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Loohan's blog for July, 2014
July 1, '14: (10:20am) Bring on the lizard actors: IDF said to arrest father of kidnapping suspect. The Shocking Comment From the Mother of One of the Prime Suspects in Israeli Teen Abduction Case. Reptilian Mossad assets.
What a bunch of crap.

(7pm) Getting light thundershowers again. And CIA transmitter planes :-)

Bunches of jailable demons of the sort described here have been populating an area a bit west of Roswell, NM (for one), via a portal from their homeland in Orion.

Also, Insectoid ETs depicted here have been sending smothering volumes of demons to people in Lagos, Nigeria from a stronghold in NGC 300.
I have been blasting these insectoids on the back burner for months. They do not seem jailable. There are lots more in Andromeda galaxy.
Jan2014C Program is probably best for them.

July 2, '14: (7:45pm) Only got 0.2" at most.

Palestinians say 12, including 3 journalists, hurt in Jerusalem clashes (that link ideally took you to the 12:14 entry). More cheesy BS. Those guys posing for the camera are Mossad lizards.

A non-reptilian search engine that integrates with FireFox: ixquick. [Non-reptilian is right! These are synthetics of the type that the April2014C pgms light up.]

July 4, '14: (9:10am) In the 50s yesterday morning. Cool day. We have been having an unusually temperate season so far.

BBC flaunts the fact that Israel Has Presented ZERO Evidence Palestinians Are Involved In Abduction Of Israeli Teens! If you forward to 4:25 through 4:36, you will see a tiny mob of shapeshifting Mossad actors playing mourners. More such faux jews 4:44-4:50. That Israeli ambassador-greaseball is a clone.

Lisa Carnes murder. I'm pretty sure the killer is here.

(5:30pm) Satanist NSAlizard "healer": Dr. William G. von Peters who markets overpriced Chembuster dishwater supposedly recommended by NSA MPD slave Don Croft. I get no vibe off this allegedly homeopathic water; it seems inert.

July 5, '14: (5:55pm) That chubby Dr. had more defensive/obfuscative spells on him than you can shake a stick at.

Ah, finally, Nigerian military "arrests" three cute female CIAlizard witches.

Satanist SSer pedo Masons: Inteva. Locations.

Right now there is a white van with 2 male SSers and several "special needs" kids (the type that fetch a real good price among SSers) overnighting at a motel, who are supposed to arrive here tomorrow. This is an Inteva building.

July 6, '14: (4:15pm) CIAlizards: Oleksandra Bronova and her American husband, Bryan Price. She is a blood-drinker to boot.

Dieudonne does not feel like a SSer, but he does feel like a DPSD agent. [Update: yes he is a SSer.]

(7:50pm) Just to show you how syrupy satanist lizards can get: aman-e-rooh. Check this shit out:
What is Transcendental Rebirthing (TR)?

Developed by Swami Amenai (Ivonne Delafor) as a gift for humanity, TR is a sacred and safe environment with a process of imagining to go back to the Original Sacred Womb of the Divine Mother to rebirth intention that a client desire to re-birth with in absolute joy and brilliancy.

The inner child is acknowledged all the way through this process, in which the client's rebirth is supported whole-heartedly in his/her intention. By clearing ancestral lines, imprints, traumatic events, healing past wounds and freeing from entanglements, the client can rebirth his/her intent into brilliancy and harmony in their life.
Ew. And what is an Ivonne Delaflor? Another satanist SSer. So is Sylvia Dokter. In fact these 2 are DIA. Numerous DIA U bases are hitting me for blasting these fine girls.
Aman-e-rooh is NSA.

July 7, '14: (10:35am) Got some more little thundershowers this morning. About 1/4", and cool weather.

What now; pedophile clones deem other pedophile clones as having a "sincere" religious objection to something or other: Hobby Lobby Decision Creates Small Island of Freedom in Ocean of Statism. Thanks for the small island, sincere lizard clones! I am relieved that there are checks and balances to the statist domination of lizard clones by other lizard clones.

Another NSA torture bldg from hell: Casa Farnese Apartments in Philly. TI vids. Website. Another of their websites, showing NSAlizard directors. Property management NSAlizard. Sponsors also include NSAlizardly Bravo Health among other scum. The Bravo URL forwards to the DORy Cigna Healthspring.

According to my dowsing, Casa Farnese is intimately connected to Philadelphia Human Resources. That's what ensouled Earthlings are to these guys: human resources of some sort.

Getting a bunch of kickback from NSA U bases now.

(4:20pm) I had to make a run to the hardware store in Marshall, and got implanted by an old satanist SSer customer there. Still have a slight headache.
It had been many months since i last got an implant from an SSer. Usually they have the good sense and taste to refrain from trifling with me that way. Or maybe it's that i was not carrying adequate protection today.

My 85-D self was so infuriated by this effrontery that he immediately generated another resin program for frying ET occultists. Then another, and another, until there were 6! The July2014A thru July2014F Programs. I am not sure what the distinction is between these programs, but they are in the tradition of the Jan2014C and the June2014 pgms. Like these they
  • go into plain resin
  • are excellent for remote blasting
  • make wands with the same impressive linear range.
If you are making wands, these new programs are compatible with the Jan2014C and the June2014 pgms as well as the Demon-Disintegrating program, as well as each other.
I just poured a batch.

(7:30pm) Buncha offworld NSAlizards hitting me from Hercules.

July 8, '14: (7:05am) Mighty big confrontations happenin' down in Murrieta: Protesters Arrested at Murrieta Border Standoff Were Pro-Illegal Immigration Agitators. Who here is a lizard? Well, the cops. Also the guys with the white shirts with the crossed rifles depicted on them (e.g. at 0:34). Not to mention the arrestees.
And check out the La Raza lizards, there to do the usual reptilian thing of protecting the children. Children are valuable commodities.

Ensouled vet stands up to intimidating scofflaw Vancouver, WA lizards: Open Carry: Veteran Unlawfully Disarmed, Detained & Arrested.
Pedophile administration.

(7:50am) ACORN for Illegal Aliens -- Meet the Southwest Key Programs. Interesting article brought to you by reliable satanist lizards. Treasure trove of blastworthy targets linked to this site, as well as on the sites linked to it.

(10:40am) Too much time on your hands? Got orgone and feel like blasting gang stalkers? This guy's youtube channel and blog are chock full of images of NYC lizards.

July 9, '14: (7:45pm) I amended OTB 27, OTB 44, and OTB 37 with info about the new programs.

(1:35pm) Hello, puerile juvenile delinquents at CIA. Thanks for subscribing me to a bunch of Viagra/pharmacy spam. I take it you want me to subscribe every CIA and NSA business i know of to special treats? In the event that you do not, please unsubscribe me from this spam.
In the event that you are unable to do this because the 3rd parties only take orders to subscribe and not unsubscribe, then you can paypal me $500/month to put up with the spam at current levels. The price will increase if the spam volume does.

July 11, '14: (7:45am) LOL, i only got 1 more spam piece since then, for CIAlis. Cute.
[Update Sep. 19: but then the spamming resumed with an average of 1 email per day. Then around Sep. 1 this increased. Often i get several per day. And the CIA has made no effort to compensate me. I suspect that the now-deceased guy in the U base who signed me up for spam was acting on his own initiative, hence his employer feels no responsibility for the matter.
I can relate to that. I would never encourage any of my readers to stoop so low as to spam CIA proprietary sites. And if they did anyway, i would consider myself entirely free of any responsibility for the matter.]

Got about 0.2" rain last night.

Speaking of CIA, as i mentioned many years ago, CINTAS is CIA-run.
My friend in Renton has a girlfriend who works at a lizardly hotel. She is forced to wear these made-in-Mexico clothes labeled Doc & Amelia (a CINTAS subsidiary) which seem to have some weird negative ET tech in them to suppress her meridians or something. I have obscured her name and title in this pic of her sweater.

Spiritual CIAlizard: Astraelia (on youtube).

(12:15pm) Been working on the sinister Chinese 6-10 Office this morning. Been taking out a bunch of related U bases, the main one being here. Also the Alah-kur took out 5 SSers here. This bldg is an evil place.
The ultimate authority over 6-10 is, of course, the Vatican. Specifically, my impression is that China is run from this bldg. I think Ta'l are checking it out...

(5:55pm) Feels like stuff is happening there.

Video: Volunteer Holiday in Cambodia. Hmmmm. Yuck! Slimy DORy satanist SSers, except for one synthetic lady.

I had never heard of this CIA front: Reach Out Volunteers. Sounds like fun, but they have very discriminating hiring practices, and i don't think i'd qualify.

And they are very affiliated with Go Overseas, another fun bunch.

Save the Elephant Foundation staff are all satanist CIAlizards. Sangduen Chailert is a synthetic of the sort that the April2014C pgm works on.
The poor elephants are ensouled.

(6pm) Wait, it costs $2195 to volunteer for 2 weeks. I guess that's one way of keeping out the riff-raff.

July 12, '14: (6:25am) Yet more disgusting satanist CIAlizards: Brad Johnson, Rob Gauthier, Shaun Swanson, Daniel Scranton, and Nora Herold.

(5:45pm) Lately i've developed some devices that neutralize the ETs who remotely attack me with transmitters. They only work for that as long as i am in physical contact with the devices. But i sleep better now.
However, to compensate i have been getting more attacks from astrals. The Bigheads less so the last couple days, but the EHETs approach astrally at night (the ones who still have astral bodies [I had forgotten they do not have astral bodies, rather they can shift to the etheric or 5D or whatever. When you jail them in astral phase, no physical body persists.]), and lately i've been especially attacked by those insectoid earth demons. They hammered me last night and have been all day today, too. I say hammered but it's not that traumatic, just irritating. Getting some restless leg syndrome right now.

These are the demons i mentioned June 25, that apparently had been causing the mysterious sounds. I have not heard that sound once since we've been blasting them, BTW.
These demons live underground, and are hitting me mainly from the same large area S and SW of me which i have been busting hard for 5 years.

July 13, '14: (5:30pm) I woke up at midnight, and they gave me restless legs for a while, but then i got back to sleep and slept well. Got up when it was just getting light out, saw that incredible full moon but felt no negativity. I felt uncommonly good this morning.

But now those same demons are swarming me again. They attack from underground, in this instance from a large area between Little Rock and Jackson, MS. Some of the demons will charge me kamikaze-like, but their energy is backed up by their buddies from the U area they come from. Plus simultaneuously the others are also remote-attacking me.
Also my friend in Renton is getting some of this from the Tukwila area. I suspect they are hitting a few other readers who have harbored unkind thoughts toward them.
They do jail easily, but there are just so many of them.
I only get mild discomfort from their attacks, but the Renton guy reports stinging sensations. He doesn't have as vast a quantity of demon-jailing and demon-disintegrating stuff i have.

(8:40pm) Weird vid someone sent me a link to: Morgellons? You can skip the 1st 30 seconds. Guy pulls long, writhing tendrils out of insects.

July 14, '14: (9:35am) It has been hotter the last couple says (though still mild for mid-July) and is supposed to be the same today; close to 90. Looks like small thundershowers headed this way.
Then we are supposed to get more unseasonably cool weather. I can handle that.

Sandy Hook's Disappearing Witnesses. I think the author is sincere, but Michael Bellmore was still a very much alive satanist SSer in a CIA U base until a couple hours ago.
Wayne Carver was a robotoid who was replaced by a clone later.

(noon) That shower passed just north of me.

Matterhorn is full of bad ETs.

(12:20pm) At least 20% of the population of Newark, AR are CIAlizards, including at the marked place as well as the school board.
U bases too, of course.
Also, west of there is this CIA-drenched industro-complex. There are signs at the entrance visible in street view, but they are (deliberately?) blurred.
Also the Independence Power Plant in Newport had extensive U CIA under and around it. Map.

July 15, '14: (9:45am) Got about 1/4" of rain yesterday afternoon.
Once again, this morning i am struck by the positive energy around here. I think it is due to clearing out so many of those underground insectoid demons. Of course part of my pleasure is that it is abnormally cool for mid-July. I am wearing long jeans and only recently took off my sweater.

BTW i have had reports from others who have been attacked by these demons recently.
And a little while ago i saw a black swallowtail butterfly which seemed DORy. It was just under attack by those demons.
This is not entirely unusual; i have sometimes noticed birds on my property that were DORy because of demon attacks.

Unlike some people, i have never encountered DORy demonic insects or other critters, except for a few poisonous snakes sent by Sai Baba in '06. In fact, i get unusual numbers of ensouled animals (as well as some soulless ones). Almost no squirrels are still ensouled, yet i have a few on my property. All the hawks around here are always ensouled, although other parts of the state have pockets were all the hawks are soulless. Many of the deer that come here are ensouled. There is even a demon-jailing buck that sometimes stands in the woods nearby and makes those sharp whistling exhalations. Normally deer do this to warn other deer prior to bolting from the area. But he will just stand there and make these sounds for minutes at a time.
I have some lizards that seem to be greeting me, judging by their body language and vibe. Most of the snakes i've seen in the last couple years are ensouled, and are now jailing demons.

Sheesh., where all the finest Chinese lizard-wenches are located. Pretty impressive, considering that hardly any Chinese people are SSers.
Looking at the success stories, it appears Earth dupes are getting together with these repts.

(1:05pm) Another CIA airline, this one HQed in Orlando, hotbed of Jesuit evil: Orange Air. "Our history includes the operation of several International Aviation Companies which supplied diverse aviation services and aircraft to various US Government Agencies, the United Nations, Foreign Governments, Fortune 100 companies, US Government Officials, Foreign Dignitaries, Royal Families, Prominent Sports Figures, and Notable Entertainers." I'll bet.

(4:40pm) Hehe, after posting about snakes this morning, i encountered another one. I was stumbling around, making noise, through the weeds and underbrush, lopping some native growth away from a fruit tree i had planted years ago, when i spied some ripe blackberries. I was picking and eating a few when i saw another black snake (common non-poisonous snake) about a yard away from me. She was 3-4' above ground sunning herself in a shrub! I had never seen such a thing. She was doubled up on herself lengthwise along a branch, and seemed peculiarly unperturbed by my chaotic presence. Ensouled. She is being loaded up with etheric demon-jailers, etc. now.
She's about the diameter of my thumb, and i guess about a yard long.
She's giving me a hug in the astral now.

July 16, '14: (7:45pm) That snake is a sweetheart. Her 5D self has been hanging around me all this time, bagging 40 demons per second.

A pithy quote straight from an NSAtanist SSer: A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government. They are giving us permission to stockpile ammo, i guess.

Here is an example of the CIA simultaneously promoting and attacking the same guy: CHRISTIAN SCHLUECHTER THROWS CO2 CLIMATE SCIENCE INTO DISARRAY.
arclein is a CIAlizard clone. Schluechter is an ensouled guy who is under heavy CIA attack. We removed lots of spells and are battling the CIA U bases attacking him.

(8:15pm) MI MIB: Elissa Hawke, a supposed Australian Anarchist.

Malala Yousafzai shows support for Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram. This same image was on the front page of yesterday's Little Rock paper.
What grabbed me was the black magician SSer innocent schoolgirls. I think Malala is a genuine ensouled victim who has been co-opted by the CIA. But these depicted black girls are CIAlizards. [Update 2016: actually, Malala is a drag queen. As are the black "girls" in the pic.]

I was just skimming through the pix here of the Boston Marathon scammers, and most of them were in U bases! Finally nailed them. Even Redondo and probably all the other high-profile ones. Now they will need to come up with amputeed clones.

(9:15pm) Ex-CO cop gets 30 days work release for years of abusing girl: Zip-tying, punching, choking. What's interesting about this psycho-looking guy is that he was stuffed with 33 reptilian demons.
I sort of get the impression these demons have been with him many lifetimes, spurring him to sadistic acts.
Of course he lost his soul a few years ago and is on his last life.

Now i seem to be de-cloaking yet another strain of shapeshifting reptilian. For many months i have been seeing ads for Tom Cotton, but i never could get a repty vibe off him. He struck me as a sleazy douchebag, but clueless. But just now i saw another ad, and suddenly he had become all repty-vibey. I think it's because of all my new orgone programs and stuff i've been making lately in his state. He is probably not that far away.
He is of a hybrid strain from Pisces. So are the other 3 guys in this pic. Campaign staff, probably. Another. More. More. More. More slime.

I found a U base of them in California, near Fort Hunter Liggett, which also has their vibe. Commander. Deputy Commander (who was in U base just now, so will probly be replaced by clone).
Finding lots more underground SE of there.

July 17, '14: (7:45am) What is wrong with this story: Blogger fined by court for negative restaurant review has bigger implications? Well, for one thing, Caroline Doudet is a CIAlizard. For another, the CIA is so reptarded that they can't even come close to spelling the name of her blog right. There is no "Culur-Elle" on google, it is Culturelle, ya bleeding illiterates. And this is a site they are catapulting into fame.
And a blogger "has bigger implications"? Maybe the CIA needs to learn basic English grammar too. Or maybe it is a deliberate slip of the tongue.
Also the restaurant is run by SSers.
I suspect google deliberately gave the "controversial" review exaggerated ratings.
BTW the latest Alex Clones suicided again this morning. Can't handle all the people blasting him i guess. Usually i have to scrape off a bunch of his protection spells every morning, but today, no spells, just hunkering underground, trembling.

(8:50am) Another wacky psyop story: MI5 'Complicit In Torture' Of Shapeshifting Reptilian Ali Adorus Who Is Standing Trial In Ethiopia On Terrorism Charges. Can't those lizards just get along?

(10:55am) Cool, overcast.
Feel like bagging some Bighead demons? I got a mess of them stirred up in Pegasus.

(1:45pm) Now Icke's latest clone also go caught in a U base.

Another CIAlizard: Peter Farley. He had lots of spells to cloak his repty vibe.

(7:20pm) Bal was attacked by some of those insectoid ETs mentioned July 1. This batch is located in this area.

Aha! A photo of an EHET!

Lately i have been noticing EHETs living on the surface on mil bases, and having our allies tackle them. And today i was checking out the town of this TI, namely Wamsutter, WY, which had vast U NSA and FBI crap as well as all kinds of weird stuff going on on the surface. Then i noticed there were 68 EHETs on the surface there. 3 Ta'l already took care of these. I think one of them may have been this depicted guy.

(7:35pm) He's got other pix of "cloaked" EHET stalkers. Here's an EHET's astral body, on the left side. I still get a few of these daily, altho i don't see them, just feel them. And jail them.
Yesterday Bal came by the bakery where i work to visit, and he saw one right near us.

(8:40pm) Been getting faint rain. Very cool temps.

Ah, the great mysteries: Michelle Obama Is A MAN!!.
This educational video makes a very good case for Michelle to be a transvestite. But here's the weird thing: neither the deceased original nor any of her clone replacements had a prostate.
Male-to-female TVs normally retain their prostates.

Prostates have a very distinct vibe, even in old men, and in transvestites who have been castrated and pumped full of hormones. In fact, as the video mentions, Serena Williams was born male. She definitely does have a prostate.

Could Michelle have had prostate cancer at an early age? I dunno. But the evidence that s/he was born male is convincing, so i must conclude there was surgical intervention.

I never thought to check her for testes until now. Testes also have a distinct vibe, though not as obvious as prostates'. Michelle does have testes. At least, her clones do, and i get that the original did. (Pic of original.)
But then why remove the prostates from all the clones? Is there some other exotic reason? To retain testes but remove the prostate is the opposite of what surgical TVs usually do.

(8:55pm) Pic of military truck at laundromat(!?!) full of very intense EHET electrics. The NSA lets these ETs just cruise around with these things.
We will see about that gear.

July 18, '14: (7:30am) Got another 0.4" or so of rain. In the 50s F now.

Oh wow, looks like another Malaysian flight bit the big one.
So, at the top of the page they flaunt the pic of 3 DORy satanists who were still alive in a U base in Peru. Some 70 more lizards were down there as well. Video refuses to play, but there is a slide show. First, showing "Ukrainian" repts digging around in a small pile of rubble...

Woops, after a long delay, the vid starts playing for a few seconds, showing a torched landfill in TX(?) with a bunch of SSers looking around for recyclable cans, i guess. Then they show a lizard hosing down the rubbish fire.
After another long pause, they show a bunch of lizard actors at 0:57, waiting in line.
Not one single Earthling in the video or still pics.

(8:55am) Some people in Lagos are being relentlessly psi-attacked by NSAlizards in Reticulum.

More lizard BS: CIAlizard "investigator" chats with reptilian Planned Parenthood advisor. How juicy.
Planned Parenthood Exposed is another CIA front. They even have little 2 SSer girl actresses at top of page.

(1:10pm) Crash claims top AIDS researchers heading to Melbourne. Another all-lizard video production. A lot of them in this vid were in u bases just now.

July 19, '14: (5:25pm) Jack and Nancy Malacaria. Jack is satanist CIAlizard MPD handler. Nancy is soulless MPD victim. She might be well-intentioned.
They have 5 MPD kids.
They are in contact with many nonexistent ETs.

The Bigheads were real active around me for a while last night. And my friend in Queens says "It feels like the entire army of BHs are focusing on me."

In fact, he says
Hi Loohan , I have been still under relentless attack , day and night , all through the day . MWs , mostly this more intense stuff I told you about called Impulse Beam , Impulse Wave and Impulse Wave gun . Very damaging , causing my legs to swell up severely , my socks don't fit anymore . Impulse wave shakes up my brain , at the base of my skull and still getting pounding heart stuff . They wake me up after 3 hours sleep and I have to fight for hours before even getting out of the house . It feels like the entire army of BHs are focusing on me . After the last email I was able to write to you , the Off world CIA came back and now I have both of these groups attacking , mostly from the Manhattan bases over by 14th st . and 10th ave .area . 10 mile deep Ubase there also , huge .
We are taking out the U base. I am unable to discern the microwave stuff he talks about, but i found a couple bldgs of interest.
This one had NSA, CIA, and 5 EHETs. The Alah-kur are in there now. The EHETs are illegal on the surface of Earth, so our allies can waltz right in and maybe also take care of at least some CIA & NSA lizards for harboring them.
This bldg had NSA, CIA, and 3 EHETs...

Also he has been getting attacks from CIA under Tyson's Corner, VA (near Langley CIA HQ) which is a real DORy power spot i have busted on-site more than once.

(7:50pm) Shapeshifting black UFOs in chem: video. What are they? Drones of the same "hairless repts" we've been fighting for years, who have in the last couple years or so been behind the chem-drones and the ripples. I tracked them to 2 U bases. One was in the southern tip of Greenland, and the other was hundreds of miles east of there, just south of Iceland.

(8:05pm) Lonely bear needs love: 'sad' polar bear. He did have an emotionally funky vibe a while ago, but seems happier now that a bunch of my astral allies are visiting him.

July 20, '14: (7:55am) Much of 148 Centre St in NYC is NSA-inhabited (but not the Vietnamese Restaurant). There were 300+ illegal ETs from Orion in there, which the Ta'l Border Patrol is dealing with now. Humanoids of some sort, but not grays or reptilians.

Another Law enforcement action this morning: 1 Ta'l bumped off CIAlizard Judge Jeanine Pirro above-ground for doing this amazingly illegal video. I only watched the first 2 minutes of shocking lies and sick war propaganda.
This sort of thing, when carried to such extremes, is illegal because there are so many Earthlings sufficiently deliberately dumbed down and hypnotized by various means to believe this.
Now the Ta'l are less sadistic than the Alah-kur, but Law required the Ta'l guy to not let her die painlessly, as that would fail to discourage other agents from suiciding in a similar manner. So there might be a bit of a mess to clean up. She may have been overnighting here altho other SSers are listed as living there.

(5:35pm) A few days ago the Alah-kur also wiped out a bunch of Jesuit-licking Hamas lizards who were firing rockets at Israeli citizens. And of course the allies often pick on Israeli criminals and Vatican Jesuits, but not enough for my tastes.
Palestinian child death toll rises to 70 while 50,000 are now homeless as a result of Israel's air and ground offensive. Note that ALL the depicted IDF soldiers are SSers. None of the depicted Palestinians are, but Palestinians have problems of their own. Many of their kids are sexually abused, usually by fathers or older brothers. Some of the boys on that page as well as the 3 children shown here.

Another CIA synthetic of the sort that the April2014C program works on: Mary Anne Grady Flores. Perhaps the original SSer died in U base. The 2nd video shows a bunch of shapeshifting "drone resisters". The blogger is a CIAlizard.

Another dubious Boko Haram story. Even the lizard newscaster sounds bored.

EXCLUSIVE: Tragic Satanist Lizard Jill Dando probed BBC PAEDO ring.

Esther Rept-zen: My shock over my MP lover's links to Elm House paedophile ring.

(6pm) Yet another type of evil ET working with the CIA on the surface:
Bal asked me about this truck weigh station with X-ray crap, saying it was extra-DORy. It had a very strange exotic ET vibe, which i attributed to electronic stuff there. Sent in our Ky allies to monkeywrench it. Also the south side eastbound station, which Bal says is closed for construction, had some.
Just north of the north station was an EHET U base.

Bal took a crappy pic of someone at the north station, and asked me what this guy is. Said he looked like a "Puerto Rican or small Hispanic. Carrying a small bag of trash..."
Nothing familiar. Had to blast him a while to get vibe, which was nasty and creepy. Then i realized there were 3 of these ETs in the north station and 1 in the south one. And a bunch more in U base 1/2 mile west. The Alah-kur took these out.
They are from Hydrus. I found loads of them under the Hartford, CT area. A bunch under here in NY. More in PA, etc.
The Jan2014C program lights them up real well. They seem to be all over the world.

(6:55pm) Arg, i got some details mixed up about that last post. There were no EHETs at that stop, nor did Bal take that pic there (altho the same type ETs were at the weigh station).
The EHETs i mentioned were actually just east of the KY Welcome Center about 50 miles north of Knoxville, and Bal thinks the guy was a traveler. I don't detect any the Welcome Center.

But once i de-cloaked the guy's vibe, it dawned on me what was up with that weigh station vibe.

July 21, '14: (6:50am) Reptilian lynch mob hunting for Earthlings. At least 10% of these SSers are actual Mossad parasites.

Disgusting: "Jews" name their baby nazi reptile parasite after Operation Protective Edge.

And how do Israelizards treat an actual ensouled Jew who dares to open his mouth? Young American Jew Stands Up For Palestine, Disappeared By Police.

US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Assault on Gaza. Flauntingly illegal.
It is one thing to con the people into voting into office nothing but CIAlizard criminals. It is another thing entirely (legally speaking) to replace all the "people" voted into office with imposters to take orders from offworld.

(10:20am) "Psychic" satanist NSAlizard: Nancy Garcia.

NSAlizard: Jennifer Shepherd AKA Lipstick Mystic. She had 333 adorableness spells and 54 sex-appeal spells. I almost fell in love with her ;-)
She also promotes really cool-looking jewelry by blood-drinking CIAlizard David Weltzman.

Re-visiting the Cassiopaea folks. I still think Laura and Ark are ensouled 96s, but i wonder more and more about the entities they channel, which i have never gotten more than the vaguest vibe off of.
I ran into this recent channeling session, and have to wonder, why do the Casses claim
  • Julius Caesar (SSer satanist) was a good guy, whose non-existent soul they contacted?
  • That Mossad (Vatican subordinates) are the top of the food chain?
That was just a couple things that caught my eye skimming.

Also i noticed that many of the detractors of the cult are ensouled (whereas others are lizards -- it is normal for agents to dis agents).

I sent Chainy after these alleged Cassies. He is stirring them up and getting them all DORy at Segin.

(noon) More "spiritual" shapeshifters:
Brooke Medicine Eagle, whose area is packed with U CIA.
Shanti Shivana and her scaly friends.
William Henry.
In fact, just about everyone listed in the left column here is a shapeshifter. The only Earthlings i'm spotting are Nicky Scully (soulless) and Stanislov Grof (ensouled).
Also these distributors are lizardly.

(4:15pm) M32 satanists into Holistic health. Isn't it against the law to dicriminate on the basis of race and religion in hiring?

July 22, '14: (7:30am) Video showing blood-drinking satanist "Jewish" settlers expounding on what they pretend is their viewpoint: Rockets and Revenge - Part 7.
These are Khazars, a strain of reptilian hybrid that has nothing in common, spiritually or genetically, with the Hebrews.

Driver who killed satanist teen on bike sues family for $1.3 million. Earth woman ran over 3 lizard punks.

Something that may help targeted individuals: there seems to be some kind of big orgone device in the center of this pic of Aries. You can tap into it for offense or defense against psychic or energy attacks. A friend in Spain wrote me:
few weeks back i meditation i started to connect to a big orgonite that is on the universe. it had a very powerful orange energy, is there such things out there. big powerful orgonites that u can redirect the energy to certain point.? ...

like a crystal orange jewel. kinda like a big muff. bigger than planet earth, i think is on a asteroid. Mmm after i wrote u i felt the energy again, then i went to meditate/sleep lol and saw that are more colours in different parts.. felt like u can blast whole star systems redirecting the energy. I tried to blast some repts don't know if it work but they hate it.
Seems to work.

(7:55pm) More "spiritual" SSers: Grupo Elron
Charles Wm. Skillas
Sharon-Ann Riley (CIA)

And here is a site that seems legit: Stop Alien Abductions. I haven't studied it yet.

July 23, '14: (7:50pm) Today was probably the hottest day so far of this mild summer. Got up to about 92 F in town, and muggy. Then around 3:45 the sky exploded with a brief but strong deluge. I got almost 2" at my place. Cool now.

Patti Conklin feels ensouled and legit, but she's very weak in the recognition-of-evil dept. All her "preferred practitioners" are SSers. Or were. They all got killed underground just now.

Today at work i noticed an awful lot of Sandy Hookers driving by. They've been replacing suicided SSers with these here lately. I saw far fewer MIBs, so i wonder if a lot of these SHers were replacements for dead MIBs. And the Sandy Hookers trace to the Jonesboro area. Been taking out lots of SHer U bases there this afternoon.
I think they had bunches of SHer "blanks" stored in U warehouses.
I would really like to know how they morph these into identical copies of the lizards they replace. There is still a lot of U SHer crap under the town being mopped up.

Repty Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs. Here is the dairy's website. The ensouled guy in the orange shirt was totally stuffed with etheric implants from CIA U bases. We have been cleaning him up all day and he's still a mess.
CIA-led Food Freedom Movement indeed.

(8:25pm) There are 2 tunnels from Jonesboro to Memphis, and more SHer U bases under Memphis, and tunnels and bases fanning out to the east and NE at least 30 miles. This stuff is all NSA.

July 24, '14: (10:15am) Getting a helluva DORy satanist vibe off this story, but hard to pin down what: Air Algerie flight AH5017 disappears from radar in sandstorm.
Something to do with this spot in Russia, which was very hard to zoom in on, as it felt like it was all over northern Europe.

Ah, OK, that's because there are 3 such spots. One is here in Norway. And this one also in Norway.
Not getting more details yet.

(12:10pm) NSAlizard op: Minuteman Project. A couple more Minuteman NSAlizards.

Alright! We have developed an amazing orgone device to protect targeted individuals. I will be offering these for a mere $20 plus shipping, but better yet, they are very easy to make (for those working with The Committee) and the instructions are on OTB 45.

(4:55pm) Those 3 spots relating to Flight AH5017 had SSers in them, connected to this bldg west of London, which is apparently host to Lonza, a Basel, Switzerland based co. which has a Wikipedia page, and was founded in the DORy town of Gampel. Feels like at least 40% SSers, most of them blood-drinkers. And the underground feels very reminiscent of the vibe those 3 spots had earlier.

Also the England bldg has some connection to U bases to the NE, above which sits this complex of 2 clusters of bldgs, a boat ramp, playground, etc., all of which has a strong Lonzalizard vibe. Woodland Park, which has a golf course on the east side of the hwy. Whole area including Uxbridge has U Lonzalizards being taken out now, but i also get impression they have been hanging out a lot in the park.

(5:05pm) Lonza has a DORy Maryland location, complete with U base.
One in NJ with U bases.
And dozens of other locations, probably all of which have U bases. Give 'em a blast.

(8pm) CIA proprietary: Newwave Communications.

Satanist MIB "Arcturan": ARCTURUS ANT. Also check out his his recommended mentors.

July 25, '14: (7:40am) NSAtanist MIB: Christina Martine.

SSer clone: David Hudson, the mono-atomic gold guy. The original was SSer too.

Ensouled Indian kicks lizard parasites off reservation. Note that one of the slimy SSers posted the following hooey below the vid:
I don't appreciate being labeled as Trans Canada, the environmental groups and the Wet'suwet'en are not Trans Canada, nor are we sell outs! As one of your own people I don't appreciate being thrown under the bus. My whole family is Unistoten and I stand behind them 100%. You know very well that Wet'suwet'en people will be out there to make sure that each environmental group does their due diligence in collecting the data of all of our natural resources. This information is crucial to our people and crucial to the protection of our land. You will have plenty of time to glorify your efforts, but to use one of your own as target practice is a disgrace. I am your own flesh and blood, where is the honour in throwing your own family in with the pipeline, to the wolves?
Let's see a graph of your family tree, lying bitch.

What is wrong with the Elashi family? Nothing much, other than that they are Mossad lizards.

(7:30pm) Ain't that interesting. Taking out a bunch of Sinaloa Cartel / CIA joint bases in Sonora, MX. And north to near Tucson and Phoenix.

(8:05pm) There are loads of NSA werewolves living in Raphine, VA. Lots more are being taken out below-ground. Also a tunnel meandering all the way to the NC shore, where there are loads more above and below.
In fact, check out the Wilmington cops and this councilman. The town must be 25% werewolves, and 28% shapeshifting repts.

Brrr! Werewolves have the creepiest vibes.

(8:20pm) Audio Visions is a DORy werewolf CIAtanist proprietary, and a cover for other activities (their website).

Werewolves are very electronics-happy, as Bal will attest. And the Wilmington area is heavily peppered with their DORy transmitters.

July 26, '14: (5:15pm) Weird. So today at work some 20 vehicles with CIA werewolves came down from the Harrison area and went around and around many times. Maybe they fantasized that they were attacking me through my wall of orgone. Anyway, we are mopping up a bunch of WW U bases NW of Harrison.

Back to Mexico, there were also EHETs involved in those Sonora bases. In fact i am noticing EHETs more and more at military bases, CIA bases, US trucking industry sites. Also running Israeli clones, Vatican clones, US gov't clones, etc. I think EHETs are directing much clone behavior on Earth, giving them shitty nazi things to say in the media, wars to monger, etc.

100% CIAlizard site: Board. Staff. Contributors. They don't seem to state what EAG stands for.

(7:15pm) Feeling targeted? Try tapping into this large RDB i just made

Another one of those synthetics one can blast with the April2014C program: Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Now i'm seeing werewolves everywhere. Like on the Newark PD command staff. Real balanced. 5 lizards and 5 WWs. Can you tell which is which?

And what does this suggest about the demographics in Newark?
Wo, we have done so much clearing of the NYC area, but now Newark is DORy from the WW U bases stirred up in connection with those 5 cops.

The mayor and city council are WWs too.

North Colorado portal the EHETs have been using. I have been trying to clear up around Wamsutter, WY (just north of portal) but the whole area seems an endless U EHET mess. So i realized they had to have been coming in via a portal.

July 27, '14: (4pm) As usual, the CIA is in the forefront of de-bunking false flags: MH17 HOAX: Crash Scene Evidence Reveals No Boeing-777 Engine. Saive is a CIAlizard clone. Veterans Today is CIA.

A reader wrote:
Just checked the Newark councillors pic , altho too small for me to sense all their faces, the thing that jumped out was their hands... really, just check the hands that are showing, and tell me they don't look like wolf paws. Far right guy even shows signs of claws hanging down.!
But here is a paw from the bottom left guy.

Today i had 13 vehicles with WWs from the Batesville area driving around and around the bakery. There were U bases right under Batesville that they evidently needed me to notice.

(4:45pm) Repty "do-gooders": Brad Herzog "is the author of more than three-dozen books for children and five titles for adults, including MY MANTELPIECE, the co-authored memoirs of late civil rights icon Carolyn Goodman (with a foreword by Maya Angelou)." SSers all. Angelou is a blood-drinking satanist.

Interesting pic: The earthquake in Gaza. Quite a few, i'd guess over 20%, of these guys in the pic are Mossad lizards. A couple were in U bases.

Abell 2218 Jesuits have been hitting me with negative energy raised by torturing cats in thousands of locations out there.
Now we are liberating the souls of their caged cats.

July 28, '14: (7:35am) They also "do" some dogs and goats. 'Vozy was able to tuck some programming into 2 of my larger RDBs to:
1.) help light up the critters being tortured and their breeding mills, and
2.) trace the demons that are attracted by the suffering. There are still lots of different types of mostly stupid little demons that can be summoned out of various dimensional spaces.

This helped. But of course then the Bigheads and the earth-insectoid demons attacked me all the harder. I probably ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep.

Just saw a pic of the double that has played Queen Elizabeth since the Diamond Jubilee. She has now been inducted into blood-drinking satanist rites. She previously did not have that vibe.
I think this happened about 3 days ago here at the stables of the Elle-Dani riding school, which does not seem to have a website other than some horsey pix on FB.

Probably lots of blastable lizard sluts to be found on A New Facebook Page Dedicated to the IDF. Alas, it requires a FaCIAbook account to view :-(
Except for a few available by image search.
IDF To Launch New Campaign Preventing Soldiers From Posting Inappropriate Pics.

(5:35pm) Apparently, all truck stops [oops, i meant to say weigh stations] and maybe 1/5 of all rest areas in the US have EHET bases close by. Or had; we're working on it. I get that there are a bunch in other "developed" nations, too. So if you know of any truck stops anywhere, light them up.

Weird vid of the day: Jamaica's Gully Queens. What makes it weird is they're all DORy satanists in the vid. At least the 1st half which is all i watched. Not all are SSers though.
I have the impression they have done kinky ritual murders of boys. Not to mention dogs, cats...

I, too, have smoked ganja in some of Kingston's gullies (1971), but never ran into this bunch.

(6:50pm) The city council, police, etc. of Milton, FL are CIAlizards. Just north of the town is Whiting Field Naval Air Station. Drug vibes. Hairless repts under air station, town, and surroundings.

July 29, '14: (5:30pm) The werewolves mentioned above have already all been killed underground and replaced with WW clones. I presume that the blasting is a factor, and that, like shapeshifting repts, they tend to go underground when blasted.

This does not seem to be the case with Sandy Hookers. Maybe it's that the only programs that light them up (Jan2014A, or better, April2104A) don't really hurt them much. I got psi-attacked twice today by SHers. One was in a car behind me, and another was standing near me in a post office. In both cases they hit me with a moderately-strong evil energy, which did not diminish quickly when i responded by blasting them. When SSers attack me, the orgone usually knocks down their energy very quickly -- in fact probably usually takes care of it without me noticing.
Where do the SHers get their attack energy from? Same as with SSers, they draw on SSer U bases.

The new type of doubles mentioned June 19 seem to be very vulnerable to being hit with the June2014 pgm, and readily dive underground. Whereas the synthetics that are lit up by the April2014C pgm do not seem too bothered.

More SSers to blast: Hong Kong Triads. At least, many of them are SSers.

Many kung-fu movie stars are Triad members. I watched the first couple minutes of 7 Assassins, and all the actors are Chuen Triad, probably about half of them SSers.
The gangster movies numbered 5 through 10 here all have triad actors.

(7pm) Wow, i was just checking the NYC map and found EHETs underground. Recently moved in via tunnels from under White Plains, NY.
I am also finding lots of EHETs on surface in White Plains. In fact, this White Plains Zoning Board member is one! So is this one and this one, members of the Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee. (I don't have a FaCIAbook account, and can't tell whether there is anything on these pages, but they have the vibe).
There are a bunch more in city gov't. And, wo, dood, unreal: Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board!
I am blown away.

July 30, '14: (8:20pm) All of the people on that library site are EHETs. Or were. They don't feel lively anymore; did the allies actually mop them up? EHETs are way illegal on surface.

I'll have to watch what happens. I presume they'll be replaced by another kind of critter.
On Sep. 6, there is supposed to be a Book Signing and Reading with Susan Stockdale, who feels like another dead EHET. Betcha she'll pop up as an SSer clone or some other manufactured double.

Been getting light rain this afternoon, and a big system will continue to move over tonight, looks like.

Some more blastworthy Khazar nazi antisemites: vid.

Very low-grade CIA production; at least the first half which i watched. Saw only CIAlizards, at least 70% of them blood-drinkers.
Exceedingly blurry "GRAPHIC!" footage of CIAlizards "shooting" CIAlizards.

July 31, '14: (9:05am) More such: The Islamic State Killing Fields: Terror group releases horrifying video....

Cool and wet out. It has been raining gently non-stop. High today supposed to be 72 F.

(10:05am) Chris Spivey ILLEGALLY arrested. I seem to sense 5 SSers.
Blogger arrested in 2am raid on his home after claiming Lee Rigby's murder was an anti-Islam HOAX.
He's a prisoner of the DORy pedophile repty Essex Satanist Police.

(12:45pm) Or rather, he was a prisoner. He's back now (Facebook).

I got about 1.75" of rain.

(4:40pm) Got some more faint drizzle, which seems to have stopped now. High was around 66 F. Two years ago on July 30 i reported "Wunderground predicted a high of 111 F today. Don't know how hot it actually got around here."

More blastworthy lizard parasites: Mars Hoax - Curiosity Rover Billion Dollar Movie. Including the entire audience.
Many of them were in U bases when i watched the vid, and are already dead. A few were already replaced by clones some time ago.

Lately when i first check the Board of Directors of some corporation or agency, usually some or all of the "people" are in U bases. If not, i blast them and bookmark the page, and after a few days or weeks, usually they will be dead and replaced. Often the replacement clones will be in U bases when i check back.

Some are tougher than others. It took months to "get" the NYPD administration, for instance. But we finally got the bastards.