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Loohan's blog for December, 2009
Dec. 1, '09: (10:10am) Some tufty little chem-clouds blew in yesterday morning, quickly got munched, and it remained clear the rest of the day.
This morning presents plenty of chem-cloudery and now some fresh trails as well.

Violet Flame revisited:
I have never messed with this after once attending a presentation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in which she strongly promoted this. I got a bad vibe off her (in 1976) despite my extreme naivete at the time. She is a satanist who promoted evil Nordics like Dwal Kul, Koot Hoomi, St. Germaine, etc. (who are now deceased).
But recently Kneweyes wrote me:
Anyway I wanted to tell you I've been using that violet flame thing lately w/pretty good results. Never tried it before cause of the St Germaine thing. But using a translucent violet flame, imagining yourself also as translucent while stepping into some bonfire you've imagined up, works pretty well to dislodge, or transmute negs & neg, & keeps 'em at bay. Build a few (6) bonfires pointing outwards in all 4 directions, above & below, and just let em transmute those suckers when they try to intrude. Bonfire out your space too. Translucent works better than full opaque dark violet. No mt shasta chanting needed.
It has stopped them almost completely. I noticed a weakness in entities tresspassing from day 1. It weakens till they just seem to give up eventually. I've been doing this for about a wk and a half. I've noticed for the past few nights I don't need to use my laser pointer to break up the energy of the creep who comes hovering near my head every night. The hits got feebler, & now I am starting to feel NO hits, and no presence every nite. Its been a whole 2 -3 nights in a row now! If I hear a "hit" on the house, I just imagine it bursts into transparent violet flame on contact (of hit) & the flame shoots out following the pathway the hit came from & burns up the path & whatever it is they use to send the electric hits. That'll teach em! They don't like that!
Well, i nail a couple species attacking her every couple hours, but apparently they are not getting through much.
I did not notice much in the way of immediate results when i first tried this. I get hit by a million species for every one she does. But it does tighten up the pathway they use quite a bit. The demons have built a superhighway to the 3rd and 2nd levels of my aura that every new species hops onto. Nothing has really worked very well long-term to undo this. But now i got my helpers violet-flaming into the path, and now i am no longer feeling much pain. I still get some energy hits, but they don't penetrate and hurt so much. And it seems to get better over time as we keep working on it.

(4:30pm) Heavy sprayday. Rain chances coming up.

I am blasting Hoag's Galaxy again. The core is very DORy. I want to get more info.

Dec. 2, '09: (6pm) Still don't know what's going on in Hoag's, but i am no longer blasting it because i need all my respources for self-defense.
I have wiped out probably about 50 million more of those species created by those 9 black-haired guys, and i doubt i have put a dent in them.

Violet flame notwithstanding, they are still getting through, and things have stopped improving and have been getting worse, in terms of the attacks on me, which today are pretty constant no matter what i do. Painful but not as deep as they were.

Got 0.6" rain early this morning. Overcast all day.

(6:40pm) I've gone more on the offensive. Stirring them up and busting them, sometimes septillions or more species at a time.
These 9 jerks apparently stuffed this universe with zillions of these crude 5D demons. All kinds of fauna shapes and different sizes and colors of humanoids. I am only detecting them in this time-line of this universe.

Dec. 3, '09: (8:10am) Whew, that was the roughest attack i've had probably since that first Delk nest hit me last winter. I even looked on a map, and found my area was DORy for 2 miles around, just from the DOR they were pumping into me.
Presumably coordinated by some more intelligent beings, but i had already disposed of several such species in days past with no lasting result.

Eventually i decided to see if i could find who those 9 guys (now gone) had been working for.
I found 1 tier above them, some kind of large 4D mammals, and had Pa-Paw & Co. scrub that species.
After that the attacks gradually tapered off and i fell asleep. Awoke hours later feeling much better. Still getting a few attacks here and there, but weakly. My area no longer feels DORy.
But of course most of those evil species are still out there.

Sky clear this morning, except for chemtrails in the distance.

Dec. 5, '09: (5pm) Later that day i had heavy chemclouds for a while. Then yesterday the morning was clear, than chem-clouds later. Same thing happened today, but also some local spraying.

Been getting attacked a lot by more of those species, but it's not as deep. The maps keep feeling better to me, though there are still lots of DORy species all over, esp. in google sky.

(6:30pm) Very strange. I noticed a lot of my weapons were trained (by my higher self) on a particular target. And 400 allies are onto it, too. The target is two women. Their location dowses as here in northern GA. But it's probably in some parallel realm.
They have been attacking me for 6 days, i think.

Dec. 6, '09: (8am) OK, those witches have been beaten down pretty well now.

Meanwhile, i noticed that those myriad crude demons species are now attacking more broadly. For example, i had (amazingly) not noticed David Icke being hit for many months, but a couple hours ago he had 3200+ of these species after him. That's the record. People like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, had dozens. Kneweyes had 340 or so.
Of course more come after i bag these.
If one is able to dowse it, this is a good time to refresh one's certainty on who is and who is not an agent. If someone is prominent in the "revolution" and is not being hit now, that person is pretty sure to be an agent.
Also, foreign heads of state. If they are being hit, they are probably not illuminati puppets.
More later.

Mixture of overcast and chem outside now.

(4:20pm) Totally overcast.
Much lighter attacks today. I suspect those 2 witches had a lot to do with my vulnerability.

So... There were a few people i had questions about, so this is a welcome opportunity to see whom the darkside hits and whom they don't.
It seems these "new" demons have stepped into many of the shoes vacated by the former ones. For example, this morning i saw some rippling in the chem that was caused by several new species.

High on my list was Ahmedinejad. I could not dowse anything bad about him. He's a 12, does not have the black magic vibe, i am unable to bust him or fry him. Yet... his very face gives him away as a cheesy character. Plus there is a pic on the web of him showing his support for the Texas Longhorns. Why would a non-satanist act like he was in with the enemies of the Arab world?
Is this a PhotoShop creation? Somehow i doubt it.
Incidentally this is also the first i've seen of Obama's enthusiasm for the 'Horns. Obama also does not have the blood-rite vibe, but he is a Mason and he is a scumbag whose soul someone bagged.

(As a side note, i don't think there is anything demonic about this gesture in itself. It is some kind of chi-kung mudra or something, quite harmless and invigorating. Of course, if you believe it is the power of the devil you are feeling, and associate it to that, and use it a symbol...)

So, is Ahmedinejad being hit by demons? No...

What about Moussavi? Moussavi also does not have the BM vibe, plus he is a 48! It is a wise people who would choose 48s and 96s to lead them. Generally. But is he a good individual? Well, he is getting hit a bit. I still would not uncritically trust him based just on that, however.

Next: Angela Merkel.

(4:40pm) I am baffled by what i dowse about Angela Merkel. I was completely unaware of her until a few weeks ago, and haven't done any research about her other than skimming part of the Wikipedia entry.
All logic points in the direction that she must be another usual MPD satanist like all the rest. But what i dowse is, no BM in her or her parents. I can't bust her, and she's a 24!
This seems impossible, given her resume. All the past political parties she was part of have a filthy vibe. She seems very Israel-friendly.
So, is she getting hit by demons? Yes, amazingly. Check it out if you can.

(6pm) Something DORy by the Cayman Islands here at 200-322' depth below ocean floor.

Dec. 7, '09: (3:10pm) Don't know what's going on down there, or what life-form, but it's still a highly important target.

Overcast here all day, except briefly for a chem-cloud display.
Got 1/10" rain last night.

Putin, Medvedev getting hit some by demons. Putin was an archon-run satanist who was "taken over" by a good Pleiadian years ago, and no longer seems to be into BM, as far as i can see.
Medvedev and his wife are 12s, clean as far as i can dowse.

(3:35pm) Another agent to out: George Green of Project Camelot. This guy is definitely not under demonic attack.

A few days ago a friend of mine wrote me that he had deduced that Green was an agent. Somehow, i had never really noticed him on the site. He does not have a "loud" satanic vibe. But, he must be either a black magician or a scumbag that someone else was able to pop, because when i checked, he has no dowsable chakras and no higher-dimensional selves. Nor can i detect the "Pleaidian intelligences" referred to.

His agency connections were cloaked, but after hours of blasting, this spot came up as the place he gets his orders from. Several DORy houses on Pine St. and Beech Dr., just east of Yaeger Airport which is just east of Charleston, WV.
More agency houses are on Beech St., and a few around the area; a couple on Meadow Brook Dr.
The agency seems to be a branch of the CIA.

On the east side of Yeager Airport is a very DORy National Guard base that is somehow closely connected to the CIA base.
Also, this area feels like it has a lot of DORy CIAtanists living there.

Dec. 8, '09: (4:10pm) Grey, foggy, drizzly all day.

I'm getting hit less. Still working on that undersea base by the Cayman Islands. I feel this is more urgent than the Hoag's thing.
It might be physical reptilians of a different variety down there.

Another satanic bunch of newagers at this site: George Kavassilas. Actually, Keck was not one, but i readily popped her into jail.

(6:30pm) Got 0.8" of rain.

Right in the center of this map is a corner of a building that i strongly feel houses the 3 Mossad satanists (Mossatanists?) responsible for today's Baghdad bombings as well as the bombings mentioned halfway down that page that happened yesterday, as well as 3 others. These guys are not even in Al CIAduh.

Dec. 9, '09: (7:15pm) It was clear for a while this morning, then huge banks of chem-clouds covered everything.
It's supposed to get down to 13F tonight.

My NM friend found strange wounds and punctures on her body. I don't understand the phenomenon, but the DORy perps reside in NGC 1365 and are 9D fishlike invertebrates of some sort, maybe 3-4' long.

Geez, now at that Baghdad house i feel 10 DORy satanists, 3 of which are the same Mossad guys and the rest Brits.

(8:35pm) And yeah, recycling is in progress on those 9D perps. But this species is tougher than all those cheapo mass-manufactured ones. It might take several hours or more. Meanwhile, i am blasting them to deter them from messing with my friend tonight.

Dec. 10, '09: (11am) Looks like they're gone now.

Yes it got cold. Totally clear, sunny day so far, though.

(noon) I just updated OTB 27d with a hot new program, the Violet Flame program. I may have pics in a couple days.

(7:10pm) Something intriguing: strange light over Norway. Check out that sweet vibe. Some kind of good guys.
I looked up Skjervoy, Norway on a map and found DOR centered on the town. Evil 5D(?) entities at 211' depth.

(7:35pm) Those critters have now been exterminated, i think.

Dec. 11, '09: (6:30pm) Did get slight chem later in the day yesterday. And lots of big chem-clouds today, eventually obscured by real overcast.

A reader brought to my attention the Neurovision Academy. Another nest of satanists.
The monk Bronnikov studied under is OK, though, a 24. So maybe he does know some stuff of value. But these people are evil.

(7:40pm) I just amended my moon page with something interesting.

Dec. 12, '09: (6:40pm) Overcast all day; slight rain.

A few days ago i was dealing with some evil entities that had led a well-intentioned spiritual person astray: Kryons. I only found 9 of them, and they are now gone.
Then today i stumbled across a mention of Lee Carroll who channels (or channeled) the Kyron (site). This guy is a CIA satanist.

(6:50pm) Here is Dr. Richard Boylan's take on the Norway spiral:
If you do an energy reading, as I did, you will find out that that sky light spiral did not have an energy signature (positive) of Star Visitor work, but rather had a very dark (negative) energy signature of Cabal trickery.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Yes, my little Star Seeds, i, too, encourage you to do an energy reading on the pic, as i did, and decide for yourselves who is right. Put your cursor right in the center of the spiral, and feel thru the mouse/touchpad.
Boylan is another NSAtanist [actually CIA i think on 2nd thought].

(9:45pm) If you have been much in Native American rights circles, you have probably heard the question posed Who Killed Anna Mae?. Well, Cmdr. Loohan is going to give you the poop on Anna Mae.
But first, check out wikipedia.

Anna Mae was, and her widower is, a CIA satanist. She was killed long ago by a non-satanist.
She founded NAICOB, a CIA op. Brrr...

Incidentally, Ward Churchill, author of Agents of Repression, is NSAtanist.

Dec. 14, '09: (8:15am) Another satanist newage guy someone just brought to my attention: Toby Alexander.

Yesterday early morning the forecast said Mostly Sunny, and indeed it was clear at my altitude at dawn, with clouds/fog visible down in the valley.
So i drove down into town to work, and never again saw a ray of sun. Heavy fog at my place later. Today it says Mostly Cloudy, and it's totally grey so far.
The rain i got over the last few days is only about 1/20".

Found a real interesting site last night for those interested in the Billy Meier / Plejaran material:, run by a 24.
I don't agree with everything the Plejarans say, but i have been working with them in recent months, and they are good guys. They have been naive about some of the workings of evil, but more recently have been changing.

Here is an interesting page about Merlin et al. I have long gotten a really evil vibe off Merlin and Guinevere in particular, so i was very interested.
I discovered that there are evil Plejarans or at least i found one so far:
Keridwena was/is evil. Ptaah et al seemed unaware of this. I bagged her soul, and, with Ptaah's consent, fed it to Pa-Paw Shantul. I think her physical self is in custody of some sort now.

Merlin was a dark sorceror whose evil vibe left an imprint in the ethers. And the "Christians" he fought were satanists. Keridwena was not the Triple Goddess! Someday i'll write a page on the truth about the Triple Goddess.

Ptaah, BTW, is very "there" on the spiritual plane. I suspect most telepathic people could readily connect to him. Alas, i am not good at receiving telepathic info, personally.

(1:40pm) A reader pointed out that i had a wrong link for Toby Alexander above. I have corrected the link.

Heavy. heavy, chem today. Not only is the sky largely whited out by chem-clouds, but they are spraying wildly everywhere i look.

(2:50pm) I just realized that Baghdad house appears to have been vacated now. Even yesterday there were some agents there. I was surprised they kept using the house as long as they did.
That Cayman Island base is still a hot concern.

Dec. 15, '09: (11:10am) Sun is out. So is plenty of smeary old chem. The occasional trail.

Someone told me about a U base in Tucson, AZ under Tumamoc Hill:
i have heard that there is an underground base beneath tumamoc hill. once i was ufo watching in a pass east of tumamoc and i saw, like 100 security vechiles go up the hill. i thought they were after me and got all scared (its illegal to hike at tumamoc) anyway, i got to sentinal peak (legal) and watched them thru my binocs for at least a half hour. there was a bunch of trucks and they were delivering something up there
So far i am getting: a depth of 323-511' under the center, which is slightly NE of the "A" drop on the map. 513 gov't satanists. If there are ETs at this time, i haven't detected them yet.

In trying to trace where those trucks came from, i found this bldg. The part in the center of the map is particularly DORy, and i suspect that is the admistrative office of this place. Since google is once again not coughing up links, i had to capture the map. If you look up Juarez, MX on google maps, just north of there you will see a "Fort Bliss". It is in that area.
I have the impression of 121 gov't satanists associated with this place.

(If you plug in Fort Bliss directly, it takes you to an unrelated location which is interesting in itself as there is nothing shown but scrubby wilderness, yet it is DORy. Google condescended to give a link to that one.
An Army base is supposed to be there {site}. There i detect 200 satanists above-ground. This place probably has no direct connection to the other stuff.)

() Now google is working again. I went to find the link for that bldg, and first found another bldg instead. This seems to be connected with the other place.
As does this one. (Again, i believe i am zoomed in on the main offices of each location.)
Also this house is connected. I think the main honcho of this area's ops lives here. Again, google stopped feeding links, and i can only get part of the street names by zooming out. This seems to be at the intersection of Mart____ and Grisso_____.
I'll wait a while before trying again. Maybe google will be in a better mood later.

(12:50pm) A bunch more sleazy satanists depicted here. DAI (Development Alternatives, Inc.). Here is what Ron Paul has to say about DAI.

(3:55pm) Wowee kazowee, i didn't know Chuck Norris had become an activist! Hot stuff! Except for the fact that he is a satanist, which kind of dampens my enthusaism. He was not a satanist at the time of filming "Return of the Dragon" but became one later. Like so many martial artists who had the good fortune not to be born into a satanic family, he chose to become involved in black magic. I presume that martial artists got into it because back then demons were strong and could give them abnormal powers.
Is this directly related to his present employment by the CIA? Or incidental? He gets his orders from Langley. Wow.

(5:05pm) So anyway, that town north of Juarez is El Paso, NM, not to be confused with El Paso, TX.
Every time i try to look for that 1st bldg again, i get distracted by other stuff. Like this DORy spot at (ahem) Biggs Army Airfield. Hmm, Army. Dirty ops honcho's office, i guess.
Yeah, seems to be some major weirdness going on with the Army in that town and trucking stuff to the Tucson U base. What are they trucking? I'm not getting a read on dope or children. Or anything else. I did a bit of searching, but couldn't find any particular industrial basis for the local economy.

(5:45pm) I have the distinct impression of a tunnel going from Tumamoc Hill to this spot under Menlo Park, right next to an elementary school. The tunnel seems to end there. I don't think there's even a transmitter. I do not know the purpose of this.

(9:20pm) Hoowee, i just skimmed (it's pretty long) the Dane Tops interview on Project Camelot. It's about Scientology.
Unfortunately i don't have the time to take up all the many points i'd like to. I was in the Church from 1979-1987. I was on staff in the early 80s when the Nazis took over.

But a few sobering points i'd like to make about this article:
  • Swann is OK, but Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Pat Price are satanists.
  • Bill Robertson was a satanist, and Ron's Org now has 4 satanists on its staff.
  • Hubbard himself was a black magician, con artist, and liar. He did come up with some good techniques, but ultimately his path was intended to produce better slaves! Better demon-fodder. Nevertheless, many of the lower-level techniques can be used for good.
    Ron was run by an archon that attacked me in 2005 when i first attacked the Council of Nine, and later Satan. I fought with him quite a lot before i realized demons were easily jailable. I sought him out in his reincarnation in the Salem, OR area and nabbed him. He is dead now.
    He deliberately lied in Book One about demons; saying they only exist as walled-off portions of a person's mind. When he himself was a consummate black magician (see the Babalon Working) and a demon incarnate, who by his own (truthful) admission, was Cecil Rhodes in a past life.
    Thus my real issues (being inhabited by billions of demons that had been stuffed into me at age 6) were never addressed. Once i found out about them in 2006 and busted them, 99% of my "case" vanished.
  • (quote) 'The Church had so much dirt on the IRS that David Miscavige used it to demand that they back off the Church. It was pure blackmail. Miscavige’s blackmail dropped the “charges”.'
    Haha, i had not heard that tall tale. That's rich. Miscavige is gov't satanist all the way, MPD and MPD handler. I mentioned him last Oct. 12 in connection with a pic of him addressing the congregation with a backdrop picture of chemtrails! Unfortunately they removed that pic. Wish i had saved it.
    He is Tom Cruise's MPD handler.
  • The Broekers are satanists, too.

    In the 80s the church was taken over by various gov't entities such as the Church of Spiritual Technology and the Religious Technology Center. I had some dealings with the latter, as RTC missionaires would come to my "org" in Austin, TX for events, etc. and they all seemed to have a very cold, snotty, nazi demeanor. They were supposed to be the elite supreme guardians of "standard tech" yet one ordered me to violate the Auditor's Code, a High Crime.

    (9:35pm) Hehe, i did save that pic.

    Dec. 17, '09: (11:20pm) Another overcast and chemmy day.

    I read some more stuff from the Plejarans on the theyfly site. I can't figure it out. It's mostly hooey, the history stuff. I can't feel any of the entities they are talking about on some of these pages, like the alleged Giza Intelligences or Blafath mentioned here. Plus some of the info is very counter to my own experience, e.g. regarding Jehovah. I have to conclude that the Plejaran info given Meier is mostly a bunch of shit. Yet Meier seems sincere; is a 96. Ptaah, Semjase, etc. are real people, 96s. I believe i have been working with a bunch of Plejarans in recent months. Do they really believe this drivel, and if so, why?

    Dec. 19, '09: (5:40pm) Lots of clouds yesterday, both natural and artificial. Today was overcast most of the day, then cleared to reveal some light, puffy chem-clouds and white haze.

    Another satanist newager someone brought to my attention: Phil LaHaye. Incidentally, Babaji is another satanist.

    Yeah, things are going better here. Sometimes they can't hit me at all for hours at a time. My area feels super-sweet on the map.
    I am working on the final big creation of the year, a 4-gallon strontium-barium Earth Blaster centered around this coil-like monstrosity. The monstrosity took me several days to make.

    Dec. 20, '09: (3:40pm) Smeary skies this morning, but it cleared up and has been clear most of the day.

    I am dowsing that tomorrow is a particularly good day for casting resin. I'll be finishing up my new blaster.

    (8:10am) Mostly clear but some chem this morning.

    Well, the Copenhagen climate scammers have gone home to get ready for their solstice rituals, i suppose.
    I would like to commend Sittingtaoist, our man on the scene, for the preparatory strontiumization he did there. I can feel his devices when scanning the map. Makes a big difference on the map.

    And, for whatever reasons, the summit flopped in terms of instituting global governance. "But it's a good start." Another one scheduled in 6 months. That gives us 6 months to educate the chumps about the agenda. There were indigenous leaders, sincere environmentalists, etc. clamoring for more government.

    Now i happen to agree that fossil fuel usage is way beyond acceptable levels, and i'm all for phasing it out. But who is behind the global warming scam? Big oil. Big nuclear. Big satanists. The same people who chemtrail us (UNEP, etc.) and who "neutralize" any real alternatives to their energy sources.

    Unlike the right-wing "climate truth" contingent (maybe i'm farther right than they are), i do not believe that humans are the pinnacle of creation, and that this planet should support many times as many. Excuse me? Most Earth humans in this evil time-line are scum; irresponsible parasites to the bone. Mostly interested in what they can get for nothing. Try getting them to help and you'll find out they're all talk or all evasion. They prefer you foot the bills and do all the work. Human supremacism is a scam foisted on us by evil ETs. In positive time-lines, people are mostly good and responsible, and don't breed like rabbits. Many of them never have children in their 6,000 year lifespans, preferring to use the energy for more important things than ovepopulating a planet with one life-form.

    (11:35am) Featured gov't satanist for today: Kevin Jennings. If you do a web search you can find more similar extracts from his recommended books list.
    GLSEN’s stated mission is to empower gay youth in the schools and to stop harassment by other students. It encourages the formation of Gay Student Alliances and condemns the use of hateful words. GLSEN also strives to influence the educational curriculum to include materials which the group believes will increase tolerance of gay students and decrease bullying. To that end, GLSEN maintains a recommended reading list of books that it claims “furthers our mission to ensure safe schools for all students.” In other words, these are the books that GLSEN’s directors think all kids should be reading: gay kids should read them to raise their self-esteem, and straight kids should read them in order to become more aware and tolerant and stop bullying gay kids. Through GLSEN’s online ordering system, called “GLSEN BookLink,” featured prominently on their Web site, teachers can buy the books to use as required classroom assignments, or students can buy them to read on their own.
    If i were gay, i would be outraged at what the gov't is spending $$ on to "help" me. Not all gays are addicted to meaningless random promiscuity and total degeneracy. This is supposed to foster a safer climate towards gay students? Gay kids should read this material to raise their self-esteem? Yeah, it really puts a human face on gays.

    (2:10pm) Heavy chem to the north. Chemtrails being laid over my place. A lot of them aren't sticking, but some are. In this pic, the heavier trail was laid by a plane that only emitted a trail as it approached my place, and stopped spewing after it passed over.
    Must be nice to have plenty of fossil fuel to burn frivolously. Why isn't there more whining about the carbon footprint of the chemtrail program?
    Then another plane laid the thinner trail, obviously a weaker formula, as a few seconds later it had largely faded.

    (3:40pm) Yeah, they be spraying today.

    A friend of mine in N. Hellywood wrote me:
    I've been meaning to write you a note. I REALLY like the violet flame imaging it really works. I had a pretty strong attack when I started using it and the flame stopped it. I had another one last night that was also stopped. For the last 30 something years I've been pulled out of my body for astral rituals during christmas so maybe these were attempts to get things going again. I'm glad they are failing. I'm feeling pretty confident that this christmas will be uneventful.
    So i had to determine who in this day and age is still capable of such evil psychic activities?
    I came up with this location in Maeser, UT. Depth 124-215'. 311 satanists of unknown US agency.

    Dec. 24, '09: (9:55am) More horrendous spraying on the 22nd, as well as plenty of natural cloud cover. Then drizzle late. Rain after that. Got 3.5" so far. Big storm over the region; chance of 2-5" snow tonight after midnight.
    My new blaster, which i call Earthshaker is still being programmed and powering up. It is hundreds of times more powerful than the original strontium cake which later became the heart of Moby Brick. In terms of Earth-dredging power. It does not have much in the way of remote weapon application, nor does it blast the whole universe. And it only has incidental CB activity up to 5K' above.
    I am heading to spooksville with this thing. Was planning to leave in the wee hours tomorrow, but with the snow likely to come in, i may head out earlier. Unless the weather looks too foreboding, in which case i won't be able to get outta here for a while.

    Dec. 28, '09: (5:45pm EST) Well, i headed out towards the DC area at 1pm on the 24th. It rained until the next day wherever i was.
    I busted downtown Memphis real well on Christmas eve. It is on a big power spot that has long been a demon-magnet.
    Then drove on to Nashville and spent the night in a motel. Not a frugal idea: motels are high in Nashville and cheap not far to its east. But this way i got to bust the plumbing for the city. I hooked up my square CB/gridblaster to the electric grid and plumbing. Not that Nashville was that dirty as big cities go.
    On Christmas day i gifted Knoxville, TN, the west side of which is a worse demon-magnet than Memphis. The cloud cover moved off around the time i was pulling into west Knoxville, revealing extensive chem and garish trails being sprayed.
    After i slammed west Knoxville, in fact as i was slamming it, a new phenomenon occurred: my guides (there were 200 of my wives around, plus my 23D self) guided me where to go. Not only for the gifting, but just driving around. You see, i am carrying my new solstice-born Earthshaker. Also I had my square CB/gridblaster in it at the time. These really do a number. Even driving at highway speeds this leaves an energy swath that feels as though strontium-barium orgonite was being implanted at a 30' depth everywhere i go. And if i slow down or pause...
    I can loiter for a minute next to a cell tower and the results are as if i had thrown down a dozen or more strontium cubes. Seriously. I am comparing the energy of towers where i put 2 cubes months ago, and it's a fraction of these drive-bys where i leave nothing physical.
    Of course i am leaving some physical items in some places, too, and agnihotra ash Al Gray sent me.

    Somehow didn't get much sleep in Nashville, so i didn't push it the next day. I stayed in Roanoke that night.

    That town had a rather dirty vibe on the map, which is why i chose it. I was guided to drive around town for an hour or so, then stay at a motel. Hooked up my grid-blasters to the plumbing and electrical. Then the next morning (26th) had to drive around the town another 40 minutes or so. Only left 1 strontium cube and a couple spoonfuls of ash in Roanoke, but it's well busted.
    There was more chem when the cover cleared driving north. I was guided to turn west off Hwy 81 into Staunton, then take 11 north, going through several towns.

    Finally pulled into my parents' driveway in Burke, VA on the afternoon of the 26th. As soon as i slapped my square CB/G-B onto the grid/plumbing there, i could feel a calmness envelop the region.
    I haven't even done any physical gifting here yet this trip, but my hardware is accomplishing a lot.

    The big coils in Moby Brick, the square CB, and Earthshaker are interconnected in their programming so that they work together. Moby Brick is in a good place in Leslie; no advantage to hauling it around with the present programming since i'm carrying Earthshaker.
    I am leaving the square CB on the grid here for the duration. It is enormously powerful as a G-B.

    Yesterday was surprisingly clear here, with only a little bit of chem spotted. Today a bit more chem but not too bad.

    (5:55pm) I just noticed that Hoag's Object now feels clean! The undersea base in the Cayman Islands still feels nasty, though. I am getting a firmer impression of physical reptilians down there.

    (6:30pm) For the past 24 hours or so i have been blasting the "sharp-dressed man" who helped the attempted plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab board the plane (article). Definitely feels like i am getting through to him, but somehow he so far remains cloaked to my perception in terms of location, nationality, agency connections, etc.
    This is a bit unusual, but maybe after a few more days...

    I just saw something on the TV about a beaching of hundreds of cetaceans. This is the first such beaching that has come to my attention since i got the archons off their case years ago. I do not detect demonic involvement this time.

    (10:50pm) Eeenteresting. I just noticed a DORy spot in Philadelphia conveniently labeled Tenth Street Pourhouse (review). I get the very evil vibe from 5 owners/managers. CIA, possibly cooking up some kind of terror op or something. I have a hunch this is somewhat important.

    Dec. 29, '09: (10:10am) OK, there's something funny going on in this house east of Ft. Worth. I think it's the "sharp-dressed man" who is CIA, and 3 other CIAtanists living there. 2 are in the house right now.
    It's the 3rd house south of the church, or the 3rd house up from Beaty St.

    (6:15pm) Almost clear all day here; only a few little puffy chemclouds.

    I find myself liking Ahmadinejad less and less lately, with current events. I couldn't pull him out of his body, but got God's recyclers to munch him. He no longer has higher selves or 12 chakras.

    Dec. 30, '09: (10:05am) Full moon and the critters are anxious again. The solstice did not go their way and the full moon won't either.

    Now, it appears the "sharp-dressed man" is Indian and that a 2nd MKULTRA patsy was arrested at the airport from that flight ( Exclusive: FBI Silent On Plane Bomber’s Accomplice).

    Meanwhile, 3 of those CIAgents mentioned yesterday, including the one i think is "sharp-dressed", spent the night in this bldg in Ferry Pass, FL, and are still there. There are 3 more CIAtanists connected with that bldg.
    The 3 travelers from Philly are enroute to this bldg in central FL, which already has 5 CIAtanists living there. These are also involved in terrorism in some way.
    But after i post this, there will surely be some shifts in the logistics.

    Meanwhile one of the agents has remained behind in the Philly house, and 3 new CIAtanists are scheduled to join him there in a couple days. Well, that plan may change, too. Anyway, those 3 replacements are presently here in central ME in a base with a depth of 111-271' containing 231 CIAtanists.

    (4:20pm) Heavy chem-clouds today, as well as natural overcast.

    Categories of Scumbags:
  • Category 1: blood-ritual black magicians (all or virtually all such humans on Earth have been yanked out of their bodies and terminated, though there is seldom an obvious change in their 3D behavior).
  • Category 2: People who don't seem to be Category 1, but are/were easy to yank anyway. E.g. Obama, Biden, Tim Rifat.
  • Category 3: People who aren't yankable, but i can discern them because a special stone Oborijo programmed for me munches on them strongly (along with 1s and 2s). E.g. Michele Obama, Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Category 4: I cannot discern them by dowsing/energy at all. People who aren't yankable and who are not 1, 2, or 3, yet... The Recylers will munch them. E.g. Ahmadinejad, Jessica Schab, Angela Merkel.

    [Update: all the people mentioned here as 3s and 4s were later culled.]

    A while ago i experimented with connecting God's recyclers to more 3s and 4s. The following people can now be added to the list of those no longer having dowsable chakras or higher selves as a result:
    Michele Obama, Sotomayor (probably the only non-satanist we've had on the Supreme Court in decades), and Angela Merkel.
    And a nobody, a "mildly retarded" brutal rapist-killer,
    Curtis Lavelle Vance. He was a 4.

    Category 4s can only be definitively discerned by attempting to have The Recyclers "do" them. Actually, a few weeks ago when the demons were hitting everybody of importance who is not a scumbag i was able to discern 4s because they were not getting hit. Except that Merkel was getting hit, oddly. (And, i know of at least three former 96s that have had a lot of demonic attacks on them, but were 2s or 4s who have now been yanked or otherwise recycled-- e.g. Rifat, Schab.)
    Experimentally i tried Mousavi and Medvedev, who were not getting hit at that time and whom i intuitively felt might be OK. They were untouchable by The Recyclers.

    The culling goes on. A lotta terminal scumbags will not be reincarnating. Another social sewrvice brought to you by Loohan, Inc.

    (6:55pm) Some more Category 4s that have now been recycled: Paul McCartney, "Lady" Gaga, Beyonce.

    Which brings me to another detail. I suspect that people who get into blood ritual these days no longer automatically undergo the energy conversion to being DOR emitters, and some other associated changes, because the powerful demons that used to respond to such ritual have all(?) been neutralized. Thus the fledgling black magicians no longer automatically become vulnerable to being yanked out of their bodies.
    For example, Beyonce married the glaringly satanic Jay-Z in April of last year. I infer that perhaps he got her into blood ritual more recently.

    *   *   *   *  
    Some friends i know from the dream realm are starting to incarnate here. A powerful male healer/warrior named Necra recently was born to a U.S. family. His soulmate Ga has selected a pregnant mother for herself. And i get that 6 more such allies are to incarnate soon; 3 more couples.
    I have no memories of the dream realm, i just feel the energy of this occurrence.
    This bodes well.

    Dec. 31, '09: (9:55am) Got a bit of freezing rain overnight here.

    A couple more "deeply spiritual" Category 4s processed: Tony Alamo and James Ray.

    The 3 CIA guys who'd spent the night in Ferry Pass, FL have returned to the Philly house.
    And i think the central FL house has been vacated except for 1 agent. The other 4 have been moved to this building in Ormond Beach, which also has 6 more CIA terrorists associated with it.

    (4:35pm) Overcast and wet all day.

    I just listened to #2 of the 4 2008 Project Camelot John Lear videos here. Interesting stuff about WTC, the Moon, HIV, etc. Recommended viewing.
    A couple notes: I don't know who the "greys" are they mention. I don't think they are what i have known as greys.
    Also, the John Grace AKA Val Valerian they mention toward the end of tape 2 is NSAtanist.

    (5:55pm) Sigh. Now Kerry at Project Camelot is promoting the material of satanist Amitakh Stanford. That got me more curious about what agency Amitakh works for. This led me to a U base here in Vietnam, depth 111-221'. 203 black magicians down there; not exactly satanists. Couldn't tell what nationality, so i blasted where the base gets its orders from. This led me to this spot not far east of Pine Gap in AU. Depth 51-200' and pretty wide. 506 AU satanists. I can clearly tell these are Aussies, but i still get nothing on the nationality of the people in the Vietnam base. This is bizarre. I can't tell if they're from the northern or southern hemisphere; from the Occident or the Orient. I'm blasting their home of origin, wherever that is...

    It seems to be NGC 4068. I can feel the DORy bastards all over much of that pic.
    I get that these are 5'10" humans that almost look like us.
    Doesn't make much sense. AU is running an ET base in Vietnam, that is running Amitakh, who is in AU. Even though these ETs do not seem present in AU, and Amitakh is not an ET. But that's what i get, take it or leave it.