Variability products

New for April 2014: items incorporating the new, proprietary, Variablility Program. This is a new program from Antuvozy, inspired by this article which is interesting reading. I suspect that what they say pretty much applies to any good EMF-mitigating subtle-energy device. I especially draw your attention to this part:
The advantage of SafeSpace's personal energy products: variability

Some of our products are designed to be worn or carried on the body. When it comes to personal devices like these, our research has shown that variability and change is key to moving energy effectively. Many of today's energy technologies use a constant repetition of single energy pattern. This can be ineffective over time because the human body does not exist in stasis.
This rings true.

Our Variability Pgm partners well with the PRG and Meridian-Balancing programs.

PRG stands for pseudo RayGuard. It is The Committee's attempt to mimic these commercial products which feel really great but are not reasonably priced. For more info see OTB 27, May 2013 entry. The PRG program is in the public domain, and I encourage readers to make their own cell phone disks, etc. with it.
The plain PRG pgm should be fine for putting on inanimate objects; I doubt that the Variability pgm will do anything for such applications. But for wearing or carrying, or just keeping close by, the ones with Variability added feel much better.
The Variability program is not in the public domain (although activists who have earned it may find that The Committee will program the proprietary pgms for them for non-commercial use).
The Variability Program resin mix has just iron oxide red (hematite) added. I think it also contains some other factor than variability. It does nothing much by itself, but is very compatible with the PRG program and the ZPE pgm.

For some reason, shape seems to matter a lot with this combo. I made some pocket disks but they did not feel as robust or radiative as these squares. To me it feels like these squares radiate a strong pillow of energy 1 foot, which tapers off gradually after that.
However, these are a bit too klutzy for jeans pockets.
The thin clear layer on the bottom is the Meridian-Balancing pgm.

Price for squares: $24 each

Also, the sphere shape seems to radiate better with the PRG program in general. Hence I have made some spheres.
(Note: at least one reader has misinterpreted this statement to mean that any resin pgm will radiate better in a spherical shape. Offhand, I can't think of any others that do.)

These are not terribly pretty, but radiate nicely for some distance. Again, a clear layer of Meridian-Balancing is on the bottom.

Price for large spheres: $50
Small pocket-size spheres: $10