Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #5:
The MPD Horror
October 9, 2006. Drastically edited 2017:

MPD means Multiple Personality Disorder. This is a condition of a person having more than one personality. Although it can occur naturally from accidental trauma, what I am addressing is the widespread practice of systematically inducing MPD by extreme trauma, degradation, and mind control by dark occultists. I first learned about this stuff in 1996 when I read Trance Formation of America which is a pretty good book, and probably mostly accurate. It is odd, though, that "ex-" CIA agent Mark Phillips was a CIA shapeshifting reptilian running a covert op here. Why would the CIA expose the truth? It may in part be that the evil ones are somehow "required" to inform the populace about what they are doing to them, in case a few of them care to know.
And Cathy O'Brien is a MTF CIA Category 1 Egyptoid.

Links: A good intro by Wes Penre, and the writings of "reformed programmer turned Christian" Svali. Then there is the extensive work of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. Note that all the foregoing are CIA Egyptoids, and not everything they say is true.

In most MPD cases I am aware of, at least one of the alter personalities will have been involved in black magic rituals. The evil energy gives the alter(s) a strong SRA vibe that is easy to dowse.

Some people have one or both parents darkside, yet are not abused themselves that I can detect. Some people who are into black magic for one reason or another don't want to abuse their own children. Other people are sexually abused by darkside parents, but not MPDed that I can find.

In more recent years, it became apparent that at least 1/2 of MPD victims were negatively oriented shapeshifting reptilians, and many more are other evil types of ETs, mainly Egyptoids.

There is an easy therapy one can do that will purify the evil energy stored in MPD alters, past lives, etc. It may seem dubious, but I vouch for it. I brought this up on my blog January 3:
Big clean up:
Call upon the angelic group "Ha'ah'rah'kah Ha'gdo'lah" and the angels RazEl HodaEL BarkhiEl. Connect to them in 1000 or more links. Ask them to start the process of the big cleanup. You can also ask to strengthen the process or to speed it up X10 every second or so. Call your body and ask it to release any bad energy that's inside. Warning: it's a powerful process that may stir up bad energies inside and may cause a bit of pain if it's hard to let go.
Well, maybe not that easy for everyone. I had some relatively minor discomforts working through my solar plexus, etc. I did not ask to have the process speeded up.
Even a lot of people who have practiced black magic in their front personalities have used this. Although I have not met them personally, my impression is that it cleaned them up and helped them become able to exit that scene.
Do not worry about how to pronounce the names. You need not even say them aloud.

The Greenbaum Speech is a 1992 document for professional therapists of MPD victims, which has a lot of nitty-gritty info that may be of use to deprogrammers. PDF file

A link for survivors:
Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing

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