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Loohan's blog for April, 2011
April 1, '11: (2:10pm) Sun back out today, along with many chem-clouds, which my orgone devices are chewing up a fair bit.

I have been getting hit by Jesuits in 50 universes lately. But things are progressing.
See this quartzite obelisk unit i made 3 years ago? During the interim between my 2 voyages to VA this winter, Antuvozy had me make a coil to go around it, Succor Punch style. Actually an ordinary mobius coil would have done little to improve it, but our coil tech has gotten wilder over the last 3 years. So she had me make a coil that made the unit dowse as 61X as powerful! Not bad, but i knew this was just a start. More would come after i returned.

I have been working on the coils and stuff for this project off and on since i got back. 'Vozy will have me add a few things, then she will program everything. Then she'll come up with more modifications, and reprogram again.
Right now there's an ugly mess perched on that rock, but the unit dowses as 35,000X! and climbing.
This unit is trained on all Jesuit scum in the 50 universes.

They still hit Mordok non-stop though, and me they imbue with lethargy lately. We will keep beefing up this SP as much as possible, and continue to fry jezs until they shrivel up.
Then we will bring full focus on Nigerian black magic.

(5:55pm) Yoiks. Got a vibe off this article about a creepy AIDS-like disease in China. A vibe that led directly to this bldg in a rural airport in Kazakhstan.
And to the end of a rural road here in east Russia.
And to this spot also in Russia. This last was a U base with 182 Russians.
From there the trail leads to Alexander Bortnikov, head of FSB.

(6:40pm) Of course, the stone also had been reprogrammed with the latest stuff before i started on the coil. It has 32% of the quartzite programmed with the Evil-Collapsing pgm, for example.
The coil figures i gave do not include advances in the stone programming. We seem to have hit a lull at 38,000X and Antuvozy is momentarily out of ideas, so i took a pic.
It is 36 cm high (14").

I have the impression that several people are sending prayers, etc. to this SP, and that really does help it work better.

April 2, '11: (5pm) That SP is still unchanged. Maybe it will stay like that a while.

Suddenly the weather got warm and sunny. The sky was clear for hours, but then the spray-drones messed it up.

Left? Right? The CIA will provide you with all the approved ideologies, rebutting each other for your absorption. Coulter brings conservative rebuttal to Wyoming. Both Ayers and Coulter are CIA satanists.

April 3, '11: (3:35pm) Windy and warm. Clear sky except for some chem.

Earthquake shakes Athens. The machine was here, maybe 6 miles under the bottom of the sea. Same ETs. By the time i read about it this morning, the allies had already taken care of the machine base. No more have been found today.

(3:45pm) Denmark: Mystery Man's Silence Puzzles Police. Hmmm. Got vibe. First thing i found was this complex where i feel the vibe of satanists. I think these are PET, the Danish equivalent of CIA.
We also took out 9 of their U bases in Amager.

(5:20pm) Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?. I read this article yesterday. The 1st thing i found was a CIA U base/transmitter in Georgia. The 2nd was an above-ground location here nearby (Note: i only feel the CIAtanist vibe at that spot in that 1 bldg. 4 of them work there. No transmitter at that location). Then 2 more U bases nearby. Then it turned out their were a total of 72 of these transmitter bases, all in the 48 States. Now neutralized, of course.

Not sure of the logic of hitting these TV personalities. It would be a good way to prove effectiveness to a 3rd party, e.g. "Watch Judge Judy tonight. This is what we can do."

(6:45pm) Pakistan Sufi shrine suicide attack kills 41. CIA was behind this, too. We are taking out several of their U bases in Pakistan.

April 4, '11: (6:05pm) Got 1.6" of rain today. Also i drove down to Conway again. I was guided to, especially as i had shopping needs too.
I spent so much time and effort busting the area south of me last year. And it has cleaned up enormously. But today i still stirred up plenty of underground demons in the Greenbrier area and Conway. Gave me headache like they did last year.
If i have any readers around the Greenbrier - Center Ridge area, please email me. I might lend you my Earthshaker for a couple months. There is just something funky about that region. I have not encountered so many of these "earth demons" anywhere else in my travels.

April 5, '11: (4:25pm) Perfectly clear skies today except for the occasional spray-drone leaving short trails that fade quickly. I took a pic of one over my cabin here. I have a new "extended zoom" camera. Unfortunately, i didn't realize until too late that they actually make extended-zoom cameras with no view finder. Unless you happen to be able to catch the distant subject on the LED screen, you end up with a pic of some neighboring sky. But here i got lucky. This is at max zoom with this camera. No tripod.
The plane was visible to the naked eye, but only a phantom on the camera.

Feeling pretty good today. The Jesuits seem much weaker. The earth demons i stirred up yesterday have all been bagged; at least the ones that were attacking.

April 7, '11: (12:05pm) The Jezs attacked harder yesterday, but not so much yet today.

Heavy chem yesterday and today.

New Japan quake:
Night before last i received an apparent forewarning about a quake that was about to happen then, supposedly, and we nailed 9(?) more earthquake machines.
But couldn't forestall this one.
There is a very DORy spot now here, SE of Tokyo, although the supposed epicenter was quite a bit further north, where i feel nothing.
But at this southern spot, 6 miles below the sea bottom, i feel something which i presume is a quake machine neutralized by the allies. Also found 4 more around the world. I suspect anytime they do a quake, it takes some activation of several distant machines as well as strong activation of a nearby one.

There was a blue light caught on camera during the quake (still capture). I have not read in which compass direction this light was seen.

(12:35pm) I was scoping out the region and got distracted by the Okinawa area. The whole island is DORy from the presence of US satanists. One bldg in the south captured my attention: here. There is Japanese writing to identify it.

Also i feel this vibe in other nearby islands, notably Yoron Island, which seethes with satanic US military vibes. A few hot country estates there:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5.

    Also got 1 U base on Yoron, and 5 so far under Okinawa. And 4 under nearby water.

    (4:55pm) Ongoing battle of interest. There are 4 Ta'l ships with 2 warriors each over the Philly region, addressing the ETs referred to in this article.

    April 8, '11: (12:35pm) And there is still 1 Ta'l ship policing the area, picking off a few.

    Clear sky now, other than some haze in the distance. Earlier there was heavy chem and a few local trails.

    Here's a cool video of time-lapse slylphic takeover of ripple chem.

    April 9, '11: (6:50pm) Of course later yesterday there were real clouds and loads of chem-clouds. Lots of sylphic action, too.
    More heavy chem and sylph action today, too.
    And i read that there was a 4.2 quake yesterday near where i went busting on the 4th. I plan to do more busting there soon. For some reason that area is important.

    April 10, '11: (4:40pm) Some pics i took from my place yesterday:

    Sylphed chem pic 1

    Sylphed chem pic 2

    I'm sure all that orgone and all those sylphs made a difference. At one point most of the visible sky was chem-cover turning into sylphic swirls.

    Today, more jaw-droppingly excessive white-out, but no sylphs around here. I seem to feel them working to the north a bit.

    April 11, '11: (10:45am) Of course all that spew was preceding a front. Soon real clouds moved in. I've gotten 1.5" so far this morning. And it's cooler. It has been warm lately, with muggy summer-like nights.

    Japan had another quake, 7.1.
    Last night one of my reptilian wives from the big ship wafted in astrally and gave me a mental "video" of the earth shaking. This was her way to tell me quake machines were sensed but not located. We took out 72 more of them.
    Then just before i saw the news about Japan a few minutes ago, i noticed 3 more.

    This time i do not feel DORy spots under the sea. My belief is, these quakes are largely based on natural causes, which are being exploited and boosted by the machines. I suspect that this one was natural. But i am by no means sure.
    Maybe things were shaking when she alerted me. I checked a couple MSM sources, but they would not disclose the time of the quake.

    (5:25pm) Got another 0.2" rain, then the sun and chem-clouds came out. And some real clouds.
    For much of the afternoon there were 2 strata of chem-clouds going in different directions and at different speeds.

    To the right are 2 pics of the same sylphed cloud at different stages of its recent disintegration as it flew to the east after passing over. If you are sensitive, you might feel that there were 2 sylphs working this one. (And the first pic i linked to yesterday had one sylph.)

    You can see here how the combination of orgone and sylphs reduced this chem-cloud. And this is only part of the sequence of eradication of what must have been a much larger chem-cloud before.

    April 12, '11: (3:05pm) I was out on the highway before dawn this morning, heading south. Busted the crap out of the Greenbrier/Springfield/Center Ridge area. Should help. The demons had not really re-inhabited the formerly worst spots, but seemed to have grown stronger in less-busted spots. So now hopefully the region has become even less appetizing to them. Plus we are jailing all the demons i flushed up.

    The amazing thing is that all day the sky has been perfectly clear. I have not spotted one cloud, one wisp of chem, even a contrail. Not sure how long this will last.

    I have been working on another massive orgone weapon that has been working hard while under construction. Antuvozy also had me add a few little wires to the SP depicted above, and now it's at 42,000X. The Jesuits seem to be much weaker.

    April 13, '11: (6:25pm) I thought i was getting off surprisingly easy yesterday, but then late afternoon those demons crunched down on me hard. The only way i could get to sleep was to direct all available orgone weapons (and numerous allies) onto them. And they have been hitting me weakly all day. And Greenbrier is still DORy. I will probably make another trip in a couple weeks. Ordered another 16 gallons of epoxy...

    Only a very few little chem-clouds this morning, then suddenly this afternoon a bunch of chem and strange grey haze blew in. I now see a trail out the door.

    But yesterday was chem-free. I did see a few passenger planes leaving contrails later, so i thought i'd photograph one to see how they compare with the spray-drones.

    (8:30pm) Thorp tells me that this is the nursing home that Al Bielek lives in. There is also one very DORy satanist, on the 2nd floor i think. Not sure what's going on, but we don't feel good about it.

    (8:45pm) Later they did a bunch of spraying overhead. Getting fairly good CB action. But there's still a lot of crap up there now.

    Here's an article that mentions fracking in the Greenbrier area.

    April 14, '11: (8:45am) Chem-clouds & sylphs this morning.

    Interesting article about Jerry Falwell's "Liberty University" in Lynchburg, VA. Anytime satanists start braying about "liberty", look out.
    Liberty University students received approximately $445 million in federal financial aid money last fiscal year, according to U.S. Department of Education data, making LU the top recipient in Virginia.
    More than NPR. Interesting. Now i'm not a gov't leftist who believes that the illuminati-run National Proletariat Radio should receive funding, but it is interesting, especially in light of the fact that Falwell said. “It just so happened last week The News & Advance was blocked for a day or two. We’re a private organization and we don’t have to give a reason and we’re not.”
    A private organization gets $445m/yr from the taxpayers and doesn't have to answer to anybody about censoring this info. Well that's OK: we are a prosperous nation with no homeless or starving people, so why shouldn't we burn money with wild abandon to support such worthy causes? That's what upwardly-mobile debt ceilings are for. I trust the Tea Party will take due note.

    What else do we know about Liberty U? (their site) Well, it is very DORy (map). I sense at least 92 satanists there now, including 31 staff.
    Incidentally i drove through Lynchburg with my bustmobile late Dec. If i had known about this university i would have visited a spell. Maybe next time.

    I think the world would be such a better place if we merely eliminated all the satanist scammers masquerading as Christians and Jews.

    April 15, '11: (8am) Not to mention New Agers. Another CIAtanist one: Valerie Donner of the Ground Crew.

    Well, i got woken up at midnight by thunder and rain. Had a lot of thunder, some lightning, and heavy rain for hours. 3.2" worth! And just now the sun popped out, revealing puffy chem-clouds.
    I suspect busting the area down south loosened things up a bit.

    Found some interesting stuff on Icke's headline page this morning. There's a youtuber named dutchsinse who has been wathching radar rings. Check out this 8-minute video from 2 days ago. Then check out this one, 2 minutes long, from yesterday.
    And this article.

    There you have it: evidence of electronic mayhem and murder by the gov't.

    (9:45) So we have a national government that does this stuff, and loads of other totally in-your face bizarre psycho nazi shit. What would Jefferson say about this situation?

    SWAT Attacks Home School Mom for Refusing to Force Med Child

    Oklahoma mother gets 10 years for $31 marijuana sale

    Woman Convicted of Murder for Trying to Protect Her Autistic Son from Chemotherapy

    Fuck you, hypocritical criminal Nazi scum! Yes, i find this shit unacceptable.

    (10:15am) Until i get a missile launcher, orgone will have to do. 85,000X so far on this one.

    April 17, '11: (4:05pm) That thing is at 92,000X now, plus i finished another badass weapon (9" diameter) to dismantle these a-holes at an etheric level since i don't have any Scud missiles (grumble).

    I was very surprised when i came in to work yesterday morning and saw the newspaper. All sorts of high winds and tornadoes had torn a lethal swath thru Little Rock, Bald Knob, etc. that night when i got 3.2" rain.

    Yesterday morning was heavily overcast, turning clear later with only a few bits of chem-fluff.
    Then today it was clear for a while, then they started spraying. I managed to take a pic of one drone that came by at the beginning. Initially the trails weren't sticking long, but as the mess progressed, the trails lasted longer.
    Anyway, this plane looked very visible to the naked eye; kind of dark. I looked down at the camera after taking this pic, and looked up again and there was no longer any plane visible, nor its trail! And there was nothing but empty sky with nothing to hide behind besides very faint cottony chem.
    in the past when i has seen a plane "vanish" it had already been fading into the distance a bit, and so i wasn't quite satisfied with my impression. But this time the plane was not traveling away from me. I stared a long time but could make out no plane.

    April 19, '11 (1:20pm) Armed agents kidnap child from mother who used holistic treatments....

    'Riot' at Hamilton funeral; cops, mourners tangle.

    Been having continual problems with these birds in Nigeria. I first mentioned these on Jan. 16. Then on Feb. 27 i posted that we were converting them to our side. Since then however i have found 3 variations on these birds (other than many species):
  • birds i can feel that are being bad but readily see the light
  • birds i can feel that are being bad but won't change
  • birds i can't feel, connect to with orgone, or otherwise interact with or influence.

    The 2nd type i have sent good birds after to kill or whatever, and this feels like it works.
    The 3rd type seems untouchable, and is in these pics. These are 2 recent pics taken in Lagos of them. I can't feel the birds, but do feel like a bubble of energy around them. I am mystified.

    April 21, '11: (11:30am) Day before yesterday i got 0.3" including a bunch of small hail, and a lot of wind. Calm and overcast now. Earlier this morning i again had 2 strata of chem-clouds. They were traveling in opposite directions.

    Lately i have been helping a gang-stalked lady in Auburn, WA. A few months ago i dealt with gang-stalking in Seattle by Congregational Illuminists, but this is a different group, much slicker and more cloaked. Took a while to break through to get data.
    I suspect they are into OTO. They do some real weird nasty shit with bad energy. This lady has to gobble anti-seizure meds and has had all sorts of bizarre problems for years. Her cat freaks out from the demons and bad energy.
    They have some association with Dick Scobee Elementary School (map), as well as the apt complex just south, as well as the house that is marked. As well as numerous other houses i haven't posted but could.
    They have some kind of meetings or training or something in the school's gym. They tend to drive Suburbans and the like with darkened windows. Some of them are cops.

    Recently there were 2 kids abducted in the area. My impressions (and i am not certain of the details):
    Looking for the kids, I was first drawn to this Fastenal bldg. Not sure, but think 2 of the stalkers go there to deliver kids. The company has a filthy vibe like 26 or so of similar creepos work there.
    Next i am drawn to this bldg just west of REI HQ. 1 of them works there who is into kiddie ops, i suspect. Probly the abductor. Maybe the place he works is innocent.

    Some of them have weakly psi-attacked me over the last couple days. Right now i am being hit by 3 of them, i believe from here where i presume a house now is. And i suspect the main dude hitting me actually lives here, where also no house is shown.

    I traced where i think the kids go. Next i get here in rural OR, where 1 male satanist lives. I suspect these 2 kids are here now. But then another one who lives nearby here transports them to here, west of Eugene, where 3 satanists live that in turn deliver the kids here, a Navy base in Eugene where i presently seem to sense 83 USN satanists and 2 slave kids.

    (1:25pm) Those 2 kids are ensouled, incidentally, fortifying my belief that ensouled kids are more desirable, certainly for ritual purposes. Er, they were ensouled. They wanted out so now they are free. Some other kids too. Anyway i just reduced the value of the merchandise.

    These 2 were kidnapped from Federal Way (love that name!) i heard. Got an immediate bad vibe which came from B.J. Pockets Casino. However, i think it is just 2 individuals connected to the casino. One of them is this clown, a member of a band that sometimes plays there, The Boinkers. The rest of the group does not appear darkside. Definition of "boink" for those who don't know.

    In addition i sense 1 more of these guys, actually a female, working at this casino. Possibly a barmaid. I get the impression that these 2 people are part of this cult. However, i doubt they were involved in this kidnaping.

    April 22, '11: (9:20pm) Got 0.6" last night, and now it is thundering. It was probably overcast all day here. But i went south and busted that area again. Actually the spots that were so bad last time were clean, so demon attacks were negligible. There is still an area that doesn't want to completely clean up.
    Mostly overcast down there, too, and it looked like they'd had rain as well. Of course, chem appeared anytime the moist cover parted.

    There's a guy who lives here who was stalking our friend near Salt Lake.

    April 23, '11: (6:45am) Got 0.8" last night, and more rain is likely.
    Part of the reason i do this busting is too keep their desertification at bay.

    I hadn't checked the drought monitor in months, so was shocked to see how bad TX has gotten lately. And unlike the old days, there is no tell-tale obvious demonic energy to identify the transmitters. Maybe someone else can take a crack at it. In the past i have usually felt transmitters pretty much in the centers of the darkest spots, most of the time.

    And half of AR is supposedly in a "severe" to "extreme" drought, too. Out of curiosity i put together a map to show the correlation of the places i've busted the most. The red stuff in the right pic.
    It makes a difference.

    April 24, '11: (3:40am) Got 0.3" yesterday here.

    Durkistan may have found 11 U transmitters under TX that the allies took care of.
    BTW the TX drought plane i used to write about seems to have remained grounded since last mention.
    Nonetheless TX usually seems like the #1 target for US agencies to desertify. Article on the wildfires.
    Of course the WTWMA does its best to correct this with modern technology.

    I am convinced that if it weren't for my humble self, the AR Ozarks would have been toast for the last 8 years or so. Instead, the region is full of ponds, many of them built by soulless mother-fracking natural gas parasites who need lots of water to mix their toxic chemicals with for lubricating their drills.
    And there has been a lot of clearcutting around here by terminal, soulless parasites capitalizing on all this lushness to turn forests on pastures and hayfields. Which deforestation works on the opposite climactic direction. Environmentally ruinous, ignorant parasites who won't even leave an occasional copse of trees for the health of their fields or shade for their cows.
    How i love to work my ass off to provide support to destructive parasites who enjoy a much more luxurious lifestyle than i.

    (3:55pm) Wow, got a full 3" so far today, and more on the way. No particular wind noticed, but i heard they shut down the Sonic in Marshall because of a rumored tornado heading that way.
    I'm amazed my internet still works.

    BTW the signs i see most at the gas-drilling places are for SEECO, though there are also other motherfracking companies out there. One of the SEECO ops here that i passed day before yesterday exuded a strong chemical smell for 1/4 mile. What is going on there? I take some minor comfort in the fact that at least those parasites are breathing that stuff all the time. If indeed it is a constant thing.
    I had almost run out of orgonite by the time i got there on my return trip, so i didn't bust those ponds as well as i wanted. Also there's a tower just south that i only drove by a few times, as there was a %^$# AETN van/technician there who would not leave.
    I need to go back to the Formosa area. It's a bit DORy, and there are more ponds, etc. and roads i have not yet explored.

    (4:40pm) Yet another person contacted me for help with gang-stalkers, this one in Massachusettes. I found 37 U bases around New England, not gov't but some as-yet unidentified business. Then the trail leads to Kiddie College II. Ages 2-13. Nasty vibe. 5 cultists work there. Also on that page is a DORy link to YMCA of Rahway, NJ. I sense many of the cultists connected to this; they probably work out there. Dozens of them.
    So Rahway must be a major center of them. Maybe 53 live here. Not sure what they do here exactly except for some unsavory involvment with children.

    A key male involved in overseeing a kiddie-programming op lives on Long Island here.

    (6:35pm) Another cult op: Busy Bee Child Care Center.

    (9:35pm) It's Easter ritual night, and the darkside is going all-out. Jesuits everywhere are hitting me in waves with horrible energy that i don't know where they get now. Meanwhile, as i'm distracted, the Abell 2218 humans launch attacks into the Earth/Moon/Mars area. We lost 2 Ta'l warriors. More armadas are in the works, hopefully we will pre-empt...

    April 25, '11: (7:50am) I think we got them. It was just the first attack that took me off-guard as i was under exceptional (for these days) energy attack. I had the impression of 99 ships with 5K Abellians in each on that first attack.

    The rain never stops. I had just shy of 4" in my gauge just now as i emptied it again. I'd gladly send some of this down to TX.
    I haven't measured how much radioactive cesium is in it.
    I wonder how effective orgonite is against ionizing radiation. I have a hunch that zero-point programming might be good. But no radiation counter. And now is not a buyer's market for such things.

    In their endless quest for self-disclosure, some more weirdos stalked my Salt Lake friend in SUVs, encouraging me to trace them to this big bldg where maybe 75 or so work. But they are still being cagey about who they are and with what agency.

    (2pm) Uploaded OTB 27e with info about the Evil-Collapsing program.

    I just noticed that Berlusconi has a real hot vibe today, from last night's ritual, which i believe took place here with 33 participants.

    Last night i kept getting the impression it was a dog-sacrifice night. I think illuminati associate different kinds of sacrificial victims as well as different sex acts with different holidays.

    Just free-associating here, but i once looked up Three Dog Night in Wikipedia, and found that every single person who had ever been a member of that band was a satanist.
    The official story of where the band's name came from is dubious.

    April 26, '11: (7:40am) Actual sun this morning! Blue skies with some lovely fluffy chem-clouds. Chirping birds.
    I got another full 4.5" of rain, bringing the total for this 5-day system to 13.2". Or 11.5" in just the last 2 days. This is extraordinary.
    And the ground wasn't exactly parched when it started, either.

    (8:55am) Storms leave 7 dead in Ark., all but wipe out town.
    BBC story.
    Vilonia is on the east side of Conway.
    More on way?

    Maryanne Godboldo had full legal authority to stop administering dangerous drugs to daughter.

    (2:30pm) Antuvozy had me make some more tweaks, and now this SP is at 131,000X of what it is without the coil. Gaining on those Jesuits.

    Chemmy outside, but much sun. Sylphs.

    April 27, '11: (6:45am) Survived the night. 2.6 more inches of rain, plently thunder and lightning.

    After a few more tweaks, the SP is now at 212,000X.

    (6:40pm) Got another 1/2" today, bringing the total for this system to 16.3". And there's still chance of more slight rain. Overcast.

    April 28, '11: (7:20am) Well, that system seems to have passed over with no further rain here. Brief summary: US storms kill 174 across 8 states.

    Gorgeous spring day here so far: birds chirping, trees greening up, clear sky except for some fog seen down in the valley. Time to get some more gardening done.

    (6:50pm) Sunny with chem-clouds and some real ones today.

    Could use a hand with 3 very DORy Jesuits here.

    April 29, '11: (7:10am) There was something glitchy about that last link, so i just fixed it.
    Those guys are still there but weak now. They were unusually strong. After i posted i realized they are from Universe H, and had covert feed lines in from zillions of Jesuits in H.

    Even then it took hours to quiet them down. Then i got hit by other small groups in Rome from other universes, backed by more in their universes. But these were far weaker.

    I wish we had someone in Rome to carpet-bomb the place with Strontium-Barium orgonite, etc. That whole city is a special power spot commandeered long ago by the "Holy" Roman Church for its exceptional occult potentials. It is the seat of power of the highest illuminati.

    Clear sky here now.

    (8:10am) Dang, i just realized David Icke is supposed to lecture in Rome tomorrow! (link).
    Does this mean that there are Earthlings with brains in the Rome area? Won't someone there contact me for your free package of powders to make the best orgonite?

    (8:35am) Ridiculous. Oklahoma lawmakers approve life sentence for cooking hashish. Beyond ridiculous. Get a life. People draw good salaries for this? At least this won't fill up the prisons too much. You American smokers out there, when was the last time you even saw hash? I "witnessed" some last at a party in 1993 in Oakland, CA.
    Hash, last i heard, was rendered relatively obsolete by modern sinsemilla, which is comparable in potency with no processing. Unless hash made from modern sinse is even more potent, but i have never heard of anyone selling domestic hash. Sinse would probably keep its potency much longer unbroken and unheated.

    (10am) Shapeshifting Satanists Lock Lips as frenzied mindless proles look on. In case you were wondering, Kate is no Diana. I wish this lovely couple the worst.
    All kinds of toxic illuminati sleaze in attendance: Julia Gillard, Elton John, you name it.

    (6:10pm) A possibly interesting video, but i have been unable to get audio on youtube for the past week, so i can't hear it: the NEW John Hutchison effect -- frequency to counteract HAARP and radiation by Dutchsinse.

    April 30, '11: (3:15am) Now i stirred up some other evil ETs, who are annoying me remotely and keeping me awake. Their abode is NGC 1275. Vibe-wise, they feel like evil humans. Our forces are bombarding them.
    I found these because the lady in Auburn, WA that i mentioned on the 21st, today wrote me she had some counseling:
    A person cleared me of contracts made with space ship that the next door human stalker people were trying to recruit me back to in another time period. A week later lady said there is no past life deal this abuse is only happening in this time period. Past was erased so they are only working on this time period. I added this in case it affects the work you are sending me.
    Make of that what you will. All i know is i got a vibe off "space ship" which traced back to NGC 1275.

    About the stalkers that she has been able to get a look at (they favor vehicles with dark windows) she says:
    All the people are oddly skinny and repulsive. There is something that makes you recoil no matter which person it is. I have seen 6. Out of the 6 only 2 look human, the young black man and woman. They are on the robust healthy side.
    To me their vibe feels like ordinary slimy Earth people. No obvious ET vibe.

    (4:25pm) Things are improving on that front. Also i will be sending her some stuff Monday.

    Re: pic: Gotta give these lizard-breaths credit for having the balls to brazenly flaunt what they are.

    Sky was clear all day yesterday until around sundown some chem-clouds floated in. Today has been overcast and drizzly. The next couple days are supposed to be rainy.

    (5pm) That wedding pentagram was noticed by Wayne Herschel whom i am unfamiliar with. I started to check out his site. On this page i saw this pic. I was struck by the strong bad vibe coming from both of those "sun-like stars" HD283271 and HD282943. I don't know who or what it is yet. Haven't had time to read the page yet.