Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #5:
The MPD Horror
October 9, 2006:

MPD means Multiple Personality Disorder. This is a condition of a person having more than one personality. Although it can occur naturally from accidental trauma, what I am addressing is the widespread practice of systematically inducing MPD by extreme trauma, degradation, and mind control by dark occultists. I first learned about this stuff in 1996 when I read Trance Formation of America which is a pretty good book, and probably mostly accurate. It is odd, though, that "ex-" CIA agent Mark Phillips is a darksider running a covert op here. Why would the CIA expose the truth? It may in part be that the evil ones are somehow "required" to inform the populace about what they are doing to them, in case a few of them care to know.

Links: A good intro by Wes Penre, and the writings of reformed programmer turned Christian Svali. Then there is the extensive work of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.

In the cases I am aware of, at least one of the alter personalities will have been involved in black magic rituals. The evil energy gives the alter(s) a strong vibe that is easy to dowse.

I have been doing a lot of digging into this subject lately, and finding some real scary stuff. I was starting to get a bit paranoid about the situation, but again, I think I may have defused much of the danger already.

Lately I have been dowsing the parents of people I know, have known, have read about, etc. to see which parents, if any, are darksiders. Once I find a darkside parent or 2 on a person, I check to see if they've been raped and MPDed, just raped, or not abused. If I find they have been MPDed, I ask for handlers.

What I've found is staggering. Here's what I get for the US:

About 34% of males are into black magic, and 12% of females. Dowsed another way, 74% of darksiders are male, and 22% of Americans are darkside. I'm not sure the numbers will match up totally under scrutiny, but that's the ballpark.
So, if a person has one darkside parent, the odds are almost 3 to 1 that that parent will be male. And an awful lot of people dowse as having a darkside father.
Many have 2 evil parents. It also happens occasionally that the father is innocent, and the mother the programmer/abuser.
I wish my figures were exaggerated, but unfortunately, my percentage dowsing seems to be roughly confirmed by what I am finding when I scrutinize random individuals.

Some people have one or both parents darkside, yet are not abused themselves that I can detect. Some people who are into black magic for one reason or another don't want to abuse their own children. I have an acquaintance who had both parents and all 4 grandparents darkside, was an only child, yet was not abused as far as I can tell. I found an old spell his mother had cast, demons still engaged, the purpose of which was "to make him smart". Not sure how much dumber he was before the spell. I haven't spoken to him since I removed it.

Other people are sexually abused by darkside parents, but not MPDed that I can find. However, most often MPD goes with the sex abuse.

I get that in the US, 46% of black magicians are themselves MPDed. And 42% of the total public. It often starts with MPD: the person is made to engage in ritual while in an alter mode, and some time later the person becomes what I would term a darksider. To me, the difference is largely that I don't detect an evil vibe from just an MPD victim unless I ask for the evil alters. At some point, their vibe will change, which I gather is due to having made the choice for evil, and/or doing ritual while in their natural persona. [Update 2014: in more recent years, it has become apparent that at least 1/2 of MPD victims are negatively oriented shapeshifting reptilians. Normally the children of the surface-dwelling hybrids do not get activated or clued in until sometime in their teens.
Also, there are many MPD victims that do not have an obvious MPD vibe, because they have not had the satanic ritual stuff done to them.]

In addition to NSA and other agencies, a lot of MPD seems to be down on the farm, roll your own type stuff. Some of the victims end up with chronic depression or other mental disorders. When I dowse back in time to crazy people that have shrieked at me on city streets, etc. they all seemed to have evil parents who MPDed them.
Oftentimes, an MPDer will be a parent or relative, and when that person dies or otherwise exits from the victim's life, the victim may no longer have a handler. Sometimes I think victims shake off handlers without consciously knowing about the abuse. On the other hand, a valuable NSA asset will get one handler after another sometimes. Someone I know well has had 19 different NSA handler girlfriends, and numerous male "buddy" handlers, too, in various states over the decades.
Activists who are promiscuous, MPDed or not, are especially vulnerable to having plenty of agents in their lives. And intel agencies have plenty of gay agents to go around to accommodate everyone's preferences.
And those matchmaking services? Lots are run by NSA and CIA to gather personal info on people, and to hook up MPD victims with new handlers.

An awful lot of people in the orgone movement, even several on my forum, are MPD. Some have active handlers. In fact, almost all the people that were prominent in "Don Croft's orgonite movement" early on were MPD. And had alters quite familiar with Satanic ritual.

I checked a bunch of people I hung out with in Tampa in the late '70s, and found that out of a dozen or so, only 2 did not have at least 1 evil parent. These were anti-nuclear activist, organic vegetarian type people. Most of them were MPD. At least one had NSA parents. One was darkside as well. Another has gone darkside since.

It struck me that all these people who are doing effective stuff to mess with the powers-that-be didn't seem adversely affected too much in their daily persona. [Update 2014: more recently it has become apparent that the "effective stuff" was actually led and instigated by shapeshifting reptilian agents.] That is, I think that the basic persona one sees in these people is genuine, and not a construct. Despite the fact that, in the above-linked article, Wes Penre says "The (Monarch) slaves are programmed to be more or less like zombies, except they have front alters that can look and act like everybody else." The MPDed activists I have known do not seem to have front alters, but rather seem to have their native personalites relatively intact and in front. So what is going on? If they have these people all MPDed, why are they not clearly crippling their effectiveness? I dowsed and dowsed, trying to figure it out. What where they DOING with their programming opportunites? [Update 2014: for one thing, providing controlled opposition.]

Then I remembered once years ago having read something (Springmeier?) to the effect that there were vast numbers of mind-controlled "sleepers" in the US, which in the event of martial law would be activated to kill good people. Or something like that.
Is that it? Darksiders and MPDs are all infiltrated into grassroots groups so that when the time comes, they will have access to the genuine people who need to be gotten rid of. That's part of it, it think, but I'm still missing a chunk. Some of the grassroots groups are composed mainly of MPDs.

So anyway, was there a date planned for this slaughter? Yes, but not for another year, in Oct. 2007, I dowsed. Hmmm, so the enemy expects to be around that long? Long after they have lost the orgone wars, weather wars, demon wars, etc. they expect to still be in power, and then pull out the guillotines and assassins and mop up the old-fashioned way.
Well, we'll see about that. In any event, I'm more confident if we can cripple their networks first.
This is what I have done:

  • A while back I noted that all MPD victims had etheric "pins" in their mind-space. All serious programmees had exactly 18; some individuals had exactly 4, mainly young, partially-programmed children as well as some government "insiders". No other quantities were noted. These seemed to be tied in to the verbal commands used to trigger the alter shifts. Victims who had cleared their MPD stuff no longer had them, e.g. Svali, Cathy Sullivan. Interestingly the latter's CIA handler, Mark Philips, had 4, even though he is probably the person who cleared Cathy's alters.
    A person only has one set of pins, regardless of how many alters.
    They seemed to be object-like, but "loose" and easy for me to telekinese into my prison en masse. I think I got them all.

  • Implants are not confined to MPD victims, but a plethora of them most often means the person is MPDed. The main persona of every victim will have 1 of what I dowse as a physical implant, on one foot or hand. It can be right or left. If in the foot, usually around the middle of the sole or K1 point, but sometimes elsewhere, like on the ankle. For some reason, I don't recall finding more than 1 physical one on the front persona of an MPD victim, though personally I had 2 in my left hand that I think were injected by an evil hospital nurse when I was unconscious in 1972.
    Also they will have numerous, maybe 18, etheric ones.
    I think I have moved the etheric ones and the etheric bodies of the physical ones all into one nasty person. That is, all the ones pertaining to front personalities of all people on Earth. Unfortunately, implants that are in submerged alters need to be flushed up individual-by-individual.
    The implants I dowse as physical feel (energy-wise) as though they were physically removed. Even weeks later I can detect no trace of them where they were.

    A bizarre phenomenon related to these implants: Somewhere I once read something to the effect that some people with multiple personalities were subjected to medical examinations in various alters, and it was found that there were significant physiological differences consistent with each alter, e.g. when a person switched to a certain alter, their blood pressure, heart rate, and other physical factors would move into alignment with that alter's profile.
    What I have found is that I can remove all of an individual's sex demons, implants, etc. and find them clean. But if I then check for alters, I find numerous alters with different sets of parasites and implants to remove! I have found this again and again, and dramatically so. One high-profile orgone veteran had one alter that had bazillions of "physical" implants weighing it down.

    One oddity about this is that each victim only has one set of "etheric" implants. The implants I find on the different alters are only the single "physical" implant on each (or occasionally more than one). This of course makes no sense. It could be that the ones I am dowsing as physical aren't really quite physical. That would explain why I am apparently able to move them remotely. They do stay moved in entirety, as far as their energy goes, at least.
    But if they are indeed physical, why do they seem to reside tucked into the various alters instead of in the physical body? And if they are not real solid in the physical, then why am I not finding other implants that are? There definitely are real physical implants in existence, that people can feel the lumps of and surgically remove. And whose purpose is largely to transmit demonic energies into the victim. So they should be easily detectable by myself. Yet I have found none so far that do not appear to be movable in terms of their entire energies. [Update 2012: in intervening years, I have.]
    Baffling. Again and again, I find more alters with single "physical" implants. An MPDed person will have one on their front persona, then usually several more alters will be found that have such an implant on each, though in different areas. One will have it on the left foot, another the left hand, another the right foot, etc.

  • Enochian demons: [Update Oct. 2012: The remaining Enochian entities ceased being demonic years ago, so this info no longer applies.] Serious agency MPD assets, I found, most often have 1 to 18 of these. Their function is to monitor the victim's life for situations in which an alter shift is desired, and shift the person into the appropriate alter, then shift the victim back when done. Many MPD victims are themselves MPDers and don't know it. Sometimes their victims are their own spouses.
    Additionally, I have the impression that the demons can be remotely activated to shift the alters at any time. Thus, some people have handlers they don't know they see. They will shift before they see the handler, and get shifted back afterwards, leaving the victim with no recollection but some false cover memories.
    I believe I have sucked all the Enochians used for such applications into my jail.

    Note that the above 3 item types (pins, implants, Enochians) apply to MPDed darksiders as well as other MPD victims. Hopefully, I have screwed up desired access to all these people.

    [Update January, '07:] I don't know how much I slowed things down with what I did. People are still getting "handled" for sure.
    About the "physical" implants: I had a couple DORy ones in my left hand that I could only feel energetically, and had dowsed as having been injected when I was unconscious in a hospital at age 18. I never could detect any physical lumps, but do have a definite impression of having them physically inserted with a device. I removed these implants, or their energy bodies at least, months ago and they are still gone.
    Found an informative site for survivors: survivorship.org.

    [Update March 9, '07:] There is an easy therapy one can do that will purify the evil energy stored in MPD alters, past lives, etc. It may seem dubious, but I vouch for it. I brought this up on my blog January 3:
    Big clean up:
    Call upon the angelic group "Ha'ah'rah'kah Ha'gdo'lah" and the angels RazEl HodaEL BarkhiEl. Connect to them in 1000 or more links. Ask them to start the process of the big cleanup. You can also ask to strengthen the process or to speed it up X10 every second or so. Call your body and ask it to release any bad energy that's inside. Warning: it's a powerful process that may stir up bad energies inside and may cause a bit of pain if it's hard to let go.
    Well, maybe not that easy for everyone. I had some relatively minor discomforts working through my solar plexus, etc. I did not ask to have the process speeded up.
    Even a lot of people who have practiced black magic in their front personalities have used this. Although I have not met them personally, my impression is that it cleaned them up and helped them become able to exit that scene.
    Do not worry about how to pronounce the names. You need not even say them aloud.

    [Update August 16, '10:] The Greenbaum Speech is a 1992 document for professional therapists of MPD victims, which has a lot of nitty-gritty info that may be of use to deprogrammers. PDF file

    [Update Dec. 21 '12:] Another link for survivors:
    Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing

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