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Loohan's blog for November, 2015

Nov 2, '15: (2pm) Real heavy fog this morning, but now the sun finally came out, and the sky is remarkably clear.

Somebody asked me about the book The Body Snatchers. I think the author is sincere, and the Ettish entity was one of these, possessing a human. I think the book is mostly disinfo, though, with loads of dubious "facts" about the British aristocracy, etc.
The author refers to a "Luminessence" group, and i found their website. Again, they seem like sincere soulless humans.
Some of the references she gives include CIAtanist SSer Bill Robertson, CIAlizard Branton, CIAtanist SSer Mark Prophet, NSAtanist SSer Stewart Swerdlow, and CIA-clone Jelaila's Nibiruan Council.

Nov 3, '15: (10:40am) Ah, the relentless forward march of progress: T-Mobile is giving everyone a free cell tower, and Toddlers Are Already Pros With Tablets And Smartphones, Study Finds.

Lessee what else is new...
Mossad Clone Gilad Atzmon To Testify As Expert Witness In Canadian "hate Crime' Trial Of Arthur Topham! I still think Henry Makow is OK, though.

Nov 5, '15: (7:35am) Getting good rain. A long thin line of weather seems to be traveling over me today. Supposed to get over 1".

Groovy. Monumental Air Test Planned to Examine Geoengineering. And with the CIA running all aspects of the test, we can be assured of getting only the pure truth.

GERMANY: 19 Year-Old Girl Becomes 4th Migrant Gang Rape Victim in Magdeburg This Month. Or at least, so say a bunch of clones. Everybody in the vid is a clone, except for a couple pedestrians in the distance at 2:15. I get no vibe off the drawings of alleged rapists. The bearded media dipshit was in a U base when i saw the vid.

CIA clone bemoans Hamtramck, Michigan is 1st American city to elect MUSLIM MAJORITY CITY COUNCIL. But secretly she's giggling, because these 3 "Muslims" are actually fellow CIA clones.

(2:10pm) Taking out some CIA U bases by HAARP in Gakona. Also i feel 70+ CIA clones in the HAARP Research Bldg.

Nov 6, '15: (6:10pm) Yeah! Got slightly over 3" of rain by morning. Overcast today.

Another clone tranny: Dido Harding. I saw this pic and felt, something is wrong here. It has narrow shoulders like a woman, but a thick neck and male face.
It has a prostate but no other male organs, suggesting this one went under the knife. Except that these cheap clones are just copies of the original in whatever state they were in before they died.

It just goes on and on and on, this Medi-clones Sans Frontieres hoax. I reckon they will be milking this one for decades.
Claire Bernish is a CIA clone.

Nov 11, '15: (7:35am) Wow, love the way those wacky clone cops in Austin control dangerous human jaywalkers: Two Austin Men Beaten By Pedophile Clone Police For Jaywalking.
Not the most shocking tale of recent cop adventures, but this incident had no human cops.
According to Alternet, "the street was barricaded so the 'crime' of Jaywalking was a moot point when cars are unable to drive down the street."

Another male clone: Pema Chodron.
He even did an interview with satanist CIAlizard Bill Moyers. Moyers may not look very tough, but she's still the original satanist, not replaced yet.
I remember in 1990 seeing an interview she did, and being struck by how she completely lacked any masculine qualities. But it was not until now that it occurred to me that Bill is a girl. Born one, apparently; at least, has no prostate.
Moyers, by the way, hired my dad for the Peace Corps; must've been about 1963.

Nov 14, '15: (8:10am) Ah yes, big mass shooting in France yesterday. Of course, all the cops and witnesses are clones.

Some odd "refugees" in the top pic here. They feel like human criminals. The heavy woman on the left and the skinny guy she's holding hands with are serial murderers. The whole mob has a thuggish, violent, criminal vibe. I do not have an impression of where they're from.

And, on the subject of odd human groups, here are some "Iranian Jews" who are not repty, but the closest thing, behaviorally. They are all incestuous, bisexual, pedophile, blood-drinking black magicians.

Nov 15, '15: (4:25pm) Clone's Phone Stopped Shrapnel During Paris Attack. How about that? Just goes to show, your survival chances are greatly enhanced when you always keep a cell-phone to your face.

Shootout at the Bataclan hall. In the pics in this article (several of which appear twice for some reason) there are many humans who don't seem to be in on the scam, as far as i can tell. Like the band, some of the allegedly injured, and many people upset or trying to get away.
But all the cops, medics, and firemen are clones. As well as some others.
All the pics of the dead and "feared dead" have the repticlone vibe. But i'm pretty sure all actually are dead. These days, they usually kill the repty "vicitms" because otherwise i will find them above or below ground.

It may be that some actual innocent bystanders got injured.

Nov 16, '15: (9:05am) It rained much of the night and i'm supposed to get more rain through tomorrow.

Mastermind behind Paris attacks identified. The guy in the 1st pic is a Mossad clone. The guy in the 2nd pic is a human.
Meanwhile, of, course, in keeping with time-honored tradition, the agency-run "alternative" media has sprouted lots of articles about how this was a false flag.

Interesting article about the Manson/Tate "murders": The Tate Murders were a False flag.
It is kind of interesting to see how much of the "work" was done by humans in those days. Manson (CIA) and Polanski are satanist SSers, but the rest of the crew were humans who don't even have a satanist vibe that i have noticed. Even the LA cops who are depicted are humans.
What happened to all the people who were "murdered"? It's hard to tell because as ordinary humans they don't have much vibe. But i think they are dead. Of course, they would be pretty old by now if alive. I can't discern when or how they died.

But you see how even back then, "they" totally flaunted the unreality of the skit, daring anyone to disbelieve.
And they never stopped. Then they jump-started the disbelief train, starting with the dallasgoldbug site, which, last i checked years ago, was a mixture of truthful revelations and ridiculous absurdities.
Disclosure is empowering, and everything is grist for the mill of the distraction psyop.
Now they just "found a passport" as usual, in Paris. A CIA clone says
The "found passport" worked for them for 9/11. It worked again for Charlie Hebdo. So now they have used it a third time. They know that Americans are total dumbshits and can be told anything. No matter how preposterous, the dumbshits will believe it. But Americans are not capable of believing truth.
Substitute "pathetic Earthlings" for "Americans". I presume the same holds true for citizens of other nations.

Nov 18, '15: (8:35am) Did i ever get a bunch of rain these last 2 days. My measuring cans are only 4" high so they were overflowing. A 5-gallon bucket i had set out had almost 9" in it. But buckets are wider at to top. Without doing a bunch of geometry calculations, i don't know what that equates to, but i am guessing at least 7".
Had some strong gusts yesterday, too. Lost electricity for several hours.
They even scrapped the normal Tuesday bake at the bakery i work at; probably UPS was unable to run so they couldn't ship. As a consequence, i have today off and will work tomorrow (Thu) instead.
Sunny now with a few chem-clouds. Heading into some colder weather with freezing nights this weekend, supposedly.

What is wrong with this story? Sexting Secret Service Agent Arrested for Trying to Solicit a Teenage Girl for Sex. In the 10 years that i have been dowsing this stuff, this is the first alleged SS agent who is not an SSer. In fact, before they all committed suicide and got replaced by clones, all SS guys were blood-drinking satanist SSers. Now we are supposed to believe that some ordinary, non-satanist human was a SS officer assigned to the White House. Riiight.

On Dec. 11, '12 i mentioned that "the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was not a reptilian rag. Amazingly, the same seems to be true of Die Welt, as far as i can tell."
Yet both are now implicated in performing fellatio on the lizards: German media brays for war and dictatorship after Paris attacks.
None of these guys feels like a satanist or obvious Mason, even. It just goes to show, you can always find humans willing to prostitute themselves to the enemy.
I like to believe that standards were higher back when my grandfather was running the FAZ. But i don't really know for sure. His mom was some sort of Prussian nobility (Lingenfelder), but i do not get a repty vibe there.

Nov 19, '15: (7:10am) Nearly SEVENTY "authentic" terrorists have been arrested in America over ISIS plots. I think i'm beginnning to get better at remembering faces. I'm slowly turning more Spivey-like. Soon, i will be covered in tattoos and cussing like a sailor.

As soon as i saw "Former serviceman Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh" i thought of Chris Dorner, the alleged LA gunman.
Also, why does the cunning-looking Hamza Ahmed have upside-down ears?
They can't resist pulling our ears. There is no reason they had to use pics of the Dorner actor for this Jihad thing (unless they maybe wanted to implant subconcious associations between cop-killers and Jihadists).

Nov 20, '15: (1:50pm) Reportedly, they got 9" in town from that rain. Sunny today, with plenty chemtrails.

After 9/11 "happened", a bunch of CIA fronts popped up, arguing amongst each other, with various theories about how it was done. So now we can expect complicated disinfo distractions spinning off from the Paris scam as well.
Yeah right. Bless that nice cooperative Mexican media.
I think sweet beautiful Nohemi-clone is indeed dead. Donate now.

(3:50pm) "Disturbing" staged photo: white human cop aims big gun at black clone. Actually, it is possible he's aiming to the clone's right and that the gun does not shoot lead. It's possible the cop wasn't even in on the scam, and the photographer and clone manipulated their positions to make it look worse than it was.

ISIS CIA clone warns of fresh attacks on Washington. Interesting facial structure. Doesn't look very Arab to me.
Well, good luck with that. I'm glad the CIA is planning to mop up that Masonic shithole.

(7:50pm) Mother Teresa to be Canonized. Too bad this satanist SSer is dead, or i would be able to dowse whether it had male genitalia. I can't find a single pic of her that looks the least bit feminine except some very early ones which i'm not sure are bona fide. In this one she has a mole which is absent from later pics.

US-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard freed from prison after 30 years. I think this lizard actually was imprisoned, for some convoluted reason. Now that he is free, let's see how long he can take it before diving underground to die. His "wife" is a clone, of course.

I got these agent pics from this Spivey article:

Though i added my notations. The human satanist is a Prince Hall Mason. I think there are 3 different human non-satanists depicted, and 2 different clones.
So they have a bunch of lookalikes, some humans and some lizard clones.

The clones are not necessarily replacements of anyone; i suspect no original SSers had this appearance, but they morphed some of their clones to match this set of human clones(?) or whatever they are. These do not have a repty vibe or much U base connection.

In other words, the scammers go to some effort to make sure to plant all this evidence against themselves in their stories, including having the same actors or lookalikes in them. If the human race insists on believing such BS anyway, well, no-one can say the tyrants didn't try.

Nov 23, '15: (8:50am) First freeze night before last. 1/8" of ice was on my tanks that morning.

How Ziolizards treat human Jews (goyim): Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking. Innocent little Jewesses Becky and Sylvie have been repeatedly raped by their state abductors.
However, they also encourage human Jews who want to make themselves useful to the cause to run rampant: Israeli settlers burn young Palestinian to death, Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in West Bank. Most of the illegal settlers are human Jews accurately regarded as scum and useful idiots by the SSers.

In the past i have said that virtually all Chinese SSers are either triad or high gov't. However, a few months ago i snagged this pic from a Vice article (i think it was). All these cops, as well as the guy in civvies on the left edge, are SSer clones. They are marching some condemned men to a place of execution. Why are these cops SSers when no other Chinese cops i've seen pics of are? I don't know but i don't like it.
The odd thing is, they keep going underground to get killed and replaced. I've kept the pic on my desktop and scan it occasionally, usually finding that a few are underground again.

Also i have stated that all or almost all Romani gypsies are MPD satanist SSer pedophiles. However in fairness, i found a pocket of them in Serbia who are not: Serbia's Roma Underclass. These people have a repty vibe genetically, but don't seem to be activated as SSers. They do not seem to have any undergound connections, nor be MPD or satanists.

(11:50am) Nice warm sunny day. And no chem noted so far! Perfectly clear.

CIA video: Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria. Not really worth watching, but all the guys in this pic are CIA clones. Just nailed 4 of them in 2 bases.
At 1:15 Ben Clone whips out a "SECRET PENTAGON DOCUMENT". When the media displays secret govt docs, only total scepticism is appropriate. Even Judicial Watch, who supplied this "secret" doc, is a CIA clone-run front.

Nov 24, '15: (9:20am) Yeah, totally clear sky all day yesterday, even after dark. This morning, the sun is largely blocked by chem-clouds.

Is this real or another agency fake? DECENT: Smashing down the censorship ecosystem. Martin Polacek is human and i think he is probably OK... but he seems very cozy with some CIA clones. He co-authored a book hosted on a CIA site with CIA clone Jim Fetzer.

(5:45pm) Bal reports that "noisey Vibey planes have red and green lights instead of red and blue." Check it out. I tend to be indoors after dark, plus i'm a bit color-blind in the blue-green spectrum, so i have not.
Right now Bal is in Miami with hologram planes going ape overhead, which he says have red and green lights. This is a good time to blast that part of Florida. Filthy, filthy, filthy underground.

Nov 25, '15: (5:25pm) Looks like we might be getting a bunch more rain over the next few days. Right now they are saying 3.95" on the 27th, for example.

Trinity from The Matrix Explains How We Are Living In an Actual Matrix. Groovy. It says:
In real life, the Canadian actress is a tenacious, watchful mom who is careful not to expose her children to addictive smartphone use and other webs of the entrapping matrix.
Er, shouldn't that be, "In real life, this CIA clone replacement for the deceased satanist actress doesn't have a real life"?

Innocent Dad Left Paralyzed After Clone Cops Recognized Him for Human and Beat Him to a Pulp

(6:55pm) Damn, can't get youtube audio tonight. I was using Chromium browser for youtube because Firefox stopped playing youtube audio, and then a couple weeks later, Chromium does the same thing.
I wanted to watch Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks because on the preview Vice posted a few days ago, i thought the body language and behavior of the 2 guys was "off". I think the band was in on it after all, as well as the other humans in the film.
At 4:39 there is a guy with dark hair who must be part of the group or entourage. He's human too but has distinct Masonic and CIA vibe. That is, i get a strong vibe not off him but some of his associates.
Also the chubby guy at 9:30 is another such character. Lodge brother.

Nov 26, '15: (10:55am) Been getting slight drizzle.

Interesting site i discovered... haven't checked it out much yet but the guy is ensouled and has some good info: Grant Podesta. I don't know if all his info is correct. The way it is with psychics is, no-one is omniscient. Psychics have areas in which their awareness overlaps, but also one will have different blind spots that the other does not.
He has a blind spot on shapeshifting repts. He follows a soulless guru (seen on Nov 15 entry in his blog) who is married to the repticlone Amma. He also mentions Cobra (now also deceased and replaced by a clone) in terms that are not unfavorable.
He recommends Tachyonis products which are quite good, but ridiculously expensive for what they do. Compare the unit on this page with a simple MarB ring which anyone can make with 3 quarts or less of resin. IMO, this runs rings around the pricey product.

But i will study the site more, as chances are, he knows some valuable stuff i don't.

(12:55pm) Recently i realized something about the attacks i've been getting lately. Normally primarily from EHETs. If i feel remote attacks, there will be pockets of bad guys out in various directions from me. I will take a long-distance wand and wave it around until it "sticks" due to demonic attack energy someplace where it is aiming. There will be a big cluster of EHETs there. It's probably not absolutely necessary, but i will quickly dowse how many miles away it is. Usually between 2 and 9 miles. I will fry those, and then find another cluster with the wand, and so forth. I haven't been counting how many clusters are deployed, but it is probably 6 or 9. Sometimes one or more clusters will be reptilians, bigheads, or offworld CIA. All jailable.
After dispatching all these (an easy task only because i have awesome hardware) the attacks will stop and it will be hours before they resume. And then i repeat the procedure.
They are not always in the sky. They may be underground.
Of course if you do not possess suitable hardware, this information may be of less value.

(1:55pm) Seems my posts lately tend to be at 55 minutes after the hour. Not by conscious design.

Yikes! Exploring Podesta's site more, i ran into The John of God Experience. John-boy was a very DORy blood-drinking satanist we finally killed last year. He is on his 2nd clone replacement now.
A reader (Arcturan incarnate) wrote me in mid-'08:
have you ever done anything about 'john of god/juan de deus' down in brazil? he just popped into my mind to check out, and i get that his scene is filthy.
this creeps me out as many people have gone to him for 'miracle' healing from the 'entities' he is posessed by, including a friend of mine and several people where i live. people also send their photographs to him for distance 'healing'.

he gave my friend and her husband passionflower herb capsules that were specially energetically treated for both of them. at the time when i saw them the bottles had an attractive energy, but now i dowse that to be a mask for some kind of energetic virus...
check out if you want.
To which my reply was
----------YEEEEACHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! barf gag . . . Gee, thanks, right after dinner.
And the guy still radiated such intense overt evil last fall before we killed him. (Someone else had written me then who had been to him and received capsules to take.)
The original John of the Devil was as DORy as a fake human can possibly be, but Podesta didn't visit him until shortly after he was dead and replaced by a clone. Even so, the fact that Podesta didn't notice anything wrong with John-clone or the "healing" entities is concerning.

Even though clones have scant black magic powers, if they are the replacement for a satanist who had lots of spells and demonic connections, they can continue working with the demons. Or maybe it's more that the demons can continue to work with them.

Nov 27, '15: (7:35am) Looks like i will be getting less rain than originally predicted (but still enough). I have gotten almost none so far, and now the storm has split into 2 segments, one going north of me and the other south. However, i expect heavy rain in a few hours from looking at the weathermap.

Got my youtube audio working again, but damned if i'm going to watch 26 minutes of that Eagles of Death Metal Vice BS. But just watching the first couple minutes, i was struck by how lousy an actor that Shane Smith (Vice honcho) clone is. Unable to lie convincingly.
I skipped to 15:47, which shows Nick Alexander. Nick is a human satanist Mason CIA lifer.
What greasy pieces of excrement these clowns are. Humans willing to sell out to pedophile ET tyrants. Is it the money? The fame? The underage kiddies? I spit on these scum.

Courageous CIA Clone Joins The CIA Fight To Milk the Geoengineering Psyop for All it's Worth. Apparently, Felderhof is a hip, alternative kinda guy.

Nov 28, '15: (7:20pm) I've gotten 3" or so of rain so far; haven't measured more exactly yet. More on its way.

This afternoon i was looking at an article with a pic of "Abdelhamid Abaaoud", that is, the human version depicted here and realized he was in a CIA U base. Nailed him under Bethesda along with a bunch of clones, etc.

Nov 29, '15: (8am) Raining today.

Beyond ludicrous: TERROR ALERT: Arabic graffiti daubed on easyJet planes at French airports. Riiight. Those cunning ragheads manage to infiltrate airport personnel, and exploit that advantage by blowing their cover senselessly.
I believe everything the media says; how about you?
How about this one? My daughter the 'ISIS whore'. Another milestone in journalism. I get no vibe off the the little strumpet, and wonder if she ever existed. Mama Slut is a human actress.

(3:55pm) Still drizzling.

Celebrity nooz: Michael Lohan's wife Kate Major 'arrested after airport meltdown'. Both of these clowns are of the first category of doubles i wrote about Dec 2014.

Intriguing: The blind woman who switched personalities and could suddenly see. No SSers involved here. This woman has not been deliberately MPDed that i detect.
Years ago i read an article saying that different alters in an MPD/DID person had different medical conditions like blood pressure, heart rate, insulin, etc. that would change instantly when the alter switched.

(7:20pm) Just a friendly reminder. When you watch commercial movies or music videos, you risk being messed up by black magic. Sometimes i have to clean up people who have been slimed by them. Just now i had people in Brazil write me who felt bad while watching a Netflix movie (here's its trailer which i am using to clear the BM). (Six of the clone actors were in U bases just now, BTW.) They actually had 6 spells put on them just from watching the movie! In fact, i am wondering if this phenomenon is getting more dangerous. What with the dearth of satanist SSers these days, these spells were placed by #5 reptilians! The flick had hundreds of spells.

Nov 30, '15: (7:55am) Still drizzling.

Mordok found out that a lot of people are having problems getting audio in youtube vids because the vids have developed a tendency to default to muted volume. If you're like me, you never even noticed that the vids have a volume control on them, lower left. Unmute it and you get the audio.

Officer killed in Colo. shooting was Melrose native. Garrett Swasey was also a competitive figure skater.
I don't know where this clone actually was terminated, but the reason this pic is DORy is because the original gay SSer was a blood-drinking satanist. Of course he died and was replaced by a clone, who was then terminated for this story.
The purported shooter is a human actor.

A while back i noticed that Lindsey Graham-clone was not merely grossly effeminate, but an actual female. So just now i googled Lindsey Graham transvestite, and found this article (which was news to me): Lindsey Graham To Undergo Sex Change.

Someone told me about Angel Numbers. Haven't checked it out much yet, but Joanne is still ensouled.

(8:55am) (However, Doreen Virtue has lost hers.)

I have been noticing for years that a lot of my posts happen on the :55 mark. (I always round off to the nearest 5 minutes. Hence i am not going to get any different repeating numbers in my post times, as i don't put :00.)
Here is the index of what the sequences supposedly mean.
One childhood memory that stuck with me is when i was 11 or so, my family went to have dinner with the family of one of my dad's co-workers at the Peace Corps office in Rabat, Morocco (satanist SSers, incidentally). The wife had a jar with a bunch of chopstick-like things sticking out. Each had a different number, We each pulled one as a game of divination. I pulled 77, which supposedly was an especially auspicious number according to the pamphlet that came with the sticks. However, not all the things the website associates with that number were applicable at the time.

I am not convinced of the angelic connection. So far, i do not detect it. Doreen lists them here. These angels were all functionally evil until i bagged their possessing archons a few years ago, yet Doreen has been doing this stuff since '96. The scene seems a bit dubious to me, but something is going on with repeating numbers. Thor'p gets them a lot more than i do. I even started a thread on the subject 3 years ago.

The whole Turkey psyop gets thicker and thicker. Lately they have been "arresting" more media clones who dare to diss Erdogan-clone. The CIA says;
Despite Cunhuriyet’s recent honor from Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF, or Reporters Without Borders), under the paranoid, watchful eye of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, journalists — and dissenters — have faced sweeping general censorship. Dündar and Gül might be the most prominent recent examples of Erdoğan’s attempt to keep “state secrets” concealed from public scrutiny, but they’re not the first journalists to poke this particular sore spot.

In fact, the last time a reporter tried to expose Turkey’s complicity in arming Syrian extremists, she met an untimely and as-yet unexplained death under seriously suspicious circumstances that remain inscrutable to this day — even to her own family.

You see how "they" always publicly flaunt the fact that they are out-of-control criminals, often even actually making themselves look even guiltier, in some ways, than they are.
Often, as in this case, it is partly to make it appear as though the media was not totally run by them.

This is the first i've heard of Reporter Clones sans Frontieres, even though Wikipedia says they've been around for 30 years.
The organization has consultant status at the United Nations.
There, that should reassure you that there are checks and balances.