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Loohan's blog for August, 2014
Aug 1, '14: (4:35pm) Another cool day. It was supposed to get up to 80 F, but only made it to around 70. Humid, though. Overcast.

CIA synthetic: Dr. Gwen Scott, N.D..
NSA clone: Dr. Wil Spencer, "body electrician".
Woops, just caught the clone in a U base...

Aug. 2, '14: (8:10am) Superhuman strength? Republican congressman almost breaks a staffer's arm. Well, i dunno about almost breaks, but he seems robust for 81-year-old. Young is no longer replaced by clones; he's one of those new type of guys that the June2014C pgm fries. Then they'll probably replace him with a Sandy Hooker.
Smentek is a soulless Earthling.

More lizard-"jews": Paris pro-Israel rally. Don't spot any humans in the crowd.

Officer kidnapped in Rafah attack is a satanist SSer. Er, was. Was just in Mossad U base here, along with 80+ expendable Mossad lizards.

(4:50pm) Bradshaw State Jail in TX is some kind of weird CIA op. They had a bunch of U transmitters to mess up inmates with. The staff feels like all CIAlizards.
And near there is a utility bldg (street view map) belonging to Mustang Drilling, a CIA proprietary. 2 CIAtanists are in there now, who have been doing black magic on a discharged prisoner. I followed a cord from his shoulder to this bldg.
Their main HQ are here.
Mustang Drilling is a subsidiary of Pioneer Drilling, also CIA of course. Management and BOD.

(6:55pm) Noticing lots of satanic rituals going on right now, underground. Dogs being sacrificed.

(7:35pm) All under the Americas, anyway.

Aug. 3, '14: (9pm) What, actual ensouled people in Ukraine? Plenty of them, looks like: Ukrainians Protest Against Conscription Orders. Adversity is bringing them out. If i do an image search for "ukraine people" i don't spot any.

Last month i pointed out that Ixquick is non-reptilian. And i was 100% correct about the staff. But they work for SSers. I was sloppy, and missed that the staff are all synthetics!

What is interesting is why i got suspicious enough to re-check these critters. I was googling swiss octagon to find out more about the Templar-Switzerland-Nazi-octagon stuff, especially after watching a video pointing out Alex Clones' use of the Swiss cross symbol.

I did get some interesting hits, but thought maybe Ixquick would do better. I had hardly used it at all before.
So i looked up swiss octagon on Ixquick, but the first page of results had nothing related to Templars or Nazis! They are far more censored than google.

BTW, the fact that i used a Swiss Army Knife for size relativity in many of my earlier photos should not be construed as anything... :-)
Nor the fact that i was born in (gulp) Zurich.

Aug. 4, '14: (9:10am) Ta'l allies have been pouring into the underground. There are now at least 7K of them under the Savannah, GA area. And 5K in a wide area of NV (with ships coming in with more). 4K under Stuttgart, Germany. 2K around here in Syria. 5K here under the Atlantic. 6K under Antarctica.

8K Alah-kur are under Diego Garcia. 3K more under Tanzania. 5K under here in the Atlantic.

(9:40am) Disgusting satanist lizards: Buddha Maitreya the Christ. "Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Mandarava Tara are pleased to be able to offer a cutting edge vibrational healing based on the latest quantum response technology from Germany." Barf. Check out this page full of Jesuit-sucking lizard filth.

(10:10am) B. R. Ambedkar was a "do-gooding" lizard with an interesting history. "In 1897, Ambedkar's family moved to Bombay where Ambedkar became the only untouchable enrolled at Elphinstone High School. In 1906, his marriage to a nine-year old girl, Ramabai, was arranged."
The Dalits have a lot of rept DNA vibe: pics.
Supposedly "untouchable" women get raped a lot by higher castes with impunity. Hard to say how much truth there is in this. If they are too dirty to touch...
But these statements sound like they have a lot of truth in them about SSers in general:
"Rape is not a matter for them [Dalits]. They do not hold it [having sex] in high regard like us. They can compromise their honour for anything, for mere fun!"

"They make a mountain out of a molehill. They lie a lot,..."


(11:35am) Meet my new friend Rorg. That's what he says his name is. A baby box turtle (tortoise).

For years i have been wanting a pet turtle. Box turtles run wild around here, but even the smallest ones i've seen were too mature to take in. I wouldn't feel right about constraining an animal accustomed to the great outdoors.

But this morning i found this little guy under the overhang of my new building, smeared with clay mud. Just sitting there expectantly.

He's very friendly and "hugs" me in the astral.

(12:50pm) He took a bite out of a wild blackberry i gave him. Good sign.

Now Ta'l are pouring into the Lakeway/Austin, TX area en masse. Tulsa, OK, too. And Central KS.

(4:50pm) More blastworthy and exotic CIAlizards can be viewed here.

I didn't actually watch much of it, but got the impression it was entirely CIAlizards from the sections i viewed. Associated article.

(7:30pm) Hmm, i blasted a Wo Shing Wo triad lizard kung-fu movie actor who was in a U base in Singapore. Where he was was a bit SW of Tengah Air Base. But there was a DORy tunnel from there going right under the strip and ending a bit NE of it.

I get the distinct impression that Wo Shing Wo is in cahoots with the Singapore Air Force. Check out these repty satanists.

(7:45pm) CIAlizardly Spiritual Frontiers. 3 of the board members just perished in U bases.
Looks like they only book CIAlizards for events. 3 of these just died in U bases, too.

And these soulless CIA pedophiles are not only spiritual, but psychic, too: American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.

Aug. 5, '14: (12:15pm) Instead of the usual CIA or NSA transmitter planes, i just got one with 2 HSA satanists.
I dowsed there were 5 more. Usually with these light transmitter planes i get, there are actually 6 planes in the group, although only one will be in audible range.

Someone asked me about Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild. She's still evil, still draws on U bases. Her husband, fund-scam Organizers, and most of her listed Supporters are SSers.

June 6, '14: (7:45am) Experimental serum new hope to fight Ebola. Supposedly. Of course, the 2 people who allegedly are getting treated are SSers, and the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and media reporting about it are all SSers.

British doctor working in Sierra Leone describes the horror of deadly disease. Of course, the word of such a DORy satanist SSer can't always be trusted.
The Ebola: what is it? vid is all-SSer, too. And of course the "Son of Ebola patient" and the State Dept clone.

(6:10pm) My friend in Queens is still being attacked, despite the fact that i sent him 4 RDBs and other stuff. It seems that EHETs around Angetenar are orchestrating this.

(6:50pm) Funny thing: last Sunday (Aug. 3) at work, there was much less traffic than usual, and about half of it Earthlings.
Today, i had werewolves driving around and around again, this time from the Mountain Home area. A couple WWs might work at the Walmart there. Also this neighborhood feels like it has a lot of them. This bldg has their vibe strongly.

(9:45pm) Revolting mass of lizard filth: United Forces. I think this has something to do with the nonexistent "hero" Lee Rigby, who was "killed".

Fascinating NSA website: Micros Systems, Inc. The execs were underground just now.

Interestingly, there is also another NSA proprietary with a very similar name, Micro Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Kratos Defense and Security, whose execs are clones.

Aug. 7, '14: (3:30pm) Another CIA site: The Therapy Book. Note they are debunking the ebola scam.

Good news. We tweaked the programming in the massive jailer here so that it forces EHETs into their astral phase and jails them. It does 3600 EHETs/second.
Also i found 2500+ newly-arrived #5 repts under Lagos, and was able to get rid of them by the same way, although it took about 20 minutes. Now getting more such repts east of Lagos.

July 8, '14: (9am) We have finally been getting some summery 90s weather the last few days. Rain chances the next few days. Hot, muggy out. Some drizzle earlier.

One CIAtanist lizard that has not yet been caught in a U base (but there's hope): Ted Nugent.
BTW, "Countercurrent News", as the name suggests, is yet another CIA mouthpiece.

Lizards who will be going underground soon: Florida's Marion County Satanist's Office, who recently clamored for attention.

(9:30am) What is up with this bruise i just noticed on my right upper forearm? I don't bruise, normally. Even if you had hit me with a hammer there, it probably would not have caused a surface bruise. Tissue damage beneath, sure.

Also, about 6 weeks ago i found a large area (about 5" diameter) on the back of my left calf, all (brown) mottled and bruised. I was equally mystified. There was no logical explanation for it. I put dit-da-jow (powerful kung-fu bruise liniment full of emmenagogues) on it for a week before it went away. If it were a natural bruise, it probably would have been gone in 2 days with that stuff. The liniment seemed to have no effect.
Not that i have much experience with bruises. The last natural one i can remember having is when the end of a flying log (long story) hit me on the bare shin in 1997. It took 2 days for a bruise to even show up, and then it was a faint, pale yellow color which rapidly went away after i applied the jow.

I really doubt i've been getting abducted, but i have no explanation for these bruises.

(7:25pm) So far, the rain has been bypassing me.

Ah yes, these scaly critters give us a thousand bullshit mind-control religions, but they also give us the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Typical.

Ah, and FFRF has received a 4 star rating from the lizards at Charity Navigator. Of course, Charity Navigator's 10 Highly Rated Charities are all repty as hell. In fact most "charities" are SSer-run, period.

Another synthetic: Bo Johnson's replacement.

Aug. 10, '14: (6:15pm) Got small thundershower yesterday afternoon; less than 0.2". Most of the weather missed to the south.

Someone asked me about ADR Technology (Advanced Dielectric Radiation Trap) so i asked sittingtaoist. He says "Probably very good to shield against dirty electricity, as it is effective from very low freqs to 1 MHz.
But not for shielding against cell towers, wifi, etc, in the GHz range."

Underground EHETs are now being lit up worldwide. I think our orgone programs have been nagging at them to the point where it's blown their cloaking. They are under all the land masses on Earth. Dunno why i am not noticing them under the seas.

(8pm) Trolls in U bases: I often find that internet trolls are working from U bases. This applies to forum posters, commenters, etc.
As one somewhat extreme example, this video of satanist lizard pricks has garnered an amazing number of comments. I clicked "Show more" more times than i can count, and still haven't gotten to the bottom. But just at a rough scan, so far we are nailing 28 U bases off this. And there are more to be mined.

And don't worry that they might stop doing this from U bases. If anything, they will only be encouraged by all the martyrdom being dispensed by our allies.

Aug. 11, '14: (7:45am) More amazingly out-of-control lizards: Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address. Luckily, everyone responsible made sure to be in a U base this full-moon morning.

Northern California Cops Beat Mentally Ill Man, Seize Phones, Claim it's their Right. In this case, all the Antioch cops, city council, etc. have been dead a while and replaced by clones. But you see, the same behavior continues.
I searched for EHET puppetmasters, and we are clearing some out under the Cowell/Concord/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek area just west.
This is how your local gov't works in the USA.
Now we are finding loads more EHETs under Salem, Albany, Eugene, etc.
Oregon EHETs have also running the clones responsible for Man in Oregon Jailed for... Collecting Rainwater. (This is another CIA website, and the handsome young narrator is a clone.)
These EHETs are more under Willamette Nat'l Forest and Deschutes Nat'l Forest.

(11:40am) "Antizionist" NSAlizards: Hollywood studios blacklist Cruz and Bardem for criticizing Israel.

Bizarre CIA perversity: Loki Guitars. Bal says
these bastards stole my company name. and the baby blue guitar is exact same color scheme and style as my telecaster i once made and posted on facebook.
Bal also claims he owns the domain name, registered with godaddylizard. If you go to without putting www first, u get "Welcome to:   This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of" Which is a bit odd, because if you put www. in front of it, it takes you to the CIA site.
And if you go to godaddy's whois search engine, you get this, which says registrant is (satanist CIAlizard) Ben Parr who lives here in UK. There are at least 700 CIAlizards under that postcode area, being addressed now.

(12:40pm) Now Bal admits he let the domain registration expire.
Here is the archive of a website Bal had started to build some time ago.

(1:45pm) Note that Bal had trademarked the name which the CIA stole. If Bal is correct in saying that a LLC is the same thing as a trademark.
Perhaps they did it from UK to make legal action more difficult?

Aug. 13, '14: (6:50pm) I had to go to Conway yesterday to pick up some stuff. Stirred up some deep NSA and rept U bases and some shallow EHET and CIA U bases.
I have spent so many whole days busting Conway in years past, yet each time i visit, i have stronger orgone toys and find more stuff. The place is still kind of filthy.
Almost all the SSers down there have been replaced by clones now. But i spotted 2 Sandy Hookers. The weird thing is, they are low-level employees at Lowes.

Sandy Hookers were made by the CIA. As far as i know, they are no longer making them because we nailed their factories. But i think these 2 are from a stash of thousands they still had under Nantahala National Forest in TN.
It makes no sense to have them at Lowes. I don't detect that they are reporting anything to the gov't except maybe their "taxable income". Or that there would be anything noteworthy for them to report.
In the past, all SHers i noticed had an agency vibe, including one recently who replaced a SSer in the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia.

While i was in Conway, i went into a pet store to buy some cuttlefish bones. Tortoises are supposed to benefit from them, munching if they feel the need for calcium.
While i was there i checked out the commercial tortoise chow. It looks like artificially-colored breakfast cereal. I had to get my magnifying glass to read the fine print. The first 2 ingredients were (GMO) corn and soy. Now, how does that remotely resemble a natural tortoise diet? We're not talking fresh raw corn from the cob, but dried crap.
Rorg will not be getting any of that shit.

Psyop distraction? This Robin Williams BS. Yes, i think he is dead, and it is possible he hanged himself. But if he was so depressed and suicidal, why did he resist going underground so strongly?

Most of the big-name actors, comedians, and musicians resist blasting more than most lizards. We have gotten a few like Brad, Angelina, Kim K, Jay Z, Eric Burdon, but not many. I've been trying for years to wear down real DORy satanist lizards like Travolta, Redford, Cher, Streisand, Elton John, Van Halen, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Bon Jovi, Van Damme, DiCaprio, etc. with no luck (other than Brad, Angelina, and Jay Z, all of whom were DORy blood-drinkers).
It may be that he committed suicide as a distraction, or was killed for the same reason.

(7:40pm) Eliminating the competition? Presidential candidate among 7 killed as aircraft crashes onto houses in Brazil. Because he was not a Freemason or ET? I suspect the NSA U base here was behind this.
Getting lots of DORy tunnels. Serious, long ones with more NSA bases.

(8:05pm) Where the EHETs are at: it seems the main area where they are being fought is here.

Aug. 14. '14: (8am) ET snipers shoot Earth peasants, probably "only" with rubber bullets. Most of the commenting lizard trolls were not in U bases. Avni Yayin and Big Boy were.
Note that some of the trolls say the kids were throwing rocks. I don't see why the IDF should concern itself with the behavior of children in another country.
The gay guy in the center who keeps wiggling his ass provocatively is a blood-drinker.
Note that this apparently is an IDF film. Israel is run by Jesuit anti-semites who pretend to be jews in order to make jews look bad. Hence all the in-your-face atrocities.
Of course a lot of non-SSer jews actually are assholes, too.

Here is an SSer wearing a shirt made by SSers, photographed by an SSer, and flaunted in the lizard press.

Supposedly, The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway's caves. I lit up the area in the Trondheim pic, but apparently as a consequence, all sorts of tunnels and bases in Trondheim lit up, and i can't tell if any of them have US tanks.
If anyone has more detailed knowledge of these alleged tank caves, please email me. Right now the main U military vibe seems to be around here.

(10:30am) A reader got attacked by spells from looking up satanist lizard Ken Wilber and his so-called Integral Institute, which seems to be exlusively composed of more satanists. Some of them are mentioned down the page here.

Aug. 15, '14: (11:55am) I don't believe it. Now i got hit with an ad for RussiaDatingOnline, which offers only shapeshifting rept wenches.
July 15 i said that hardly any Chinese are SSers, which is why i was impressed that offered only SSers. Well, SSers are rarer still in Russia, almost nonexistent, so something funny is going on with these dating services.

Extreme NSA sleaze: E-Boks. These Danes (who were just killed in a U base) are NSAlizards who work with PET (the Danish CIA). A reader wrote me:
From November 1st, 2014 every citizen in Denmark who is 15 years and above must have this e-box, where we get mail from authorities. No more letters by mail service. I cannot manage to get myself to sign in - when I try, I start crying and it feels like someone is trying to get into my body, I get nauseous just looking at the page, so I had to cancel it again.
Their effrontery knows no bounds. There was a DORy U base pouring evil ET vibes and black magic into the system.

Aug. 16, '14: (6:45pm) Weird day at work today. Loads of NSA MIBS and some NSAlizards cruising by, mostly on motorcycles. Most of the motorcycles were unrealistically loud, and of course they gunned them going by. BRAA-AAA-AAAtataBRAAT. Never heard so much motorcycle noise. Some of the other vehicles seemed negligently muffled as well.
My workplace is right on the highway inside corner where it makes a 90 degree turn.
Weird thing is, unlike the werewolves, they only made one pass each. Where were they from, and where were they going to? Well, i am finding lots of MIB U bases west of Harrison, and more around Timbo and some south of Mtn View. But they were going in both directions.

We have a saying around here, "If your vehicle's too loud, it's because you are proud to be underendowed." It is generally accepted that there is an inverse relationship between penis size and vehicle decibels.

Aug. 17, '14: (4:45pm) Rain clouds passing me to the north. Thunder. It's been warmer lately, and summer is forecast to hit real soon.

Today i had quite a few MIB drive-bys again. This time less noisy; perhaps they didn't want to broadcast their anatomical inadequacies now that they know the locals know what their noise means.

Celebrity news: a reader pointed out that John Travolta has a double. Some pics of the double: 1, 2, 3.
And here's a 2nd double.
The doubles are SSers, but, unlike Travolta, not blood-drinkers.
I find the resemblance surprisingly unimpressive.

(5:15pm) Ugh. Master list of shapeshifting "pro-life" photographers that need to be fried. I looked thru several of these sites and FB pages but did not spot one single human. Some of these critters were in U bases.
When they take children into U bases with them, it is to "share" them, get the picture? Often they leave them topside, because there is only so much reaming that their darling little orifices can take. But then with nothing to share, they are less likely to score toddlers themselves.

Aug. 18, '14: (6:05pm) Only got a very brief shower yesterday. And just now, another little cloudburst of small hail and rain.

There may be several more races of evil ETs on Earth, that may not be repty, but work for the Jesuits nonetheless.

I previously mentioned that something was off with these probable CIA assets: Amazon Watch, Jordan Page. The vibe is so faint i can't be sure, but these may all be of one race.

A reader drew my attention to what may be another race, seen at these links:Now i am getting their vibe better, and finding lots under the west US.

And what about the Arapahoe? They might be yet another weird ET race.

A couple days ago i was tracing some NSA tunnels. One from Oregon to California. The tunnel went from McKinleyville, CA 95519 to a big WY base, then north to Riverton, WY, which area had the underground packed with CIA. Also i sense many CIAlizards on the surface there. Did a search and found interesting stuff: EPA Takes Entire Town Away From Wyoming and Gives it to the Indians, EPA overrides Congress, hands over town to Indian tribes.

Northern Arapaho Tribe.

Aaaand, i just got hit with an ad for Thai Matches, another all-rept dating club, and highly photoshopped wenches at that. Thailand has lots of repty characters, but this is deliberate. I have to suspect these exotic-lizard match sites are all run by the same interests. Finding U bases around Turkey that seem connected to all this. However i did a search for Turkish women match but found nothing suspicious there.

(8:15pm) Now i am getting more of a vibe off those Amazon Watch critters. Some more like that: Jordan Page friends, TreePeople, Bianca Jagger.

Been vacuuming up a bunch more EHETs today. They were attacking Elizabeth as well as the people in Lagos lately.

(8:40pm) I kept getting an impression of something about the guy in the leather jacket on the right in that Jordan pic. It was a #3 reptilian looking through his eyes! In fact all of them to some extent, channel repts. That seems to be true for the others of this same race that i posted about too.
Funny thing is, i have never noticed such a thing from the reptilian-human hybrids. Although i'm sure it must happen. Yusuf Estes is a shapeshifting rept of the old strain.

The repts they channel are offworld, and by this means, provide us with a great path to find and nail them.

Aug. 19, '14: (5:35pm) Yes, summer has hit. It was 95 on the shade here. And it's supposed to get to get that hot or hotter every day for the next week at least. I moved back into my repaired cabin, despite a few stray VOCs still hanging around.
When it cools off tonight i will probably repair to my less-stinky older cabin.

For hours, i have been getting hit by psi attacks from EHETs in this area.

(6:35pm) Oh yeah, and Joe in Renton, who had been unable to pour orgonite due to Bighead corruption, poured 2 batches of successful spheres today. This suggests the BHs are weakening.

Aug. 21, '14: (9:15am) Yesterday at work i had a number of MIBs and werewolves drive by. One of the WWs drove by 3 times. Seemed connected to U base near Witts Spring.

Also it has been a few degrees cooler than predicted, as has been usual this "summer".

CIAlizard suspended for saying 'bless you' after classmate sneezed. Oh, the lizards' inhumanity to lizards. Not one human in the video.

Another one bites the dust: Co-founder of "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" drowns at age 27 . Feels like he is really dead. Random incident? Suicide? Seems weird he would just submerge and drown. Could be another incident generated to fill the media with fluff BS.
I watched a video this morning of Laura Bush-clone throwing a bucket of allegedly cold water over George Bush-clone's head.

() Police seeking missing US-born IDF soldier Hey, no problem: that satanist nazi reptile is here, around the 8th floor.

Aug. 22, '14: (10:20am) Lots happening to the EHETs lately. Rorg the turtle has been sniffing out large pockets of EHETs and Bigheads everywhere. For example, yesterday he found a big EHET network under all of Canada and the Eastern half of the US.

Then last night Antuvozy was tweaking the programming on the big jailer such that, instead of jailing 3600 EHETs/sec, it's been doing 700 septillion per second; enough to make a dent.
Amazingly, they still tried to rush me a few times.
Also the Bigheads attacked me hard, and the Jesuits in Abell 2218 started in again. Plus i was having problems with several reptilian species. So i slept poorly last night, but it was productive.

(12:30pm) Pro-abortion CIAlizard front: Fund Abortion Now. These fine folks were all in U bases just now.

Ah, at last. If you are like me, you gave up on trying to find a vid of Foley supposedly being beheaded, after finding only videos talking about it. And you knew it had to be fake as hell. Well, Spivey has provided us with some still captures as well as video links, the latter of which i have not checked out as the stills are fine.
Neither of these actors has a repty vibe.

Aug. 24, '14: (7:30pm) Yesterday it got to 98 F in the bakery, which is probably representative of outdoor temperature in the shade, as the bakery has a big exhaust fan sucking air through.
Today it got to 93. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last really hot day.

Had a fair number of NSA MIB drive-bys both days. No werewolves, though. The MIBs were trying to attack me with energy.

OK, about the Swiss connection and the Templars. I watched a long video, Octogon (sic) The Empire of Darkness. A lot of interesting info. I think the guy has most of his facts straight but maybe not all.

I have never gotten a vibe off the Pharaohs. I am unable to detect a satanist or repty vibe off any of them. On the other hand, none of their souls were viable. Wikipedia lists them. Well, the Turin King List does have the names of some beings who used to be evil due to archonic possession: Set, Horus, Thoth, and Ma'at. But the others didn't have the overtly evil vibe. Even if i look at images of drawings or sculptures of the pharaohs, i get no repty vibe. Yet the Templars supposedly claim to be descended from the pharaohs. If true, some repts must have bred into their lineage at a later date.
Or possibly the Templars just mendaciously co-opted the pharaohs. Or possibly i am missing something for some unknown reason.

Although i have occasionally run into Swiss illuminati and banks in my tracking down of perps, really all the roads lead to Rome.

So what is the relationship of the Vatican to the Templars? According to a disinfo Templar website,
Unfortunately, some "alternative media" researchers have been deceived by the Illuminati's own infiltrating propaganda, blaming all the evils of their own actions -- crimes done by their own hands -- on the Vatican, and especially the Jesuits. The only theories blaming the Jesuit Order for the Illuminati's evil "Agenda" afflicting the modern world were all popularized on the blogosphere by uneducated, unqualified agent provocateurs for the Illuminati themselves.

The Knights Templar are not part of the Vatican or the Jesuits, and those institutions are not part of our Order. They believe in some things which we do not, and we believe in some things which they do not -- but we also do not judge and blame them.
"...all popularized on the blogosphere by uneducated, unqualified agent provocateurs for the Illuminati themselves" indeed. I was not expecting to find Jesuits in the Vatican as the direct seniors of the head of Mossad, back when i first checked 9 years ago. I had no such preconceptions. I was expecting to find Israelis in Tel Aviv.
I did not expect to find the Jesuits ruling all the intel agencies, governments, and militaries. But there they were.

Question is, how do the Templars tie in?

Also there were apparently good Templars, dupes of the real ones. Who built the Chartres Labyrinth? Why does it have remarkably good energy and no octagonal geometry?
Also, why did Joan of Arc consider herself a Templar (assuming this info is correct)? Joan is a very good soul, a 96, not incarnate but i married her years ago. Unfortunately our communication skills are not up to discussions of history.

Just as an aside, i noticed this paragraph:
The divine feminine principle cannot be respected by suppressing it to be replaced with the counterbalancing male aspect. To honour the divine feminine necessarily requires recognition and celebration that it is in fact "feminine", and prohibits that it be disguised and forced to be accepted only through conformity with the masculine principle. The most ancient sacred wisdom of spiritual alchemy was never to transform all feminine energies into masculine, but rather to combine distinctly unique male and female polarities of esoteric energy in equal balance, as the only way to achieve divine power and enlightenment.
Interesting how this site conveys the truth, but in such a way that it has different significance to those in the know. The Templars, like the Jesuits, etc., are in direct opposition to the Sacred Feminine, and seek to degrade it every way they can.
When i first psychically checked out the Templars many years ago, i had the strong impression of group homosexual satanic orgies. Like the Jesuits, they are predominantly gay satanist males.

Note the name of the Templar website: Knights of Solomon. I don't see that Solomon was a bad guy. He married some evil women. He is considered an important figure in Freemasonry.
I have, in years past, had to repeatedly rescue from black magicians, someone in Houston who channels Solomon.

Anyway, unlike the originals, the modern-day "pharaohs" are shapeshifting reptilians. And like most SSers, once blasted they scurry underground to get killed. These clowns were alive yesterday when i first checked them out. They are dead today, and being replaced.

And, now that my consciousness has been raised about this sect, so has Rorg's, evidently, because he just alerted me to major Templar HQ under the Newfoundland Basin, with tunnels and bases spreading hundreds of miles in all directions.
We are taking out this mess now, but no doubt they have other U bases.

Aug. 28, '14: (3:05pm) Had lots more NSA MIBs driving by and weakly attacking me at work yesterday and the day before. And a few CIAlizards. No werewolves, though.

FERGUSON IS A STAGED EVENT. Yeah. This guy is sincere, but note that the lizard agencies are pointing out that it's staged. That's another level of psy-op.
Erica Artz is a CIAlizard.

More blood on CIA hands: Graphic Video Implicates Nigerian Military in War Crimes While Battling Boko Haram. Again, the real graphic stuff is blurred out, but i think this one is real.

Both Boko Haram and the Nigerian gov't are CIA pawns, and it appears the military is massacring hundreds of probably innocent guys in witch hunts. If the victims actually were Boko Haram, the gov't wouldn't want to get rid of them.
Ironically, Amnesty International is also a CIA agency. But the ensouled guy narrating the video would not know this.

(7:10pm) Weird bunch of NSAlizard "sovereign citizens": Schaeffer Cox and the Alaska Peacemakers Militia.
Militia Documentary Off Target?, and from an NSA website: Another 'Isolated Incident': Alaska Militiamen Arrested In Conspiracy To Kill State Troopers, Judges. The guy's allegedly in jail, but we just nailed him in a NSA U base here.

Aug. 29, '14: (11am) Cool this morning; overcast. Some rain chances approaching. We need rain, too. Despite the fact that so much of the summer was cool and wet, things have dried up surprisingly of late.

Could Scientology be the thing that turns Flint, Michigan, around? Scientology is a CIA cult. The Flint city council and police chief are clones.

(3:50pm) Been getting brief showers. Most of the rain has been skirting around me.

Oxygen (deprivation) Torture AKA O2T: read about it here. (I'm not sure why they call it "white torture". According to Wikipedia, white torture is sensory deprivation, whereas this is something more.)
Video which shows Swiss SSers shackling a black immigrant to a torture chair. It does not show the torture. Don't know how video clip got into the public domain.

(7:50pm) Hmmm, check out the colorful Swiss Vatican Guard lizards.

Aug. 30, '14: (7:30am) Got about 1/2" of rain so far.

Another kind of weird slimy ET hybrid that nonetheless does not seem repty: this guy, from this article. We are presently taking out loads of them under China, Cambodia, etc.

And yet another weird ET cult strain of some sort: example John Baptist Bashobora. (Note the sex-slave boy on the left.)
More examples here; also this guy, this girl.

These 2 guys (Xue and Bashobora) totally baffled me, and i had to consult another psychic to track down more of their type.

The James Foley family are Sandy Hookers. The 3 in this video were just caught in a U base.
In fact, the family might be largely fictitious: Foley's sister vs Lanza's friend.

Aug. 31, '14: (8:40am) Ended up with about 1" of rain here; not too shabby.

Rorg has been doing well, and has developed a healthy appetite. I catch grasshoppers for him. I have to break off their hind legs, and if they are big, i have to tear them apart a bit. Video of Rorg the Carnivore (save to hard drive).
I call him Detective Rorg, because he is constantly sleuthing for demons, evil ETs, etc. and is quite an asset.

(4:20pm) He did polish off that grasshopper in one sitting, BTW, a few days ago. And a couple bigger ones since. He doesn't seem to be growing, but he's producing nice turds.

Penang, Malaysia, is full of a distinctive SSer strain (pics). We are taking out their U bases which extend way east of there.

And also stirred up a bunch of French Foreign Legion SSers a bit south of Penang, who seem in cahoots with these Penang Asians. The Frenchies are heavy under Borneo, too.
Pics of French Foreign Legion SSers. My awareness of these was raised by that Octogon guy, and thus they are lit up and probably to be found under much of the world.

(8pm) Wo, the CIA has itself a crowdfunding page to establish a human settlement on Mars. The team at the bottom of the page was in a U base just now.
Their repty video.