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Loohan's blog for October, 2006

Oct. 1, '06: Things are mellow today. Came home after work, and found little trouble other than a 300' deep base in central TX with some bad ETs and almost 900 evil Lyrans. Took 5 good Lyrans to wipe them out.

Oct. 2, '06: (1:30pm) Everything feels under control today. But i did find 3 USN subs in the vicinity of Madagascar. Each sub had a bunch of DORy ETs in it. I am increasingly finding repts and Nords together lately.
They were up to something, not sure what. Perhaps another nuclear tsunami. I do have the impression of 3 underwater bombs in the region.

(8:45pm) Six evil Venusian ships were suicidal enough to visit Earth this evening. Then i found a base 800' below Mt. Graham Observatory with 26K more Venusians. Another base at 900' below Oak Ridge National Laboratories, right under the other base there, with 76K Pleiadians.
Then i found 30 more evil Pleidians at 1000' on Mars.
Then, in NJ at 900', 333,333 Lyrans.
This is all in addition to the greys, repts, Nords.

Oct. 3, '06: (2:30pm) A suspicious-minded person asked me about a possible base under the police intelligence (PET) building at Buddinge, Copenhagen. I found one 800' down, with greys, repts, nords, 3 saurians, and 800K evil Lyrans. Took 20 good Lyrans a few minutes to mop up the latter.

(5pm) Found a base 26 miles under the Skull and Bones Tomb, with red and blue nords and 400 million evil Pleiadians. The Lyrans sent in 30 guys, and in no time wiped them out.

Then i remembered that last night i had found a base 900' below the Shanghai base, with among other things 500 Pleiadians. That was cleaned up, and 2 Lyrans remain there. I just checked it, and found it packed with greys, nords, repts. Also found 9 Brits there doing Goetia magic. Once i took away the evil ETs and neutralized the Brits' weapons, the 2 Lyrans wiped them out.
Presumably, this is teleportation using vortexes, and the intel agencies know how to do it. But, what lasting benefits are they getting? Mwahaha. They never seem smart enough to teleport out before getting slaughtered.

Also got a new type of attack on me a little while ago: Seraphim attacking me directly, on their own, from Universe D. Frying my nuts. Feels the same as when other entities attack, except a bit more fiery.
They seem to have quit that for the time being.

(5:50pm) Got another little base with 2000+ evil Pleaiadians near the east end of the AR/MO border.

Then i remembered Epsilon Eridani, and how they've been beaming Earth. I found the base, took out the dark-matter entities. There were also 7 million solid-matter beings. I invited in the Lyrans, and they responded with 50 soldiers who wiped out the bad guys and took over that base.

Then i had the idea of helping the Lyrans with their turf. I dowsed that there was a base on their system that they wanted to nail above all others. There were only 333 bad Lyrans in there, but there was also a powerful archon.
Anyway, i think i'll be helping them more on such projects.

(8:30pm) Did a few more in Constellation Lyra.

The renegade Pleiadians, Lyrans, and Venusians don't seem to be into nukes. And the deep bases just don't have nukes, so i kind of got out of the habit of even checking for them.

Then i got hit hard from another base somewhere in this galaxy. It had no solid-matter beings in it, so i scooped out the usual vermin, and invited the good reptilians in. This place had 13 reactors, each of which fed into 9 transmitters of its own. The good repts are now in it, fending off new bad guys coming in the vortex. I'll help them a while.

(9:40pm) Had another Duh moment. All this time i've been calling on the Lyrans to do all the grunt work, and just letting the good reptilians sit there like so much chopped liver. I was supposed to ask the reptilians to help. I think they have lots of resources. Anyway, now there are 10 of these under Parent, Quebec.

And 4 under Leslie, AR. The good repts were "supposed to" have that spot, which is why the Lyrans wouldn't come. Now the 4 can keep an eye on things around here from the comfort of a genuine reptilian vortex base. Suddenly i feel more secure. Four of these guys is a lot for just little old me. I was thinking they'd send 1 or 2.
Don't try to mess with Cmdr. Loohan now.

Oct. 4, '06: When i helped the Lyrans with their home realm issues, apparently that freed up a lot of their resources, and they've been persecuting the squid demons with sweet energy all day. The squid have hardly been able to hit me, except in a couple brief outbursts.
The Seraphim have been trying to take up the slack, but i'm not suffering much.

This evening i noticed that the Middle East was kind of nasty. The following bases were found, and the bad ETs replaced with good ET's (mostly Pleiadians today): Jerusalem 900', 3 miles NE of Jerusalem, 800', Beirut 1400', 7 miles SE of Beirut 800', Tel Aviv 600', Gaza area 1500', Syria 800' Amman, 1000'.
It was interesting because i lived in Amman briefly as a 13-year-old in early '67. Amman, as i recall, has 4 "Djebels", or somewhat parallel mountain ridges. Just now i found a shallower ET base under the one we lived on, Djebel Webde, another under Djebel Ashafia, another under Djebel Hussein. Like 50-100' deep. Not sure of my spelling. These all had some evil Pleiadians among other things.
There is also a base at around 300' under Amman that i have repeatedly cleared of Nordics in the past. This is also equally true of Beirut and Jerusalem.

Anyway, checking back on the M.E. map a few hours later, i get the impression it made quite a difference.

Oct. 8, '06: Just have had unusual sensations of Something Big Happening all day, like some allies were kicking serious butt somewhere, stuff shifting big-time. I was being hammered by squid, etc. most of the time, but it didn't bother me much. I just kept slurping them up. Felt very up-beat all day.

Late afternoon i realized that there was big war on in Constellation Lyra between the squid and the good Lyrans. The Lyrans have had a long feud with these, which i believe are called "sheef" in their language, because the squid have been the big power source behind the evil Nordics that have been the close alllies of the evil Lyrans. I often dredge Lyra for evil Nordics as well.
It took me a while, but i think i reigned in most of the squid there.
I suspect that because i have been removing vast numbers of monster saurians from the Lyra area, saurians that were protecting the evil Lyrans from the good ones, that the squid had to move in because the evil Lyrans and their Nordic pals were now being crushed. So now that i cleared the squid away, the crushing can continue without interruption.

Checked Mars and the M.E., and both seem remarkably clean. An indication that the enemy is really sucking wind.

(8pm) Maybe they were were uset that i goaded them. A few things flared up in the M.E.
A base was cooking 7 miles SW of Amman. Actually 2 bases with evil Pleiadians, etc. One is at 300' and one at 26 miles. There were millions of saurians hanging around the lower base. Very unusual for Earth.
Good Pleiadians now hold those bases.

I just realized that the Pleidian realm is also infested with the saurians, as are actually all 6 universes.

Oct. 9, '06: Today i finished work on Paranoia Bulletin #5: The MPD Horror.

Been finding more deep bases. Several in Colorado, one in St. Louis. A 26-miler at Bishop's Head, MD.

There has been a lot more chem, including fresh trails, here the last several days.

Oct. 10,'06: Well, things don't seem to be getting any worse, except for the enemy. Looks like Hastert is in doo-doo over his own sexual proclivities now. The squid, etc. get feebler and feebler. It's October and still no major hurricanes have hit the US. I don't have much work anymore clearing the bad ETs out of the M.E. or Mars.

Danburite: I just wanted to mention that recently i have come to the notion that possibly the best type of crystal for doing remote warfare against evil is danburite. Try it for a Succor Punch, Power Wand, or any other crystal-based weapon. Yes, it is expensive, so try to seek out less gemmy specimens. It doesn't seem to matter very much for our purposes how visually perfect it is. My impression is that it is significantly superior to quartz, topaz, selenite, etc. for this purpose. Though i still like quartz and my special quartzite a lot.
Now, i'm talking about the "business" crystal that you etherically connect to the enemy. I'm not suggesting that every stone in every orgone device is best replaced with danburite. For martial applications, avoid danburite that has calcite or other matrix stuff on it. Although these might have additional good healing energy, i think they are less crispy for warfare. However, it does not seem to matter much if the crystal has flaws, milkiness, cracks, etc.

Pleiadians and Lyrans: When i first encountered the bad ones, i was unable to move them into my prison. But a few days ago i tried again, and was able to. So lately whenever i find a base with these in it, i clear them out along with the greys, nords, repts, and saurians, leaving an empty base for the good guys to take over. I still can't move the physical Venusians or Earthlings, but it is the others that i mostly find lately, especially in the deep bases.

  *   *   *   *
Very seldom do i get the opportunity to photograph any of the exotic fauna i keep talking about.

Some narrow-minded individuals seem to think i make this stuff up.
So i was glad i was able to whip out the camera in time to snap this were-dog huddled by my storage shed.
Nothing quite debunks the debunkers like solid photographic evidence.

First one i'd ever seen in daylight. In fact, i seldom encounter these at night anymore.
Yet another endangered species.

Oct. 12, '06 I published OTB 19 today, on the subject of moving demons into prisons with the mind. You, too, can be godlike like Cmdr. Loohan, and make him very happy. Check it out.

In other news, the realm of the Lyrans seems to have been scrubbed of DOR sources. I am not able to detect any active saurians, evil nordics, or suchlike there, and even the evil Lyrans have been mostly cleared out, i think.
And i have also been helping the Pleiadians with their problems at home, which project is coming along well.

Oct. 13, '06: More on danburite: Today i received a massive danburite crystal i'd ordered. $100 with shipping. But i knew it was worth it. Once i programmed it, it simply amazed me with the huge amounts of evil energy it processes, while putting out a real healthful, relaxing energy. Coincidentally, the squid really calmed way, way down not long after i locked it onto them. Even just like that, it is one of the most powerful tools i have. But i will be mobius-wrapping it and mounting it on my latest over-the-top orgone device.

Oct. 15, '06: Last night i mounted the big crystal on the device. I haven't mobed up this crystal itself yet, but the massive, state-of-the-art device has 4 mobes going at 4 different freqs inside it, and most of the energy is directed upwards into the crystal. Also yesterday evening i programmed a medium-sized danburite for a friend. When i went to bed, both crystals were biting deeply into DOR.
But this morning they are not. Because there's hardly any DOR left anywhere, seemingly.
Combination of factors, no doubt, but i continue to be impressed by danburite.

Oct. 16, '06: Been getting wonderful soaking rain here since yesterday morning non-stop.

Liberating some distant star systems: Rigel appears now to be bereft of its usual mobs of tall greys, these having been replaced by, uh, maybe 1000 Lemurians. It's getting harder to distinguish the good guys.
Orion has had its vast multitudes of reptilians deleted, as well as its greys, saurians, and even billions of yellow nordics that had only arrived a couple weeks ago. There are now some 5K good reptilians running the place. This, i suspect, is important.
Sirius A seems to be in the control of good Lyrans, whereas i think B is in the good hands of Arcturians.
Epsilion Eridani seems to be pretty much handled by good Pleiadians now. Zeta Reticuli is still in progress. This is a bunch of stars (map) that have been seething with greys and reptilians.

Oct. 17, '06: I ended up getting around 4" of rain, and now the weather is supposed to clear up and get warm again today. October is usually about the nicest time of the year in the Ozarks.

Things definitely seem to be getting better day by day. I had been using my new orgone weapon mainly defensively, locking it on to attackers to weaken them. But now that doesn't seem necessary, so i can use it offensively against illuminati. It's so powerful that even a few minutes seems to knock most of the bad energy out of a victim.
Arkansas has 2 Satanist scumbags running for governor, Asa Hutchison and the current Attorney General, Mike Beebe. Neither has the moral qualifications of a leader, so i will be sending them jolts of cleansing energy here and there between now and election day. And skimming demons off their spells. If they are smart, they will bow out of the race. Should one of them be so unfortunate as to win, he can be assured of receiving extensive continued attention. Incidentally, i don't think either one has a clone or double, making it somewhat difficult to cover up any tragic demise that may or may not occur.
There is actually an independent candidate running. I forget his name, but he is not one of "them".

(5pm) Today i finally made a couple mobius coils for my big doom-dealing danburite, did some other minor tweaks... pretty intense.

Someone brought to my attention that today is supposed to be some sort of "Cosmic Trigger" event of higher dimensional energies pouring in. Sounded like so much of the usual empty new-age fluff, but i checked it out. Wasn't able to determine much, except that i did seem to faintly detect some kind of good energy they were talking about, and, also a bunch of reptilians and a few greys that were trying to corrupt this event. So since about 3pm CST i've had my killer machine working on keeping that clear, and i've several times scraped away reptilians trying to mess things up.

Oct. 20, '06: It rained all day yesterday again, got 0.4".

Things continue to go well. The demons and ETs have been weak lately, freeing up my deadly dangerous danburite dagger for surgical experimentation on people. I have been working a small group of people in several states, monitoring them for new demons and removing these every time they try to do black magic. And punishing the perpetrators.
They seem desperately dependent on demons to give them energy and reinforce them against positive energy. This morning i caught all these people doing rituals at the same time. Beebe and his guys were actually hexing me.
What will happen if i keep riding these bozoes? Will they eventually fade away? We'll see. I think for them the situation is similar to someone who is trying not to drown, but every time he comes up for air, a hand pushes him under water again.

My #1 favorite victim lately has been Asa. I have been wanting to nail him ever since he had the effrontery to personally inform me that he was running for governor.
Right, like Cmdr. Loohan is gonna stand for that. What about my pride? My ego? My social standing within the orgone community? I can see the snide commentaries now, pointing out my incompetence as proven by my allowing a blood-stained former DEA/DHS thug as governor of my state.
You see, i construe this as a personal attack. Never mind that the illiterate barbarian had probably never even heard of Cmdr. Loohan. Well, hell, i think i should take offense at his ignorance, as well.

Gov. Huckabee has gotten off easy so far, due to limited resources. Huckabee never met a chemtrail he didn't like. But now that i command greater resources, i'm not going to let these politicians walk all over "the Natural State" any more.

  *   *   *   *
The internet is making me haggard.

Now, take this, for example. This terrorist fanatic keeps telling people how to pick off key US public servants with deadly energy rays. We need a mechanism to get at guys like this. His space aliens just munch the swat teams.

And he keeps reaming me out with an unregistered, supercharged, danburite crystal this long. Something must be done, and soon.

Oct. 23, '06: [Erratum: Oct. 24 actually.] If things get any mellower, i won't be able to dowse much anymore.
The Zeta Reticuli clean-up is proceeding well.
My experiment with blood deprival of my selected victims is also going well; lately they seldom even bother to try anything, hopefully having recognized the futility of black magic. I found that the NSA radionics guys at the Bethesda outpost were trying to adversely effect my notorious danburite, so i beat them up. But i don't think they were having much effect.

When i say things are mellower, i mean that the DOR potentials of the enemy are very low, and it requires much effort for them to mess with us. Of course, they still do mess with the more dangerous activists, like those jailing demons. But they are getting weaker day by day.

Beware of octopi messing with your ear! One person who had one overnight before i removed it yesterday, still doesn't have hearing back in that ear. I know someone whose hearing was gradually taken away years ago, i suspect by octopi. If you get a persistent painful something in an ear, it's most likely an octopus sent by nordics using extra heavy black magic to get it to stick despite your attempts to remove it. I can remove them easily, so email me right away if you can't get rid of it. But first try incarcerating the nordics and their demons, they re-try the ear thing.

(6pm) Hoowee, they came after me this afternoon. Squid, Lyrans, Pleiadians. Nordics throwing octopi.
It cost them. My impression is that the brains behind the coordinated attacks are nordics. Once i figured that out, i just arrested all the nordic "brains" running the show. Oh, there'll be plenty more.

It's funny how all these disparate life-forms are synched to attack me at the same time in the throat center. Lately i have noticed that they always attack me as i head home from work.
"He's leaving now... pulling away from the curb... 1, 2, 3, ... Go!"
Like i'm supposed to be so flustered that i run off the road? Into what? I seldom exceed 30 mph trundling home. And i can comfortably nail them without taking my hands from the wheel.

Oct. 25, '06: Moving right along. They were unable to nail me when i got off work today.
They did start in on me this morning with the same old multi-pronged attacks, but i remembered about the heirarchical mentality of darksiders, and tried vacuuming up not the squid who were attacking me, but their highest echelons. That was maybe 7 or 8 hours ago, and i haven't been able to detect squid one since! I don't know if the top guys were just spinning off countless replicas of themselves, or whether the underlings are still around hiding but incapable of doing anything without leadership. It feels as if there are no squid left...

Then the other guys tried to take up the slack. The octopi were being sent by green nordics, so i again went for the top echelons. Apparently successfully after many such efforts, as then the evil Pleiadians took up sending me octopi.
I was also being attacked by Lyrans and Pleiadians directly. I kept concentrating mainly on higher echelons, but also trying to scoop up all such evil ETs as much as i could.

Seemed to work pretty well. Some Venusians attacked me then, which i am unable to incarcerate, so i focussed my orgone tools on them and their weapons until the good Venusians finished them off.
Then i had some greys jump me for the first time in a long time. They might be unable to when i'm home with all my mobius coils going, but i didn't have these with me at work. Anyway they were easy to bag, and there have been only very faint attacks since.

And i'm getting more rain here. Other than that, the world sucks ;>)

Oct. 27, '06: Well, i thought the squid might be extinct for a couple days there, but i had a few jump me from Universe B last night. There are still some around, but not doing much lately. Likewise, i haven't been attacked by nordics lately. This may be largely due to the fact that the evil nords are pretty much dependent on the squid for power.
I actually had a few little greys try to hassle me at home despite my mobius devices, but they didn't send many more after i bagged them.

But the Lyrans and Pleiadians keep messing with me, even though i keep scooping up all i can of these.

Got a bunch more rain last night, and it ain't over yet.

More about ear issues: I wrote the other day that ear pain is usually caused by an octopus.
But recently octopi haven't been flying that much, as the green nordics who usually throw them are indisposed. Ear pain (as well as head pain) can also be caused by astral humans. The Earth ones have apparently been wiped out by the good ETs, but there are still evil Lyran, Pleiadian, and sometimes Venusian astrals about, and they have been often going for my ears lately.
For some reason, i am able to jail the first 2, but not the Venusians, who must be more like us. Occasionally i scan for hostile Venusian craft, and process them so the good guys can blow them away.

  *   *   *   *
Support our (MPDed, sodomized, Satan spawn) Dupes: Years ago i read a forum post where this guy said his young son had a dream about an evil bird with wings in the same formation as the ribbon on these stickers. Supposedly very shortly before the powers-that-be trotted out this design. The lines represent the forward edges of the wings which are folded across the breast of the bird facing the observer.
More recently when i became able to dowse such things, i got the impression that, yes, indeed, that is what the design is about, and that people who display these are by their action evoking these birds, bringing them into our world.
So occasionally i hoover them up.
No big deal; just thought i'd mention it.

Oct. 30 '06: (1:40am) Everything is smooth as silk. I just checked my pics of galaxies, the Solar System, Earth, hot spots, evil people, etc. and just can't detect any Disturbance in The Force. We have come quite a long way in the past year.

They still hit me once in a while, but it is so weak lately.

Oct. 31 '06: I still haven't been hit by nordics for some time. And recently, i am running into no Enochian demons. I wonder if they have stopped responding to ritual. I keep picking Seraphim and Goetia allies off bad guys, mainly Seraphim.
Today the greys started harrassing me repeatedly while i was trying to work outside, hitting me in the throat just like the Lyrans and Pleiadians have been doing. I had to give Asa Hole a break for a spell in order to blast the greys real well. But they haven't come back yet. Also reptilians have hit me a few times in the last couple days.
Both the greys and the bad repts seem pretty feeble lately. I envision a time real soon when we hardly have to deal with the demons and bad ETs anymore, and can devote almost all our efforts to hammering on the evil Earth humans. Real soon, i think. Humans which will be all naked and unprotected, bereft of occult power. I habitually remove their Seraphim or Goetia now. Pilot flies over? Aha. The person who sent him here? More Seraphim.

Been hearing geese the last few days like never before in my life. Often it's too overcast to see them, but sometimes i do see formations of hundreds of them. I don't know if it's a good omen or what. Geese are supposed to fly south in droves, and that sure enough is happening. Something must be all right somewhere. I hardly ever even find HAARP flared up anymore.
We've had extraordinary fall color lately, though today's gusty weather blew a lot of the leaves off.

Which reminds me, when was the last time you read about a cetacean beaching? These might be a thing of the past. It required massive demon energy transmitted by the underground transdimensional transmitters to do that. The work of demons and reptilians and greys, probably.
And dang, it's beginning to look like we missed out on hurricanes this year.