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Loohan's blog for April, 2016

April 1, '16: (10am) I checked the Bermuda Triangle again this morning, and it was quite DORy again, especially around the center.
Last night and before, i was feeling much activity by the same demons outside the bounds of the triangle, in the Puerto Rico area.

A lot of April Fool's jokes in the media today:

Paid human liar: SICK. Kid Gets Tooth Knocked Out for Wearing #Trump T-Shirt: Anti-Trump Crowd Cheers. A tooth does not break that way from a fist. It got knocked by a hard metal object.
When i was 9 i slipped and fell on a slide, hitting my front teeth on the metal rim, and they broke like that.
Maybe the anti-Trumpers carry brass knuckles... After all, American politics are so emotionally charged, judging by the shills' behavior. Kinda like pro bowling.

Insane, the depth of the BS: 'No such country as Israel' Belgian terror helpline operator tells Jewish caller. OMG, they even have muslim extremists staffing the helplines in Belgium now, who can't resist inappropriately interjecting truth into every situation. Non-existent ones who have no respect for non-existent casualty corpses.
I find it very cowardly to continually plaster the media with lies about people who can't defend themselves.

Democracy is breaking out all over:
1st time ever: UN head to be selected after open debates. Wow, now a group of tax-supported repticlone puppet actors will pretend to argue and debate over which non-human puppet will pretend to be leading the UN. Big changes ahead. Those disinclined to watch pro bowling can be kept on the edge of their chairs by this new source of suspense.
Tears flow as Myanmar swears in first president with no army ties in over 50 years. Sigh...

More CIA v CIA for your entertainment: Federal Judge Goes after Shawna Cox's Rights of Free Speech: Warns Her not to Speak Publicly about Oregon Standoff.

A traditionally very corrupt agency doing all it can to increase homelessness: HUD Wants To Make Living In A Tiny House Or RV Illegal.

(12:10pm) Colder, overcast today. Actually it was sunnier early this morning, with some chem-puffs that looked like they were sprayed yesterday. I think by exotic craft from a U base in Haskell County, OK.

I almost forgot: as i was trying to sleep last night, i got attacked hard by the flat-faced repts. Then later, 'Vozy deleted them too!
And she has been deleting some other demon races as they show themselves.

More April Fools jokes (although we get the same shit 365 days a year):

Pro-Abortion Group Sends Women With Zika Virus Pills to Kill Their Potentially Disabled Unborn Babies. LOL, good one!

Glasgow Muslim murdered hours after posting Easter wishes. "(P)olice arrest Muslim suspect, believe crime was 'religiously prejudiced'". Yeah. They left the repticlone "victim" alive in a U base east of town.

IDF tells court Hebron assailant killed by soldier posed no threat. Nobody got killed or injured here, although the IDF routinely does shoot Palestinians, especially innocent ones. This story is a sham to make it look like some of these nazi repticlones have checks and balances, morals, ethics, etc.

Husband of Palestinian who won 'world's best teacher' served time for terror. One million $$$ for best teacher? April Fools! Varkey Foundation repticlones.

Something odd about the version of Gal Gadot depicted here. If i look up other pics of her online, they all feel human and feminine, rather remarkably, "considering Gadot served as a combat instructor in the Israeli army for two years"; a claim that is hard to believe, as all IDF soldiers are MPD but she does not feel MPD in any of her pics. And this pic feels more like a mannequin or something.

(3:30pm) Well, ain't that cute: A badass 9-year-old was the youngest person to ever complete a Navy SEAL designed obstacle course. Not bad for a hymenless MPD human clone whose "mom" and "dad" are both MPD male CIA repticlones. And who had 81 sex-appeal spells on her.
Another article with better pics: Daily Mail. The "dad" depicted in that article, as well as the LinkedIn one, are repticlones (probably not the same one, but both alive), yet the one here is a human clone. I guess he gets more done if there are more than 1 of him running around on the surface.
And actually, Lara's FB page has this pic of a female human clone...
So this lucky test-tube baby has at least 2 sets of "parents", one repty and one not. Who says the CIA lacks family values.

April 2, '16: (7am) Those Bermuda Triangle demons? I noticed last night that there were a bunch under Brazil i had missed all along. Then i found they were under all of S America. Then under all the oceans and land masses. Did a bunch of jailing and got them all stirred up.
Then later 'Vozy deleted the whole species.
She also deleted another demon species that had been picking on my friend in Queens for months.

Real groovy kinda Masonic CIAtanist human guy: youtuber Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

(4:35pm) At noon, Vozy came to me to inform me that she had deleted the Exus.

I suppose we're supposed to be dumb enough to believe this shit? Hey, it's on camera, so it must be true that Muslim migrants are stupid fools who have nothing better to do with their time than to overtly broadcast hostile intent in a foreign country: Muslims March in Germany Chanting "With Allah's Help, We Shall Conquer You".

Repticlone media flaunts repticlone gang-stalking: Man Harassed and Fined For Planting Vegetables in His Own Yard. Guess what the city employees and "disgruntled" nay-boors are?

(6:35pm) I just realized that Brazil has many FAB U bases full of SSers, engaged in such things as chemtrailing with exotic craft. Some pics of FAB repticlones here.
Of course, like all "advanced nations" Brazil only allows satanist SSers to pilot their planes, hence many of these guys are satanists who have not yet been replaced by clones (i.e. worth blasting).

(6:55pm) Another weird demonic bird photographed by a reader. He says there are many of these in Harrisonville, MO now. They are jailable and i am jailing some. And i am taking out deep NSA, CIA, HS bases around the area.
The bird has a nasty vibe (not like an inanimate drone but more like evil ET). Also note the blurring behind it.

(9:40pm) Even though the main demonic species that was using the Bermuda Triangle is now extinct, there are others trying to come through or something. I sense exotic hyperdimensional parasites as well as our allies struggling in there.
This seems to be a real strong portal lately.

April 3, '16: (4:45pm) I just realized last night that Brazil has many FAB U bases full of SSers, engaged in such things as chemtrailing with exotic craft. Some pics of FAB repticlones here.
Of course, like all "advanced nations" Brazil only allows satanist SSers to pilot their planes, hence many of these guys are satanists who have not yet been replaced by clones (i.e. worth blasting).

Here, the last couple days have been sunny and clear. No chem noticed. But other places in the US have been getting metallic spray from exotic craft from NSA U bases.

Arrests made after clashes at far-right and anti-fascist rallies in Dover. Normally when i see these articles about far-right, neo-nazi, etc. type guys, the pics are of humans who do not seem like Masons, MPD, etc. Quite likely the agencies are stirring these guys up peripherally if nothing else, but they strike me as dupes who have no idea what's really going on.
However, this article is different. Only repticlones to be seen in all these pics (including cops, of course).

OMG, it's not just China; Azerbaijan flaunts human clone soldiers too. I wonder how many nations have them, and what the quantities are.

(6:10pm) Too weird. Normally when i look at news articles with pics of famous people (and sometimes not-so-famous) i sense numerous clone copies of them. Usually most will be underground. I might sense 5, 8, 11, but never much more.
Well, i was just looking at this Donovan clone and sensed a lot more. About 50,000 more in an undersea clone factory 100 miles east of Bermuda. I have the impression that Donovan clones are considered extremely desirable to gay male as well as female SSers.

(6:55pm) A Putin-Loving Alien Cult Wants to Build Its 'Extraterrestrial Embassy' in Russia. Ah yes, the Raelians. I never could really pin anything on them in the past, somehow. But these 2 are obviously CIA Monarch victims. I think they are human. I am not sure whether they know they are spooks, or are so brainwashed they believe this crap.

CIA repticlone drag queen Actor Michael Smith arrested for domestic battery. In the 2nd pic, he has 2 more CIA repticlone drag queens in his arms. In the last pic, there's one in lavender far right. And the 2nd face from the left is on a girl who may be cross-dressed.
"His" alleged victim is a Georgia Ling. The only one i found was here, an MPD human female actress. Or at least aspiring to be an actress. I only found the one (1) pic of her. She looks a bit too cute for drag boy.
What about Lucy DeCoutere? As far as i can tell, an ordinary female human. However, she keeps very dubious company and "has become a high-profile voice for assault victims" since being allegedly assaulted by a CIA repticlone... plus she's a professional actress...

And in the sidebar of one of the articles i noticed Sudden death of beloved actress, 24, stuns India. Well, anything that can stun a whole nation is worth faking. She is a very alive MPD human female. Since she's human she doesn't have enough of a vibe for me to track her down.

April 4, '16: (12:25am) Yes, anything that can stun a whole nation is worth faking. I have no recollection of the Baby Gabriel case but supposedly it, too, rocked the nation. What is wrong with the story? The lawyer, Marc Victor, is a CIA repticlone (who is always promoted by lizartarians as a cool, anti-establishment kind of guy). The baby (who is alive somewhere), the purported mother, and the purported father Logan McQueary are all human Project Monarch victims. Tammi and Jack Smith, who "wanted to adopt baby Gabriel", are CIA repticlones.
The mother is too pretty (despite the double chin). Good-looking people do commit crimes, but the presence of beautiful young women in a big media story is a red flag. I'm surprised she's not a glamorous drag queen.
I get no vibe off the alleged parole violation interactions. I detect no parole officer, felonious associate, new husband, etc. They may trot out some actors for these parts, but i don't think she has interacted with any of them yet.

Chemtrail news: after 2 clear days, i have some chem-clouds to the east. Non-metallic, vibeless. From some unidentifiable but jailable ETs scattered around space. Also got pics of this same kind of spray in California this morning.
We did take out a bunch of USAF U bases out west yesterday, that were involved in metal-chem activities.

(3:15pm) Warm, sunny, clear now

CIA school: Colden Elementary School in Colden, NY (map). Staffed by CIA repticlone Monarch handlers. They work together with the CIA repticlone Monarch handlers at the nearby Catholic "Bread of Life Outreach Center" (map).

April 5, '16: (9am) Hit And Run Horror: Female Cyclist in Criticial Condition After Dragged Half-Mile by Suspected Illegal Immigrant. Is this a true story? Well, on the one hand, the alleged perp, the purported victim, and even the supposed lawyer feel like ordinary humans, not MPD, no obvious agency vibe. The lawyer might be a bit shakey though:
Mr. Houston also founded VOP Foundation, a non-profit foundation that benefits underprivileged people and groups in the Austin Community. In addition, because of his financial support, Mr. Houston was nominated to be a Life Fellow of both the Austin Bar Foundation and the Texas Bar Foundation. (emphasis mine)
OK, so he might have a teensy bit of a Masonic vibe. Nominated by whom? And if he's such a groovy guy, why hasn't he figured out that Texas shysters are some of the most notorious crooks around? Why are these guys recipients of his generous financial support?
And incidentally, it is reported that
This organization [VOP] has not appeared on the IRS Business Master File in a number of months. It may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.
This organization's exempt status was automatically revoked by the IRS for failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years. Further investigation and due diligence are warranted.
Three years of no filing? Status revoked? And the lawyer's site is still bragging about it? Can't afford to pay a webmaster to update the site, or what?
But what really trips my hoax alarm is the pic on the FB page. I hate to make light of her gruesome, horrific injuries (which, of course, are not appropriate to display online), but it seems odd that she is doing the thumb-up "Austin Strong" thing, in keeping with the usual pattern of "maimed" hoax victims looking much too radiant, cheerful, and upbeat as they get their GoFundMe pages.
According to her GFM page, "The police miraculously apprehended him the following day thanks to an off duty [repticlone] Austin Police officer who spotted the vehicle on his way home from work." Fortuitous.

Hoaxers: Monarchy will be 'on last legs by 2030 once Queen is no longer on the throne'. It is reasonable to assume that this repticlone is quite aware that the (drag) Queen has been dead for years.

CIA repticlone: Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News.

So what is up with this murder of a Chinese naturopath and his family in Santa Barbara? I really don't know. Seems like true story. Not getting much on the killer. However, the killer's sister and her husband both have an ultra-slimy vibe. She is a prostitute, despite her apparent wealth. Her husband is bisexual with a preference for boys. Her little daughter lacks a hymen and has been "used" by several perverts. I have the impression of organized pedophilia and group orgies about this family. And what's up with this bizarre sycophancy?
Also at the bottom of her homepage it promotes a free app, CosRank, which they supposedly created. My ass. I suspect Nadine is a Freemason, because that app has Freemason all over it, vibe-wise. And the promo image has on the left a Monarched human girl, and then a bunch of thumbnails of repticlones.

Ministry of Truth? BBC to erect George Orwell statue outside London HQ. Ah, so poster boy Georgie was once a BBC Producer... He had to get out of that nest of lizardly agents, don't you know.

(10:05am) Another clear, sunny morning. I did spot 1 vibeless "plane" laying a short trail.
All the info i have so far suggests that metallic spraying stopped on the 2nd of April. Only seeing vibeless stuff from various nondescript ET species now.

The Bermuda Triangle seems much cleaner now; pretty much under control.

A reader snapped a pic of an oddball CIA ET stalker. A "new" species that does not feel repty. I am finding U bases for them in an E-W swath from San Diego to S Carolina, suggesting there is something about that latitude that attracts them. However this individual was further north.

(11:20am) Feds Taint Raw Milk Investigation, Soil Farmer's Reputation. This article mentions the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), which is staffed entirely by CIA repticlones. Let's see: "Charlotte Smith is the owner of Champoeg Creamery and Charlotte Smith Pastured Meats... In September of 2012 her dairy, Champoeg Creamery, was chosen to be the first dairy 'Listed' by the Raw Milk Institute," which lists among its Executive Advisory Council CIA repticlones Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, Theodore Beals, MD, and Bill Anderson of Creme de le Coulee cheese.
And the chairman is Mark McAfee of the CIA proprietary Organic Pastures.

Also the Mercola article contains a gratuitous hoax story about West Virginia delegates getting ill.

(7:25pm) Crap! I was just outside when a vibeless spray-drone came over and laid a thick, sticky one. Then i noticed another sprayer, whose trail was not sticking very well, but it had a NASA vibe, 4 satanist SSers aboard (dunno why so many), and the CT has a barium vibe!
My allies were already attacking the NASA U base in Simpson Precinct, IL.

April 7, '16: (9:45am) Had slight rain yesterday morning.

I heard scurrilous rumors that in the Seattle area, the county Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention has been "disappearing" homeless people:
I talked to a homeless person a few weeks ago. The city is a letting camps build up underneath bridges and overpasses. Than every couple of weeks they kick them out. They bring in these vans to haul people away for "drug charges", and NOBODY ever sees them again.
The vans are marked Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention, and driven by repticlones.
For whatever it's worth. The homeless people are humans with scant vibe, so i can't locate them.

How utterly formulaic: Rio stabbing of celebrity Jewish doctor. Wow. Pretty, famous girl stabs famous Jewish doctor "in Leblon, Rio's wealthiest and safest neighborhood, where a seafront penthouse sells for nearly $10 million". Even has a blurry security video of the "event". Only repticlones involved in the video and the story. Seems to lack any trannies or faux Muslims, though.
Beware! That sweet-looking young thing in the street could be a deranged homicidal maniac.

Let this serve as an example to us all: Norwegian Politician Is Raped by Somalian Migrant -- Begs for Him Not to be Deported. I am a heterosexual man bisexual pedophile ET clone impostor who replaced a bisexual pedophile ET who was allegedly raped..."
But i don't see the alleged rapist depicted or named.

Pretty funny article by the CIA making fun of the CIA hijinks: Wimpy Students Protest For 'Correct' Transgender Pronouns at University of Michigan. The 1st pic contains only CIA repticlones. The video has a few humans, specifically the Asian guy with the gold suit, and a handful of pedestrians incidentally walking by at some point. The rest are CIA repticlones.
More CIA repticlones: Students petition for preferred pronouns to be stated on course rosters. "Wolverines for Preferred Pronouns", LOL. The CIA has a sense of humor at times.
The good news is, human TGs don't seem overly concerned.

Zio-repticlones v Zio-repticlones: Israelis arrested for spying on Romanian anti-corruption czar.

April 8, '16: (8:20am) This is a good time for map-workers to be looking for stuff to blast. With so many of the usual perps now extinct or, as in the case of many reptilian species, gone from Earth, suddenly all sort of other critters are showing up distinctly on the map for me. Also i suspect 'Vozy may have deleted some other species that were specifically involved in cloaking U bases for various species.
What i am finding is a lot of unidentifiable DORy critters (mostly jailable) and DORy spots that often i can't ID but that go away with blasting.
Also a lot of U offworld CIAlizards (jailable) as well as lots of other U SSers that have no particular obvious agency or nationality vibe, yet seem very organized and dangerous.
I can go over places i have endlessly "picked clean" in the past, and find buttloads of SSers that were there all along. Last night i did the NYC/Long Island area again, and it was remarkable how much crap there still was, for example.

Day before yesterday i got hammered all day by a succession of unidentifiable demon types, many of which Vozy was able to delete, and others which we jailed into submission. It has been lighter on me since. But some other people are still getting attacked hard.
Usually, when a species takes over attacking a person, they continue doing the same things the previous attackers did. So the symptoms and phenomena tend to be the same.

Got a new powerful ally. A few days ago i felt a sadness come over me. It was the sadness of my turtle allies i was feeling. Apparently a big old charismatic turtle had died, an Olive Ridley. It was not one i had been aware of, but one that my turtle friends thought highly of.

Anyway, after a while he showed up in the astral, and we gave him some loving energy and healing, then he wooshed off to some Turtle Realm.
A few days later, he came back from some hyperdimensional turtle realm of his lineage, but now felt several times as big, and very powerful. He has been with me since.

As far as i can make out, i'm pretty sure he had been killed by a Moray Eel.

Anyway, his name is Modintra. And he told me that his clan had bestowed upon my humble self the title of Honorary Turtle! :-)

(10:45am) Another repticlone tranny promoted by Icke, Inc.: Tammi Stefano. Check out that wide mouth he has.
I did a search and found this story: Beware of Tammi Stefano!, which seems legit. But all is not quite as it appears. The story says he was stealing it from the people who hired her - long time child advocates .... and CEO Marivic Mabang. Problem is, Marivic (now with different last name) is also a repticlone. That's her on the right here.

(7:10pm) Became aware of another women's Masonic cult: Job's Daughters. Used to be all satanists at the top, but now they've been replaced by repticlones. Don't spot any trannies, though.

Urgh! Now the Bermuda Triangle is cooking again.

(8:30pm) Some new allies arrived in the Triangle. They are friends of the Ta'l and are called something like Z'zan. I know them from somewhen. They are powerful. The Triangle is taking on a different vibe now.

April 9, '16: (5:15pm) Thor'p says they are called Tt'zah'n. I don't necessarily agree, but i think the pic is good.

CIA Repticlone Arrested For Wearing Anonymous Mask At Protest. The author is one, too.

April 10, '16: (4:15pm) A yes, another repticlone CIA agent offers a novel solution for social betterment: Edward Snowden calls on British people to rise up and demand David Cameron quit as Prime Minister. Yessir, drop everything and rise up, people, and demand a cosmetic CHANGE of repticlone puppet leaders. That is the path to freedom. March in the streets. Help the agencies create a spectacle for the media.

Another CIA Project Monarch church: Lee's Summit Christian Church, which has U base under it. Pics of MPD tykes and CIA clones. (map)

(6:30pm) Special Operations airman killed his squadron commander in apparent-murder suicide. Those repticlones in these pics must've been pretty upset.
The alleged victim and his family feel like ordinary humans. In fact it seems a trifle hard to believe the USAF would put a normal human as commander of a Training Squadron on a base, and not even subject his kids to the usual "education". They do not feel MPD. However, one is supposedly named Mason... a strange first name.
If you look on that last page, it says a Carre Klein (CIA repticlone) commented with a $50 donation, saying "Bill was my childhood friend and our families spent lots of time together." Also donaters Matt Kamyk and Amber Sterns are CIA repticlones. And Schroeder feels alive, and Masonic.
Oops, he just bit it. I could trace him because he was partying with USAF repticlones in a U base in Mississippi.

What about the alleged shooter? There seems to be a dearth of images of him on the web. If you find one, send me a link.
Any attempt to research Bellino online just runs into this story of a police Sgt Frank Bellino, also in San Antonio (relation?), who supposedly shot dead this aspiring young nazi. And you should know by now what media stories are. Let's veer off onto a tangent. The "deceased" is a live Sandy Hooker. And i am able to get enough of a vibe off him to track him to this store where he is shopping. He didn't even skip town after he "died", which is very strange because this is not a human but a lab-grown CIA/USAF MPD slave.
He's pulling out now. Think i'll delay posting this until i find out more... OK, he went into a nearby house with groovy solar panels. But he doesn't live there. A female CIA repticlone does, or at least he met her there briefly. Most of the houses in that development are CIA. Now i got all those clones lit up and sort of "lost" our boy. Not certain, but he might be here. This might be where he is living.

PA arrests 3 missing youths, foils 'large-scale attack' against Israelis. The ones on the right and left have washed-out vibe as though they either are long dead or more likely never existed. If these are the sharpest pics they can come up with, i suspect they are CGI creations.
The guy in the middle feels like he was once alive, but not very recently.
"They had a large quantity of weapons with them, including several hand grenades and a "Carl Gustav" sub-machine gun, and it is believed they were planning an attack, the sources said.

I wonder if there's less than meets the eye to this story: Death toll in India temple fire climbs to over 100. Let's see... "Successive explosions from the building storing the fireworks sent huge chunks of concrete flying as far as a kilometer (a half mile), according to resident Jayashree Harikrishnan." Sure, fireworks in a temple can easily reach the kind of pressures necessary to blow chunks of concrete a kilometer. That sounds real credible.
"Witness" Krishna Das is a SSer.
The explosions supposedly happened at 3:30am. I presume most people were asleep at that hour so it would be easier to pull off a hoax.
And the navy comes to the rescue, making the military look useful for something.

April 11, '16: (10:15am) We were supposed to get an inch of rain today, but now they have reduced that. I was awakened at 5am by thunder and lightning and loud rain, but that stopped after a while. Got about .3" so far and may get more later.

I noticed that Janet Napolitano-clone is not a dyke after all, but a male. No woman has a forehead like this. I did a search to see if anyone else had outed him, only to find that Alex Clones has.
Incidentally, Janet-clone is now the University of California President.

(1:20pm) Drizzling.

CIA repticlone screams for more government: Cara "Jennings became a working class hero when a video of her screaming at Florida Governor Rick Scott went viral", says the AntiMedia. AntiMedia is pro-Obamacare now (as well as promoting the AGW hoax, as i mentioned recently).

Another CIA repticlone rebel: Bruce Springsteen Pulls Concert over Controversial Bathroom Law, joining such other revolutionary entities as PayPal, Bank of America, American Airlines, General Electric and IBM. The article gets even more absurd towards the bottom. Boycott North Carolina now!

DID A UFO CRASH IN ARIZONA? I dunno, but whatever that is, has a nasty vibe. SUV does not have vibe. I suspect driver might be a SHer male, CIA.
I also watched Mysterious Structure In Egypt On Google Earth but don't get vibe of U bases or indeed anything there.

(5:30pm) IDF seals home of Palestinian accused in deadly rock attack. The Times of Unreal is doing it again. The weird lines superimposed on the left pic, which is a pic of the same Mossad synthetic as in the middle pic. They are poking you in the eye with a stick, and daring you to notice. The guy on the right is a Mossad repticlone.
They did this same hazy line stuff in their classic celebration of their advanced photoshop skills here (in case that page won't open, i got the pic cached here).

UK's Labour suspends another member repticlone over vicious comments against Jews. 'She also expressed her support for Iran using a nuclear weapon to "wipe Israel off the map." Sounds like a plan. These repticlones are so full of hate.

April 12, '16: (9:15am) I've been experiencing greatly decreased attacks on myself since yesterday afternoon. Slept well. Sunny and clear out.

Pic of Rorg i took yesterday.

Tavistock is simply stunned that their poster boy Corbin turned out to be another phony. Poor, naive David Iclone never would have suspected that there was anything wrong with any shapeshifting reptilian clone politician he would promote.
Although i seem to recall it's not the first time David's expectations have proven too optimistic lately.

(5pm) Some sylph-feathered non-metallic chem-clouds out there this afternoon. An occasional spray-drone, too.

Forgot to mention, yesterday there was a bunch of loud jet noise above the overcast. Several NSA craft (from a U base near West Memphis) with satanists, channeling demonic energies using the noise as a vector. Also i dowsed barium chem being sprayed. Vision was completely obscured by the overcast.
Metallic chem is programmable. And barium or strontium will take the Strontium-Barium Program, and any aluminum will take other pgms. Plus if the particles are nano, we can move them telekinetically (i believe). Kind of nifty to be able to pack their agents with programmed particles. Useful for persecuting human clones, for instance.

Like Victor Orban who is feeling kinda zinged lately.
Did you notice the interesting photoedit above his right pinky?

(7:45pm) More heavy chem-clouds.

Russell Brand. TRANNY? Well, actually, he does dowse as having male genitalia. Which makes it all the more intriguing if you watch the video. There is definitely some sort of feminization going on somehow, as well as a deliberate androgyny psyop.
This youtuber is pretty sharp regarding this tranny stuff. I think the only ones she got wrong that i've noticed are Brand and Barack Obama. But there are serious oddities in both those cases. [Update: also Sylvester Stallone.]

Apr 13, '16: (8am) Oh, right, i forgot about the Jonas Brothers repticlones. These guys also have male genitalia and long body trunks along with womanly features.
I would be inclined to believe that Obama, Brand, and the Jonases were merely males that had been given female hormones (a common practice among street drag queens who still have male genitalia) except that explanation does not leave much room for Brand's realistic-looking beard.

The Bermuda Triangle got somewhat nasty again yesterday evening, and still feels off. Whatever the Z'zahn were doing has apparently been countered to a significant extent.

CIA grossout: now PrisonPlanet is promoting this progressive Ella Dawson CIA repticlone. As are myriad other CIA publications.
Seems that society has been wrongfully judging sluts with STDs. Time for us all to grow out of that.

If these CIA clones would just get along, there wouldn't be much happening in the world. Cruz Campaign Behind Mugging of Schlafly. Schlafly was a blood-drinking pedophile shapeshifting reptilian Freemason. I'm surprised she wasn't a tranny. For those of you too young to remember, Schlafly was famous in the 1970s as a conservative bastion against homosexuality and the (reptilian) ERA.
Note that repty ERA founder Alice Paul looked a wee trifle butch back in 1915 -- a century ago. The Tranny Tyranny op has been going on a long time.

More repticlones: Lauri Love and the Courage Foundation which advocates Free Love haha. How does a guy get such a girly name?

(9:25am) Overcast, grey. Chances of slight rain over the next 3 days.

Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers. Bradley Birkenfeld is a human with a spooky vibe. What are the chances he would be famous were he not an agent? And what is he doing? Partial disclosure but with disinfo to reinforce the fiction that the US has foreign government enemies. As we also saw last year with the "confession" of the human Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reporter.

Man who spent 25 hours at the top of an 80ft sequoia while refusing to come down... Cody Lee Miller feels like an ordinary human, but this has the earmarks of another absurd media hoax.
Why did he prune a bunch of branches off the top? Were they in his way, or just in the way of getting a good photo op? Well, they got a decent photo of him even before the pruning job. But of course spectators on the ground would have better visibility and camera opportunities with the branches stripped.
And it is interesting that this deranged schizo had the foresight to bring a saw. I used to trim trees in the Seattle area but don't recall having to saw limbs off the conifers to make my way up a tree that size. They are usually spread apart enough to climb between. So i doubt he needed a saw just to ascend. Though it is possible. But it suggests a certain premeditativeness which seems out of character for what is described in articles as a spontaneous and impulsive kinda guy.
Also, why is his purported mom a drag queen?
I can't find a pic of his supposed grandmother.

120,000 Take to the Streets as Pro-Democracy Movement Sweeps France. More wasted efforts and false hopes. Hence the gov't front Nuit Debout. Most of these "people" are repticlones. As is Mr Bullhorn here.

(noon) Yes, getting lite rain here. Cool weather

Another DORy CIA op: Tony Aguirre Community Center of Kansas City, MO. Very nasty vibe, and repticlone staff.

I started wondering why this place remained DORy despite my blasting it for hours. There is a particular strain of demons there. The same strain is at another place i've been blasting for hours, a repticlone-staffed nursery of the horticultural kind.
Then i noticed that when i look at a pic of Rorg, i get the same vibe, because he is addressing this same type of demon, which is attacking me. In fact i get a headache looking at a pic of Rorg.

Lately we have had a bunch of different entity types involved in attacks, chemtrailing, etc., none for very long. But this species is different. It has suddenly become the demon species the bad guys are using most, at least in my geographic region.
No other details about them.

(8pm) Oof! Maaan. Rorg and i got hammered all day by this particular type of demon, and so did other people in other locations. Ruined my day. But 'Vozy just now deleted them.
Time for some decompression and healing. My whole upper body aches.

April 14, '16: (1:05pm) Feel much better today. I had my sleep interefered with in the middle fo the night by demons, but not too bad.
Another warm, sunny day with plenty of vibeless chem-clouds.

Now, if this story is real, i can sympathize with the guy: Veteran Died Who Lit Self On Fire. VA hospitals are notorious. However, i do have some questions:
Why are there no videos of the guy burning up? Sure, it would be in poor taste to post, and maybe run into censorship issues on YT, but still, in this day and age when so many people are carrying video cameras, you'd think, right in front of a VA bldg, someone would have caught it, and it would be mentioned somewhere. Even on a Saturday when it was closed. He would have to have been visible from the street, since he burned on the lawn (map). People would have pulled over, and it seems someone would have filmed it.
Why does the deceased have no vibe, and neither do his parents? Is he a CGI guy? Was he a human clone?
He "poured several gallons of gasoline on himself". He should have been pretty saturated after 2 gallons. Did he actually carry a huge gas can with him? All 9 miles that he hiked in, or did he pick it up locally? And it burned up, and any melted remains cleaned up before Amerikan flags planted?
Must be that he hiked 9 miles then went into a gas station near the VA. Gas stations sometimes sell small gas can for people who have run out of gas. But for him to have "several" gallons would have required 2 or more cans. So, he walks into the gas station, buys 2 cans full of gas, and walks on over to the VA place. According to this map, the nearest gas station is almost 2000' away, over 1/3 mile. It is conceivable. He was a mental patient, and may have been physically sound; hell, he just walked 9 miles.
The attendant who sold him the gas presumably had an OMFG moment upon learning the tragic news.

The Assistant Fire Chief quoted here is a repticlone.
Ah, found an obit. According to this, his supposed widow does exist, and is a Lowes manager.
The funeral home and officiating minister are repty too. And the obit requests that donations be given to a repty-assed "charity".

Anyway, if anyone finds more biographical info about him or his widow, please forward it.

(6:20pm) Some UFOs readers have asked me about:
  • Strange UFO filmed by Norwegian expedition in Antarctica - January 2016. Human expedition to Antarctica? Apparently, but i can find no mention of it online except in the context of this UFO. UFO is real, has evil vibe. Unable to describe the ETs, but there are lots more of them on Jupiter. Unable to jail any.
  • TERRIFIED Man Records Giant MACHINE UFO Hiding In Sky 4/7/16. Hard to see, but another real something. At least it has a bad vibe. Whatever they are, i sense more of them in Saturn's orbit around the sun (but not near Saturn itself). Three motherships.
  • UFO Wave! Man Captures Huge Saucer Watching Him & More! 4/6/16: At 0:25, those are some of our green reptilian allies. The orbs at 0:35 are probably unmanned drones. They seem to be from the same bad ETs as the object at 5:35. I sense more of them out in space. The disk at 1:10 has same vibe as the bright one just before it. Same craft i think. Bad vibe. Yet another type of ET. At 2:05, another craft with a bad vibe; some other type of ETs. Whoever they are, i sense they are battling the Alah-kur now somewhere over Earth.
So 5 types of bad ETs here, none of which i can get detail on or jail yet.
Woops! 'Vozy just deleted the race that had the 3 motherships.

April 15, '16: (4:55pm) Sporadic faint drizzle today.

Are you programmed to receive? Stitch circuitry into your shirt for a better cell signal. "Wouldn't it be nice to wear a shirt that boosted your smartphone reception or transmitted more accurate health data?" Yes, that sounds exactly appropriate for my lifestyle. Plus, i bet it receives all sorts of other nice transmissions of modern energies.

I've been getting hammered all day by some jailable ETs in this area.

(7:25pm) Oof! Maaan. Deja vu. LIke the 13th. Those guys ruined my day but now, finally, bless her, the good goddess Antuvozy has deleted that species.
We'd all be in big trouble if it wasn't for her.
And you know what she's like? Gorgeous and brilliant, of course, but also very humble, feminine, and sweet. She just wants to love and be loved.

(8:20pm) There are, however, still plenty of other creepy critters out in that same part of space.

April 16, '16: (6:55pm) Another overcast day with light rain at times.

I've noticed something strange and interesting in the last few days: there are jailable versions of the werewolves we've been dealing with lately.
A couple days ago i found some in a U base, dowsing as offworld werewolves but otherwise of the same type as walk around on the surface pretending to be humans. I jailed them. Then yesterday, i noticed that Rorg and his turtle friends had found a mess of them offworld, and were jailing them.

It's like with the offworld NSA and CIA SSers. For some reason we can jail these offworld or under the surface of the Earth (which are the only places we notice them), but not the SSers walking around on Earth, even when these latter are pureblood ETs.

And what are werewolves exactly? I understand that in the case of reptilian shapeshifters, they are hybrids of humans and reptilians, both species which can exist separately. Of course, there are slightly different strains of humans all over the multiverse, and many different strains of human-rept hybrids have come and settled here (most of them came in at the time of the New Madrid Earthquake). However, none of these seem jailable.

But what are werewolves hybrids of? Did someone splice the DNA of some demonic wolf-monster into human DNA? or how did they come into existence? Is there an extant precursor species for the wolfish traits?

Anyway, Antuvozy has been working on deleting the "offworld werewolf" species, and seems optimistic.

April 17, '16: (8:10am) She had them nailed by 8pm.

Brawl of Stalingrad: Fierce battle erupts at migrant camp under Paris metro station. Anybody spot any actual fighting? I watched some, but it just looked like a bunch of actors lobbing lightweight props at each other.
If these brown migrants are no more badass than that, we have little to fear.

(5:10pm) Hell, Rorg and i can do gruesome gore much better than those lightweights at CIA. You want graphic? We got graphic.

Another rotten CIA hoax: Prince George's mourns firefighter as police continue shooting investigation. All repticlones. Ulmscheider-clone is supposedly dead, but feels alive. I suspect he's here. I don't get a vibe off the "man who had been unable to reach his diabetic brother" or the brother who supposedly did the shooting, but then they may well not exist. Diana Krieger, "whose daughter is married to Ulmschneider's brother" is a repticlone. Kevin Swain, who also allegedly was shot, is another. The 3rd-rate actors in the video are, also. Mark Brady too, of course. "Witness" Jose Zuniga and his family, too. And Ulmie's wife, Dawn. Andrew Pantelis, of course. Also, "two other Morningside Volunteers members were injured while seeking cover during the shooting -- one firefighter sustained a knee injury and another sustained a jaw injury." More repticlones.

(5:50pm) A reader pointed out something i had forgotten, that is on my werewolves page: According to Wolf von Atzingen, in the time of Atlantis, evil beings created wolf/human hybrid slaves that could shapeshift into werewolves when activated. They were very strong. These were for protection as well as utilized to perform rape-blood-cannibalism rituals.
OK, i can buy that, but then why were there all these jailable offworld werewolves, too? Were they an entirely different race with a different genesis, after all? They had the same quality of vibe.

And why would breeding 2 physical species like a wolf and a human result in something that normally looks like a human, but can shapeshift? This is not a normal phenomenon. Also, the "breeding" couldn't have been sexual; must have been GMO.

(6:55pm) CIA at grassroots level: California Cops To Check Bicycle Speed With Radar And Ticket Fast Bikers. And who is demanding more governmental control over the speed of these hazardous bicyclists? Why, CIA repticlones at the grassroots level:
Linda Novy, "head of a local hiking group, the Footpeople, who urged the crackdown on cyclists".
Tom Boss, "offroad director of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, said he welcomed the county's new 'educational program.'"
Buy bicycle speedometer stock now.

Oh yah, i can readily believe this shit: Sanders camp suspends new Jewish outreach coordinator over controversial Facebook post. Yeah. This repticlone doesn't have a Mossad bone in her body.

(8:15pm) 'Moral Monday' leader removed from American Airlines flight. CIA repticlone of course. This is so charged up with social issues, it really gets me all worked up: race, religion, morality, fat-shaming, police bossing civilians around, some vague oblique stuff about grabbing a flight attendant...

April 18, '16: (11:15am) Of course, Jan Boehmermann is another repticlone fraud. As are the 3 trannies in the bottom pic, who "demonstrate in support of the German TV comedian".

Saudi Arabia takes in nine Yemenis from Guantanamo. Let's check out this council of nine (9) NINE alleged prisoners. The 1st guy has no vibe whatsoever, feels CGI. Looks like a brown-skinned, stylized, representation of Jesus (on purpose?). Amazing that they let some of these guys keep their hair long.
The rest of them feel like real humans, but they have never been imprisoned (except maybe for photo ops). Of course, knowing how the hoaxers like to pull our legs, the real number of them is probably fewer. There are 4 guys there on the bottom that could be the same model with different fake fuzz. And they don't even have pics for 2 of them, for unknown reasons. And it is possible the middle and right one of the first row are the same guy, computer-warped. That top middle guy looks a tad horizontally-stretched. And i doubt any of them are flying to Saudi Arabia.

Sandy Hook Families Will Now Be Allowed To Sue Remington. Another hoax? Well, Remington has only repticlone board members.

Repticlone scofflaw cops on video: Cannabis 'smell test' used by police to raid house & assault 'suspects'.

China flaunts more of its MPD human clone soldiers.

In Campaign and Company, Ivanka Trump Has a Central Role.
It was a night to celebrate strong women. Amy Schumer was the host, Caitlyn Jenner was honored and the guests included Arianna Huffington, Madeleine Albright and the actress Reese Witherspoon.
They also included Ivanka Trump.
Well, Jenner is out of the closet, but he is not the only drag queen here. There is Ivanka. There is Arianna-clone. Arianna is not real obvious from his pics as he is TGed since childhood (or the original was), but does have the big head which is indicative of this type of drag queen. Also Reese Witherspoon and of course, Allbright.
And the hostess is Amy Schumer (check that back-line).

I am all in favor of strong women, but why can't the media find any? They only give us repticlone drag queens hosted by the same.

(12:45pm) CIA Repticlone frauds: Motor City Ghost Hunters. I got onto this from this hoax article Ghost of dead dog caught on video haunting his owners. The dog had no soul. The "ghost" has no vibe. Barry and Christine Kennedy are human clones.

There are a bunch more very hokey-sounding headlines down the page. And then in the right column, this entertaining animated gif, linking to more dubious stories.

"First global strike against chemtrails" promoted by Italians. Are they sincere? I think so, but infiltrated. In the top pic here, the woman on the left with her finger in her mouth, and the guy seated far left, are repticlones.

(6:45pm) Pics and vid of more UFOs with bad vibe. Yet another mysterious evil species: Geomagnetic Storm or UFOs? Multiple Orbs Caught on Camera in Nevada.

Arabic-speaking CIA repticlone kicked off Southwest flight.

More pure celebrity distraction fiction: The Strange Joy of Watching Repticlone Tranny Johnny Depp Apologize for Sneaking Dogs into Australia. This gripping drama even involved Wussel Bland at one point.
I didn't watch the vid, yet somehow doubt that, as the article states, "it's that rare example of famous people stripped of all pretense -- they're not performing roles on the screen, and they're not even performing as their own public personas. They're just two people who fucked up and now have to deal with the consequences of it."

Vicarah craft spotted. (2nd pic) Someone in Poland wrote me that there was a fake little moon overhead freaking him out. There were 5 Vicarah in this craft, taking out U bases near him.

April 19, '16: (12:15pm) Overcast still. Got slight rain last night, and more going on now.

Huffington Post goes all-in for pro-vaccine propaganda, BANISHES veteran writer from website for posting honest review of VAXXED documentary. Of course, Natural News, Huffington Post, DeNiroClone, and repticlone Lance Simmons are all CIA assets.

I don't buy this: New trial for an innocent man. That black guy feels like an ordinary human. Could well be a criminal who is playing along with the CIA as part of a deal. Let's look at this repticlone Richard Zuley. How much of his bio is real, and how much is embellished for the Nazi Cop Psyop? Well, i sincerely doubt he ever tortured Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who feels like a human CIA actor. This BS is planted to support the Gitmo hoax. Also the article says that a (repticlone) reporter "wrote that Zuley had run covert interrogation site for the Chicago Police Department as bad as the CIA covert black site interrogation sites", apparently to also support that dubious story of the Chicago torture bldg.
Also this Robert Chattler who started this petition is a CIA repticlone.

Married female 'tiger whisperer', 38, is mauled to death by one of her big cats while she prepared for a visitor presentation at Palm Beach Zoo. Ya don't say. The "dead" "woman" and "her" girlie "husband" are human TGs. The spokeswoman Naki Carter is a CIA repticlone, as are the grief counselors and cops.

Check out that brow ridge: Family of British repticlone drag queen found dead in Eilat releases grisly photo in bid to reopen case; "she was allegedly raped and beaten by her Palestinian boyfriend, Amjab Hatib."

(noon) I thought i commented on this recently, but can't find it: NY Times Reporter Found Dead After Exposing CIA's Alleged Mind Control Program. Are there still people out there ignorant enough to believe that one can be a NYT reporter without being CIA?
This repticlone does indeed feel eithanized. Jim Guest is another CIA repticlone.

And more CIA repticlones: Ingrid Lyne & John Charlton. Ingrid-clone has been euthanized.

Something is very wrong with Greener Pastures Sanctuary in AU. I don't detect satanists or SSers exactly, but none of the animals on their site or FB are ensouled! Furthermore, most were ensouled but voluntarily left those incarnations to get the hell out of that place. (Our animal allies have gotten good at releasing the souls of animals trapped in nasty situations.)
What is going on there? Also the staff is very cagey; i can find no names or pics of them.

April 20, '16: (4:05pm) Got more light rain today.

A reader was able to find some pics of the staff at Greener Pastures Sanctuary. They are all humans with a dirty criminal vibe, although details still elude me.
The founder is Rachael Badger AKA Rachael Parker (FaceBook).

She has a little hymenless, troubled daughter, and seems to flaunt that the girl is disturbed. This is a self-portrait, i get. The head is very DORy due to ET attacks.

More staff pics: blonde, Rachael, blonde, and Freemason dude who i presume is Rachael's husband who helps her run the shelter. He's the only one i notice a black magic or Masonic vibe off of. Another pic.
Also, oddly, there seemed to be some connection to 2 DORy jailable ET species that were under Michigan. One species was under Ovid, MI, and the other was in a large area all around Ovid. The 2 species are allied, and it is the type that was under Ovid that hammers on the little girl.

That's all i got on them so far. Daddy is a Mason, daughter seems abused, but i detect no MPD vibes from anyone here. All humans with dirty vibe. Detect no drug dealing or porn scene. No black magic except by the guy and his Mason pals. Yet i am convinced they are involved in some illicit, immoral activities with this "shelter". Not ritual sacrifice related.
The fact that all the animal souls wanted out of there strongly suggests... Waitaminit! Eureka! Beastiality! These animals are prostituted.

You Can Play: repticlone LGBTs just want a little more respect when they are in the locker rooms of their chosen genders. Is that too much to ask?

April 21, '16: (9:50am) Got more rain last night, more than the last few days combined. Combined total around 6/10". Presently sunny with chem-clouds and chemtrails.

Target stores: men who claim to be women may use whatever bathroom they choose. Sounds like fun.

Apparently these Greener Pastures degenerates have a 2nd hymenless daughter named Aurora.

"Death to the Arabs" rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv. Now, i'm fairly sure that Electronic Intifada is a sincere group. However, as i said on the 1st, the shooting is a hoax. "Thousands" rallied, but they only depict about 300. But they link to another page with a vid. Their server lacks bandwidth so i didn't watch the vid, just skipped through a bit. At one point it shows a crowd of several hundred (mostly repticlones) and ends with an ugly repticlone drag queen holding a sign, Adams apple, triceps, and all. Holding something, anyway. They focus on the queen with his muscular arms in the air, and don't even show the sign. So you can guess what the real message is.

But the reason i bring this article up is because B'Tselem is Mossad-run. And you can check out their repty links of supporters and human rights groups. Sheen is a SHer.

Andrew Jackson Gets Booted from the $20 Bill -- Here's What He Had to Say About Central Banking. What a hero. I didn't actually read all that, but i get the gist. Jackson was a blood-drinking satanist SSer Mason like Lincoln who also "opposed" the banksters. This lengthy speech exemplifies the lengths they go to to make sure that the humans are well-informed of their activities.
I read someone's post on a forum the other day, saying that it is a tenet of Masonic magic that "the evidence has to be in plain sight".
Eisenhower "opposed" the military-industrial complex, Kennedy "opposed" secret societies....

Another absurd media concoction: secret room at the Brussels airport where Islamist radicals would gather to pray. Then they show a real blurry pic that nonetheless has a repticlone vibe. Why are all the pics online of Najim Laachraoui so blurry? Depicted was a real repticlone, by the vibe. Maybe they altered his appearance. He does seem dead.
Aha! Brussels and Paris bombmaker is DISOWNED by his international Taekwondo star brother. The brother is a human actor. The blurry pics are probably of a repticlone whose picture was shopped to resemble the TKD guy. Yes, the clone in the blurred pics is dead, but he's been replaced by another copy. Wait, i just found the replacement in a U base west of Montherme', France.
Interestingly, that article does have a fairly clear supposed pic of Najim, except this one is human and still alive. I suspect he lives here.
Incidentally, the TKD champ in the white shirt on the left, has a strongly criminal vibe.
So why did they not simply take a pic of the human version of the brother, and blurrify that, if they wanted to protect the brother from public recognition? Possibly because repticlones in U bases can act, via photos, as black magic transmitters. This is why we are constantly assailed, in ads, articles, etc. with repticlones who are in actuality having kinky sex underground. Then when they get replaced with another clone, that clone too is energetically tied in to the pics.

(1:35pm) Constitution Lost is out of prison! Video. I have mentioned this guy a couple times on my blog, but can't find them. He was busted by werewolf satanist cops for putting "deadly argon" (actually killer orgonite) on railroad tracks or something. Weird scene. He makes excellent orgonite, highly recommended. His site: [Update June 2016: i cannot recommend his products at this time. For further info, see June 4 entry.]

(3:20pm) Prince Has Died at the Age of 57. Except she hasn't. She's human, so doesn't have much of a vibe. I found a CIA U base near Minneapolis that contained handlers for the situation, but she was not down there. Possibly nearby on the surface.
And that was before i read, or at least consciously digested, that her corpse was found in MN, some distance on the opposite side of Minneapolis. Betcha she's holed up in Minneapolis or thereabouts.

(4:15pm) Time for some debunking of our cherished notions:
  • 'It Was Like a Cult': Leaving the World of Online Conspiracy Theories. This is a human agent. Unless you believe some of her statements are real. "Wittschier's old friends were not exactly happy when she started to write a blog, calling out the big names in the scene. She also penned a book and began giving interviews to the press. Wittschier says that they felt exposed by someone who knew their names and online channels well. She even received online death threats..." Yes, they felt all exposed, having previously enjoyed the anonymity of FaCIAbook and YouTube. Gosh, if anyone tells the authorities about well, i better not say it. And as for you, Witless-shit, you might be allowed to live, as long as you stay above-ground, mwahaha.
  • What It's Like to Be Falsely Branded a Satanic Child Molester. Actually, those pics are of non-blood-drinking humans. But were the trials and prison terms hoaxed? Check out Bernard Baran. Does he strike you as sincere? And who is that CIA repticlone bitch handler at his side? His fake momma?
    The Dr Kellogg who testified about damaged hymens seems to enjoy considerable FBI support. She's human, too, but back then hoaxes often involved more humans than these days.
    How about this statement that "Among the wild allegations made by the children, and embraced by adults -- including by investigators with the Austin Police Department -- were that ..." Er, the APD is, and was in 1993, a total Nazi scene with plenty of psycho SSers. At least it was in 1995-6 when i last lived there.
    And thank God for the National Center for Reason and Justice. Nice of those repticlone Freemasons to rescue innocent humans.
Way freaky vid that has me baffled. Someone sent me a link to a vid of a guy cooking a cell phone in a MW oven... check it out.
The thing is, the 1st time i saw this, the phone had an extremely demonic vibe from the start. But a couple hours later, nothing. Because meanwhile we had destroyed the demon. But was the material morphing like that caused by the demon escaping? Very unusual entity.
The guy's FB page is here.

April 23, '16: (5:45pm) Mossad repticlone controlled opposition: "Malia Bouattia, a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement activist and the first black Muslim woman to helm the organization, will take office in September."

I was watching Chrissy Teigen. Tranny Sports Ill. Swimsuit Model and i am blown away, because right near the end, Laura Lee says she thinks these 2 transgenders are clones. And she's exactly right: human clones. Also MPD and CIA, BTW -------->

Gotta love that CIA. They are among those in the forefront of the anti-GMO, anti-vax, anti-chemtrail, antiwar, anti-fluoride, pro-gun-rights, pro-cannabis legalization, pro organic food, pro raw milk, etc. movements, even though these are the opposite of their values. They have their own agents within their cults (e.g. Scientology) renounce and denounce these cults. They go after Monsanto, and more recently vaccines. Now, the CIA says "suspicion is now high that Prince was potentially given a flu shot injection or heavy doses of Tamiflu. Prince suffers from epilepsy, and the flu shot can be deadly for those suffering from that illness." Note that they say "suffers", present tense. And the insufficiently supported (though true) statement "Why do so many people die after receiving a flu shot? The reasons are extensive."
And more repticlones against vaccine-induced autism. Gee thanks. The purported authors and child are CIA repticlones, as are Lance Simmons, Accuracy in Media, and, of, course, the article's purported author.

BTW there has been another fake death of another human CIA tranny recently: Chyna.

April 24, '16: (4:40pm) For you Little Rock readers, be aware that the CIA is involved in "grassroots" artist projects. I noticed this article in the paper today. Sandrekkia is a human CIA agent with an intense MPD vibe.

Spotted quite a bit of BS in the paper in fact.
The Rhoden Family Photos: Pictures of Those Repticlones Killed in Pike County. Yeah, need to strengthen funding for law enforcement now. And be sure to visit their GoFundMe sites to help with funeral expenses. They did euthanize these CIA assets.

JetBlue flight attendant accused of transporting $3 million worth of cocaine. Funny that she and dad are repticlones, and the bags don't have a cocaine vibe.

April 25, '16: (6:55pm) Not again! Yet an other repticlone journalist arrested in Turkey for criticizing Erdogan.
Amazing some of the garbage Icke, Inc. straightfacedly presents these days.
How about this one? (Linked from Icke) A Member of Congress Just Issued a Warning to the World Bank. The readership of Icke is now considered so naive that not only do they believe in the legitimacy of jounalists, but they can swallow that a member of Congress can "warn" the World Bank? LOL.
It used to be that the Icke site was for people who believed in conspiracies.
In all fairness, though, the Icke site did link to what i'm pretty sure is a legit info source, Mondoweiss, today. A rare occurence anymore. Although the editor seems genuinely naive.

Let's see what else is on Icke this morning ...

From CIA site Common Dreams, Fabulous Win for Anti-Fracking Movement as Another Major Pipeline Bites the Dust. Whilst i am happy to see less fracking, at the same time, i am aware that things are never what they appear to be in the media. Let's take a look at this 'Mark Ruffalo, the well-known actor and New York resident who also serves as advisory board member of New Yorkers Against Fracking' who 'said it was "incredible" for the news to be delivered on Earth Day:' "Well-known actor" are 3 words that should send alarms ringing in your head. But if i look up pics of Ruffy and his wife being promoted as celebs by Getty, they seem like normal humans. Not clones, transgenders, blood-drinkers, or MPD. Except, Ruffy has that tell-tale Masonic vibe. And worse, their little daughter is sexually abused and MPDed by the CIA. Grooming the little one for her future.
A small price to pay for success, eh, Ruffy-wuffy?

OK, on to more important matters. What's been going on lately in the cosmos? A couple days ago i searched for who could be the present intelligence running the darkside these days. For a long time, it appeared to be the EHETs running the repticlones and chem ops. But the EHETs are gone. And their seniors in Ursa Major are gone. So the repticlones have been channeling the energies of a wide variety of demons. At some point in the past, vast numbers of demonic species were created, just for the contingency that someday we would find ways to delete entire species.
So, for example, this weekend at work, the drive-by agents were usually channeling 3 different, instantly-deletable, cheapo demon species. Then the next car, 3 different species. (Similar things going on with planes lately.)
A couple times the demon-channeling would stop for a while. This was preceded each time by a drive-by channeling 13 species, which Vozy also immediately deleted. Then they seemed "dry" for a while.

Yesterday was particularly "intense" at work, or would have been if they had been able to hit with any power. I had dozens of agency werewolves and MIBs driving by, mostly originals instead of clones. Mostly on noisy motorcycles. Oddly, in most cases they only came by once, just enough to absorb a lethal dose of orgone on their way to suicide underground. One CIA WW couple on a motorcycle came back for seconds and even parked a couple blocks away to psi-attack me for a while.

Also yesterday i had 3 sets of stalkers come in the bakery as customers; something that had become rare.

Why the sudden increase in stalking? I think it was because Friday night i had vaguely found what appears to be the "top" evil species at this time (of course there are always more). I felt they were too powerful (with toxic energy) to attack, so i opted for just trying to get Vozy to discreetly delete the species. And she's still working on it, and might find success. But they sensed this, and hence the increased stalking. But the stalking also took another form that became increasingly obvious in the evening:

But after dark i think we did terminate the species.
So what's next? Who will take over the vibeless spraying now? This morning, clear here so far. A couple ordinary jets leaving ordinary contrails in the distance, and also not channeling evil energies. No attacks on me at this time ...

(8:30am) Well, i thought it was clear, but that was an early-morning illusion. Actually it is uniformly overcast.

(8:45pm) Did see a bit of sky occasionally, amidst some hybrid clouds, but no chemtrails or fresh chem.

Oh, sure! The plot thickens. Update on that horrific Ohio multi-murder of CIA repticlones: Marijuana 'grow operations' found at Ohio slaying sites.

April 26, '16: (8:20am) Another CIA agent alerting the world to chemtrails: Human Satanist Chuck Norris Takes on Chemtrails.

CIA SHer "Dad" takes SHer "daughter" to Target to confront manager about bathroom policy; what he does next goes viral. Stuff like that just spontaneously happens to go viral.

Another all-repticlone CIA fiction movie: DPS aerial shooting. Another excuse to slam fugly drag queens in your face. Like CIA man Melissa del Bosque. Also anchor Jessie Degollado is one.

() For those who have no brain whatsoever: French soldier attacked by 'Arabic-speaking' man wielding box cutter in Strasbourg. Pic of repticlones on top. No perp to be found.
Right. Brilliant choice of weapons. I think in the 9/11 hoax, they supposedly used box cutters because they would not have been able to get better weapons on the plane. But here there was no restriction on weapon size. So a guy walks up to a soldier in uniform, slashes his face while speaking Arabic. Riiight.

April 27, '16: (9:30am) Overcast. Was awakened in the night by lightning, thunder, wind, and hard rain. At one point it sounded like a tree may have been hit on the higher part of my property, although i have not investigated yet. There was a blinding flash and incredible, explosive thunderclap which reverbrated into the distance for quite a long time.
Got around 1/2 inch.

This morning we cleaned up a mess of nano-metal chem being sprayed over Europe by exotic NATO craft.

Migrants Leave Blood, Faeces, Semen Smeared on Asylum Home Walls. The police were offered a barracks that previously held migrants but were shocked to discover that the past residents had smeared faeces, vomit and blood all over the walls of the former asylum ... Gotcha. I remember when i was young, the Germans were a notoriously fastidious race, always concerned with Ordnung and cleanliness. Germany was a country in which a stranger would likely be berated by passers-by if someone saw him littering or parking illegally. They sure have gone downhill a lot if no one even bothered to check the condition of the asylum before offering it to their noble police. Who would have guessed the place might need a bit of sprucing up?

Hoax "victims" promoted by Iolanda & Leon - 'The People Who Stole Our Baby Santiago Will Burn In Hell, But We'll Never Give Up'. Aw, poor repticlones.

Another repticlone Zio-shill resigns for anti-Israel remarks.

Years ago i once found some kind of CIA office or something within a post office bldg. Well, last night i found a similar case. The Egg Harbor Township, NJ PO (map) is a very sizable bldg, and also houses some agency i don't know the name of, which appears to be some kind of military intel type stalkers. I sense 49 satanist SSers there (not counting in the PO section) which are originals, not clones. Yet.

April 28, '16: (2:20pm) Finally got some fesh chem:

Vibeless stuff that seems to trace to some misc demons.

Looks like the whole Johnny Gosh story was another hoax. There is a vid that goes into it, but really, it is enough for me to notice that mommy is a CIA repticlone, and daddy is a human Masonic blood-drinker, like Paul Bonacci.

(6:15pm) Just for entertainment value, an eccentric CIA Human Clone Got "Shot" by CIA Repticlone Cops Outside a Baltimore TV Station. He claimed to have "information on a massive government conspiracy involving outer space." Obvious nut-case, in other words.

One way to re-inforce a past hoax, and keep it alive, is to generate another hoax allegedly involving one of the original hoax's principals. San Bernardino Gunman's Brother, Two Other CIA Repticlones "Arrested" for Alleged 'Sham Marriage' Scheme.

(8:40pm) I started to watch How to Identify a Reptilian ** CRITICAL** but gave up after 3:30 because he was talking dumb shit. I wondered what was up with this human guy Naazir Ra, with no obvious dirty vibe. Thought i'd check out his vid on ringing sounds in your ears, but didn't get far. In that one he struck me as rather narcisstic, egotistical, self-conscious, and vain. But then he mentions his wife, and i get an immediate vibe off her: satanist CIAlizard!
But i'm still confused as to what this guy is ... until i realize he's an MPD human clone.

Been getting a few agency overflights with satanist werewolf pilots and transmitters lately. Just got one. The parasites are getting restless.

April 29, '16: (7:55am) Big storm coming right at me. Supposed to get close to 3" today. I put all my potted vegetable starts under cover so they wouldn't get washed out.

Prisonplanet is chock full of Trump-mania stories like this one. The scary thing is, most of these seem to not be paid shills, but actual human dupes getting all excited about whether a certain repticlone does or does not wind up in the pretend-role of "US President".
Wake up, you idiots! This has about as much political relevance as a Miss America beauty pageant. Miss America is not going to change your life any less than Trump, Hillary, or any of the other cookie-cutter CIA clone entertainers.

Ah, and now they are trotting out rebel sheriffs again. Yawn. All about promoting more CIA repticlone controlled opposition.

(12:10pm) Really hefty CIA vibe to this company: Stemcentrx, "a startup with backing from Silicon Valley investors including Artis Ventures and Founders Fund" which "thinks it's found a way to treat cancer, and it just got bought for up to $10 billion".

Assisted Suicide Advocate Shoots His Wife and Then Himself in Murder-Suicide. Once again, they left these CIA repticlones alive. In a CIA U base just NW of Des Moines. I can't find a pic of "his wife" but both were trannies.

As in the US, so in Palestine: Hamas beats Fatah in student elections at West Bank university. The "Palestinian students supporting the Hamas movement" depicted are almost entirely repticlone Jesuit shills. Same with the depicted Hamas supporters.

April 30, '16: (7:45am) Got some rain yesterday, and a whole bunch more overnight. Might get a little later today. Total so far around 2.75". A decent spring drenching.

Homeless charity blocks money donated by the public to homeless hero. Aww, man, how cold. This poor guy was so nice to that MI human clone.

Turkey to sentence UK teacher to 5-year jail term over PKK links. I gotta commend the Turkish gov't for pulling all these repticlone filth off the streets. Further down it even says they are deporting a (repticlone drag queen) Finnish author.
I hope this sends a message to any repticlone foreigners that Turkey will not tolerate their ilk.

And who'd have thought that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept. would be arresting drug-crazed CIA repticlones? Things are starting to shape up in the world, now that authorities are doing their jobs, finally.

Even in the US: TEXAS MIDDLE SCHOOL CIA REPTICLONE STUDENTS SUSPENDED FOR TWO DAYS FOR TAKING CONFEDERATE FLAG SELFIES. Yeah! Punish those slime for promoting that blood-drenched Masonic flag. It is not nearly as filthy as the US flag, but this is an acceptable first step.

And now, even CIA human clones are starting to sue CIA repticlone politicians for pedophile rape. Law and Order time!

And the repticlones are getting so disenchanted, they are even starting to commit suicide openly on the surface now.

SCIENTIST: ALIENS EXIST AND ARE IMPREGNATING HUMAN WOMAN [sic] ON EARTH TO EVOLVE US INTO HIGHER BEINGS'! Looks like some half-truths from the CIA. "Authors" are repticlones.
And what traits will these higher beings have? Well, if you have been watching Laura Lee vids, you are informed. Just like the trans "boy" in the pic, and the purported co-author (whose supposed name is even mis-spelled in his bio heading), they will be transgender.