, that Croft orgonite stuff worked pretty well with no programming. And even today, it will work very well if given good programming.
However, with excellent modern programming, there is no need for other ingredients except resin and, for some programs, a small amount of specific powder to dope the resin to enable it to take the program.

Miscellaneous points I'd like to drive home:
  • Programmed resin makes the best orgone. Other ingredients may be useful for some applications. Programmed stones and metal may have good energy, but to me they tend to feel a bit flat by themselves. Programmed resin, on the other hand, has that pleasant amplitude of orgone that sets resin-based devices in a class of their own.
  • In the absence of programming (which must be done as the resin cures) resin by itself is worthless for generating orgone.
    If you don't want to use The Committee, there are other ways you can imbue your resin with positive energy and intents while it cures.
  • Programming is the single most important ingredient in resin-based devices. You can still make unprogrammed orgonite the Croft way, and it will work somewhat, but be wimpy in today's world. Or you can make it with the programming, and it will be a lot better. Or you can just omit the shavings, etc. and end up with something equally good or better.
  • I am not trying to foist off watered-down tech on others. I make lots of simple, plain resin TBs and use them extensively still. I have loads of crystals and shavings laying around in boxes. If it improved the TBs, I would certainly be putting these things in them. [Update 2015: with the advent of the Brass Program, I now put a little brass in some layers of the TBs. Also bionized quartzite. These are improvements.]
  • I sometimes still do use a lot of shavings, rocks, and other ingredients. Such ingredients, judiciously used as guided, enable one to make far more complex and sophisticated devices, if one has the creative intuition and/or works with The Committee.
  • The programs I give away for free are awesome. There are many other excellent programs listed here. Please read the first few paragraphs of OTB 37 before commencing.
    I strive to offer the most potent and effective tech, and to make it easy for others to duplicate, at least in simple things like TBs.

Inevitably (sigh) I will still get emails from newbies who want "real" orgonite like they've read about elsewhere. Excuse me; if you value my opinion, then read what I keep barking about, and try it. If you do not value my opinion, why are you asking me for it?

If you are a beginner, get some resin, some paper cups, some fine aluminum powder if convenient (for the Nov2012A pgm), maybe some cocoa for the Strontium-Barium pgm, and try it. Do not try to mix pgms within one layer, e.g. one person added cocoa plus tulsi and turmeric, and tried to get both the S-B pgm and the VF pgm in one layer. It doesn't work that way. Separate layers. Let the previous layer get fairly stiff before pouring a different pgm mix over it.

A reader suggested that plain resin without shavings puts out positive energy without taking in negative. Is this true? Come to think of it, I think it is; or the plain resin does not take in much, if any. Nevertheless, this really works great for busting the environment and many other purposes. I have used plain resin TBs for years in many areas, and gotten excellent results.

However, it is not necessarily true that shavings are never advantageous for gifting. There was one area around Catholic Point, AR that just would not sweeten up much until I tossed a large old shavings-filled disk in the area. That allowed all the other, non-metallic "orgonite" in the wider area to somehow ground into the area and suddenly work. Such things are rare, but the energy dynamics are different in different areas. And it only required one metal-dense item to change conditions so that the non-metallic ones suddenly worked perfectly.
Many areas I gift have already been gifted in the past by myself and maybe others with shavings orgonite, e.g. the DC area. If there is already some of such stuff in an area, you can be assured that no more metal is needed. And I have only run into that one instance in Catholic Point where plain resin did not work well.

Of course, it is also true that I get epoxy relatively cheaply, whereas metal shavings are less easy to come by. If I lived in a country where resin was very expensive, I would be more inclined to stretch it with metal.

Some people just like metal orgonite for some reason. Nothing terribly wrong with that. Many of our free resin programs are compatible with metal (some are not), and The Committee can program your metal and stones, too.


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