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Loohan's blog for August, 2010

Aug. 2, '10: (7:55am) Daily chemclouds as usual.
Yesterday was a few degrees cooler, but the forecast says it will get around 100F every day for the next 4 days. Then we get mid-90s after that.
It's a bit unusual for us to have hot weather for such a long time with scant respite. Usually it will get hot for a while, then there will be a cool spell, then it will heat up again, etc.
I can't get much done on days like that with no air conditioning.

Then i read about how the elite throws money around (article) and i think about how much more vastly effective i could do my job if i had the amount of money that was spent just on the Chelsea wedding flower arrangements.
According to news reports, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to investment banker Mark Mezvinsky on July 31 is costing papa Bill $3,000,000. According to the London Daily Mail, the total price tag will be about $5,000,000. The additional $2,000,000 apparently is being laid off on US Taxpayers as Secret Service costs for protecting former president Clinton and foreign heads of state, such as the presidents of France and Italy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who are among the 500 invited guests along with Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, and Clinton friend and donor Denise Rich, wife of the Clinton-pardoned felon.
Chelsea, bitch, was there not one single non-satanist at your wedding? Hope y'all had a swell time. Were there small children? Enjoy it while it lasts.

Aug. 3, '10: (6:40pm) Well, yesterday wasn't so bad, but today is brutal, over 100F. Pretty clear, though.

I just noticed i'm getting hit by some other guys in addition to the hairless ones. These are in this galaxy which i can't get a name for. Possibly 5' dark humanoids with straight dark hair.

(7:10pm) These are physical ETs, throwing those 2-bit demons at me as usual.

Lately i haven't even been deleting those demons of this class that i jail. I've been reprogramming them. I realized they are mindless attack tulpa-like constructs that obey whoever has the strongest intent. So i've been commandeering them to attack various evil people. Even had them wage war on the 11-legged spiders and kick their butts.
They don't need to be fed with blood ritual, as they derive enough nourishment from the suffering of their targets.
I consider them a fairly handy asset, and really don't mind anymore when feeble Earth sorcerors send them at me. But some of these ETs are able to send so many at once that it hurts me. I can only jail so fast.

Aug. 4, '10: (9:45pm) Almost as hot today, but less humid. Some rain chances supposedly coming up, but it was clear today, as far as i noticed, except for some light chem-smear.

I read in the paper this morning that our president was celebrating his 49th birthday in Chicago, so i sent him positive loving orgone most of the day. I couldn't spare many of my attack demons because most were, and still are, tied up fighting a huge mess of spiders that showed up to replace the last batch that messed with Elizabeth. Also their discoid friends.

Earlier this evening i realized i was being hit with some weird woo-woo from humans in NZ.
I only found U bases (plenty of them, including a few under the ocean) and 1 above-ground location that shows no structure on the map, but has the vibe of 1 male satanist honcho.
This makes me suspect that they were really all in some parallel time-line or something. But i seem to sense that this guy is connected to all this. Or is it just that he has a real DORy vibe? I can't be sure. But one thing is for sure, his Right Honorable self and his Lady Susan are very dark operators.
The Governor-General, Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand, is the personal representative of New Zealand's Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand.
This isn't some mere formality. He is of the same feather as Queenie, i.e. actually another agent of the Jesuits. NZ is yet another Vatican asset.

Aug. 5, '10: (8:20am) Chem-clouds.

Another blast-worthy agency for Americans who aren't sheep: the FDA. One good reason among many: they now are in the business of sending in jack-booted thugs to terrorise PRIVATE food clubs for people wishing to circumvent rBGH, pasteurization, etc. (article). Yet they keep hands off truly dangerous and ubiquitous stuff like fragrances (article), which are difficult for people to avoid if they walk down the street when someone is doing laundry, for example. In fact, one of the worst doses i got in recent years was from an FDA inspector who came into my workplace to physically assault me with his chemical warfare.
Well, FDA, as a raw-milk drinker and involuntary perfume breather, i resent that, and intend to do something about it, starting with blasting the shit out of satanist smiley-bitch Margaret Hamburg.
Map of FDA HQ

(2:30pm) Weather a bit cooler than was predicted. Now they say lower 90s today and tomorrow, then mid-90s for a couple days, then back to upper 90s. We'll see. I've been working on trying to cool things down with radionic woo-woo; not sure if that was what did it or not.

Thorp sent me a link to this video by Leo Zagami.
I mentioned Leo Zagami back in Jan. 2009. He is the former illuminati turned informer who was telling it like it is about the Vatican. But now they have gotten their MK hooks back into him. In this video (i only watched 1/2 of it) he babbles on about a bunch of insane messianic nonsense.
Right near the beginning he says something in Italian as he seems to introduce 2 girls. I'm not sure, but he might be saying the one with the black blouse is Bernina. In any case, she's a DORy Jesuit MK handler.

So they have discredited him as a witness while also sending a message to other would-be defectors.

(3:15pm) Here's a capture of the bitch.

Aug. 8, 10: (4pm) Chem-clouds every day. Super bad yesterday.
I might be getting even more of a handle on the weather lately. Day before yesterday (Friday) i got a small rain at dawn, less than 2/10", but it never got out of the 80s all day. Then yesterday it only got into the low 90s. This morning got a better shower: 1.2" with plenty of nice thunder.
They now say it will be back into the upper 90s tomorrow, and every day thereafter until Sunday a week from today, when it will plunge into the mid-90s. If it turns out cooler than they state, that will reinforce my suspicions that i'm having an effect.

Also it probably helps that i grounded the Texas (and southern OK) NSA drought transmitter plane. A few days ago i fried the pilot and co-pilot in midair. I think they had to land. The plane has been on the ground since. In fact, those 2 pilots were dumb enough to go hang out in a U facility so they are no longer with us.

(8:10pm) Nice thunder ealier, and a tiny bit more rain. Heavy chem-clouds.

200 Ta'l are fighting a bunch of 9' Green Draco here. It's the bright galaxy near the top right corner.

Aug. 9, 10: (9pm) Heavy chem-clouds today, and fairly heavy clouds at times.

There is something majorly wrong with this church and its pastor. This is some satanic gov't op. If you click on Ministries you'll see a long list of gov't satanists. Don't know more yet.

(9:25pm) And here is another hot spot, perhaps where the pastor lives. Ground floor.
And i get a real bad vibe from the east 1/2 of this house. I sense 1 evil female who lives there, who is connected somehow but doesn't go to the church.
And in this square section of an elementary school is where this female works, i think.
A residence used by 1 other evil female.
Right under the green arrow here on the 2nd floor is where 2 men and 3 women work.
Here is where those 3 women live, i think. There's a strange, intense vibe here.
All this stuff seems connected.

Aug. 10, '10: (9:55am) Veronica in Atlanta drew my attention to something interesting. She sent me this map which shows several circles of the same radius.
The online map is here. Note that you can back up in time a few hours with it.

I found that each circle had in its center an unstaffed underground transmitter at 300' depth.
My allies and i found a total of 32 of these in the US. 33 would seem more likely with these guys, but 32 is all we found. We are doing what we can to deactivate them. I'm curious whether a change will be noticeable on the maps. Veronica says they only show up sometimes. If in the future they no longer show up with much clarity, i would take that as a good sign.
And i found a couple of administrative U bases, and this house in Annapolis, where a satanist couple lives. This house is presently for sale for only 800K. Maybe some local person can go check it out, agnihotra ash in hand. 3 bedroom 2 bath seems ample for 2 people. I don't detect kids or other inhabitants. I think only the husband is employed. Annapolis is where a big Navy academy is. I have not been able yet to get this guy's boss. I do not know for sure whether this is a Navy operation.

(11am) I seem to have resolved the problem of all those zillions of 2-bit demon species that were created long ago by 5 5D guys with short black hair.
A couple nights ago i realized why those ETs could still strongly invoke those demons, despite the fact that we were reprogramming these en masse. And the reason why the ET sorcerors were so much better at invoking them than the Earthlings:
They were using a password. They sat around in 3, 6, 9, or 27 groups of 3, 6, or 9 ETs and mouthed this password as my spies listened. Thus i was able to easily dowse the password. I found that by saying, thinking, and/or putting it in written form on one of my units, i was able to rake them in real fast.

Then i realized i could change the password. I do not know by what mechanism i was able to do this, but i changed one of the letters of the password. I told my wives and allies about the new password. And i rigged it so anyone using the old password would only get attacked by the demons themselves. I don't know how i did it, but miraculously, it seems to work. I think we have gotten all the demons of that type working for us now. The ETs stopped invoking them when they realized what was happening.
Note that the password never was necessary, just more effective than other means. But maybe the ETs don't know that, or maybe the other means are just ineffective, especially as we may have already nabbed the demons.
I did get hit just a few times by a few of these demons yesterday, but none since.

I did, however, stir up some other demons. I noticed that Mountain View had some DORy underground stuff going on again, so yesterday i drove out there to mash those demons back down. Took a tour up through Fifty-Six, Big Flat, etc. coming home. Underground demons were all over there.
These are the same kind that gave me headaches months ago when i busted areas south of here. But they were more thinned out now, and only caused very mild discomfort. But then after i got home some continued to hit me. And even last night were hitting me harder.
There are also numerous species of these demons, which seem mostly humanoid. But not huge numbers of species. The species are much more populous than those 2-bit demons, so i have the Recyclers take care of each such species i find.

(3:20pm) OK, weatherman, where is this heat wave? I'll stick my neck out. You still have a few days to prove yourselves.
Yesterday when i came through Marshall at 3:50pm, the sign on the bank said 90, which seemed about right.
Wunderground was still reporting 96.5 at Fox at 5pm, which seemed a bit hard to believe.
Today? Well, i've been monitoring it since 2:30pm on my new thermometer at home, and it has gone from 91 to 88. And wunderground is reporting 79.3 at Fox! And still predicting "Highs in the upper 90s".

Heavy chem-clouds today as usual. Thunder in the distance now, and dark clouds.

(10:10pm) Well, i guess we had no effect on the appearance of those radar circles. Check out this pic i just saved.

(11pm) If anyone finds a comparable type of map for Japan, let me know. I get the feeling that these are made in Japan, and that Japan has 35 of them underground.
I do not know their purpose. Possibly mind control of some sort. Maybe weather.
In searching for where they are manufactured, i was drawn to this DORy bldg. There might be 20 of the transmitters stockpiled there. They might only be about the size of an apple pie.
2 evil guys work there full time.
So far i doubt that any other countries have received the blessings of this technology.

Aug. 11, '10: (9:35pm) The usual chem-clouds. And it did get up to 96F in town, and stay there a while. Now they say 100 tomorrow. Yeah, yeah.

A reader sent me a link to a most remarkable band; Mutual Fun. And a talented bunch of clean-cut rockin' government satanists they are. There's more that they're up to than meets the eye, here, but i haven't figured it out yet.
There did seem to be some connection to 13 U bases we took care of, but in what capacity? Not entertainment.
I do seem to get a vibe on drugs. But you don't need a band to sell coke, heroin, etc. Yet i seem to get that they are fully capable of ensuring availability of the finest recreational substances at their affairs. This, however, seems more a way to boost their popularity with the illuminati set than anything else. Don't really grasp what the real agenda is yet, but they are covert agents of the gov't that are presented as being corrupt professional entertainers to their clients.
I think.

(10:05pm) Of course [some of] their clients aren't totally naive, and probably expect a certain degree of CIA involvement. But most probably don't realize that this is an unknown secret agency with a lot of intent and "agenda" of some sort behind this band act.

Further impressions: they don't supply children or engage in blood rites during their acts. But more like way out Dionysian partying at times. All these beautiful people are prostitutes. For a fee they will jump in bed with most anyone of any gender. Clusterfucks, you name it. Let's party. And collect personal information about weaknesses, fetishes, addictions, etc.

Aug. 12, '10:(9:10pm) It peaked out here at 96 F today. Undaunted, wunderground is calling for "upper 90s" tomorrow and the next day.

Aug. 13, '10: (7:35am) And now they are calling for "highs around 100" today and tomorrow.

(5:45pm) Not much chem today or yesterday. It did hit 99 today. Luckily it wasn't humid.

On July 1 i mentioned some evil cats the Valhallans were fighting. Others got in the act, too.
A little while ago the remaining cats there surrendered. I think that means lifelong hard labor, though what kind of labor cats can be put to i don't know.

Aug. 14, '10: (4:45pm) And this morning when i got up wunderground forecast "highs around 101". It actually got up to 95 in town. Wunderground is presently reporting 101.7 in Fox.
I take my measurements in the shade; maybe they're doing something else.
Chem-clouds are back in force this afternoon.

(5:25pm) Belk Corner, AR: In April '07 i posted about this spot. I don't know why i said it was 12 miles SW of Conway. Maybe 12 miles SW of the city center, but it is in Conway. I linked a tiny, crappy pic.
Well, now i can no longer find that exact spot, but i find all kinds of houses and bldgs that have a strong Homeland Security vibe:
  • Here.
  • Here.
  • Here.
  • Here.

    Moreover, last night i found gobs of some previously unencountered, DORy ETs living in a broad area under approximately this area (from this map).
    I couldn't tell much about them except they were physical, and have very strong bad energy when stirred up.
    I suspect there must be extensive limestone caverns in this area. I had the Draco nail them, but whenever i re-check i have been finding a DORy little pocket or 2 they missed.
    Their home region is near Hiades. It is an area a bit to the right and above the central bright spot.
    There does seem to be a connection with the HSA there.

    (7:40pm) Elizabeth just wrote me that she's under bizarre attack again -- including weird physical bites, lumps, etc.
    Stymied, i asked her friend Durkistan to connect my Locator to the home world of the perps. It is here in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster. The brightest galaxy in the left half of the pic.
    They are physical dogs that resemble this one except they are 4' long. I don't know how they create their bizarre effects.

    Aug. 16, '10: (9:10am) Moderate chem-clouds yesterday. Not many today yet.
    It got up to 95 in town again yesterday. Now we're supposed to have a few cooler days, highs of 90 or in the low 90s. Right now, it's 78 and breezy.

    Durkistan found 2 more U bases (in CO) that seemed associated with those radar rings on the Unisys maps. We knocked them out a couple hours ago, but those rings are still showing on the map.
    There is often one just south of Texarkana that i can still feel DOR from.

    (6:20pm) Unusually clear today. It got up to 87 F.

    I am still hunting for places connected to those radar rings. Got one U base in VA and another in Canada. BTW i think Canada has 4 of these things. Again, i can't find a radar map for Canada that compares to our Unisys one.
    Then found another near Annapolis with 20 people. Most of these only have 20-something.
    Another with 22 under the water next to Annapolis. And another with 12.

    Aug. 18, '10: (7:15pm) No effect noted on those ring transmitters.

    It got up to 92 at my place yesterday. 94 at work today. Yesterday afternoon the sky was mostly whited-out with chem. Today there were mostly natural clouds.

    Mordok noticed a "teleporter" here not far from where Elizabeth lives, which was being used by those dogs, but coming from M63, M73, and M85.
    That still doesn't explain some of the phenomena Elizabeth experienced, but there's something to this.

    Aug. 19, '10: (6:30am) Mordok wrote me
    I think I found some spiders in NM just a little while ago, along with a new batch of the dogs. When I asked if the spiders had some kind of portal it brought me to EU and this place. Maybe 278' down?
    (map link)

    I get that it connects to M65, M86 and M89.
    Again, this feels right.

    (9:10pm) Whew, what a day. 240 miles of driving. Conway had to be busted. And a few other places on the way.

    Aside from the stuff i mentioned on the 14th, last night i took another look at the map and found the following near Belk Corner:
    This house with the vibe of 1 male HSAtanist.
    This house with the vibe of 1 HSAtanist couple.
    And 2 U bases of a different kind of bad ET. These may be 4' humanoids and are from the Cartweel Galaxy. I feel them scattered all over this galaxy, especially on the left side of the pic.
    And i felt underground demonic activity around the area.

    I felt i had better gift the area well to make any remaining ETs show up better. Also i had never gifted Conway much. Many years ago i threw a few little things in Lake Conway, and a couple years ago i sprinkled agnihotra ash around a chunk of the town. That's all.

    Regarding those maps i posted on the 14th, this area now depicted as brown bare dirt is actually a fancy big apartment development. Those long gouges out of the woods are now fairways for soulless degenerates addicted to the wasteful, unhealthy, and boring "sport" of golf.
    And the apt. complex, consisting of numerous small, several-story apt. bldgs, is integrated with the golf course, and has several ponds that were easy to gift.
    Since i did not have maps with me (i don't have my printer set up) i could not tell where the first 2 bldgs i linked are in relation to the new landscape. What i did find near there is Conway Sprinkler and Landscape, Inc. but neither of the 2 locations for them that i found on that link are the one i saw.

    Near what appears on the present map to be the end of Salem Rd. is the office (pic ripped from their slideshow) and a pool. To the left of the office is a large bldg that appears to be mainly about golf cart sheltering and maintenance. That bldg has 2 DORy guys working there who seem to have the HSA vibe.
    And right across Salem Rd. from the office is where the sprinkler and landscape bldg is. It has the vibe of 4 DORy guys who seem to be HSA working there.
    I watched a while from the parking lot of the office and saw a number of guys leave the sprinkler bldg across the street in 2 vehicles. Only 1 of these guys was a satanist.

    The apt. management co. does not feel satanist. Why would 6 HSAtanists be hanging around, playing with sprinklers and golf carts? Beats me.

    Anyway, i drove around all day in my bust-wagon, liberating some 2.5 gallons of potent epoxy items. Got Beaver Fork Lake, Lake Conway, many ponds, many towers, 3 colleges including --

    the satanist-run Central Baptist College. The kids there actually seemed above-average in quality, but it feels like the administration is all hard-core illuminati. There are lists linked here with lots of names. All are satanists with some serious agenda.

    I was hoping also that maybe by busting this DORy area i could break the stuck weather pattern around here. The interesting thing is, after leaving The Greens in the early afternoon to bust elsewhere, at one point i felt a distinct sense of well-being, as though the scene was suddenly cleaner. And the temperature dropped a lot in the Conway area! It had been real hot, but now was not too bad. Then after a couple hours i came back for another pass thru The Greens and that area, and there were puddles all over like they'd had some rain.

    Conway is 60 miles south of me, and usually a good bit hotter, as they are in flatter territory. But coming home in the late afternoon, i hit hotter weather when normally i would expect cooler. And when i got home, my cabin was much warmer inside than it has been when i come home from work lately, meaning we must have had it real hot here.
    I hadn't expected to escape any heat by driving south out of the hills.

    Aug. 20, '10: (11:50am) Heavy chem-clouds yesterday and today.
    Rain chances have increased a bit in the forecast.

    Maybe it's premature to crow about it, but i may have handled those radar rings. I looked at the map just now, and not only were there no rings, but the spots where the rings usually show were not DORy.
    Then i realized that the de-cloaking device that i had dedicated to that task was no longer working on it! It had been grinding away for days, locked on but unable to disclose anything.
    Apparently it had nailed it overnight, and my higher self and allies had taken care of the real control center, which was here in Utah.
    I hope i'm right.
    Now i have that de-cloaker working on who's doing the chem-trailing these days.

    (12:05pm) Mordok found another portal device those dogs were using, on the Moon. Oddly, it seems to be right in the center of this pic. Feels like it's around surface level. It's probably more or less deactivated now.
    Connects to Earth, M65, and M95, he found. Also a couple more galaxies, i think.
    There were dogs there, but the Red Draco have taken care of them.
    BTW i think the dogs have little monkey slaves around 1' tall that are totally intimidated and controlled to do stuff for the big dogs.

    (2:45pm) Wow, here's another page with lists of satanists with some agenda. The listed staff members, board of directors, advisory board, and alumni council, are all satanists. (map of HQ)
    And they seem to be a project connected to the same folks as a very creepy-feeling place called the Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School. Again, look on the site for a bunch of satanists. Very creepy:
    Washington Yu Ying PCS takes its name -- meaning nurturing excellence -- from a groundbreaking girls school founded in 1911 in Beijing, China. Established by a former Imperial Lady-in-Waiting, Madame Tzen-Kuei Wang, the Yu Ying School offered classroom education at a time when the centuries-old tutorial system was still the norm in China. The school was a powerful force for educational change in China.
    Very strong bad vibe off Madame. I think she was a madame, all right. (map)

    (3:50pm) And immediately to the east of that bldg is the home of SOAR. Again, the lists of BOD and staff are all-satanist, and connected to these other ops.

    (6:15pm) The de-cloaking of the chem perps seems to be complete. Note i say "seems". For sure we haven't seen the end of it yet.
    In my Greys page i said that the main location for the physical greys is ESO 69-6. Well, that's also the source of our chem travails, i am now getting. But the greys don't have a lot to do with it directly. It's another physical species which i think is 6 inch tall humanoids, fair skin, wavy brown(?) hair.
    Meanwhile, i got my de-cloaker looking for the radar ring control base for Japan.

    (6:40pm) Well, dammit, the radar rings are back in the US...

    (6:50pm) No, can't be... Ground Zero Mosque Imam Is Globalist Stooge. I tell you, these paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    Got up to 91 here today, and they are forecasting upper 90s tomorrow.

    Aug. 21, '10: (5:50pm) Real and fake clouds today. Got up to 95 in town briefly. Got a small thundershower, insignificant except it brought it a slightly cooler breeze.

    South Florida must be an interesting place, and/or Thorp is an interesting guy. Check out the latest human ET Thorp asked me about. I couldn't dowse where he was from at first, but Mordok helped me: M86. There are at least 400 quadrillion more of his type there. Both Mordok and Thorp think he's a reptilian shapeshifter. Personally i can't dowse that, even on known repts like the Queen and Bush Sr. They all just dowse as human to me. But these off-worlders that Thorp keeps colliding with have a different vibe from the Earth illuminati. And even though these ETs come from 3 different cultures/galaxies, they all have about the same vibe to me.

    It's odd that this guy has this record of petty, lowbrow crime. Almost as though he were infiltrating the criminal population. I'm not sure what the explanation is.

    (8:05pm) Yeah! Ended up getting 6/10" of rain, enough to help slightly. And now they are forecasting a cooling trend. I think spiffing up the Conway area helped.

    Mordok stumbled across the spot in Japan that my tool was de-cloaking. And then i realized the one in Canada had already been de-cloaked, too.
    So now those ring spots seem DORier than ever, and my tool is working on the real location that will really bring this to a resolution. Yeah.

    Israelis conducting covert maritime operations in Persian Gulf. Not sure why the Chinese and Japanese factions of the NWO reported this. But i do seem to feel 5 such subs, with a total of 40 Israeli satanists, plus some non-satanists, on board.

    (9:35pm) De-cloaked the spot that will um, for sure put an end to this radar ring madness. 321 evil people down there below the sea floor almost 200'. Who's down there? I have the impression of 4 Americans, 21 Japanese, 3 Russians, 2 Chinese, 2 Algerians...
    Gonna kiss 'em goodbye now.
    I have the impression this is technology the physical greys gave the Americans, and the Americans for some reason let some Japanese guys build them.

    (10:30pm) Went looking for the support network for our petty criminal. Found 1 DORy female of the same species here. I think he has a romantic relationship with her.
    And 3 males live here.
    And 2 females here.
    And 2 males and 2 females here.

    There's a buttload of radar rings now (link) but they don't seem DORy in the centers now.

    Aug. 22, '10: (8am) Still doesn't feel DORy in the transmitters.

    Mordok found a couple interesting things:
    A U base in Denver with 25 DORy ETs from here -- the big glob at 2:00 position.
    Also, that spot on the moon mentioned on the 20th now has a vibe like a transmitter is running, although i don't detect any live perps connected to this.

    Aug. 23, '10: (4:05pm) It got up to 90 in town yesterday. And 90 here today. No rain chances in the forecast until a slight bit Sunday.
    Real clouds and fake today and yesterday.

    Mordok wrote me he found 33 sex-slave related sites above-ground in Vancouver, BC.
    "Some sites are holding children, some are holding women. I think the top of the network is here in Montreal." Yes, feels right. 13 DORy satanists on the 3rd floor.
    According to Mordok (and this seems correct), #2 boss lives here, #3 boss lives here, #4 boss lives here, #5 boss lives here, #6 boss lives here, another lives here.
    There were also a couple U bases, one of which had 6 CIAtanists in it in Montreal.

    Mordok has posted on the forum locations where slaves are used.

    (4:55pm) Some allies and i have been working on mopping up another bunch of physical ETs which have U bases all over Argentina, and come from Aquarius direction. They are all around the area of M2 in that pic, except maybe twice as far away as M2 is.

    Aug. 27, '10: (4:40pm) Not much happening. On the 24th, we had clear skies all day until crud moved in early evening. On the 25th, real and fake clouds. Yesterday, totally clear all day! And today likewise, so far.

    The TX drought plane is still grounded, but i think they are still foolishly planning to redeploy it. As for those radar rings, i have checked several times. They are still there, but i never find them DORy anymore.

    ES2 has finally made it from Tucson to northern NM where Elizabeth lives.

    I've had cooler weather, but it's supposed to get back into the lower 90s soon. Still no rain.
    Are we in a drought yet? Well, according to the drought monitor i am on the edge of abnormal dryness (detail). But there are still plenty of juicy weeds for the semi-tame deer to eat. So far this year they have not even touched my tomato plants where they poke through the fencing. So by the standards that were normal years ago, we're in good shape. But it's still been too dry.

    (6:20pm) Classified: a youtube smash hit.

    Aug. 29, '10: (5:25pm) Real clouds and fake yesterday and today.

    I was just reading about Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Partiers. Yech. I especially loathe Palin, the quintessential illuminati slut. I decided to try to dowse where she was staying in DC. I zoomed right in on, guess what, the same National Association of Home Builders bldg that i mentioned July 3. Specifically, i seem to feel her in this spot, on the 2nd floor. In any case, something very DORy is there.
    Come to think of it, i think she's just visiting there, not sleeping. I have the impression of a roomful of satanists, like 52 of them, having some big pow-wow.

    Aug. 30, '10: (2:40pm) They were there for several hours. I tried to find Sarah this morning, but all i found was this house in Vienna, VA, that contains 1 male gov't satanist that seems somewhat important, but probably has no connection to Palin.

    Incidentally i also found a shopping center in MD that has a mysterious pervasive bad vibe that neither i nor Mordok can identify right now. The whole parking lot and all seems uniformly DORy for some reason.

    Also, Thorp had an encounter of sorts in a convenience store with another weird character that i suspect is yet another type of human-looking ET, though i have so far been unable to find the home galaxy. Nor have i found the guy yet. I think he is roaming around.But i did find some cohorts of his:
    1 male here. He was in the pool when i first found him.
    A male and a female here.

    Had a slight rain around dawn. Plenty chem-clouds now.

    (3:40pm) Oops, i forgot that i actually had found the residence of the guy that was in the convenience store, i think, here, apparently a mobile home.

    Aug. 31, '10: (6:25pm) I just had a weird experience. I saw a trail being laid in the distance. Despite the fact that it was some distance away from the main concentration of orgone, the trail was not sticking that well. (I have been busting the hell out of my region.)
    Again, there was no vibe except a species of demon. No metal, no biological life, that i could detect.

    BTW, since the 2-bit species are handled now, what's been taking their place is similar species of demons, except that these are not mindless robots, and they have large populations with each species. Lately i have been able to jail entire species of these, also, however, thanks to a working relationship with the 4D elephants (Ganesha's tribe) who in some way i don't understand, help me reel in entire species in one go.

    So i jailed that particular demon species, and quite rapidly the trail faded out and stopped being laid! I'd like to say the plane vanished, but in truth it was too far away to see anyway.
    Wish it always worked like that.