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Loohan's blog for January, 2006

Jan. 1, '06: I went through one hell of a lot of changes in 2005. A year ago i was in Virginia, about to gift the heck out of the DC area. Never had done any remote work. Was just about to realize that i could read energy on maps.
I have a feeling 2006 will be interesting, too.

Well, DOR levels have been staying pretty much under control since that last small flare-up. I think i may have succeeded again at disconcerting the archonic ring-bearers, as they have been low-key since.

I did just pick another werewolf off myself. I also checked my parents and some relatives... ewww! Quite a motherlode of redeployable critters. One person had several werewolves. Seems like everyone's got spiders these days.

I am really liking these orbs. They seem to have some amazing programming. Three of the 4 are "matrix burners". If you hold these in your left hand, it supposedly burns the 3 matrices we find ourselves in. Lately i've mostly been doing that, holding their energy bodies, while i wear the Sedna ring on the right hand. Lotta synergy. My hands look empty, but it feels like i'm tearing up gobs of evil.

Jan. 3, '05: They've still been deploying werewolves. I've been picking a few new ones off of the people i monitor. Also, i woke up in the wee hours yesterday with several in my own solar plexus. I am duly impressed that they are able to insinuate these into me, despite all my advanced toys. However, they are still a snap to relocate. For me, anyway; the dark occultists seem to be unable to get rid of them so far. A lot of Bilderbergers have recently been given new pets...
Also, spiders still crop up quite a bit. The ones i moved to new victims a few days ago have moved on. They don't stick like the werewolves. Also i often find an octopus hanging around people. These are also easy for me to move, but don't stick to the new targets.

The good news is that the general orgone quality is continuing to improve, universally, with no more flare-ups recently.

It seems that any time i read anything in the news about any crisis, weather, political, or otherwise, there is strong DOR at the site involved. E.g. the West Virginia miners that got trapped. Why is there so much DOR at the spot?

A meteor hit in Finland. Why do both the meteor and the crater have the same bad vibe? What kind of "meteor" was this? Was it a hostile craft that crashed? I do not know.

More about the UFO i mentioned earlier, above the China Shipping Line ship. Similar pics have popped up elsewhere, and some people believe the UFOs are actually seagulls. If you look closely, it does appear like a bird with its beak sticking out, eye, wings. Not sure about that tail. Here are some more pics: Dorset, England, New Jersey. The England one looks pretty identical to the one by Vancouver Island, even facing the same direction. The New Jersey one does not show the beak.
The new pics have the same bad vibe. In the England pic, the area of ground right below the flying object has the same bad vibe, suggesting a possible underground base. The bad energy is centered near the gate you see there in the bottom pic. In the NJ pic, the building in front feels bad when i mouse over it, but i believe the energy i'm feeling is actually about 300' behind the face of this building, a bit to the left of being directly under the object.

To me, the bird-like appearance of these objects is no coincidence. To my deranged way of looking at things, the craft are deliberately made to resemble birds in case anyone snaps a pic.
Why, in each case, does the craft not stray far from a DOR spot below? Are they shooting DOR down on targets? Or are they hovering above bases, more or less stationarily? The China Shipping Line ship seems like an unlikely target for them, and more likely a base, so i extrapolate that they hang around above the places they belong to. Why? As sentinels to guard against opposing forces? I do not know. If so, one would expect to see the same craft above the same places on a regular basis.
All photographers reported that they did not see the craft when they took the pics. Apparently, the cloaking works for the naked eye, but not the camera. Nothing new about that. But i wonder, if someone went back to these same sites and took more pics...

Illuminati rings: I wrote Tim Rifat about my noticing that many illuminati had evil power rings, and he wrote back "Rings are the basis of all CF black magic and are used by all Illuminati." (CF means circular force.)
This suggests another worthy target: "ALL ILLUMINATI RINGS". Though "all evil rings" would cover it, too.
Right now, the aeonic and archonic rings are feeling fairly dead, and there is relatively scant DOR overall.

(later) Whew! Right after i posted that, we had a medium-size flare-up. Again, PDF, archonic rings, sacrificial blood real strong, and somewhat thick DOR everywhere. But things are now back down to a more tolerable level.

Clear sky here all day; no chem seen from my place.

Jan. 6, '05: They made up for it the following day. Almost complete whiteout much of the day. A fair bit yesterday and a bit today.

No more real crises, but the DOR has been a bit thick at times, and it's been at least somewhat dirty all the time.

Still getting some werewolves, spiders, and the occasional octopus on people.

More ETs in the news (well, not that new,) this time good ones, judging by the vibe. The code letters have their signature freq.

DOR from space, too: saw something at the homepage about gamma ray bursts. They have the spot right on this map. Also, looking at graph pics, one can feel the DOR most intensely on the spikes.
Gamma rays are commonly given off by ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is commonly used as a carrier for demon energy.

Jan. 9, '06: Lots more werewolf demons flying around these days. I keep finding them on others and myself. Lately they've started loading them in my heart chakra, too.
A person i don't know came in where i work. I could sense something was very wrong. Later, i remotely pulled 38(!) werewolf demons out of her as well as a bunch of spiders.

At one point last night, it seemed i was being flooded with bunches at once. I wondered who would be deliberately stuffing me and my friends with werewolves, fully knowing that i was just immediately redeploying them in Bilderbergers, Zionists, etc. I thought perhaps the Chinese, but no, it was MI (British Military Intelligence). Go figure. I think MI5, though i also got a smaller reaction on MI8.
Anyway, i stuffed the critters right back into a couple of the main parties responsible, which seemed to dampen their enthusiasm a bit. But i'm still finding an occasional one. No more seemingly "new, improved" models. Were there ever, or was that my imagination? I just keep getting better at deploying them quickly. Incidentally, i can always feel when a transfer is in progress, even between people i don't know, and it feels good! A feeling of relief, of something right happening.

I picked up the 4 new orbs at the PO 2 days ago. They are quartz of different colors, 1&5/8" diameter. Big enough that one could use them as Chinese exercise balls. And very powerful, but i already knew that. Luckily, one does not need to hold or carry the big marbles for them to work. Just carry the little BPCs and give the spheres free reign to do what they know how to do. I wrapped the 3 matrix-burners in a blank piece of paper that had written on it ALL EVIL and a few other things, facing inward. Rubber-banded that. This keeps them in a trinity configuration, which might help efficiency. Even when the energy bodies are out, the physical orbs have the same vibes as they do, indicating that the physical spheres still play a role. This paper also keeps them together and protected when i hold them while sleeping.
They seem to be trainable. Lately i've had the 3 matrix-burners so their energy bodies roam around digging into the worst stuff, and when they have nothing better to do, they return to my palm. So sometimes i find 0 in my palm; later i might notice one's back, or 2. Then they take off again maybe a few minutes later.
Kind of like having pet raptors that come and go between forays for mice.

The 4th orb is against greed, and judging by how dirty it stays, there's a lot of it out there. Greed is no doubt a major factor in why people turn to the dark side. Seems a bit stupid to me. I'm greedy for different things, i guess; things they don't value. I want it all: i want to be one with The One and retain my infinitely individual uniqueness, too. So many would prefer to be a Satan-clone, energetically and spiritually, so they can have lots of material wealth plus get to gang-rape and torture small children to death, and drink their blood. What fun. But who's there to enjoy it?

There's more info about these orbs halfway down the page at I get that mine are only the 3rd full set in existence so far. Tim says he uses one. Just one, i guess it has specialized programming. He says he keeps it running full-time, and it just grows stronger the more it eats. I think the ones i have are the same way. Plus, the effect on my energy body seems cumulative. I notice an increased sense of well-being, and seem less adversely affected by DOR. Part of this is the synergy with my Sedna crystal. It gets supercharged being kept by the orbs.

Hmmmm.. right now the vibe of my set feels a lot better than the vibes of the first 2. It may be that my Sedna PC is boosting my orbs, too.
I think i got the 8th Sedna PC. Tentatively, i think there may be 13 of those now, 4 of which are in our group.

Speaking of orbs, i feel a lot less comfortable about the transdimensional orbs people sometimes photograph. They don't feel friendly to me.

Importance of the Sphinx:

I had emailed Tim about the center of the Sphinx, and the Sphinx in general. He wrote back:
The Sphinx has the hall of Thoth and Maat, the transformer that uses human dead Souls to manifest the Matrix.
This is the place where the ADR is centred twisting the 22 Energies within.
If you've read his stuff, you know that the ADR is the Anglo-Demonic Reality, which is the innermost, most constrictive, matrix we find ourselves in.
Maat is the wife of Thoth AKA Hermes Trimesgistus. Evil vibes, in case you were wondering. In fact, almost all of the Egyptian pantheon gives me the willies. Drunvalo is into Maat; make of that what you will. Here is a pic of the Hall of Maat. Every being depicted on it has an evil vibe. Except for the poor sap being "judged".
Tim did not say where this Hall is. But one could use the pic as a witness. One's focus would be diluted by all the evil beings shown, but no harm in nailing them, too.

Jan. 10, '06: The mentality of our enemies... I sometimes scour message boards for energy. If a post title has unusual good or bad energy, i click on it to investigate. Not to mention, i have been known to mine the posters themselves for werewolves.
So it was that i happened to click on this post about a grass-roots community center in Mississippi. The address was DORy, so i got a map, and sure enough, right at that spot is an underground nuke reactor/transmitter.
Anybody doing anything positive will be oppressed. Their activities constitute a threat to the Security of the Fatherland. This is why it's so important to keep overall DOR levels down as low as possible. We can't find or cover all the good people who get fried bad when DOR levels are high.

Also, it helps with the weather. Yesterday morning the forecast said rain would be likely last night, but average amounts would be 1/10 to 1/4" as i recall. But DOR levels were way low, and i got 1.7" of much-needed rain.
As usual, they turned up the transmitters under the front. These are mostly in the city centers, even the centers of tiny rural towns. Presumably vortices. But they had so little oomph that they were easily neutralized. In fact, it rained quite a bit even before i got up and worked the map.

More DOR from space. A star cluster in our galaxy. Strong stuff.
Something else i find interesting is this black hole that allegedly dents space-time. In the rendition, the disk feels very positive, except for the very center, which is nasty. Presumably, the negative energy is being sucked into the center; that's why the disk itself does not radiate DOR. Now, i'm no physicist, and i don't understand the binary system bit, but the egglike part also feels pretty positive, except for the "nipple".

More about black holes: a few months ago i posted on the Y! forum that i'd established (to my own satisfaction, anyway) that the demonic heirarchy in the Solar System was drawing energy, when otherwise depleted, through portals in the center of the Milky Way. I initially had the impression there must be 5 different portals in the same place, to 5 different places that served as batteries. These batteries later turned out to be 5 beings: Babalon, Lilith, Kali, Nuit, and the 7-headed snake Yalatha AKA Yao). While investigating this with my Sedna PC, i felt myself pop through the center of the galaxy to a vast, weird realm, which i presumed to be a dark-matter realm. I had the impression that the galactic center was the interface between this realm and what we usually think of as the galaxy. Presumably, the troublesome beings have places in that realm, and any energy transfer from them to our world would go through the galactic center.
Here is an article with a good photo of the galactic center. There's a great deal of DOR in the pic, but also a spot of strong POR, located below and to the left of the center of the pic. What is at that spot? It is an etheric crystal i placed several months ago. I asked that it go to "the most crucial spot" for it to be, and only later discovered that it ended up in the center of the Milky Way. It was because i was monitoring the energy of this crystal, that i became aware that that was where the DOR was coming through. It would get real dirty whenever fresh DOR flushed into our world.

The DOR in the pic is unfocused. It seems to form sort of a doughnut around my crystal, suggesting the epicenter of the DOR would be in the center of where the crystal is, were the crystal not there.
I had almost forgotten about that crystal. This suggests a certain longevity of mentally-created orgone devices.

Speaking of the galactic center, i found this interesting quote in an article about Tolkein:
On the Winter Solstice of 2012, the center of the galaxy will helically rise with the morning sun. [note: Tim Rifat says "In 2012 the sun will rise in a helical spiral that is supposed to end the common consensus reality and herald in a world where Psi is pre-eminent."]

According to scholar John Major Jenkins, this moment marks the end of the Mayan calendar. (snip) According to ancient lore the Iron Age is an Age where the world turns to steel, black magic becomes religion and Men lust for control and dominion over both human beings and the very earth itself. The earth, the air and the water become polluted. Wars, famines, and plagues envelop the human race. Time itself speeds up until exhausted, the world and the Age come to an end and a new cycle begins. These are many of the events that also occur at the end of each of the Second and Third Ages of The Lord of the Rings for each is in essence a microcosm of the entire cycle.

Hall of Maat: I asked Archie if he could figure out where the Hall of Maat is. His impression:
The Hall of Maat is actually on the lower astral, but its closest physical representation is; dum da dum the Hall Of Records.
Sounds about right to me. The energy is happening in the Hall of Records and the center, especially.

Jan. 11, '05: I am really appreciating these orbs. In concert with the Sedna PC, they do a better job on automatic of suppressing DOR universally than i was able to do with constant work with the Sedna alone. Meaning, i have time to do other things. I still need to monitor occasionally and touch things up, keep some people more or less stripped of werewolves, etc.

One real cool thing i have noticed lately is that i am able to pop out etheric orgone devices like a machine gun. Theses crystals are about violating the artificial matrix laws maintained by black magic. The Sedna PC and the Bronze Age orb especially are supposed to facilitate creating stuff that "shouldn't" be in the matrix.
The last couple days i have been able to pop out spherical orgone devices resembling tennis balls. Made of dark matter? I'm not sure what they are, but they feel real good. And i can stuff them into beings or machines, and they seem to hold well so far.

More Loohanacy you can only find here: L. Ron Hubbard, who is a demon himself that i have had to battle with in the recent past, said (in confidential OT3 material now all over the web) that a being named Xenu was like the most evil being in this sector 75 million years ago when he caused a huge trauma here on Earth. Now, if you go to this dictionary, which is not the official Church of $cientology dictionary or website, it says at the very bottom of the page:
Xenu: The biggest SP [suppressive person] in sector 9. He caused the big catastrophe that happened 75 million years ago, that left 76 planets behind like a desert. Later this same being came back and formed the illuminati (body name Adam Weishaupt)
Well, his vibes truly were super-nasty. Hmmm... So a bit ago i filled this guy up with tennis balls from outside the matrix, after dowsing that he was in Africa. Got him glowing good with POR, and looked at an Africa map. Guess what? All the POR was coming from the only DORcrystal factory i know of in Africa, right where Gabon, the Congo, and the Atlantic meet (the red spot). Apparently Xenu was there. And transmitting that POR something fierce.
I had posted at the Y! forum months ago about this and several other new DORcrystal factories i'd found. I believe Mephistopheles was there at the time, having left Rome. Well, he's still there, too. Gave him some tennis balls. Also, these tennis balls seem effective to toss into the crystals steeping in their sacrificial blood.

Interestingly, Adam Weishaupt's vibe seemed to match before i juiced Xenu. More relevantly, Weishaupt's vibe sweetened up and still matched Xenu's after i juiced Xenu. I did not address Weishaupt as such.
Interesting. Loohan sez: Adam Weishaupt indeed was an incarnation of this Xenu. And now he's got another body (i suspect human-reptilian hybrid). One of these days i might track down his buddy Ron the same way, when i have nothing better to do.

Hell, i might be able to track down anybody or anything by this method. Need someone or something found? Make me a reward offer $$$. I'm not sure if it works for pet hamsters or lost car-keys.

Jan. 12, '06: When i stop and look at the stuff i've written lately, i have to admit it probably reads like pretty fanciful deluded ravings to most people. Well, get used to; it's only going to get weirder.

Some bizarro good news today: i had written Tim Rifat a while back about the situation with the godhead being DORized and parasitized by, i felt, aeons and insectiles. This morning i get an email back from him saying he took care of that situation:
You will find the Godhead has just become cleared as I worked out how it was DORy, as well as shredding the Archons... it was very hard work to bring the top of the Archonic evil its hell container.
...(T)he Godhead has totally separated irreversibly from the Archons...
Indeed, the godhead does feel like its former pristine self again. This is excellent. It cuts off one of their few major energy sources.
They are taking a licking.

Sometimes i wonder how many dark-siders read my blog just to find out what's going on, seeing as how compartmentalized their social structure is. My advice to any such: it's high time for you to bail out, if you have any semblance of a soul left. You can use your position to make amends for past misdeeds. Regain an iota of self-respect. Or you can continue to be a total loser, a cosmic turd.

Another major malefactor in the Scientology mythos (at least in the splinter groups; i'm not sure if Hubbard ever mentioned him) is Yatrus. Today i checked his vibe. Very strong and nasty. I dowsed he was in Pine Gap, underground. I sweetened him up. He wouldn't quite sweeten until i addressed his power ring. Remember this, when dealing with illuminati! I had a tennis ball surround his ring and get sucked into it. Then he sweetened right up. Checked a pic of Pine Gap, and sure enough, it had an underlying sweetness.
I believe he, too, may have been involved in the manufacture of DOR crystals, which i already knew was occurring at Pine Gap. In fact, i dowsed the stash of crystals, threw in a ball, and they sweetened right up.
Apparently, it takes a big-league demon to make the crystals.
And it takes an entire tennis ball from beyond the matrix to undo all that bad work, nyuk, nyuk. If this keeps working so well, we may not have too much of a problem with these crystals anymore.

More evil aliens in the news: Cmdr. Loohan sez all these pics are real, and all aliens, UFOs, and flight paths shown are DORy. Except for the pic of the Aztec God on one page.
Copy and paste if interested; i'm too lazy to format the links.

Here's an interesting one seeing as how it's on the NASA site. They don't mention any UFOS, but look at the top pic of the eye of Hurricane Emily, and you see 2 orbs. Both have bad vibes, as does the center of the eye. So, that's one of their hurricane tools...

Man, after my nailing most of the DOR crystals in existence, i think, everything is getting pretty sweet. I suspect they were serving, more than we realized, as DOR batteries for general maintenance of DOR status quo.

Right now, to recapitulate, the aeonic rings are gone, the godhead has been liberated from the parasites, the DOR crystals are pretty neutralized for the time being. The archonic larva system feels really tattered to me, and the archons seem very weak. Plus many other good things. The only demons that still have any inherent reserves are those that we haven't addressed specifically (overlooked, like Xenu and Yatrus were). Even Satan has been weak for some time. Yaldabaoth is pretty tough, though much weakened; i'll try to remember to lob a few balls into him occasionally.
DOR levels are real low, meaning all the orgone gifts in the environment are relatively unhampered by the opposition's neutralizing forces, and kicking in good. I've got awesome new etheric orgone balls to throw at any errant satellites, etc.

Yeah, there's still chem in the sky, and evil beings abound. But things seem to be progressing. Knock on wood.
Don't want people to think i'm all doom and gloom.

Jan. 14, '05: After an extraordinarily clean full moon early this morning (energetically clean, meaning they were unable to generate much DOR with their usual sacrifice rituals) things were very spiffy for a while. I was a bit euphoric until i sensed a disturbance in the force late morning. Turns out the godhead was being attacked again. I get that it is not the archons Tim jailed or whatever he did, but fresh arrivals. I suspect the aeons were less directly involved, but involved. Perhaps the archons were stealing food and giving some of it to the aeons.

I have written Tim about it. Hopefully he will smite the evildoers. It might take him a week or so to even read the email, no telling. Meanwhile, the following targets seem most crucial, as the opposition is trying to mess things up again: ARCHONS ATTACKING THE GODHEAD, THE SPHINX CENTER, and the HALL OF MAAT or HALL OF RECORDS.

Jan. 15, '06: I forgot to mention yesterday that i'd noticed that a new set of Silmarillion orbs had recently gone online, the 4th set, i believe. Probably not long before the full moon. Believe me, these orbs are extremely powerful and make a huge difference.

DOR hasn't been too bad today. Got beamed a tad by a few bad things in the sky, but not much amperage. Things do feel subtly nasty, though.
Chem is some of the worst i've ever seen.

Catalytic converters: Years ago i'd read that the real purpose of these things is as negative energy generators. Since then i have always kept orgonite under my vehicle seat. Today i had the idea to actually check the vibe of the things by proxy.

As an aside, the way i dowse vibes of faraway or near objects, beings, etc. is i have a piece of paper with an asterisk drawn on it. An asterisk concentrates energy into its center. Actually, so does a cross, but an asterisk is better. An 8-sided one may be better than 6. I ask "What is the vibe of ______?" and slide my finger to the center of the asterisk. I consider this a more accurate and "objective" a way of feeling energy than physically picking up the crystal or other object itself.

So, anyway, i checked out the energy of my catalytic converter, and even cold, it has pretty strong DOR. Even now, when DOR universally is relatively low. One can find out all kinds of interesting things with this dowsing method. This is how i feel out demons in people's chakras, for example. Or which hand and finger they wear their illuminati power rings on.

Let's see... Ted Gunderson, ring finger of left hand. Prosecutor Fitzgerald, who is rumored to have covered up some 9/11 stuff, ring finger of right hand.

Hmm, lessee now... Carol Croft, middle finger of right hand. She also has something a bit less DORy but still spooky on her right pinky. Don has something dubious on the middle finger of his left hand. It doesn't feel real strong, though, and he might be unaware of its evil.
Don Bradley, why, he seems to have a similar setup as Carol: power ring on right middle, lesser ring on right pinky. His wife's on her left forefinger.

Trevor James Constable, middle finger of right hand. James DeMeo, i don't know, his feels much weaker and is on his right pinky. For a moment i thought he was lacking his. Maybe he has another he sometimes puts on his middle finger, like Carol and DB.

Ooh, what's this? I thought Sensei Dennis had a clean vibe, but what have we on that right middle finger? Tut-tut, seems i'm never cynical enough. Another great icon bites the dust. Ah, and something on that right pinky, too? I'm beginning to detect a pattern.

All the above ring stuff may be purely my imagination. I haven't verified it against the real world. [Note: Later it became apparent that many of these rings are not physical or visible. This is discussed more in next month's blog.]
Tell you what, folks. Please test me. Find a person you think is or may be illuminati who wears a ring you can see. Note which finger it's on, but keep that info to yourself. Then email me, and ask me to check. Even if you don't know or don't wish to divulge the person's name, i can feel them out from your brief description, e.g "my boss" or "the old lady 2 houses east of me".

The central Missouri underground base that we apparently shut down last summer is active again, big-time. I updated the map. The asterisk was drawn by Archie last summer, and there is still a nuke there in its center. The question mark is by something that is not a nuke reactor, but something else strong and bad.
The uppermost dot is just a common transdimensional implant, it think.

This evening i decided to go after the commander. My impression is a real tall Nordic with a ring on his right middle finger. For some reason, it took me a while to (mostly) neutralize the ring. Then i started to sweeten him up, and wham, werewolf city in my midriff. I'm one of those rare people who has an extra chakra halfway between the heart and solar plexus chakras. And "they" seem to know it. I get hit in those 3 chakras simultaneously lately. I notice it because suddenly i get a creepy, quasi-fearful sensation in that region, which is presumably supposed to inhibit me from sending my love and compassion to the unfortunate benighted ones.
Anyway, whoever supplied me with those is probably due for a spanking from Mr. Nordic. As an aspiring practitioner of dark science, i felt it incumbent on me to experimentally stick the 4 critters neatly into 4 different chakras of his. Yes, this appears to work fine on Nordics. Those werewolves seem strong and happy now. Then, i was kindly supplied with 2 more wolves. I stuck one in each of his eyes, and they seem to be sticking there, too. With a bit of focused intent, they stick to most anything. Ariel Sharon's brain, Cheney's heart...
As i find time over the next week or so, i will sytematically work my way down the chain of command of this base. We can do it with or without the werewolves; their choice.

It's 8:15pm here, and i swear, it feels like Tim is taking care of business right now in Godhead City. Feels like he's kicking archonic ass. The godhead is sweetening up! And when the godhead sweetens up, these days everything sweetens up. That's how i noticed. Actually, i suspected something a while back, and the archons up there were super-dirty. Throwing major crap at Tim, no doubt. Now they feel pretty clean. Thanks, Tim! Even for him, this is hard work.

(3 hours later) Things went downhill energetically after i posted that. I'm not sure what's going on. I got the impression of struggle and stuff happening, and i've been trying to help from here. Right now, the godhead, the archons, and Tim all have pretty much the same funky vibe. So if you read this in time, please help if you can.

Jan. 16, '05:Well, now it's 8am the following morning, and it seems they are still locked in combat. Everything feels vaguely nasty, but not real bad. The archons he's fighting are the hottest thing going. Give them a blast.

Jan. 17, '05: Got an e from Rifat, but it is so cryptic i'm not sure if i misread what was going on and he didn't go back, or if he did. In any case, the godhead and archons sweetened up late this morning quite a bit, with still a lot of fluctuations, but not too bad overall. Maybe the rest of us who were working on it. I still get that the godhead and those archons are a bit dirty this evening, though. Tim did say "Archons home worlds is the moons dark energy matter dimensions." Which may be useful. I'll have to digest it a bit. "The moon's dark energy/matter dimensions" does have a mighty gnarly vibe.

I'm presently at Walt's place in the mountains of NC. [He has the pyramid on the big vortex.]

I seldom get very far off the dirt roads in everyday life, but i am now on my yearly pilgrimage to visit my parents, driving from Arkansas to northern Virginia. I've developed some skills since the last time i made this trip. Like, i can dowse any object's vibe by sliding my finger over a spot on my steering wheel. And i can mentally "gift" any object. No longer do i need to hold a wand in one hand most of the trip, trying to mitigate the towers, and having no way to gauge the effect.

My life is increasingly resembling the movie "They Live!". Here is what i'm finding:
Virtually all water towers seem to have some kind of transmitters hidden in them. You know those big flagpoles they often have in front of banks, etc? The golden globes on top are DOR emitters. All McDeathforce's golden arch signs have stealth transmitters. In fact all big-name fast-food chain signs, for that matter. Ordinary gas station signs sometimes have them. The real tall signs you see on the interstate, for gas stations or other places, virtually always have them. For some reason "Love's" brand gas station signs do not, but virtually all the others i've seen do. All car dealerships, big-name department stores, etc.
The interstate signs usually have the transmitters in the part of the sign closest to the highway. Doesn't matter if there's half a dozen big metal towers around, all the tall signs will have transmitters, too.
And those big green Highway Dept. signs that tell of upcoming forks in the highway? Of course, of course.

I am having fun busting all these things with my mind. Plenty of towers, and it's nice being able to place orgone devices right where i want them without even taking my hands from the steering wheel.

Stopped off to visit the huge pyramid arena in Memphis. I had about a gallon of agnihotra ash croutons. I had smeared the ash into sliced white bread, and wasn't able to make balls out of the stuff, but did crumble it up and dry it by the woodstove.
Anyway, i trundled around the edge of the pyramid, letting this stuff fall out of my hand. Also 3 of the many hundreds of ash balls generously supplied by Z-Force. Right now it has underground transmitters creating a bit of DOR, though, and something around mid-level that is stronger.
Hey, i just thought of a great use for such a pyramid. Pack it with people on some full moon night or pagan holiday, max out the DOR transmissions, and somehow create a panic and stampede. Maybe some terrorist incident. Somehow have the exits blocked by some error blameable on some patsy. Wouldn't that create some wonderful energy? Tragic, tragic. But my imagination runs overtime.

DOR levels have been fairly low, and for the most part, there was scant underground DOR on the highway. But at a couple times, i felt it come on. I dowsed the ground under me, and compared it with the ground 1/4 mile ahead and behind. Also the ground under the highway going the opposite direction. I found i was being given special treatment. That stopped after i stuffed the top couple ring-bearers responsible with POR balls, after neutralizing their rings. Point is, though, these systems of transmitters, whether under- or above-ground, in the sky, have the capability of being so controlled that one can almost single out victims for special treatment. All their many systems in concert, even.

Anyways, in the evening i started looking around for a motel. I dowsed the vibes of the budget ones on the billboards, and they're all DORy. Oh, well. I pull off and rent a room at the Knight's Inn in Cookeville, TN.

Inside, i dowse that there is a nuke reactor somewhere within 100' of me, but not directly under me. I throw POR balls at the 3 components i always address on these: reactor, transmitter, fuel. It sometimes seems incredible to me that there should be thousands of such units all over. How likely is it that they built a special tunnel just to put it under the motel? And did the same to all hotels, etc. all over much of the world? Or are some of these somehow transdimensionally placed and serviced? (Like the small, simple radioactive transmitters which apparently are transdimensionally implanted by the 5 tunnelers.)

Then notice a schematic map on the motel door on a sign saying EMERGENCY ESCAPE PLAN. Ah, good, i can finger-dowse the map. The reactor is by the inside bend of the L-shaped layout (pretty centrally located for economical coverage) but luckily it is under the parking lot where i can get to it. I grab one of the tiny baggies i had filled with teaspoonful of agnihotra ash, sprinkle it over the area. That helps suppress the DOR even better. Then i dowse that there's another transmitter, this time just a little implant, under room 60 on the very end. Send it a few POR balls.

Then i try to get some shut-eye, but something bothers me. Something nasty, but what is it? Ah, the smoke detector. I dowse its energy and am amazed how strong and evil it is. Another bit of black magic, insinuated into most buildings under the guise of safety. I doubt they're all this bad. I get that the top male honcho of the franchise chain has a very evil vibe and ring on his right ring finger. Probably he supplies the regulation quality fire detectors to the franchisees.
I rummage around, find an old mini-ice cube of powder orgonite, place it on top of the detector. Doesn't help much. Later, i remember i have the agnihotra ash. I also pull out a baggie containing the ash dregs that would not go though a tea strainer. It is mostly pieces of gravel that were stuck in the dung, and having gone though the fire, have become very charged.
Experimentally, i place a bit of this gravel on top of the (wall-mounted) fire detector, and am amazed how much it sweetens up. I put a few more on, then smear the face of the unit with ash. Much better.
But then, i woke up in the wee hours feeling an odd nastiness. It occurs to me that it might be the wireless transmitter for the free internet (which i couldn't use because i don't have the hardware installed). It seems to dowse that this is the case. [I.e. they tacked the DOR onto that transmitter after i neutralized the underground stuff.] I look at that map again, and sure enough, there is now a glow of DOR coming from the room marked "Laundry" which seems to be it. But i'm too lazy to walk over and investigate. I throw POR balls at it until it sweetens up. But then there was still something slightly wrong. Dowsing that map, my room has extra DOR, combatting the POR i'd brought in. But it's not that strong. I give up trying to figure it out. But i resolve not to do business with that chain again. Such control freaks, you know what i mean? I pay them money to provide a service and they fry me every way they can.

It rained all that night and this morning, and now it's raining hard at Walt's. Did i have something to with that? I dunno, but i did sweeten up hundreds of towers coming from the west.

A mothership started messing with me as i drove near Walt's place. Not much DOR to throw around, but what they were beaming was making me feel a bit light-headed. That ship appears to be stationary overhead constantly. At one point, Walt and i got slammed with werewolves. I gave them back. Finally spent some time sweetening up the mothership and the 33 highest-ranking reptilians aboard. I got it pretty sweet, but it's still there. The 3 artificial stars had to be dealt with, as they cut in when the mothership was neutralized. For some reason, they have been real easy lately. I have to deal with them from time to time.

Jan. 18, '06: The mothership was still there when i left today mid-morning. Continued to beam me as hard as they could (not very) until i was some miles away. After that, they more or less left me alone. I checked around noon to see if the ship was still above Walt's place. It was not. I conclude that their presence there had a lot to do with my presence there. Why was that so important to them? I'm not sure. Were they quivering in their boots because i was at the vortex armed with my bad-to-the-bone Rifat crystals? I can't think of anything else that would account for it.
I got some amazing psychotronic fuel last night there. Personally, i am uncomfortable holding the crystals in my hands when they're hot from strong DOR (although my tolerance is building and i seem to be getting more able to use such energy beneficially). What i like is the copious juicy energy one gets after the harsh, toxic edge has been removed. And so it was last night. At this stage, it seems best to hold the physical stones. They have an awesome feel. I had trouble falling asleep while holding the crystals, because the fuel was so outrageous. You see, this is an interdimensional vortex of considerable magnitude. Walt has seen reptilians, greys, UFOs, as well as benign spirits around there. The crystals were having a heyday. Putting out amazing pulsar vibes.

This morning i went up to the pyramid with agnihotra ash. Walt had had the kids scatter the ash mudballs Al had sent him, but wasn't sure where they put them.
I got the ground all around the pyramid, on the outside of the concrete foundation, on the ground under the pyramid, and all around the inside. Just to give it a boost, and help neutralize the stuff they throw at it.
Also kept the crystals in my left hand while doing this.

The pyramid is delapidated. Walt has been too ill to even go up there, 150' or so from his house, for 2 years. It has leaked a lot, and rot has set in. But he says it doesn't much matter, as the change to the vortex is permanent.

I'm in northern VA now, and DOR levels have been low all day. Etherically busted a bunch more towers and stuff on the way up. They could barely give me an occasional faint discomfort. During dinner here i felt them hitting me. Turned out it was radionics from CIA instead of the usual NSA or DHS. And they folded real easily, and no one else stood up to bat, except at a barely-perceptible level.

Jan. 19, '06: Things seem to be going real well, with hardly any DOR. I can address anything i want with very little response.

Got another message from Tim: "One has to drain the moon dark energy matter energies to make sure they have no huge bank of energy to swamp out opposition."
I'm on it. There's stuff there.

Jan. 20, '06: Still working on those archonic energy reserves.
Tim sent me an e that confirms what i strongly suspected: "The Archons have lost all their energy and more...."
I'm not sure if he's referring to the moon thing, as i still feel some dirt there, but the archonic larvae, overseers, nurses, the 9, have felt weak to me for some time. I don't expect them to recover.

DOR levels have been real low. About all they have hit me with last couple days is radionics from CIA, NSA, DHS, DARPA, and DIA. Enough to cause a mild discomfort in my lower jaw. The same symptoms that seemed to be coming from EHF at home, but now there's virtually no DOR riding on EHF, only on radionics.
And of course sometimes they cruise by with low planes and choppers decked out with DOR transmitters.
Naturally i devastate anybody who tries that stuff, but later they find another victim to go after me. I presume they are peeing in their pants as they draw straws. "Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go!"

Chem has been super-bad, though.

Jan. 25, '06: On Jan. 10 i posted a link to a pic of the galactic center. I said that my etheric crystal was to the left and below the white dot in the center. Well, that white dot has since turned extremely DORy, but not my crystal. If you mouse over that white dot, you'll see text that says it's the nucleus of the Milky Way.

Today i stumbled across another pic of the galactic center. The text says "the bright area in the lower right is Sagittarius A, presumed to be the core of our galaxy". Well, that spot feels real sweet, and that's where my crystal is. So what is the other alleged galactic center, that feels so bad? I don't know. The second pic does not have it, although there are several DORy stars top center to top left.

I'm working on trying to clean up the DOR spot.

Jan. 26, '06: I must say, these Silmarillion orbs continue to astound me. They keep accumulating more power the more i use them. I keep the 3 matrix-burners wrapped in a triangle configuration, and stick that in an old cotton sock with my Sedna PC, and tie a knot in it. This gives me a convenient, protected super-shredder device to hold in my left hand whenever convenient. The remaining orb is the Gold Age one, which i have become addicted to carrying on me. Requires somewhat baggy pants due to its size. Some time back it seems to have surpassed the Sedna PC in power.
Even if you can only afford one of these orbs, i recommend them.
Rifat has also come out with some impressive new products at, like these cute little units that feel very powerful.

The last couple days i have been harrassed by the evil kind of orbs. They loiter about the room and by my laptop screen, causing a burning sensation on the facial skin and sometimes the surface of the eyes. There are beings, reptilians is my impression, sending them in. I need to go after the senders in a bit. Also noticed the base under Lake Vostok in Antarctica, as well as the one under Marshall, AR are cranking out some DOR again.

MI5 and MI6 have been trifling with me a bit, too, the last couple days, radionically. I've been trifling back, heh-heh.

(Later) Ooh, now MI6 has come after me with something new (for them): scarab rings. I have refrained from name-calling of alleged group members, but now i think i'll change that policy. So sue me.
GerardfromAU, who posts at the Y! forum, is an illuminati agent. He made the scarab rings for the reptilian coven at Pine Gap, and now he's made more for his buddies at MI6. Also he has attacked me personally with a ring many times in the past.
These rings have a very distinctive signature, and once you've been hit with them, you will instantly recognize it when it happens again. At least, if you're sensitive enough.

Scarab coils were originally invented by a good guy, Kininigan, but they are powerful amplifiers, and, if modified for sending toxic vibes, quite annoying. They are made of fine copper wire wound into a coil.
Luckily, the dark side has very little DOR left to feed into these things.

Since Gerard is apparently the master creator of these rings, it makes sense to send him lots of love. So far i've been too lenient with him.

(Later) Shortly after i posted that, Gerard went after me. Not only does he have a ring, but also another weapon, probably a Power Wand type of thing, modified to put out toxic vibes.

Rest assured that if you have bought one of his rings in the past, it is not necessarily bad. I get a good vibe off of Lorae's and Al's scarab rings. I do not know if Gerard has been an agent all along, or whether he sold out more recently.

(Later) Hmmm, i'm finding out that MI3 also has radionics capabilities, as does the Canadian "Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces". And they're all out to get little old me.

Jan. 27, '06: Another tidbit from Tim Rifat this morning:
"The Pulsars have now taken over from the Archons a bit like the USSR collapsing." The pulsars, remember, are the tall blue cylindrical predators/allies who have been fighting the archons for a long time.

However, if you note on the link i gave yesterday, he is selling a unit to shred "the Eagle" which he says elsewhere is Yaeloloth, the head archon; a scary critter. Someone i never dealt with in the past, and who still has a lot of power. [correction 11/28/10: the Eagle actually was the same entity as Yaldabaoth AKA Yahweh.] The blue eagle he sells does feel extremely strong, but of course one can address this being with other tools. I shredded him for a while with my orbs the other day, and got a good bit of psychotronic fuel off the old vulture. I'll try to come back to him from time to time.

I cleaned Gerard's clock for a few hours yesterday, and he still feels well-behaved this morning. The MI6 dudes did briefly send me a tiny bit of scarab love this morning, though.

(Evening) Hee-hee, quit tickling me, Gerard. Without serious DOR, all your manifold scalar weapons only give me an odd palsy-like sensation. Right now Gerard seems to be about the only entity anywhere throwing anything at me. Even his friends are laying low.

Jan. 29, '06 (Late morning) Woke up in the wee hours with my face burning. If this happens to you, the only thing that's worked for me so far is to go after the reptilian sorcerers sending them. Expect to find 9, at least. It should take them a while to re-group.

Also, yesterday and today, they fired up their DORcrystal factories. Now i get suspicious anytime DOR gets a bit strong, as most likely the means for this is the DORcrystals. I guess they must magnify the effects of blood ritual.

Werewolves have been deployed and redeployed in significant numbers lately, too.

The good news is that Rick's group in L.A. is doing remarkable work with their minds, which is apparently causing an exodus of reptilians from the area. They sweetened up Mt. Wilson most amazingly. Though this morning i found that being countered by underground hardware. One has to go after the hardware and the being(s) responsible for the DOR. There must be some attrition under there, as i took out just one tough guy, and nobody else backed him up. Yet.