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Loohan's blog for September, 2006

Sep. 1, '06: I got hit with 6 NSA astral punks shortly after i posted last night. But since then, only squid again. And not many of those this morning.

I have been enjoying remarkably cool weather the last few days, and the forecast is for more of the same. It appears that the hot summer has broken. The mornings are so cool that the biting insects aren't flying.
This inspires me to write some of my infamous bad poetry:
The world will never be the same
Or Commander Loohan ain't my name.
There, that's all i had to say. You got off easy.
Yup, something special about Sep. 1, 2006. I can feel it.

  *   *   *   *
(3pm) About 1/2 an hour ago i noticed 6 Navy ships with nukes/transmitters doing Hurricane John (115mph). Also they keep doing monkeyshines with land-based transmitters in the projected path of Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is presently rated at 35mph.

(9pm) I had sort of expected the squid to shoot their whole wad before mid-afternoon today, but i have been hit a couple times this evening with even more inconceivably vast quantities of them. Fortunately, their stuff hardly impinges on me anymore.
So far, though, the ET activity seems (knock on wood) to have slowed down. Did they use up most of their personnel?
Also got one more NSA astral fool, thinking he could spy on me in my cabin without me picking up on it.

(10:15pm) On Aug. 27 i posted on the forum asking for help with this spot near the Leb/Isr boarder. I've been getting some good help, and blasting the spot and the 127 ETs quite a bit myself. Hoping to weaken them, so that the Lyrans could pulverize them.

Well, a few minutes ago i noticed that the Lyrans were doing that, and had already killed about 100. So i lent a hand, and soon there were no bad guys left. Now the Lyrans have the spot radiating strong good energy.

Sep. 2, '06: More of the same: the squid are trying to hassle me all the time, in impossible quantities. I could do nothing but shovel them into jail all day long.
But the ET activity in the M.E. and Solar System is almost nil that i can detect. Of the evil ETs, i mean.

Sigh. Tropical Depression Kristy is only rated at 35mph now, but already has 6 nuclear USN subs pumping out remarkably stong DOR. These guys are so original.

(7:15pm) A couple hot developments:
I seem to have placed the entirety of the realm of the squid into my prison. I am all pumped up lately from the psychotronic fuel from shredding all this stuff, which is why i was able to do something that awesome.
Some higher-dimensional beings moved right in to heal the rift the squid were using. They are applying some very sweet healing energies to the rift.
I am still being hit by a few squid from elsewhere that i need to track down.

Also a while ago i noticed that the M.E. was being hit by bad energy originating from Epsilon Eridani (forum thread).
Also i am having to scoop up some ETs in the M.E. and Solar System again.

  *   *   *   *
On Aug. 8 i posted about the Tall White ETs at Nellis AFB. After receiving some hamfisted orgone treatment, these fragile beings soon left. I just checked, and noticed someone else had moved in: the Pleiadians! And the AF brass know about it, too, or i wouldn't mention it.
Do we live in interesting times, or what?

Sep. 3, '06: Well, there were actually a fair number of squid on this side of the rift. Their former location and the rift still feel squeaky clean and sweet. But so far today (4pm) i have rounded up 80+ quintillion, which is nothing compared to what i've been getting. But they've been trying hard to pester me. Not all of these were attacking me. I went hunting a bit and found some on another galaxy, as well as in Universes C and B.

I still keep rounding up ETs from time to time, but it's much less than i have been finding lately. Mostly greys.

These guys never know when to quit. I just checked Kristy again. She's now rated at 40mph, and there is a fresh batch of 6 Navy subs for me to process.

(4:30pm) OK, got those subs pretty iced down, then dealt with a bunch of squid attacking me. Then realized it was not just squid, but also 3 green Nordics and 13 7-ft. greys. So they're back to attacking me again, now that the squid are waning. But they are not attacking me with micro-critters, etc. like they used to. Hopefully because my theory is correct that they do not have the power for that without massive squid input. Now they're just getting in my space and bad-vibing me.

Later i got 13 Mossad astral jerks. Bring 'em on.

(10:15pm) Man, what a zoo it's been around here this evening. They are re-diversifying.
Aside from the squid, i had 99 Seraphim jump me, then 13 more. Then 800+ octopi! Then 99 more Seraphim. Now things seem to have mellowed out. There was one particular clown at Ft. Meade who wanted to get Loohan.

(11:15pm) The excitement never stops here at planet Loohan. I got hit by a bunch more octopi, 9 greys, then about half a googol of squid. The rift was dirty again! Turns out what i thought was the realm of the squid was only one of 6 pockets of them on Universe C. The others were a lot smaller, and i stuffed them in jail, too. Of course there are still lots of loose squid around to hassle me.
The octopi were sent by some dude at DHS who wanted to be a hero. I am now charging up both the DHS office in DC and the NSA HQ in Ft. Meade.

Also, i took a look around and scooped up Nordics at lots of MI divisions and Parent, QC. They are also at plenty of other bases i need to vacuum.

(11:30pm) Another 99 Seraphim, sent by the same guy at NSA, now fortified by a coven of 13 reptilians, which i scooped up. Then i got hit by 18 greys. Then internal octopi.
What a bunch of sore losers, i swear.

  *   *   *   *
Flying humanoids. I don't know what they are except that they feel real nasty.

  *   *   *   *
I am pretty sure i took care of the Master Green Nordic Sorceror, who always had amazing reserves of energy. I snarfed them (burp!) and now the former sorceror feels pretty mellow.

Sep. 4, '06 (11am) It is amazing how much calmer things are this morning. I haven't been hit by anything but a few weak octopi and squid. Almost no ETs found acting up.
Naturally, just as i type this, the tentacled ones are starting to express slightly increased displeasure...

(1:45pm) Yoiks, 999 Seraphim just jumped along with squid. No big deal though. For some reason it didn't feel like much.

Sep. 5, '06: Kept getting hit with stuff yesterday. I realized that the octopi, Seraphim, and usually the greys were sent by Nordics, so scooped them whenever i got these.
But other than the attacks, i'm not finding much evil ET activity. And the attacks are getting fewer and weaker.

Finally got back to my earlier project yesterday, and fully charged up all orgone devices on Earth, and a bunch of other stuff, including several big crystal mines. One can find out interesting things this way. I might become a prospecting consultant someday. The 4th largest quartz deposit in Arkansas is smack under North Little Rock. "They" know about it, too. It might be common geological knowledge, i don't know. This morning they had turned on transmitters in response to the POR in the area.

The biggest diamond mine in the world is in Zambia. Zambia is one of maybe 7 countries in the world that is not run by black magicians. My impression is, DeBeers owns the land, and the government is unaware of the diamonds. Perhaps it has other gems they do know about. DeBeers is sitting on it to keep prices up. The volume of diamonds in the mine is 0.43 cubic miles! Of course it is spread out over a large distance, and of various qualities.

Early this morning i did also find 3 ships (that i had already processed) working on Kristy, 40mph. I processed the 1 new person and the fuel, but at 3pm they are still at it, putting out faint levels of DOR. Still says 40mph.

Sep. 6. '06: I noticed today there are now 6 surface vessels doing Kristy, all of which i'd previously charged up. I think they said 45mph this morning, but now (6:15pm) it's back down to 35.

Dubya assassinated this morning but i can't take credit. (forum)

Just now i was clearing a few greys out of the M.E. and found 3 USN subs off the coast by the Gaza strip, that had 90,000 greys in them. Why, i do not know. I get that each ship had a compartment of less than 6 cu. ft. with the greys in it. I just report the facts and don't expect anyone to believe them.

I've been doing a lot of charging up stuff on a real macro scale lately, and i think things are really shifting. In this and the other universes i'm aware of. I've only been hit by a (relative) few squid today.

It just came to my attention that there is an imposter posting as the deceased Sai Baba. Been active about 3.5 weeks. I'll see if i can bump him off in the next few days. No pics that recent on the site i was using; i was curious how he looks.
The clone is still in the same place in England, presumably in poor health.

Sep. 7, '06: Full moon today, and it's our full moon. Energy is great overall.

(1:45pm) Kristy is now rated at 30mph, but i checked Tropical Storm Florence (50mph) and found 9 "virgin" USN subs. Good. If they keep this up, soon all Navy vessels will have been processed.

  *   *   *   *
I put together some pics of the 3 Dubyas

Only squid hitting me lately, and very little ET activity; mainly a few greys.

  *   *   *   *
(8:20pm) I must have written that less than 2 hours ago. A few minutes ago, i got hit by octopi sent by Nordics, then when i took care of those, i immediately noticed astral humans, quite a number of them, attempting to tickle me.
After i tossed those in the clink, i did a bit of investigation. NSA as usual, but on direct orders of Hastert! He's got a kill order on me.

So what the ??? Since when does the Speaker of the House order around the NSA?
Guess what, we have a new Commander-in-Chief! Hastert is the president now. All the top military, intel, etc. know it and will take orders from him. W#2 is an excellent actor and convincing double, but has no administrative powers whatsoever.

Of course we all know the President is not at the top of the food chain, either.

Sep. 8, '06:
While psychologists explained it as mass hysteria triggered by fear and tension, an alarmed Nepal town began ritual worships to propitiate a dead snake whose curse was said to be causing dozens of school students to faint, weep and scream. article
It was just a single Seraphim demon. I got it.
In India the word for Seraphim and snake are the same, Naga. I guess the demon was possessing the snake of its own accord. I do not know of instances of demons being put into snakes. I have twice had effective spells put on me to drive poisonous snakes into my path, but this was not the same thing at all.

  *   *   *   *
That first wave last night of NSAers numbered over 800. Now, at 7:40am, the total i've gotten is 2800+. Funny how they aleays co-ordinate to have the Nordics throw octopi at the same time, and often the squid jump me, too.

I don't usually trust my dowsing to indicate how many undeployed beings of a certain type are left. There are usually loads laying quiescent that i miss. But humans are more easy than say, squid or Nordics. I got that there were over 80,000 of these astral NSA turkeys, probably clones of high-psi individuals. They probably live their whole lives in underground dormitories. About 60% live just SE of the center of Elmer, MD, near the Potomac.
Anyway, since i started shredding the whole bunch, i have received no further attacks. Not sure that's a good thing, though; perhaps i would be better off letting them turn themselves in. Well, i'll weaken them a while first.

  *   *   *   *
(6pm) Those NSA psi slaves may not be irredeemably evil. I think they respond favorably to positive energy. They are still dangerous, being MPDed, but well-behaved if kept somewhat clean.

I've been working on Hasturd most of the day, almost to the exclusion of other things. Yet, in the last few hours i've noticed that the other things, and the overall energy, seemed to be going better and better by themselves despite my neglect. As though maybe Hasbeen was the lynchpin to it all.

Well, here's what i figured out is happening. Remember, you read it here first on Planet Loohan:
This afternoon i posted on the forum suggesting people help me take care of Hasdirt, and i get that 5 people are helping. I think the Pleiadians duly noticed this.
"A half-dozen intelligent people of Earth are clearly saying NO to yet another unelected monstrosity being foisted off onto them as US President, Captain."
"I do believe that qualifies as a Criterion 2(a) for determining applicability of Exemption 7(h)(i) to Noninterference Code clause 4(v3), does it not?"
"Yessir, Captain! Shall I prepare for landing?"

235 of them, doing something. To the Earth energies. Feels all right.

(7:30pm) What they are doing is activating and charging up the Earth from the core outward. So if you feel rapturous energies coming from below, that's their handiwork.

Sep. 9, '06: Ho hum. I get home from work to find Florence now back up to a 65mph rating, with 6 more "virgin" USN subs. Kristy is dead.
They are definitely trying to steer it eastward, as they prdict it will go. As usual, the subs are on the desired path.

Wild animals tortured in rituals: I get that this only occurs in about 3% of dark rituals in the US, but wanted to mention it. I have the impression that recently some people near me caught a raccoon in a snare trap, transferred it to a cage, placed it on their ritual spot, and slowly tortured it to death with long, thin sticks that had burning embers on the tips.

On a cheerier note, the Earth's energy is feeling pretty great, the M.E. has been feeling pretty smooth, there seems to be scant activity on the part of evil ETs.
Alas, Hastert is still alive, and i've had to take a lot of resources off him to deal with HAARP, subs, assassins, drug-runners etc. etc. etc. But he must be fairly weakened, and eventually he'll run out of juice. Meanwhile, the administration is getting pretty hollowed out. "Dubya" and "Cheney" are mere actors, and Hastert's clone may or may not be qualified to act as Speaker without Hastert's, or somebody's, guidance. And Hastert himself may be feeling more indisposed by the hour. So somebody has more work to do. And they, too, have been having their energy sucked out.

I took away a pet Hastert had yesterday: a 26' saurian. Then i looked for more, and found a monster in S. America; 47 feet, whereas my previous record was 42.
Also i did get hit last night by some NSA astral jerks that were not of the clone type, but rather raised in an environment of traditional Satanist MPD family values. I don't think they have a whole lot of these.
I have the impression that some readers have been sending POR to the clone slaves. There's something else unusual about these beings that i haven't figured out yet. They really glow nicely when bathed in POR... Hmmm, now that i think of it, i believe that these are hybrids of good, non DORy reptilians with Earth humans that had very clean DNA, untainted by reptilians. A female good reptilian was captured and enslaved and bred with a pureblood human male in an obvious effort to eliminate the nasty DNA of the evil repts. This suggests that the bad ones lack something necessary for the sort of work these clones were intended for.

Incidentally i have started mapping the history of the world, in terms of races, reptilians, black magic, etc. A big project. If i can piece enough together, i'll publish it. But for now, i will say that the good repts figured prominently in our past. They made the mistake of trusting some of their own that were actually darkside, to "manage" a particular race... wheh! Heavy duty stuff. I really don't want to publish this, but i'll have to someday.

Assassinations averted: On Wed., Aug. 30, i got wind that someone was planning to shoot lead bullets into me 2 days later. Within 24 hours, the person who put out a contract on me was dead, as was the hit man and his chauffeur.
Yesterday early i picked up that 3 NSA hit men were flying in to Little Rock, and would come visit me at work today, with a cool cell phone that shoots ricin darts. Those guys, if i'm not mistaken, never left the LR airport alive. That was not my handiwork; i had some great help.
This evening i picked up that 3 nearby law-enforcement groups had been instigated by a person at the DC DHS office to do something about the Loohan problem. One group was going to drive up within an hour and beat me to death. This time i had different help; if i'm not totally deluded, the Pleiadians arrested those 3 guys and their commanding officer.
As that was going on, i picked up on another law enforcement joker closer by who didn't want hassles involved with a murder, but hired 3 thugs to beat me up Tuesday morning at like 2am. I asked the Pleiadians to bust them, too, and they did.
Apparently DHS didn't quite trust any one group to nail me.
Meanwhile, i was picking up on yet another group that was going to covertly come after the 3 thugs left, presuming they even made it here, and finish the job. This would leave the thugs and the guy who hired them believing they had killed me. I tried to get the P's to arrest these guys, too, but they couldn't do it because they assessed that this last group was going to back off once they heard about this guy getting busted by space aliens. You see, they had arrested the guy who hired the thugs in front of another dirty cop.
Unfortunately they only seem able to arrest people who are a real physical threat, and this is where they had to draw the line.

I've got some real good allies watching out for me, and sending me warning hunches. Also they are now in liaison with the Pleiadians. So i'm not too worried.

And the Earth's energy just keeps getting better and better all the time.

(11:30pm) Had a hairy moment a little while ago when i realized another cop from the last group was within 20 minutes of paying me a visit. The reptilians abducted him, he-he.
Then i realized that there was an NSA base in Bismarck, SD sending 6 dudes, hadn't boarded the plane yet, but planning to be here within 3 hours. Also, DHS in DC was planning to send 3 groups of 3 in via the LR airport tomorrow. Ah, yes, the good ol' cannon fodder approach. They know the guys are doomed, but they send them anyway just to make me nervous.
Except, the reptilians already got them, too.

Bwahaha! My reptilians are badder ass than theirs anyday. And they know it, which is why they bred those astral warriors that way.
The tables are turned. Real life has become indistinguishable from science fiction.

Sep. 10, '06: After i posted that last night, i had another 29 NSA and DHS lemmings that were either on their way to kill me, or about to depart. The good reptilians took care of them all. I get no vital signs from these unfortunate agents. Apparently, the reptilians have no compunction about killing Satanists.

This is the face of a slowly-dying 180 degree Freemason, Michael Chertoff. This is what having numerous orgone-heads blasting at a top Satanist/Zionist will do.
He's been so weak the last several months that i seldom think about him anymore. But lately i've been including him in my shredding targets again, as i keep catching him radionicking me. Do i catch him because i feel the radionics hitting me? No, it's been a long time since they had enough juice to make me notice that directly. But when i scan him or DHS i find it.
More bothersome is other stuff DHS is doing.

So if you don't want to end up looking like him, forsake evil.

(8pm) The reptilians help out again. A while ago i picked up on an explosion planned in a residential sector of the city of Haifa to commemmorate 9/11 tomorrow. Just 3 Mossad guys were in on it; highly classified, you could say. Conventional bomb strong enough to do serious damage.
I called on the reptilians, and those 3 guys feel null now.

Sep. 11, '06: Today's the big 5-year anniversary of 9/11, but i am not detecting any more "planned events".

Florence was rated at 90mph last night. At 7:45am she's rated at 80. I woke up in the middle of the night, and actually found a flying craft with Nordics and greys messing with her.

We have a new Tropical Depression, 35mph, with 3 previously-charged surface vessels trying to stir it up.

(1:30pm) Florence is back up to 90mph. The subs seem gone now, but there are 3 previously-charged surface vessels.
On the 9th i said that they were trying to steer Florence eastward. On 2nd thought, that was probably an error in assumption on my part. It makes no sense that they would be trying to steer it away from the continent. Even now, the vessels are on the predicted path away from Canada. I think that rather than steering, they are merely trying to amplify the storm, knowing they do not have the power to steer it these days.

Sep. 12: Florence is rated at 75mph this morning. Everything seems pretty mellow, despite the fact that i have been mainly focussed on the morphogenic blueprint of the squid for the past 20 hours or so.
Yesterday they kept hammering me. I scooped up well over a googol cubed of them, which is nothing compared to what once was, but bothersome nevertheless. To get some relief i turned my focus to the morpho blueprint. Over a period of hours they got weaker and weaker, and, once again, the universe got inexplicably sweeter, too. Turns out the Lyrans had been embroiled in conflicts with the squid in 3 locations, and when i weakened the squid across-the-boards, this gave the Lyrans an advantage, and they must have shut down some DOR activities. Naturally once i got wise, i several times scooped up the squid they were fighting.
I am still riding that target, and expect to continue for a while, especially if other DOR probldems continue to remain low.

  *   *   *   *
Correction: On the 9th i said "Within 24 hours, the person who put out a contract on me was dead, as was the hit man and his chauffeur." Alas, i was mistaken. Their vital signs are returning, faintly.

Sep. 13, '06: CIntAs: Cintas is a CIA proprietary company. Cintas has various products, mainly uniforms. For months, i have occasionally felt a real evil vibe coming from a passing Cintas truck in town, traceable to the driver, a 180 degree Mason. Now, there are, to my knowledge, only 67 Masons of that highest rank on Earth. What are the chances that one of them drives a Cintas truck in a route that goes through the tiny backwoods town of Leslie, AR? I have re-checked this repeatedly, with healthy incredulity, but that's what i get.
This morning i happened to be at the P.O. when a Cintas truck pulled in. This driver was "only" 163 degree. Why they have such "qualified" personnel driving trucks eludes me.

I think a lot of what they do is provide uniforms with hidden microphones and tracking devices.

  *   *   *   *
(7pm) Tropical Depression 8 is now rated at 35mph, and has 3 "virgin" surface vessels, Air Force, i believe, that i need to take care of. They don't seem to be messing with the other tropical systems now.

  *   *   *   *
I suspect that Chertoff did not fully appreciate my helpful comments the other day. Perhaps i inadvertently offended him and DHS. Last night DHS radionics hit me strongly enough to feel. When i scoped out the HQ in DC, what did i find? A 14-ft. saurian, 2 archons, and truckloads of Enochian and Goetia demons. These seemed mainly for the purpose of nullifying the effects of my inevitable response. Perhaps it didn't occur to them that i would simply hoover up all these vermin, and blast them anyway. Because i keep my methods such a big secret.

  *   *   *   *
Holy crap! Doing a bit more detective work on Cintas. This is one extremely slick and scary operation that gathers intelligence on other companies via uniforms, etc., the better to take them over. I think that via Cintas, the CIA has already taken over 9 more companies, and is in-progress on 35 more. And Cintas is low on the food chain, having itself been taken over as part of the op. I think it's 3 levels down from the original beginning.

The op has a fair number of highly-intelligent CIA lifers, very darkside, who have real business skills and "real" resumes of job performance at CIA companies and companies they were infiltrating. These get themselves hired by innocents, and gradually take over, hiring more of their own, etc.

One thing funny about this. The guy who founded Cintas, and is still listed as Chairman of the Board, Richard T. Farmer feels totally clean, black magic wise. I can find no such taint on him or his family. Virtually all of the super-rich are darksiders. He might be the only exception. And i'm pretty sure he's the only exception amongst all the personnel at Cintas. He might well be completely unaware of what's going on. I think the CIA would like to kill him if circumstances were right, but for some reason, it is not in their interest right now.
In any case, having to work with a clueless person as chairman makes for a great training ground for agents to hone their act.

  *   *   *   *
Oh, yeah, earlier this evening i grabbed 170,000+ Nordics at Warner Robins, GA. They were running more of the DORy mind-control equipment like i found in N. CA. The Lyrans are always interested in helping clean this stuff up.
Later i remembered the connection with Redstone Arsenal, AL, and grabbed 800,000 Nordics there as well as 800 million greys!

Sep. 14, '06: (7:30am) Later last night i had to scoop up plenty more ETs at those 2 bases. Also remembered about those other weird aliens previously found at these bases, and got some of those.
Then i realized there were ships in the Solar System bringing in more ETs, so i got those.

  *   *   *   *
More dirt on Cintas: For a long time, Kneweyes has been bombarded with demon-augmented microwave transmissions from another apartment in her complex. I have worked on this several times over many months. There are some apparently Puerto Rican people living there. Puerto Ricans are common in her area. I say this not to pick on any particular ethnicity, but to show again that intel agencies often use foreign-seeming people against US citizens on US soil.
She lives in CT, but as i've mentioned before, the DC area is packed with exotic, colorful people from around the world, a shocking percentage of which actually work for the NSA. Holding jobs in restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc. where they can keep an eye on, maybe slightly poison, Americans.

After reading my stuff about Cintas, Kneweyes wrote me that the people in that apartment have a Cintas van, which they park in the complex's parking lot. She has always been wary of it, even before knowing who drove it.

I found the van has 9 transmitters in it, targetting her. Neutralized them and scooped up their Enochian and Goetia demons. Then i checked the truck (big step van) i saw in town. Nine transmitters. I think they all have 9, which i kind of neutralized.
Check it out, Mr. Farmer; your vehicle maintenance guys are CIA Satanists. And your trucks are used in part for shuffling drugs around.

  *   *   *   *

(7pm) Yep, i done pissed off a whole bunch of CIAers. The word has finally filtered to Cintas staff. And Langley is not amused at what i did. Sent, would you believe (you're not expected to) over 10,000 astral "warriors" (snicker) mostly at once. These were not clone jobbies.
I think this is the first time i've encountered CIA astral types.

Sep. 15, '06: More of the usual. Nuke craft ahead of storms. Periodic squid attacks.
Finding more and more ETs on the planet. I am scanning pics of the world. Usually any place that has noticeable DOR these days has evil ETs. Hence i am rounding up quite a bit of them.
Though i'm not finding many in the Middle East.

Whoa! I just discovered that the Lyrans have taken over Pine Gap, and really have it shining. Pine Gap is an ancient reptilian base in the center of Australia.
Things are moving right along.

(5:30pm) The saurian demons (big lizards) definitely seem to be involved in some kind of shielding against orgone weapons. I just grabbed an 18-footer from under Langley, along with a bunch of Enochian and Goetia demons also used in shielding spells.
The Langley guys are all burnt up over my outing of Cintas, etc., but what did they expect me to do when they come blasting DOR through Loohan territory as flagrantly as can be? I didn't even notice the transmitters because the driver was so "loud". The effrontery.
Maybe if those poor Cintas folks had had some sort of connection with a competent centralized intelligence agency that would have warned them of the obvious dangers, their operation would have fared better.

I do not feel i have any moral obligation to keep mum about evil activities they rub in my face, so if they are semi-serious about remaining covert, they shouldn't rub them in my face. Though, that's no guarantee of safety either.

Sep. 16, '06: Does perseverance pay off? Today i am finding very few evil ET's. I just scanned the world, and found no significant DOR spots except at HAARP in Gakona (can't ever turn my back on those guys without them trying something), which i am now addressing.
Every time i scoop up a mess of the evil ones, it makes the jobs of the good ETs so much easier. Every time anybody does anything to help, for that matter.

BTW the good Venusians are back. Lately they have been giving me air cover, along with the Lyrans.

The world is still a pretty creepy place, but the overall energy just keeps getting better, as the good ETs keep taking over the power spots and activating the energies.

The opposition is losing on so many fronts. Whatever they really wanted to happen in the M.E. just ain't gonna happen, no matter what atrocities they pull now. Pine Gap is smiling broadly over the continent of AU. The Lyrans now are entrenched under Warner Robins AFB and some other bases.
The bad guys are having a hard time getting any decent storms going. I could go on and on.

www.freemasonrywatch.orgSep. 17, '06: Note to Mr. Farmer: Your butler and several other "servants" are CIA Satanists, very dangerous. You need to hire me as a consultant so we can clean up your scene, and turn you into an economic juggernaut that gives no quarter to the secret-handshake mob.

  *   *   *   *
(4pm) Hurricane Helene is rated at 105mph, and has 3 previously-charged NOAA subs. Tropical storm Shanshan is rated at 50mph, and has 6 virgin UN subs.

Sep. 18, '06: (9:50am) Helene now rated at 125mph, Shanshan still at 50, even though they say it's fading fast.
Here it's 56F, sprinkling lightly. Got 0.85" overnight. It has been dry but very temperate in recent weeks.

(3:30pm) Well, it rained another 1/20th" and then the sun and some old chemclouds came out.

The US Drought Monitor has been made more interactive. One can click on the map to get a region, then click on that for smaller sections.
Wherever you have the center of a dark spot, you have transmitters. No matter how much i neutralize them, if NOAA wants to badly enough, it will invest dwindling resources in refreshing the spells. So, one will find Enochian, Goetia, and/or Seraphim demons connected with the new spell. Dispatching these breaks the DOR hold at least for a while, and spreads their resources even more thinly.

  *   *   *   *
(6:45pm) I just noticed something bizarre. I was starting to scan the world on Google Earth to look for ETs (after finding quadillions of Nordics in the M.E.) when my attention was drawn by a real sweet spot in Iowa. Zooming in, it was Platteville, which has a mining museum. The area has a heavy mining history.
But what minerals are we talking about? Mainly lead and some zinc. So why the good vibe pervading the earth there? There was even a bunch of gov't transmitters with heavy Goetia spells trying to counter it.
The Lyrans are there. Must be an important vortex. It's right on the city center as always.

Sep. 19, '06: (7:45pm) Man, the ETs are active tonight. Mostly greys in huge quantities, mostly in the M.E. but also many other places. I got loads of them, then noticed this "new" base near AU, with over 900,000 evil unidentifiable solid-matter ETs that i can't scoop up. And nuke tech.

(8:25pm) Golly, that was quick. I scoop up a bunch of Goetia demons, neutralize 33 nukes and their 33 transmitters, hammer on the wee ETs a few minutes, and blam, the Lyrans are right there, taking over already. Really, i wish the Lyrans would just email me, and i can get to these things more quickly.

Anyway, i think these are under 4 feet tall, grey-like but solid humanoids. I think the base has only been there 7 years, and hopefully this is their only outpost on Earth.

Sep. 21, '06: Had another bizarrre experience last night before i fell asleep. I heard noises outside of a heavy animal, like a bear. I live in the woods, but it's been over 4 years since i saw a bear. I had a creepy feeling, and dowsed its energy, which was real bad. Thinking it must be a demon possessing the bear, i threw the demon in jail. Then checked to find i had actually thrown the whole bear in jail.
I dowsed it as a "were-bear". Remember, "were-" means man. Further investigation led me to conclude that the bear was actually the shapeshifted energy body of a human down in the Dulce base, who had yellow Nordics working with him to enable him to do this. So i busted the Nordics.

  *   *   *   *
Yahweh/Jehovah: I have long said that Yahweh and Jehovah are two very different beings, and that Yahweh is the God of the Old Testament. Yes, he is the evil God of the O.T., but he's not the only God of the O.T.
I just realized that whereas the God who spoke to (the evil sorceror) Moses was Yahweh, the God who spoke to the (clean guy) Noah was Jehovah.
As i've mentioned before, Jehovah is not the supreme diety, but "merely" one of its best servants. He is one of the 26.5% of red Nordics that are good, and one powerful, tough warrior.

As i find time lately, i have been dowsing the history of all Creation. It's pretty choppy, with a lot of big gaps and as yet unanswered questions. Too incoherent to type up yet, but i plan to make a series of free audio lectures on what i'm finding. Weeding out the facts from the distortions in the Gnostic mythos, for example. Now i see i'm going to have to track down a condensed version of the Bible, just so i can get major names and alleged events to dowse. I confess i am not real familiar with the Bible.
But i'd really like to sort out the Yahweh parts from the Jehovah parts.

  *   *   *   *
(9:10am) I see that Helene is fizzling; down to 90mph, heading away from the N. American continent. And now there's a Typhoon Yagi rated at 150mph, heading toward Japan, but forecast to veer sharply eastward before getting real close to the country.

My impression is that these Western Pacific typhoons are primarily a natural phenomenon, unlike some hurricanes that have hit the southern US in recent years.

Sep. 22, '06: Speaking of venerable religious icons, last night i got curious about the Dalai Lama. I found the present one is an imposter. The real one had a very clean, evolved vibe when he was around. Then i realized that wherever the real one was presently, he was in trouble. He was just like i found Jehovah a few months ago; being tortured by greys for fuel. He'd been there since 1936. The 13th DL died in 1933.
So i yanked him out of there. Won't say where he is.
Doing a bit of research, i found the story of how the 14th was allegedly recognized by high monks as the reincarnation. Guess what? The monks who had the "vision" about him, who "recognized" and "tested" him, were dark-siders.

  *   *   *   *
The Lyrans are taking over more and more bases, most of which i probably haven't noticed yet. Sioux City, IA, Kansas City, MO.
Right now they are beating up some evil Lyrans (long time no see) who are now apparently working with repts instead of Nords.

  *   *   *   *
(8pm) I just saw this pic at

The crater had an evil vibe from Nordics, which i got rid of.
The face has a great vibe from Lyrans who are under it, 200-300 feet down.

Sep. 23, '06: Well, the bad Lyrans have all been eliminated from OK City, and i don't detect any more in the Solar system.
The good Lyrans have taken possession of that crater by the Mars face, as well. And, the little guys west of AU are old history, too.
Oooh, i just noticed a base with 900 evil US Gummint humans by the face. It is centered at the small circle-like spot on the bottom edge of the pic above. I'll give them a hand.

I scanned the Earth for DOR and found only a couple tiny pockets of greys. Perhaps the bad ETs have about given up on Earth, and were wrestling to keep some control of Mars? Anyway, they've about lost Mars. And i don't detect much ET trouble in the Solar System at all.

And a massive storm system has passed over here the last couple days, leaving 3.8" at my place. It brought warmer weather with it, which is supposed to revert to unseasonably cool tonight.

  *   *   *   *
OK, that other base is now cleared of riff-raff. I realized belatedly that i have been neglecting to check for hand-held DOR weapons on these humans and other "solid" enemies.

This reminded me of something i'd forgotten about: rings. In months past i made much ado about the importance of neutralizing evil rings, not always physical, that the enemy used for working with energy. Also many good and bad people had invisible etheric rings that they didn't even know about. I never mentioned it, but a while back i was able to telekinese all such rings (or the energy bodies of metal ones) into my jail. So they haven't been an issue. Though, just now i checked and found some new ones to steal.

Sep. 24, '06: (7:30am) A bunch of evil red Nordics have been moving in on the face base at a deeper level, about 1000' down. I suspect they are teleporting in or something. I keep clearing them, as well as a few greys. The repts seem gone from Mars now.

Last night after i went to bed i found about 1/2 googol of the reds under the face. A few more this morning; also some pockets elsewhere on Mars.
Then i noticed 66 more evil Lyrans, now in the Marshall, AR base 7 miles north of me! Neutralized their DOR weapons and called in the good Lyrans. Then i looked around for more. I found 303,000 in a base with a nuke transmitter 5 miles south of Houston. Then ~45,000 more under OK City! But i think there had been 60,000 earlier, and 15,000 had already been killed by the time i noticed.
Then 28,000 in SW LA, 46 million in the North Cascades base (WA), and 3 million in the China Lake base.
I neutralized the weapons and any nukes, and directed the good Lyrans to them.

For a moment there i was afraid there were endless quantities all over Earth, but i haven't found any more yet, and the good Lyrans have exterminated the ones i did find. Remarkable, since i think there are still only 235,000 good Lyrans on Earth, minus a dozen casualties. They do excellent work, provided one knocks out the DOR weapons of the enemy.

(6:45pm) Things seem to be going well this evening. Cleaned up a few pockets of ETs on Mars and Earth. Then it got bizarre. I found a base about 3 miles from me under the city center of Leslie. It was built by reptilians in 1908. "floor space" is around 0.7 square miles. 800 feet down. It now has 186 evil Lyrans in it, trying to do Goetia magic, using one of their own little girls. Oh, yes, it's not just Earthlings who ritually abuse their own chidren. Lots of ETs do the same old stuff.
The good Lyrans haven't arrived yet.

Then i found a base with vast, vast numbers of greys in it, about 50 miles from me, just east of Harrison.

(9:15pm) Yet more bizarre tales of personal persecution: a bit ago my testes came under extra-heavy attack by squid, octopi, and humans. But not astral humans; it was a bunch of them stabbing voodoo dolls of me with ice-picks or something. Immediately when i realized that, i started hoovering up the demons they were powering this with. But more kept coming as quickly as i could get rid of them. I realized it was a massive ritual at Ft. Meade (NSA): 33,333 adults, 33 victim children. 9% of the adults were stabbing Cmdr. Loohan's legendary cojones. So jealous of my virility.

So i shifted my focus from the Leslie base (which the good Lyrans still haven't visited) to Ft. Meade. Got a 48-ft. saurian under there.
I didn't even think of the Lyrans on this one, but shortly noticed they had 800 troops taking it over. This is fairly exciting to contemplate.

Sep. 25, '06: (10am) The ritual site was 50-60 ft. underground. I think, below the main building. Pic of complex. The Lyrans bumped off some 5,000 or so other people down there, in addition to the 33,333. All but 6 of the latter, anyway. Six have been holding out somehow for many hours.
I was wondering whether they would let the daytime employees come in and work as usual this morning, despite the Lyran presence underground. I think the workers are there.

Everything else, including Mars and the M.E., feels fairly clean.

  *   *   *   *
I just revised my mobius page with some important info about mobius strips.

Whew. Now i just had to deal with numerous pockets of yellow Nordics on Mars. Plus some greys. They want that base.
The good Lyrans only have 400 troops there, i get.

(6:40pm) A couple hours ago i scooped up numerous reptilians on Mars, then noted 229 more US troops near the Mars face, and processed them. By around 6, a group of 10 Lyrans had killed all but 3. Then i found another Mars base with 3700+ Brits! When will the enemy ever run out of resources? Fortunately, there are a bunch more good Lyrans floating around just for such eventualitites. I processed the Brits at 6:13. In ten minutes, 400 fresh Lyran crack troops arrived. I don't know what happened next, but the Brits were all gone in 5 minutes. Damn, and i thought the Americans were wimps.

Speaking of never running out of resources, although i once thought i had a pretty good handle on the squid population problem, they have been hounding me in impossible quantities with little respite, even though i constantly scoop them up. Now i notice that many other activists are also getting hit by them. However, they are much weaker these days. Nevertheless, i invite you to join me in nailing the morphogenic blueprint of the squid demons.

(7:45pm) Things are moving so fast, it's a hassle to type up. Right after i posted the above, if found a Mars base with another 700+ US Satanists. 20 Lyrans now have them whittled down to 72.

Meanwhile, China Lake slammed me hard. That's where 40% of the NSA astral psychics bunk (the other 60% being SW of Elmer, MD). That's excluding those MD clones with the sweet genes. Those are still glowing with godlike energy after being subjected to POR.
Any time a volley of astral humans hits, there are rituals at home base going on, connected to the act. There were some big rituals going on a bit ago. So i shifted my focus on China Lake, and sure enough, after a while there were 200 Lyran troops in there.

Incidentally, these astral humans... I really am reluctant to mention this, as it's incredible, but the figure i got a few days ago for all NSA astral warriors, excluding the sweet-genes, added to the Mossad ones at the base under Jordan(!) which i haven't mapped yet, amounted to around 100 million. That's why they throw them around like any other cannon fodder. All is lost, anyway, so might as well make Loohan sweat it a little if possible.
I think they are down to about 78 million now. The Lyrans haven't started on them yet.

Hadn't seen these around much lately, but external spiders are back. They have hit me several times today, simultaneously with squid, octopi, and humans. They coordinate to all gang up on some part of my body at once. Often ears today.

(9:30pm) Finally, all the holdouts at the earlier bases have folded. The NSA 6 were the last to go. So the Lyrans have the whole space under the Ft. Meade building. I hope it affects operations above.

The 24 million astral warriors at China Lake are history. The administration was not prepared to protect the cannon fodder. There is still a slight battle raging there. Occasionally i have to get some repts and greys that pop up.

There are 32 million more (meanie) astrals over by Elmer, MD, and 22 million in the Jordan base.

(10:40pm) I found 999 evil Lyrans near the Mars face. Now it's down to under 200. Then, after i had posted about the astral geeks being wiped out, the ninnies at Elmer were suicidal enough to hit me. So now the Lyrans are mopping up that scene. Haven't gotten to the astrals yet.
Haven't gotten to the Leslie base, either.

Sep. 26, '06: (1:30am) So how's a man supposed to sleep with all this commotion? When they were winding up in MD, i thought i'd see if i could lure them to Jordan. When they were winding up there, i got them interested in Langley, where the 34,000,000 CIA astrals bunked. Then as Langley was biting the dust, i primed up the Interpol base in the Swiss Alps, with its 42 million. They just started in on that one. I think that should take care of all the big resources of that nature.

(8am) Well, ain't that nice? I've experienced no more astral human attacks yet.
After they did the Alps base, i noticed the DOR of a bunch of greys in the Baghdad base, scooped them up, and prepped the site. The Lyrans obligingly took over. Then i did the one under the Eiffel Tower, then Dulce, NM, and now i'm trying to get them into the Denver Airport base.
Meanwhile, no telling where they've been that i haven't figured out yet.

No hurricane advisories, nothing but a relatively small storm in the west Pacific.
I hardly had anything to scoop up this morning on Mars or in the M.E., or all of Earth for that matter.
Progress continues.

(11:40am) Just when i thought i'd seen it all... First i got hit hard a little while ago by vast quantities of blue Nordics on Saturn's ring throwing loads of octopi at me, then as soon as i have them scooped up, i get hit by 700+ evil Pleiadians (physical humans) at China Lake. New arrivals. Made a badass impression. Lots of Enochian, Goetia, and Seraphim demons at their disposal. Strong DOR weapons and evil rings.
I get them somewhat chilled, then notice there are 70+ more under Ft. Meade! Chill those. Also the skeleton crew and their ship that's floating around.

I presume that the Pleiadians only hit me from those bases because they need the power of the vortexes to make strong enough magic.
Hopefully the Lyrans that are on those spots will be able to deal with them now. Also i alerted the good Pleiadian prison ship guys. They're still around, with 46,000+ human prisoners that personally, i would have tossed into the compost pile long ago. But the good Pleiadians have their ways. Hopefully they will stand aside as the Lyrans massacre the bad ones.

The good Lyrans lost another 3 men when the Pleiadians attacked them at China Lake, bringing their total casualties to 15. And i'm sure the figure would be a lot lower than that had i had the sense to start neutralizing hand weapons earlier.

(2:45pm) The Pleaidians at China Lake are down to 38 now; the ones at Ft. Meade are deceased.
Just now i got attacked by 9 astral Pleiadians from outside the Solar System. They felt kind of strong and gnarly, but they are as easy to arrest as the earth ones.

One thing i failed to note at first was that the bad Pleiadians also had almost 3,000 insectile demons AKA Archons working with them. These are so rare now, i seldom think of checking for them anymore.

Rare unless i ask for soul level attacks. The Egyptians claimed the soul contains 2 parts: the ba and ka.
Without knowing any more about it than that, i've been dowsing many people's ba and ka and cleaning up the entities. All i've run into so far is Archons and yellow Nordics, often in rather vast quantities. Archons are the class that Archangels fall into, and all the notorious evil "Ascended Masters" are yellow Nordics.

Almost everybody is under attack on the ba or ka or both at least a little bit. When i clean them up, in many cases a few more baddies appear after a while.
Often, the ka is much worse off. All people who have been subjected to childhood rape, and especially MPD victims, seem to have a lot of soul stuff.

(8pm) I think that when i started reeling in scads of archons that were messing with people's souls, that upset their comfortable, safe scene in that realm. So now they are back out of hiding. They have now allied themselves with the Nordics and squid, and have been caught pumping up their energy. E.g. the master green Nordic sorceror was strong again, due to energy sent him by the insectiles.
I wouldn't be surprised to find reptilians and Nordics being more chummy in the future.

Also this evening i have had to take in amazing amounts of greys, repts, and Nordics on both Mars and Earth. I believe they are coming from the other universes, especially Universe C. I have scooped up multitudes from them this evening.
They make strong DOR with the assistance of the various demons.

I sure will be glad when the day comes that they plumb run out of evil beings.

Sep. 27, '06: (7:15am) Evil beings were so pervasively flared up yesterday evening that i did a massive general hoovering on a macro scale. Things have been pretty mellow since. Did i put a serious dent in them, or merely skim off a tiny fraction of the remaining evil dark-matter entities in the universes? In any case, whether they are merely re-grouping for another assault or not, things have remained pretty calm since.

(7:45pm) I got a real sweet feeling just now, and seeking out its source, finally found it was because the Pleiadians are now activating Mars, specifically the face vortex. It just started around 6:30pm, i get. Progress is relentless, resistance is futile. This vortex must be extremely important for Earth and who knows where all else.

For you dowsers and sensitives out there, here is something i just discovered; try dowsing a person's "core motivation". For me, all black magicians feel real nasty on that question, of course, but so do quite a lot of other people. Others feel real clean on it.

Sep. 28, '06: Got another 0.3" rain yesterday, and everything seems to be progressing well. The Mars face seems tied in to everything somehow.
No more human astral attackers noted from Earth; just bunches of Pleidian ones. Over 1800 of those so far.

ONI: The Office of Naval Intelligence saw fit to pique my curiosity by picking on a forum member pretty relentlessly, so i checked out their main HQ in Suitland, MD. I found that 600' below, there was a base with 6,000 humans and thousands of Nordics. I got rid of the Nordics, did some energy clean-up, and invited the Lyrans in.
A couple hours later the Lyrans had made it, but so had a bunch more Nordics, along with greys, reptilians, and even 3 archons. First time i've noticed repts and Nords in the same base at the same time. Or archons and Nords. They seemed all riled up about losing another base. Also found a 49' saurian.
Now that i disposed of them, the place feels real sweet.

I've been too scattered lately to give NOAA the continuous attention it deserves. I noticed the drought transmitters by the TX/OK border were flared up from demon energy actively being sent. They kept replacing them as fast as i removed them. Found out the coven was in the NOAA HQ in DC. And in my absence, the staff had packed themselves in with protective layers of demons. Purely a transitory psychological security blanket, easily ripped away. Now you boys know it's not nice to torture children just so you can make droughts. And you know that padding yourselves with demons offers scant protection from the wrath of Cmdr. Loohan. Yet you chose to engage in these irrational acts anyway. So now you are receiving special orgone treatment as you knew you inevitably would.

(9:30pm) It has been an ass-kicking day. I had to veer off NOAA. I got to thinking about these deep bases. Found one at 900' below Baghdad. So even though the good Lyrans were holding the base 200' down, the evil Pleiadians, 28,000 of them, had the lower one. Now the Lyrans got that one, too.

Now they are tearing up the 19K evil Pleiadians 800' under Calcutta. After that, if they are in the mood, maybe they will do the 1800 evil Pleiadians in north Manitoba, Canada. Then maybe the 1100 evil Pleiadians in southern Spain.
Then perhaps they might be enticed by the vortex at the White House, which has 1300 US humans in it, 900' down.
And possibly, they can have a word with the 5 Swiss in the core of the Earth.

Yes. I noticed that the energy was turning funky from the core outward, and found repts, grays, a whopping 58' saurian, and these oddball Swiss doing something with Seraphim.

I keep having to check places the Lyrans have taken over, as more repts, greys, and whatnot pop up. I suspect that vortexes enable teleportation, and that's how they get in there.
They seem especially reluctant to let go of that ONI base.

Maybe even the Earth humans teleport their way underground. Hmm, maybe it's best i hold off on posting this until the Lyrans nail them, or they might escape. Though i doubt they have enough sense to run. They must have unshakable faith in the power of demons to protect them.

(10:30pm) OK, i think i can post this now. The Lyrans are now on the base under the White House, which fact really freaked out the blue Nordics. I had to vacuum up 70 million from that spot. Then others slammed me intensely with octopi. Seems we hit a nerve again.

Sep. 29, '06: (7:15am) Even after those bases with the evil Pleiadians were cleaned up, i kept getting hit by astral Pleiadians. Before falling asleep last night, i belatedly asked myself where these were coming from. Solar System? Pleiades? Spaceship? Ah, a monster ship outside the Solar System, containing 700 million evil Pleiadians. And various ally craft are stalking around, monitoring it. And i'm only now noticing.
Did a number on it and passed out. Woke up at 5:30, no more ship detectable. I think the Lyrans nailed it first.

Did another scan for "deep" bases in the Earth. Found 227 evil Venusians 900' below Antarctica. The Lyrans took that over quickly.
Then i remembered the 186 evil Pleiadians under Leslie.

(9am) The Lyrans don't seem to want to help me on the Leslie base. I think they are trying to tell me something, perhaps that i have the ability to dust those Pleidians myself. Maybe it will come to me...

Good Venusian craft photographed late last month.

Man, do i feel exceptionally good this morning. Marred a bit by these Pleiadian astrals that started hitting me from a ship in the Pleiades. There are 3 ships, with a total of over 17 million evil ones. Good Pleiadian ships are nearby, but i haven't known the good Pleiadians to kill yet, so we'll see what happens. I processed the evil ones, their DOR tools, and ships.

(9:20am) I just checked, and those 17 million are gone now.

(12 noon) That enormous IRS building in N. VA. has a base 300' down that had Nordics, greys, and 300 Venusians.
The nuke facility at Dimona, Israel has a base at 1100' depth that contained Nordics, greys, 300 Lyrans, and 50,000 Israelis mostly of Polish descent.
Haifa, Israel has a base at 900' which had Nordics, greys, and 25K Venusians. Well, at this moment most of the Venusians are still alive, but i don't expect that to last long.

(12:30pm) Haifa clean.

(12:45pm) The Four Corners base has a 2nd one at 700', which contained Nordics, greys, and 80K Pleiadians.

(9:30pm) I was getting hit quite a bit by Lyran astral jerks today, so i decided to go after the source. Actually, so far i found 2 land bases and a few little ships, all in Constellation Lyra. The good Lyrans had been monitoring them all, and were quick to jump in.

The Lyran system is just full of big saurians. They get to almost 500 feet there sometimes. Incredible quantities of them. So i am getting rid of them as fast as i can.

Sep. 30, '06: I've found a few more deep bases. Of interest is one 800' below the Vatican, that had reptilians, greys, a saurian, and 36 Jesuit sorcerors. Now there is one good Lyran there.

(9pm) Deep one just now: I had an impulse to check on a known ET base under Gentofte Lake near Copenhagen. It was DORy again. But the DOR was coming from 86,000+ feet down. That's over 26 miles. A saurian, some Nordics, 115K Lyrans. Again, once the 10 good Lyrans got there, so had bunches more Nords, greys, and reptilians. They've knocked the evil Lyrans down to about 50K now. There is some incredible energy, wild and sweet, down there.

(10pm) I turned on Google Earth bit ago and found a lot of DOR on the south edge of Louisiana and the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. After removing some pockets of ETs, i was left with what i assumed was a very large base under the sea. I sucked incredible quantities of greys, Nords, repts out of it, hardly putting a dent in the population. Of course, there was a nuke transmitter with demons riding it which i also adressed. Finally i dowsed that this was actually a huge mothership in the sky. No solid humans in it though, so once i finally sucked out all the ETs, there was no-one left to pilot it, and it fell into the Gulf and is now lying on the bottom. Of course, i don't know whether it was visible in this dimension. Or whether it's even in this dimension, or laying in the Gulf in some parallel dimension.
I did what i could to pacify the nuke.

Then i noticed that there was a hot spot in Russia, SW of Moscow. 300' down, repts, greys, and 360,000 evil Russkies! Most unusual. But it didn't take but a few minutes for 4 Lyrans to wipe them out.

That mothership reminded me of the "artificial stars" of last year. Whatever they are, that's what they dowse as for me. They're out there somewhere. And they're full of reptilians. That is, they were.