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Loohan's blog for April, 2017

April 2, 2017: (6pm) Raining again.

Cool. Got this pic off of the Icke Headlines page today (right next to pics of TG repticlones Richie Allen and Meria Heller).

'Convert to Islam or face murder conviction' -- Pakistani prosecutor reportedly tells Christians. Only repticlones are depicted in this article.

VETERANS FOR CHILD RESCUE. Swell. This really restores my faith in CIA repticlones. Founder's bio.

Graphic Photos: Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop. Only CIA repticlones depicted here.

All these depicted "Hezbollah fighters" were in an Israel U base when i saw the pic. Mossad repticlones.

"That Poppy": The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control. This CIA repticlone is not MPD.

April 3, '17: (4:10pm) Got 0.3".

CIA repticlone who rescued 'dying' baby bear may face charges. What kind of country is this?

I Travelled to the Arctic to Plunge a Probe Into the Thawing Permafrost. "Climate change is completely reshaping the region." Is that so? Somehow i might be more credulous if the only guys depicted were not CIA repticlones.

Another scam over-hyped subtle-energy product someone asked me about: POLARIS DD polarization disc which is a common Lakhovsky antenna but watered down to be less effective. It is better to print off a real one from a website. The depicted woman is repticlone, as is "Dr. Dino Tomic".

Still teaching at 96, a WWII hero professor receives the French Legion of Honor. Only repticlones and SSers depicted here.

This Chinese Boy Band Is Actually Made Up of Androgynous Girls. Yes, human CLONE girls. These are also MPD junior Freemasons. The anti-FTM hardware cloth bites on them, which it would not do if they were innocent children.
Second pic has a couple Masonic hand signs.

April 4, '17: (8:30am) Russian Police Focus on Islamic Suspect in St. Petersburg Attack. FSB Freemason with beard, Muslim cap spotted on security cameras.
Another FSB thug depicted here.

More harrassment from Hive Mind. Things have been heating up lately. Vozy and i have been hurting it a lot but it is still strong.
Yesterday early i was exercising, so it hit me more than usual. (Any type of self-improvement gets punished, as per policy.) I pulled a muscle in my mid-upper back, left side (where HM has mainly been picking on lately). I found a bunch of hidden HM implants and spells, thousands of them, dating back a couple weeks. Then i realized that some of these spells were connected to something odd i have been noticing for a couple weeks: a tendency to inhale through my mouth. This is a habit foreign to me, so i notice when i do it. For at least 4 decades i have been aware that it is unhealthy to mouth-inhale (Sitali Pranayam being the only exception i know of) so i never do it. But for the last couple weeks i keep catching myself doing it. Also when this happens i tend to expand my chest instead of abdomen.
But apparently lately, anytime HM wants to pump black magic into me, i have an urge to mouth-inhale. It happens many times per hour when i am awake, always with spells being sent. Presumably to corrupt my healthy breathing pattern.
Of course, this is a useful indicator to alert me to block the black magic process.
(My back is not too bad, since i have good liniments and did some acupuncture on my left hand too. I just need to take it easy on lifting stuff for a couple days.)

(3:05pm) North Korean Defector Tells Lester Holt 'World Should Be Ready'. I could tell that the 2 repticlones in the first still pic were pasted into a Korean background, but it looked slicker than the usual deliberately-obvious photoshopping. So i blew it up to get a closer look at the interface between Mr Vatican and the background.
Is that some kind of hand sign he's not-so-subtly doing? And why is his CIA counterpart wearing a jacket that's obviously too tight in the midriff? Is this more Masonic code?
I doubt Mr Vatican nor any of his previous clones have ever set foot anywhere near Korea.
Thae Yong Ho is the most high profile North Korean defector in two decades, meaning he is able to give a rare insight into the secretive, authoritarian regime.

According to Thae, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is "desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and ICBM."
I tremble.
Also the pic of Kim J in front of a bunch of soldiers is obviously shopped. None of the soldiers are gazing lovingly at her backside. If you blow up the pic, you will see the same funky margins around her.
Thanks, NBC. You are so much more professional than those "alt" media.

CIA repticlone charged after firing 'indiscriminately' at 2 men attacking his fiancee.

Apr 5, '17: (8:35am) Got another 0.6" of rain last night; several times the predicted amount.

Soros-funded university in Hungary facing closure following parliament vote. Here is another hilariously photoshopped pic. It looks like a child pasted different pics into a collage. Note how the sun reflects off of people's heads at so many different angles. At least 1 girl appears twice. And only repticlones marched, apparently: more pics and vids at linked page.

"Hot Money": Hong Kong Businessman Pays $2.5 Million For 18-Year-Old Romanian Model's Virginity. He got ripped off. Or would have, if the "unnamed Hong Kong businessman" actually existed.
She is a MPD human clone, complete with some Romani DNA to give her a brow ridge (pic) and square shoulders.

(5:20pm) Been getting more faint drizzle occasionally, and more hammering from the HM.

Yes, according to some spam i got, now you, too, can cash in big on the CIA cannabis industry! No, i'm not talking about retailing their Mexican contraband for them, but something legal! Take Action Before February 1st and you could watch the... Secret "$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint"... Turn a Single $50 Bill Into a Massive Fortune "Now is the right time to bet big on marijuana... [as] the industry is poised to be gigantic." ---CNBC. This message brought to you by AGORA Financial.
Through the publication of free and paid publications, we are able to provide unbiased market commentary and market news. AGORA Financial {CIA} is 100% independent and our {CIA} editors never accept money from {CIA} companies or investors in exchange for coverage.

The honest, unconventional, unbiased and independent financial forecasts by our editors have been recognized by numerous {CIA} media sources...
"Take Action Before February 1st"... are they talking 2018? Better jump on it.

Another CIA proprietary: Synagen IQ "all natural smart pills". Nano-Hog can remove the nanos. I think. Unless he wants to punish you for supporting the CIA.

Another CIA proprietary: Prison Fellowshit. Nothing but repticlones. Then they advertise using fake ex-cons who are also CIA repticlones, like Nick. Donate now.

April 6, '17: (7:20am) The bull-diarrhea never slows its flow.
Syria gas attack: Sobbing father cradles his dead twins after 19 family members die in Idlib sarin poisoning. The kids are still breathing just fine. Why is daddy doing a Masonic hand sign?

Some things never change. Deadly sarin attack on Tokyo subway system recalled 20 years on. Funny that all these "Tokyo Metro Co. staff" were SSers.

Father jailed for killing toddler so badly abused she bled into her nappy. "Kyhesha-Lee Joughin was cruelly left to die slowly after prolonged sexual and physical abuse." Right. Never mind that Mommy is a Category 1 Egyptoid MI Freemason.
The child does indeed feel dead, unlike the Sarin kids. The last pic is oddly captioned "Kyhesha died of preventable injuries".

Police find 'mostly naked' woman with webbed feet claiming she's a mermaid. MPD human clone with Egyptoid pseudo-tranny features. Funny thing about this op is that neither "Joanna" nor repticlone Karon Renwick have a CIA vibe. It was hard to figure out who did this. Freemasons, of course. Aside from a Fresno U base, the only connected entities i noticed are Mayor Lee Brand and Mid-Valley Distributors. Repticlone Masons, of course, but i am not detecting another agency.

Funny how much trouble they have getting humans to participate in some of their wild BS, even controlled "anti-Zionism". There is an image here entitled "A lecture hall at the 'International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy Exceptionalism and Responsibility' conference at Ireland's University College Cork this past weekend, which ran from March 31 -- April 2, 2017. (Courtesy)" of only repticlones packing a lecture hall.
Just agency repticlones lecturing agency repticlones. I'm not even detecting photoshopping, so they actually mobilized all this blastworthy scum for the faux event. Must be nice to have endless resources.

Resources to party, party, party, too: 'A night of erotic freedom' at NYC's most exclusive sex party. Just what we all crave, freedom of expression of our true innate desires. And this Snctm (Snacktime) club gets a lot of press! We have a classy HBO promotional video. Very tasteful and elegant, with plenty of nipples. I watched the first 1/3 of it. All repticlones. There's even an application form. I wonder if they'd let me in. "What will you contribute to the Snctm community?" Well, i have these Channel wand dildoes...

(8:55am) Coalition concedes that 'ISIS HQ' it bombed in 2015 was a family home. Luckily, no-one actually perished. "University professor Mohannad Rezzo" is a CIA Category 3 Egyptoid. His "son" Mustafer Mayser Mahmoud is actually a FTM human clone. "Cousins Najib and Tuka": the first is a FTM CIA repticlone. The 2nd is an intact male CIA repticlone. Zareena Grewal is a CIA MTF repticlone complete with a serious brow ridge, high cheekbones, and cleft chin.

More CIA "alternate lifestyle" mongering: These Two South Carolina Lawmakers Are Planning to Create Survivalist Communities Across the Country. "They are encouraging neighbors to support "principled men" -- such as themselves -- who are willing to nullify laws and court rulings they don't agree with..." Kewl, man. That should bring some chumps out of the woodwork.

April 7, '17: (10:20am) More Masonic "confessions", this time about the "Sarin attack": "Dead" victim of "sarin gas attack" in Syria opens her eyes. Bodo, of course, is a repticlone. NSA.
Then we have CIA repticlone (formerly blood-drinking satanist SSer) Dilbert creator Scott Adams.
And, this lovely CIA MTF Egyptoid (video).

Another CIA repticlone: Dr Shajul Islam: "UK-trained doctor hailed a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria stood trial on terror offences 'and belonged to the group that kidnapped British reporter John Cantlie'. What a name for a "reporter": Can't lie. They do little else.

April 8, '17: (9:20pm) Yikes, now the US~Observer has jumped into bed with the CIA!
As far as i can discern, the US~Observer people are genuine. I presume they don't know who they're dealing with. Now they have "Articles from our affiliates: The Free Thought" and a Commentary section with articles from various CIA sources. And are even promoting CIAlizard hoax agent James O'Keefe.

Lawsuit alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused troubled teen in 1980s. Sigh. It is a sad day when a CIA repticlone has to come forth to publicly sue a CIA Egyptoid repticlone mayor over such personal matters.
I could not find a pic of the 2nd "victim" and it is possible they do not have an actor for that role (yet).

Also i find it reprehensible when repticlone Masons spread HIV with wild abandon.

The FBI has been gang-stalking Joe lately, who is visiting his brother south of LA. They even stole a backback full of orgonite.
There are pics of blastable FBI offices here.

April 10, '17: (11am) Notice anything about the pic here? This has to be some weird psyop. They are playing up the similarities in appearance between these 2 different cheekboneless repticlones. Soros is FTM and Orban is Egyptoid male. In other pics, they do not look that similar. But here they juxtapose them looking very similar, even down to the vertical line between the brows.
Twins or Not gives them 50% despite the considerable age and hair difference.

Another androgynous, MPD CIA human clone: Assata Shakur. Wikipedia.
There is also a CIA group called Assata's Daughters. Something funny about these gals. And i think they all are gals, but they are MPD and most if not all have an "uncategorized" Egyptoid vibe and look.

Also, the present Ass-hatta is not the original, who is shown here, who probably was a regular human agent. It is common for human agents to get replaced by doubles or clones who sometimes do not resemble the originals (e.g. FTM Mohammed Ali). Occasionally even has happened with SSers, e.g. CIA MTF Joan Rivers.

Anyway, i got onto these ass-hats from this hoax article: Unbelievable: One Chicago Cop Accused of Framing 51 People for Murder. There are pics of the "witnesses" at the top of this insanely elaborate work of fiction. CIA repticlones, many Egyptoid faces, a few TGs.
Bad cop Reynaldo Guevara is a CIA repticlone.

Part of the reason the CIA floats these hoaxes is to serve the Masonic imperative of disclosure, at least to give people a small hint of how totally corrupt the system is.
Another reason is to make it look like there are countervailing forces in the media and the grass-roots level. Another is to distract and occupy people, and get them to protest, donate, etc. and show their colors so they can be exploited or targeted in various ways. Another reason is to give CIA agents an aura of legitimacy for future activities and hoaxes.

See also Tupac Shakur's Godmother Added to FBI Most-Wanted Terrorists List. Tupac is a gay human CIA agent.

April 11, '17: (8:55am) Watch CIA Repticlone Police Clash With CIA Repticlone Anti-War Protesters, Viciously Assault Peaceful CIA Repticlone Vet.
JAWS is also a CIA front.

And when the CIA is not promoting Civil Rights, racial harmony, and homogenuity of the populace, they are doing the opposite: Internet conspiracies roil after hate crime by 'White America' leads to black suspect. They give us a nasty-ass arrogant-looking easy-to-hate niggah who just happens to be a MPD human clone with plenty of Egyptoid pseudo-tranny traits. Check Curtis Fluornoy's high school pic. Where are the cheekbones, the brow ridge?

United Airlines mercilessly trolled over video firestorm over some CIA Category 2 Egyptoid "being dragged down the aisle on his back with his stomach exposed. There's a significant amount of blood around his mouth and his body is limp."

Student one of 3 dead in San Bernardino school shooting. Look at how Egyptoid this repticlone Police Chief Jarrod Burguan looks. Scant brow ridge, cheekbones, small ears. Category 2 vibe. And the Smiths? CIA repticlones. Karen does feel "retired".

What is this creature: Sal Rachele? Does not feel human nor like any ET i am familiar with. Haven't been able to find more like him yet, either. I have been blasting him since yesterday. He runs workshops that saddle people with loads of demons that create unusual phenomena. Or did; hopefully we have neutralized him.
Sloped shoulders but no other pseudo-tranny traits.
Note that the CIA promotes him and that he promotes such scams as the deceased demon Sananda and Ashtar Command and Galactic Confederation, in addition to being "re-ordained a priest in the Order of Melchizedek in 1991 in Sedona, Arizona. He has been a member since the time of Atlantis".

April 12, '17: (12:50pm) When you see a pic of someone doing prominent finger-pointing, especially in a way that doesn't make much sense, you should get suspicious. You might then look around for evidence of photoshopping, for instance a kid whose head is as wide as his hips! LOL. And in an odd position in relation to his body. Kid needs a chiropractor.

BREAKING NEWS: 'Islamist' suspect is arrested over Borussia Dortmund coach bombing in Germany after police find letter by bomber praising Christmas market truck attack. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of repticlones (pic).

Our warrior friend Fred says hi.
Also i saw Angie a few times about a week ago. As well as a new guy, Sam, whom i also saw again earlier today. He's also living in my crawl space and jailing demons, too.

April 13, '17: (1:15pm) Saw Angie peeking out a couple times today.

Love it! Masonic disclosure time: Assad Said the Chemical Attack in Syria Was a Complete 'Fabrication'. Assad reportedly said "Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack." But he neglected to mention the East's complicity.

April 14, '17: (9:25am) We've been having abnormally warm April weather lately. Must be all that horrid CO2 in the air ;-)
I planted cantaloupe seed yesterday. If this weather keeps up, i will have an early crop. If it doesn't, i'll have to re-plant.

The CIA is following in Cmdr Loohan's footsteps more and more. Now they are outing tranny CIA agents. As trannies, anyway.

DWP asked disability benefit claimant why she had not killed herself. What a shocking way to treat a poor MI repticlone.

Some 100 refugees missing as inflatable boat sinks off Libyan shoreline. Does that pic look convincing to you? Something about it screams FAKE to me. If you scrutinize it, you may notice some oddities about these CIA human Freemasons.
For example, in the lower right corner, note the almost Masonic M hand sign. (And there are a couple other hands in the larger pic in which the 2 middle fingers seem unnaturally close to each other.)
Note also the "relaxing" position of Mr StripedShirt's left arm and hand. Also how short his forearm must be. And why is the bottom right corner blurred like that?

<----- And why is there a dark shadow between this hand and the other guy's head? Does that forefinger look right to you in relation to its knuckle?

Another hoax: Oldest tooth filling was made by an Ice Age dentist in Italy. Teeth, having a certain mineral content, have a certain vibe. Plastic hardly has any vibe. The teeth here and on the linked page are plastic. And the "scientists" are repticlones.

I also posted 4 more tranny hoaxes.

April 15, '17: (6:45pm) How LGBTQ Turks are Preparing for a History-Making Constitutional Vote. Government Freemasons.
Also at the bottom of the page is a video link to Youth, Interrupted: Why a Trans Teenager Had to Be Homeschooled. CIA repticlone Freemason.

Science helps verify an unbelievable Holocaust escape account. Well, i'll be. Those repticlone scientists sure are sharp. I'll trust anyone with as honest looking a face as noted historian Richard Freund.

Assad retains hundreds of tons of chemical weapons, says "defected general" who happens to be a Scottish Rite repticlone.

UK student was standing near killer because she gave up her seat for woman with baby. Oh, it makes my heart ache that such a sweet Mossad repticlone girl got stabbed by a deranged human Mossad Mason.

Lots of in-your-face hand signs in hoax articles today:OK, there's more to life than hoaxes. Like the Hive Mind. It seemed weaker for a few days but as of yesterday has been attacking, implanting, etc. more strongly.

April 16, '17: (8:10am) 3,000 refugees rescued off Libya coast: Italian coastguard.
Real convincing TechnoBlur pic. It is not explained why this guy's head is on another guy's body. Nor do i grasp why one of the rescue boats has Arabic writing on it. Can anybody translate?
And in the 2nd pic, don't all those covered corpses seem a bit petite, compared to the guy on the right?

This is what they want: Violent clashes over Donald Trump in California park. I actually do not get a repty vibe off this pic. I suspect that most of these guys are dupes. But look at the "bleeding" pro-Trump supporter (CIA FTM human Mason) with the fake-color blood that they deliberately refrained from doctoring into a more credible shade.
 <------- And, gotta love it, Tavistock mocks the pathetic humans with pure truth.

Another bizarre and sleazy repticlone op: Creation of Care.
The heart symbol, incidentally, is another one brought to you by satanist ETs.

April 17, '17: (8:25am) Raining again; heavy fog.

Nathan Damigo is a CIA MPD human Mason. The woman he allegedly punched can be seen at 0:32 most clearly. I don't get anything on her. Seems like normal human. But the usual standard procedure would be for her to be an actor, too.
The guy with the "iconic" face here is another CIA human Mason. (And incidentally, check the pic of "author" Hope Collier at the bottom, tee-hee.)

Scandalous! Navy SEAL exposed as porn star who appeared in 29 films. Joseph Schmidt III is a CIA repticlone. His wife is a CIA human clone. Human-silicone hybrid, you could say ;-)

From bad to worse: United ignored TSA, refused to allow CIA repticlone to board with mobility device.

Another CIA repticlone group: The Healing Corner of Chicago (not to be confused with the apparently legit Bristol, CT cannabis dispensary they ripped the name off of).
Here is a pic of the co-founder, an EXTREME pseudo-tranny; Category 1 Egyptoid. The founder is Arielle Maldonado, CIA human clone. Her site has creepy pics such as this one of repticlone kids. All of these are male, including the one in the blue dress.
And she supports a bunch of real worthy Jesuit causes, such as the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, yick! All repticlones, many of them TG.

April 18, '17: (6:50am) Heavy fog. Got over 0.8" of gentle rain.

Another CIA proprietary run by repticlone "Freedom Fighters": Tutanota encrypted email service.

Another convoluted CIAlizard hoax: What It's Like to Join a Revolution as a Five-Year-Old, a fable "authored by" CIA repticlone Peter Andreas, Professor of International Studies and Political Science.

Joe sent me some links about weird creepy child-oriented vids online: Yes, they are making Porn for kids, right out in the open, What in the WORLD is this?.
I skimmed through the first vid from the first link, Spiderman SAVE Frozen Elsa Drowning! Superheroes fun Anna Captain America Comedy Movies. All Japanese repticlones, none of them female. Two rather slick model MTFs in bikinis humping each other under the covers. Wearing Playboy-Bunny-like caps. And i saw another one in which the drag queens massage the superheroes in bed. "Bedroom pranks"?!?!

I get a Tokyo Yakuza vibe off them.

But then, this one, on a different channel, Frozen Elsa POOP PRANK! w/ Spiderman vs Bad Baby Joker Girl Balloons - Superheroes in Real Life, has only regular human actors, not TG.

I get only ads geared to adults, especially male (abs after 50, etc.) meaning these vids are fully hooked up to google etc. ad cookie profiles; integrated into the $y$tem. Who knows what sort of ads little kids get.

And this bldg feels like Yakuza Central, where such creative ideas are spawned.

(8:15am) Ah, the gal who "got punched" by Nathan Damigo i mentioned yesterday, is Louise Rosealma, and has a gofundme page, poor litle thing. I still don't dowse an off-vibe off her, but she's clearly an agent and looks to have some Egyptoid genes. And is fond of Masonic hand signs. The guy next to her is a CIA repticlone.

Freemason repticlone Syrian President's CIA repticlone wife faces calls to be stripped of British citizenship.

Arkansas bars repticlone judge from death penalty cases after he protests executions at rally.

April 19, '17: (7:45am) Heavy fog

CIA issues preview of coming attractions: We Have Entered A Time When Islamic Terrorists Will Be Specifically Targeting Christians And Churches In America: One Sunday morning you may be sitting there peacefully with your family during what seems like a perfectly normal church service when a team of men dressed in camo comes storming in and starts shooting at people indiscriminately with automatic weapons.
Golly, these ragheads are gonna make me have to quit going to church. Time for Trump to nuke some A-rabs. At least shove some MOABs up their ass. Jesus saves. I'm glad the CIA recognizes that this is a spiritual matter. This from MTF CIA repticlone Nicole Moore: I spend a lot of time fasting and praying to hear from the Lord. After a week of prayer and fasting in October 2014, I received a series of very disturbing prophetic warnings about an Islamic plot to murder Christian children in churches across America. He even has a pic of a CIA FTM repticlone that he says resembles the Muslim man in his dreams.
Nicole seems very shy; the author thumbnail is blank and there are no pix to be found of him.

And then another deeply spiritual CIA repticlone, also has seen what the A-rabs have in store for us decent folk.

Anyways, these sharp CIA repticlone cops nabbed this Kori Ali Muhammad, who also was apparently somehow or other involved in the shooting of an Egyptoid male at a motel by ugly-ass CIA FTM Daterryn McBride.

I am, however, mystified as to why Kori Ali Muhammad has no vibe whatsoever. Either he is dead or the CIA has some new trick up its sleave.

Just to let you know this is a work of fiction, they stuck a real gross MTF repticlone in this pic, in state-of-the-art TechnoBlur.

(2:35pm) Human scammmer: Rich West.
Akvile (Ack! Vile!), depicted down the page here is a Category 1 Egyptoid pseudo-tranny. Note, too, on that page, the use of Scientology terms "auditor" and "PC".
No souls anywhere on this site, including the dogs. Also i can't detect that any of the testimonial writers ever existed.
Buy now.
Also he has a youtube channel. I don't detect that he has ever removed an entity.

CIA repticlone Aya Hijazi released from Egypt prison after 3 years.

Police fire 'live bullets' at Nigerians urging Zakzaky's release. Zakzaky feels like a Yoruba (Egyptoid/SSer hybrid) and the "protesters" are CIA repticlones.

April 20, '17: (7:05pm) Another CIA human clone with Egyptoid DNA: Wiz Khalifa.

Another CIA proprietary: Eaze. "Medical marijuana delivered in minutes".

Actually there is lots more edifying material on that Yakuza family values channel. You gotta check it out.
Just in case it disappears someday, i saved a screen capture of a sampling of their children's entertainment material.

April 21, '17: (8:10am) Another rainy spring day. Cooler.

France Hit With Terror Attack Days Before Presidential Election. There seem to be only 2 pix of this alleged Youssouf El Osri, and they feel like a CGI nonentity. Or Abu Yousef al-Belgiki, whichever. I mean Karim Cheurfi. The more names you give a nonentity, the more solid they become, i guess.

Oh, wait, these are supposed to be 2 different guys in the pix, although they look similar (imagine that). One is dead, and one is on the lam. I think. I don't have the patience to read the fine details of such BS.

April 22, '17: (6:45am) No droughts here this spring. Got another 1.8" and it's still drizzling.

Virgin Trains passenger is banned from using his OWN mug to buy a coffee because it hadn't been 'risk assessed' by Health and Safety officers. Luckily, "environmentalist" Peter Kohler is a MI repticlone, ensuring that this injustice would make headlines.

Russia court outlaws 'extremist' Jehovah's Witnesses. Vatican subsidiary cracks down on Vatican subsidiary.
GM halts operations in Venezuela after factory is seized. Similar type of situation here.

Metal Yoga Bones: yoga classes for satanists. The good news is, popularity seems limited. My impression is, all the students are her fellow coven-mates: human blood-ritualist Wiccans.

Revealed: ISIS terrorist who shot dead cop in Paris attack was arrested TWO MONTHS ago for threatening to kill police and served 15 years for trying to murder two officers.
They say "a Freemason never tells" but actually, they do a lot of tattling on themselves. One way is to insert a pic of an obvious MTF (repticlone) with a graphics program, as was done in this pic. ---->
Make it painfully obvious by having the light reflect on him from the wrong angle.

And then, of course, there are always the hand signs, as in this pic.
Then there are the minor structural anomalies, such as the repticlone's thumb in this pic. And oddities of focus in photoshopped pics such as this.
And in this pic, almost nothing is in focus except the hands, half of which are again doing the Masonic M.
Also, the "murdered Traffic officer Xavier Jugele" seems to lack a brow ridge.
These are just a few of the more obvious things that jump out at me before breakfast.

April 23, '17: (8am) Sun at last! Total accumulation of rain was 2.0".

President Trump and Melania insist on personally awarding Purple Heart to Afghanistan veteran after being 'so moved' by his bravery as they visit military hospital.
Look at that pic. Doesn't it totally look like Alvarez is sitting on a normal leg folded over?

(crop to the left) I searched online for the most realistic shot of his purportedly amputated leg, but i still see room for magic disappearing tricks.
Why must everything be a hoax? Like, is there a shortage of vets with missing limbs?
Another possibility is to have their conspiracy sites claim his leg is intact, only to debunk them later with a vid of him with an amputated leg. I can't tell for sure whether it's intact.
But, oh, CIA repticlone drag queen "Melania looked casually elegant in a light beige cropped trench coat, black slacks and a teetering pair of dark pumps".

There sure has been a bunch of airline-passenger hoaxes lately. Here's another androgynous CIA human clone: Woman absolutely loses it when flight is delayed, watch how cops appear scared to 'handle' her. Note also how conspicuously she points her finger in a couple pics.
And this hoax involves only CIA repticlones, altho i did note one brunette with some Egyptoid features in the vid: 'Hit Me': American Airlines Flight Attendant Challenges Passenger to Fight. I doubt the plane was in the air at the time. Note that even the "pilot" is a repticlone, whereas clones are not allowed to fly planes.

Pic of weird MI human clone doing Masonic M hand sign on Dunno what gender, if any, this has. No boobs. No womb or prostate vibe. Has dirty vibe.

April 24, '17: (2:50pm) CIA Repticlone Woman Arrested For Dissecting Corpse At Tulsa Funeral Home.

Been delving into Taoist Black Magic lately. I have been addressing black magicians in Singapore, both human and SSer, and was informed that Mao Shan black magic is popular there. Whether it is strictly Mao Shan i am not sure. Apparently there are lots of Taoist sects who use magic. Many practitioners are probably well-intentioned.

You can do an image search for Taoist talismans to get an idea. Almost all of these work demonically! Or did. We are in the process of mopping up the demons and spells connected to these.

Note that the Pa Qua (8 trigram) symbol is often featured. This is actually a positive symbol which deflects demonic energies. But apparently it has little effect on some demon types, especially as these talismans have spells to direct intent.
Both positive and demonic energies are involved in these things. Here are pics of a guy "blessing talismans. Streams of white light radiating from both his hands while forming Mudra to bless talismans".

People who harness the power of demons to bring good fortune, counter enemy spells, etc. may think they are wise and savvy, but the demons love it because it is an inroad into a well-intentioned practitioner. Demons only help in order to undermine and harm. None of these entities are positive. The corrupting nature of such magic is known amongst Chinese. There is an old Taoist adage: Know magic; shun magic.

Of course many practitioners are not well-intentioned.
It was developed by humans, but now in places like Singapore, SSers use it too.

Anyway, this type of magic is fading fast, as it is based on spells and demons, which we easily break as we find.

April 25, '17: (10am) CIA rolls up its sleeves to issue more Masonic confessions:
Trump: 'Most of The Media Is Fake'. Nice truthful headline from Our Savior Trump. But then they go on to dilute it down horribly:
And the fake media is not all of the media. You know they tried to say that the fake media was all the, no. The fake media is some of you. I could tell you who it is, 100 percent. Sometimes you're fake, but -- but the fake media is some of the media. It bears no relationship to the truth. It's not that Fox treats me well, it's that Fox is the most accurate.
The fake media is ALL the MSM and almost all of the "alt" media. Almost everything they spew is a hoax.

Alex Jones Responds To Chobani / Soros Backed Lawsuit. Another hoax. I have incontrovertible proof.

Exceedingly suspicious story: Cops Detain Entire School, Illegally Search/Grope 900 Kids -- Find NOTHING, Parents Furious. Like, how many highly improbable things are in the title alone? If they had searched 900 kids in the high school i graduated from, they would have found plenty of goodies. Crowds of kids would hang out in the wooded areas with bongs, etc. I was usually "holding" myself.
But can all the kids be in on it? Maybe. Remember Newtown, Connecticut. Worth County (map) seems to be mostly repticlones. All the pix on the county's school website are of repticlones. Several of these repticlone "gals" are square-shouldered drag queens, too. And some of these repticlone "guys" are TG as well. Note the hand signs, too.

April 26, '17: (7:25am) Another one of those spring days. Wunderground says:
Showers and thunderstorms likely. Thunderstorms could be strong and possibly severe during the afternoon hours. Damaging winds, large hail and possibly a tornado with some storms. High around 65F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 100%. 2 to 3 inches of rain expected.
And, as so often is the case, most of the weather is actually passing north of me.
Already got some light rain since the wee hours.

Another great Trump hand-sign pic.

Pop science lags behind reality: An Artificial Womb for Lambs Foreshadows Womb-Free Births for Humans.

Unique mother-of-pearl menorah etching found in ancient Caesarea. I wonder why the only pic on the web of it is so shabby. One would expect a few crispy close-ups of this fascinating artifact. And why does it not have the vibe of mother-of-pearl?

April 27, '17: (7:15am) Sunny now. Got over 2.3" of fairly gentle rain. No harsh weather. Funny thing is, the storm split in 2 and part of the red stuff on the radar map passed south of me and part north. I was like in a green valley between 2 long lines of red, with occasional lulls of just slight drizzle. So surrounding areas must have gotten much more. But i don't feel deprived.
So what does the future hold? They say some rain chances this evening, then 50% chance, 1.47" tomorrow and 90% chance of 3.4" the next day. Sheesh. Then 100% chance, 0.44" the following day. Yikes.
There is already flooding in the state.

April 28, '17: (6:40am) No more rain yet. But it looks like we might get some today, and they are still saying 90% tomorrow, 3", and 100% a small rain the next day.

Fake orgonite gifter: orgonite ireland. I get no orgone vibe off his "gifted" map. The towers in the pics are not busted. Nor are there any sylphs in his "sylph" pics.
The page has not been updated since 2011, but he is listed as a "newest member" at (a site run by repticlones and MPD human NSA slave Don Croft).

A couple more CIA repticlone-staffed groups being promoted on Vice today: The Marshall Project, and ARC, inc. "advancing real change".

But the big news is, it appears that the hive mind entity is dead!
I went to bed a bit early last night, 8:30 CST, and that's when some allies came to me, jubilant, and i realized it's gone. Just minutes before that, i had to pry him off Felter again.
I only got some minor attacks by deletable species after that. Now all the sophisticated orgone hardware i had working on HM are attacking mostly WWs. I am still getting fake overflights right now from them.

Sep 9 of last year was the day i first connected to this being. Over 7 months just to take care of 1 entity. I knew it was just a matter of time, but could not predict how much time.

April 29, '17: (8:25am) Only slight drizzle so far. Fog. Looks like most of the storm is passing to the north as usual, but they say late afternoon it might get heavy here.

UK police foil second alleged London terror plot in a day. Um, sure. But they had to photoshop all these cops into the pic because, well, it's no fun otherwise. The guy with the lit-up hair particularly caught my eye. ---->

Italian Prosecutor: Wiretaps Reveal NGOs Working With Human Smugglers to Flood Italy.

Blow up that pic and check it out.

Faith-based homeless shelter apologises after rejecting donation from gay choir. CIA repticlone staff. That guy on the left is way Egyptoid, too. As is non-repty CIA girl pseudotranny.

Scrutinize these pix too: Police open fire on furious Brazilian demonstrators as they descend on president's home amid violent clashes as 35 MILLION join national strike. Some real oddities (and hand signs) in this pic. Like, what is this (crop)? There is even a little homunculus face.
A Freemason always tells. Well, often enough, anyway.

Prosecutors consider felony charges against jail staff after death of Terrill Thomas at jail.
Pic of the 4 deceased CIA repticlones. Female Category 2 Egyptoid on the left. Obvious MTF on the right. White guy looks rather FTM. Black guy, unsure, probably male. All "retired" now.

Protesters demonstrate inside Macedonia's parliament in Skopje to protest against what they said was an unfair vote to elect a parliamentary speaker on April 27, 2017. (Photo by AFP). No shortage of hand signs these Nato repticlones are doing.

(7:40pm) Have not gotten all that much rain yet this far south, but they say tonight could be big.
I saw snow on the radar map this morning centered on Four Corners! And now, west KS, OK, and TX.

Int'l Banker Blows Whistle, Admits He Was Ordered to Sacrifice Children at Parties for the Elite. My faith in repticlones is restored.

So... on Feb 19 i said
BTW i think what i have been calling the Hive Mind is an immense single male demon with probably a roughly humanoid shape and 6 pairs of eyes. I noticed my sentient devices were attacking these eyes, is how i became aware of them.
No doubt when we finally defeat it, it will turn out to be just another proxy/guardian for something else. Likely it is not the real Hive Mind.
Yet, maybe this time is different. I have not noticed anything new stepping in.
I have been getting a lot more from the WWs. Last night they even woke me up (unusual) with pain. They were attacking my entire right side for a change. My shoulder ached and i could feel that my liver energy was compromised. Also i have been getting demons sent by WWs. And sky demons connected with the weather.

Last night it was widespread jailable WWs. Right now it is solid ones in Saggitarius.

They do some of the same things the HM was doing, like remote monitoring, injecting lethargy (rare) and trying to make me mouth-inhale into my chest (occasionally). I have not heard the demon hum since the HM bit it, though.

April 30, '17: (8pm) Well, i got a whole 2.25" of fairly gentle rain off that Storm of Doom, and some cool rolling thunder some distance away. Now for some cooler weather.

Ah, a clarification from the CIA of the true meaning of this symbol that their Trump-clone constantly flashes to the world.
Yup. That's why Hitler etc flashed the sign. All this time i've been blaming Masons when actually it was just racists.
Two CIA repticlone Freemason members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes.