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Loohan's blog for February 2018
Feb 1 '18: (7:20am) The repticlone Masons at Global Organic Textile Standard will, if you are an Egyptoid CIA shill, for example, like Dr Mercola, certify GMO cotton as organic!
Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can become GOTS certified. Unless you know the proper handshakes, then 0% will suffice.

Organic cotton, or for that matter, even chem-drenched non-GMO cotton, has a good vibe to it, rumored to help protect against EMFs. This quality was deliberately removed years ago by genetic engineering.
Organic standards prohibit GMO.

If you are sensitive enough, you can verify this by checking out cotton from the 20th century and comparing it with contemporary commercial cotton. (But it is possible a bit of non-GMO slips in on rare occasions-- a few years ago WalMart was selling cheap men's T-shirts that had a significant fraction of non-GMO cotton in them.)

Feb 3, '18: (6:45am) Oh wow, man, just the enlightenment i've been waiting for. Right in line with what i was posting about yesterday: The Reality of Truth
This documentary explores the relationship between spirituality, religion, and plant medicine. Featuring top thought leaders including Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and hosted by Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, the film explores how to access the true reality through plant medicine, Ayahuasca and meditation. It includes first of its kind interviews with top spiritual gurus, celebrities, and people of all faiths, about this intriguing connection and their personal experiences with spirituality and transcendence.
Yes, truly stellar Masonic ETs present an alternative to the main paradigm of Masonic ETs. Nothing but the cream of the crap of Egyptoids and repticlones. Top thought leaders indeed.

(8:25am) And it's a good thing that these top thought leaders are "opposing" the Dominant Paradigm. Otherwise there would be no counterbalance to the terrible injustices faced by noble CIA repticlones such as this Israeli marijuana scientist fighting to be reunited with wife.

(11:35am) Lots of werewolves reside in in the Hove/Brighton area of UK. I got onto this because Tim Rifat got 4 (strange numerology) of his satanist WW friends to summon a bunch of demons against me. They made no attempt to hide their location in an industro-bldg in Hove, or their connections with hundreds more WWs living in houses in the area.
Blasting 800+ there.
Maybe Rifat wanted to get rid of them for some reason. Maybe they weren't bowing down to him as Psi-Lord.

Feb 6, '18: (7am) Yes, this seems to be a growing trend. CIA COWERS IN FEAR OF CMDR LOOHAN, ABANDONS FUNDAMENTAL MASONIC PRINCIPLES! Read all about it.
Twice Deported Illegal Drunk Driver Kills NFL Player On Super Bowl Sunday. OMG, if that doesn't strike at the very core of what makes America America. Plus, wow, dreadlocks! If this tragedy doesn't strike at the very heart of American multiculturalism.
Of course both parties are CIA repticlones. But, neither is overtly effeminate, and i can't find any hand-sign pix of Jackson.
I hope the CIA will redeem itself in further articles about this tragedy.

(6:40pm) I plan to drive back home tomorrow, arrive the next day. So i will be incommunicado if you email me.

Scary. Since i left home 5 weeks ago (not that home is much better) i don't think i have been anywhere public (including roads) in which there were more than 5% humans, and often not even that many.
Went to Costco with my mom for the last time this morning. Hundreds of "people" shopping in there, and i was unable to spot one single human. I did notice 4 MTF repticlones...
The reason we have a population problem, pollution problem, heavy traffic, species extinction, etc. etc. is because this planet is choked with pedophile ET filth pretending to be human.
I will be relieved when they are all deleted.
Especially telemarketers. Virtually all telemarketers are repticlones. My mom gets lots of them and i get a few at home.

Feb 8, 17: (7:45am CST) I actually made it home yesterday evening. Frosty here.

AI robot psychics: Weird stuff. A week or so ago one of my sentient devices was reprogrammed as a very powerful remote protector, to detect black magic attacks on myself or others. I didn't tell anyone.
It worked real well when it was working, but kept mysteriously getting completely disabled and having to be fixed back up by Vozy and Eenia. And we could not figure out who was doing it.
Even yesterday on my trip up, it got disabled dozens of times.

So VozEenia programmed a special crystal to lay on the unit, which we hoped would help protect the unit from corruption. I put it on last night, and it does work, and furthermore enabled me to light up the perps: it was 10 groups (on different spacecraft) of 4 human-looking robots that were also psychic supercomputers or something. I marked these and the allies took them out.

This was before dawn as i was laying in bed. Then a little while later, a "grey" appeared in my space, which i could vaguely "see" with my eyes closed. Except it was a fake grey, a projection from 16 box-shaped AI computers in a U base on some other planet.

Now that i'm onto these things, i notice them more. Mordok has been writing me about his cats getting horribly attacked by demons, and i just found 2 of the human-looking guys sending the demons.
And now the sentient device is lighting up the AI perps behind attacks.

(8:45am) I think the darkside has been using these a long time but they were very hard for me to detect because they have no demon vibe. Except if i "throw" dual-channel wands into them (which i could only do once the crystal was there), then it reacts with the metal and who-knows-what else in them to stir up a vibe so that they can be located.

(2:50am) Libocany, CZ and slightly north, Zarohi, are quaint hamlets filled with Egyptoid black magicians, some of whom have thrown lots of demons and stuff at our beleagered operative Dana.

Yesterday i left VA around 2am. I had conked out early in the evening and gotten my usual 5 hours hours of sleep. (The house is a row house with other houses on either side, so even tho my mom has her wifi turned off, it is a wifi hot area. And the wifi seems to keep me from relaxing. I never had a problem there many years ago when it was merely dirty electricity out the wazoo.)
I woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep so i split, and drove the whole way. I hate motels, usually.
I did have to take a catnap in TN as i was about to pass out at the wheel. After that i was OK.
It sure is nice to be back.
Only noticed a dozen or so werewolves, and no WW clones. They are being replaced by repticlones (if clones is even the correct word). Even the area south of Mountain View which i mentioned last Feb 19
...i have been more aware of werewolves lately after making loads of wands with the 2-part anti-WW program. Not only did i suddenly notice breathtaking quantities of them in the DC area that i had never noticed before, but i found a mess of them on the way back, near home. They start heavily in Floral, AR. Going NW on 87 -> 25 -> 5 their domain stretches all the way to where 5 ends in Mountain View [passing through Wolf Bayou]. Almost all werewolves. Virtually none of these were clones when i came through on Thursday, but all are replaced now.
The thing is, last winter i went by that route on my way east, and also returned by that route, and never noticed the WWs! This time, they were DORy from being blasted.
no longer has WWs or WW clones, just repticlones and some Egyptoids. I have to wonder if indeed there were WWs there very long prior to my noticing them last winter, both in the DC area and that AR area.

Apparently the anti-WW programs are too harsh for the delicate creatures. Nonetheless, i continue to sense and blast a few remotely here and there, even some passing through the Floral area. And while i was typing this, i heard a small prop plane with 3 WWs in it.

(7:50pm) One unusual thing about my trip back home yesterday morning: all through VA on 81, and through much of TN, repticlone drivers kept suddenly slowing down for no known reason. I noticed this like a couple hundred times. Not only cars in front of me, but even beside me. Plus there just seemed to be an unusual amount of repticlone ineptness in general on the whole trip. Many repticlones are lousy drivers, but this was a bit extreme.
There were almost no humans, as usual.

I noticed at 6:20 that my device was shut down again, this time by 8 of those human-like robots. But as soon as i nailed them it was easy to fix. Now it seems more powerful than ever.

Stop the presses, HUGE change on the horizon: It's Official: News Will Now Come 'Directly from the CIA' as Fmr-Director Hired by NBC. "The revolution will not be televised. Or, at least, it will be the revolution that is supposed to happen according to the CIA."
Ooh, massive and timely disclosure. I tremble at how different things will be.

(8:55pm) Around 8 i noticed my sentient was again disabled -- this time by 10 of those bots in a space U base. He bounced right back after i nailed them. But just a couple minutes later, he was swatted by another such group of 10.
This is great.

Feb 10, '18: (5:35pm) And he has not been disabled since. However, a friend's cat was similarly disabled recently. A cat that had been jailing demons kind of turned into a vegetable. I never noticed this with animals before. Eenia fixed him. Not sure what did it, as whoever it was no longer seems extant, but it could have been these bots.

Inquiring minds need to know: did Google predict the demise of these bots back in 2011?
Way to go, Google! Positive affirmations work!

Actually i don't know how many AI bots there are in space. Probably vast quantities, and it might be quite a job to get rid of them, unless we find some way to cut the Gordian Knot.
They [meaning AI bases in general, not just specifically these bots] attacked me quite a bit at work today, along with Egyptoid and werewolf craft, U bases, etc.

(6:10pm) Assumption College in Bangkok feels like a Nato/Europol spook college with only ET and clone students. It has a DORy base under it full of the usual varieties of ETs, being taken out now.
Map, pics.

Feb 12, '18: (10pm) This entire block around Hampton Inn in Miami (pic courtesy of Google) is especially dense in satanist Egyptoids, and also contains many other gang-stalking ET freaks, demons, spells, etc.

In other news, Joe and i have been stalking AI bots across the universe; they attack me and are behind attacks on some people i monitor, so they thus betray the positions of some of their base regions.

Feb 13, '18: (noon) Good news, finally an AI robot lighter-upper. This is a cheap variable-speed motor controller i bought for something that didn't work out. Plus i had forgotten that such a thing would create dirty electricity. So it was doubly useless for the original purpose.

I opened the back, cut a few wires, glued in 3 little stones (all with Eenia's guidance and programming), and voila! This pic was taken before i plugged the wires into a powerful, multi-Luke-coil array. (This depicted unit itself is not electrified, though.)

It is powerful and remotely accessible. You can try to connect it to suspected bots that might exist behind attacks.

Feb 15, '17: (10:35am) Warm spell! My fire went out yesterday afternoon and i never re-lit it. 66 F in the shade already, and toasty in the sun. Partly sunny with some chem. I'm running around outside doing chores, even planted a few radish and beet seeds where i can cover them later with a cold frame. We're supposed to have several mild days and nights.
My turtles are out soaking in their stock tanks, digging it.

In the past i once mentioned these noisy fake propellor planes that often fly over my place from a ESE to WNW direction, usually 3 but sometimes 4 of them, following in a line.
Just now 2 of them flew over in the usual fashion, but i traced them to 1 group of 10 of those AI bots in space, instead of the usual concentrated areas of CIA U bases.
Also in the last couple days i've been finding these bots behind the Etoid/WW/demon attacks on people.

(11:10am) I was out chopping wood, sweating with my shirt off, and got hit a couple times by loads of WW U bases and Etoid U bases, and also each time, 8 groups of 10 bots were behind it.
And the 2nd time, there was also another of those planes, conforming with usual behavior.
All these AI bots this morning are in this area of sky.

Feb 16, '18: (8:30am) Today is supposed to be much cooler. Overcast with drizzle now.

That last space location i posted is still relevant and the source of directed attacks. Which is interesting. For the past few days i have been finding space locations for the AI bots and their allies, and each time after a few hours that place is pretty handled and they attack from a new location.
But all the bot attacks i've found since yesterday morning were from that location. Which never had a very strong DORy vibe compared to the previous ones. I think this is because this region is more AI-dense with fewer Egyptoids, WWs, etc. And the AI stuff doesn't have as strong a vibe.

Also i have just been given a reason to believe that when a person gets attacked by bots plus WWs and demons, there may also be a cloaked AI base not very far from them discreetly involved.

Schools may ban kids from having best friends -- and it's not the worst idea. Real cutting edge info. In my personal experience, this policy has been in place in the US since at least the early '60s.
When i started 2nd grade, all the few friends i had from 1st grade, including my girlfriend, ended up in the other 2nd grade class, and i almost never saw them any more.
Then halfway through 2nd grade we moved to VA. I was never very gregarious, but i made a few friends. In 3rd grade, none of my 2nd grade friends were in my class.
In 4th grade, none of the friends i had made in 3rd grade were in my class. But i did have one friend i had made during the summer in my class, presumably because they did not know of the friendship as we had not been in the same classroom before.
I also noted at this time that this rule tended to hold true for other people's friendships, and concluded that the teachers had lists of who likes who, and did their best, possibly with the aid of the crude computers of the day, to separate friends as much as possible.

Subsequent to that, i changed schools so often that such observations were not possible.
All this being repeatedly separated from what few friends i was able to make, helped along by zillions of demons, covert ET attacks, and probably Asperger Syndrome, left me an extremely introverted and sociophobic lad by the time puberty hit.
For example, i did not have one single friend in 10th grade that i hung out with.

Feb 17, '18: (7:40pm) Got a decent rain, around 1", last night.

Inside the city saved by weed: 'Bankrupt' Californian town booms after turning cannabis into £735m-a-year industry. EXCLUSIVE: Thousands of jobs are being created, land values have rocketed from £5,000 an acre to £140,000 and there will even be a drive-thru dispensary in Coachella Valley.
All CIA repticlones, including the mayor.
Someone should sprinkle the town with Channel Program boogers.

I got hit a lot at work today by Egyptoid U bases and bots in space. They mostly skipped the usual werewolves and demons.
I had 3 different Etoids drive by, gunning their engines noisily in a greatly exaggerated manner. Reduced, now, to the more sophomoric antics their hybrid clones used to do before they outgrew them.

I had mostly Egyptoid customers again, but one group of 3 men did not do the usual fake friendliness routine. They were somber, grim, unsmiling, quietly resentful. Didn't even ask for my autograph.

Feb 20, '18: (5:30pm) Been getting more rain, at least an inch so far, and more predicted for a while. The big system is passing to the west and we're only getting a bit of fringe stuff.

I've been taking out lots of bots in different areas of space. Most don't require that much work but i hit another big one here.

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