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Loohan's blog for February, 2006

February 2, '06: Something exciting happened to me yesterday: i realized i could have my orbs deflect incoming DOR to the 3rd party of my choice. Occasionally a little bit would leak through to me, and i'd have to do a little mental tweak to get it back to 100% efficiency.

Then last night, i noticed that the orbs+SednaPC were, pretty much by themselves, carving out a spherical safe zone bubble around me, with the deflection shield on the periphery. I presume this is programming in the stones manifesting. Empowering or what!

While i was in N. VA, i had gone up to DC with hundreds of agnihotra ash mudballs provided courtesy of Z-Force, as well as about 3 cups of my own ash, and ashed down the DC pentagram, Washington Monument, etc. real well, which had quite an effect on the energy quality.
Now i'm on my way back home. Today i stopped by Oak Ridge National Laboratories with maybe 50 remaining mudballs as well as a few of another kind of energy balls Al had sent, "Sweet Peas". I don't know what they contain, but they are little marbles of plaster or something, with an amazing sweet vibe. ORNL is closed to the public, but HWY 95 in front of it was pretty DORy, so i drove up and down it, tossing the balls. This had a surprisingly strong effect.

This evening i broke my resolution not to do business with Knight's Inn again. I needed a budget motel, and that was all that was handy at the moment. I knew they were clean and neat for the price, and anything along the freeway was most likely going to be corporate death-force crap. I stopped at the one in [Wildersville, TN.]

First of all, i was put in a real run-down building with a super-funky, delapidated room, #213. A dirty rag left on the floor in the bathroom. A cigarette butt in the toilet.
First thing i do is the usual: place some kind of orgone device on the plumbing, and sprinkle some ash in the tub and wash it down. Then i checked the wall map for transmitters. Hmm, one reactor under the building, and one in front. I dowsed the fire alarm, and it was seething with DOR again. The TV (off) also had a fair bit. More stuff... transmitters underground and in the building. Hmm, some on the 2nd floor. A strong one behind the wall, right over my headboard.

These were all putting out a fair bit of DOR, but none of it was getting through my shield! Since i suspect that the DOR relayed into the room is radionically attuned to me, i tell the shield to convert it into a format maximally deleterious to the owner and send it to him, whom i dowsed as being illuminati.

Feb. 7, '06: Later i was to discover that there is something they can do that gets through the shield: once home i had problems on and off with a reptilian mothership overhead. It took me a while to figure out what they were doing. My back, especially the back of the heart chakra, would get all DORy right through the shield. Apparently, using high-powered high-tech, they were beaming a being into me, on a continuous basis. Yuck. I finally dissuaded them from that approach.

It is easy for me to dowse what's bouncing off my shield, what's getting through, what's hitting the target of my choice, etc., and they pound at me whenever they can, usually radionics, but virtually none gets through. It is difficult to determine how much it impacts my chosen victim. That is, i can tell what he's being bombarded with, but am unable to determine how much it harms him -- how much the energy is altered to suit him instead of me.
Even the burning orbs bounce.

When i got home there was a package waiting for me containing 4 Super Power PCs by Rifat, courtesy of a generous supporter. These are very aptly named. They are programmed to develop one's abilities in certain directions. To provide the power to morph one's energy body and reality in these directions, they shred archons for fuel. And they shred them vigorously.
Which is convenient, because i realized that the dark dimensions of the Moon still had some troublesome nasties in them. Including Yaeloloth, who was putting out a lot of DOR. So i've been spending some time using these critters to power my spiritual advancement. Some very pleasing changes are occurring in my energy body.

These new crystals are, of course, very synergistic with the orbs. So now i have greatly increased powers to annoy them with.

I put together a page today for people interested in gifting the Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Feb. 10, '06: ALERT! If you have a scarab ring made by Gerard, stay far away from it. They are being pumped full of DOR right now. More info under today's date at the Yahoo agents forum.

Feb. 13, '06: It appears that evil etheric rings may be being placed on innocent people. The following is excerpted from a post i made yesterday at the agents forum:

(S)omeone had emailed me a link to an experience someone had had in the astral, in which he found a ring on him.
"... and then, i noticed the odd ring on my finger. i tried to take it off, and put it in my mouth, to smuggle it out of the non-physical realm. sirens began ringing, and then i snapped out of it."

I get a strong bad vibe off that ring. Luckily, it did not stay with him. So, are "dark matter" or etheric rings being put on people without their knowledge or consent? Could that be throwing me off? Well, maybe, but i normally don't go on rings alone. Normally the being has a very strong satanic vibe. (snip)

I have figured out better things to indict people on, like dowsing "THE PLACE(S) WHERE X_____ HAS PRACTICED BLACK MAGIC". If X_______ has NOT practiced any such thing, the vibe will be null. If X______ HAS, there should be strong DOR to give them away. This is because ritual sites where the blood of tortured victims is spilled, become permanently tainted with DOR.
Personally, my dowsing is only good if i have some concentrated ENERGY to read, so i like to phrase questions such that the answer will have energy riding on it, or a notable absence of such energy. (snip)

I recommend dowsers fool around with this. If you use a pendulum, you can write "THE PLACE(S) WHERE X_____ HAS PRACTICED BLACK MAGIC" and encircle it and try dowsing that. Try it on some obvious scum like Kissinger or Cheney, then try it on pure beings like your pet goldfish or Cmdr. Loohan :-)
Once you get a good feel, you can check out DeMeo, TJC, Ted Gunderson, Vic Thorne; anybody you may be curious about.

Feb. 23, '06: Yaeloloth. I routinely shred away at this "chief archon" quite a bit, using very powerful crystals, and it makes quite a difference. Any time i relent for a few hours, he seems to regain a bit of his capabilities as a DOR supplier to sorcerers. And the sorcerers may then nail me, for one. Then i focus on him again, and his output shrivels up to around nothing again after a while. And likewise, DOR goes lacking all over.

However, he still has vast stores of energy that one can and should munch if one has Rifat crystals. I know a few readers out there have various of these, most of which are well-suited for directing at this archon.
I wouldn't mind more help on this.
As i mentioned before, Tim sells a unit specifically for this archon, AKA the Eagle. I would recommend this to someone who maybe doesn't think they have what it takes for remote combat; can't dowse, can't tell if they're being effective. It's a no-brainer: just follow the simple instructions and hold the eagle in your left hand as you surf, sleep, etc., as much as possible. Guaranteed, this will do much to keep DOR levels low, low, low, like, they usually are lately.
It will load you up with good chi. And i think it will be a long, long time before we use up this buzzard, fattened on countless human souls over the millenia.

If i had more time to work on other things, i could work more on the morphogenetic blueprints of reptiloids, greys, archons, humans, etc.
I could access the 30 aethers of the matrix with my Sedna PC, and along with my other tools, do a lot of damage there real quick, hastening the collapse of the evil empire.

Feb. 25, '06: More about those invisible rings: Today i had an opportunity. I knew i was going to come face-to-face briefly with a corrupt, satanist cop. I dowsed his evil vibe and evil ring. I would be able to see if he actually wore a physical ring on that finger.
Well, no rings were visible. Yet i definitely repeatedly dowsed something strongly evil as being on his right ring finger, both before and after the encounter.
It is possible that even some of the bad guys (lower echelon initiates) may not themselves be aware of the rings. I don't know.

Feb. 27, '06: New Forum! I have started a new forum called Destroyers of Evil.

New type of attack: Lately i have been getting attacked by reptilian sorcerers via the "fringe of awareness" by my feet. Rifat mentions this fringe repeatedly, and it is mentioned in Castandeda's books. Symptoms are a DORy feeling in the feet, not related to underground transmitters. Aching, stiffness, and crampiness may engulf the legs and lower back. Usually 9 sorcerers, maybe only 6 or 3.
I received an email this morning from a friend:
Debilitating back pain etc. started this morning. My own diagnosis is "cold invading liver channel". Arnica has not helped yet, which is unusual.
He had the same thing going on. The sorcerers must be nailed, which results in relief until they get another group together to hassle you again.

And just how does one effectively nail such miscreants? Well, i've decided to share a little something that i've been using for weeks now, with impressive results. Seems to work fine on any type of evil being. (On occasion, one runs into a tough guy who seems not to be weakened much by anything at all. In those cases, i go after whoever is strengthening/protecting him, usually maybe 2 other beings. After nailing these, the original target deflates easily.)

For some time i was using etheric balls of positive energy as weapons. In fact, i still use wholesale quantities of these for inanimate targets like towers, radionics machines, chemplanes, etc. But for animate targets, i now prefer something which i call "Loohan's Ultra-Vicious Daggers of Doom" (LUV-DODs or Love Darts). I have to thank Tim Rifat for the inspired advanced concepts incorporated into these handy items.
He says
18 inch Hematite Psychotronic Generator necklace 4: This Hematite PG produces Orgone that seeks out and attacks occultists in your city loading them with DOR to release Orgone that is retrieved by the 13 Coven Killer PGs that act as antennae to suck bioplasmic energy out of all satanists in your environs. The necklace produces an Anti-CF field that kills dark energy matter entities. The PG for the demon killer Psi-Adept.
I emphasize "loading them with DOR to release Orgone that is retrieved .." and "suck bioplasmic energy out of all satanists".

And elsewhere he says
in the process see negative energy tuned to the entity piercing it to cause energetic tumours that fester in the entity liberating from the entity energy as it is irretrievably corrupted, rather like a computer virus in a vast software program corrupts the computer. Feed the liberated energy from the corrupted entity into your left BPC making you physically stronger at the expense of the entity. This process drives the occult entity/human mad and diseased and in the basis for Euripides saying: "When the good wish to destroy, they first make mad..." This self destructive corruption is of immense value on illuminati, politicians... as it destroys the Matrix from within as it makes you powerful.
So... the concept is that you don't just throw an orgone ball, you throw a steak knife or whatever that is programmed to inject DOR especially tuned to do utmost damage to the hapless victim, which causes his stores of vitality to be released, purified, and returned to you to nourish you. Mwahaha.
I get a definite impression of getting gobs of POR by this process, as well as weakening them a lot.
Now, one's amateurish attempts to program devices in this way will not result in items of comparable quality to Tim's products, but, one can make up for any qualitative deficiencies with sheer quantity.
I throw lots of knives into internal organs, porcupine quills, acupuncture needles in all acupoints, etc.

I didn't use to be this cruel, but events have transpired which have hardened me to the evil ones.

But what about the BPCs, the complementary programmed pebbles like Tim uses? Are they necessary in etheric homemade versions? I'm not sure. I don't think about it much. I have at times had a vague intention that corresponding BPCs appear around my left foot, but i don't know if that's necessary for these etheric devices. Probably not. I have noticed only desirable effects so far.

Feb. 28, '06: More about those love darts. One can also program them to return the POR to another person than oneself. Often, if i am helping a good person who has been debilitated by the parasitism, i will do that, as they need it more than i do.