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Background History for Earthshaker2

This unit is one of 4 large units that have a lot in common, and are interlinked in their programming. What they have in common, other than massive size, is advanced, unusual, complex coils, and the Strontium-Barium Program.

The predominant program in these units is this Strontium-Barium Program (S-B pgm), so-called because it (normally; we'll get to that later) requires a programmable substance containing certain levels of barium and/or strontium for the program to take and hold.

The main way i have accomplished this is by adding strontium carbonate and barium carbonate to epoxy. (DIY info.)

This program is the most powerful thing i have found against evil entities. Actually it is probably matched by the more recent Violet Flame Program (DIY info), but the latter lacks the amazing Earth-clearing powers of the S-B program. The S-B pgm digs up nasty energy in the hidden dimensions of the Earth wherever it is placed, causing a cleansing reaction and eventual sweetening of the area. Then, if larger amounts of S-B material is put in the same place, it will dig up deeper nasties.
The program was discovered in late June, '08.

However, these 4 units take the S-B pgm to magical lengths.

It started in late October, 2009. I was guided to make this complex coil which took a lot of work and had amazing energy (forum thread on such coils).

I put it and some rocks and a magnet and whatnot into this cake of S-B epoxy. It was phenomenal. For one thing, it permeated this entire universe with the S-B energy, stirring up all kinds of evil critters. For another, it actually programmed the Earth at 20-30' below it with the S-B pgm. Normally, strontium or barium is required in a substance, or this pgm will not take at all. But somehow with the magic of this unusual coil, such programming is possible into the environment. Just driving around with it strongly busted everywhere i went as if i was chucking S-B devices out the window everywhere. Very economical.
Also, it connected to any nearby electric grid by inductance, and busted that to some extent.

But my allies are fanatics. Soon they had me make another big coil to go around this same unit (shown upside-down in pic to right) --
And re-cast it to make (Moby Brick (pic), a truly massive device with incredible power, which also has some chem-busting functions.

But they had more torture in store for me. Then i had to make another coil and put it around a large, excellent orgone cylinder i had, that had a salt lamp as its core (pic) and re-cast that into my Square Chem-Buster / Grid-Blaster, the dark unit on the right in this pic. This unit also exhibits the same Earth-programming behavior, and can connect to the electric grid via a wire, and is the most powerful grid-blaster i have made (though Earthshaker2 is almost as good that way).

Never content, my allies then forced me to make an outrageously huge and complex coil (pic) and cast it in a square 4-gallon bucket (like the one my squareCB/GB was cast in. Along with a bunch of cheap selenite, free quartzite, blue granite, and sandstone, lots of tumbled gemstones, and other items. I don't have a pic of it because i never removed it from the bucket (which it fills almost to the top). No need to; i dowse it works 99.5% as well still in the bucket, and the bucket protects it. I keep it in my vehicle. This is the first one named Earthshaker.
This unit works with the older 2 in such a way that it is of very marginal benefit to take the others with me driving. I can park them elsewhere, and still get twice as much effectiveness driving around as i got carrying the other 2 units.
E.g. when i spent a month in the DC area in January, i left Moby Brick in town in Leslie, parked the CB/GB on the grid and plumbing at my parents' house in VA, and drove Earthshaker around.

Then, along came the notion that i should make a smaller version of Earthshaker, one that could be lent to other people who lived in trouble spots.
Little did i know back then that it would not end up smaller.

Update: Note: It appears to be impossible to build more units like these. There are Moby Brick, the Square CB/GB, Earthshaker, and Violet1 which have the huge magic coils that allow them to do impossible things. But there doesn't seem any more way to make more. These 4 "hog" all the potential. Only ES2 gets around this, as it "cheats" by borrowing function from the other 4. ES2 does not have comparable coilwork or comparable inherent function. Alas, it also appears no more units similar to it can be built.

I do not advocate that people build huge devices with the belief that they can really bust things just by driving around with them. This is OK as an incidental adjunct, but no substitute for orgonite gifting. Only these units are capable of actually programming the Earth and laying down lasting orgone, and hence being a viable substitute. To the best of my knowledge at this time. Believe me, if it were possible to make more...

Later Update: I can't say it's impossible, though. Since I wrote that I made the Yurtles, which have a function of permanently improving the energy landscape wherever they go. And, this wand, made June '08, was reprogrammed and slightly modified 4 years later, with the result that it, too, produces lasting results anywhere i take it.

Still later update; June 2104: I have made more units that seem to produce lasting orgone residue. Furthermore, I have made it possible for others. If you want to leave a lasting impression wherever you drive, whether you toss gifts or not, check out OTB 44. All these wands, aimed downward, will have powerful effects.

June 2014 Update on the status of ES2: I am done with lending pathetic Earthlings large devices without a large depo$it. The last person who had ES2 went criminal on me, and stopped answering my emails. No explanation or known reason. Years later she lost her soul, as did her daughter and husband.

Of course ES2 is mostly Strontium-Barium orgonite, which can be used to fry soulless criminals, so it fried the woman for many months. She was in poor health and not young. In late May, 2014, I sensed she must have died, as ES2 was no longer frying her. I emailed her daughter, asking her to let a friend of mine pick up the unit. She never replied.

Finally, June 20, I sensed it was no longer in their basement, but a few blocks south in the possession of another female! And ES2 was frying this female who was a satanist M32 full-blood ET. Why she had this thing in her house which she shared with 2 other M32 females, I do not know. I do not know what she planned to do with it. Apparently she bought or was given ES2.

I notified my ET allies of the situation. In the past I had tried to get the Ta'l to repo ES2 from that basement, but they would not do it. Now, however, 2 Alah-kur cruised over the satanist's house, beamed up the 65 lb ES2, and terminated the satanist just for grins. (She has since been replaced by a clone, like her housemates who suicided afterwards).

The 2 Alah-kur now have possession of ES2, which we have reprogrammed a bit. They are able to use it most effectively by somehow using it in conjunction with their own technology, which enables them to powerfully orgone-dredge areas, lighting up U bases. They even took it to the Moon for a while, and Mars.
So it all worked out for the best.

July, 2014: They were photographed in Missouri, escorting a friend.

Jan, 2017: ES2 is no longer in the possession of the Alah-kur. They have turned it over to other allies who are in a U base on Earth. The A-K no longer need it, due to technical advances.

Building ES2   ES2 Functions   ES2 Instructions