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Loohan's blog for February, 2016

Feb 2, '16: (1:25pm) Sunny, warm.

What Are Iowa's Muslims Thinking As They Turn Up to Caucus?. I didn't read the article, merely noticed that all the depicted brown-skinned "people" are CIA repticlones.

Oregon Musician Going to Syria to Stop ISIS with "Peace Concert". James Twitman Twyman is a CIA SHer.

Spotted more repticlone trannies: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

Something is very weird about the Tim Bosma Murder Trial. The guy doesn't have much vibe and might be a dead human. But the wall behind him is very DORy because his wife (now replaced by a repticlone) was a blood-drinking satanist who slimed the place. But everyone else in the tale is also a repticlone. (Except for Laura Babcock. There are also other humans in the Babcock story. I do not know what happened to her.)

Feb 3, '16: (4:25pm) Got a fair bit of rain today. There was ripple-chem yesterday afternoon.

The area in AZ which i mentioned a few days ago is still DORy as hell, despite continuing efforts. I feel lots of Bigheads, Coneheads, and other demons, plus there must be a bunch more deep ET bases. Some at least 70 miles down.

(5:20pm) Last month it was the transvestite Cher-clone. And who is the puke-ass rejuvenated clone slut this month? Christie Brinkley, who had 81 sexiness spells. The Before clones have a different vibe from the After clone.
I would find this hooker revolting even if she were human.

Feb 4, '16: (8:25am) Another cross-dressed CIA clone: Marvin Mary Poole, a "mother". Of course, Jim Buterbaugh is also a CIA repticlone, as are Tom Wing & co, as well as the other Soft Landing "mothers".

And here is the fashion tranny of the day, modeling women's tunics. Another repticlone.

(9:35am) About that area of AZ: now it feels much cleaner except for the SW area. Basically, everything S and W of Coolidge still needs work.

Feb 5, '16: (7pm) So much BS on the nightly nooz again. Assange, Zika, etc. Then they show some new NASA "astronauts-in-training". Er, they won't let a clone pilot even a small chopper, yet we are supposed to believe that these repticlones are going to be flying spaceships?

Feb 7, '16: (4:35pm) The Young Jews Shunning Israel and Building Radical New Communities. I notice no repticlones. However, they seem to be mostly NSA agents: robotoids, synthetics, human clones, SHers...
See, if you're a Jew and get hip to the fact that in Israel you will be treated as a goy, used and ripped off, you can avail yourself of alternatives handed to you by the Zionists. Just as if you are a Scientologist and get hip to the fact that the cult is run by deranged psychos, you can avail yourself of splinter groups, many of which are likewise CIA-run.

Team sports are a psyop: it is the CIA that heavily promotes interest in pro football. When i was dressing for a workout at Gold's Gym this morning, the obligatory TV in the dressing room was full of CIA clones speaking with great solemnity and feigned interest about the Superbowl. But when i got dressed again afterwards, the TV was on some big bowling championship game. And it seemed like almost all the spectators were CIA clones, feigning intense interest and delight (just as in the presidential primaries).
I've been seeing a lot of that sort of thing on TV here; mostly CIA non-humans acting all excited and having animated football conversations with very serious facial expressions.
It amazes me how many humans get entrained by this sort of thing into believing that pro football is tremendously fascinating. Obviously, the CIA is less successful in arousing human interest in bowling.

Feb 9, '16: (5:50pm CST) I'm back in Arkansas now. I did some serious busting in east Arkansas on the way back.
I saw some big banks of natural-looking clouds on the way home. I hope this means the chem-repts are experiencing meaningful levels of attrition.

More human clones: LaVoy Finicum's Daughters.

Feb 12, '16: (6:05pm) Mystery critter: Paul Schrade. Does not feel human or anything else recognizable. Not lab-grown. Strong vibe from his parents, especially dad.

About a decade ago i noticed that all the big homeopathic companies had been bought out by satanists. Schuessler is not a brand, but a type of cell salt. Some manufacturers are making DORy versions of them. Such products have palpable evil energy added!
A reader wrote me
a couple of years ago I bought some of these salts because I heard the famous now dead satanist Bonacci babbling about it, and I got that stupid idea to try it.
I got very sick afterwards, but couldn't detect the source of my sickness, as I ended up with all possible diseases at once.
One of the bad brands is Adler. Another is Pflueger. Another is Martin & Pleasance.

Back last Oct 17, i wrote
For a week or 2 i have been vaguely sensing another race of ETs that seems higher in the heirarchy than the repts, EHETs, etc. But they have been elusive to get a handle on, only occasionally attacking me in vague ways.
But a few minutes ago they started hitting me between the shoulder blades from near Ursa Major. They do not seem jailable.
Those same critters have been harrassing Bal lately.
Someone RVed them and says they are a white fluorescent glass looking being. They may be hiding under a dark layer of energy which you can peel off. Their planet is a pinkish orange. He also says they look to be female gender.
This feels correct to me. And they still are in the same location.

Feb 14, '16: (5:10pm) Got slight rain this afternoon.
Those ETs are still attacking me via EHETs, BHs, and coneheads. I have to keep wanding the skies as well as addressing the Ursa Major ETs.

Found another weird CIA agent that seems to be the same type of critter as Schrade (mentioned the 12th): the fat woman at Three Hearts Church.

(8:35pm) Aha! Those Ursa Major critters are jailable!
Some came harrassing me in my room in their "astral" phase.

Feb 15, '16: (7:50am) Feeling much better this morning.
Heavy fog out.

Truly an amazing array of utter CIA BS linked from "alternative news" site prisonplanet today, undiluted by any detected morsels of truth. Largely centered around the "recently"-deceased conservative hero Scaley-uh.
Scaley-duh used to be a DORy satanist SSer. He died years ago and was replaced by a series of repticlones, then was retired.
And what about Blaze TV anchor-clone Tomi Lahren? More layers upon layers of sheer CIA silliness.
Another clone story: Tommy Robinson Attacked, Hospitalised One Week After Revealing Islamists Are Out To Kill Him.
Unreal. No more info to be had at Infowars these days, just outlandish fiction.

Spotted another human clone: Charlotte Dial, a CIA actress who was "surreptitiously" filmed by a CIA repticlone.

(2:45pm) Since about a half hour ago, those Ursa Major ETs have been hammering me hard again, from the same area.

Feb 17, '16 (6:30pm) A couple pics for you. Another repticlone advertranny, and a "plane" shot by Bal today.

Dubious story: When the Hospital Fires the Bullet. The Peans (colored peons) are human actors, as far as i can tell. The cops, nurses, and Alan's lawyer are repticlones.
The top pic shows the alleged bullet "wound just millimeters from his heart" but just a couple inches below his collarbone. (diagram of heart location). Must've been some big millimeters.
Then there's the X-ray. I hesitate to comment, as i am not an expert in these matters, but... Yeah, i'd better leave it at that.

Ah, "To help answer their questions, the family hired attorney Mark O'Mara. The high profile lawyer is no stranger to the national spotlight, as he represented George Zimmerman and had him acquitted in the Trayvon Martin case back in 2013."
Move along, folks; no CIA odor around here.

(6:40pm) Another human clone; NSA: William Mount, who spouts disinfo about TI's.

Feb 18, '16: (2:55pm) Serious chemtrails today.

Some choice agency repticlones to blast: International UFO Congress.

I wonder why this Russian fighter jet was piloted by 2 Italian satanist SSers. Is the Vatican even supplying pilots for some of their subsidiary militaries now?

Newborn Baby Found Abandoned in Toilet. The purported mother is a Sandy Hooker.

Another human clone: Hal Turner.

Feb 19, '16: (6:10pm) It was warm and sunny much of the day. I was gardening wearing just shorts and no shirt for hours.
Lots and lots of planes buzzing around, most of them with 2-4 werewolf satanists aboard.

Another CIA psyop hoax: Arizona Trans Man Shot and Killed By Police in His Own Home. I guess s/he feels dead. Does not feel repty. May have been human, human clone, SHer, etc.
Her "mom" Stacia Jacobs, is an obviously male human.
The transgender "man"'s "best friend, Linda Deede is a CIA human. I don't mean just a part-time CIA-asset actress; she feels very much like a professional lifelong spook.
The cops are CIA repticlones.
If you read the articles, they say the kid was world famous and, as those dangerous Asperger males are so prone to do, acted violently.

Oh, and the heroes at Anonymous are not going to let this go buy without a stern response. But, oh, those mean censors have blocked their video for "violating YouTube's policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams". Grrr.

Feb 21, '16: (5:25pm) Very warm the last couple of days. Faint rain last night.

From the cover of the Feb 7 issue of the New York Times Magazine: everything you need to know about pro football in one simple graphic: --------->

Human actor: Teenager handcuffed by police after giving £1 to a homeless man wins £5,000 pay out for unlawful detention.

Never thought i'd see the day: Harry Potter advertised at Captured this this morning at

Feb 22, '16: (8:25am) Weather turning back cooler. Heavy rain predicted for tomorrow.

I was looking for images related to Saturday's Kalamazoo "shooting" when i stumbled across another pic of a painfully obvious tranny: Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite. Geez. This repticlone dood doesn't even bother to try to look like a woman. Except for the slope of the shoulders, which i suspect was done with padding. A little judicious make-up would have gone far; maybe some eyebrow trimming.

The top video on this page refuses to play for me, but the 2 "mourners" on the splash page are human clones.

Most of the "victims" have no recognizable vibe, including of their parents. They may have been human clones if not CGI creations. [Abigail Kopf is definitely a repticlone.]
Kalamazoo seems to be fairly devoid of SSers. Even the school staff are humans, a rarity.
Hell, even the staff of the Battle Creek Community Foundation which set up a fund to "help the Kalamazoo community recover" feel like humans.
So does the "shooter". I do get a vibe that he has parents, but not a wife and family. I found a page with a pic of his supposed wife, a human clone.

The Bob Marley family -- a human CIA family:
I used to think Bob "Positive Vibration" was authentic, but, it turns out she was a Freemason and her role was played by more than 1 human.
So let's examine the "family" more. Rita is an obvious dude, from the face, and has a prostate. Makeda has a prostate. So does Stephanie. And Karen. And Imani. And Sharon. And Cedella (look at that huge mouth!). Damien does not. Nor does Ky-mani. Or Julian. Or Stephen. Or Robert. Or Rohan.
Ziggy does seem male; apparently the only member of this human CIA "family" who is not TG.

Damn, even the Wailers: Peter Tosh ("deceased" but still alive) and Bunny Wailer are women. Junior Braithwaite ("deceased" but still alive) is a girl. Beverly ("deceased" but still alive) and Cherry ("deceased" but still alive) have prostates.
Aston Bennet is male. Carlton Barret is deceased but looked a trifle fem.
That's as far as i will bother going down the Wailer list. You get the picture. And no repty vibes nowhere.
I lived in Jamaica in 1970-1 and met some Rastas. As far as i remember, the men were all very male-looking (and super nice guys BTW). Many of them were pretty buff. Yet the CIA fed them these effeminate trannies and they swallowed it.

Shortly before i learned that Marley was CIA a few months ago, i had been doing some cleanup under Kingston and Jamaica. (Kingston especially was totally packed with U EHETs.) I found it odd that if i open a google map of Kingston, one of the 2 most prominent things displayed is the Bob Marley Museum. Such an honor to have an agency establishment like Google promoting such a revolutionary counter-culture kind of guy. Dig it, this place is so radical that even CIA repticlone Obama visited it. (The depicted tour guide Natasha Clarke is another CIA repticlone.)

One love, one love; let's join together, going to be alright! Just you and me and the CIA trannies, clones, pedophile SSers, werewolves, robotoids, synthetics, SHers, etc. We can all get along! Peace and Love.

(9:55am) Now that i am increasingly getting hip to the quantity of human agents around, maybe it is time to re-evaluate the Rutherford Institute, which has been looking more obviously shilly to me lately. I once said they were legit, and until recently, John W Whitehead even had a soul, but...
If you look at his bio, he has received awards from all sort of repticlone entities like Sons of the American Revolution.
Just color me highly suspicious at this point.

Sigh. CIA Repticlone Sheriff Blocks Feds From Harassing Raw Milk Farmer. Yay, what a hero. According to the CIA,
The public is waking up to the tyranny of countless federal agencies with little or no transparency and enough red tape to take over everything. Many law enforcement officials are waking up, too, and there are many great examples of them standing up for the Constitution and the rights of the people.

The actions taken by Sheriff Rogers are not only legal and right, but they are what the people should expect from their local (and especially elected) officials.

This same sheriff made news a few months ago when he vowed that he would ignore any gun control executive order: (video)

Sheriffs just happen to be the most powerful and independent locally elected official, and can be a bulwark for resistance to federal encroachment.

If they can be stopped here, they can be stopped elsewhere, too, and freedom can return to the lives of Americans.

The feds cannot take over if the people educate themselves and stand up -- peacefully, but with a firm defensive posture -- and take no guff from a bully.
So get your hopes up real high. The CIA sheriffs have our back.

Feb 24, '16: (7:50am) The big storm is about done. It rained most of yesterday, then started snowing in the evening. Just eyeballing it, it looks like i got over 5" of accumulation (several times as much as wunderground will admit to). It is around freezing or maybe slightly above.

Is she or isn't he TG? I just noticed that CIA repticlone Chris Bollyn seems a bit gender-iffy. Looks fairly male in most respects (at least in most recent pics other than this one), but dowses as having a clit and no prostate. Also its mouth looks a bit small for a man's.
I suspect that this pic was stretched a bit horizontally to make the neck and shoulders look broader.

Here's a pic of "his" mother and (presumably mother's) brothers. All look female; check out the brows and foreheads. And check out the brows of the original lizard back in 2005. I also found a couple pics of Bollyn's (2nd?) marriage (which i could not find a date for) here and here. In the latter pic, it is quite evident that the lizardly pastor is male, and the repty wife female. These pics are not ideal, but to me Bollyn's brows and forehead do not look male.
Of course, over time of consuming artificial hormones, "he" would have gotten more male-looking.

(10:35am) Apparently it is only at the higher elevations here that snow accumulated. Reportedly, none did in town.

Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines. Apparently those doctors who were killed were onto something very incriminating to the pharma estabishment. Usually, nobody gets killed for telling the truth, because the PTB want the truth out there. But maybe, in extreme circumstances, they will bump off those who know too much.
But if that is the case here, why is the CIA turning around and also publicizing this? As far as i can tell, the Broers are normal humans, yet they are heavily promoted by the CIA (Hodges, Hagmanns, BIN, TheRebel...)

I can think of 2 possibilities offhand:
Either the stuff about nagalase, etc. is true, and the CIA bumped off the doctors to keep the info out of the mainstream, yet released the same info on their marginalized "alternative" media which has less credibility to the credulous masses,
or the Broers are spooks, and the science is BS and a red herring.

Note that Broer (the narrator) stresses the importance of taking vitamin D (he does not specify D3 but maybe that goes without saying) daily, even though it has a very long half-life and is only desirable during periods when one doesn't get adequate direct sunlight on one's skin. One can OD on D3 too. (Personally i now take 5000 IU on most, but not all, days during extended gloomy, overcast periods, and none otherwise.)

BTW, i do believe the doctors were killed. Back at the time when it was all over the alt news, i did find some connected satanists in a Florida bldg which i nailed.

Feb 25, '16: (8:50am) Most of the snow melted off, and what remains is hard-frozen. After tonight, though, there are no more freezing nights in the forecast.

Another spook who is an ordinary human: Peter Dale Scott. You see how they work? Just like (CIA repticlone) Chomsky, these academic puppets will feed you a certain amount of relatively obvious truths, while obscuring others.
Scott promulgates the notion that there exists this creepy phenomenon he calls the Deep State:
Peter Dale Scott: The term "Deep state" comes from Turkey. They invented it... (snip)

It refers to a parallel secret government, organized by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military against threats from intellectuals, religious groups, and occasionally the constitutional government.
Since he is a mere human, he could be excused from having such a limited view of reality. Except. That. He seems awfully comfy with Organized Education. Oh but wait,"intellectuals" are one of the categories that supposedly offer "threats" to the deep state, as are religious groups and (hyuk!) the bulwark of Constitutional Gov't.

No, i am afraid that the concept of Deep State is deeply flawed and inadequate. The tyrants we are up against run from the top down virtually all governments, religions, intelligence agencies, militaries, courts, police, education, medicine, media, banking, and also most big business, industry, science, art, music ...
The real state is far deeper than Scott admits.

(10:10am) Another human in the news lately: Kesha. As far as i can tell, Kesha is a perfectly normal human transgender kind of guy albeit very MPD.
So, is this an actual case of a slave trying to break free and become independent of the notoriously evil industry? And the media just happen to suck up on it because it suits their interests? Or is it a case of an MPD CIA TG actor going with a planned script using general truths about the music industry as a disclosure+psyop? Hmmm. Well in determining the answer to this deep conundrum, we could take into account that purportedly, CIA repticlone TG Taylor Swift donated a quarter million to the cause. And, CIA TG repticlones Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Kelly Clarkson also support Kesha's bid to break free of industry domination. Either it's a mass movement among MPD CIA TG slaves to break free, which just happens to really grab the attention of Big Media, or...

Feb 26, '16: (10:20am) Bunches of pics of blastable repticlones, etc.: BBYO.

What about this story: Park County sheriff's deputy killed, two others wounded in shootout?
We know that any media story about cops getting shot by irate citizens is almost certainly a hoax or false flag, but i think this one may well be real.
All the cops are human, as was Wirth. The dead cop and some of the others have an intense mafia-connected vibe, tracing to a network of U repticlones, especially in the Denver area.

What about this one: Cedric Larry Ford Kills 3, Injures 14 in Kansas Shooting Spree? Right off, watching the first video, we see we have some common cookie-cutter patterns: hero cop, nutty gun freak (who posts sinister vid of himself firing an assault rifle), white cops kill black male. And according to this, On October 14, 2015, [Ford] wrote, "It's so hurtful when you have no one to talk to about your problems."
Does that sound like a macho, gun-toting, ex-con, black man talking, or more like a teenage girl with puberty issues?

I notice only humans in the vids (except for the newscasters of course). But Sheriff Walton has a very crooked vibe. Someone else with a very crooked, even Masonic, vibe is Mark Steck, General Manager of Excel Industries.

So what happened here? I dunno. Possibly the CIA cut a deal with Ford to let him slide on some crimes he committed if he played this little skit for them, but then killed him anyway (he does seem dead). Possibly many of the Excel employees were not in on it.
But i'm just speculating. Having a bunch of humans in on an actual illegal execution is risky. I dunno what went down here, really, but it is mighty suspicious.

Feb 27, '16: (8pm) Another CIA repticlone terminated: Sarah Kershaw who "exposed" MKULTRA and, according to the CIA was "investigating" a "secret new power plant".

Ooh, that just goes to show you what happens to people who go poking their noses around agency business.

MSM Pushing Old Conspiracy Theory That Katy Perry Is Really JonBenet Ramsey to Make Alt Media Readers Seem Crazy. Hmmm. Melissa Dykes seems sincere, still ensouled even. But what is the truth of this matter?

In this investigation, i will start with the presumption that Katy Perry (deceased and replaced by repticlone) was not JB Ramsey, but that a false conspiracy theory was seeded back in the day. Even snopes.cia admits that Katy said "There was no JonBenet Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out", which seems like a very odd choice of persons to compare oneself with. And seems like the sort of thing Perry might have been told to say, as we know that Masons love to flaunt their hoaxes.
Also, wassup with this Dave Johnson guy? Prince Charles is Richard Branson, etc.? Just coincidentally, i stumbled across Dave's vid a week or so ago about nobody having been killed in the Civil War. It was less-than-convincing, to say the least.
But Dave feels like an ordinary soulless human. Just a nut case who happened across some deliberate clues somewhere?

OK, we can be pretty confident that the whole Jonbenet murder thing was a hoax, because
  • Everyone involved was a shapeshifting rept, including (at least genetically) JB.
  • It was huge in the media.
  • Jonbenet was somewhat famous.
The second point alone is pretty damning, given what we now know about the media. Usually nothing real gets much media coverage except big weather events (and even those events are manipulated).
Also, if those satanist lizards had accidentally killed JB in one of their wild coke-fueled parties or rituals, why did they not simply replace her with a double like they commonly do? They could have come up with a cover story that JB was in the hospital or something while they morphed a double to order, and there would have been no scandal.

So, do JBR and KP have the same parents? Well, the dads do look kind of close. I see many similarities there.
If you shaved Mr Ramsey's head and put a pair of those oddly conspicuous glasses on him... could be the same guy. Both are now repticlones and repticlones all have the same vibe. But while editing this page i happened to notice the pic on the right getting DORy because that clone was talking with another Mason clone who was very vibey as he was being run/assisted by a mob of EHETs. So these 2 are not the same guy.

And Patsy Ramsey (who supposedly died of cancer in 2006) looked nothing like KP's mom.

But surprisingly, Patsy could pass for Katy's sister.

Er, but wait. As i mentioned on the 24th of August of last year, the original Katy as well as her parents were all humans. I even linked a 2013 story with a pic of the satanist faux KP with her presumably-duped human parents. But since then (meaning probably since Aug, 2015) the parents got replaced too!
So is it just a coincidence that KP's human dad looks so much like JBR's reptilian one?

I said above that both dads have the same repticlone vibe. However, that pic of KP's dad was taken back when the real one was alive (article). When i dowse a pic, i usually, by default, get the vibe of the present state of the object. But i can also usually, by deliberate effort, get the vibe at the time the pic was taken.

So, were the Hudsons sincere Christian types originally, then Katie was sacrificed by the industry satanists, then recently the parents too?
But, if he was legit, why was he standing smilingly in front of a Rolling Stone backdrop with his exhibitionistic "daughter"? Also, that linked article says
According to their Statement of Faith they preach a a brand of charismatic Christianity with a host of unbiblical practices like speaking in tongues...
(At this time their Statement of Faith page only says "We couldn't find the page you were looking for..." They changed the URL (and presumably content) to here.)
Another detail: on this page the Hudsons state: "Prophetic words are downloaded to Mary as she ministers throughout the congregation. Her ministry of encouragement has brought many out of darkness into His marvelous light." Which seems very dubious as these soulless people (the originals, let alone the replacements) were probably not genuinely spiritual to that extent.

Maybe i better check into their financial status. The only real Christians i know somehow usually seem to have modest means.
First thing that grabs my interest is a MSM article Katy Perry's parents condemn her lifestyle while cashing in on her eternal damnation. Hmmm, the Hudsons are old drugged-out hippies, reformed... After scanning this article, my spook-o-meter is twitching madly.
All web-links as to their net worth just say Under Review. But i think we have established that the human Hudsons were also scammers and probable CIA assets. Why they were replaced, i don't know. And why the dads look so much alike, and Patsy and Katie look so much alike, i dunno.

Ew gawd, Katy-clone is married to that vain human agent Whatsisface? Wussel Bland? The narcisstic douchebag sellout got just what he deserves, an impostor of an impostor of a human being. A test-tube fantasy girl. An inflatable plastic MPD repto-doll.
Reminds me of that scene in The Matrix where the turncoat guy is negotiating sellout terms with Agent Smith in a virtual restaurant, and he says something like, "I know this steak doesn't really exist, but it sure tastes great to me!"

Lessee, how did i get into all this? Oh yeah, the psyop must have been seeded long ago. And now, as Melissa reports, the media is promoting this. But what happens when some TV viewer decides to go online and delve into the conspiracy theory out of curiousity? They get a bunch of weirdness in a background of bizarre weirdness (the suspiciously wacky Dave Johnson YouTube channel), but also they may notice a couple things that stand out that they can't explain away. Then, they will either just shrug it off and go back to their usual distractions (a desirable habit to inculcate in the masses), or if more impressionable, delve into mounds of time-wasting bullshit.

Feb 29, '16: (1pm) Spotted another tranny: Barbara Bush. IMO, ugly guys shouldn't try to become girls. Check out the sloped forehead. Barbara-clone is so fugly, he makes Margaret Thatcher look almost pretty. (Thatcher's brow ridges are more apparent in earlier pics.)
Years ago i caught the original Barbara Bush doing blood rites in the ritual chamber of the House of the Temple, and assumed that that meant that Scottish Rite was not closed to women after all. Little did i know of the mysterious transgender ways of Masonry.