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Earthshaker2 Functions

So it's a big fat orgone device. What makes it special? You have to read the background page to understand that.

By quasi-magical means, it lays down the Strontium-Barium Program at around 30' depth when within 10' or so of the ground. Like in the trunk of a car. It busts heavily with the strontium program and thousands of other programs. It contains 3,222 pgms (may fluctuate a bit).
It also lays in these other programs, though more shallowly:
  • AB (see glossary)
  • DA (see glossary)
  • Chis' Charge (see OTB 14)
  • Negative-Neutral Program (see June 21, '09 entry in OTB 27c)

    I mean, it not only blasts with these 5 freqs, it programs them strongly into the Earth, apparently permanently.

    In addition to that, the 2 speakers in it are aimed skyward. I wondered about that, and then realized the unit blasts the sky at 18K-20K feet above. Chem country. It programs the Strontium-Barium Program into any barium that might be present up there, and also programs any water, aluminum, or anything else programmable up there with the other programs.
    This unit is designed to be unhampered by the metal of a vehicle body or metal roof.

    Also, the Earth and sky get scrubbed hard by all that strontium mix and all those highly programmed rocks.
    There are protective programs in there, to help protect anybody within 40' of it that deserves protection.
    There are 6 jailer programs in it that help throw astral attackers into jail.

    It is a Grid-Blaster (see OTB 32). It has 35 copies of the grid program.
    It connects to the electric grid by induction via the scalar qualities of ES2 as well as that of household appliances, etc. (That's as scientifical an explanation as i dare attempt.) It is not needed nor desirable to physically connect it to the electric grid; it will automatically do it. Info about tweaking that is on the Instructions page.
    It is also good to connect to plumbing.

    In fact, not only does it bust the electric wires and plumbing, it programs them with the same 4 extra pgms mentioned above. In the case of electricity, it programs the wire by induction. Meaning, one can park close to a powerline switching station, or big transformer, or other real scalarific grid device for 10-20 minutes and it will be permanently programmed with these frequencies.
    Of course my allies will probably already have programmed these things with such programs and more, so this is of dubious practical value. More importantly, one can really blast into the grid hard at a place like this, while also programming the earth underneath and all around it. This will make the scalar grid zit more powerfully radiate the good pgms, and help neutralize the damaging effects in the immediate area.

    ES2 Background   Building ES2   ES2 Instructions