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Disambiguation: I know of 2 types of werewolves. It is the 2nd type which I will discuss in this bulletin.
  • The first type I ran into, back in '05, were purely astral demons. They were quite a problem for a while. A search of my site yields many mentions of them. Finally, in late '09, I reported them as being in therapy and no longer a problem. However, now I can no longer detect them, and suspect they weren't fit and are extinct now.
  • The second, genetic, type I delve into below:
Wolf von Atzingen is an ensouled werewolf who sells an ebook named Shadow Scorpions, a partially fictionalized autobiography.
In a nutshell:
  • In the time of Atlantis (of which I have never had any personal insights, BTW, so please don't send me questions about Atlantis) evil beings created wolf/human hybrid slaves that could shapeshift into werewolves when activated. They were very strong. These were for protection as well as utilized to perform rape-blood-cannibalism rituals.
  • Some humans on Earth now still have varying amounts of these werewolf genetics.
  • Wolf von Atzingen was an illuminati slave warrior in past lives (as well as part of his present life). In this life, he was deliberately forced into incarnation as the son of people who happened to have a lot of this DNA.
  • As a teenager he was abducted and forced to take part in a horrific training program for US gov't assassins. This involved MPD and the occult as well as much brutality. Later he went on to kill many people. Many of these were darksiders who were misbehaving or had other agendas.
  • The people who were responsible for the creation of werewolves, and who also oversaw this training from above, are called Purebloods, apparently yet another type of shapeshifting reptilian that I had heretofore missed. They never showed up in the heirarchies I traced. It is unclear to me how they fit into the picture with the Jesuits, etc.
    I feel their presence strongly in this unidentified galaxy, as well as M74.
I read von Atzingen's ebook around New Years, 2013. After I read about the werewolf slaves, Lt. Veo and Chemmerbuster started finding them undergound.
[update: It turns out Freckles (the guy on the left here), who was born after this article was written, is the ace at finding werewolves.]
Some were clones. They even found a repository of 1/2 million clones in suspended animation, as well as many more smaller such repositories.
And wherever there were these werewolves (which were still ensouled with non-viable souls), there were also Purebloods. Additionally, there were many undergound places that had the Purebloods but none of these slaves. As I type this in early January, 2013, we are still scrubbing these Pureblood and werewolf bases.

I got a small amount of kickback from the Purebloods not long after I started blasting them. They sent 2 types of unusual demons, in small quantities. One type looked like beautiful women, and the other type looked like minotaurs and had a very eerie, freaky vibe to them. We subsequently wiped out both these demon species.

They breed with all races, just like shapeshifting reptilians do. This guy is a Wilmington, NC city councilman.

Perhaps the ultimate, exclusive werewolf cult on Earth is B'nai Jeshurun. Images.

Update Sep 22, '16: We have found that the NSA has a limited number of hybrid lycan/reptilian shapeshifters. Used for gang-stalking.

Some random pics of werewolves: