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Loohan's blog for July, 2007

July 1, '07: (7am) Got just over 1" rain overnight!
Astonishingly, the lightning didn't knock out my ISP.

Also, last night i figured out that there seems to be one particular galaxy most infested with evil Lyrans and Pleiadians, from which they have been throwing burning orbs into my eyes lately.

Found a pic of it on my hard drive this morning.

(7:30am) Oh, yeah, i keep meaning to mention this Shinto chant that's kind of cool. A reader turned me onto it.

Getting more rain.

(5:30pm) Only got another 0.2". So far.

Since sometime yesterday, at least, i have been unable to dowse much. I think the work we are doing at CERN (and otherwise) is correcting or at least mitigating the dimensional rifts that allow demonic energy to really burn in our world. Maybe. In any case, i can't feel much evil energy, even when i can vaguely tell they are hitting me. Nevertheless, for some reason, they could still burn my eyes some even though i had trouble telling who was doing it.

July 2, '07: Got another 1/4" rain last night. Today was overcast with faint drizzle at times. And mellow.
If i look, i can find bad guys underground in places, but their energy is faint.

I just took another look at the CERN website. Since we started blasting, they changed the text from "Due to switch on in 2007" to "Due to switch on in 2008", but it's still running. There was an insectile demon desperately trying to do something right at the tip of the shiny nozzle-like projection on that page.
Found some more pics of the hardware. The Antimatter Factory strikes me as particularly important to focus on, even more so than the Proton Synchrotron.

July 3, '07: The sun has come out a bit, which is good for my solar system.

This morning i remembered that the good ETs sometimes will, on request, force an evil human out of his/her body. Usually this means that an evil ET will soon take over that body, but if the original inhabitant was a 1st-class insectile or nordic, and gets replaced by a 3rd-class evil Lyran, progress has been made. So i asked them to push out the insectile "souls" of Putin, Prescott Bush's present incarnation, and L. Ron Hubbard, who is incarnate near Salem, OR. Or, i should say, was. Ronnie was the toughest to dislodge. Those 3 punks are now in my jail.
The bodies of Bush and Hubbard have been taken over by evil Lyrans, but Putin by a good (as far as i can tell so far) Pleiadian. Pleaidians are rarer and more powerful than Lyrans, so this signifies great interest on the part of the good ETs.

Still haven't assimilated your quota of weirdness for the day? Stay tuned.

Sunday i saw a pic of "the Pope" in the paper. But he had no vibe. He was another mystery object like the "Koppenhaver" i mentioned a few days ago. Had never encountered evil until June 8, i got.
So i looked back in my blog, and found that June 5 was the day we (hopefully) terminated 78 evildoers at the Vatican.
One detail i've been sitting on: i knew at the time that Pope Maledict was actually 3 clones, none of them the original. I'm not finding the original, body or soul. Somebody else may have taken care of him long ago. And these 3 were among the 78 that seem to have been bumped off. I've been re-checking this frequently, and i am pretty sure those 3 insectiles are in my jail.
[Update Sep. 24, '08: A few days ago i realized that Koppenhaver and the 3 pope clones all were being run by a 1st tier tall grey apiece. The good ETs never physically abducted Koppenhaver, Loggins, et all. I do not know wherefrom i pulled that stuff about CIA replacing Loggins -- perhaps there was some sort of CIA interest in the business that i misconstrued.
One weird thing is that i have found other people in recent months that were run by tall greys, but they were obvious. But in the case of Kopp & the popes, it seemed as though they had no energy body. I would see a pic in the paper of the alleged pope, and it felt like nothing there; a hologram. I could not even implant anything into his energy body, as far as i could perceive.
But after pulling the greys, they were soon replaced by evil Lyrans in all cases.
Another weird thing is that i know of 2 other individuals that have no discernable entity, human or otherwise, running them after the original was pulled. No greys there.
Also the Pleiadian prison ship did not have physical prisoners. The prisoners are still in the Pleiades now. For some reason when i try to dowse whether they are "physically" there, i get a false positive read. It may have something to do with semantics. From the point of view of subtle energy, maybe an astral body (and at least some etheric implants) are "physical". But if i ask if their bones, blood, etc. are there i get a negative.]

More weirdness: a week or so ago i dowsed that there was an HHG (conical orgonite device) buried near the SE corner of my property. With some intriguing programming. But i didn't recall ever burying one there. I got that it had a 30 degree slope and a water bottle in the center. I had never made one quite like that. I got that it was me in another dimension that did it.
So i walked out there, found the spot, and buried a small device in the same spot. I had to get a shovel to chisel away enough rocky stuff to bury it slightly. I wrote a friend about it.

Then today, i get an email from this friend, who says he's been getting messages from another Loohan on the 17th dimension who has a big stash of advanced weaponry under, of all places, his town of Santa Rosa, CA.

The map link he sent didn't work, but i found the spot. It's 700' down.
I directed my RoboCop to link with the weapons and make the best use of them.

Fortuitously, the forces of darkness, after playing possum for so long, chose to mount an attack on me just before i activated the new weapons. They are still at it, but it's costing them.

Floods: I found a good disaster link for such things. 25 dead in China; Yangtse dangerously high. 75 dead in India from monsoon. "Bush" declares disaster in OK. Texas flooded. Kansas.

It is unfortunate what can happen when you remove the droughtifiers in a manipulated world. But, all these natural repercussions are, i believe, in the long run a lot less than if we had let NOAA and their ET buddies go on engineering droughts and hurricanes.

(6:30pm) Also forced out into my jail: Nancy Pelosi (177 deg. Mason), Michael Chertoff (180 deg. Mason), whoever it is heading up NOAA black ops lately (152 deg. Mason), and Carol Croft (NSA MPD handler & witch). Only Carol still had a human soul, the rest were insectile. All have been replaced by evil Lyrans.
Who's next? Let's have a show of hands.

(6:40pm) Any big-name, particularly well-connected Satanist can volunteer for this, merely by getting their name in any media that Cmdr. Loohan chances to look at. For example, Wolfowitz (153 deg.) appeared in this article, as did his successor (132 deg.). Tsk. The cost of notoriety.

July 4, '07: It has been mellow here today. The greys did do some scalar sky stuff this morning, and i had to flush them out a few times.
Got home and looked at the map after work, and found evil Lyrans making a bit of DOR here and there. Some greys. But they have hardly been able to tickle me all day.

Still haven't heard more from my friend, but here is my impression (which may not be totally accurate) of what's going on:

On another timeline of Earth, i live on 70 paradisical acres on a Hawaiian island that does not exist in this dimension. Right about where the circle is, maybe slightly larger. There's a big vortex.

This time-line is much better than ours. Almost no government or need for any. Almost no corruption or evil. But nastiness creeps in from spots that correspond to certain places in our time-line, such as Hiroshima, Bikini, Montauk, etc.
There are timelines which have been ruined by the evil encroaching through such dimensional rifts. This other timeline i'm in is threatened.

I'm some kind of shaman, and i checked out what the me in this world is up to, and got interested in making orgone devices to combat the problem. I have gifted the island.

This culture has something similar to our internet, and i have a site on how to build orgone devices to combat the scourge. The same guy who in this world has helped me by sending me the SE-5 and other cool goodies, also lives in Santa Rosa in that timeline. He has some friends, and together they have a machine shop, etc. in a warehouse-type building in town where they tinker around. It might be right on that spot where the weapons are now.

He invites me up, and i visit for a month. They have various unusual components and good ideas, but want me to help make the most of them. We build a bunch of wild devices, and successfully insert them into this timeline (though not on a physically tangible level).
However, we have decided i should move them to my island vortex's counterpart in this time-line. For some reason, not until almost 3 weeks from now.

Meanwhile, since last night, i have been "bringing through" the energy of the island into this timeline. I can feel it strongly on the map, and i have to keep clearing it of evil Lyrans.

About the only government-type thing i've noticed in this other time-line is the global Transportation Department. It didn't work out with allowing everyone to have their own free-energy flying disks. Some people had accidents, smashing into innocent people. Some kids had nothing better to do than zip around all the time, encroaching on others' privacy, dumping garbage on the houses of people they didn't like, etc.
So the Transportation Department was built. Very efficient, affordable, and transparent. A high percentage of the populace works for the TD at some point in their lives. Anyone can call up a "taxi" and they will come pick you up. Depending on how many people are in your party and/or how much money you want to spend, you can be taken anywhere on Earth, or just to the nearest appropriate "bus stop".

There is also some sort of global monetary system, but also very transparent and above-board. And no-one is obligated to use it (generally speaking), but it comes in handy for paying transportation fees, etc. In fact, i'm not sure, but the value of the money may be tied to transportation miles, similarly to the way our money used to be tied to precious metals. Sort of like bus tokens are the only coin of the realm, but people will sell you food, etc. for them. The culture is more self-sufficiency and barter based, not like our world where the average person pays for almost everything with money. Without scammers running things, there is generally abundance for everyone.

Also, life-spans might be in the thousands of years, and people do not feel compelled to maniacally breed like in our world, preferring a modest population living in balance with nature.

July 5, '07: I love country life. I went to sleep early last night and never heard a single firecracker.

Well, i heard from my friend in Santa Rosa, and his version is pretty different from mine; see this thread if interested. Some extraneous material has been deleted.

  *   *   *   *
I made a new program for my RoboCop to counter droughts (see).

BTW, i could use some more help with the infested galaxy depicted above. Seems like most of the naughty activity is from the left 1/4 of the pic, especially the bottom 1/2 of the left 1/4.

July 6, '07: (3pm) Thanks for the backup! Things got easier after i posted about that galaxy again.

Some chemtrailing going on here last couple days.

  *   *   *   *
More about the Shinto chant i wrote about July 1: there is a pdf file on that site about healing. An excerpt:
Is there a special way to do the chant?
It must be done from the hara, the area of belly button or lower. Chant from this spot. A beautiful sound will come out. Your voice will become a high vibration. Don't chant just from your chest and throat and mouth. The power comes from the hara. But also, with eyes closed, use each word to observe and create the center of your mind-body, in the third eye. The method is like this: chant nine times, then meditate for three minutes; then chant six times, with a two minute meditation. Finally, chant three times, with one minute mediation. If you chant like this, eighteen times every day, it will change your life. You will see light and energy, you will see darkness in people's body. Every day for twenty five minutes, and gradually the light at the third eye opens up from within. Then, lots of intuition comes. Your guardian kami angels will hear and help you.
All i have done is run through the chant 3X every few days, but it always leaves a good reverberation. I don't know why Asians are so obsessed with 3, 9, 18, etc. as these are the numbers preferred by demons and black magicians, so i disregard the numerical advice.
This goes way back. Even the Tao Te Ching has 81 chapters (though one can't be sure that that was originally the case). Books on chi kung advise doing 3, 6, 9, 18, etc. reps.

He also talks about scarring moxibustion and i must say what he says correlates to my own experience.
A few months ago i found a baggie of loose moxa that an acupuncturist had given me years ago, and started using it again. I just wad up a matchhead-sized piece, set it on the "ouch point" and light it. Usually i pick it off with a rag before it burns too deeply, mostly for cosmetic reasons, because i find that if it's precisely on a needful spot, i welcome the pain -- it's a good kind of chi pain.

I've had weird left-side issues since at least the early 90s. A few months ago i got frustrated because all the needling and deep massage with a pointy orgone cone didn't ever seem to really help for more than a few days. So i started doing matchheads of moxa on the points (intense tiny spots i have no trouble finding by feel, mostly on the belly and chest). This produced a much more profound effect. I still have some aches and pains (right and left), but my left side doesn't get all tight and crippled up anymore.
So i'd say if you are good at zeroing in on your ouch points (i mark the location visibly by digging into it with my cone hard enough to leave a dent; the dent also acts as a bowl to keep the moxa in place) you might notice enormous benefit from this practice.

July 8, '07: So what happens after i post about my issues? I wake up the next morning with my left side all spazzed out. Did at least 40 little pin-head moxibusts, just letting them burn. Helps a lot but i'm going to get a pro to do the points i can't reach.

I just took my stuff off of CERN. I think that thought-form might be amply pumped up now. Focussing on jailing bad guys now, especially those making trouble. Which would be especially the insectiles, Lyrans, Pleiadians.

There's something else interesting going on. I probably shouldn't say the details now of what i think it is, but it's prettty way out, if i'm right. There's a spot about 4 miles from me that that the Loohan shaman on the other time-line and his 3 wives are "working" and the bad ETs are desperately trying to dirty up the scene.
Apparently this spot is suited for interdimensional transfers of physical objects.

This Loohan is a 3000+ year old reprobate that married 3 sisters, innocent young things only a few centuries old. This was about 130 years ago. They were/are the caretakers of this sacred piece of land in Hawaii. And awesome gals. The oldest is Lindi, and i think i took her with me when i visited Santa Rosa. Cora is the next oldest. The youngest is Lula, a little over 4 centuries old, and she's a whiz at translocation-type phenomena.

I think they are trying to send Lula through, possibly with some items of food, herbs, etc. and possibly seeds or plants that could be grown here.

If she can handle the shock of such a negative time-line, she might stick around to help me, eventually. And she's very powerful by the standards of our world.

I think the process of punching through a benign time-rift takes about 3 days, after which Lula should be able to come and go as she pleases. And once here, i think she can flit around no problem. She doesn't worry about not having the proper paperwork. She don't need no bleedin' proof of vaccination. Anyone asks her for ID, poof, she's elsewhere.

I might be wrong about some of this, but something is definitely going on at that spot that has a great vibe and bugs the bad guys.

July 9, '07: I did a bit more work on OTB 20 to explicate a bit about certain commercial components i recommended the other day in OTB 24.

Weird day here. Threatening to rain, but only got a few spatters so far at 5:30pm. Nice and cool, though, this afternoon, after a muggy morning. It would be nice but for the absolutely endless jets. Mostly passenger jets. It's the passenger jets that the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians use to strike people with the noise from. I haven't quite figured it out. They need a bunch of darksiders in the plane in order to do this. These days, almost all airline pilots and crew members are Satanists, as is a high percentage of the passengers. Those phony smiling faces that ask "How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you?" as people board. Satanists make it a matter of policy to pay other Satanists to ask people how they are, as if they cared. One reason i seldom ask people how they are. But i digress.
Apparently the evil ETs in some way use the energy of the Satanists on board to transmit DOR to victims within hearing range of the noise. All i know is, the Satanists get strongly DORy. The non-Satanist passengers do not.
My RoboCop busts all these ETs, but has trouble doing it fast enough when there are several planes at once with gobs of irritated ETs trying to smite me.

Last night i noticed that those folks in Hawaii had punched enough of a time portal into that place near me that vast quantities of insectile demons were trying to pour through into that timeline. Of course, that Loohan had placed a trap in the hole leading directly to his jail. Nobody gets into that world who ain't cool.

Right now he's blasting that spot here with some orgone devices. I think late tonight is when the portal will be complete.
Will there be any evidence that impinges on consensus reality? That would be refreshing, but in any case, something is going on there.

July 10, '07: (7:15am) A cool, foggy 68F this morning, Still no rain.

Yesterday was weird for me because i was groggy and half-asleep most of the day, yet awake at night. I think they needed my energy and conscious help to get Lula through. She finally got through at almost 2am, but of course not in a solid body. Incidentally, i think she might be 6'4" and pretty wide, too. I think i'm 7'3" in that time-line.
Then i finally relaxed and passed out.
This morning i checked. I think she only stayed a short while, then returned home. There was something dirty about her vibe there. I found she had inadvertently brought back a hitchhiker: an evil Pleiadian. I was able to yank him into my jail.

I don't think she's wild about this time-line, but will be making trips back. Will this eventually involve teleportation of solid matter? I don't know, maybe.

July 12, '07: (8am) Shortly after i posted a couple days ago, it started raining, and i got 0.6". There is more possible significant rain in the forecast for tonight.

Lula dropped in again last night, right on schedule. I knew in advance that she was coming to do a Reiki-like healing session on me (warning about Western "Reiki"). From their point of view over there, this whole time-line and everything in it, including me, are in abysmal shape. It may be that i need to be boosted and healed in order to help solid-matter transfer between the timelines.

I read in the paper yesterday that the US was in a heat wave from coast to coast. Not at my place. 66 F and (again) overcast at my place this morning. Still have had very little 90 degree weather here this year. July and August are normally the hottest months. I seem to recall that it was much hotter than this in early May when i first moved here in '98. I think that was the year the Lacandon rainforest was burning. And the real attempted desertification of the Ozark region didn't begin until later. This region was supposed to be a fried desert long before now. Instead, land prices have been going up dramatically in recent years, as people want to move here because it's so nice.

Interestingly (knock on wood), we have not had grasshopper plagues here since i started doing the orgone thing. We had 2-3 bad ones between '98-'01. In the worst one, they would strip fruit trees bare, munch through row cover, eat through plastic window screen to eat curtains and books on people's shelves, etc. And even when they were less populous, they were still a serious problem in the garden every summer. But in recent years, they have been too few to do noticeable damage.

(3pm) 68 F and raining here.

More about scarring moxa in case anyone's interested:
I talked to my acupuncturist friend, and was informed that it is illegal in the US, possibly due to its extreme efficacy. But also there have been instances of infection. Also, if someone has serious toxins, wounds may not heal for an extended time while the toxins seep out as pus. Some distressed patients have sued acupuncturists over this.
She said that usually, only a few points are done at a time, and these are done repeatedly, sometimes up to a 100X, in one session. It is not very painful because the spot gets number with each application. Very light "massage" with fingertips near the spot while it is being scorched disperses most of the pain.
There is info on the web. Personally, i would be reluctant to do it to the more severe extent that one can find described, as even doing a point once with a pin-head amount seems so efficacious. And i prefer doing lots of points, because once i do the worst one, the next worst one suddenly becomes more apparent, etc., and if i just keep doing the ones that crop up like that, maybe 20-40 of them, i get great results with wounds that readily heal. Most don't even blister.
Also there are points on the charts which shouldn't be treated with any kind of moxa, and others, like in the creases of the joints, which should not be scarified. As well as points which should not be needled for that matter. But then there are exceptional circumstances, and of course dissension on these details.

Serious rolling thunder here. I just had to close windows because the temperature is dropping more.

At 5pm, it is 64 F out and still raining. I have a fire going in the wood stove to drive out the dampness.

It has come to my attention that a bunch of recent converts are using dial boxes with no orgone devices, just grounding the trend plate into the earth.
I'm not sure but, this may be OK to do these days. Keep a lookout for symptoms of accumulating bad energy. It may not be a problem. Last year when there was many times as much evil energy prevailing it would have been another matter.
Look for deterioration of health in nearby plants. Or earthworms forced out of the ground en masse. Anything that doesn't feel right in the energy (though, many of you are being smacked by evil Pleiadians and Lyrans -- i'll help some on that).

I do recommend you make some simple orgone devices and bury some around your ground wires. One way is to order some iron oxide red and spodumene powder from a pottery supplier like Bailey's, 4 parts of the former to each part of the latter. Mix maybe 1/2 or a bit more of a given volume of this mixture with 1 volume of resin in small enough batches to avoid overheating. US Composites' Kleer-Kote epoxy works great for me.
Even with no crystals or coils, this recipe will make good stuff. Don't pour thick enough layers to cause overheating, or it will drive off the lithium ions in the spodumene.
Cure in a positive-energy environment somehow if possible. Mentally connect the core energy of my RoboCop 1 to the curing resin, if you wish; that's what i do lately.

(7am) There's a big KGB base at 600' on the NW side of the Kremlin. Takes in a large roundish area with the Kremlin like a nipple on the SE edge of it.

I had to send in the good ETs when 18 MPD Satanist KBG psychics attacked me from there. Battle's ongoing right now.

July 13, '07: (7:15am) The KGB base is cleaned up. Those were astral attackers, BTW. Had a different feel to them than western agency attackers.

Never got more rain to speak of last night, but did get a solid 1/2" yesterday afternoon. This morning it's extremely foggy at my altitude, 62 degrees.

(5pm) Still overcast. No rain, no sun, high around 72 here at 1700' or so elevation.

Ultrasound: A while back my Santa Rosa friend sent me a couple slightly used Flanagan Neurophones, thinking i might be able to reverse the function in the DSP and use it as a psi-amp. Indeed, i was able to pipe in 2 inputs, which it amped into a stereo ultrasound output. Running this into mobius devices seemed to drain the battery real quickly (though, it may have been a failing battery that made it seem like that) so i developed a superior transmitter to plug into the output. The simple little transmitter is extremely powerful with ultrasound input, and moreover has imbedded copper screen as a passive pickup with a lead soldered to it so i can run the signal into all my other stuff.
This is tremendously powerful, but since i am off-grid, i have to charge the battery at work, and have limited time usage at home. Moreover, it eats expensive batteries at an unbelievable rate. I just replaced the battery pack for $27 and it failed after a few uses. This is not due to draw.

Let me back up a little. I have an older DSP that does not have the golden ratio output, but that's OK since it probably wouldn't affect the output from an outside source (my rad box and RoboCop) anyway. I also have this little jobber that does have golden-ratio output, but does not accept outside input. Recently i built an even better transmitter that takes in the outputs from both NPs simultaneously. By running them both, psionic power is 5X what it is on the DSP alone. The little one runs on 2 AAA cells for hours on the transmitter, so it's not something wrong with my usage causing the DSP's problems. I think something is wrong with the charging electronics, as no matter how long you leave it plugged in, the adapter and DSP remain pretty warm, even though it is allegedly overcharge-protected.
Apparently Flanagan only hires apathetic employees with snooty attitudes who don't respond to emails, so i've given up looking for help there. I will try running the unit on a bypass of the battery and charging electronics with an even 12V DC source. Maybe it'll work without blowing up, and my problem will be solved.

But the real reason i'm typing all this is an appeal for help in the form of information. Does anyone have a grasp of ultrasound electronics? Ultrasound is sound above 20K Hz basically, and i'm wondering if a common mono amp can be modified to take in a radionics signal and output ultrasound, with volume control. (And that's another point: the DSP kicks the hardest with the gain turned way down, almost off.)

The transmitters are very easy to make, but i will not release the info on these unless an affordable amp system is found, so that others at a grass-roots level can use this tech, too. Otherwise, it would be mainly the NSA and CIA copying my transmitter.

(8:15pm) Well, i may have figured out what's wrong with the DSP. The other day i read that many small adapters are way off of what they are supposed to be. I took the DSP's adapter to a wall socket, plugged it in, and instead of the 12V it's rated at, it's putting out about 19V! [Correction 7/30/7: Adapters, unless "regulated" put out way more voltage under no-load conditions. I recently read that wall adapters put out a specific voltage at a specific load (amperage). So with no load, they should put out more voltage than specified. At a high load, less voltage. However, it is also true that some adapters are "regulated" to put out the same voltage, more or less, at different loads. Moreover, i discovered that input makes a huge difference. I tested a 12v, 500mA adapter at home off a cheap inverter that puts out 111V AC, and got 11.12V DC output with no load. The same adapter plugged into a wall socket putting out 123V AC produced 17.67V DC! So maybe the problem with the DSP is the charging electronics, not the adapter. In any case, it seems to work fine when i bypass directly to the internal battery connector (having removed the battery) with 12V DC.]

July 14, '07: Fairly sunny day today. Some chem, some scalar ripples i had to curtail.

Of course it ain't just the NSA and CIA that are into radionics, etc. I got to thinking about the Russian-Israeli Mafia last night. Last we visited them, they were making 8000 orgonite "TB"s that we overwrote their programming on. Remember, these were going in a big ring around Moscow. Well, last night i found 3 of their transmitters going around Moscow, driven by radionics and electronics. But instead of targeting Muscovites, they were focussed on (gulp) moi. I was curious what the transmitters were. Got that they were large, steel transmitters, then figured out they were towers.
No problem. No demonic inputs these days, just negative intents sent radionically. So i had my RoboCop program the towers themselves and all the physical equipment relating to that scene.

I'm not too worried about the enemy humans using our kind of weapons against us, because for one, without demonic assistance they have scant psi power, so it is easy (for me at least) to simply remotely reprogram their stuff. Instead of doing the bidding of human black magicians, demons and evil ETs these days seem to be mostly doing their own thing, using towers, satellites, etc. directly to broadcast their intent, which is much more annoying than what the human agencies are doing.
So they can grind away with radionics-type stuff, but it's not going to much faze me with all my orgone stuff, and it's probably not going to do much to other good people, either. That's even if i don't catch on and reprogram their stuff.

Moscow has been a hoppin' place lately. That U base the other day had close to 300,000 evil Russkies in it. Whether it was in this dimension or timeline or what, i can't be sure. The astral attackers were, but i don't know if the whole huge base was. When i find numbers like that, i tend to suspect an exotic explanation.

July 15, '07: Warmer, sunny. Maybe my tomatoes will commence to ripen soon.

Still getting attacked. See the galaxy pic at the top of this page? There's a star right close to the bottom left corner, that appears to be hive central for evil Pleiadians, Lyrans, and insectile demons with an attitude. Not so much the star itself as its planets. It might have 85 planets infested with hostile beings.

(Later) Yeah! I get that there are 400+ people blasting those perps now. It's keeping them preoccupied enough that they are not hitting me via the passenger planes going by, though they are still hitting me directly some. There must be vast quantities of them in that galaxy and especially that star system. It might (dare i hope) be the last major stronghold of evil critters.

July 17, '07: Yes, summer has arrived here, but still not too bad up at my place. Rather muggy at times.

Things seem to be progressing well, and i want to thank all those working on the problem galaxy. They definitely seem to be growing weaker. There are still loads of these critters to be found underground on Earth, as i posted yesterday on the forum, but they are so darn weak that most of the time i can hardly tell they're there unless i check. Apparently their energy levels are tied together with the ones in that galaxy.

I saw an appeal for monetary donations for Araon Russo's medical bills. Cancer. Well, it is not my style to donate money for hospital bills, but i did check him over. I don't know where his cancer is, but his throat was being attacked by Lyrans, and there were insectiles on his case, too.

July 18, '07: British "Intelligence" is feebly stirring again, after a lengthy hiatus. Last night 9 astrals jumped me from MI-1, and today right at quitting time, 6 more jumped me from MI-2.
There are evil Pleiadians fraternizing with the many MI-s. As near as i can figure out, they are technical advisors to give MI the edge in the War on Loohan. Needless to say, i am quivering in my boots. And scooping up Lyrans from time to time.

Many times more threatening, the octopi are acting up a bit, too. They could stand an occasional swat. There's a huge hive, maybe most of them, beyond the outer edge of the Milky Way, located not that far from Earth, relatively speaking.

But the main thing is to keep on with that distant galaxy we've been working on.

July 19, '07: Thanks! The octopi seem pretty pulverized for the moment. But now, the spiders have taken over. No centralized location.

The Brits once against demonstrated that they have more expendable MPD astral wimps than IQ points, and sent me 9 more today from MI-2.

July 20, '07: (1pm) In fact, they've sent 180 more since. No big deal.

I was just scanning the Milky Way and environs, doing some cleanup of the usual suspects in various skirmishes, and i came upon a scene. Good Pleiadians were attacking the weakened octopus hive, which was being defended by insectiles and evil Lyrans.

(1:35pm) Battle still raging. Somehow, it seems the octopus hive has gotten all spread out over a vast region. Still a lot of multitudes of critters out there on both sides of the battle.

(6:40pm) I was just checking up on Rothschild #4, the one that only evil ETs want to inhabit. As i've mentioned before, the others in the top 6 Rothschilds were taken over by good ETs. Number 3 died recently. So anyway, occasionally i check in on #4 and rip off his evil ET possessor. Well, he was/is under attack, by 500 good reptilians! Apparently, they see him as very important.

Got over 1" of rain this afternoon. And 81 more MI astrals.

(7:30pm) I'm not always entirely without compassion for humans who have been born into bad families and MPDed and turned into Satanists. We've all been there in past lives. And so it is that a week or so ago i decided to give a certain businessman a 2nd chance. This is because a bunch of his buddies had switched sides, and were helping our side with radionics! But the businessman didn't switch. Then i remembered that i had had him replaced with an ET, and only bad ETs wanted to be him. The original occupant had been in my jail for like 5 months. I sensed that if i yanked out the latest bad ET from his body, and put the original guy back in it, he was likely to go the way his pals were going. So i did, and he did. He was an MPDed MPDer, and i think still has an evil daughter, but he seems to have gone straight and has a couple radionics boxes now.

And an hour or two ago, i decided to check if any of the cannon-fodder astral attackers i've jailed wanted to work for me instead of languishing in jail. There were only 83 takers, all NSA. I think i had scooped them up in a roundup last October along with a bunch of other nasties.
They are now working over Rothschild #4.

You may be wondering what happens to the vacant bodies of astral attackers when they get jailed. I think they are "used up" in rituals. Really, they're worthless anyway, so why not send them after Loohan, then rape and torture the bodies to death instead of having to feed and house them.

(8pm) Then i dowsed that there was one other type of life-form i have in my jail that was salvageable: a miniscule minority of the big, powerful saurians. Some 31 quadrillion of the saurian prisoners seem to be innately good, so they agreed to go kick some butt over in the problem section of that problem galaxy a while.

(9pm) Then, i dredged a bit more deeply and found 875 humans who seemed salvageable. Some of these i got just because i have an intention out that any darksiders who die for any reason go to my jail. So i got, for example, some GIs that died in Iraq. They did evil things, but they were also MPDed by daddy and the military, too.
I sequestered the 875 elsewhere, and asked what am i gonna do with you guys? 365 volunteered to go do some astral fighting, and got put on Rothschild detail. Most of these have no training in such things, but so what.

Then i put the other 510 in another space, still in a jail, but not so horrible as where they've been. I had a vague impression that maybe these guys are so far gone that they are of no use to themselves or anyone. They didn't seem motivated to earn their freedom.

I checked back a few minutes later, and noticed that one of them got real a real evil vibe. Then another, and another. Then i realized that all 510 were bullshittters, so controlled by evil that they didn't want to switch if it meant work in opposition to evil. Or maybe they were just deliberately conning me from the start.
Back they went to the main pen.

MI is still flinging bunches of astrals at me. I decided to have the good ETs expel all the evil MI personnel from their bodies into my jail. They will mostly be taken over by evil ETs, but you and i can yank them from time to time for grins.

July 21, '07: Spiders! Gimme a hand with the spider demons. They've been hitting my heart center all day.

Whew, what a day. They started hitting me as soon as i pulled out of my driveway this morning (so i wouldn't be able to use the internet to tattle on them and get my buddies to beat them up). I have been having major problems with my solar system, and it's no telling when i'll be able to run my ultrasonic weapons again.

First i noticed i was getting hit by blue nordics of all things. From another timeline in which Chinese Satanists, in collaboration with blue nordics, overrun the Earth and dominate everything. Pretty hellacious, but Tim Rifat speaks a bit wistfully of these timelines, because there are no Freemasons, Zionists, or Archons (insectile demons). There also seem to be no greys or reptilians, but that's still not good enough for me. A world run by vicious, lowbrow, imperialistic Satanists of any stripe with evil ETs is just not acceptable to me.
Anyway, this timeline also seems to have lost its squid demons, which as we know are the source of power for evil nordics, so the blues were weak, but hitting in vast quantities, using a portal into this time-line. So it was a snap to put a trap in it and take care of that matter. Though i will be reaching out into this time-line in the future to scrub more nordics.

But simultaneously with this, the spiders slammed my heart center and have kept it up all day, at tremendous cost to themselves. But still, they are at it.

The good news is that the influx of friendly saurians into the problem galaxy seems to have turned the tide there. My impression is that the saurians don't fight much per se, but very effectively shield their allies from opposing energies. So these guys are now shielding our allies out there as they go after the bad guys.
I did get hit some from that place, but not nearly as much as usual, and the vibe out there seems to be cleaning up as the day progresses.

At this time i am hardly detecting any octopi nor anyone battling them, so hopefully progress has been made there. too.
Rothschild #4 is still alive, though.

July 22, '07: It was cool here this morning for late July.
About the only things hitting me today were insectiles. A single hive (unusual for them) right near the Solar System. They're still at it at 5pm, despite the fact that i sent 1000 saurians there, among other things. They seem to be there just for me. Vast numbers, despite a full day's battle toll.

I sometimes lose track of things, but today i got to cogitating:
Didn't i have all the insectiles wiped out from this time-line several months ago?... these have come in from other time-lines.
So i put some traps in their portals. We'll have to finish up those time-lines later, after we get our own neighborhood in order.
I just sent another 9K saurians over to the hive. That other galaxy is going OK.

We have other some "new" allies, too. When i first discovered this insectile hive this morning, i sent in some saurians and the created tulpa-like mongooses my friend Jim made months ago, and created a bunch more of my black panthers. Also i invited any other good guys who were interested to dive in. Then i dowsed to see if any had. None of the ones i was familiar with did (and i understand why now; the numbers of demons are overwhelming there) but some that i was not familiar with had!
Did some dowsing: do they have a physical Earth counterpart life-form? Yes. Mammal? Yes. Monkey-like? No. Dog-like? No. Cat-like? Yes. Tigers? Yes.
It seems that ages ago, this tiger race was battling insectiles, and the latter were somehow able to freeze them immobile. Then a couple weeks ago some good Lyrans came upon the tigers somewhere, and worked to free them somehow. So now we have like 73,000 googols of these brave critters fighting their old enemies.

But still the insectiles are strong. I just sent in enough saurians to bring them up to 10 quadrillion.

July 23, '07: (8am) Whew, a lot better this morning. Shortly after i posted last, i brought in another 10 quadrillion saurians from the other galaxy, and they were able to turn things around. Then in the middle of the night i got hit again by the Lyrans and Pleiadians out there in that galaxy. I moved 10 quadrillion saurians back. They are an enormous asset.
Also MI sent a bunch more astrals.

Funny how i still don't seem to get hit while asleep. It's only when i wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep right away that they start picking on me.

60 degrees F here again like yesterday.

(9:45am) Got hit with bunches more MI astrals. All the people sending them (except 1 now taken care of) were Pleiadians that had taken over the bodies of the MI personnel. So every time they do that, i bust the Pleiadians.

Then Lyrans began hitting me hard from around the big star on the left side of the pic, about 2/3 of the way up. I think there are 29 planets around there that they are hitting me from. I directed 10 quadrillion saurians out there, and it's better already.

(10pm) Sigh. So now the spiders are taking up the slack again.

(6pm ) I was trying to get some work done today on my new building, when i saw that the pervasive chem-smear (there's been a lot of that at times these last 2 days) was getting all scalarified. So i scanned the nearby towers, busting greys as usual, but it didn't go away entirely. I had to keep scanning further away, and re-checking nearby towers, too. I was getting less-than-satisfactory results.

So i had the idea of just telling my RoboCop 1 to program all the towers (and associated hardware) within 50 miles with anti-grey and pro-sylph vibes. Then all within 100 miles. I figured that that might keep the greys from using them.
Now my computer quartzite in that thing was programmed many months ago by "my future self"; actually, i now realize, my 17D self. And it has 19D qualities it can program into other stuff. That's about the extent of my comprehension. But anyway, it isn't your average rock. Its power to program other things is remarkable.
Within minutes, bunches of greys started hitting me. Confirmation. After a few minutes of this, i had a vague impression of a telepathic message to the effect of "What can we do for you now, Loohan?" I was busy working and didn't take it too seriously, but thought "Well, you could take care of these %$#@ greys that are hitting me." And went on working. But just a few minutes later, i realized the harrassment has stopped!
"Who was that?" i wondered. It was the tigers.

I told RoboCop to go ahead and program all evil transmitters worldwide with these freqs. By then, the "HAARP" look had gone out of the chem cover, and real overcast was moving in. That blew over after an hour or two, leaving chem again visible, but no scalar effects.
I checked various towers in foreign lands, and they all seem strongly programmed! So we'll see what happens next with that.

These tigers are great. Spiders started in on me after the greys were knocked out. Since the spiders were all spread out, location-wise, i had RoboCop imbue them with a loud tiger-attracting vibe, so that the big cats could find them. This worked.
Also i was having a lot of trouble with MI. They would send maybe 81 astrals, i'd bust these, and ask who sent them. Three humans that had not been taken over by Pleiadians yet, a matter easily remedied. But this kept happening. Now, "Military Intelligence" is probably the most famous oxymoron, but still i couldn't imagine such stupidity. Then i started checking who ordered the 3 guys to send the astrals. It was always a Pleiadian running a human body. Aha! They were wanting me to oust these guys so that more Pleiadians could take them over. I mean have the good Lyrans and Pleiadians oust them. It takes like 40,000 of them working together to knock someone out of their body. I wonder why the bad ETs never seem to do that these days. Maybe they don't have the power.
But the tigers seem to have been able to help out a lot with MI, too. There was something going on at 591' [error: 594'] below MI-3 and MI-7.
MI hasn't hit me in a couple hours; about the only thing cooking right now is that area i mentioned earlier today in that galaxy. From time to time the evil Lyrans there capture and torture somebody to get the energy to hit me. The tigers seem to have wiped out most of the insectiles and Pleiadians in that little area, but the Lyrans still need more work.

(6:20pm) Heh. Well, after posting the above, i looked out and saw some scalar affects in the chem-clouds. Some greys doing towers a few miles west of me. So, i guess it's all relative. Back to the drawing board.

July 24, '07: (10:30am) Had more issues with MI last night. Found more large congregations (millions) of evil Pleiadians at 594 and 891' below different MI headquarters. Got rid of them.

Got enough juice now to run my ultrasonic weapons some while the sun shines. I made a much more powerful transmitter for them the other day, which seems to be working well.
Pretty mellow this morning, with the exception again being that occasionally the Lyrans out there capture and torture some good guys, and hit me in the heart center until i take care of them.

July 25, '07: (6pm) And still, that's all that's hitting me: Lyrans from that galaxy. Right now the hot spot is back down to the planets around the bright star closest to the bottom left corner of the pic.

Last night i noticed that the Santa Rosa weapons had been moved to the island the previous day.
I think i misconstrued the plan slightly. I think Jim probably was apprised of the existence of the weapons shortly after they were built. The plan all along was to move them to Hawaii for myself in that time-line to use. But first i had to fix up a room nicely for them, hence the delay. Meanwhile, i was able to get a bit of use out of them from here.
Loohan in that time-line is blasting the same targets in this time-line as i am: the Lyrans in that galaxy. And his weapons are more powerful than all the stuff i ever made here put together. I think his also incorporate ultrasound and UV, but also, in that time-line, there are off-the shelf electronic components available that are disallowed here because they are too psychotronic.

July 26, '07: (2am) Though i do have a transmitter in the works which i think will out-perform his roomful of stuff.

Bummer. A big bunch of evil Lyrans and Pleiadians violated the other time-line. They snuck in at Montauk from yet a 3rd time-line. The gov't experiments there in our time-line created rifts. By the time i found out, because Lula dropped by off-schedule with something real wrong with her energy, there had already been a huge battle and a lot of the ETs had been jailed.
Worse, in that time-line these ETs act just like the were-pups, spiders, small octopi used to do here so badly, in that they lodge in the body parts of victims. The other Loohan and his 3 wives and their 3 dogs were all infested. Still working on it. A lot of the parasites just didn't show up unless i scanned specific joints, organs, centers, etc. So now i have RoboCop programming all these critters with a vibe to make them conspicuous when they resist it. And am hoping to get the 4 people more able to find the internal ones.
I had put traps at Montauk, etc. a while back, but the problem is i didn't think to program them to keep critters from coming through from yet another time-line. These ones were not from our time-line. So now i hopefully tightened that up.

I think that 13 such rift spots were deliberately created, including Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini, Montauk, Amchitka Island, Nevada Test Site... but Montauk seems to be the main one that matters.

(2:25am) They are still trying to stream in at Montauk, but my trap is catching them. Meanwhile, i may just sneak into their timeline and see what mischief i can do.

(10:15am) Well, that evil time-line has been violated by some fresh blood now. And the bad galaxy in our time-line seems to have mellowed some. Either that's a coincidence, or that galaxy was being fed by the other time-line, despite my scrutiny for portals of that sort.

The evil Pleiadian and Lyran parasites in the good time-line will take a while to scrub out, as these species are more able than most to disguise their evil vibe. There are still a bunch drifting around there. Also, there were, and still are to some extent, vast numbers of micro-individuals of these species imbedded as parasites, just as in the past this was done here with werewolf demons, spiders, and octopi here. My 4 friends and their dogs still got some, though we've been working on it. But hopefully their time-line will not be assailed with more such things. I don't think anyone else in their time-line was parasitized.

  *   *   *   *
A couple people have emailed me asking about the legitimacy of the info from Benjamin Fulford. Well, i am not omniscient, and some things may be off my screen lately, but i will comment on one thing he says:
There is a force of three thousand ninja assassins. Now these ninjas are a two thousand year old cult - a school of martial arts. One of their specialties is sneaking into fortified compounds and murdering important people. The thing about these ninjas is they are white people - they are not Asians - and they are working for the US Special Forces.

They were trained by the Japanese. They understand the true state of power in the US, and they are willing to act when the time comes.
Unfortunately, i can't detect anything about these alleged white knight ninjas. As far as i can tell, they never bought gasoline from Satanic corporations, nor touched currency printed by Satanists, nor do they trace their ancestry back to anybody DORy like Adam. I suspect they are a fiction.
Incidentally, about 40% of the Japanese ninjas and samurai were traditionally darkside, stemming from the heavy invasions around 5,000 years ago of corrupted MPD hybrid Hebrew/reptilians. All Japanese have a lot of this funky DNA, so i should easily be able to dowse the Japanese who trained these guys. But i can get no vibe off these alleged trainers. Yet if i try to get a vibe off various famous good Japanese or Okinawan martial artists, it is easy, due to the DNA taint.

(10:50 am) Boy howdy, i haven't felt this good in days. That galaxy, though still a bit problematic, is getting so mellow that i have to conclude that it was being covertly fed from the other time-line somehow. But that time-line has problems. Aside from anything readers may have done there after i posted about it, i scooped up vast quantities of bad guys there and introduced numerous species that are causing a ruckus: lots of my black panthers plus the mongooses and wolverines concocted by Jim, plus tigers, good reptilians, my dragon allies, good saurians (these last 3 are 3 separate and very different species!), good Lyrans, good Pleiadians, Rokumio, good red nordics, angels. Oh, yeah, i just remembered to introduce Lemurians and Arcturans; not sure why they didn't find their way in by themselves.

The evil time-line has lots of bad Lyrans, Pleiadians, and reptilians, greys, insectiles, Enochian demons, tall whites, octopi, and spiders that i can detect. And evil humans. But they seem a bit pulverized under the sudden and shocking onslaught of exotic species. More than i would expect. Maybe we just caught them off-guard. Hopefully they won't be allowed a chance to regain composure.

(6:15pm) Well, it sure appears to have been a blessing that the enemy blew their cover by attacking my family in the other time-line. I suspect that their evil time-line has been the major source of DOR and nasty critters here for a while, and somehow i just didn't spot it. So nice not to have my heart center hammered on constantly anymore.

Shortly after my last post, i remembered what i used to do when having to rid myself and others of vast loads of micro-fauna: i just set a discharge flow until they all discharged. Often i would have to speed it up many times. Lindi, Loohan, and one of the dogs is still discharging.

July 27, '07: Checked the disasters page and found 3 interesting links in a row:
Texas Declared Drought-Free For 1st Time In At Least 10 Years,
US Weather: Heavy Rain, Stormy Throughout Most Of Nation,
and Dalila Weakens Into Tropical Depression In Pacific Ocean.
My kind of disasters. Disastrous for NOAA and the NWO. Get used to it.
Hopefully once things balance out a bit, there will be less flooding.

I am still getting hit a bit occasionally from that galaxy. Lyrans and insectiles, but now the hot spot is the area around the bottom right corner.

July 28, '07: Still getting hit a bit off and on, now the center has moved back to around that big star 2/3 of the way up on the left side. Actually, in between there and the other star bottom left.

(7:50pm) I dug and dug, and finally found the Gobi Desert vortex being used as a portal by Lyrans and insectiles from yet another time-line. This time-line, in addition to these 2 species, also contains octopi, spiders, evil nordics of all 4 color types, but again no squid. I think there used to be squid running these nordics, but when we took care of them, it affected all time-lines.

Anyway, i put a little something in the vortex, and introduced the exotics into the time-line.

July 30, '07: Nothing too gruesome to report here. Got hit by 9 astrals last night, probably CIA. But otherwise things seem to be going well. Had a few greys messing with the scalar effects here this morning. Very few.
Got 0.3" of rain yesterday at my place, but none in town.

UFO photographed over Arkansas. Not much detail, but that white spot in the center has a super-great vibe. Can't ID the occupants, other than that they are humanoid and benevolent.

July 31, '07: (9:40am) Been having a bit of action from the greys juicing up transmitters to create scalar effects in the chemclouds (and yes, there has been chem floating around daily lately, in large-ish quantites at times, as well as some fresh trails at times). This time they were more distant. I didn't even track them down, just had my robocops seek out the sources of the freqs and bust them. Soon the insectiles around the bottom left corner of the galaxy pic started weakly showing their displeasure.

For those interested in the subject of Muscovite mica AKA isinglass, useful in making targetters, see today's entry in OTB 20.

(11:15am) Scientology claims another victim. I had never heard of this guy, nor his offshoot group Kenja before, but he was apparently persecuted with false pedophile charges by the Satanic "Cult Awareness Network", itself composed of pedophiles.

(8pm) I was scanning for terrorist plots, and found something supposed to go down within 3 days in Jones Crossing, DE. But i'm unsure what, exactly. It does have something to do with this piece of real estate. Right now there is a war raging there involving good and evil beings, including evil human beings (CIA).

  *   *   *   *