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Loohan's blog for September, 2014
Sep. 1, '14: (9:45am) Long list of SSer "healers".

(5:50pm) Ever since June of last year, the mighty Yurtles (now referred to as Xando and Guan) have been non-stop trying to resolve whatever mystifying weirdness rules over Norton Shores, MI. They've been doing something, but i don't know what. And occasionally i try to do something, but somehow the situation remained mystifying and unresolved, despite having gotten rid of most of the extensive CIA crap. And Bal even gifted the river last year.

Today i asked my new online psychic friend about it, and we have been working on it. It appears there is yet another race of exotic ETs that has been active in the area. We are taking out lots of them underground.
Examples of some of their houses: 1, 2, 3, this whole neighborhood.
(And also an incidental CIA bldg was found here.)

But check out the city council and the top 4 staff (the rest are ordinary SSers). Hmmm...

(10:30pm) I de-cloaked what may be the main homeland for these ETs: this region of space.

Sep. 3, '14: (11:40am) Those buggers started psi-attacking me as soon as our forces attacked them.

Yesterday was cool and wet. Got about 1/4" of rain in the morning.

Repty ashram in NM: Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram, apparently the Mother Ashram of the 3HO cult. Yogi Bhajan was a satanist SSer who had sex with many of his male and female students. He died 10 years ago. Most followers are sincere, good people, but not these lizards running this ashram.

Another lizard celeb "suffering from depression": Al Pacino. I'd be depressed, too.

Full list of alleged victims of nude photo hacking. No humans. I conclude that only SSers post nude selfies. Unless this is some sort of contrived distraction and they're all in on it...

Sep. 6, '14: (10:05am) Supposedly, yesterday was the last day of the year that got into the 90s F.

Sick satanist SSer uses own death as vector for black magic: Zack Sobiech. We are stripping the DORy spells from the "life-affirming" video.

Sep. 9, '14: (7:50pm) Interesting pic at the top here. No SSers that i detect, but the 2 guys on the left are nonetheless MPD blood-drinking satanists. Practices they were turned onto by British MI and Mossad working together.

Sep. 12, '14: (1:55pm) Got about 0.7" of rain night before last, and it hasn't stopped drizzling lightly since. Now it looks like some more rain is about to hit. Much cooler weather.

Man with horns, 666 tattoo looked at saws, hatchets before alleged triple murder: witness.
Prosecutor: Caius Veiovis helped kill 3 men to get into Hells Angels.
The weird thing is, none of the 3 guys feel like SSers or satanists. Just dumbasses, i presume.

We've been doing a lot of mop-up lately of EHETs, Bigheads, NSA, etc. Rorg is a big help. I slept amazingly well last night with no interruptions, and haven't been trifled with much today.
But offworld NSA keep sticking cords onto my friend in Queens.

Sep. 14, '14: (4:40pm) As soon as i said more rain is imminent, it stopped drizzling. But i had gotten about 3/4".

Instead of the usual NSA MIBs driving by at work, this weekend i had CIA MIBs. I hope this means their supply of NSA MIBs is getting depleted.

Had garish chemtrailing today, which traced to the usual "hairless rept" species. Rorg has been tracking down a lot of their offworld locations.

One thing i thought i would mention because i suspect it is fairly common, is the tendency of black magicians to try to give straight males gay impulses. A few guys have written me about this, and it happens to me, too. Not much anymore, especially now that i am hip to what's going on, but when i was younger it was a lot worse. It can be very disconcerting to a straight male who does not know about demons, etc. It used to be a standard program run by the seraphim and greys, but it is also done by Bigheads, Abell 2214 Jesuits, and many others. The Abell 2214 guys still try this on me a lot at times.

The other day i was looking at some article by Anthony GucCIArdi. There was a thumbnail of his mugshot at the bottom which i didn't even look at directly, yet i got an erotic impulse. I thought, WTF?
He actually had spells to make him sexy to straight males.

I have one correspondent who is gay who says when he was younger, "they" were trying to make him gay, until they realized he was naturally gay. Now he gets attacked by demonic wenches in his dreams that force themselves on him.

Sep. 15: (9:25am) Been getting light rain and drizzle since the wee hours.

Time to plug turmeric again: Turmeric Protects Against The Post-Industrial 'Chemical Apocalypse'.
Personally, i strive to avoid, as much as reasonably feasible, absorbing artificial toxins, and eat turmeric too. You can buy pricey curcumin extract pills if you don't like the taste, but i happen to like the taste. Not only do i add some to many dishes, but i often just put a spoonful in my mouth and wash it down with raw milk. Organic turmeric powder costs around $10 for a pound which lasts 1 person for many months.

Even better-tasting is the fresh stuff. You can get fresh roots on eBay early in the year and plant them. However, based on years of experience i have found that it takes at least 5 weeks under ideal conditions for the shoots to pop up, then they grow very slowly for a month or 2 before getting of any size. Right now i have a few plants around a foot tall, and the rest are smaller, some still tiny even this late in the year. But summer arrived late this year.
Next year i will see how early i can buy them and pot them them indoors until it is reliably warm out.
In fact i did that with a few tubers this year; stuck them in pots with a shallow layer of dirt, and later planted them in the ground. Even some of those are still small. In fact one is still in a larger pot, which i will take indoors this winter to see if i can get an early start next year. In fact i may pot up some of my smallest plants and do the same.

An expert herbalist once told me that the little penis-like offshoots from the main tubers are the richest in compounds which relieve muscle pain. So if i get a big tuber in the mail, i will break off the little arms and plant the main body.
The ones i potted up early this year were sent to me by my mom who bought them from Whole Foods, allegedly organic. And many of the offshoots were missing, suggesting that perhaps someone had broken off and bought the offsets at the store.

If you refrigerate the fresh roots for more than a few days they will spoil. They are best stored (after being washed and dried if you plan to eat them) in a paper bag in a dark, cool, dry place. However they will then dessicate slowly over the months. (If there is any moisture they will mold.) They can be pickled or preserved in alcohol like diluted vodka.

(11:25am) The rain has passed over. I got 0.6".

I realized that epoxy putty can be used to make Jan2014C wands. For further info, see bottom of this page.

(5pm) Found yet another race of underground ETs that were energy-attacking a guy. We are mopping them up worldwide now. I don't know what they look like, but their homeland seems to be in the center here.

Sep. 17, '14: (7:15pm) Got an intense little cloudburst yesterday afternoon which left almost an inch of rain. Then almost the exact same thing happened today. Total about 1.7" for both days so far.

(9:40pm) Lizards for Life: at least 40% of the marchers at the March for Life in Washington DC this year were SSers.
Also check out Lila Rose. She had 81 sex-appeal spells on her.

(10:05pm) Gotta f*cking love these Ziolizards.

Sep. 18, '14: (12:45pm) Overcast today; more rain may be headed this way.

Amy Winehouse statue features Star of David. What is wrong with this picture? I am no expert on Winehouse. I have never listened to one of her songs. But whatever her shortcomings may have been, she was an ensouled Jew. On a quick google search, i found no indication she was a Zionist.
Now if anyone knows her to have been one, or ever to have identified with the Star of Rothschild, please let me know.
Otherwise i will continue to assume that the disgusting lizard sleaze slimed her with this zio-crap unfairly. To do this to a soul who can't defend herself is quite cowardly. [update 2016: actually, Amy was a drag queen.]

The Star of David, AFAIK, is not a Jewish symbol but a Jesuit Zionist one.

The sculptor is a satanist SSer. Feels like he has a lot of heavy Scottish Rite connections.

Alan Henning, lizard clone who worked for Aid4Syria, another lizardly group. I can't find a website for them, but there are some Facebook pix of other lizards.

Sep. 19, '14: (10:30am) Hmm, well, according to Wikipedia on the Star of David, "During the 19th century the symbol began to proliferate amongst the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, ultimately being used amongst the Jewish communities in the Pale of Settlement. A significant motivating factor was the desire to imitate the influence of the Christian cross."
However i still question whether Winehouse was fond of the symbol, and if not, why a Scottish Rite lizard felt it appropriate to stick on her. (Like Israel, Scottish Rite is Jesuit-controlled.)

So is this story for real? Buried Nazi gas chambers discovered by archaeologists in Poland. It could be. I don't get a suspicious vibe off the archeologists.

A lizard who "can't lie"? British Reporter John Cantlie in New Islamic State Hostage Video. I haven't watched the vid.

Sep. 21, '14: (6:50pm) Been fighting with underground #3 repts all day, who've been hammering me. I attacked them yesterday when i found they were behind SSer John de Ruiter's hypnotic cult charisma.

Found a new "fancy clone" as described in my doubles bulletin: "clandestine rage". He's a blood-drinking CIA satanist, and i got attacked kind of hard when i checked him out yesterday.
He was manufactured in a Flagstaff U base. I have the impression of 63 more like him, some female.

Let's see, nailed 14 in 3 GA U bases. 3 in AL U base. 6 in 2 KY U bases. 5 in 2 Illinois U bases. 6 near Detroit. That makes 34. The other 19 are probably above-ground.

(7:10pm) Woops, duh, i forgot to check for where this DORy guy was. He was in U base here, right next to a very strange mark on the map.
Not only that, but now i think the original guy was not even CIA or SSer. This is really weird, replacing an Earthling (if i'm right about that) with a satanist clone.

(7:35pm) I think the original guy has a viable soul, and probably died, as the blog ends Jan. 2013. And i suspect the clone (morphed SSer clone, not clone of original) may have been made just to attack readers. In order to make a strong link between the original and the clone, would they have needed to make him look identical? Maybe, maybe not. There were spells to connect his energy with the original.
This is weird; i haven't run into something like this before that i recall.

Sep. 22, '14: (8:10am) The first official day of Fall.

More about "clandestine rage" AKA Khristan Jade Neal. Here is a a post by Duncan O'Finioan's CIAlizard girlfriend, referencing Khris' obituary.
And here is another post on Duncan's blog.

(9:30am) Just now i was being hit by some unidentifiable physical critters here. Whatever they are, they have more tunnels and bases now being lit up worldwide. They come from IC 445.

Sep. 23, '14 (7:45am) If you're like me, your bullshit detector goes wild in reading a story like this: White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammunition. So let us examine this.

Omar is not repty, and does not have a distinct full classical Project Monarch type vibe, but, he does feel a bit MKULTRA'ed. "Gonzalez has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia and was being treated at Fort Hood, Texas, for a time".
So was he just a guy with PTSD whom "they" scooped up for the task just recently? I would be inclined to believe so, except for the vibe of his ex-wife, who is screamingly MPD/SRAed. Perhaps just a coincidence.
Incidentally, her face reminds me strongly of Paula Deen's clone.

So he jumps the fence armed with only a pocketknife, yet has 800 rounds in his car, riiight.
Clearly, as a nation, we have to throw more $$$ at psychological services for PTSD vets. Years ago i told you about a satanist friend of my parents, who is a psychologist for the military whose job it ostensibly is to provide help for PTSD soldiers. Of course, he is a highly-trained MPD handler with 2 MPD adopted daughters.

(9:30am) Polish site specializing at shoving pics of blastworthy lizards in your face. I clicked Pokaż więcej at the page bottom about 30 times; there seems to be no end of it. Most of the images are of SSers.
Then i saved that to my desktop and open the files folder of it to see the pix without the text.

Sep. 24, '14: (7:45pm) "Green" lizards: Solar City, Wallace Global Fund.

Another totally repty "dating" site: Came across it on Yahoo News. The site is very cumbersome, took ages to load, then tries to get you to upload a pic of yourself, join, etc. This capture is as much of a pic as i could get of the lizard wenches. No humans spotted.
Feels NSA-ish.

(8:30pm) Another revolting mass of blastworthy lizards: Colel Chabad. Pics.

Yet more Israeli BS: 3 teens' suspected murderers killed in capture attempt. The 2 lizards depicted halfway down the page just met the same fate as the 3 teens did: they died in a Mossad U base. This one was here.
Keep 'em coming, Israel. I'm here to help.

Sep. 25, '14: (7:50am) A guy who seems legit: Wolfgang Halbig. [Note 2016: he does not have the vibe of a non-human, Mason, MPD victim, or black magician, but he is still a shill. Others have researched this. But for me it's enough that he is promoted by AJ, Fetzer, etc.]
Infowars article, his site (i haven't studied his site yet).

Note the CIA article says "How did someone with Asperger's have the physical coordination to carry the large amount of munitions Adam Lanza supposedly carried?"
It's news to me that Asperger is associated with lack of coordination. My question is more like, how did such a scrawny kid carry all that?
But doing a search, i found this interesting Asperger site which i will have to check out more later, with an article about Motor Clumsiness, which says "research suggests that between 50 per cent and 90 per cent of children and adults with Asperger's Syndrome have problems with motor coordination".

I, of course, like several of my readers (including Bal and Elizabeth, i dowse) have undiagnosed vaccine-induced Asperger. Mordok's is officially diagnosed. Asperger tends to be associated with psychic abilities, and part of the reason for mutagens in vaccines is for the CIA to have a pool of potential psychics to recruit.

I haven't had coordination issues as an adult, but i remember in 2nd and 3rd grade, when students were picking teams, i would invariably be the 1st person chosen for spelling bees, and the last for sports. "In early childhood there may be a limited ability with ball games" according to this article.
Also at that age i tended to accidentally break a lot of dishes at home.

Sep. 26, '14: (11:45am) Got an email from another correspondent, who says
Count me in as another diagnosed Asperger's, complete with motor clumsiness. It's weird, because I'm actually very good with fine motor skills (I am an excellent typist, play several musical instruments, and design intricate beaded jewelry), but I also fall all over myself and drop everything. I've always got bruises somewhere from falling over my own feet. (A couple days ago, I did an impressive tumble while walking across a store and carrying a salad.)
Targeted magnetic field, anyone? Wireless charger powers up devices at distance.

(3:45pm) Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently. Short, covert video of "Raqqa, Syria, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State." I spotted a few CIAlizards with machine-guns. More interesting is that from the 1:00 point to the end, it shows French lizard-women having fake conversations with supposedly concerned family members at an internet club. The funny thing is the French wenches are all working for British MI.
I'm fairly sure the covert reporter is sincere, so i presume the charade is to con townspeople who still believe this stuff is real. This is what the Frenchwenches get paid to do.
Interestingly, in the text below it talks about "the Al-Khansa brigade. It's a female brigade from ISIS, all of them female. They have weapons, and they control women inside the city, they check if some of them didn't wear the niqab and things like that, they inspect them...Most of them are foreigners...(from) All over the world. From the UK, from the US, Dutch, Shishan (Chechen)."

Sep 27, '14: (5:35pm) UFO Ejects Out Of Comet Lovejoy. That's #5 repts in the UFO.

Sittingtaoist brought to my attention a post on the es-forum:
Those of you who have RF meters; I recommend you check your living(sitting) and sleeping spaces for signals from ABOVE.
When I first bought my RF meter(right before the incident with my dad) I surveyed my home and several friends' and family members homes and in 4/6 houses I surveyed, there were really ugly sounding signals aimed at the "head" in all the places where people slept.
Couches and beds.
And in some locations, most of the chairs in the living room.
These signals were confined to about a 1 foot diameter circle where the head of the person sleeping or sitting would naturally be located.
That would require a high degree of precision and an aircraft or satellite with a lot of individual microwave antennas or lasers, but it's what the meter detected. HFE-35C from gigahertz solutions, with both the directional and omni antenna: didn't matter. But the directional antenna indicated the signals came from ABOVE.
And he also forwarded an old email of his (Sittingtaoist's) to me from 4 years ago:
Last week Vagn Larsen was here to measure radiation in my bedroom with his sophisticated instruments. He found no 900 MHz and not much 1800 MHz, but a high level of 3G and WiFi.
First he scanned the whole spectrum with a 3-axis integrating EMF detector at different positions in the room. This revealed that the intensities differed a lot with a little change of position. The highest level - 300+ microW/m2 was found at my pillow!!! Vagn says that an acceptable level is 1 microW/m2.
I had hoped that shielding the windows would help a lot, as they are in a direct line to the transmitter, but no, the situation was a lot more complex. When he repeated the measurements with a highly directional instrument, he found that the radiation entered the room from a number of odd angles, mostly through the ceiling. We cannot explain this, as the house has a tiled roof, which does not reflect EMF.
Vagn recommends to paint walls and ceiling with shielding paint and shielding curtains for the windows.
The guestroom is in the basement directly below our bedroom and same size. The radiation level there is about 1 microW/m2.
I don't know how this is done. The poster seems to be stalked by NSA; Sittingtaoist by PET (Danish equivalent of CIA). But if you are a MW victim you might try sleeping in different spots to see if you get temporary relief.

Sep. 28, '14: (3:45pm) Alleged OK City Beheader is MPD. Hero Cop Who Shot Okla. Beheading Suspect is NSAlizard.

(9pm) Another one of those all-lizard dating sites: OK cupid. I did not feel like joining to view the babes, but i found a pic of some members.

Another synthetic that can be blasted with the April2014C pgm: Lolita Richi, who was built in a CIA U base in CT.
Rorg also found a China U base with 800+ Chinese, making the same kind of synthetics (not similar in appearance). And the base had a tunnel to east Russia, and a whole bunch of FSB U bases there.
Seems Rorg is the brains of the operation these days, at least when it comes to finding nasty stuff.

Sep. 29, '14: (8:15am) Is this guy for real? Ken O'Keefe. No, he was a CIAlizard. He's been replaced by one of those new kind of critters that the June2014 pgm digs into.
See how much of the truth he blasts out (despite his overuse of the term "gentleman")? It seems it is in "their" interest to try to wake up those they have put to sleep. Is this because of the law that their evil must have the consent of its victims? If people ignore or reject the obvious truth, they have consented.
So "they" hand us the Protocols, Orwell, Icke, etc. and even coopt some good guys who tell the truth.

(9:35am) Of course it's only partial. There are plenty of people in the Middle East, for instance, who do not consent. But they are being oppressed with the complicity of Americans who are more interested in drinking beer and watching football.

Another guy who seems to be NSA mind-controlled: Jacob Mugambi Muriithi.

(3:10pm) Ah, aren't they clever. A friend in Denmark wrote that the military "accidentally" targeted innocents, but that it seems like a setup, with the "innocents" not much minding the inconvenience. Article with pic of one of the "victims" who exemplifies the proper laid-back approach toward out-of-control gov't. English translation. The innocent victims and the military in the pics are all satanist SSers.

Denmark is possibly the most tightly covertly controlled country in the world.

(4:45pm) Hmm, for what it's worth, this ensouled guy claims that gold and homeopathic gold offer protection against V2K. I did not watch the vid.

If you're a TI, The Committee can program the homeopathic freqs into lactose pills or a vial of water. Even pills that already have homeopathic potencies such as cell salts, can be reprogrammed.
If you are using water instead, you might add a bit of liquor as a preservative against microbes.

(8:30pm) Amazingly sleazy 10 minute all-lizard propaganda film: Bootlickers And Toadies Hold Pro Police Rally.

Sep. 30, '14: (noon) Great. Looks like we're in for a spate of stories of SSers "abused" by The Establishment, who are presented as role models for how to take it. Auseel Yousefi, MPD NSAlizard, "To this day, ... feels no resentment toward his school administrators, even though they felt they had to report him."

() Oh, wow, lookee! The Vatican is clenaing house: Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos. They really mean business, too, arresting one of their own Sandy Hooker replacement doubles. Progress happens. Maybe now the world will be a better place.