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Perhaps the most remarkable thing about chemtrails is the mass psychology about the phenomenon. People police themselves not to notice anything. Otherwise intelligent people get real stupid when you try to get them to see the obvious, if it conflicts with their ossified delusions about reality. They want you to provide a rational explanation that fits into the framework of their belief system, and does not compromise their comfort, before they will deign to look at the physical universe around them. They will come up with the lamest, most full-of-holes rationalizations of the evidence, and if you pursue it, they will withdraw into silence.
This mentality is why the opposition gets away with the most flagrant, huge-scale, hideous things in the sky.

  ---- Master Misanthrope Loohan

I read the following on a web page:
There is a large mass of neurons in the visual cortex of the brain devoted to producing complicated responses to color. These neurons respond to what you see by sorting through the colors received by the eyes. But, if you show someone a blue apple, he/she may "see" the apple as red. What is intriguing is that when scientists monitor the visual cortex it is actually the neurons associated with the color "red" that respond and send messages to the brain, even though the eye is seeing blue!
After discoveries like this, scientists have concluded that neural structures are not only built to respond to what a person is seeing but also to what a person believes they should be seeing. The same is true with any human experience.
[emphasis mine]
If true, this explains a lot about human behavior. Don't know what happened to my "helpful" neurons of this nature. Perhaps I fried them when I cleansed the doors of my perception.

Below is my first stab at documenting the trails. I didn't intend to make a career out of it, but I also didn't foresee the quantity and quality of bizarreness the future skies would hold.

Chemtrail Event of Mid-June, 2004

All pictures taken by myself on June 18, 2004 from my property in North Central Arkansas.
(Got me a new camera and plan to document some of the more interesting illicit activity around here.)

This is the same messy asterisk formation (shot from different angles, sorry) being built up on. This is unusual here (a pattern like this centered near my property). It is also the first time I've seen them getting this much stickage on a clear, sunny day despite strong busting efforts; usually I can bust trails pretty well on a dry, sunny, hazeless day by following the plane with my index finger, but this was of little avail this morning, as was my newly-hopped up powerful CB setup. In fact, shortly before taking these pictures, I had dragged up a fairly powerful (incomplete) unit with a 500' mobius coil and spliced it into my CB array circuit to boost things. This had no discernable effect on the trails. Very unusual.

see the thin (fresh) trail being laid diagonally?

still the same formation being embellished

unfortunately, the center of the "asterisk" is behind trees in these last 2 pics

At least twice during this process, I noted that the spew turned off after the pilot passed through the formation area. I do not know whether one plane did all this in several passes, or more than one were involved.

The skies clouded over later. The forecast the night before had been 30% chance of light rain. Were they trying to stop the rain by targetting my area (the highest concentration of orgone for quite some distance around)? Did my busting efforts, though visually unimpressive, nonetheless foil them? In any case at 1:30 the radio said likelihood of heavy storms with large hail!

At 2:15, I got rain and rolling thunder, with a cool front. 0.5" and about 25 degree F drop in temperature by 4:00.

At 5:15 I could see some sky beyond the clouds again, and there were old chemclouds floating above! Evidently, they had continued to spray way above the storm.

By 7 PM the orgone setup was inexplicably working fine again; there were only small pieces of shredded trials here and there.


the Blue Shadow effect   the Falling Out effect   other misc. local pics