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Slim Spurling's Rings

WARNING! May 30, 2006. It has just come to my attention that Spurling's products have been severely compromised. Back when I put together most of my orgone site, I had not developed my dowsing skills very much, so I missed this.
It is my considered opinion that Slim's operation was infiltrated years ago by the NSA agents who comprise his manufacturing team. Enochian and Goetic black magic is employed, locking very evil energies into the products. I just imprisoned the demons and broke the spells, but the NSA cranked up new magic right away.
I apologise for having promoted this stuff in the past.
But I will leave the page up anyway, as the original coilwork was very good.

Update March '09: This toxic operation was shut down long ago. The agents have moved on to other endeavors. I understand that the products are now being manufactured by non-Satanists. Slim is deceased. And so, apparently, are the Enochian and Goetic demons, pretty much.

Update March '10: It has recently come to my attention that the stuff being sold now under the Light-Life name is INERT. These are the people linked from Slim's old site. I do not recomment these products.

Update 2015: Furthermore, years ago I did not recognize shapeshifting reptilians who were not blood-drinking satanists. The woman he married was such a one. She is now dead and replaced by a clone. Her "Light-Life products are worthless junk.
People sometimes write me asking me to sell them similar devices. However I have not made any in many years because I find the effort much less rewarding than what I do now.

Here starts the original page for historical interest:

Slim Spurling is a great (even greater than myself, if you can imagine that) wire-twister who makes powerful and proven-effective devices. slimspurling.com and his wife's site.
I have refrained from using the term "Spurlingize" on my site because I don't know whether he pioneered this method of wire twisting. He may have.

Here are some directions for a Spurling ring I edited from a thread #7869 at forums.cloud-busters.com:

Backgound info:

Any length of wire, a pencil, a stick etc. has a negative and positive end. When a wire is circled so that both ends touch, the positive is on one side of the wire and the negative is on the other side. Twisted wire has both sides positive, and that is what generates the chi energy of these rings. Here's how to make 'em:

These instructions are for a ring aprox. 6" in dia. To make one 3", halve the lengths, and for a 12" ring double the lengths.

STEP 1 - Make a template by drawing a circle on a piece of plywood 524 mm in circumference. Use a radius of 83mm to draw the circle. Every 1 inch around the circle, pound in a nail about half way into the wood.

STEP 2 - Take a 1046 (plus a few) millimeters length of #10 gauge wire and fold it so that the loose ends touch evenly.
[Note: I believe there is an error here: if you twist this length, it will be too short to do Step 3. Personally, I just twist a mess of wire, then cut it to lengths. I can use even small rings.] Put a screw thru the folded end and screw into a work bench. Stretch out the two lengths and put them into the chuck of an electric drill. Twist the wires CLOCKWISE until they are quite taught.

STEP 3 - Cut the length of the twisted wire to 523 mm and wrap around the nails on the template. Where the two ends come together, place a short piece of copper tubing (just wide enough to cover the ends) over the ends and crimp with pliers, then solder the tubing and wires together.

Now you have a ring of the proper pyramid cubit dimensions.

I have used mine to charge water, wear on my wrist for energy. No doubt you will be able to come up with many uses for this chi energy generating device.

Have I tried this yet? Not exactly. Still itching to get my hands on some bare 10 gauge copper wire; the coated is too much hassle to strip.
I just bend the cable around a suitable cylindrical object, and touch it up a little. I have not found it necessary to build a form for the doubled 14 gauge magnet wire I have worked with, nor the bare 8 gauge like this little one here:

ringThis was very easy to make, and feels rather good. The ends are held together by pressure of the coil here; it would be good to tape them together with copper or aluminum tape, after making sure the ends are well butted together.

I made one like this in a 17" length, and it felt a lot better. Then I made a couple in Slim's length of 523mm. This felt a whole lot better, even though it was just a bit bigger than the last. Then I made one 26.65" and that impressed me so much I made a bunch more. This size fits around my fat head (I'm a little guy with a big head, in case you haven't figured that out yet) and really feels like something. I think these may be a viable substitute for HHGs. Slim's devices kind of are, in general. This might be a winner for people who don't want to mess with resin, or can't afford it in their country. One could toss these like frisbees into lakes, etc.

I am not likely to measure the wire before twisting, which is a real hassle and difficult to do with any accuracy; by contrast, the twisted cable is very straight and manageable (and shorter), so I just measure that to an appropriate length.

I cast the little depicted one into an orgonite unit, and was not real impressed. It is possible that these are best used alone. On the other hand, I have cast several made of thinner wire (14g) into an orgonite unit, and thought it was pretty good. Perhaps the thin, easy-to-make ones are worthwhile in orgonite, although I hasten to admit I have not done any comparison tests.
However, placed around an HHG like a collar on the outside, the fatter rings synergize quite well.

Further tips on connecting the ends: I still don't have the right tubing. I use 3 layers of metal tape. First, a layer of aluminum tape (only because my copper tape, sold for stained-glass work, is only 3/8" wide, too narrow to hold fat wire together). Then, a short piece of silver-coated copper tape, wrapped around the joint once. This seems to help the energy quality. Then I cover this mess with with a clockwise-spiraling plain copper tape wrap.
One should apply at least some of the principles of eclectic layering on the joints of these (and also larger aikido coils for that matter, though I have not tried it on those yet). I write/draw mirror-image-wise on the metal tapes. This drives significant energy into the coil. On larger-gauge coils, for additional orgone accumulation, I may use cellophane tape between the layers of metal tape, as well as using more than 3 layers of metal tape, though these practices produce a goodly bulge (pics upcoming soon).

Here is an interesting article written by Drunvalo that I ripped off from a very intriguing page on his site:
[Disclaimer: Some people believe that behind the friendly front of Drunvalo lurks a sinister agenda. This may be true, for all I know. In any case, the info here seems valid.] Update 2015: Drunvalo was a satanist NSA shapeshifting rept. He is deceased and replaced by a clone. I originally wrote this page in 2002 or 2003 before I was recognizing such things.]

Slim Spurling's Devices

Hardly a day goes by without someone's asking us about Slim Spurlings rings, coils, and harmonizers. All I am able to do is give my experience on this subject. I am not an expert on these devices, but I have been experimenting with them now for many years.

What I have found is that some of these devices are psychotronic and some are not — psychotronic meaning that they work in harmony with human consciousness. The psychotronic effects explain why some of these devices, such as the Harmonizer (both personal and environmental), work better with some people than others.

But I have found that the AcuVac coil and the rings work simply by their design. They do not seem to rely upon consciousness for their effects.

When used for structuring water, the rings do appear to change the quality for the better, not just of water itself but also of other substances, such as wine and foods.

I was in Japan with several expert and professional wine tasters who all agreed: The wine that sat in a Slim Spurling ring for a few seconds was dramatically changed. They told me that even cheap wines were changed into fine wines by this process.

Some of the tasters also were wine sellers, and they purchased big rings in order to run their cases of wine through them, believing they would thereby make a fortune. However, after a few months they removed the rings, because they found that they were beginning to lose money on their expensive wines.

Why? Because the people they sold to could tell the difference. Their customers had begun to purchase only the cheap wines. Human nature.

If for no other reason, these devices are exceptional for learning how energy moves and how it can be changed.

I have rings on all the outlets of water in my house, because they structure water, and I can taste the difference. It's also important to place them on outlets to your bath or shower. Remember, when you take a bath, within twenty minutes sixteen ounces of water will pass through your skin into the interior of your body. So the water you bathe in is just as important as the water you drink!

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