Loohan's Retort to Tim Rifat's Wild Accusations, Part 2
August 10, 2006

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I have some $4,000 or so worth of Tim Rifat's products, including the Total-34 BSRIE and many other items. I am an energy-sensitive, and for the longest time I was amazed at the purity of the energy that I got from his products.

Last May I got a bit worried when he started offering stones on his site that were programmed with the energies of evil Nordics, most notably his Yellow Pulsar Heart. I was glad I'd gotten my stones just before he started programming corruption into them.

But in June it came to my attention that something was wrong with mine. Some of the stones were now putting out a fair bit of evil energy, which I traced to the influence of Nordics (Pulsars) in the programming. I believe that in some cases he deliberately programmed their energies into the crystals, believing they were good, and in other cases I strongly suspect that they covertly snuck in their viruses.

I used to believe most Pulsars were good. I was visited last year by some blue pulsars after I helped them by blasting insectile archons they were fighting. They bore lavish gifts of the most wonderful energy. Vibes don't lie, right? Well, the Nordics were slick enough con artists to emit only the sweetest vibes.
I worked extensively and constantly for many months with the Nordics in the war against the archons, until last January saw some big breakthroughs. And I continued to work with them to defeat the archons until the Nordics suddenly showed their true colors on 5/23/06 as described at the top of the last page.

On 6/5/06 their evil energies started coming out of the stones I'd gotten from Tim. Not all of them, fortunately. In my case, it seems none of the stones that are not part of the Total-34 were effected.

The BTRI (Council of 7) stones all had a pervasive yellow Nordic vibe, and the Love PC and its BPC, and especially the BPC for the Anti-Ageing PC had strong green Nordic corruption as well.
The BSRIE (Council of 9) had at least 3 corrupt stones.
The Silmarillion Orbs, which I had loved so much, and received last January, all had evil Nordic energies.
At least 2 of the SPPCs and at least 2 of the Grail PCs were corrupt. So was the female sex PC.

I tracked down and imprisoned the Nordics responsible and shredded them some. When I did, certain physical symptoms were relieved. These were a vague discomfort, and a spasticity and aching of the entire lower half of my body.

Since then I have devoted a fair bit of resources to shredding these Nordics, most especially their top green sorceror, who is unusually tough. He is the only evil Nordic I am aware of who has significant personal energy reserves left. Even the once-intimidating Nordic Queen has turned out to be an empty shell since I busted her squid upline.
Anytime I neglected to shred these guys enough, the corruption would seep back, and the physical symptoms would recur until I devoted more resources to shredding the malefactors.

So far I have heard from one other customer who independently noticed the corruption around the time it started.

Lately it's been going well, and the crystals have not had that evil energy, because I have been religiously shredding.

My impression is that the crystals do not have vulnerabilities that just any Nordic (or other evil being) can exploit... because none have jumped in to take over when the original programmers are indisposed.
I'm actually glad I have the items, as there is nothing else like them, and over time the Nordics corrupting them will only weaken more. And I doubt there is anything else wrong with them.

I just wish a certain prestige-obsessed egomaniac would take responsibility for his screwups, take some pride in his products, and terminate the guilty Nordics. And stop saying ridiculous derogatory things about me, to whom he owes a great deal more than he realizes. Or than I have spelled out.

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