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The Pharaonic Connection
started May, 2016

From my Aug. 24, '14 blog entry:
OK, about the Swiss connection and the Templars. I watched a long video, Octogon (sic) The Empire of Darkness. A lot of interesting info. I think the guy has most of his facts straight but maybe not all.

I have never gotten a vibe off the Pharaohs. I am unable to detect a satanist or repty vibe off any of them. On the other hand, none of their souls were viable. Wikipedia lists them. Well, the Turin King List does have the names of some beings who used to be evil due to archonic possession: Set, Horus, Thoth, and Ma'at. But the others didn't have the overtly evil vibe. Even if i look at images of drawings or sculptures of the pharaohs, i get no repty vibe. Yet the Templars supposedly claim to be descended from the pharaohs. If true, some repts must have bred into their lineage at a later date.
Or possibly the Templars just mendaciously co-opted the pharaohs. Or possibly i am missing something for some unknown reason.

Although i have occasionally run into Swiss illuminati and banks in my tracking down of perps, really all the roads lead to Rome.
And from my entry of Jan 2, '16:
Swiss have Khazarian Brachycephalic Craniometry Cephalometry from Central Asia Mongolia. Interesting. If you look up pictures of Swiss people, most of them are not SSers, yet they have the same genetically repty vibe.
BTW i still don't buy his stuff about Pharaohs (the vibe just ain't there).
Then May 18, '16 I watched this video by Manny Skywatch: NFL, WWF Androgen Females! Essentially, what I got out of it is, the ruling elite are not transgender, nor male, nor female, but androgens tracing to the Egyptian Pharaohs. It occurred to me that, yes, Pharaoh pics I had seen in the past did seem conspicuously genderless.
Check out the pic of King Tut on this page. Not the top one, but the thumbnail below. Click on it and a large version appears. Female face structure.
Yet Queen Nefertiti has a male jaw and brow ridge. And check out Akhenaten.

But after "researching" this for some time, I concluded that the truth is more like the ruling elite (or maybe more correctly, the ostensible ruling elite) can be any combination of the Egyptoid descendants, shapeshifting reptilians, transgenders, or pseudo-transgenders. That is, many of them are Egyptoid-reptilian hybrids, and a minority are just Egyptoid without the repty part. All "elite" shapeshifting reptilians are long dead and replaced by clones, but the non-repty Egyptoids do not tend to scurry underground to get killed, so the non-repty ones are still alive.
Also a great many are just plain repticlones with no discernible Egyptoid traits. Many of these are transgender.

Since originally posting about this, orgone devices have been developed to "light up" evil Egyptoids, which initially did not have a vibe that I could discern. Thus I can tell that many Egyptoids do not have obvious pseudo-tranny traits. This is mainly true of males, but also I have seen some Category 3 females who looked normal.

As far as the female NFL players and other "super male" female athletes, these usually do not have the Egyptoid vibe.

Prior to having the realization about Egyptoids I had noted on the forum that some people who look like total trannies actually are not, which mystified me. E.g. Russle Brand, Leah Remini, Trump, Obama, Bill Clinton.

Manny says all this artificial transgendering is a cover they use. They transgender entertainers etc. artificially so that if anyone catches on to the Pharaonic androgens, they will think that these, too, are medically-altered.
Also they promote the whole LGBT thing and androgyny to make themselves less conspicuous.

Explains a lot, makes sense, and appears to fit many observable facts.

The Pharaohs had NO repty vibe. And incidentally, to his day, the Egyptian people still do not (pics) except for the ruling class.
The Pharaohs, and the particular NFL players Manny outs in this vid, as well as Russell Brand and many other "TG" agents, feel like ordinary humans to me, vibe-wise. Or did until we developed some orgone devices to stir up their negative energy. Now there are devices that selectively blast MTFs, FTMs, or Egyptoids. The football players trigger the anti-FTM ones without triggering the Egyptoid ones, usually. However, it gets more comlicated than that, as the CIA etc. has made many deliberately-androgynous human clones with some Egyptoid DNA, which they stick in our face as celebs and hoax actors.

If indeed the Swiss are descendants of the Pharaohs, why do they have a genetically repty vibe?

The Pharaohs were contemporaries of the Babylonian SSers and traded with them...

OK, I watched that craniometry vid again, to refresh my memory. He says the Pharaonic Swiss interbred (by rape) with Khazars and Swiss gentiles, which is why the Khazars and Swiss now have the same skull shape. (Though it seems to me that the genetic expression of the skull shape wouldn't be so consistently and completely defined.) But centuries ago they opressed the Swiss Jews (I presume he means Ashkenazi) and made them wear a particular medallion and hat to identify themselves, so they eventually left. So is this how some Pharaonic types picked up that repty vibe? Some of the offspring they kept as their own? I'm pretty sure the Ashkenazi always were repty.
If that were true, then we would not be finding many repty Pharaoh-oids prior to that time, i think he said the 1500s. So if we can find pics of earlier tyrants and the like which are both repty and gender-dubious, we can tentatively conclude that the Pharanoids were repty before that.
I checked Napoleon, the Roman emperors, Mohammed, and Martin Luther (all of whom were repto-satanists -- Luther died in 1546) and they all look male. [Update: Actually some of the Roman emperors did look TG; Claudius for one.] I looked up pics of midieval kings, and all looked male except Justin Bieber, LOL.
I couldn't find any fem-looking popes, either. We have reptilian popes but none are doing the TG thing. If, as TG "Manley" Hall said, switching gender is the highest form of devil-worship, then why would the pope not be TG? And the Vatican pretty much owns all media, etc. and is responsible for all this tranny-stuffing of everything we see. Also they run Scottish Rite and loads of other Masonic cults which are loaded with TGs.
(I suspect the Jesuit elite are male because they are addicted to having a penis to insert into boys.)
Also, why is the infamous Vatican Swiss Guard all male repticlones? (Think I might be spotting some "twins" in there, though.)

So far it is looking as though all these gender-switched reptilian kings, queens, etc. didn't pop up until after the 1500s.

However, the Teutonic Knights, those merry, blood-drinking, satanist repts (so admired by L. Ron Hubbard, BTW) were around centuries before that. According to this video around 1:04, these repty knights and the SSer Hitler were of Pharaonic bloodline.
Found some pics here. Most seem male. But this guy Anton Viktor von Oesterreich-Toscana has a pretty vertical forehead. There's another pic of "him" here with a suspicious jawline. Another pic of Anton, looking pretty fem.
But this creature came later; born1779. And incidentally, more TG or pseudo-TG SSers followed. Ludwig was a real girlie-boy Ashkenazi) (pic, pic) who, according to Wikipedia,
... had a city palace erected .. in Vienna according to plans designed by Heinrich von Ferstel, where he hosted homophile soirees.

... he remained a bachelor all his life. As a result of his very public homosexuality and transvestitism [emphasis mine], culminating in a brawl at the Central Bathhouse Vienna, ...
It's still not making much sense, though. We had satanist shapeshifting repts dominating the world before, and we still do. But now they are also Pharanoids?
At some point the Pharaonic lineage and the shapeshifting reptilians merged?

What about Cleopatra and the Romans? Cleo reportedly had hot affairs with satanist SSers Julius Caesar and Antony...

As of July, 2016, I am now apparently able to dowse which of these TG-type critters are of Pharaonic descent, This is because of some work Antuvozy did to light them up. Also we made some orgone devices that help a lot.
This is how it's looking so far:

There are 2 major types of Pharaonic descendents: the ones that have been hybridized with rept DNA, and the ones who have not.

There are likewise 2 major types of TG gov't agents: the ones that have been hybridized with rept DNA, and the ones who have not.
However, the vast majority of non-rept TGs are also not of Pharaonic descent.

Who is of Pharaonic descent? For one thing, there are several individuals I have noticed who look like TGs but dowse as actually having their ostensible gender. These include Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Leah Remini, and Russell Brand. These are all Pharaonic. Except that the first 4 were also SSers, are dead, and have been repeatedly replaced by repticlones which also have the Ph. vibe.

What about the macho sports girls like Hulk Hogan, Tim Tebow, Taylor Daniel Lautner, etc.? I am surprised that they do not have the Ph vibe. They must just be genetic mutants of another type.
After all, i don't recall ever seeing any ripped, hunky studs in ancient Egyptian artwork.
Some macho FTMs are repty (e.g. Jesse Ventura, CIA repticlone) but many not.

Swiss politicians (examples) seem to all or mostly be Ph non-reptilian. In fact, here is a timeline of the Swiss Federal Council.
This is unusual because, as I mentioned before, normally only repty agents get to be ostensible political leaders (another exception is Nixon; the Nixon family is composed of non-repty pseudo-trannies of Egyptian descent).

While searching for Swiss politicians, i stumbled across some other non-repty Ph'ers:
Marina, Princess of Naples, a Swiss-born water skier and the wife of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples.
This weird FTM Stephane Bern.
Two watchmakers.
Two Italian vintners depicted at bottom of page.
All 7 of these individuals are surgical TGs. So Pharaonic descendants can either be TG or a false TG where they look TG but aren't. Also, the only false TGs I recall noticing are Pharaonic. And the ones that are TG all are surgical specimens capitalizing on the fact that they already resemble the opposite sex to some extent. These seem much less common than pseudo-trannies.

They are not all European. Here is a pic of a cold female Triad hit "man" doubling as a Chinese movie actor. Pharaonic vibe, not repty.

I will start listing more as I find them:
  • Tom Montalk of If you look up pics, you will see he has the forehead and brow of a woman. Yet, he dowses as male. Not repty.

    CONTINUED on forum thread.