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The Culling of Souls

Started August 2011
In the last few years, most of the people on Earth have lost their souls. I will attempt to explain here what is going on.

I am mystified myself as to how they keep operating with nobody home, but they do. If you have ever had an OOBE, you know that your mind and sense of self is not related to your body. If you were then culled as a spirit, how would your body-self continue on as though nothing had changed?
Yet it is not just my perception that most people are now soulless. Many sensitives know what I'm talking about. One reader pointed out that soulless people are unable to love. It may be more that they can't feel emotion, period (although they may pretend to). An empath told me he is more comfortable around soulless people, because around ensouled people he gets buffeted about by their emotions.
[Update Feb. '12: I have noticed that soulless people can sometimes be sentimental and teary.]

How did this situation come about? A few years ago, virtually everyone on Earth had a soul, except that most high illuminati types probably no longer had a human soul, indeed many may never have had one, instead having archon or evil Nordic (demon) souls.

A few years ago some ET friends forced some black magicians that were attacking me out of their bodies. I also had them do that to some other satanists. Later, I became able to do this myself, and cleared almost all black magicians on Earth out of their bodies. This included astral attackers. I would bag their astral bodies, and they would no longer be able to attack that way.
But they were still able to do other psychic attacks. How can a soulless body have psi? Beats me.

Also I was able to bag some people who were not black magicians, namely real scummy ones, parasites, etc. Soon, the process was largely out of my hands, with people getting culled by the universe or something. At one point I coined the "Categories of Scumbags". But soon more and more people were getting culled, and eventually I noticed that not all these people were really evil. They were not necessarily rapists, thieves, etc. In fact, many people I had known who were involved in causes for the greater good, who put little emphasis on their own personal affluence and comfort, were getting culled. And a lot of everyday ordinary people that probably could not fairly be called scumbags. What was going on, and why?

These (relatively harmless) people had unfit souls in the eyes of the Creator. And I believe they always were that way and never had a fair chance! Probably there never was anything they could do to become qualified to survive. And some seemed to be trying! Doesn't seem fair. But fairness has never been a hallmark of our whacked-out time-line.
Then how and why did these unfit souls get created? I don't know.
Also, some souls on our plane were created with 7 chakras, others with 12, 24, 48, or 96. I also doubt this was merit-based.

So maybe you get a glimmer now, aha! So some people were created with less chakras, and these have been culled, leaving the higher-chakra ones alive. Wrong! The number of chakras seems to have no bearing on whether these people were keepers. I have culled many 96s and 48s myself.

We live in a very perverse time-line. Somehow, all these people got created with fewer chakras than is normal. Whereas others got created with more, yet even these were no better or worse on average, in terms of "soul fitness" than the 7s and 12s.

Q & A:

Define soul.

I'm a bit unsure myself. The paradigm I was indoctrinated into during my Scientology stint does not hold up. Any beliefs that a soul is necessary to animate the body do not hold up. Or else something is running these people as if nothing had changed. But I have been unable to locate such a something or somethings, and some culled people are evil whereas many are more or less OK-seeming.
Whatever this "soul" is, it seems to be the same thing as the astral body or a ghost. A culled person will feel "empty" to me, unless I am getting some vibe off possessing entities or other energies in them. So there is a small percentage of people I have trouble distinguishing sometimes.

What percent of Earth humans have been/will be culled?

A couple years ago I got that 73% were to be culled, and the rest were keepers. However, at present, as I write this in Aug/2011, I think maybe about 10% are still ensouled (not real sure), and I am still culling some myself every week!

What happens to these souls? The ones that are culled by the Infinite are recycled back. Nothing is lost to the Infinite. The ones that are culled by humans are treated the same way as demons they cull (see OTB 38). That is, if the person has a jail programmed to break down demons for fuel, it will do the same with culled human souls.

Are there any ethnic factors involved?

In general, no. Africans, Asians, Europeans, American Indians, etc. are all about the same as regards this information.
Yet, there are ethnic anomalies I have noticed. I do not know what the explanation is for this, as this is a matter of the soul, not genetics. Yet certain ethnic groups seem to attract people with "solid" souls, for unknown reasons that defy logic.
  • About 30% of black Haitians are still ensouled. Why, when Haiti has been such a miserable, black-magic filled place would it attract good souls? I have no idea.
  • Maybe 95% of Uzbeks and Kazhaks are ensouled! Mysterious. Notice that the NWO has been working hard to drive wedges between these peoples.
    Of course their governments are filled with evil-feeling, soulless people. But the pics I find on an image search for the people are another story. Pic of Uzbek women's basketball team and pic of Kazhak women's volleyball team, all who are still ensouled at this time.
  • About 22% of Australian Aborigines. Also Hottentots, Bushmen might be in a similar range.
  • About half of Hopi (Hopi are all either 96s or zeroes -- they used to all be 96s but many are darkside and got culled). In this pic, all but 2 hopi are 96s. Can you spot the zeroes? Also, the 2nd pic down here shows a large group of Hopi, many of whom have been culled.
  • Probably over 90% of Igbo people (google images).
  • About 0% of Romani, due to the prevalence of black magic in Gypsy culture. Likewise with a few other ethnic groups such as the Mescalero Apaches and Kikuyu.
Are all black magicians culled now?

As far as I know, no physical black magicians on Earth still have souls except for some black magicians in this area of Africa, where a type of magic prevails in which practitioners hide their souls. Many still need to be hunted down and culled.

There are no doubt still many evil races out in the universe who still have souls/astral bodies. These can be culled en masse when found. They may attack astrally en masse.

Are there evil ET races that never had souls?

Not unlikely so. However, many races that I believed did not have souls, turned out, I realized late August, to have them. But these souls were almost impossible for me to detect for a long time. And in some races at least, unjailable except with this one particular orgone device (which, incidentally, does a fair bit of en masse jailing within species).
I haven't been able to get any souls off of the physical mantises, though.

Do animals have souls?

Yes. Ironically, almost all non-human vertebrates at least, except maybe for small fish(?) on Earth still have souls and are not being culled.
There is no transmigration as per the Buddhist belief that worms reincarnate as mice who reincarnate as rabbits, etc., eventually becoming human souls. That's bunk. Rats reincarnate as rats. Skunks as skunks. Turtles as turtles. Housecats as housecats. If you had a pet that died, you might be able to call its soul up and it will probably tell you that it is incarnate as another member of the same species and gender. There is some "drift" in that a soul might be a chihuaha in one life and a St. Bernard in the next, possibly even a wolf or fox, but it's not going to be bear or porpoise.
Exceptions: there are some evil birds and domesticated animals in Lagos that seem to be soulless drones of black magicians.
Also many human souls have past lives as animals or even plants, but as far as I know at this time, animal souls do not incarnate as humans.

[Update Dec. '12: Now many animals have lost their souls. Some species, e.g. bears, frogs, toads, and pigs, are mostly if not all ensouled, whereas others, e.g. mice, squirrels, coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, owls, snakes, lizards, have only a few percent ensouled. Many domestic animals are soulless. I have noticed an odd tendency; if a scummy person (e.g. shapeshifting reptilian) has animals, usually all will be soulless. If an ensouled person has animals, usually all or most will be ensouled. Only part of this is due to the fact that many animals in bad situations have had us liberate their souls from such incarnations.]

You say it appears that there are many souls that can't redeem themselves, no matter their good deeds. Is the reverse true? Or can people with solid souls become cull-bait?

Hell, yes. You can have been a black magician for a million lifetimes yet have a viable soul in this one. Or you can have been a saint in past lives and gotten into black magic in this life, only to be terminated. Even if it was because you were sucked into incarnation by black magicians who raped you and indoctrinated you into black magic at a tender age. There is something about this juncture in time. Zero tolerance. A few souls renounced black magic prior to the culling, who seem to be keepers. [Update Dec. '12: Yet, most of these have also been culled since I wrote that.]

And it isn't only getting into black magic that can disqualify a soul. Other misdeeds or refusal to take responsibility can also be deadly.

Even animals can do things to get themselves culled. I had to kill a rabbit a few weeks ago that kept breaking into a raised bed and nesting there, despite my attempts to scare it off. Afterwards I wanted to help along its soul, and was surprised to find it didn't have one! Then just this morning (Aug. 15, '11) I had to kill a raccoon that kept breaking into my other garden and ruining everything. It also had no soul! What happened here? I have lots of good spirits in my gardens. They told the animals who I was and what I had done for the world, and tried to get them to leave my stuff alone. Maybe that did work with some individuals. But these animals didn't care about that. So the spirits culled them.
[Update Dec. '12: At this time, I am rather certain that these did not have viable souls to begin with. They would have been culled later anyway.]

Are all soulless people I find vacated due to some flaw in their soul, or can there be other reasons?

[Update Dec. '12: Most people are now without souls, including many that I considered valuable, unselfish people. Whereas some of the ones still ensouled seem like nothing special. I even know of one "7" who is still ensouled, despite being rather shallow and self-absorbed.]
Also I have lost 4 former 96 allies who no longer have souls in this time-line, but still do in some of the other time-lines that 96s share. In the case of 2 of these people, I sense it it a good thing. Because of the work I have done, they were able to pull out of this perverted time-line, and are more effectively combating evil in their other time-lines.
[Update Dec. '12: These 2 have been replaced as explained 2 sentences down.]
In the case of the other 2, I have a bad feeling that their other time-line selves are bummed because something went wrong.
[Update Dec. '12: Also, I have witnessed that many of my most valuable 96 acquaintances apparently died, spiritually, in 2012 in this timeline, yet days, weeks or months later, had their souls replaced by another self of their own that existed in a discarnate state in some other timeline. And inexplicably, one very valued 96 ally incinerated some orgone devices I had given her, and warned others about me in late 2011. Shocked, I realized I was able to cull her. Then later I realized all her selves on other timelines are gone, too. Unfathomable.]

Do souls have gender?

Yes. It may be true that ultimately we are beings without form or gender, but in practice the multiverse is heavily populated with physical and astral humans, humanoids, and fauna, good and bad. And most of these species very much have gender.
In this evil world, it is common for people to be made to incarnate in bodies of the opposite sex. This does not occur in positive time-lines or in positive ET cultures in this time-line.

Are there gay souls?

Yes. Leaving the discussion of girl-on-girl for another time, let us focus on males.
About 2% of male Pleiadians (I am referring to the common astral type, many of whom have incarnated on Earth) are natural gays. Likewise, about 5% of our valued M51 allies. Many other races have 0%, such as the Arcturans, Venusians, Ta'l, Lemurians, and others.
And who knows about Earthlings. I am guessing about 5% were natural gays, but since the culling, most Earth humans no longer have souls anyway. Being gay is no impediment to having a soul. These days I judge people by whether or not they have viable souls, not their sexual orientation.
To try to "cure" natural gays is as bad as trying to make straights gay.
And in this world, the demons and illuminati are always trying to make everyone gay/bi/promiscuous. So if you think you might be gay, it might be demons and mind-control, maybe childhood abuse, not to mention gender-bending chemicals, etc. Also you might be incarnate in a body of the opposite sex. Or it may be that you are just a natural gay.

What about newborns?

No unfit souls are reincarnating. Even if they snuck by while alive on Earth, they get caught after death. So there is a dearth of souls. Soulless people are begetting more soulless people. Almost none of the babies I have seen this year have souls.
Thousands of Arcturans, Pleiadians, etc. have incarnated or walked-in as children lately, but most kids are "vacant". Nobody is real wild about incarnating into a soulless family that is into vaccines, GMO, fluoride, meds, etc.

I get attacked in my dreams by someone that supposedly has no astral body. How can that be?

I have had many reports of this. Apparently, the dream realm is not the astral plane, and even evil soulless people can be strong in the dream realm. Their dream bodies cannot be jailed. It does help to fry the perps.

  *   *   *   *  *

Beware of philosophies that tell you we are all one in the eyes of God, divine, etc. That the masses will awaken and all hold hands and be at one, and thereafter things will be groovier.
Or that the healing answer to evil is to turn the other cheek, and forgive rapists, etc.
These are the philosophies long expounded by the darkside for bovine consumption. The Jesuit-controlled religions and cults especially.

No. This is insidious, because it is truer in realer worlds that people are all good and divine. But don't make the mistake of confusing this world with the real world. We've all made that mistake. Maybe even had psychedelic experiences in which we felt the interconnectedness of ALL. But that was just a glimpse of the real world. Trying to superimpose that viewpoint onto our world can be disappointing.
People at large are not basically good if you merely remove the mind-control, etc. They are for the most part terminally parasitic or at least irresponsible, no matter how well-treated.

This is not a real world. This is an inexplicably perverted, twisted time-line that has always primarily consisted of evil feeding on evil, and sleaze ripping off sleaze, with a few good beings caught in between. Most victims of horrible crimes and repression are worthless or scummy themselves, maybe even black magicians.

The newspapers are full of soulless mothers who kill their soulless kids. Of soulless anti-abortion activists trying to prevent soulless women from aborting kids nobody wants to incarnate into. Of satanists suing satanists, and scammers exposing scammers. Of costly solutions the government comes up with to deal with the needs of soulless people.

So don't try to be popular with the populace. Choose your friends and associates wisely.
There is no need to be well-adjusted or to treat everyone kindly. Anyone who is well-adjusted and gets along with everybody probably has no soul or real integrity.

And don't think that people who express ideals and live alternate rural life-styles have souls, necessarily. "Intentional Communities" for example, attract more than their fair share of the soulless, even if they are not CIAtanist ops like Twin Oaks. For example, East Wind is one in which I detect no souls except for the animals'.

This time-line of this planet is a very sad joke.

Update March 6, 2012: On March 1 there was a big energy shift. I felt amazing positive energy in the afternoon. There was also a solar flare that morning with the same wonderful energy. I suspect it is related. Due to our work over the last several years, dark entities are in abeyance, and good entities are imbuing things with positive energy.

That evening I noticed that many people I had considered good souls (as well as many that were dubious) had been culled. This includes even some orgonauts, even some people that my allies had done much work for in the past.
It also includes most of the people I used to know in Scientology years ago; I had been monitoring the ensouled ones. Now, of all the hundreds of people I knew or met in Scientology in the '80s, I can only find 6 that are still ensouled, including myself. Of these, 3 are 96s and 2 of those are MPD. (Actually, even I might be a bit MPD, as I was worked over in infancy by 3 different female Interpol nurses armed with phallic objects.)
Many of these culled Scientologists, though misguided, were what I considered quality people who struggled unselfishly to improve things. Including two 96s that had wings long before most 96s got them.

Some of the culled orgonauts were also 96s. One feature of 96s is that they have other selves on other timelines. Special timelines in which I can't find any other selves of non-96s.
I notice that all the 96 culls I consider good people still have those other selves on other timelines, including in other universes.
I won't name names except for 1 prime example for orgonauts: Don Croft. He is mind-controlled and maybe dysfunctional and obnoxious (last I checked, which was years ago), but I have always felt he was a very good soul. He was a 96 but has been culled now. Yet, I sense 20 more of him in other timelines in this universe alone. [Update Dec. '12: Don is one of many "96" individuals who lost their souls but later got one of their discarnate souls on another timeline to take over.]
In the past I have also culled many slimy 96s. These no longer have existence in other timelines.

A lot has changed. Most of the "solid souls" in my town are now soulless.

I do not know why, in response to cosmic positive energy events, good people are being culled along with the worthless ones. But it is getting harder and harder to find people walking around with viable souls. Most people are soulless. Yet, somehow I sense it is all for the better; don't ask me why. Many of these were folks I considered desirable to have around.
Even having a connection to Jesus is no defense. I know of one former 96, MPD survivor, who had a strong (by Earth Christian standards) connection to Jesus, who has been culled from this timeline.

Update Aug. 11, '12: That person and some of the orgonauts "got their souls back". I have noticed this phenomenon with many 96s I know in recent months. One will lose his soul, then a day or a week or a couple months later, one of his other selves from another timeline walks in. 96s have selves on other timelines, some of whom are discarnate. So an actual self, including its 96 higher selves, does die, but this self was but one manifestation of the oversoul.
I have only noticed this phenomenon in 96s.

Update regarding animal souls:

It is no longer true that most animals on Earth have souls. Many of these had unfit souls and have been culled. Some species have mostly unfit souls, while others have mostly or only fit ones.

Update regarding ethnic factors:

There are many ethnic groups that are composed entirely of reptilian shapeshifters that no longer have souls. I have mentioned several in my blog recently.

Update Oct. 5, '12: It appears that the soul culling process on Earth may be pretty much complete now. Even 2-3 months ago, if I happened to note 6 ensouled Earthlings on the street, I would very likely have culled 5 or 6 of them. But in the last several weeks, I have not been able to cull a single one. It appears to me, if they are still standing now, they are almost certainly "keepers".

Also, this year I have realized that maybe 30% of Earth's "human" population are evil pedophile shapeshifting reptilians. Their souls have all been culled. There are also benign shapeshifters, such as most Cambodians; many of these are still ensouled. [Update Dec. '12: they have a heavy reptilian vibe, but I can't be sure they are actually shapeshifters or merely potential ones. I know of at least a couple innocent people personally who are ensouled but have the vibe of shapeshifters.]
One interesting thing is that I have never been able to discern a difference between ordinary human souls and those of shapeshifters. Some shapeshifters were even 48s and 96s.

Update Dec. '12: I tucked many update comments into the text above. Some important ones I put in boldface.

I have not culled any more people or animals on Earth since last update.

I am pretty much mystified by all this stuff. What is a soul, really? All I know is that it seems to be the same thing as the astral self. I have freed or bagged many ghosts in cemeteries and elsewhere (and many of the ones I freed later got culled anyway.) These ghosts are the same things as souls, as far as I can tell.
But what exactly is the difference between a human with a soul and one without? It really is hard to tell, because some soulless people will still be likable, relatively responsible people who do good deeds and aren't evil. Also, removal or switching of soul has no discernable effect on the personality of the person. Early this year I was shocked when I realized that one of my most valued and supportive friends no longer had a soul. His wife lost hers at the same time. He was a 96, and she a 24. I notified his selves on other timelines, and soon a discarnate one was in him. As his wife had not been a 96, she did not have selves on other timelines, but a suitable 96 soul was found to take over her body.
But, this friend has noticed no change in himself nor his wife; no evidence that any of this happened. His wife had a rough childhood, and has mental and personality problems which have not changed at all.

Update April, 2013: Toward the end of this month, another mass culling of souls occurred.

Update July, 2013: On the morning of July 25, another 12 million Earthlings got soul-culled.

Update Aug., 2014: Culling has continued. Hardly anyone has a soul anymore. I only know of about a dozen ensouled people in my rural area.
Some pretty fine upstanding people have lost their souls. Don't ask me to make sense of it.

Update May, 2015: It has only continued. Even a couple months ago there were still a dozen or so people I knew in my area who were ensouled. Now, aside from me and Mordok, I am only aware of 5. And I don't dare try culling them, as they are great people.
A number of people I knew who had a palpable connection to Jesus are no longer ensouled.
Oh well, at least they achieved a Buddhist goal of escape from the wheel of death and rebirth, and oneness with the infinite.