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Loohan's blog for July, 2012
July 1, '12: (8:20am) Another shapeshifing "psychic": Louise Hauck.

Bal sent me a link to a google map area just south of AU. Looks like a lot of long, straight lines. Not sure if they will leave this up. Not getting a vibe off it, though.

The parties who reportedly brought Nigerian black majic to Slovenia: Rowland Barkley, Robert Lavtar. Check out the pix on that last link.

(7:10) Yesterday we only had a few hybrid clouds. Today, chem-trails and smeary, blotchy haze, chem-clouds. 20% rain chances for tomorrow and next day, according to the wunderlizards.

Another shapeshifting twerp so typical of the CIA, and being promoted on an NSA site: John Perkins.
One of the most important things we can do is to create cultures and societies that deeply honor the earth, that honor all sentient beings everywhere. Cultures that by their nature will create a peaceful place for the trees, rabbits, insects, whales and the dolphins to live.
Good plan, shapeshifters. Glad we see things in the same light. How about knocking off the weather mod for starters? Then i have a hundred more suggestions of things you can stop doing. I mean, if you're sincere about this vision.

(7:55pm) Interesting site: I don't necessarily agree with this guy's narrow biblical view, but he is sincere and spots some interesting stuff, e.g. about David Icke.

Also on this page are pix of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy giving Masonic-looking handshakes. Well, the Bill one is pretty blurry. I am still unable to dowse anything bad about these people's motives, though, and Lt Veo is unable to cull them. But we'll keep digging there...

OK, Kerry is starting to look DORy now. Culled them both. Now it makes sense that they "inadvertently" promote so many agents.
These people were 96s that were unusually hard to detect as lizards. This is also true of Ron Paul and David Icke...
Also in years past i have had occasion to unilaterally "protect" all these people from demons. I even reported years ago that MI was radionically hitting Icke in the head. And although i did not report it, years ago i rescued Bill from some weird grey wuwu involving the soles of his feet.
I presume that shapeshifting repts are some kind of slaves of the demonic order. But, after having pretty much smashed the evil etheric beings, i still don't see the lizards vaccilating from their course.

Anyway, i started looking for Icke's closest Masonic buddies, and felt this flat in Esher gardens houses 2 gay Masons that might be his closest connection.

(8:05pm) Another "96" i just culled: Cynthia McKinney. Damn, she had me fooled. I voted for her for president. And Marci Kaptur. I used to consider these 2 and Ron Paul as proof that there were a few real people in American politics. I see i was naive again.

And what kind of souls are these? Shapeshifters usually had what feel like human souls to me, ranging from 7s to 96s like other humans. Where did they come from? I believe NGC4414ers had souls that were associated with their culture, and M32ers with theirs, etc. But what about hybrids that have been here for millenia? I don't know. I believe i have even had past lives as shape-shifting repts.

(8:40pm) More CIAlizard drivel: theendtimemessage.blogspot.
And Katherine Albrecht had thousands of U bases connected to her.

(8:55pm) Major slithering sleaze convention: Sofex 2012. This is tomorrow's paper, because it's already tomorrow in UK. "This is day one of Sofex (Special Operations Forces Exhibition), where corporations and manufacturers from General Dynamics down to the lowliest logistics firm hawk their wares to the region’s most elite and well-funded military units." It's a 3-day shapeshifters-only affair in Jordan.

(9pm) Another area in which ETs excel: competitive eating. Where would we be without such cultural enrichment? In a world where there is so much hunger, they glorify waste and gluttony.

July 2, '12: (5:10pm) Trunews is true CIAlizard news. Praise the Lord.

Spotted and culled some more shapeshifters i previously trusted: Bob Lazar, John Lear, James Gilliland.

Also, check out them Dogon people.

Just a week or so ago i was corresponding with Thor'p about Lazar. We both felt he was one of the few authentic dudes in the UFO scene, ha. Thor'p had inquired about his whereabouts and was told Lazar was working for the gov't on a project. I found him and 2 other ensouled "good guys" inexplicably working for the nazis in a U base in PA near NY, i think it was. They were surrounded by more tunnels and bases, including a reptilian base right under them.
Our forces spared the base the 3 were in, but got all the others. The people in the remaining base remained.
So Lazar just now got killed.

(5:35pm) And what about Michael Jackson? Video. Yes, his CIA dad and his mom and siblings -- all shapeshifters. This is an odd case, though, because MJ, who was MPD and a pedophile, had a viable soul. It's still alive, somewhere. I think it's a good female soul that was forced into the MJ incarnation by black magic.
I do not think MJ molested his own kids.

July 3, '12: (7:40am) More CIAlizard stuff: Free American, Clayton Douglas, Timothy Bible College, Eustace Mullins, John Kaminski [Oct, 2013 removed link to, as it was blacklisted by google as an attack site (wtf!?!)]. He promotes some good people, too.

Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles; another shapeshifter.

CIAlizards are even in the mobile home business: Karsten Homes, with 4 factories. Sign up for a personal tour of one of their state-of-the-art building facilities.

Mysterious CIA factory in Rochester, MN, that had plenty U stuff under it.

(8:30am) Shapeshifting MI Whistleblower Reveals Himself: Warns of False Flag at Olympics.

Mysterious DORy bldg in Langley, BC that had DORy U base under it. It has something to do with this mysteriously blurred and street-view-free athletic field and bldgs just west a bit. U base there plus a tunnel NW to here, which is a location of Roadstar Transport Co Ltd, which has the vibe of dozens of satanist lizards. From there i feel a line of energy along the roads to Edith McDermott Elementary school.
Roadstar's main HQ has a DORy U base too.

(4pm) And what about the Arawak Indians (also the Carib and Taino)? Pic. When Columbus' satanist shapeshifters hit the Caribbean, they encountered this other race of shapeshifters that also worshipped Yahweh/Yaldabaoth with blood sacrifice, as they had been taught millenia before by the corrupted Hebrews who interbred with them and turned them onto black magic. So what did the Spaniards do to these kindred souls? Ripped them off, enslaved them, brutally tortured, raped, and killed them, of course. Tragic, tragic.

Earlier today i did some busting, taking along my refurbished wand. Went to Marshall and on up past the Buffalo River a ways. I think this wand might be good for nailing towers.
There were no clouds when i started, except for a small amount of chem-clouds. 20% rain chance given. After a while, the sky was covered with mostly real clouds, then we got a small amount of rain and some somewhat cooler weather. Overcast now.

(4:30pm) Lizard kops kicked out of garage sale. I was looking thru the vid to see if i can spot any shapeshifting. But what is the weird bulge under his shirt? Not what i was looking for, but intriguing. I am not aware of any bulletproof vests that are so bunchy in back.
I didn't spot any shapeshifting except for some very minor pixellation issues (i think), but then i'm a rookie at this.

Now boldly flaunting his lizardness at PrisonPlanet: Tony Horton, fitness trainer.

(7:40pm) Ran into a freaky NSAlizard video: The Secrets of Scientology. This is another bizarre agency disinfo flick. The interviewer/narrator is NSAlizard, and the church mgmt as well as many parishioners (even in the old days) are also shapeshifters. The story begins with Mike Rinder (check out his irises [I meant pupils][correction: there is nothing really about his pupils, and Rinder is actually ensouled]) "defecting" and confiding to Mr NSA all kinds of stuff.

BTW, Tom Cruise is also a shapeshifter. So was LRH! Check out his teeth and eyes.
I'm 10 minutes into the flick now. Thought i'd share. Good exercise in spotting lizards.

(8:10pm) I'm at 25 minutes now, and they just showed a mess of "defectors", all of whom happen to be shapeshifters. The plot is thickening. So far i am unimpressed. I thought the NSA was slick and professional, but the acting is terrible; very amateurish, and so far the story line is implausible and hokey.

(9pm) All the defectors they interviewed are shapeshifters. Some are excellent actors, suggesting their whole involvement in Scientology was also a professional act. That girl squeezing out tears at the end was pretty slick. How adroitly they can mimick feelings they can't have.

What is the purpose of all this faked controversy? Distraction?

July 4, '12: (6:40pm) Not a lot of chem today.

Waldo Canyon Fire UFO - UFO behind helicopter. John Kettler says the UFO is friendly. Yes, friendly to those he accepted that info from. Neither craft was friendly. The chopper had 2 satanists. The UFO was some unidentified hostile ETs, and has now been destroyed, along with 481 more like it.

BTW my "new" wand is lighting up stuff that i couldn't detect before. Like cloaked enemy spacecraft. There are quite a few out there.
I will be making more stuff that uses the technology in the wand. I think there are various configurations possible, but they all require some xenon bulbs, some coilwork, and probably a decent crystal of some type. My wand has an apophyllite crystal in the tip, but i'm working on another unit that uses a large Vogel-cut rose quartz.

(7:30pm) Someone suggested that that weird bulge on that lizard cop's back yesterday may be a Dragon Skin body armor product.
I'm sure my wand would go right through it like it was toilet paper.

Another lizard positioning herself: Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

More lizard culture. Maybe they should stick to competitive eating instead of lovingly showing us what they think of womankind. All the pix in that article are of shape-shifters.

(8:50pm) Las Cruces Dental Solutions is so DORy it stood out on a map of the city. CIAlizard stuff with U base under it.
But then, it seems most dental and medical establishments in that fine town are CIA.
I thought we cleaned that town's underground quite recently, yet now i'm finding lots more DORy CIA stuff.

July 5, '12: (7:50am) There was an enormous amount of stuff under Organ Mountain National Rec Area just east of Las Cruces.

Some more spiritual CIAlizards people have written me about this morning:
Jim Self and Mastering Alchemy.
Rama of Ever New Joy.
The Federation of Light. They have pix of "featured" members. I checked all 4 pages and found only CIAlizards, including Bill Austin, who has his own websites. One promotes free "healings" from Nancy Walker about which i have the following report:
A lot of 'surgical operations' were done on our bodies and energetic bodies. But soon I've realized that there was something strange about it, started to feel less in the body and sometimes very heavy energy... so I've immediately stopped with that. Some people who participaded had many physical pains long after. I feel that some implants were implanted to us.
Yeah, lots of implants dished out here.

Another spirit-lizard; i think this one is NSA: "Pleaidian" Alaje.

(8:15am) Yet another warrior friend of mine has had his mom replaced by a shapeshifing imposter. I think his real mom has been killed by the CIA and replaced with this DORy creature.

(noon) The 2 CIAlizards that live in a single-wide near me are presently here at the CIA-owned La Quinta Inn Little Rock Medical Center. I think they are visiting with some more CIAlizards there, probably talking about me and Mordok.

And in Clinton, we have more sleaze: Marcus Vaden, Prosecuting Attorney, CIAlizard pedophile. One of the ways he "prosecutes" people is by distributing little mind-control transmitters to crooked pedophile lizard cops to deploy against innocent people like Mordok.
I think his office is here.

I started an R&D thread here regarding the new shapeshifter-prosecuting tech.

(12:40pm) More CIA businesses: Cleopatra's Beauty Salons and Cleopatra's strip clubs. Wonder why beauty salons and strip clubs need U bases under them.

Photographic proof of shapeshifters eating junk food: Yum!.
Wonder why they need U bases. Here's the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, KY.
An informant tells me "the taco bell arm of yum corporation even has a shipping consortium that controls south american ocean shipping"... Well, yeah, gotta grow all those yummy substances somewhere.
Then they no doubt have big trucks to move all kinds of goodies all over the place. I mean, who's gonna suspect a Taco Bell truck? It's just gonna have a bunch of boring frozen GMO "food", etc. Nobody wants to unwrap and inspect a bunch of food.

Mysterious unmarked CIA bldg here in Harrison. Feel 400+ CIAlizards there. Vibe of electronic doo-dads, including transmitters like the one that the Harrison agent just put in an apt adjacent to Mordok's.

(1pm) CIAlizards also would have us believe they eat raw food: the raw food world store. More yummy stuff guaranteed to be 100% pure. If you don't mind a slight "off" vibe.

CIAlizard Resource Based Communities.

(1:35pm) OK, now several people are getting stuff programmed with the new lizard-frying pgm, and it is being incorporated wherever practical in my devices. With the result that the Earth is getting all stirred up and DORy again with deeper levels of purging. So i feel a vague headache and slight nausea, but this will pass.

(5:50pm) Had to lay down and take a nap.
More shapeshifters:
Four Winds Society, (yes, José Argüelles was one!), Foundation for the Law of Time, Don Miguel Ruiz & co.

(7:15pm) Control freak response successfully elicited: reptilian Gay Thai monks told to curb their flamboyant behaviour.

More CIA bldgs that had U bases in Harrison. Mordok found 2 of these:
industrial bldg, First United Methodist Church (lizard staff), Union Road Assembly-God Church.

July 6, '12: (7:50am) More spiritual lizards: Ratu Bagus, Peter Aziz.

Lizard Linux available from Wind River's Ken Klein.
Another reptilian Ken Klein: Ken Klein Productions

(8:20am) Seen any spy drones over your place lately? Me neither. But if you are a shapeshifting CIA agent like Joseph Farah of WND, you did. I know because of this Alex Clone interview.
I think it's a wise policy for them to only buzz their own guys.

Golly, i am so confused by all these shapeshifter v shapeshifter conflicts. The Catholic Church v their Obama clone. And now, the US Presbyterians consider divestment measure against Israel. Right on, i just love it when they squabble so sincerely amongst themselves.
And that article even mentions a lizardly Americans for Peace Now. I'm glad someone is doing something.

(9:50am) More shapeshifting ethnicities: Mende of west Africa, Kamajors of Sierra Leone.

Cute shapeshifting chicks cry at will: Video: The Reptilian Reality Show : Tears, Holograms & Shapeshifting.

(10:10am) Interesting video about Tia Tequila [correction, Tila], a shapeshifter whom i had never heard of. She was telling a lot of truth about what's going on; is she an agent? Well, she does have an intense vibe (pix) but it seems more than just her MPD shapeshifter vibe. Is there a good soul trapped in there? I can't tell for sure. I'm guessing she's just another agent doing the disclosure thing, but can't discern what makes her energy different. [update: she is an Organic Robotoid, CIA.]

(10:20am) DORy Las Cruces CIAlizard radio station KRWG (map) with U base.

(10:45am) So were there any famous '60s psychedelic rock bands that weren't reptilian? Hardly. And most of those non-rept musicians are no longer ensouled. An exception is the Chambers Brothers (except that the white drummer is a shapeshifter). And they weren't exactly defined as a rock band.
Snort some bath salts and listen to this: Time Has Come Today, a 1968 hit for our times.

(2:55pm) I thought i mentioned something about this recently, but i can't find it: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Oprah is an MPD CIA shapeshifting satanist. At least 60% of the girls here are also shapeshifters.
Map. Heavy CIA vibe. I sense at least 22 MPD handlers. In fact, i feel the CIA intends to recruit most of these girls, and otherwise exploit the rest.

U base under it, and a tunnel going north to this unlabeled campus in Soweto. Soweto has extensive tunnels and CIA bases under it.

(3:10pm) A WK wrote me but gave an invalid reply address.

(7:20pm) Plenty chem-clouds.

Another satanic shapeshifter operation: Feed the Children, with many locations with DORy U bases.

And in FL we have Morrisound Recording, CIAlizard enterprise. Map.

July 7, '12: (7:25am) Partly overcast with real and fake clouds. 30% chance today, they say, and 50% tomorrow. Yesterday evening i saw impressive dark areas and lightning and heard thunder to the south. Somebody must've gotten some rain.

NSAlizard: James Sinclair, president and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration. I can't find pix of the Tanzanian Royal family, but they feel like shapeshifters as well.

(6:15pm) Apparently Oprah's ancestral background is mostly of the Kpelle people of Guinea, another shapeshifter strain (pix).
All her houses have CIA U bases and tunnels under them.

(7:30pm) Another shapeshifter business: Big Berkey water filters. I had been considering buying one. [Update Oct 16, 2014: CIA at that. I received an email from a Jason there, with black magic attached to it triggering strong psi attack from CIA U bases south of Baton Rouge.]

And now, an interesting subject: Billy Meier is a shapeshifter! But his Plejarans are real. I think he fooled them, even though they are far less naive than he decribes. Michael Horn is another lizard.

I have always been a bit perplexed about the situation. His UFO pix are real, the Plejarans are real, but his prose reads like lame BS. I felt he misrepresents the Plejarans. The individuals are real; i'm pulling implants out of them now. I feel i have been working with the Plejarans for years, yet some shapeshifter gets to meet them in person. Or did he? He found out a lot about some real individuals somehow, and has close pix of their craft.

Ptaah strikes me as particularly "there" on the telepathic plane, in case you want to ask him if i'm full of it.

There is a gallery of pics. The UFOs feel like the real thing. The sketches are of real people, except the one of Jehovah was not done by a Plejaran, but a shapeshifter. Nor is it of Jehovah or any real being. Jmmanuel, as i've mentioned before, is not Jesus but another good guy. The Christian Krukowski and Dejan who sketched Semjase are also shapeshifters.
Here is a pic of the Meier lizard family.

His Plejaran alphabet does not feel genuine. Nor the symbols. Nor does the laser pistol. Alena is another shapeshifter from planet Earth.
There are no ETs in this pic unless you count shapeshifters from Earth.
I think this pic is hokey, too.

(8:40pm) For the last 24 hours i have been blasting the crap out of the elite Jesuits in Abell 2218 with a special setup. With the consequence that they are weakened, but now Mordok gets attacked by more elites from other places, notably in the center of this pic of Libra, and also from near the centralmost "4" in this pic of Constellation Andromeda.

July 8,'12: (8:05am) Chem-clouds. Supposedly 50% rain chance today. Yesterday a shapeshifter (feigning happiness) told me he got 1.25" or so in Timbo, east of here a ways, the previous night.

On March 1 i wrote:
(5:45pm) Wow, for years i have been saying that John Lennon was a satanist. I eat my words: the truth is the real Lennon was not a satanist (didn't have a viable soul, though; none of the Beatles did). The satanist was his replacement! (pic). I think he was replaced in '70 or so, after he had been with Yoko a couple years. The earlier double was not a satanist; i believe he is deceased as well.

I got that pic from here, a page with much truth but maybe a few inaccuracies as well.
But just now i noticed this 1966 video with the satanist Lennon. So this guy was around playing Lennon much earlier than i realized before, suggesting the real Lennon was in on it. Yet, i think the original was killed, possibly in a 1970 ritual. Also this feels like the lizard version of Paul in this vid. I think the other 2 were of the original Beatles.

(7:50pm) Gates and Monsanto Go After Milk.

Got 0.4" rain and then it paused.

More shapeshifters: Wavy Gravy, BB King, Jasmina of Optimum Body Energetics.

July 9, '12: (6:30am) Foggy. No more rain yet. This morning wunderground says "Chance of rain 60% with rainfall amounts near 0.2 in. possible."

Years ago i checked out the people involved in Quantum Touch. It came up on the forum. I mentioned that a few of the teachers and practitioners were black magicians.
Now i realize it is mainly a shapeshifter scene. The founder is Richard Gordon.

Another shapeshifter: sungazing guru Hira Ratan Manek. Another reptilian sungazer guru: Miroslav Kiš.

Some lizards who "heal" with sound: Vedun.

(3:25pm) I drove around S and W of here, busting DOR. Still overcast.

Some more shapeshifters someone asked me about: Ananda Sarita, John Frank, Balanced View. All the "participants" in Balanced View are unbalanced reptards.
Ian Wolstenhome; note that he doesn't hide his reptoid pupils in the pic. We'll see if he changes it now. I cached a copy of the present pic.
Also the CIA leadership of North Bristol Post 16 Center. All the students feel zombified. I found this place because a tunnel led to its U base from the U base under the BBC Broadcasting House.

(4:45pm) More shapeshifters: JZ Knight of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Also some other people associated with "Ramtha" such as Yanni and Linda Evans.

(6:30pm) Also Peggy Kane the Reverse Speech lady.

And Jeannette Wilson.

(8:10pm) Got small amount of rain.

Another great place to hook up with the shapeshifter soulmate of your dreams: I'm a Mormon Slut.

July 10, '12: (7:35am) Total so far 0.6". Now they are saying 40% today, 40% tonight, 20% tomorrow.

Greenleaf Psychology and Counseling is another lizard enterprise with U bases. There are at least 2 locations. That one's in WA, but another is in Valdosta, GA. "Greenleaf treats soldiers for post-traumatic stress syndrome." In other words, they are MPD-savvy.

And what about Dan Burisch? Years ago his first 2 interviews on Camelot provided plenty of useful information that we were able to use to change things for the better. I don't quite know what to make of him. He's 96, and even Lt Veo has been unable to cull him. I have not been able to elicit a reptilian vibe from him. I have to conclude he is sincere. But shapeshifters have been building him up, and tearing him down. Plus he is completely surrounded by them.
His wife is one. Marci McDowell another. Don Depeller, CIAlizard for sure.

A CIAlizard who posts bad stuff about Burisch is Edgar Fouche.

(10:35am) St Bernards Behavioral Health, a division of St Bernards Health Care down the road. Both have U bases. I notice shapeshifters are heavily into behavioral health. After all, they are authorities on the subject. I have noticed reptilian behavioral health centers in Marshall and Mtn View.

Another CIAlizard: Tony Parsons of The Open Secret.

(4:20pm) Getting some rain. A rain-cloud finally hit just right. Funny how the rain from this system is coming from the NE instead of the SW. My girls are a mile or so above me, trying to take some credit for steering the rain or something.
And it's cool; i turned off the A/C a while ago.

Anthony Hilder, Branton AKA Bruce Alan Walton, David Wynne Miller, CIAlizards.

What about Julian Assange? I tried and tried to crack him, but he seemed real cloaked and inaccessible. Lt Veo couldn't bag his soul.
So i decided to check out his mom and dad, and they have the reptilian vibe strong!

Another one: Bradley Manning.

July 11, '12: (6:15pm) Mostly real clouds. 20% rain chances foretold for a while. Just had a slight spatter.
I did get 1/3" yesterday.

A bunch more shapeshifters:
Contact Improvisation UK, Electrodots, School of Awakening, Mooji, Allan Sweeney, Advaita Org UK, Advaita Academy.

(7:25pm) Also Ademo.

CIAlizard stalking Bal in Eureka: Wm Hover. I believe Nick Shaver is the guy who ripped orgonite off his dog Cookie's collar and implanted her heavily on the left side with etheric implants.
Also Bal is running into MIBs there, too, driving white unmarked semis. So far i have only found extensive tunnels and U bases for these guys. Some of their bases are over 200 miles down.

(9pm) Mysterious fatal crash offers rare look at U.S. commando presence in Mali. Mysterious indeed. 3 arrogant shapeshifting parasites were drinking and whoring around in the wee hours, and lost it.

Another CIA shapeshifter: Michael Tsarion.

July 12, '12 (9:35am) Cool morning, clear sky, pleasant breeze.

CIA restaurant in Melbourne, AR: Los Actecas. Some references say Los Aztecas. Street View. Major hangout for CIAlizards. Reportedly, the buyer was a Mexican who came from Batesville and paid cash for it.
This might be sort of a HQ for CIA; they come to eat and talk business, then scurry off to various places around town.
This Sonic on Case St. in Batesville has the vibe of the same "Mexican" CIAlizard. As does Marshall Dry Goods, a textile store with a website.

Searching for his house, i find all kinds of CIA U stuff instead. Also this property with what appear to be long chicken houses. I suspect the eastmost one may be dedicated to marijuana.
Another suspected CIA grow op here. And here.
Also strong vibe of this guy and his cohorts at Cave City High School. I think they have several CIA students selling pot and other drugs here. Impression of a surprising amount of dope moving through this school; several of their big dealers are other kids who are unaware of the CIA connection.
Still haven't found El Jefe's house. Just oodles of U tunnels and bases. But i get he does have a surface house, and is there now.

(9:45am) It is the CIA who makes marijuana into a "gateway drug". One of the advantages to keeping pot illegal is that then people need a black market, and that black market also pushes the stuff the CIA really wants to sell. Periodically, they dry up the pot supply so that the dealers have a better chance of selling coke, etc. to party animals.
Pot fetches a much better price in big cities, anyway.

(10:40am) Shapeshifter seeks to empower us with self-sufficiency. Wonder if there's a catch? Fabrication Laboratories (FabLabs) pioneered by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld.
More such altruistic lizards: Open Source Ecology.
Got onto this by an article by the reptilian Tony Cartalucci of the heavily infiltrated Activist Post: Strategies for Undermining the Globalist Agenda and Restoring Power to Local Communities.

(10:55am) Another example of orgonite products that take in clean energy and emit nasty energy: Orgone Alchemy. The site is apparently under construction, and there is no info about who is behind this. But i sense 1 male shapeshifter.

Another MIT shapeshifter: Noam Chomsky. NSA i think.

(12:10pm) Endless, endless, lizard BS in the UK:
Oneness University.
Tarisha (musician) "Many songs are dedicated to women and the Goddess, a celebration of both mine and others’ journey into womanhood."
New Paradigm Astrology.
Family Constellation.
Goddess Temple.
Buddha Maitreya.
The Hooded Sage.
Baba Dez.
[Update July 13: i was under weird attack yesterday and made a few mistakes. Othana, Astroved, and Goddess Temple should not have been on that list. My apologies.]

(12:30pm) I believe this place is a big MI4 center, connected to many U bases and U transmitters. On Street View one can make out this sign which says DCSFOOT FARITABLES.

Another MI4 place connected to extensive DORy U bases is Long Rock Supply Store in Penzance.

(5:40pm) More lizards selling self-sufficiency and preparedness: My Patriot Supply.

Somebody's been hammering me from Ophiuchus. Haven't been able to figure it out. Headache, nausea...

(6:05pm) Whew, think we got a handle on it. It was some slender 5' reptilians we have encountered before somewhere, i think. But this time Antuvozy was able to delete their species.
I think these have also been covertly attacking Mordok in other ways.

(7:50pm) Whew, by the time i figured out what was going on, they had nailed me good. 70 wives had to work on me for over an hour before i could function again. They are still working on me. But i feel fairly good now.
I woke up feeling attacked this morning, and kept nailing U bases all day that were attacking me. Meanwhile, behind this distraction, those little repts were covertly poisoning my aura.

More shapeshifter "alternatives": Alternative Research Community. And Neil Kramer.

(8:25pm) Shapeshifters going after shapeshifters: it's not too surprising that shapeshifters would put away a nobody like Casey Anthony (check out her pupils) for the death of her daughter, but this is more unusual: Abuse Inquiry Faults Paterno and Others at Penn State. Freeh, himself a pedophile shapeshifter, is apparently not going to let these guys off the hook.

(9:15pm) Two people that i'm fairly sure died recently: Queen Elizabeth and David Icke. I think she went into a U base a couple days ago and got nailed. She was ailing badly anyway, and her non-satanist double had pretty much taken over public appearances.
Then this morning it was Icke. He was sort of at the bottom of the list of shapeshifters i wanted to terminate; he did a good job of providing mostly valuable and accurate info. Of course, i'm sure this will seamlessly continue as before.

July 13, '12: (9:15am) We did end up getting plenty of chem yesterday. And we have a bunch more this morning, along with a few natural clouds. Some rain chances in the forecast every day for the next 10 days.
Another shapeshifter bunch: New Realities with Alan Steinfeld, Paul Lowe, and Zedelef; although many of the interviewees are OK.

Also Richard Hoagland and Paola Harris.

Real tough to crack was Jesse Ventura. Here's a pic with bios of his team. All of them had the same "clean" but uniform, undifferentiated veneer which i could not break through, and Lt Veo could not cull their souls. But finally i got them.

This was the first time i saw the bios. If i had read June's earlier, i would have been much more suspicious of them.

It is interesting that i have seen videos of Jesse making satanist lizard nazis cringe and look bad on camera.
Also last Nov. 13 i linked to Icke's Ventura-bashing "Jesse Ventura - Pet Detective (A Must Read)" in which Icke seems to lose his cool, and it did feel like the Watchers were messing with his head badly. And Icke wrote just as would be expected of someone under the influence of entities pushing his self-importance buttons.

(11:50am) Jeremy Scahill: Why is President Obama Keeping Yemeni Journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye in Prison?
Scahill is a shapeshifter. Democracy Now is a CIAlizard site. And Abdulelah Haider Shaye is a shapeshifter, too, as is Saleh. And i doubt the journalist is really incarcerated.

Another shapeshifter-filled small town: Gunter, TX. (Girlie pix.) I'm cleaning up a guy now who got packed full of entities when he lived there, which kind of ruined his life.

(3:40pm) I was under weird attack yesterday and made a few mistakes. Othana, Astroved, and Goddess Temple should not have been on that list (12:10pm yesterday). My apologies.

(5:30pm) Damn, just a week or so ago i checked him and couldn't find anything on him, But Stuart Wilde is another shapeshifter. Note the chemtrail graphic.
Also Louise Hay.

Found a U base under this DORy place in the UK which is UNIT4 Business Software, which feels MI connected. Tunnel goes east to base here, which is Chapel Hill Farm, which has strong gov't lizard vibes.

(5:45pm) There was one very common type of (non-shapeshifting) reptilian that we kept finding underground; a type that is evil and unsalvageable even after their snake demons are pulled. We have been spending a lot of resources eradicting them in many underground locations. Plus there were vast numbers everywhere in this and the other 49 universes.
Plus today they have been attacking me very covertly from spaceships, causing physical issues.
But Antuvozy was finally able to delete them. Previously she was unable to, but i think they got weakened by these new freqs and programs we're using lately.
This is another little breakthrough that will save a lot of resources.

Still checking that pic of Earth. Things are definitely cleaning up. The planet is increasingly radiating an anti-evil, anti-shapeshifter vibe. More U bases and tunnels are "appearing" all the time.

I can scan that pic and feel evil ET craft near Earth sometimes, and mark them for the allies to blast.

July 14, '12: (5:30pm) Darkly overcast most of the day. Occasional chem peeking through. Looked promising, but i only got 1/10" of rain. However, there are plenty more rain chances ahead, wunderground admits.

More lizard sleaze: Avatar Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Also someone wrote me about show dogs, saying the dogs are very unhealthy and only bred to look good briefly for shows. Sure enough, the American Kennel Club management is all-shapeshifter. I did an image search for dog shows just to scope out what kind of folks attend these things. Feels like about 1/2 of them are shapeshifters.

(6pm) Right now a large number of our tall green reptilian friends have arrived and are blasting the Earth from 700 craft with orgone beamers. This is really shaking up the evil undergrounders.

July 15, '12: (8:05am) Overcast, chem. Faint sprinkles on occasion.

More shapeshifters: Bernie Prior and his team.

Darpan, "spiritual" musician.
"The new album was produced by dutch musician Maneesh de Moor and mixed by Steve James at Rocking Horse Studios.
"The recordings involved an international collaboration of artists including Sudha, Amir Paiss, Avishai Barnatan, Praful, Bhakta, Ravi, Martin Brunsden, Rik Brewer and Luka."
Lizard nest.

Lizard Quest (long list of shapeshifting spiritual mentors). The venue had CIA U bases and a powerful U CIA mind-control transmitter. Only shapeshifters allowed to present workshops.

(7:15pm) Sunny today with a lot of nice natural clouds and some fake ones.

And, predictably, Susan B Komen is a shapeshifting reptilian.
And the Susan G. Komen for the Cure bldg in Dallas has a U base under it, extending SE to the Chase Bank parking lot.
We nailed 581 shapeshifters in the base. Don't know what they were doing. The cloverleaf is on a power spot, of course, and the base was right under it at 250'.

(9pm) For a week or so, my right side has been tightening up, mysteriously. I can't sit seiza, because the right leg hurts when i bend it that far. It's gradually been getting worse, and i couldn't figure out who was doing this.
Then an angel girl told me it was Sasquatch! Yep, evil squatches up by Bull Shoals.

(9:30pm) Stirring up bunches more squatch. I bet there have been sightings around here in Louisiana. Feels like the motherlode of evil Sasquatch.

Breaking News: 47-year-old Reptilian Patriot Discovers "Weird" Trick To Beat The Electricity Monopoly For Good

July 16, '12: (12:40am) Unreal. Sasquatch woke me up and are keeping me awake with attacks. They are all over the planet, except under the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Extensively under all the oceans. There are at least as many under 10 square miles of ocean as under 10 square miles of land.
And they are all stirred up now and out to get me.

(7:50am) I did get some more sleep after that.
Overcast now, heavy chem earlier. 20% rain chance.

Really revolutionary things happening:
This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always.. That's right; shapeshifting CIA reptilians that just hate these gov't nazi control freaks.
And Iowa RepTublican says government illegitimate, declares herself U.S. Senator. No more need to get out there and VOTE! for the lizard who best represents the public interest.
BTW this Chrisinmarysville is another CIAlizard.

And, ah, yes, NSA whistleblower: They’re assembling information on every U.S. citizen. Another lizard blows that whistle.

(9:50am) NATO Operatives Refused to Talk: "Too Sensitive", sez Gordon Duff, Veterans Today CIAlizard. World News Tomorrow is another CIA publication; real highbrow stuff that promotes shapeshifting celebrities.
"The video is dedicated to those who seek the truth." I could not get a vibe off any of the alleged UFOs, however.

Another one bites the dust: Philip Schneider was another shapeshifter, like his ex-wife and parents.

(11am) Another "hobby" of shapeshifters: poker (video).
Another vid: Pretty Teen Lizard Girls Fight Demons/Reptilians? When they're not participating in beauty pageants or engaging in mass orgies. I think i'm in love.

(12:30pm) Another shapeshifter: Anders Behring Breivik. Also i doubt he killed 69 people, or even 1 person. Wonder how they happened across that number, 69?
A year ago i pointed out that his pupils were dilated, and figured he must have been doped up. Maybe not. Now that i am more savvy, i notice they are of different sizes.

Another dead CIAlizard in the UFO field: Dr Michael Wolf.

(1:20pm) This video poster's got it figured out: Reptilian Fake Protestors in Egypt (Euronews TV) 05/03/2012 (UNDENIABLE PROOF!!!).
What is interesting is that every single person in the vid is a rept hybrid. The entire thing is a movie production.

It seems like so much of the news is about juicy "conflicts" between shapeshifters: Miss USA Molested by TSA Airport Security. I'm sure she never felt so violated before.
Susie Castillo's site.

(1:30pm) Oh gawd, here's another one: Tammy Bonavac. Lurid. Her facial expressions are precious.

(3:15pm) More CIAlizards:
Andrew Basiago.
Rayelan Allen (i've know for years that she's MPD and that Gunther was a satanist).
John Taylor Gatto.

And sometimes "they" don't even bother making a fake action video: US Navy Fires on Ship in Persian Gulf, One Dead. Says who? Says a talking lizard head. This story feels like a total fabrication, fortunately.
When are TV anchors lying? When their lips move.

July 17, '12: (7:30am) Poured some "refreshing" ice cubes yesterday with a new pgm. I might just call it the July 2012 Program because i don't know what else to call it. It is an anti-evil pgm that is very strong against evil ETs like evil Sasquatch, etc. but also particularly good against shapeshifting reptilians. Should go great in water.
Available free to the public; those who can work with The Committee. Remember, programming must be done while resin hardens.

It requires only plain resin. I get that one could add a variety of powders such as cocoa/activated charcoal/iron oxide/titanium dioxide, etc. if one wanted to add pigmentation. I don't think these powders would affect the pgm.

Another creepy occultist shapeshifter: Sal Rachele.

Some chem-clouds this morning.

(7:05pm) I checked the weather forecast this morning, and our rain chances for the future had shrunk amazingly. Then i saw this article Drought now grips more than half of the nation.

Now i have been busting droughts here for 10 years, usually fairly effectively, and often dramatically, but i am baffled why we can't break this one. Either "they" are not causing it anymore, or they are doing it in a way we haven't been able to perceive. We have got way more power than ever, and they have way less.

All i know to do at this point is to bust more, if only to punish them.

So i decided to revisit Russellville and the nuke plant. I had last done so just June 22, but since then i have gotten this wand refurbished, which ups my busting capabilities by a couple orders of magnitude. Plus i had those new ice cubes.
If you are sensitive, check out the vibe of the cooling tower now.
This time i did notice many shapeshifters in Russellville that i did not notice last time. Neighborhoods full.

(8:05pm) Outrageous. That cooling tower (AKA Cmdr Loohan's west CB) is radiating orgone for 300 miles around, at least. Orgone carrying all those nice programs.

(9pm) Jealous of rich and influential shapeshifting reptilians? Then fry these guys: Exclusive: The Koch Brothers' Million-Dollar Donor Club.

Another shapeshifter: Mike Adams, health ranger. I had noticed he lost his soul a few months ago.

July 18, '12 (6:20pm) Sunny, hot, with real and fake clouds.

Holy aircrap! Mordok emailed me this morning that all the presenters at John Whyte – Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Promo Meeting are repts. I thought yeah, some of them. But he's right, all are repts and probably CIA. This includes such people as Clifford Carnicom. I've had his site linked from my home page since around the time i started my site almost 10 years ago. I will be removing it.

More shapeshifters: Alexander Cockburn. And the people at Relocalize Your County.

Natural causes killed penguins along Brazilian coast, scientists say. Then why was the pic so DORy? Due to the presence of zillions of another type of 5' reptilians. They were showing up DORy all in this area, slightly offshore, this morning. Now the allies have killed off most of the repts near the shore, but are going after more of them in a wide area a bit further east.

Now for some good news: this morning someone asked me about Iargan ETs. I get a super good vibe from them. I just got home from work and haven't even read the page yet, but it feels real. In fact, now i feel the CIA attacking them, which i did not notice this morning. I presume they are doing this because i commented favorably on them in an email this morning...
CIA was hitting them with a transmitter here at 520' depth.

(6:35pm) Shapeshifting CIA "refugee" liars can always have their voice heard on the front page of pedophile-run publications such as the Arkansas Democrat-Lizard. Read the photo caption here.
Just nazi scum having a little fun.

(7:05pm) I still have not read that Iarga article. Both the author and the contact person are shapeshifters! I think this is another case like with Billy Meier, wherein shapeshifters conned good ETs into thinking they were real Earthlings. Which means the data is suspect.

(7:20pm) The article says that the Iargans said they come from "about 10 light years as we count time from us" (sic). I presume this is a mistranslation from the Czech version, since not time, but distance, is measured in light years. Although i suppose it could be argued that the distance length of a light year is based on the time length of a year, and Iargans have years of a different length :-)
Anyway, i think it's true that their home is 10 of our light years away. But they have a huge outpost in our galaxy, on 2 planets around Pollux. And their positive energy radiates strongly for quite a distance therefrom.

(7:30pm) On 2nd thought, it says Pollux is 33.78 light-years away. I think this IS the homeland. It also says it is 10.36 parsecs away (or around 10). Was this the real mistranslation? It felt true, the number 10.

(7:45pm) I get that The Committee now has, in collaboration with the Iargans, an Iargan program for resin, and i'm fixin' to pour a little.
Plain resin.
Compared to the Vicarah program, this is less vicious and has more "heart" as the Iargans are very heartful beings. But it's a kind of heartfulness that is toxic to evil beings.

July 19, '12: (7:20am) Last night i felt the Iargans doing something in the ORNL area, east of the dam.

More shapeshifters:
Susanne & David Posel of Occupy Corporatism,
Jim Rawles of SurvivalBlog.

(8:15am) More meditative shapeshifters:
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Victor Davich.
Frank Kinslow. I actually bought 2 of Kinslow's books early this year. New condition; make you a deal.
This was because a friend of mine wrote me raving about them and the benefits she got from them. I started reading one but after a few pages got a bad feeling. I realized the author didn't have a soul, and culled him. But the part i read actually wasn't bad. It was about halting the internal dialog by asking yourself what will your next thought be about, and expectantly waiting. It does work to give you greater control over your inner chatter.
Then a couple times i started one of the audio meditations, but each time got interrupted halfway through, and then i never followed up on it.
There probably are some good techniques in his books, but i've been somehow reluctant to pursue it; somehow repelled by his voice in the audio.

Thought i'd google meditation and see what other DORy critters came up. There are many in the field. More examples:
Patsy Grey - Learning Meditation Creator.
EOC Institute.
Then i tried an image search for meditation, looking for DORy pix. There are lots more shapeshifters to be found this way. Some examples -- some use scrumptious young lizard women in their pix.
Cloud Nine, NSA.
Toni Bernhard.
Amitabha Foundation
Ellie Schoenberger of One Crafty Mother, another crafty NSAlizard.
Hand Yoga.
Gregg Braden.

Less meditative spiritual lizard: Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers.

(9:15am) More health-oriented shapeshifters: James Stewart & Sharon Palmer of Rawesome Foods. Their pic is about 3/4 of the way down the page of this Girls Gone Raw blog by shapeshifter Angela M. Doss.
And if you look further down that page, you will see that, predictably, the Weston Price Foundation has been infiltrated. At the bottom of the page is a Hall of Justice pic. The 2 women on the right are shapeshifters. List of chapters, most of which feel like they have parasitic reptilian attachments.

More shapeshifters: Hezbollah leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah .
Greenpeace Co-Founder who Abandons Man-Made Global Warming.

(12:05pm) Whew, hot, sunny, with some real and fake clouds.

The Iargans did a bunch more work east of Melton Dam, and now i notice they are under this structure nearby there, which i posted about March 5.

(4:05pm) Maharishi University of Reptilian Management.

Supposedly, Lennon2, ever the champion of the downtrodden, penned the song Sexy Sadie out of righteous indignation over the Maharishi's lust for Mia Farrow. But all 3 of them were reptilian shapeshifters.

Wow, just caught NSA attacking the Iargans from Wyoming, Ireland, and Antarctica. Taking out U bases now.

(4:15pm) And now got 6 more locations. NSA had been kind of quiet lately, letting the CIA hog all the attention.

Got Earth kids? Get them professionally programmed by trained reptilians at Tutor Time, with many locations. Prepare them for a future in a reptilian-run world. Torture Time. Trauma Time. Tutor Time.

(4:20pm) I pointed the Iargans toward Ft. Meade, MD NSA HQ. They are jazzing the place up now.

July 20, '12: (7:05am) Had some stormy-looking clouds pass over yesterday evening, which made a bunch of thundery noise and cooled things off a while, but only spit out a few droplets of rain.
Today the forecast says 108F (hottest forecast i've seen) and no rain chances over the weekend. And not much after that.
Luckily the cooler nights are supposed to continue. I can pour some epoxy in the early morning and late evening.
BTW the Iargan program is free.

I get so tired of seeing Ed Vallejo's lizard face always being promoted on freedomsphoenix.

Finally de-cloaked Sheriff Arpaio. Anytime anyone gets so much media attention, they are most likely a shapeshifter. His wife is one, too.

(7:20am) And, oh, yeah, Sheriff Mack.

(8am) Bikers Against Child Abuse has many decent people associated with it, but i have to wonder about the leadership. The USA one is run by a National Executive Board, which i can't find a list of members of. But the guy in the video (which won't play for me) is a reptilian, as is Stephen Corkern. "Stephen is the Vice President and a member of B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse)."
So are many of the "activists".

(9:50am) Thought i'd better revisit the whole Gabby Giffords / Jared Loughner event with my newfound abilities to recognize shapeshifters. As i've said before, Giffords and her husband are shapeshifters, and i suspect Judge Rolls was the real target. And Dallasgoldbug is often right but also often wrong, and lost his soul a few months back.
Also there is a Wikipedia account of the official story.

Now i find:
  • Dallasgoldbug is a shapeshifter working for the CIA.
  • Jared Loughner, likewise.
  • I don't think Judge Roll was, despite the fact that he was a Catholic who was named to the federal bench by President George H. W. Bush in 1991. Pic of him with wife. He feels still alive as a soul, as does his widow.
  • The rest of the crew depicted on DGB's page are also CIA-connected lizards.
  • In fact, all the people involved that are mentioned in the Wikipedia article except for Roll are CIAlizards: Patricia Maisch, who grabbed a loaded magazine Loughner dropped, is one. As are 74-year-old retired US Army Colonel Bill Badger (who tackled Loughner), Roger Sulzgeber, Joseph Zamudio, Giffords' intern Daniel Hernández, Jr., David and Nancy Bowman, nine-year-old Christina-Taylor Green, the cops and paramedics who arrived, Gabe Zimmerman, Loughner's neighbor Wayne Smith, Dorothy "Dot" Morris and her husband, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwan Stoddard and his wife, and Susan Hileman.
  • Christina-Taylor Green was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, but is still alive. Or was. I just found her in a CIA U base here with 77 more CIAlizards.
  • Dorwan Stoddard, who supposedly died, was just here in a sprawling MD CIA base, along with 600+ CIAlizards.
  • Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman, who supposedly got killed, was just found here with 450+ more CIAlizards.
  • Phyllis Schneck, another alleged demise, was just found here by a Mexican/CIA drug airport, with hundreds more like her.
  • Dorothy "Dot" Morris, another alleged demise, 76 at the time, seems to have died months after the shooting.
In other words, the CIA pulled off a media event in which no-one got killed except for a non-reptilian Federal Judge (a rare type of creature that must be stamped out). Then they had their agent DGB leak how they did it.

"Maureen Roll worked for Catholic Social Services in Tucson and was a counselor for teens with crisis pregnancies through the Merilac Lodge Group Home" according to the Roll article.
Board Members of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona. Pretty slimy. Merilac Lodge is part of the Services and has a strong CIAlizard vibe.
Still, i think the Rolls are innocent.

(11:10am) Yukio Hatoyama who boldly flaunts his dragon eyes, joins anti-nuclear demo outside PM's office.

(11:35am) Sigh. Now they have released a pic of the alleged Batman shooter: 'Batman' Massacre 1st Photo of Shooter James Holmes. CIAlizard. Now the question arises, was anyone killed? Not detecting any deaths yet.
Next: they will release a list of the CIAlizard "victims". Frank Fania, the cop, is a CIAlizard.

(2:10pm) More romantic shapeshifter sites:,, And, her site is down, but Janette Oak is a shapeshifting author of Christian Romance books.

(3:10pm) More Project Camelot lizards:
David Corso, who lost his soul some time ago. However, Duncan O'Finioan still seems like the real deal; an ensouled 48.
Erich von Daniken. I first heard of him on a TV documentary about him in 1972.
Gordon Novel, whom i just culled. He was another very cloaked 96. I always thought his story of patriotic CIA was far-fetched.
Brian O'Leary, Andy Lloyd, Antoine Gigal...

Wait, maybe it would be easier if i listed all the ones i can find that still seem legit.
The ones i still consider real [Update Sep 2017: Ha! See series of posts starting here. They are agency Egyptoids except Stew Webb is a repticlone] though many are mind-controlled to some extent:
Aaron McCollum, Boriska, Dan Burisch, Duncan O'Finioan, Gabriele Staehler, Ben Murphy / Heather material, James Casbolt, Jane Buergermeister, Jim Humble, Laura Knight-Jadczyk [although her Cassiopians are evil disinfo], Bill Homann (Crystal Skull), Bill Brockbrader, John Kettler, Jim Traficant, Stew Webb, Keshe. [Update 7/22/12: Traficant and Keshe are shapeshifters.] [Update Dec. 2012: aargh! I apologize. I think Traficant is actually a good guy. Meanwhile, although Kettler is sincere, he has for months been spewing mostly or entirely CIA disinfo.] [Update 7/2014: aargh! Sorry, Traficant is a shapeshifting rept, of a variety i only de-cloaked a few months ago.]
Note that i don't entirely agree with all of these; in fact i haven't even watched many of these interviews.

(7:40pm) Another highly principled shapeshifting pedophile: Ryan Zinke.

A do-gooding bunch of lizards who work closely with the CIA: SOS International.

A bizarre one in Holland: Desteni Nederland. I think this is a male, but it took a while to determine anything. This creature had a strong overlay of sweet, clean, innocent energy.

July 21, '12: (7:05pm) It never got quite as hot as they threatened yesterday; maybe around 100 at my place. Today was slightly cooler.

Another reptilian site: Climate Engineering.

Scientology: i just realized that Jon Atack is a shapeshifter. And David Mayo [note 3/2013: Mayo feels like he has enough rept DNA to be a shapeshifter, and he has no soul. However, he may be benign]. The satanist Captain Bill Robertson was one too. Such "anti-church" lizards have their own alternate ripoff splinter groups to route people to who are dissatisfied with the church.

(10:20pm) I was checking out pix of Japanese people, and noticed something bizarre: most of their oldsters are shapeshifters.
More Than 40,000 Japanese Aged 100 or Over, Survey Says. Hmmm... My supicion is that these shapeshifters vamp life force from the normal population, and thus extend their lifespans at the expense of others.

Also i noticed that the Ainu people had impressively strong positive energy. But also something dirty and not right; how come none of them have souls? (pix.) The more i blast them, the more they feel like DORy shapeshifters. Check out this guy; one iris is way too small.

(7:30pm) Today it was still hot and sunny with real clouds and some fake ones.

More disgusting shapeshifting parasites:
sovereign-alliance, siriusstarseed.
Robertson Contractors (CIA connected).
RLP road contractors (CIA connected).
School of the Americas Watch (Jesuit).
Israeli-T (Mossad).

July 23, '12: (7:20pm) Whew, what a day. Since there has been no relief in the weather, i made another busting trip including Russellville and the nuke plant as well as plenty of countryside northeast and east of Russellville that still had loads of tenacious shapeshifters under it, and to various extents above ground as well. I think Hector must be at least 80% ET, and Atkins 50%.
I also found a big upscale shapeshifter neighborhood in Russellville.
Biggest day-trip of busting yet: 325 miles, almost 11 hours.
Here's the map link to the cooling tower again. Here is the Nov. 27, '09 pic i took on my first run down there.
This time i noticed something unusual: large black birds which i'm pretty sure are hawks were circling around the rim of the cooling tower, and flying near it as well as over the reactor area. Not sure how healthy that is for the birds, but hawks have always been an indication of good orgone for me. I remember after i built my first CB 10 years ago, how amazed i was to see a bunch of hawks circling over it (normally i never see more than 1 or 2 hawks at the same time). There were maybe 4 hawks around the nuke plant, all with solid souls (many animals do not have viable souls). The distance was great. Here are some zoomed pix:
pic of hawk flying by tower.
Pic of hawk perched on guardrail at top of tower.

I also had a box of TBs of the July, 2012 Program, and a few Iargan and Vicarah cubes. The July 2012 Pgm is what i consider best to use the most of at this point in time. It is really intense. Every time a 3 oz. TB landed in a stream or something, it seemed like the Earth trembled and the underground shapeshifters groaned and moaned.
Check out those map energies if you're sensitive. The area i busted is phenomenally zinged.

July 24, '12: (7:10am) Another shapeshifter: Michael J. Murphy of What in the world are they spraying?
Also Michio Kaku who i noticed lost his soul sometime back.

(7:45am) The Sasquatch are still being naughty. I think we have wiped out a decent fraction of them under the Earth, but they seem to be in kamikaze mode; they know they are going to die, what with these new programs and all, so they might as well psi-attack non-stop. They hit me all day yesterday while i was busting. I feel better now, but only because they prefer to focus on Mordok, whom they pound non-stop. For a while this morning i drew some of their fire by marking the ones attacking Mordok, but now they don't even seem to fight back against me anymore, just keep attacking him.

(8am) Another funny thing about that nuke cooling tower: after i busted it last week, i noticed that the plume really shrank afterwards, seemingly as a result. But i couldn't be sure there wasn't another explanation. Well, yesterday the plume was still small! This is another pic i took yesterday. Compare with what used to be a normal plume: 2009 pic again.
It's a fraction the size. Makes one wonder if they add chemtrail-type additives to the tower output.
(If you zoom into the pic on the right, you might notice a faint dark speck in the plume. That's a bird i was trying to get a pic of.)

(9:10am) Up on Icke's headline page today was a link to this video: Secrets in Plain Sight. It might have plenty of great info like Matthew Delooze's stuff, but i probably won't watch it. One, it's long. Two, the author Jan Irvin is a shapeshifter (pix, Gnostic Media site).
Also his mentor Dan Brown's pupils look a bit funny in some of his online pix, if you zoom in.
And on Irvin's site is an ad for Bouncing Bear Botanicals; should be Bouncing Lizard.
He also promotes shapeshifters Gilad Atzmon, and Alex Gray who used to be a 96 but lost his soul years ago.

(1:45pm) Susan Lindauer, shapeshifter.

This is odd. Someone asked me if there are U bases under Six Flags. I only noticed bad energy in the Arlington, TX, location, but it was not underground. It is the Batman: The Ride bldg there (map). I sense 4 DORy satanists involved in its operation, possibly CIA. Are more Batman-themed events planned?
The BOD is all-reptilian of course, but would they be complicit in something that would damage their safety record and create bad press? Do they know about these guys?

(2:45pm) From what i've seen so far, all the "victims" of the Batman "shooting" (distraction) and their families are CIAlizards. And now they are heaping on more weirdness, like this story: Colorado Batman shooting: lizard woman survives thanks to brain defect. And Colorado shooting: Westboro Baptist CIAlizard Church to picket funerals of Aurora victims.

July 25, '12: (7:30pm) More shapeshifting pedophile "Christians": Lifeway.

Also Red Ice is another shapeshifter site which promotes mainly shapeshifters. William Bramley, Helen Caldicott, and Dennis McKenna are the only humans on this page at this time.
Just realized Peter Moon is a shapeshifter.

(7:40pm) Er, i just realized those 3 "humans" are also shapeshifters. Red Ice promotes only shapeshifters.

July 26, '12: (8:35am) I had read Bramley's book and thought it was pretty good. I had heard Dr. Caldicott speak at Barnwell, SC in 1978, along with John Gofman, another shapeshifter.

Caldicott has long been a prominent anti-nuke activist. Shapeshifters always like to position themselves in the forefront of every side of a conflict.

I also heard Jackson Browne, another shapeshifter, play at the Barnwell event. Browne is with the reptilian Musicians United for Safe Energy. He played a song "Before the Deluge" immediately preceeding a thunderstorm that suddenly rolled in, as if on cue. Wow, cosmic. I woke up in a swamped tent the following morning.

I was with a Tampa anti-nuke group. Once, i think it was a few months before Barnwell, Browne was to play a concert in nearby St. Petersburg, FL. MUSE contacted our group with a deal they give local anti-nuke groups on their tours. We would man a table at the entrance to the venue, giving out our literature. We would sell some Jackson Browne T-shirts and get the profit for our group. Couldn't be groovier. Even got a free T-shirt out of the deal.

Movement for a New Society was around in those days, founded by a shapeshifting Quaker. This was a predominant component of the anti-nuke movement. There was another major group too, which i can't remember the name of now.

The Drought Monitor is interesting today. TX & NM are not looking nearly as bad as they did last winter, but are still in a drought. Interestingly, only a few spots are marked as being Exceptional, which includes the area i have busted most. How did they pull that off? I may never know. But Russellville is somewhat west of the center of this dark spot, so i predict it will ameliorate soon. Hopefully. In any case, i plan to make a major busting run every week as long as this drought continues. To punish them, if nothing else.
In my last 2 runs to Russellville, i passed through areas that had many brown-leaved, dried-up oak trees.
These days i do my anti-nuke stuff in a different way.

(9:05am) I'm amazed i'm only now seeing through her cloak. This shapeshifter has long had her face and ad displayed at Icke's headline page: Monnica Sepulveda.
And, i tend to like his articles, but Zen Gardner is yet another one. I can't find a pic of him.

Bro-ther. Yet more shapeshifting victims of the nazi clampdown: Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp.

(3:45pm) More shapeshifters: Urantia Foundation, hoaxer George Adamski.

More lizard vs lizard created distractions: Muppet Activism. Gimme a break.
The Jim Henson Company, which created the Muppets and Sesame Street, severed its ties with the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, to whom it supplied toys for children’s meals, after the tender peddler’s chief executive, Dan Cathy, told the Baptist Press that the company supported the “traditional family” and the “the biblical definition of the family unit.”
Uh, right, as if the muppeteers would have done business with Chic-fil-A had the latter not also been reptilian.

They even have shapeshifting "anti-vaccine activists". A bunch are mentioned here. I have not read their stuff. They even have "safe vaccine" activists.

(4:25pm) Too weird. I thought surely, after we nailed the "dead" agents from the Giffords event, the CIA would keep the Batman "dead" above-ground for safety reasons. Well, of course not. I went looking for them and found them in 5 different U bases.

The only discernible logical basis for the shapeshifters' behavior is that they need to manipulate us into killing them for unknown reasons. Nothing else seems to account for the facts.They always seem to make choices designed to get us to destroy them in their U bases. Even a couple hours ago i got a no-message phone call from a CIA U base connected to 24 more bases. I have gotten several of these since i got my phone a few months ago. Mordok has gotten far more. Also he has gotten them from other NGC4414 U bases, and more recently, even Sasquatch.

I have gotten DORy spam from a CIA U base. And another time, a non-DORy stupid hate email from one.
I had an agent i banned from the forum go into a U base shortly thereafter, and around the same time had another one attempt to join the forum from a U base.

I even got a totally commercial shapeshifter telemarketing call from a U base not long ago. I think that one was out of ignorance, though.

Even local CIAlizards that "knew better" have dived into U bases recently, presumably causing some stress to replace them with doubles. In some cases, replacement doubles have dived into U bases to get killed.

I don't know what the game is or why they want us to kill them, but i am enthusiastic about making their dreams come true.

(7:40pm) Got thunder, lightning, and 0.3" of rain. Also it cooled off so i could turn off the A/C and and open windows.

Bal complained that he and his dog were having trouble breathing, and i got that it was an electronic attack from this bldg full of CIAlizards. It is still radiating DOR despite work we're doing on it.

July 27, '12: (7:05am) Got another little shower during the night, but only about 1/12". And now the forecast for future rain has dropped off again.
On the map yesterday it looked like the area south of me, including Conway, got a lot of rain.

The contrived lizard conflicts just get more bizarre. Now we have a Public vigil red alert: Raw milk advocate James Stewart seized by armed bounty hunters driving unmarked vehicles with no plates. Such drama. Not outraged yet? Then take this: The Attack On Chick-Fil-A Is An Attack On The Freedom Of Speech Of Every American. "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is promising to do what he can to keep Chick-fil-A from expanding any further in Chicago...." Just makes me want to kill.
( is another lizard site.)

And Jon Rappoport is another shapeshifter. He recommends CIAlizard "citizen journalists" for the poop on "the Batman murders". Yeah, "no more fake news" indeed.

Naturally, i found those CIA "bounty hunters" in a U base connected to a bunch more tunnels and bases. Also yesterday i got a long email full of stupid questions from another CIAlizard in a U base. I say stupid because i have to wonder why, if someone really wants my opinions, they don't bother to read my site a little more first.

(8:35am) Another CIAlizard: Joseph Skipper.

Holmes had posted a description of his penis as "short/average" and
"Holmes" described himself as a straight man ... and said he was seeking a sexual relationship with "Women, Couples (man and woman), Groups or Couples (2 women)."
Pretty fascinating. This stuff so absorbs my attention that i completely forget about Israel, Syria, etc.
And where does the lizard wench in this pic live? Probably here in Modesto.

(3:45pm) Oh, quit it! Now Former Miss Nevada Claims Police Busted Into Her Apartment And Made Her Get her lizard ass Out Of Bed Naked. 'Manos "suffered and continues to suffer emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish, and embarrassment," as a result of the incident, according to her complaint.'

(5:45pm) Mordok and i continue to be psi-attacked by Sasquatch. But i just realized that this guy is real good at dealing with them. Just mentally connect any suspected evil Sasquatch to the ball on top of his head.

(7pm) A couple more CIA ops: Esalen Institute. Apparently these days only CIAlizards are allowed to hold workshops there.
And, with a somewhat similar name, Ursuline Academy for MPD girls. It's a Beta Model mass-production factory. This is the website for the Cincinnati location, but there are more i have found: Springfield, Illinois, Dallas. And then there is at least one Ursuline "college", near Cleveland. All CIA MPD factories. And the student girls are not shapeshifters; this is strictly for Earthling slaves.
If you're enough of a VIP you might be able to go there and romp with some cheerful teenage girls for a fee.

July 28, '12: (7:15am) Columbine families plan to reach out to Aurora shooting victims. OK, looks like i'm gonna have to roll up my sleeves and check out these past atrocities.
Those who were Killed at Columbine High School, as well as those only injured, were all shapeshifters. They feel dead now, but i get the feeling that this is a more recent development; perhaps they were in the wrong U bases. And of course the supposed perps are shapeshifters. Or were; just now they were each in a different U base.
(Right now i'm scanning for more such "assassins" in U bases; found 22 more. And "victims", 43 more.)

I looked at Kent State, and the victims there were Earthlings; at least 2 of the killed and 1 of the wounded are still ensouled.
I looked at the VA Tech shooting, and nobody involved seems to be a shapeshifter. It is striking that the guy killed 5 non-ET teachers. I am surprised the school even had that many Earthlings on its teaching staff; were they pre-selected for that reason?
In any case, i think both of these events were real, in terms of people being killed.

(7:20am) Now wunderground is promising a high of 109F today; never seen that before.

More shapeshifters: Julia Davis and Anthony Shaffer.

(5:15pm) Fortunately, wunderground overestimated by about 10 degrees F.
No more of those natural clouds we've been seeing for weeks. Today was clear at first, then widespread smeary chem-clouds.

Another lizard being promoted by Alex Jones and David Icke: Dave Mustaine.

Another shapeshifter ethnicity: Uighurs.

(6:45pm) Aurora Shooter Cover-Up – Pictures Tell a Thousand Words. Yeah, but it sure feels like the same guy. I presume the first photo was photoshopped a bit in order to provide more conspiracy-theory fodder down the road. Also note the weird pupils in the right pic.

(8pm) That article was from the Intel Hub. And what about that Intel Hub? The Intel Hub is run by 2 CIAlizards. Some of the writers are OK.
Here's an article by one of the head lizards.
So the CIA pulls off this weird fake killing which is deliberately sown with all sorts of odd tidbits for their own "citizen" conspiracy authors to discover and fascinate us with.

July 29, '12: (7:50am) All the ways i've been ripped off by shapeshifters... In Austin in 1980 i gave $100 to the campaign of shapeshifter Jim Hightower, and volunteered hours of work. I was not rich or well-employed. Back then i had $300 to my name and an old van on its last legs. Being idealistic i fell for Hightower's seemingly cool rap. $100 was a lot more money 32 years ago.

With the check i mailed in, i asked for a receipt for tax purposes. I tried unsuccessfully to get that receipt for years. At no time was Hightower the faintest bit polite, nor did he show any hint of gratefulness.

Some streaky chem in the sky this morning.

(7:15pm) Later real clouds moved in, too, some dark with moisture. Got some thunder in the distance and a few droplets, and a small drop in temperature.

Of course, Robert Fisk, the famed reporter, is also a shapeshifter. So are these CIA guys at Government Slaves.

Very interesting bigfoot site: which is by a real person. I haven't read it much yet. One intriguing page is Ancient Bigfoot.

Remember, some Sasquatch are good, and are our allies. Such as the ones around this area in north-central WA.

July 30, '12 (6:10pm) Wunderground predicted a high of 111 F today. Don't know how hot it actually got around here. I drove down to a hotter area, Russellville, etc. again. 294 miles, 10 hours.

Heavy "HAARP" ripples over the area as i approached this morning. Demons weren't causing it this time; i guess they are running out of demons. It was CIA clones in little U bases. We nailed them and the ripples disappeared, but an hour later the ripples were back and we had to nail more bases.

Then later very heavy chem-clouds and haze came over, then real clouds joined them for a while. Then most of that blew over except for much of the chem.
Saw a few chemtrails.

Went through areas that had gotten a lot more rain than i did the other day; the grass had greened up considerably.

This time there was only 1 hawk flying around the nuke. The plume was still small.

(7:50pm) Aurora Shootings – Who Is the Real Joker, and Where? (eyes raised heavenwards). I haven't watched the vid, and have only faintly skimmed the text, i admit. I have to ask, Who is the Real CIAlizard Here? Let us list a few: Jim W. Dean, Scott Creighton, James Holmes, whoever these people are...

More CIAlizards: all these nice folks at Sovereign Silver.

() Eagle Sky "Christian" Camps with 3 locations (see lower left). Those Kenyan boys feel very messed up somehow.

July 31, '12: (7:25am) Oh yeah, also Lynne Fenton, Holmes' shrink, is a shapeshifter of course.
One can see how CIAlizard Rappoport is waving a red herring over the psych drug issue. Of course we all love anti-pharmaceutical rhetoric, but this case is not about a clueless patsy controlled by drugs. Holmes is a CIAlizard actor, as Rappoport must be aware.

(7:35am) More pretty CIAlizards promoting raw foods: Kim & Jameth Sheridan, Angela Stokes & Matt Monarch.

(8:50) It seems like everybody in the journalism field, mainstream or "alternative", is a shapeshifter. Syrian Girl is another one. Aren't there any exceptions?
A few. Maybe i'll eventually compile a list. It will probably be pretty short. But a few who still seem OK:
Seymour Hersh (that pic is DORy, but it's just the background).
Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair and his Sinclair News - LS News Group.
Also, i can't find a pic of him and he is associated with CIAlizards, but Saman Mohammedi might be OK.
(Note that that last link is to QW Magazine, run by CIAlizard Mohammed Ismael and has CIA authors as well as some who may be OK.)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which was founded by my mother's father. His side of the family did not have a satanist/reptilian background.
He's deceased now, but a satanist reptilian paramour ripped off anything he had stashed away for his heirs before he died; otherwise i'd probably be semi-wealthy.

(9:15am) More shapeshifters: Thomas Bearden of, Stanley Meyer (deceased).

(9:35am) Another: Nadim Kobeissi, creator of Cryptocrat.
Lizartarian: Christine Smith. Only a reptilian would put up pix of herself like that while posturing as a serious political and humanitarian activist. She had some black magic spells for attraction.

(11:30am) CIA proprietary: Rebekah Baines Johnson Center. This has extensive tunnels connected with it but they don't seem in use lately.

Good pic of the Queen's double. This person is a shapeshifter who has not practiced blood rites, and thus does not have the kind of vibe as the original, who i'm pretty sure is deceased.

New CIAlizard church advertising on Surfing the Apocalypse: New Church, supposedly based on the works of Emmanuel Swedenborg. Except Swedenborg was not a shapeshifter.

(8pm) Dark clouds have been passing over from the north a while, but it's still hot and dry.

Another shapeshifter: Willard Van de Bogart of Earth Portals, who may have just bit it in a U base.
David Chain was a NSAlizard. I say was because he just now died in a U base.
Julia "Butterfly" Hill is another. Likewise Peter Seligmann, Donald T. Kendall, Andy Caffrey...