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Loohan's blog for September, 2017

Sep 1, '17: (1:30pm) Never did get more rain. The system was moving east faster than it was swirling around back at me.
Finally a sunny day, after a delightfully cool night.

We are still dealing with those new mystery ETs, getting attacked some. And Felter got attacked again by WW bases this morning but i caught it early.

A few of the more "incredible" headlines of today:(7:15pm) Apollo sensors solve the mystery of the moonquakes: Researchers say tidal stress is to blame for quakes hundreds of miles beneath the lunar surface. Yep, seems those "Seismometers placed on the moon during the Apollo 12, 14, 15 and 16 missions" have been registering "some moonquakes ... as deep as 746 miles under the surface". Science is awesome.
My backward self favors the hollow moon theory, since i have never been able to detect anything solid below a 3 mile depth on the moon.

If you want to see a vid of really concentrated LGBT ET party animals, check out Pattaya Nightlife. Most of the people, hookers, local partiers, tourists, staff, etc. are repticlones or Egyptoids. Probably about half are TG! It is hard to tell by looks, of course. Many of the most MTF-looking looking hookers are Etoid females.
There are even cute pesky little beggar kids, all very "experienced". The vid does not suggest there is child prostitution, but there is a lot there, i get.

Sep 2, '17: (6:25pm) Almost everyone who came in the bakery today was Egyptoid or repticlone.

I was remotely clearing WW U bases off of Felter every few minutes when i stopped and asked myself, why does he not perceive them himself? It was because he had 13 hidden spells to block him from spotting them, duh. He's doing better now. He has no problem normally perceiving such things.

Sep 3, '17: (7:35pm) I find it much more rewarding to watch these Asian red-light district vids than Grade C Kung Fu flicks. Wow. Started watching another vid on Pattaya, Thailand, chock full of ET trannies. A few look suspiciously youthful. But now i'm noticing some of these hookers have a blood-ritual Masonic mafia vibe. Like these 2 little darlings. MTF Category 1 Egyptoid satanists.
You see many hookers are NOT poor girls who had to resort to it for economic reasons. Or were forced into it against their will because they were powerless.
All these countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, have their own Masonic counterparts of the Triads or Yakuza (or CIA in US). Their prostitutes are often martial artists and agents in whatever they appear to be doing.
So what all else are these opportunistic "girls" up to besides sex for money? These are hard-core evil ETs connected to their criminal governments.

Sep 4, '17: (2:35pm) The last 7.5 minutes of that vid seems to be just upskirt footage of repticlone girls wiggling their booty. Lot of rave Comments :-]

Daily Mail conspicuously juxtaposes 2 hoaxes with the same actor again here and here. MI repticlone.

Repticlones are such party animals. Check the slide show of J'Ouvert parade as well as the pix on google. Not spotting any humans offhand. Lots of TGs. This is in Brooklyn.

Another repticlone spritual teacher: Todd Savvas, who is also a contemporary mystic and sage. With some pseudo-tranny markers.

(5pm) Last night we stopped working so much on those new ETs. They seem mostly handled... In any case, Egyptoids and Chungoids are a hotter issue now. Been concentrating on nailing Egyptoids. Eenia did some programming which lights them up better, deals with their spells better. I've been getting hit today by the U bases we uncover. Lots. Some bases have big demon stashes too.
For ages, the Etoids have been piling up spells and misdirections galore, and it's quite a lot to blast through. They probably have more status in the heirarchy than reptilians and werewolves, and have been staying behind the scenes in their bases covertly running things.
Oddly, they do not seem to do bases at different depths in the same spot like other ETs.

Once you watch a lascivious Pattaya vid, youtube keeps throwing more at you. Started on one that so far has almost no Earthlings (except that the Pattaya cops, oddly, seem like regular humans) and almost no real females. Scads of MTF hookers, mostly repticlones. I even saw a cross-dressed little boy on the street.
I actually don't get much of a thrill from all this pervert flesh. I notice today that a high percent of the repticlones depicted are in U bases which i mark. The result of previous days' blasting. The whole region around Pattaya now is DORy with repticlone and Etoid U bases we are nailing.
The Etoids don't scramble underground when blasted like most ETs, but we are finding their bases nonetheless.

Sep 6, '17: (10:40am) Very cool, sunny weather.

Hurricane Irma: since yesterday we have been finding lots of DORy WW and SSer bases under the Atlantic, in a large area east of Puerto Rico. We keep taking them out but some more keep firing up.

(11:15am) In the past it has been very common for CIA and other SSers (mainly CIA) to phone (or email) targeted individuals from U bases. Mordok especially used to get lots of these calls. They do this even to people who will trace and mark the bases for destruction by our allies. In fact, at times they have been quite aggressively suicidal.

Well, now the Egyptoids are doing the same thing! I got one such call a couple days ago and another just now. Mordok got a whole bunch yesterday and some today already.
Usually only silence is heard. But the one i got a couple days ago had a gravelly-voiced Etoid MTF muttering something incoherent followed by "I am always happy".

(4:20pm OK, see the Atlantic Ridge running down from Iceland to nearS. America? That whole thing was DORy last night and still is. It is packed with Egyptoid, werewolf, etc. bases and, i just realized, loads of old Egyptoid spells which i suspect they might be triggering to influence this storm.
Anyway, working more specifically on that at the moment.

Incidentally, we have "cleaned up" that area so many times over the years. All sorts of evil critters like to nest in it.

Sep 8, '17: (10:50am) Anyone feeling a change? I feel better today (once i kicked off myriad demons that were on me when i awoke) and lately it seems some others are getting weaker attacks too. I think this is due to increased blasting of Egyptoids, thanks to me making more stuff for that, largely under Eenia's guidance and programming. She has gotten more awesome lately.

Dunno what's going to happen with Hurricane Irma, but as of around 2pm CST yesterday there have been a lot of our allies over the Gulf.

Another CIA repticlone: Aug Tellez who covers "Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Zero-Point Field Technology, Soul/Consciousness Transfer, Immortality, Trauma-Based Mind-Control, Genetic Engineering, DNA Activation, Time Travel, Psychology and Consciousness, The Unveiling". He has obvious Egyptoid features.

Sincere Hurricane Harvey Volunteers Stopped From Helping Victims By Police. Nothing but CIA repticlones here.

Mexican aid workers cross US border to help Harvey victims. Nothing but US-based CIA repticlones here.

Activists disrupt entry of Israeli weapons to London arms fair, all of them MI and CIA repticlones.

Sep 10, '17: (7pm) It's felt pretty much clean in the storm area for a couple days, but now that Irma has landed, the entire FL peninsula has suddenly flared up with DORy demons. Also the area in front of Hurrican Jose.

(7:10pm) The demons are being sent by ET U bases (WWs, Egyptoids, Chungoids, SSers, etc.) and seem directed at the people. In this pic from CBS, these people were being hammered when i saw it.
These are all humans, pretty much.

Sep 12, 17: (12:15pm) Thankfully, i saw almost no reminder articles about 9/11 yesterday.
Unusually cold today. Supposed to only get to 66 F today as a chunk of disintegrating Irma drizzles us from the east. I've had my windows open and it's been 64 in here all morning.

I have reports from a few people recently of decreased attacks, and increased well-being. I am not finding many WW U bases attacking others, compared to a week ago. I think nailing the Egyptoid U bases better has undercut a lot. The Etoids are pissed at me, though. I got almost no sleep the night of the 9th. Then not much the night of the 10th. Constant attacks by WW U bases driven by Etoids. Then last night, i was able to conk out early but awoke at 2am stuffed with so many demons that i still have some being cleared now. Layers and layers of hidden demons. More Etoid magic.

Pakistani Christian Beaten to Death by Muslim Classmates 'Whilst Teacher Read Newspaper'. Poor little repticlone. Scary to think that people believe such absurdities. Not that i see anyone but repticlones mourning him. This story led me to discover this hoax site Abdul Toheed is a live Category 3 Egyptoid. The previous article about "A brave Pakistani Christian woman who spoke up about the sexual harassment she faced" depicts a MTF repticlone. And the article before that shows "two Indian pastors" who are repticlones doing Masonic hand signs.
Also the Breitbart article refers to the Asia Bibi hoax.
Pakistani Muslims are getting a bad rap over nothing.

Another CIA hoax: Tiffany Jenks murder. Tiffany was a CIA repticlone with male facial traits. She has not been replaced since her last demise in a U base, but i am guessing this was a female.
Note how the website informs us about the illuminati and Project Monarch.

Four female gangsters who tried to derail their slavery trial are jailed after their conspiracy to cheat justice cost taxpayers £1m. I'm pretty sure that 3 of these 4 repticlones are the same individual.

Sep 13, '17: (6:40pm) A reader asked me about the products at New Paradigm Tools. At first i was very impressed by the energy, thinking, This guy is very talented! What can we learn from this?
I surfed the site a bit more. If you click on Shungite Store you get a different domain Cosmic Reality Shungite, and there is a vid there. On the left in the vid are depicted a female CIA Category 1 Egyptoid and a CIA MTF repticlone. Huh? Scanning the orgone devices more closely, i found they had spells which had seduced me with a sense of rich, profound energy and sophisticated function. Still couldn't get a bad vibe off the guy, though.

Then i found the guy (who has a very high-pitched voice in the vid) 's name: Walt Silva. Looking for pix of him i found only the one on the bottom of this page, showing only the top half of his head and very close-set eyes and scant brow ridge. CIA Category 1 Egyptoid.
Remember, some evil ETs can be VERY sophisticated at mimicking positive energy.
Many years ago when i first checked out pix of the supposed Plejaran flying craft, i thought they were real due to the magic of the Plejarans (Egyptoids) filling them with the most wonderful, radiant, positive energy.
However, this phenomenon is very rare these days, as far as i am aware anyway.

Sep 15, '17: (9pm) Joe and i have been ferreting out and frying yet another type of evil human-seeming ET. Like this guy here, an actor named Benedict Cumberbatch. This is the first good pic i have of one. (Copyright BBC.)
Actually, there are 2 Benedict Cumberbatches: this guy and the repticlone version. And usually several copies of the repticlone version. Maybe this other guy has some qualities they don't.
Guess i'll Christen these "new" ETs the Cumboids.

I found a bunch in Austin, TX above-ground and in U bases. I sense that about 10% of the population of this section of Austin is Cumboid. There are also lots more in the Austin - San Antonio region. The Dysons of Dyson Energy are this type of ET. We are still taking out little U bases.
We also found a few U bases around the world

Sep 16, '17: (5:30pm) Wikipedia lists parents, grandparents, etc for Benedict Cumberbatch, and there are pix online for many of these; all Cumboids. Which means the repticlone doubles are just something auxiliary that was batched up. Why? Obviously not just for stunt work as almost all the pix online are of the fakes. Maybe the original is ailing, i dunno.

I had dozens of customers today at work, and all but 3 were Egyptoids. (The rest were humans. Repticlones and WWs avoid me somewhat lately.) None of them were repty, into blood-ritual, or TG. Except there was 1 cross-dressed boy. His parents told me "she" can't have anything with non-organic flour as he is very sensitive to the glyphosate sprayed on so much wheat these days.
Then a couple hours later, an old Egyptoid guy also was telling me he avoids all non-organic flour because of the glyphosate. I think both were serious. Of course they must know WHY the food is poisoned and WHO is responsible for that (them).

(9:05pm) CIA Egyptoid Mason: YouTuber Freedom to Film. Staged BS using repticlone cops. At least that's what i saw in Police First Amendment Audit Bryan Texas Police Department. I'm skimming through it now to fry me some toxic-vibe repticops. Place is packed with DORy demons...

So at 8:30 out trots the most Egyptoid-looking one they have, looks like he just stepped off a Plejaran mothershit, wearing Matrix Agent shades, and puts himself right in our face. Hyuk. That's where the real fun starts.

Sep 17, '17: (7:30am) Get your cut-rate Egyptoid-made wimp-orgonite here: IndiaCrystals.
<--- From the handsome fella in the pic.
Mass-produced by Orgone India. (I am getting kickback from protective spells as i type.)
We are a company based in Western Part of India named Gujarat State which is fast becoming the global hub for many products like Textile, Tobacco, Diamonds, Industrial Machineries, Metal Products, Gemstones and Semi-precious Stones. We are a sister concerned company of JET INTERNATIONAL ( dealing in Orgone Products exclusively...

ORGONE INDIA was established recently however the products were made since generations now and Mr. Jet Pandya being the 3rd generation Proud Owner. We hail from a hard-working, sincere, down to earth and closely bonded family. We are all God Fearing people and we believe that once we follow our basic values and fundamentals, your road to success becomes easier.

We are very religious and spiritual at the same time. We believe in open mind and we follow the footsteps of Sai baba, a Saint in him. We strongly follow the principle of BE GOOD, DO GOOD, and MAKE GOOD...
Sai Baba! Sure feels right. Been making orgonite for 3 generations now! Wow, they were so far ahead of the rest of the world. And they have videos with charming Category 2 Egyptoid pseudotranny wenches. They also have hearty testimonials spontaneously written by blown-away customers.

So you want to save money on orgone? Make your own. This crap does not have black magic worked into it at least, but it also is rather inert.

(8:10pm) Actually the stuff isn't even cheap. E.g. pyramid of undisclosed size $99.99. I see they like Masonic numerology.

Most of my customers at work today were Etoid, too.
Incidentally, it used to be that the agency drive-by stalkers at work were largely NSA, but it has been some time since i got NSA stalking. Only the rare incidental vehicle now.
And until recently, the CIA stalker clones were channeling 9 WWs each out of their tailpipes as they gunned their engines. But the last couple weeks, they have only been channeling 9 Egyptoids, usually undergound.

(8:45pm) This area in Port St Lucie, FL (google map) has no inhabitants other than CIA werewolf satanists. Of course, being orgonephobic wimps, they will probably suicide before daylight, and get replaced by clones.

Sep 18, '17: (6:05pm) Sure enough, they were.

Warm weather lately. Got brief shower today.

Another CIA YouTube channel: FUCK DA POLICE. Just repticlone and Egyptoid actors doing fake POLICE HARASSMENT GOES WRONG vids.

Sep 19, '17: (7:50am) Whaaat? Hurricane Maria Devastates Dominica, Hurricane Maria back at Category 5 as it barrels toward Puerto Rico. How many news sites do i check daily? And all i saw was hoaxes, hoaxes, hoaxes, then only now do they begin mentioning this Maria.
Lots of Etoid bases east of present location is all i notice. Also allied craft in region to keep their ships away.

(8:05am) Also the Pacific Ridge is somewhat flared up with demons again, but this time the section further south predominates.

(12:40pm) About that batch of werewolves, no more need to address. Since they were engaged in illegal murderous activities, the Alah-kur reprogrammed them to no longer commit evil. The A-K apparently no longer normally replace people, preferring to reprogram them, which seems to work remarkably well.
There are 71 WWs in that neighborhood, plus the A-K are still doing more in the region.

OK, psychic warriors, i got a problem "person" to work on. This fine CIA MTF repticlone doing a hand sign is the "mother" of a friend of mine. Originally was Egyptoid but has been replaced many times. Possibly the original became non-viable for some reason many years ago.
Anyway, this creature is abnormally tough for a repticlone, plus there is endless mysterious Egyptoid magic about him. He seems to act as some kind of portal. Joe and i have been "investigating" him for days now. I have blasted away so much Etoid magic, WW backups, etc. but still it feels like hardly any progress has been made with this freaky situation.

(7:45pm) Kenya CitizenTV churns out vast numbers of slimey-vibe repticlone hoax vids complete with trannies, hand signs, etc. Example: Woman delivers quadruplets in Murang'a County.
Laughs a-plenty brought to you by National Intelligence Service.
The whole world is #@&%ed.

Sep 20, '17: (2:25pm) A couple funny CIA repticlone hoaxes:
Guy Takes Spirit Level on a Plane to Prove Earth Is Flat, Woman Creates Bug Spray That Allegedly Attracts Any Bigfoot in 1.5 Mile Radius. Bigfoot 911 is a CIA group (Facebook).

And an MI hoax involving only human clones: Woman, 47, has a baby SEVEN YEARS after she went through the menopause. Amazing. The baby girl is a Trekkie, too.

Sigh. Another pseudohuman ET species found working for the CIA. Someone asked me about BS artist Corey Goode several days ago. Seemed like a human Mason except he had a subtle freaky ET vibe. It took several days of Joe and myself blasting before i found my first U base at 47.721567, -79.519759 on the QC/ON border. Another one west of there. But that's all i've found so far. And they weren't big.
Another one of these is Tim Wood: 1968 Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medalist (pic).

(7:10pm) I just updated my Scientology page with some astounding revelations about Egyptoid agents i spotted in the "disaffected" camp, LOL.

Sep 21, '17: (3pm) Still having fairly hot, dry days.

Copart auto auctions is another CIA proprietary. These repticlone "execs" are actually underlings. The real execs were 2 satanist WWs, but they died last night.

How bad is 5G really? I dunno, but the repticlone Freemasons are voicing much concern. This PDF Scientists and doctors warn of potential serious health effects of 5G is not signed by anyone worried about human health.

Yet another type of evil "human" ET found (pic). Just found a U base in MO for them.

Sep 23, '17: (8pm) All my customers except one today at work were Egyptoids.

Another CIA crime group: Loyal to Familia. Plenty of pics on google. All CIA repticlones. Involved in terror hoaxes.

I get a weird feeling that there is a stretch along I-10 between the town of Iowa, Louisiana and Duson, Louisiana (map) which is heavily supplied with 80,000 CIA MTF repticlones. Like if you go into any street or building around there you will see lots of them. I haven't gone down to check, though. Miss Mamie's Too Casino is just one place that reeks of them (CIA proprietary).
Why this area? I dunno.

Sep 29, '17: (11:35am) When i google images for Loyal to Familia, i get not only the gang emblems but also a very similar symbol which also has the CIA vibe. This traces to ReverbNation, with its CIA repticlone execs. Hmm.

Yesterday was an extreme fake-plane-noise day, from before dawn until late in the evening. At one point i even saw a group of the usual CIA fake vintage prop planes going in a WNW direction. These usually are in groups of 3 or 4, and have deep booming sound effects reminiscent of the '50s, and travel in a line from ESE to WNW. But yesterday these had loud discordant jet sounds.

Today, no noise yet, but plenty of vibeless chem from vibeless sprayers. Note also some "shadow" lines.

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