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Loohan's blog for December, 2017
Jan 5 '17: (3:20 EST) The trip up went well. Lately have been blasting up and down the Eastern Seabord with my powerful bi-directional wand (which has been souped up a lot since i posted a pic) frying lots of slime.
The weather is super cold. Got about 1/2" of snow night before last. More snow is supposed to slam the east coast but not the DC area.

Dec 9, 2018: (5pm) Cold snap broke today!

GIRK FIT NIIR, "We are a relatively small alliance. The alliance members are the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Fendorians, friendly Reptilians and the Yah`yel. We are all 4th Dimensional beings. We are a unique and independent alliance. However, we are working together with larger alliances such as the Galactic Federation of Light. We have chosen to interact with Earth more directly as the Galactic Rules allow."
Wow, pretty cool for repticlone Freemasons. They sell some scalar devices which seem OK but not great.

(6:20pm) There is a bunch of Category 2 Eyptoids in Saggitarius that Joe and i are working on.

Jan 10, '18: (9:25am) Allies have been wiping them out, but there are still a bunch mainly around the lower right quadrant of the pic.

(7:25pm) That seems cleared up now.

So how are the local repticlones here in the DC area taking the recent influx of orgone? I went to Costco with my mom today, and noticed that all the repticlones (hundreds of them which constituted at least 80% of the shoppers) each had 9 underground werewolves backing them up, energetically.
Then on the evening news, i noticed that the talking heads each had 3 WWs plus 9 Egyptoids backing them up.
Fine with me; it's easy peasy to mark them all for destruction.

Werewolves: It is so strange the way the WW population here seems to fluctuate wildly from one year to the next. Last year i noticed gobs of them on the road. I busted some roads and areas real well that were mostly traveled by them. There are very few WWs left around here now that have not been replaced by clones. But also, i have not noticed many of their clones around. Strange. I have also not noticed Chungoids yet, although they were somewhat common last winter.

Jan 11, '17: (5:15pm) I did notice and mark (remotely) 5 Chungoids in that Costco today.

I got blasted a while earlier by more Etoids in the sky. After reaming them for some time (allies are taking them out) i found, in the same region, the pocket of Egyptoids and their reptilian hybrids that were the ones responsible for the destruction and replacement of the Hebrews on Earth. One of the nastier things they ever pulled off.
We are wiping them out here.

Jan 13, '17: (4:35pm) We had some real warm weather, mid-60's, a bit of rain, then it turned cold again.

Now this whole area of space around Casseopiea is flared up with DORy NSAlizards.

Jan 14, '17: (5:20pm) And this afternoon, i am getting hammered by Egyptoids in space here.
Incidentally, i suspect the name "Plejaran" is a joke. It is supposed to refer to the Pleiades, but i can stir up no Egyptoids there. No doubt there are a few, but if there are more they sure are hiding well.

(7:35pm) Those of you who have frequency-adjustable devices, try putting in 5200Hz. I just dowsed that as a freq destructive to Egyptoids. It will probably only be valid for a few days, though.
You could even try just writing the freq and target down and placing orgonite on the paper.

(8pm) Also this morning a reader sent in a link to this spot, saying it seemed related to the NSA area i posted yesterday. It was packed with jailable offworld CIA SSers, plus werewolves, Chungoids, Etoids, etc.
And now there are still many Chungoids left in the area.

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