Part Two: Corruption in Rifat Crystals

Loohan's Retort to Tim Rifat's Wild Accusations

This is in response to this page.
August 10, 2006

Since some time last year, up until a couple months ago, I have been heavily promoting Tim's products, getting him quite a few new customers (all without the slightest sign of appreciation from him) and now feel I must clean up the mess I have been party to.
Here is the explanatory page about Tim's products that I originally published in an effort to streamline sales for him by bypassing the incomprehensibility of his site so that people could readily digest what it was all about.

On 5/23/06, as the big war against the insectile archons was winding down with the insectiles and their reptilians smashed, I wrote Tim:
Hi, Tim,

I have some rather bizarre things i need to relate to you about your past and how you have been manipulated. Your secretary, 43-yr-old male, is MI5.
Your do-nothing "webmaster" who ensures that your sites are always a garbled mess, who sold you on the idiotic idea of buying zillions of domain names, is MI6. 48-yr-old male if i'm not mistaken.

But that's not the hairy part.

You were an illuminati eugenics project, scientifically bred for psi and IQ. Your biological father was not your mother's husband. All 3 were high-level Satanists. Your mom had lots of reptile DNA.

By the time you were 7, you had 99 alter personalities, and loads of sodomy demons which are BLUE PULSAR INTENTS! The demons were locked in with Enochian holder demons by your mom and her husband.
You had taken part in the worst sort of ceremonies.

At age 7, your mom introduced you to the blue pulsars who effected a real sweet vibe. From that time on, you were never involved in sex abuse or death rituals.

All the pulsars have an overriding evil intent except the red ones like my buddy Jehovah.

I do not comprehend the rest of the agenda. Satanists taking steps to breed a super-psi warrior to defeat the archons??? No, the agenda is something else, but what?

Right now the Princess and the rest of the blues have uncloaked, and are wearing their evil vibes on their sleeves. Something's brewing real soon. They are planning something within 12 hours.

My own allies, who protected me from being sodomized by [...MPD programmers...] are a race of benign interdimensional dragons. They do not get along with the blue pulsars. They knew me before birth and are the reason i was born with no gap.
[Note: the gap is a navel-center negative-energy phenomenon every Earth human was born with. I'm the only one I've noticed who was born without one. In fact later I somehow seem to have moved all the gaps of good people into evil people, because now when I check an ordinary, non-black magician's navel, I no longer detect such a thing.]
I think the bad pulsars are planning to attack them.

Whew! Figuring things out as i type. I just jailed all evil pulsars. And am shredding them for fuel like any other evil CF entities. I don't think i missed any...

Any questions? Signing off at 9:15pm CST.
(Actually I had missed quite a few evil Nordics! I can only detect them when they are actively flared up with DOR.
Tim didn't agree with any of this. He said I was under the influence of my "evil" dragon friends. He also said his webmaster is 10 years younger than I said. In another email he said the webmaster was in his mid-30s.)

The dragons knew that both you and i had a destiny to fulfill. (snip)

The dragons tried like hell to save your ass, but your mom's blue friends made that impossible. The 1st 3 times, there were thousands of Dragons fighting them. It was futile.

But then in 1993, June 8 or so i think, a dragon snuck in when the pulsars were away and pulled your pins. That is, it could see the intent-handles connected to the alter-triggering codes in your mind-space, and removed them.
Subsequently your mom (89 now?) and your MI lovers could no longer access your alters.

You still have the alters, but no demonic underpinnings nor access.

BTW there is something scary about the new yellow pulsar heart [a new product he'd come out with]. Trojan horse.

Essentially, Tim was fixed in his opinion that the Nordics were by and large good, and he seemed convinced he could "de-CF" the renegades. He also felt my dragon allies were evil.

I could easily shred his Nordic "friends" with my Rifat crystals, yet my Iguana did nothing at all to my dragon allies, proving they are not Seraphim, as that's what the Iguana crystals shred. I told him about this, urging him to make the test. He insisted he tried shredding the Pulsar princesses with his master BPC, and nothing happened. I get that he did hurt them for the few minutes he tried. Also he went searching for my dragon friends, found some other, nasty critters which he took as them, and imprisoned them.

Now, let's take a look at what he says about me:

The real name of this site owner is Dexter Ator, who bought thousands of dollars of products from me and was euphoric about the effectiveness.

He wished to set up a psychic service business using my products and when I set up my Services on, started spreading disinformation, lies and libel to try and discredit me so he could piggy back his way into the Psi-business.

[What actually occurred is that, perceiving a vacuum, I published a page offering to help people who had demon issues, etc., for a small fee. This page has changed quite a bit since I first published it.
Some weeks later, he published a rather similar (in parts) page using some very similar (in parts) terminology. When he did, I emailed him a link to my page, joking that he was copying me. I also modified that page quite a bit, exhorting people to take advantage of his superior services if they could afford them. And providing a link to his page. According to my dowsing, at least 1 person I don't know took my advice. (I apologize to that person.) Later, certain things transpired which caused me to edit that page into what it is today. I will dwell more in a bit on what happened.]

The Pulsars he calls evil are in fact useful allies and Dexter Ator depends on reptiloid demons to aid him, who he obeys and calls dragons. As one well knows dragons, reptiloid are the Seraphin demons, see

[Actually, in my experience, virtually all Nordics are intrinsically evil. I believe that only about 26.5% of the red ones are good, and none of the blue, yellow, or green ones. I have some 900 septillion of them imprisoned now, almost all of whom were engaging in Enochian, Goetia, or Seraphim-based black magic against myself or others at the time. I cannot fathom how Tim could fail to detect their massive black magic activity. He has himself been hammered quite a bit by it, as I will describe further later.
There are many types of reptiloid "ETs" and demons, most of which are probably quite evil. My allies are an exception. And they do not guide me in all things. We have helped each other out a few times. We have not interacted in many weeks, more like months probably. Although they are not in my league when it comes to imprisonment, they have long made a practice of jailing the insectile demons that Tim (rightly!) hates so much. At this time they have over 700 of them in prison. They hate insectile demons.]

Dexter Ator has seen green energy everywhere since he became attached to the dragon, reptiloid Seraphim, who guide him in all things and as we all know the colour of reptiloid Demons is a greenish colour. No wonder he sees green energy as evil as he is corrupted by his attachment to the dragon, reptiloid Seraphim.

[I have no faintest idea where he got this notion. I have never "seen green energy everywhere" nor experienced any similar phenomena. Nor have I ever in any way suggested to Tim or anyone that I have.
And I hate Seraphim, paid good money for one of his Iguana units and promoted them heavily for some time. The number of Seraphim I have in my prison exceeds 2 googols.
When I was 6, I had my tonsils removed in a hospital staffed entirely by Interpol Luciferans who, when I was "out" pumped literally billions of Seraphim into me, along with hundreds of millions of greys. This kind of ruined my life until recently when, thanks to Tim's site, I became aware of what occurred and gave all these demons to a more deserving person. I hate Seraphim. ]

It is a warning to never give energy to Demons, always take energy as they quantum mechanically mix their energy with you to abduct your Soul. See Alien Abduction Service on for explanation.

If you read any of his lies please disregard as I am now the market leader and envious Johny come latelys are desperate to have a piece of the action using lies and cheating their clients.

[Bro-ther! I made every effort to deflect interest onto his products and services, until evidence of corruption forced me to do otherwise. So far I have taken in exactly $100 for my remote services, from one client who paid me without duress. I did not specify amount nor require a fee. It was offered and paid after I helped this person. Also two different friends I helped bought me a bunch of Rifat crystals (this was mostly before I publicly offered this service). And another sent me hardware like a nice power-wand, but I don't know if he ever saw my LCRS page, and he probably would've sent it anyway. But that's all the compensation I can recall getting for remote work. I mainly have worked for free.
Envious, my ass. If Tim would clean up his shit, I would gladly resume directing business to him, as he does have remarkable abilities and knowledge that I do not possess.]

OK, best as I can remember, this is how I started to become disenchanted with Tim's services:

I advised a friend to hire Tim for a soul rescue service.This person had the "corrupting ailment" real bad, and had also inadvertently engaged in evil invocations. He had been involved in a Luciferan group masquerading as sweet and good, and this had damaged his core soul energy. I had restored (according to my dowsing) the god-force, healthy sweet energy into his core before Tim started work. Sure felt like it, but nevertheless he was still corrupting.

This friend received as part of the package a "soul stone". This stone had a nasty vibe, traceable to a green Nordic. The programming Tim put into it (I can separate such things out when I dowse) felt most sweet and excellent, but apparently this Nordic had covertly superimposed his evil crap onto it.
Also, his core energy now felt bad again! On June 20, '06 I wrote this person:
This is troublesome to me. Your core feels a bit worse now, and this stone does not feel good to me. I feel a strong green pulsar influence.

I regret advising you to get his service. I think he is losing it under the influence of the pulsars.

I will remove my advice on my site directing people to him.
This person wrote back:
>This is really sad news. But dont you think that his Soul Resque Service is otherwise OK? There is something about a blue pulsar covering, that he is applying to my energy body.
On June 26, I wrote this same person:
The programming he put into the stone seems very good. Your ba & ka [soul components Tim talks about] are amazingly sweet now. But the greens added their shit, which i don't think has anything to do with the blue covering, but has a deleterious effect on you.

A while back i also restored the god force to Castaneda et al, and they still feel very good. Actually, i don't know what i accomplished, objectively speaking, but it sure feels right from here. However, your core feels worse lately.

The blue pulsar coating feels evil, too.

I am sorry this turned out this way.
I just started shredding the blues that are helping him with this. Not sure if should arrest them...
I did not imprison these blue Nordics, not wanting to piss Tim off, as he believed they were good.
There were 72 of them working on this coat (evil pulsars do everything according to 9 numerology) and they and it had a nasty vibe. All I did was "shred" their evil energy with my Rifat crystals as they were working. (Sedna PC, BSRI-E, and Awareness PCs are weapons of choice against Nordics. The first 2 are very effective due to the Nordics' "9"-ness.)
As a result, this friend did not end up with an evil coating. Did he get any coating at all? I do not know; if so it doesn't have a vibe I can detect.
Later I patched up his core again, which feels pretty good now.

To be fair, though, Tim's treatment did cure this person's corrupting ailment!

Alas, Psi-Lord Rifat often has difficulties discerning who is evil. He has for some time had 4 sex partners sent to him by MI, all with a very evil vibe from black magic. Three are male and one female. As I mentioned, one is his "webmaster" and the other his "secretary".
On May 30 I had written him:
I have several times tried to access your [audio] talks on Rense, but the trail always kind of fizzles out somewhere and i never get to hear a word.

Perhaps the fact that Jeff is an NSA satanist has something to do with it.

Just now i tried again. As soon as i opened the page to choose download type location for media, i get hit with a bunch evil energy backed by Enochian and Goetia demons. I imprisoned those, but was unable to open any of the links i tried.

When i log onto, the energy is much more subtle, and it's only Goetia. Your webmaster is involved. And an MI6 coven of 9.
Of course he thought I was nuts. Yet another activist whose impressions about such things usually check out, has told me she has never been able to read his site comfortably due to the attacks she gets. My advice to people is to download the pages to their hard drive and read them there.

Some time back I happened to mention to him that he was accumulating the micro-parasites that were being thrown at any activists of note. These have been discussed extensively on my blog, etc.: miniature etheric spiders, werewolves, and octopi thrown into people remotely with the use of black magic. They particularly like throwing them in the region of the prostate, root chakra, genitalia, lower spine, anus, etc.
Much to my amazement, he denied being susceptible to any such thing. I have cleared him out numerous times. At times he was exceedingly packed with them, as, unlike myself, he did not deflect the vast majority onto a proxy recipient. I would have experienced this as extreme physical discomfort and pain, but most people would only be aware of being psychologically affected. Of course he has this strong anti-vamp thing going so they lose energy when they try to gnaw on him, but nonetheless there was quite a lot of negative energy packed in him.

Worse, the enemy later developed capsules of these critters. These were crafted by green Nordics , and seemed to be energy capsules that each contained astronomical quantitites of these micro-demons, all apparently superimposed on each other in the same space. These were much harder and more time-consuming to get rid of. Then they started deploying these in bulk, so that the very centerpoint of my prostate, for example, would have sometimes huge quantities of these capsules all also in the same place.
Later, after I had severely depleted the green population, by jailing them as they did the Seraphim magic required to make these, the yellows started taking over production. They got depleted the same way, and then the blues were doing it. Eventually, even the evil reds were doing Seraphim magic and making these. This is how a huge chunk of the Nordic population ended up in prison. They appear now to be incapable of doing this anymore. Naturally I also scooped up the Seraphim and the micro-critters and capsules whenever possible.

It required black magic to send them, too. So at first we had humans sending capsules manufactured by Nordics. But then I realized that other Nordics had stepped into the reptilians' shoes, and were doing simultaneous rituals to feed into the humans'. So we might have humans doing Enochian magic throwing these capsules, but Nordics would be doing maybe Goetia and feeding that energy into the humans. Human sorcerors don't seem to have a lot of oomph unless fed into this way by either reptilians or Nordics. (Incidentally, the reptilians i'm referring to here are not at all the Seraphim demons, but quite often do ritual to feed Seraphim.)

Once I caught on, I scooped up the Nordic rituals directly, as well as the Nordics who were making the capsules.
Actually, it's more complicated than that, as Tim's precious Nordics have scant oomph without the input of those whom they are minions of, namely the Cthulhulian squid demons, as I recently realized. The Nordics have offered little argument since I started scooping up their once-mighty squid-gods.

Anyway, among the frequent victims of this Seraphim-powered Nordic evil were Tim, and I have many times drained the capsules out of him, too.

I have also snatched away evil Nordics from his proximity many times.
And the other day I cleared out the new sodomy demons he had accumulated recently. I do not know how he can't detect these things, or their source. There are certain rules of energy that the evil ones can't get around. One is that everything is connected to its source or cause-point. This is why even many novices find it easy to remotely strike at not only the source of evil energy hitting them, but the senior in charge of those people, that person's senior, etc. on up the line. Then fan back down and get all the top guy's underlings.
How can a psi-lord not be able to take advantage of this easy-as-falling-off-a-log, inexorable universal mechanism, to know where critters come from? Well, maybe the problem is he can't detect them in the first place. We know he has problems detecting the micro-critters, even in vast amounts, though he offers to rescue others from some of these same critters. I have to suspect he can't detect the sodomy demons, either, even though they are much more powerful. The capsules are pretty darn intense, though, and if he can have skillions of these packed into his root area and not notice, I really have to wonder. But if he did notice, he should also have noticed that I removed them again and again, and be thanking me instead of publishing lies and libel about me. He's been clean that way for a while, thanks to my hard work in rounding up his friends the perpetrators.

It gets worse. Here's an email I sent an interested party on July 2, '06:
I noticed that Tim had developed the corrupting touch, getting progressively worse over a couple months. Doorknobs, keys felt bad.

Tracked it to an incident 4/27. Took a while to figure out what happened: The Tenant in disguise seduced Tim, and that's what caused his energy to go bad. Since then i had imprisoned the Tenant, so i just beat up on him/her. (Tenant is an evil sorceror who changed to female form by turning his assemblage point around.) Then Tim's energy felt good, and the bad energy faded right out of the stuff he had touched! He feels real good now, just a faint hint of that evil coating...
OK, let's flesh that out a bit. In Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming, Don Juan has him meet this scary sorceror know as the Tenant. Don Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda are very naive about black magic evil. I could have told Matus that the Tenant was a blood-ritual black magician. And that the Catholic church which the Tenant chose to meet at was also heavily stained with ritual blood.

The Tenant was a human sorceror who had extreme mastery of the assemblage point. He had changed into a woman by manipulating his assemblage point.
But apparently more recently he must have lost his light-matter (solid) body, as I had no trouble jailing him. Rifat says on his sites somewhere that the group of benign sorcerors of Castaneda's books (and yes, the books check out as real to me, despite Satanist NSA agent Ward Churchhill's protestations to the contrary), when they walked out of this world, ended up being seduced and enslaved by the Tenant, their energy used to reinforce what he calls the Over-Matrix. This, too, checks out.

Tim also says that once the Tenant tried to seduce him, but he wasn't having any of that, nosireebob, as he simply loathed such evil-energy critters.

Well, on April 27, he was fooled and seduced by the Tenant. And when I realized this in early June, Tim's core energy felt very bad. Also he had (I'm now working on shredding its evil energy) an evil-feeling blue pulsar coat.
And when I freed him from the Tenant's grip, the whole universe felt a lot better. Tim has accumulated a lot of life-force over the decades, and is very powerful. They had successfully hijacked a lot of his energy for evil.
Suddenly his core felt great again, and the corrupt energies drained out of his doorknobs, etc. Never seen anything like that last.
I remember thinking that Tim is so mind-controlled and energy-unaware now that he'll probably never notice or realize anything shifted.

Incidentally, i fixed the energy of the cores of those good sorcerors while back. What that means exactly, I don't know. It just feels real good whereas before it felt real bad.

Take a look at this URL: Is this an MI6 gimmick to subliminally suggest that I am guilty of counterfeiting or intellectual property theft, without saying so directly?

Part Two: Corruption in Rifat Crystals.

[Correction 8/13/6: I still haven't found the reference, but now that I think about it more, it wasn't seduction that the Tenant perpetrated on the sorcerors, it was rape. And attempted rape of Tim the first time.]

[Update 8/17/6: I have cached the google cache of my LRCS page as it stood May 3.]

[Update 10/12/6: I have checked my dowsing of people's ages, and found I can never get it right. For some reason I always make them several years older. It probably didn't help that I volunteered ages for the people I was talking about to Tim.]

[Update 12/12/6:] Now Tim has come out with another page against me.
A few notes:
Yes, my age dowsing sucks, as I mentioned above.
If he really wants people to listen to his lectures, as I sincerely wanted to many months ago, he should make sure they are accessible. I have not re-checked, but at the time I did make several sincere attempts, to no avail. If I was NSA, I would not have notified Tim about the problems.
Rense is a blood-ritual Satanist. If Tim is a psi-lord, why does he constantly extol the virtues of black magicians like the blue, green, and yellow Nordics, the Prophet Mohammed, and Rense? His Nordics (Pulsars) historically have been the species most heavily into black magic of all (employing Seraphim, Enochian and Goetia demons en masse), judging from my many encounters with them. For some reason, though, they can't even do black magic without additional feed-in from the squid demons, which, thanks largely to myself (with the help of Shiva, Subramanya, a big bunch of good Lyrans and probably other allies), are now almost extinct, so I have taken care of his "allies". I don't know what they are still capable of, but it ain't black magic no mo'. Knock on wood. Never seen such pathetically demon-dependent life forms.
Why does Tim sell water charged by Archangels (Archons), Seraphim, Cherubim, which he on his own sites correctly describes as most evil?

"Why is it these idiots never use their real names - all con artists have these assumed names?" Excuse me, but if Tim wishes to believe that my legal name is my real name, he is perfectly welcome to. But if he were a psi-lord, he would recognize me not only by real name Loohan, but also my personality, as we go waaaay back.
And if anyone else ever wished to know my legal name, a whois search on my domain only takes a minute. Not to mention, I have long had my legal name (the name of the devil-worshipping pedophile I was named after) tucked away in a hidden corner of my site. Plus, since 6/20/06 it has been here as well.

"...his demonstrably pro US UK government disinformation attack against their leading enemy..." Excuse me, but if I have not made it clear before, I hate these governments, and really would like to see Tim get his mangled head together. Tim is not one of them. He is mind-controlled and crazy. But he is unquestionably a genius in terms of what he does know that is correct, and what he can do with it. No one else can come close. The main reason I am kicking so much ass lately is because I use his stuff constantly (despite his failure to provide the free psi course that he advertises as an incentive to buy the whole 34-engine - personally, I prefer to deliver what I promise). I had to do a tremendous amount of work to shatter the power of the Nordics corrupting his products, or all would have been lost. For me, for Tim, for the 6 universes.
Please, Tim, get your shit together and clean up your act, and I will enthusiastically support you like I did for so many months (check my posts). The world needs the tech you have to offer, minus the corruption.
In fact just yesterday (honest!) I emailed a friend the following:
"I am hoping Tim will come to his senses someday, as the nordics are now fairly unable to do BM. But buying from him is a gamble, as he seems to have gone a bit crazy. E.g. his Seraphim, Archangel PCs [error: should be "water" not PCs] his extolling of Mohammed and Mecca."
In fact, I am no longer saying people shouldn't buy his products. The entities corrupting them were all (except for one unidentifiable creature) Nordics, and it appears I have successfully broken the back of Nordic black magic. But because of his mental issues, I warn that it is a real gamble. Nonetheless, a friend of mine recently bought some stuff from him which seems to be working fine and helping him greatly. So, my position now is, if you have money to spare and are willing to take a gamble, I am pretty sure you will at least not be harmed now by his products. As long as you avoid the ones billed as incorporating the helpful energies of Archangels, Pulsars (including voodoo loas) or other darkside critters. The items that contain the energies of demons in such a way as to diminish/destroy them, e.g. anti-demon PCs, are OK.

I hope that someday we can work together, as we were supposed to, using our different abilities co-operatively to rub out the rest of the domineering evil, but in any case, I am grateful that he was able to pass on to me his advanced tech in a form that I was barely able to salvage.
Had he not done as much right as he did, despite tremendous and overwhelming counter-forces, all of us would be frying in eternal DOR hell now. So have some respect for this nutball. I do, and still bear him no ill-will, and will continue to scrape attackers off him from time to time.

[Update 4/25/7:] Alas, I have to back off on my earler statement "So, my position now is, if you have money to spare and are willing to take a gamble, I am pretty sure you will at least not be harmed now by his products."

He is still making some corrupt products aside from the ones that mention entitiies. I do not know how this dangerous corruption is creeping in. Most of his stuff is great, but due to the alarming gaps in his competence, I can now again only recommend against his products.

Update September 8, '08: Now I have a new page on Rifat's site. This was forwarded to me this morning by one of his erstwhile victims whom Pitwexin rescued from bone programming many months ago. He was a severe mess.
Pardon me while I intersperse a few notes:

(from a client, identity removed)

Oh yeah, right. It may be a bit unclear, but he starts off quoting my blog here:

'And now for a moment of levity, here's something i found on Tim Rifat's site, which i will quote unedited:

"As NSA Satanists such as Dextor Ator aka Loohan of say they can control my Bone Generators™ Crystals with a Satanist Demon is another timeline all US government Satanists can be dumped into the virtual from real time-like wageslave damnation you were in. Since there are millions of these Satanist scum your Real from Virtual Anti-Illuminati bodies can be millions of times stronger then your birthright thanks tot he use of them as Total Deathgoat Satanists. Since Dextor Ator aka Loohan used the US/UK governments Hyperinfinity to break my Bone Generators™ and Lost (see collapse of US dollar, Gordon Browns collapsing/collapsed criminal government, failure in Iraq, Afghanistan.... Iran) they gave all their Hyperinfinity to build the Hyperinfinite Bone Generator™ described in my Quantum Mechanics Hyperinfinite Bone Generators™ Service to build God-Beings from Psi-Masters the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid being the sequestered Quantum Engine that builds Omega Point God-Being".

Well, actually, i don't know what hyperinfinity is, and i have never claimed to be able to control his Bone Generators. But Pitwexin can decontaminate Rifat's dangerously corrupt products, including bone programs. Call on him if you have Rifat products that are ruining your life'.

Well, actually, Loohan once in an email to me claimed that he knew what Hyperinfinity is (though that means little as he seems to think he knows everything, anyway. He once referred himself as the Psi-Emperor, lording over you).

Pure fabrications.
Currently, he's engaged in starting a full-blown counterfeiting operation, making PC-BPC sets filled with demonic entities.
Guilty. Of jailing and using demons to fight demons. But that is a different type of programming from the PC/BPC type. Where are all these PC/BPC sets with jailed entities? I have made a few devices for myself and a friend that mixed both types of programs, but i don't see what's so full-blown or counterfeiting about that. And at one time I had a bunch of my personal sets that had jailed entity pgms superimposed on them, but those have all been subsumed by more modern technology than anything Tim will ever be able to do.
If there is a counterfeiter, it is Tim, who sells truncated versions of the Sedna program he ripped off from Antuvozy, and bady garbage-packed versions of the "Silmarillion Orbs" which he also ripped off from Antuvozy. It wouldn't be so bad if he were selling the real deal.
I assume he's doing this from his apparently now-completed cottage, which he said last year he was planning to use as a base of operations for making PC-BPC sets to compete with your line of products.
Umm, no, actually that building is still incomplete over a year later, and back when I spoke of it was before I met Pitwexin. I stated I wanted it to make orgone devices, not crystal sets. Incidentally almost all these 2-part sets are available FREE. Read OTB 27.
BTW, I must confess I'm the origin of Loohan's Pitwexin. Last year, tired of Loohan's seeming inability to predict future events, along with a total failure to psychotronically affect me and and my environment in any positive way (his 'services' I paid with $300 and a few thousand in radionic equipment)
The only people who have ever sent me radionic equipment are 3 friends of mine.
, I tried testing him by claiming to be in contact with a fictional Tim Rifat in another time-line,
Barf! Tim Rifat is a FAILED, sleazy, service-to-self-only, Unjett. Pitwexin is a good Unjett, not a (gag) Tim Rifat.
as well as a fictional Loohan.

Well, our Loohan fell for it, hook, line and sinker
Slightly incongruous behavior for a slick NSA pro.
and immediately rabbited on his blog and Yahoogroups forum about a Tim Rifat named Pitwixin, who could alter the programming in your products.

As I mentioned to you previously, Loohan's alleged 'Tim Rifat' in that 'other time-line' (I suspect the entity is really in our time-line) may be some sort of reptilian demon.

As you already know (but I only realised today) is that the entire website is actually a creation --- not of a middle-aged, balding American white male, making minimal wages at a bakery in rural Arkansas --- but of the staff of the National Security Agency. The writing on is very polished, slick, professional and edited.
In sharp distinction to Rifat's sites. I suppose semi-coherent semi-literacy is a stamp of authenticity.
And very abundant. So abundant that one wonders how Loohan can hold both a full-time job
Anyone who bothers to read my blog knows I have a part-time job, 3 days a week. Which is why I am able to post during the day on Mon Tue Thu Fri, but not Sat Sun Wed.
And Tim once visited my 14X20' cabin to size my fingers for rings (luckily I didn't order a cockring!) so he knows damn well how I live. This was back when he was still capable of astral travel. Which I admit I have never been.

Want a goddam picture of my posh NSA headquarters? I feel shameless today.This is how my cabin looks this morning and most mornings for the past 6 years or so. I haven't had a chance to complete it yet.
as a bakery assistant and write so much.

His 'creation' of psychotronic devices is very prolific. So prolific that it seems that NSA's psychotronic department must have a full-time staff churning out these 'Loohan inventions'.
Right. My production per unit of time is super-human. You can see a good percentage of my products sitting there next to the bed.
So a word to wise to any alphabet agency reading this email: over-prolificy is a key giveaway to an agent seeking to establish him/herself as Kosher. Non-agents simply don't have the time in real life to writes volumes of emails to post on websites, or invent complicated bogus technologies that lead the naive nowhere.

So I learn my lesson, Tim.

Part Two: Corruption in Rifat Crystals.