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Loohan's blog for August, 2006

August 4, '06: Well, we did not get more rain last month, but did get a little bit yesterday. Things are way too dry here, but not alarming compared to some previous years.
Again, they got 1" in town whereas i only got 0.4".

Someone reported a "HAARP storm" on the East Coast a few days ago on my forum, and yesterday someone reported the same thing on the West Coast on Rick's forum. Well, whatever was observed, it ain't being done with demon DOR. And there still have been no hurricanes hitting.
Things may seem dark, what with the war in Lebanon and all, but they aren't nearly a fraction of a percent as dark as they were engineered to be. The universe feels great, energetically.

I've still been getting hit only by squid. One thing about them is that, unlike most things, i can't deflect them onto a proxy recipient. The squid are not fooled. They attach to me, period, and accept no substitutes.
This causes mild discomfort/pain, alerting me to the fact that they are all pumped up with evil energy and thus available for scooping into jail in vast quantities. They link up in groups for more energy. Anyway, i seem to be putting a dent in their population. Often i get no attacks for hours. So i am able to work on the targets of my choice, like Zionist sorcerors, NOAA sorcerors, etc.

It has been a while since i got hit by Parent, MI, etc.
Sometimes the squid target my head instead of my lower sections. This causes a mild spacey, dizzy sensation instead of pain.

I said i've been getting hit only by squid, but actually around 2:30am i realized something else was nailing me, and finally tracked it down to 3 spacecraft full of greys, which i arrested.
Also a few days ago i happened upon many millions of Nordics and greys in the big base under Phoenix. Gone now. No humans found. Still no reptilians.
Also found a mess of Nordics and greys messing with Venus this morning.

Well, i did have a reptilian experience of sorts day before yesterday. Someone wrote me about a "saurian" remotely spotted under a highly suspicious Benedictine abbey. Well, i scooped it up, and it's stomping around in my jail. Very powerful bad energy, 43 feet long, 4-footed like a big iguana or something.

  *   *   *   *
A while back i announced that i had revised my mobius coil page. Later i discovered that i must've accidentally deleted the revision and mis-named another file which i uploaded in its place. Never let them tell you that Mac OS is more logical or easy to grasp than Windoze. Doesn't seem very beginner-friendly to me.
Anyway, i re-did the revision. The new data is on the tail end of the page and is very importanty for anyone making mobius coils.

What was wrong with my Windows laptop, anyway? Well, the hard drive did have bad sectors. And apparently the other "good" HD i replaced it with had gone bad in storage. Humidity last summer? Anyway, hopefully the new HD on its way will fix me up, and then i'll have 2 working laptops. With that much technology at my fingertips, i can smash NSA/Mossad (which is almost a single entity) for sure.

  *   *   *   *
I really believe we have now plumbed the depths of the demon world, and the evil ETs. I have encarcerated some 800 sextillion squid to keep company with the 900 septillion Nordics. All these squid were in the process of attacking me. And almost all the Nordics were in the act of black magic.
Anyway, this seems to have taken away almost all of the opposition's occult horsepower. We still got some problems even without that, but we've done well. They have not even thrown the usual macro-octopi at me in several days. They seem virtually unable to smite me any more with remote energy or parasites.

Even though they are not doing conspicuous black magic, i am finding today plenty of greys and Nordics in a lot of the bases i check. They are up to something, or trying to be. It's probably hard to get much going when your ETs are liable to vanish into thin air any minute and wake up in jail.

Aug. 7, '06: Mobius strips: Now i have revised the mobius page to include info on the latest hot tech for orgone devices. Also, i have published OTB18, Keep it Simple.

Aug. 8, '06: And now for something completely different: tall white ETs at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

I checked into these palefaces. It's a bit hard to dowse right now due to weak DOR levels, but my impressions are:
There are 1523 adults there, and 816 children. They do not seem to do blood ritual. I'm not finding any demons or deities for them. Yet somehow they have the same kind of evil "black magic" energy that shreds so productively.
They are not the same people as what i've been calling "Nordics". They are too physical for me to scoop up.
The webpage says they lost a war against the Anunnaki for control of this system.
These are not good guys. They are residing on a military base. They are there to provide some kind of esoteric technology to the Satanic US military. I was a bit miffed that they neglected to request my permission before embarking on such a project, so i did a few little things.

There are pics of desert at that link. There is a DOR spot roughly in the centers of these pics. In the pic here, it's that dark spot just south of the center.
Now, ordinarily, the underground bases i've run into have a nuke reactor and transmitter in each vortex. But this spot has something else, an object i can't define except that it has evil energy. I have the feeling it might be very important to the ability of the tall whites to function at that locale.

  *   *   *   *
Looking further, i see there is an interview of Charles Hall, wherein he says
The Tall Whites were only willing to exchange technology with the US Military if it was to their advantage to do so. I am certain that technology relating to the building of better radios and electronics in general was one area where the Tall Whites and the US Military exchanged technology. Creating better quality building and construction materials that could be used to repair their Deep Space Craft was another. The Tall Whites naturally benefited if we humans were capable of building, and constructing trade items. They were willing to exchange information relating to medicine, food, clothing, electronics, nuclear reactors, scientific details relating to our solar system and nearby solar systems, creating better metals, ceramics, and plastics. However, the Tall Whites had no desire to exchange technological secrets relating to anti-gravity drive, travelling faster than the speed of light, or to various forms of advanced weaponry. They greatly preferred to form joint teams with the US Military where the Tall Whites provided and operated the Deep Space craft, handled all of the building & repair of the anti-gravity drives, the propulsion system, and the advanced weaponry.
I am quite certain that the Tall Whites have several agreements with the Highest levels in the U.S. Government, including with the US President, the US Congress, the US Air Force, the US Military, and with the CIA. I am quite certain that the Tall White leaders have met with the highest leaders in the US Government, the US military, and the CIA including The US President, several of the highest ranking Senators and Congressional leaders, the highest ranking USAF Generals, and the highest levels of the CIA . I am quite certain that all of those leaders were well aware that they were meeting with the Tall White Extra-Terrestrials.
And also an interview of Sweeps Fox wherein he states:
We are aware of a place in caves in the State of Illinois-U.S.A where they are also located\83probably for a long time.
The Tall Whites were the first at Nellis Air Force Base. We do know from Charlie's tellings that they had been there maybe centuries ago. There is a very clandestine history there, dating back at least 50 years or more.
Make of it what you will, i do not have a good feeling about these critters. Bottom line, they are DOR-based and too cozy with the Satanic US gummint.

Aug. 10, '06: We got a little more rain in my area yesterday. I was at work, and the skies started exploding with real healthy thunderclaps. It was intense for a few minutes. I'm guessing they must have gotten about 0.4 - 0.5".
But when i got home a couple miles away, yep, once again, i had hardly gotten anything. Not sure what's up with that. In the past i would often get significantly more than in town. But damn, it sure seemed one healthy little storm. Was hardly any chem around, either, except for a pervasive pale haze from the SW.
There are rain chances in the forecast throughout the next week. Also today is supposed to be the last 100-degree day.

In yesterday's newspaper, there was an article that NOAA was now saying that although the season has been surprisingly gentle so far, NOAA still expected some heavy hurricanes this year. I think it predicted 3 or so.
The article claims that Conrad Lautenbacher addressed the press club with this info. I really doubt that; i am pretty certain he has not stirred from the grave. In fact, i am wondering whether there really was a press conference, or whether the Ministry of Propaganda simply telexed the completed article to their outlets for publication. Unfortunately (snif) there is too little bad energy around now for me to be able to dowse even what the press club feels like, or i could determine such things better. Maybe there is no press club; only Ministry releases :>)

Last night was another full moon. Dowsing, the only ritual energies that stood out were coming from the Pentagon. I believe i detected a certain narcotics-dealing relative of mine partaking of that ceremony.
After that was quelled some, i found another spot near Bangalore, India, and nailed it. After that, i couldn't detect any more, unless i specifically checked in on known ritual sites. That's how weak they were. But quite ubiquitous. After clearing a radius around me, i decided to just address all of the black magic happening on Earth as one unit, and also jail whatever demons i could feel active. This seemed to work pretty well. That's how weak they now are.

  *   *   *   *
I just added a couple pics and explanations to my description of mobius strips.

Aug. 11, '06: (9am) Rain! It has been raining since around dawn here, and is pleasantly cool. And DOR levels everywhere keep diminishing.

Tim Rifat (remember him?) has made some vile accusations against me. You will find a link to them and my lengthy retort here.

  *   *   *   *
What ever happened to...?
On April 25, '06: i wrote:
I'm building up vast reserves of these disgusting parasites in a couple Monarch handlers lately. Handlers for a clueless local MPD victim/agent whose cover is now blown. I will continue to persecute these 2 handlers until that obnoxious individual is yanked from my milieu.Who knows, maybe i'll try to mess with his programming. Might be interesting.
Then on May 11:
Saturday i dowsed that 9 females and 6 males were going to do a dog in the upstairs of an acquaintance's house Sunday at 3pm. I originally dowsed they were going to sacrifice her to Azazel, and i wondered how that would go, as Azazel was in prison. Then later i got that their Masonic member must have told them Az was indisposed, and they were then planning to work with the Seraphim. Then i rounded up all the Seraphim Sunday morning, and later got that the event had been called off.
The purpose of the event, as near as i could make out, is somewhat bizarre. Remember a while back i alluded to a Monarch slave that had been infiltrated into my milieu? Well, if i'm correct, the purpose of the ritual was to sicken this individual, to provide a plausible reason for his leaving. Hard to believe. They expect a ritual to be so effective that he would get sick enough to have to move away? Were they planning to poison him, too? Or are there errors in my dowsing? I don't know, but something weird is going on. I don't think i'm far off the truth.
He is quite an investment, and i don't think they really want to harm him too much physically. Maybe just make him seem real ill?

Back when i announced that his cover was blown, i assumed it would be a snap for his handler parents to remove him. But i get that they have to provide a reason plausible to his normal persona, which knows nothing of what's really going on. The Freemason in the coven is a frequent gay lover (one of many) of the intended victim-to-be, and connected to his parents. Many of the victim's out-of-town overnight guests are also unknowing projects of his parents. When he's got a couple or 2 in his bed, there is always a strong transmitter going under his house. Even if they aren't hitting me, they will be hitting him and his MPD bedmates. Since this individual is a uniquely arrogant, shallow, narcisstic petty tyrant, i have done nothing to address the transmitter.A female member of the coven had also had sex with him in the past.
I realize now that my rounding up of Seraphim could not possibly have been the reason for the postponement, as Seraphim are easy to summon or generate more of.
Anyway, a week or 2 later, some of the same coven members joined up with some other similar fake-hippie pukes out by Fox, AR, to do the ritual. I correctly predicted the day and time they would do it and some of the people. I think they ended up doing a cat.
I let them do it. I hate to see an animal tortured, but i have a lot of things vying for my attention, and at least this ritual was for the purpose of getting the jerk outta here. I got the impression he would be "poisoned" later.
Then later, in the evening, i remembered to check if he had indeed been poisoned. He had. The poison? Belladonna. His parasite-packed dad was in town, had drugged him, and they were in the jerk's room. Dad had already sodomized him, and had him laying on his back naked with electrodes attached to his genitalia and other places, and some kind of TENS-unit type thing pumping horrible energy into his vital points. Daddy was reprogramming baby. He had initially been programmed to have an enormous interest in the product of the small business he would infiltrate. Too enormous an interest to befit such a remarkably shallow, self-oriented person. He had gotten a job there, and bought a nice house to entertain his myriad lovers, and seemed happy and unlikely to want to move on on his own.
So daddy had to re-adjust sonny's priorities. I got that sonny was now supposed to be going back to college.

Well, a couple months ago i heard that sonny boy was indeed going back to college in a couple months! Validation city. There is no way he would have been likely to want this. He already has a degree in physics with honors, i think, from a prestigious college which only accepts the best students (and quite a lot of these are MPD, unfortunately) and wasn't using that degree for anything.

I clicked my heels, but recently heard, no, that's been postponed until January.

Cmdr. Loohan is very disappointed. He allows a blood ritual to take place to further his interests, thereby compromising himself, and what gratitude does he get? Sorry, but January is not satisfactory. Then again, it should provide me with greater opportunity to brush off some of my old Dianetics tricks. "Move to the first time your dad buttf*cked you" should shift him on the time track to about the 2nd day of his life. I presume his parents are unconcerned, or they would have yanked their precious boy out of here before now.

  *   *   *   *
Ufos in the news. Damn, it gets harder to dowse this stuff as the universe runs out of DOR. Someone posted about a train allegedly hitting a UFO. Might be a hoax, as i feel no energy off this event. But then like i say, i might be missing something. Or, they hit a benign UFO with no evil vibe to distinguish it.
Actually, i am inclined to believe the report. I get a (relatively) strong bad vibe from the trainmaster mentioned.

But i was able to get enough bad energy off this one to ID it: yellow Nordics. That Saturn-looking thing on the right of the Sun. The craft is now bereft of its former occupants. So the Nordics are stepping into the shoes of the reptilians to the extent that they are now mimicking their interest in the Sun.

  *   *   *   *
(3:30pm) Unbelievably, i just found a bunch of Chinese and 6 reptilians and a 28' saurian under Baalbek. forum post

August 12, '06: I got around an inch of rain yesterday.

Persecutions update: the squid have been hitting me a bit harder again the last few days, but nothing very frightening. The enemy seems (knock on wood) to no longer be able to make capsules, or throw micro-critters or capsules. I haven't noticed anyone being hit with these in a while.
I have been harrassed only by squid for some time now. But i did pick up 5 NSA astral jerks pestering another orgone activist, and another one got hit by Interpol via satellite in Europe.

  *   *   *   *
I still have most of my stuff trained on Baalbeck. But i'm wondering. Apparently, the Lebanese might be a bit cozy with China. According to Rifat, China is the rival enemy of the NWO (though that does not explain WartMall nor the British-run, Goetia-powered weather mod transmitter in Xining). But let's say there is some truth to it. Lebanon is close to Beijing, and has a bunch of evil, DORy Chinese in a base in what seems to be a particularly important vortex. The Zionists covet this vortex. If this theory is correct, the Zionists will storm Baalbeck, finding it most convenient that i have weakened the Chinese for them.

Well, let it be known to any such Zionists that i have no intention of letting them control this vortex any more than the one they stole in Bagdad, which can't pump out a droplet of evil energy, bwahaha.
You scum no longer have any power to poison the energies of the Earth. I can now shut down any DOR transmitter of any size, in terms of the demonic energy component. Easily and quickly, as you have been finding out.

And i'll get back to shredding you soon. And any evil being who enters the base will be shredded, guaranteed.

  *   *   *   *
Heh, heh, i reverted much of my stuff (and i'm using a lot more that just my Rifat tools) back to working on Zionists, and was checking up on the energy of the base, when i realized something. New arrivals.

I have a confession to make. Yesterday, as duly self-authorized Megalomaniac-in-Chief of Planet Earth, i invited the good Lyrans to set up shop at Baalbeck. I trust these guys. They seem clean to the core, and one with the One God. I'm more cautious after how the Pulsars turned out.
Anyway, i don't really understand the rules of the game, so i wasn't too hopeful they would be able to take up my offer. But they're here. In fact, i encouraged them to establish interim law-enforcement, if this is possible owing to the severity of disorder in this region.
This is kind of a cool vortex for them to have, as it's one of the few important ones left that still doesn't have NWO nuclear crap in it.

Aug. 13, '06: Well, i keep re-checking because i have some difficulty believing it myself, but they definitely do seem to be there. A few of them, with a bunch more enroute.
Peacekeeping mission, ya know. There are roving bands of dangerous terrorists out there: highly-armed US-backed Israeli, even some Hezbollah. I've been kind of neglecting the Arab traitors lately, but i just checked Hezbollah, and they are definitely Zionist-controlled. I just took away a bunch of Goetia demons from them. So i'll be shredding them more.

So what are the Lyrans going to do once they get set up? Drive around with ray guns in tanks, wearing camo fatigues and sunglasses? Probably not. But my impression of these guys is that their presence will make quite a difference somehow. In any case, it puts the kibosh on any agenda the Zionists may have had for this vortex.

  *   *   *   *
The squid continue to hit me harder. A little while ago, it was quintillions of them at once. Lemming-like behavior, using themselves as cannon fodder.

Until a couple days ago, i never noticed them attaching between my waist and neck, but a couple days ago i found them torquing hard on a vital point that was causing my left side to spazz out. On the front of the body, an inch or 2 above the armpit, is a spot that is know as a lethal strike point in kung-fu. Especially on the left side. Two meridians cross there. I had been tight and in pain on that side for days, despite acupuncture, stretching, etc. before i happened to scan it for squid attachments.
Now i'm often noticing their tentacles on other areas of my thorax and abdomen. Incidentally, they can also cause my jaws to clench by fiddling with my spine at the back of the neck. Their cousins the octopi used to do that, too. Glad those have retreated into obscurity lately.

  *   *   *   *
Billy Meier and the "Pleiadians" I just ran into this stuff. Learned there are an awful lot of people even in the UFO community that think he hoaxed his photos.
Undoubtedly most of you are sitting on the edge of your chairs, anxious to know about Cmdr. Loohan's assessment.
Well, from what little i've seen, i have to give him a clean bill of health. [Update: no, he's a shapeshifting reptilian and disinfo agent who fooled the Plejarans.] Yep, those UFO pics do look a bit hokey, but they feel real. Real good. The Plejarans could teach us a thing or 2 about positive orgone devices. That seems to be their propulsion means. Is that good news, or what? Only a matter of time before Earth vehicles run on POR. I'm probably oversimplifying, but these craft do feel awesome.
The beings depicted here also have a great vibe. And when i saw a mug shot of Billy, right away i liked him. I say he's genuine.

How did i get onto this, anyway? Well, i was checking back on the craft i wrote about July 4. Quote:
Now here is an interesting ship; the one of July 27 [error: June 28]. Boeing my ass. That's a huge ship of friendly ETs which i have not yet ID'ed. And 34,000+ imprisoned evil employees of US gov't and industry. It's been orbiting Earth like that a while. I have not figured out the right questions to ask. I don't know what the plan is.
Look at that thing. I don't know how anyone could confuse it with a Boeing even visually. I don't see much resemblance. And it sure doesn't feel like one. There are now about 42,000 human prisoners, and it's still hanging around. Don't know how they're managing the logistics. Hopefully, the prisoners are being fed thin, tasteless, slimy, amorphous protoplasm gruel.

But anyway, i dowsed that these are Pleiadians. But i think of a different kind than Billy's; Billy's "Plejarans" are from a more distant location than the Pleiades, as that page with the drawings says. I think our ship here is from the true Pleiadians.

I'll have to look into Billy's stuff more sometime, though.

Aug. 14, '06: I found some interview excerpts of Billy. The PDF format makes it awkward to quote, but he makes a few statements here that i know are flat wrong, denying what bad aliens have been doing.

On his site, he says of the Pleiades:
The planets of this system, however, are presently in an evolutionary phase which is totally unsuitable for habitation by any human life forms, including the Pleiadian/Plejarans.
Well, i do detect high-consciousness human life there, but possibly only like 390 of them. It is a bit difficult to dowse right now.
The ship with the 42,000 prisoners may not come from there, but i think its people are "originally" from there at some point in time. Though he also says
The Plejares (Play-yar-eez) star system, from where the Pleiadian/Plejaran extraterrestrials truly originate (emphasis mine), exists in a physical dimension like ours, but it is shifted a fraction of a second ahead of our space-and-time configuration and is located approximately 500 light-years away from Earth.
In any case, the ship's crew dowses as Pleiadians, but not Plejarans, Vegans, or Lyrans.

  *   *   *   *
The more i read of Billy and the Plejarans, the more i get the impression they are missing what's most important: the reason things are so screwed up on Earth is mainly because devil-worshippers (human, "ET", and hybrid) have been deliberately screwing it up with all their might for ages.

The Plejarans claim that most alleged UFO sighting are bogus. Well, i don't know how things were back then, but i find that virtually all the recent reports i've seen on the www are actually genuine.

Got one myself once, you know. Admittedly not the highest quality pic. This is from April 8, 2005. As with most UFO pics on the web, the photographer did not see the UFO with his naked eyes, just captured it by chance. And, like some other UFOs i've mentioned in past months on this blog, this was no doubt deliberately made to look bird-like or plane-like in case someone did get it on camera. This one has an evil vibe. Reptilians, i think.

  *   *   *   *
Did an evening roundup of "ETs". Found another 28' lizard in South Africa, and a 26-footer in the underwater base off Baja. I also found another 6 reptilians there.
Scooped up some misc. Nordics and greys that were "cooking" in various places.

The squid keep hassling me. On Aug. 4 i reported that i had 800 sextillion of them. Now it's over 2 septillion, almost 3X as many.

Aug. 15, '06: Yesterday morning i got that there were 6 Lyrans in the Baalbek base, with hundreds of thousands more to arrive in the evening. Well, in the evening i got the impression that they did arrive into Earth's atmosphere, but not the base. 10 spaceships containing a total of around 235,000 of them. Then i, duh, realized something. These are physical beings that are too numerous for that base to accommodate. They must not plan to all stay there. In fact, how did those 6 get in there? Am i imagining this?

Well, no, those 6 seem to still be there. I presume they teleported themselves in. And the others are still floating around.

What happens next? I don't know. They have my permission, FWIW, to deal with the criminals however they see fit.

  *   *   *   *
Closer to home, i got some more rain yesterday and overnight. A freaky little storm blew through yesterday, with very strong winds blowing the rain horizontally. But i think it was just nature's feistiness. I keep noticing that lately, thunder sounds much more crispy and explosive than i am used to. But i think that's a good sign, of natural energy being restored.
I detected no demonic activity, HAARP, or the like during the freaky storm.
This morning my gauges had collected 0.45" each. I have 2 gauges of different types, and this might be the frst time they totally agreed.

  *   *   *   *
Kneweyes just came back from a camping trip in the NE US, and posted some pics of a commercial concentration camp for chickens. One of them shows all these orbs. Since only members can view forum files, i have put a copy here.
As i mentioned back in January, these orb things have an evil vibe. Many pics of these are on the web.
Presumably these here are sucking up on the suffering of the chickens.
McNuggets, anyone?

  *   *   *   *
Apparently the Israelis are not pleased with the performance of their military.
This page, headed Many Israeli combat soldiers take a pretty dim view of their superiors and elected leaders lists such things as:
- The rear command did not know what was going on in the field.
- Some of their orders were suicidal. There were cases of officers and men agreeing to ignore such orders.
- We had no food or water.
- The troops were short of accurate intelligence.
- We had no information on the Hizballah\CDs anti-tank missile techniques.
I do not know how much of this screwing-up was due to the work some of us were doing. Personally, i was trying to remotely influence the Israeli military into making costly and deadly stupid mistakes.

Then again, maybe the screwups were largely deliberate. After all, the same interests control US, Israel, Hezbollah, and many Arab leaders. And jews, too, are just cannon-fodder to the Zionists.
On the other hand, too many obvious screwups have a way of diminishing one's prestige and credibility.

Aug. 17: I will hold off on reporting on the actions of the Lyran mission, but they are in the area.

The squid were hitting me harder on the 15th. By evening i had about 3 septillion. I really don't know what percentage of the total i've depleted.
Then it occurred to me that they were probably using a dimensional rift, caused maybe by some combination of Montauk, Philadelphia Experiment, Babalon Working, nuclear meddling, etc., to access this world to hassle me. As soon as i started addressing the rift, the attacks got much weaker. So for 24 hours i concentrated on healing the rift. Also asked the Lyrans to help on that, and i think they are.
But last night i wanted to use my resources for other stuff. The job is not complete, but the situation is better. Plus now when i go to scoop them up, i know they are crowding around a rift that i can use as a reference point to nail them with greater efficiency.

  *   *   *   *
(5pm) Well, i just dealt with a little hot spot in far southern Lebanon, near the border. The reason it was hot was because there were tens of thousands of greys there. And a reptilian ship with a nuclear-powered transmitter in it. No repts or other ETs, though. I think you only need to dig down 70' to find it.
Took away their Goetia demons, along with the greys.
Then i cast a dragnet over the region, netting over 400,000 more greys.

Aug. 18, '06: Funny thing: yesterday i kept getting, weakly, that there were humans in that base. But the trail would peter out when i tried to get their nationality. I just wasn't asking the right questions. Turns out there are 8 evil humans from New Zealand there.

  *   *   *   *
The Lyrans are actively doing stuff in the Middle East. It is probable that the bad guys pretty much know what they are doing, but to play it safe i'm going to keep mum a few days. I am keeping a 2nd blog, just for their activities, which i foresee posting in the near future.
I am grateful to the person who raised my consciousness about the good Lyrans. I suspect they were just waiting to be asked to help avert WWIII. 235,000 Lyran troops, apparently with some sort of teleportation ability, is nothing to sneeze at.

  *   *   *   *

More in-your face chemtrail art from Casale (see also June 13 entry).

  *   *   *   *
There have been a number of new photographed UFO sightings on the web very recently, of friendly-feeling craft. Get used to it. Out with the bad ETs, in with the good.

Aug. 19, '06: More reptilians: Last night i found 6 at pine Gap and 3 in NZ. Just now i happened to notice that the planet Mercury was hot with DOR. Tens of thousands of reptilians doing something with Seraphim demons. I scooped them all up, silly things, and will scrub the planet more in a bit.

Also in recent days i have picked up a few more of the big lizard things, though i think these were all under 20' long. This includes 6 under Machu Picchu, one under Paris, and one or 2 others i forget where.

  *   *   *   *
Heh, after my big talking yesterday about evil ETs leaving, a friend sent me a very recent pic of some lenticular clouds. These were evil Lyrans. Right now i think they are still aloft around Earth, but i am hammering them, and have asked the good Lyran commanders to kindly dispose of them.

Also, there is a story about the sightings of a noisy 12' tube UFO over the Hilo airport in Hawaii.
I get that there are 3 of these in existence, and they were manufactured in a base in Washington State. I'm fairly sure this was a bit west of Yakima. I did find a large-ish DORy area there that seems most concentrated under Rimrock Lake, but extends far enough to include the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area. Well, i hate to see innocent mountain goats exposed to DOR, so i scooped up the 6,000 or so evil red Nordics, 1,000 or so blues, some demons, and processed the one big nuke reactor, etc. There are also some 30,000 evil humans down there, so i am hammering on them, too.

  *   *   *   *
Rock Rant: One thing that never fails to make me gag is Satanists masquerading as idealistic hippies. Quote:
Stephen Colbert had Neil Young on his show the other night and it turned into a very interesting discussion.

Young does a great job at showing that the stereotype of liberals "being against all war" is wrong. He admits that Afghanistan was a war of necessity and the main problem with Iraq is that it allowed us to take our eyes off of enemy number one - Osama.

Colbert worked hard to keep his wingnut persona going, but towards the end you can really tell that he enjoyed talking with Neil too much and that made it hard to keep up the charade. Neil even gives Colbert a nice little gift in the segment.
Well, i haven't watched the video, but i can tell you this: of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, only Nash was not a life-long Satanist. It makes me wonder why they felt like letting their freak flags fly.
Other prominent rockers that were life-long Satanists include: Elton John, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Dan [correction: John] Fogerty, Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, ... and a great many others. Creedence, Quicksilver, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, the Stones, all did dark ritual together. [correction: not quite true. See remarks of Sep. 15, '08.] But it's not just a rock thing; Tchaikovsky was a Satanist, Beethoven an MPDed Freemason.
It ain't me, it ain't me,
I ain't no military son, naw, naw.
It ain't me, it ain't me,
I ain't no fortunate one, nah! -- Creedence
And almost all famous musicians that aren't into black magic in their dominant personae, have MPD alters that have been involved. Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, the Heart sisters, Carly Simon, Joan Baez, Leo Kottke, James Taylor. That list goes on forever. Sometimes the dividing line is thin, and i don't know which category to place the person in, e.g. Carlos Santana.

A lot of my (formerly) favorite artists were/are darksiders. Apparently, being a Satanist does not inhibit the ability to produce beautiful music. Though there are a few notables that i do not detect any evil alters or ritual vibes in: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Graham Nash, The Band, ...Elvis!?! One can have issues without being MPDed or into black magic. Elvis seems clean that way; i can't find handlers. Though his widow and daughter are quite dark.
This is probably mainly Western music. E.g. Rastafarians aren't into Babylonian practices, so Jamaican Reggae is pretty untainted. As are many ethnic music types.

But getting back to Neil... in case anyone missed the obvious, he is spewing vile NWO pablum. Not that i've listened to the vid, but let's take another look at that quote:
Young does a great job at showing that the stereotype of liberals "being against all war" is wrong. He admits that Afghanistan was a war of necessity and the main problem with Iraq is that it allowed us to take our eyes off of enemy number one - Osama.
Gag! Retch! I used to love his music, but no more. Is it strange i should change i don't know...

Aug. 20, '06: What a kick-ass day. For one thing, i just got another "freaky" storm. But i have to wonder, does it seem unusual because it's unnatural, or because i've never before in my life seen natural weather? I suspect the latter.

It had been too dry, yet muggy for some time here. This afternoon change rolled in with more of those high-explosive thunderclaps. Several lightning strikes nearby. I wouldn't be surprised to find a struck tree or two on my 10 acres.
The unusual brightness and loudness might have been intimidating to a lesser being than the intrepid Cmdr. Loohan, who calmly dowsed that there was no evil involved; no-one directing this to me.
The show included copious amounts of penny- and nickel-sized hail, which accumulated in spots on the formerly hot ground before melting.
The overhead thunder was wild, because there would be a real loud explosion (and flash of lightning), followed by a long period of explosive crackling echoes receeding further and further into the distance. Sounded real cool. Around 7pm i checked my rain gauges. One had been knocked over by the hail, and the other said 2.3". And i might get more.

Also i was contacted by someone in Northern California, who was having problems with long-term evil in the area. After sweetening 4 ritual-polluted vortexes, nabbing some demons, etc., i noticed a nearby underground base, containing some 340,000 Nordics, mostly green but some blue. What a rare find these days! I scooped them all up, then re-checked to see what was left. No humans or other ETs. No nukes. Just heaps of nasty mind-control equipment of some sort!
So i called in the Lyrans, who responded with unprecedented promptness, and disabled that crap. But this was a major operation that must have been affecting a wide area, quite likely you and me. Anyway, i feel unusually jazzed from busting it.

And the Lyrans, with some small occasional assistance from my self-effacing self, have been making real progress in the Mid-East today, too.

Aug. 21, '06: ET Roundup: I got 3 unidentifiable but nasty ETs in Flagstaff yesterday. Today i have gotten:

  • hundreds of Nordics in Baja south of Yuma, AZ
  • 4,000+ reptilians in Northern Quebec
  • 193 more reptilians east of Wuhan, China
  • 13 more in Russia
  • 24 blue Nordics elsewhere in Russia
  • 138 greys in a base in Esjufjoli, Iceland
  • 13 i haven't identified at Bahia de Santa Lucia off the coast of Uraguay
  • 9 greys in the western part of West Falkland Island
  • 14,000 green Nordics at this spot just SWS of "Olympic Site, Sydney NSW, Australia". Very conspicuous on Google Earth. The vortex is encircled in red.
  • 400,000 more reptilians west of there almost halfway across the land mass, in an agricultural area.
  • 36,000 more reptilians on the southern coast of New Guinea
  • 336,000 more reptilians under the center of Maobitu, Taiwan
  • 680,000 greys under Forbidden City, Beijing.

    How am i finding all these? I just zoom in on DOR spots. It seems most of them at this time do have ETs in them.
    Evidently the Nordic population has shrunk enough to allow the reptilians to regain some ground. I'll have to comb through the planet more regularly.

    Then i turned my attention to the Lyran ships. They are still out there. For some reason the good Lyrans don't seem to have done anything. In fact, i just saw a SOHO pic at cyberspaceorbit with an evil Lyran ship near the sun. And Al reported a disc out in AZ that i dowse as evil Lyran.
    It occurred to me that, duh, the evil Lyrans are traditional allies of the evil Nordics, and may have some on board. Yep, i snagged 8,000 of them and 3,000 greys out of those craft. And am working over the Lyrans.

    Getting more good rain this afternoon.

    Aug. 22, '06: Got another 1.7" in all. Although the copious rolling thunder was farther away than the previous day's, this time the storm managed to knock out my ISP.

    By 7am, i already found 54 yellow Nordics under Haifa, Israel.

    Late morning i checked and noticed that the good Lyrans had taken out 2 of the 11 evil Lyran ships. Within an hour they had gotten 8. The other 3 must be some distance away or something.

    At 1pm, i found and scooped up 383,000 blue and red Nordics under the center of Janin, Israel.

      *   *   *   *
    (2:20pm) Around 2:12 i checked for more Nordics on the 3 remaining evil Lyran craft. Sure enough, there were 135 greens and 81 greys, which i abducted. I must have missed these 3 craft originally.
    Within 7 minutes, those 3 craft bit the dust. Which confirms for me that somehow the presence of these other ETs is necessary for the evil Lyrans to be able to defend themselves.
    So now i am well acquainted with the protocols should more show up.

      *   *   *   *
    (4pm) Just got another 400+ reptilians under Me'ir Shefaya, Israel. And 200+ greys NNW of Jerusalem.

    (4:40pm) I just got 700+ yellow Nordics at a spot east of Hosen and south of Ga'ton, Israel. And a coven of 13 reptilians WNW of Zikhron Ya'agov, Israel.

    (6:20pm) It never seems to end. I noted some HAARP-like cloud phenomena and noticed the transmitter going at the nearby Witts Spring base. 165 blue and yellow Nordics. Also HAARP was suddenly going strong. HAARP has 3 nukes, and usually only one heats up at a time. This time it's #2.
    Hmmm, still "HAARP" clouds? I looked around and found a previously-undetected transmitter going strongly at Dickey Junction, a bit NW of Witts Spring. Nailed that, and the HAARP look went away.

    Underground transmitter, apparently causing HAARP clouds. Cowboy recently posted about HAARP clouds in the Keys, and all i could find was an underground transmitter in the center of Key West.

    They are spraying a bit here this afternoon, but the fresh stuff isn't sticking much.

    Aug. 23, '06: Nice weather. Only 80F in town, and mid-70s at my place. A bit of faint rain this morning.

    Saw some HAARP effects later, and nailed HAARP reactor #3. Later i noticed no more HAARP effects.

    And what about the dimensional rift, and the squid? Well, they keep hammering me, but i don't mind much.
    When i posted about the rift, some readers helped on that. It did help for a while. But now even the Lyrans have give up on it as a waste of effort, presumably.
    As far as i know, i'm the only one being hit by the squid. And i have an Anti-Vampire PC from Rifat, so they can't suck energy from me. They can only cause mild pain and discomfort, as long as i keep scooping them up.

    Today they hit me with the strongest barrage ever. A half-septillion, that's 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 squid at once. Took me 3-4 minutes of constant effort to round them all up. It was a mild annoyance, but worth it.
    They are gradually getting weaker, and i must eventually put a dent in their numbers.

    Why do i report all this unbelievable stuff that can only diminish my credibilty? Because, frankly, i care little about my credibility at this stage. I have a few stalwart friends, and a lot of power myself now.

    I write this stuff so that there will be some record for posterity, not only about how great Cmdr. Loohan is, but more importantly what the enemy was doing, and how. What had to be done so that people in the future can (hopefully) enjoy a more pleasant existence than what was in store for us.
    Which ETs played which roles. How did they operate. Which are our real friends.
    What was the universe like. How and why did it change.

      *   *   *   *
    OK, i come home after working 9 hours and check the Middle-East, and what do i find? Israel is pretty DORy:

  • 3,000+ reptilians at Masaryk, creating a mess of DOR with Enochian and Goetia demons
  • 33 greys at Yagur
  • 42 reptilians and 84 greys at Baqa el Gharbiyya
  • 3 greys at El HaMifraz
  • 153 greys at a spot NE of Kafr Kanna
  • 3 reptilians at Haifa
  • 3 more at Migdal Ha'Emeq

    In other words penny-ante stuff. No huge crowds of ETs. And no Nordics, hmmmm....
    I didn't even find the ETs using transmitters; they just seemed to be radiating DOR strongly themselves due to the black magic. I did find a couple transmitters, but no ETs there.
    Anyway, scooping up these vermin sure sweetened up the countryside.

    (10pm) Alrighty, 9 yellow Nordics right on the border.

    Aug. 24, '06: I found a few more reptilians, like 9 or 13, on the border before falling asleep last night. And 9 more under Haifa today. Now at 8pm I am finding:
  • 630 green Nordics under Tiberias, Israel
  • 48 greys just east of Hefzi Bah, Israel.

    Later i found 3 yellow Nordics somewhere in Lebanon.

    I just added some more stuff to my mobius page about wire sizes and types.

    (11:30pm) I looked at a pic of the Milky Way, ferreting out little DOR spots. I found several. Most or all had greys, many had Nordics as well. Didn't find reptilians. If they're out there, they're keeping a low energy profile.

    Aug. 25, '06: Found another trivial set of 3 lizards in Israel and another in Lebanon, and a few greys. The Middle East is pretty calm, in terms of DOR lately. Hopefully soon i can share what the Lyrans have been doing there.
    I don't fully understand what's going on in this region, but to me the evidences suggests that it was very important to the darkside to have the Earth energies be very bad in this region at this time, which i suspect has something to do with astrological factors or the like. They need that area to be real funky now, or they are missing some huge opportunity that will never recur, is my impression.CAngel Water: Tim Rifat talks about how the evil Yaltabaoth created the Cherubim, Seraphim, and Archon Angels (which i take to be Archangels. I have found that Archangels are definitely insectile demons AKA Archons).
    Elsewhere he sells an Iguana unit to shred Seraphim. And much of his denunciation of me is his denunciation of my alleged Seraphim allies.

    Yet i just found that he is now offering water that has been programmed with these evil, DORy entities! The Archangels are not very DORy right now because i blast them from time to time, as certain other misguided people have been programming them into orgone devices.

    I can't help but get the impression that Tim has lost the plot. His own plot. Which makes me nervous, because he has Yaldabaoth in chains, and i keep getting the impression of the likelihood that Yaldabaoth somehow gets free in 2008, and it takes me until 2010 to get him handled again.
    I expect to do a lot of preemptive shredding on the old God of Evil when more urgent issues are under control.

    Anyway, that's one kind of Angel Water, and not the kind i recommend. The good kind is the original kind he spoke of; water that is simply charged with the Total-34 BSRI-E. That water is super-nice, and since i keep the corrupting entities under my foot, only pure energies go into that water. I recently realized i can remotely charge water this way. Furthermore, i have figured out a way to magnify the power of the Rifat items, so that now i can do up large bodies of water fairly quickly. I hope to have done all the water on Earth soon.

    It's a process that takes a bit of time, depending on the size of the target. I dowse that something is, say, 74% done, and later it might be 96%, then eventually 100%. And go on to the next. So far, just some of my "conquests" include:
  • all 3 water reservoirs in Washington, DC, as well as all the downtown reflecting pools and fountains
  • several lakes in nearby Northern VA
  • the Dead Sea
  • The Great Salt Lake
  • The big lakes in Iraq
  • all the ponds and reservoirs in Copenhagen

    I have seeded rivers and large lakes by charging up small bodies of water that drain into them. Hence, the Mississippi, for example, is now at 100%, along with all its tributaries. So are the Great Lakes.
    I also did a bunch of AR & MO lakes, as well as all the little ponds for 7 miles around me.

    But it gets better. The same thing i can do to water, i can do to quartz, orgonite, granite monuments... I have fully charged all the orgonite i ever made, as well as a lot of what others have done. I hope to have all orgone devices on Earth, including Reichian CBs, Genesa Crystals, you name it, at 100% within a few days. Some of the more intensely corrupted items may not go all the way to 100%, but overall, this is making a huge difference.
    I have also done huge boulders, like the Mother Cluster in N. VA. Eventually i should be able to do all the quartz and other crystal mines in the world.

      *   *   *   *
    (4pm) Hurricane Ioke: 160 mph, they say. I found 3 ships with nuclear powered transmitters in the area. We'll see if it fizzles now.

      *   *   *   *
    So what do you need to do to get your hands on some of this killer water? It is already available to you. All bottled water in the world is now topped off. All moisture in the atmosphere. All oceans and the waterways that drain into them. Even if you are sitting in a military or underground base, all the water reserves have been sterilized against evil for your protection.
    Lake Vostok. The Oglalla Aquifer.

      *   *   *   *
    (6pm) I am going berserk with this stuff. Probably all water on Earth will be done in a few hours, and the entire Earth within a few days.

    Steel seems to hold this energy pretty well. I put into those 3 ships all they would hold. Right now i'm doing HAARP. I have worked HAARP quite a bit with the Rifat stuff, but it was never with the intention of charging up the metal like i would water. Hence it was only partly charged. Coming right along. Then maybe i'll do some similar arrays.

    Aug. 26, '06: Checked in on Ioke again. They still claimed 160mph. How could this be? Well, there were now 6 of those ships in the region. The weird thing is that they seemed to be parked on the projected path of the hurricane.
    Anyway, i deduced that they must have liked the scrubbing i gave the last 3, so i processed the 6 the same way.

      *   *   *   *
    We got an inch of rain in town; no wind, lightning, or thunder. Unfortunately, only 0.3" here.

      *   *   *   *
    I think this charging up of water and stuff is weakening the reach of the squid. Today i was actually jumped by 8 septillion of them, 16X the previous record. But they felt pretty weak.
    Perhaps they sense the window of opportunity closing, and are making a last-ditch effort.

      *   *   *   *
    (9:45pm) Thought i'd better check on the Middle East before going to bed. Holy Mackerel! The most ETs i've dealt with in some time. Here's the order in which i found them:

  • 800+ yellow Nordics in Syria were making big DOR in the region.
  • 9,000+ greys on Israel/Jordan border, also real hot
  • 18,000+ greys under Jerusalem
  • 3 reptilians in southern Syria
  • 103,000 greys in southern Israel
  • 9,000+ blue Nordics a bit further south.
  • 148,000 more greys along Jordan/Israel border
  • 48,000 yellow Nordics on Jordan/Syria border near Israel
  • an octillion greys in northern Egypt, with a nuke-powered reptilian craft transmitting away
  • 800 million Nordics under Amman
  • 250 trillion+ greys under the Damascus airport. Blues and a few greens
  • 3 reptilians under Haifa, again
  • 58,000+ reptilians and 230 million greys north of Damascus
  • 9 repts south of Har No'am, IS
  • 800 yellow Nordics NE of Damascus
  • 3/4 billion+ reptilians southern Golan Heights

    Got 'em jailed. I get the vague impression that there is tremendous ET interest in this region at this time. I didn't think there were that many greys and reptilians still alive.

    Aug. 27, '06: (7am)

  • 900 trillion yellow, green, and red Nordics near Beersheba, IS
    seems to be all.

    Last night after i went to bed, i got jumped by a mere 180 septillion squid, which were able to produce only a mild annoyance.
    Why are such vast numbers of demons and evil "ETs" so interested in little old Earth and the Middle East? I don't know, but i do know that they seem most anxious to keep the vibes as bad as possible.

    I get that it is now OK for me to post the parallel blog i was keeping about the Lyrans for a few days. As you will read, there are several reptilian ships in vortexes. I suspect that they are dimensionally-offset such that a person would not normally be able to perceive them. I also suspect that they went through matter (the earth) to land underground.   Lyrans in the Middle East.

    (4pm) Let's see what's cookin' this afternoon:

  • 4 trillion reptilians (trillions of reptilians, that has a nice ring) near Bal'awin, Leb.
  • And surprisingly close by, 800 blue Nordics and 11,000 greys
  • 900 more repts also nearby
  • 700 yellow and green Nordics, and 9,000 greys not far SW at Tall al Baiyad
  • 3 repts and 6 greys SE of there
  • 5,000 repts and 1,100 more greys a few miles north

    And that's all that was flared up. All in S. Leb. fairly near the border.

    Now, you might be wondering, wouldn't it take an awful lot of space, a lot of facilities, to accommodate one of these bigger bunches of ETs? I'm not sure what the deal is, but i suspect we are dealing with some weird manipulation of relative size. For example, my prison is about the size of a loaf of bread, but there's always room for plenty more.
    And how are they getting here? Yesterday i pulled bunches of ETs out of tin cans they were flying around in. But i think that the ones i got today were already here a few days ago, just not being conspicuous.
    Are there more on the way? I get no. Are there more stashed away? Yes.

      *   *   *   *
    "Super Typhoon Ioke": They are still saying 160mph. There are now 3 of those transmitter ships parked along the official projected storm path. I think these are the first 3 i did, treated to negate the positive charge. Also a lot of new people aboard. Spunky bastards. I'll dig into them.

    (Later) Treated with ritual blood splattered on the hulls. This is a NOAA op, by the way. Such a big deal for me to jail the demons and break that spell.

    Aug. 28, '06: Well, i thought i had those ships neutralized and went onto something else, only to find at 2am that the ships were cooking again. I guess they place much importance on this typhoon. So i am riding them non-stop now.
    Now at 8am, they are saying it's down to 150mph.

    The "something else" i am also riding, is, as i posted on the forum, a spot near the Israel/Lebanon border harboring 127 unidentified ETs with some kind of unusual and tough DOR tech. Also am shredding the ETs, who are too physical for me to jail. That seems to be going well, too.
    They run their transmitters on some sort of (stored?) evil energy of a non-nuclear type. Don't know what it is, but i simply transferred it into my jail once i though of that.

    The Middle East feels very clean this morning. No other flare-ups yet.

    Raining lightly here this morning.

    (1:45pm) I just noticed that on the projected map for Ioke at, the spots for 9am Wed. and 9pm Wed (today being Mon.) are DORy. Each had a nuke sub, owned i think by NOAA. Is it possible NOAA has its very own subs to help it master the weather? Did they also own the various exotic weather craft the Venusians blew away? Anyway, now i'm chilling that DORy scene.
    They are still calling it 150mph.

    Just got 800 trillion reptilians on Saturn, 700 trillion on Saturn's rings, 500 trillion on Pluto and 80 trillion more on Jupiter. And 90 trillion greys on Mars. That's quite a lot of lizards, over 2 quadrillion. There must be something awfully fascinating in the Solar System. I can't imagine that 5-6 billion humans are all that interesting. No, it must be some interdimensional stuff with the vortexes around the Lebanese/Israeli border. I reckon.

    Yeah, i think a lot of ETs have been hiding out, waiting for this time. But the big party ain't happening. So i'm providing alternate accommodations for them.

      *   *   *   *
    Oh, yeah, BTW, i've been keeping all spray-chem supplies brimming with sweet energy. I guess that aluminum, barium, etc. is very programmable. The chem still sticks, apparently; when the sun came out a while ago, i noted quite a bit of chemclouds. But they had a good vibe.
    Virtually no "HAARP" phenomena here today, but yesterday i saw some pretty pronounced ones, and dowsed out and neutralized transmitters until that stopped.

      *   *   *   *
    Getting weakly hit by vast numbers of squid. Numbers with like 52 digits after them.
    Definitely, the amount of food all these demons and ETs could get off Earth's population is nothing. So something else is going on. Something big about timing, dimensions, stargates or some such damn thing. It's the reason the Zionists chose this time to try to stir up WWIII. (And incidentally, to clarify, when i say "Zionists" i do not mean Jews; i mean blood-ritual Freemasons.)

    Whew, at 7:15pm i just hoovered a whole 'nother wad of ETs out of the Middle East. And there's more.

    (9:45pm) Sheer insanity. I keep scooping away at the Middle East. Got attacked by squid numbering in the 80 digits plus range. Scooped up reptilians on Mercury and Venus alone numbering in the 50+ digits. Also some on other planets.
    Things are heating up. Or trying to.

    Aug. 29, '06: (8:20am) Ioke: Now they are saying it's back up to 155mph. Even though i've been riding those subs, they are still faintly DORy. Now they are stationed at the 3am Thu and 3pm Thu positions. Apparently, the open internet is how NOAA command tells the subs where to hang out.

    I've been keeping the Middle East and Solar system mostly clean, but it's a job that's never complete, because more ETs keep crawling out of the woodwork. I suspect they are not new arrivals, but ones that have been laying quiescent.

    When i said yesterday that Zionism could be roughly defined as Freemasonry, that was based largely on the fact that all Zionists i find have that blood-ritual vibe, and my general dowsing of Zionists as Freemasons. Here is a article by Barry Chamish that is of interest.
    Though the relationship may be more complex than that. Barry offers this quote at the bottom:

    \93Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end\94
    \97 Rabbi Isaac Wise (of B\92nai B\92rith, quoted in Israelite of America, Aug 3, 1866)
    So hey, i don't have all the answers.

    10:30am here, and it's still in the 60s F. Not bad for what is normally the hottest time of year here.

    Aug 30, '06: (1:20am) Ioke now rated a 160mph again, with 3 new subs they wish to sacrifice. One on the NW edge of "9am Fri", one on the NW edge of "9pm Fri", and one in between. There were also 3 subs working Hurricane John.

    (5:45pm) Now they have Ioke back at 155mph. John is at 130 now. I don't remember what it was this morning.

    Squid and orders of magnitude: Today they kept increasing the numbers attacking me until it got up into the hundreds of quadrillions. Mostly going for my throat center, causing my jaw muscles to clench a bit. That's not the number of squid, but rather the number of digits in the numbers of squid.
    I only report the facts; i don't expect anyone to believe them.

    Here's what's going on, as nearly as i can speculate:
    We are now in the midst of "the big one"; the big timing event everyone in the universe has been waiting for for ages. The reason the Masons founded Israel to provide a pretext for WWIII in the right spot. The window closes Friday, Sep 1 around 2pm CST. The enemy ETs seem diminished right now. I keep sweeping clean the M.E. and the Solar System of any DORy ones. I presume the squid are doomed if the darkside fails at this, hence they have nothing to lose by jumping me. What all these squid normally feed on, and why their scene is threatened by what goes on here, i do not know.

    The same friend who enlightened me about the good Lyrans also informed me about 4 alleged motherships in the area filled with good reptoids. I was sceptical until i dowsed their vibe, and indeed! they have a very good, strong, vibe comparable to the good Lyrans. Unlike the reptilians i've been fighting, they do not have DORy DNA.

    I hope someday soon we will be hobnobbing with these advanced races like the Venusians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, and good reptoids. We probably have all kinds of useful things to swap, and we can conspire to permanently eradicate all DOR-mongering evil.

    Aug. 31, '06: Same old same old. Except that this afternoon i plucked 3 Mossad astral punks off someone. Then around 6:30 CST i get hit with a lot more squid than ever before, then notice something squeezing my face that is not the squid. 3 Mossad jerks. I bag them, and more come. So far i have 19 that were trying to squeeze my face. Softer than my heart, i guess.
    These were coming from a different base in Tel Aviv than the one previously dealt with. Once i started in on that, i realized they had a bunch of heavy radionicsy stuff there blasting at me. Meanwhile an even much huger batch of squid are swarming me.