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Orgone Technical Bulletin #9

Feb. 27, 2004

Written, Drawn, or Etched Stuff
and Eclectic Layering

[original version; more compact version here]

When I read Haroldine's book on lithium-bearing stones, I learned that merely writing GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on white paper with black ink turns that piece of paper into a powerful healing energy device.

Then one of my correspondents, a Mr. Sola, told me about an Eastern practice of writing on copper foil. I tried this with GOLDEN C CRYSTAL and various other things.

The copper version has much stronger energy than the paper version. Aluminum is pretty worthless for this application. [Update: I do, when using aluminum tape, do some rudimentary scribbling on it now. It does help. But it seems a fraction as strong as using copper the same way.] I have not tried brass foil.

Of those I tried, GOLDEN C CRYSTAL was the best, and a close second was the Reiki non-traditional dai-ko-myo. The symbol is drawn starting from the center of the spiral, outwards. Then the top piece is drawn from the edge of the spiral outward. Then the vertical line, etc. As far as I know, I have never received an attunement for this particular symbol, yet it is my favorite Reiki symbol.

CLEAN SKY also has good energy, with a specific practical intent that may be useful.

One can cut little squares or rectangles, write or draw on them, then cast them in orgonite or stuff them in copper pipes for a boost.

Note that there is a directionality: I write or draw on the shiny side of the foil, and that is the side that energy issues from.

Another great application is layering as in Reichian orgone accumulators. I do not make accumulators as such (as a traditional accumulator is dangerous, concentrating bad energy without converting it) but sometimes incorporate the principle in my orgonite pieces. Especially around mobius coils (see my page on mobius coils).

Further notes from Mr. Sola:
The traditional way as in tibet and Northern India of writing morphic messages is the copper foil is cleaned with lemon Juice and then written.
One option is to write on the indentation with a red felt pen again for reinforcing.
Peace is always written 3 times.
One thing is to chant what ever you are writing - when you are writing.
One respected chant is write 3 seed syllables:
OM (general purpose)
Eim (IM) for intellect
Hreem (like cream) for protection and destroying negative energy.
Sri (for prosperity).

"Om eim hreem sri" This is what is written and while writing one should chant it. Take this as fun. It may work.

I admit I haven't followed this. I do sometimes spray a bit of Sally's water on the foil and wipe it off first. I just use a ball-point pen. Still results in quite a powerful piece of foil.

Update June/04: Gabos pointed out that if one writes GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on one side of a piece of copper foil, and draws the Reiki symbol on the other side, it is much better. Comparing 2 similar pieces, one with only GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on the shiny side, and the other with GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on the shiny side and the Reiki symbol on the reverse, the second one puts out much better energy out the shiny side, plus puts out a bunch on the reverse that the other does not. I will be making mine like this in the future.

One can also write GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on both sides, but I find this inferior to having the symbol on one side.

And no need to only put one of these in a device. I largely use these to put in bottles of charged water, which I mainly use as gifts for ponds and lakes. Two of these foil pieces is better than 1, and 3 is better yet. I put 7 in one bottle that I put on a copper pipe on the local municipal supply, and it feels really strong. The bottle also contains labyrinth water, and has a chartres labyrinth pic taped face-in on it (see OTB 12 if you don't know what I'm talking about) and does have an ice-cube unit taped to the base, too.

Then, a few days later, John Pacifico emailed me that the words GOD FORCE written on a piece of paper is pretty good. He works with words of power and these came to him in a vision. So I tried it, and was impressed. In fact, it felt considerably stronger to me than GOLDEN C CRYSTAL.

In any case, I cut 4 similar pieces of copper foil. From weakest to strongest, this is how they felt to me: (The first name of each pair was written on the shiny side of the foil, the second one on the dull side.)

GOLDEN C CRYSTAL + Reiki symbol (formerly my strongest combo)


GOD FORCE + GOLDEN C CRYSTAL (only slightly better than the previous)

GOD FORCE + Reiki symbol (best)

Halleluyah Amen! Seriously, I have no religious agenda; I just report how the energy feels to me.

I mentioned above that I put 7 GOLDEN C CRYSTAL + Reiki symbol foils in one bottle that I put on a copper pipe on the local municipal supply, and it felt really strong. Well, into that bottle I added the 4 various test foils I compared above, plus 3 more GOD FORCE + Reiki symbol, and washing my hands a few hours later, I was amazed at the improvement: it made my hands feel all tingly, even for a few minutes after washing. Feels like a very healing energy.

By the way, much copper foil sold on the internet (though the site may not specify it) is sticky on one side (used for stained glass) and very expensive. I'm lucky I got a bunch of non-sticky foil someone salvaged from a recycle place for me. Good luck finding suitable foil!

Update early July/04: One can even put, say, GOD FORCE and the Reiki symbol both on one side, the symbol sandwiched between the words, and also put GOLDEN C CRYSTAL on the back. This gets outrageously powerful-feeling. Or write GOD FORCE on the top of the face, the Reiki symbol under that, then flip it over and write GOLDEN C CRYSTAL where the indentation is from the Reiki symbol, and put another Reiki symbol back of where it says GOD FORCE. This gets insane: a tiny piece of foil with such radiance.

What might one do with this? Stick it to cell phones? One could "laminate" them with cellophane packing tape, and carry in one's wallet, or tape over chakras, acu-points, or injuries. One can make up a bunch and put them in a bottle of charged water. One could stack round ones with labyrinths sandwiched between and cast that in a muffin mold with orgonite.

I am surprised to note such synergy between symbols kind of mashed-up together. Are there other symbols that would be beneficial? Need to try the OM symbol someday.

If you try this on paper, better results can be had by using a Sharpie marker in the Metallic Copper flavor, which presumably has real copper in it; in any case, it has good energy.

Incidentally, if you desire a unidirectional, diode-like effect from your foil, write GOLDEN C CRYSTAL and draw the Reiki symbol on the shiny side, and write GOD FORCE in mirror image letters on the rear, so that it looks normal when viewed from the shiny side (I chose GOD FORCE for the back because it is easiest for me to write this backward).

"The SHIELD": A reader drew my attention to the graphic device at diviningmind.com. I've played around with this only a bit so far, and just as an energy device. I printed some off, including ones I'd enlarged in a graphics program. Then I traced over the printouts like it said. I find it is pretty strong-feeling, and synergistic with the GOD FORCE, labyrinths, etc. that I've been using in my Reichian-style layering (usually over mobius coils) which is discussed more below.
Tracing over it with a the copper-flavored Sharpie marker is feasible on a larger printout, and makes it noticeably stronger-feeling. As does stacking more than one on top of each other.
However, I'd say that strictly as an energy stimulator, it is inferior to the labyrinths and GOD FORCE, and a lot more trouble (considering it has to be traced over). Nonetheless, there is a synergy factor.

On 7/13, I tried adding the OM symbol, and it only seems to make the energy better yet. I made a flexible orgone device, about the size of an old 45rpm record, with 3 circles of copper foil, 3 labyrinth pics (see OTB 12) and one "shield". I put many symbols and writings (of the above-mentioned varieties) on each side (of each foil) including the choku-rei reiki symbol (different symbol) also on one. One of the labyrinths I used was Reims2 from labyrinthos.net, which has 5 blank spaces in it, each of which I put an OM symbol in. Cellophane packing tape was used to separate the foils from direct contact with each other (they were larger than the labyrinths I sandwiched between them) and to seal the whole mess. This is what I call eclectic layering: powering up of Reich's tech of alternating layers.

I am so impressed by the power of this technology, that, frankly, I see myself using a lot less of cat coils in orgonite in the future. In fact, I see myself using a lot less orgonite in the future, and that largely to preserve these laminated creations in. I foresee a lot of muffins, pie pans, etc.
But I presume that even by their naked selves, these disks will do whatever orgonite can do. The layers supposedly move orgone without cleaning it, but the symbols and writings should ensure that the orgone gets cleaned up.
Try slipping one behind your back between your shoulder blades as you lean back in a chair... ahhh!
This is the most compact and the most material resource-efficient of the "dry" orgone technologies I've found yet. Well, depending on how much one has to pay for the foil.

However, energy-sensitivity is very helpful when making these. There is always a "best" position for any part you are adding to these or other orgone devices. Sometimes one can rotate one component in relation to the rest, until a super-sweet spot is found, then tape it in place. This won't always be at a logical angle to anything else. This gets easier as you build up more on one of these, as they are so powerful "right now" that you get immediate and strong feedback. Once several layers have been built up, it is possible that even a relatively "dense" individual will feel something.

Update August 10/04: I got some different foil from www.ssww.com. I got their 1.4 mil thickness rolls, though 1mil would be enough. This is much thicker and softer (annealed) than the other stuff I had. I noticed that the thicker copper makes a far stronger "plate". It is also much more difficult (compared with the other foil) to write on the backside over the ridges left by writing on the face, because the indentations are so deep. So with this stuff I avoid doing that.

Here is something I made with 4 layers of this thick foil, some packing tape, and 5 copies of the Arras labyrinth, one of my favorites. This unit is slightly larger than a CD. I made all the foils unidirectional and aimed toward the viewer, except for the top one which faces the other way for "bucking energy" (explained in OTB 10). Likewise, you are looking at the backside of the labyrinth pic here.

Speaking of applying bucking energy to this work, originally I put the first 2 foils facing each other (with a taped labyrinth in between). This produced terrific energy, but most of it was out the edges. Then when I added another 2 foils facing one of the directions, it drew a large portion of that edge energy toward the front.

Then I put a 5th foil over the front, this one cut a slightly larger diameter, and crimped the edges over the back. (I had ensured that tape covered the other foils for insulation.) Doing this will draw even more of edge energy forward, although this is not really necessary within a coil like this (a Spurling-type ring would also work) as the coil uses that edge energy.
This foil was also facing the dominant direction, though I accidentally made some of the words facing backward. Anyway, I hung this big "medallion" within one of my tubular oscillating circuit coils on my wall, which makes for some reasonably potent orgone decor. I call it my gong.The lovely green shade of the wall is an inadvertent embellishment courtesy of my digital camera, by the way.

Now, the guy who wrote about this coil said it should never touch metal, but I break that rule sometimes. Here I deliberately have bare copper wire connecting the coil and medallion.

I have cast a somewhat similar disk in orgonite in the past, and expect to do more of that in the future.

Now, some further construction details. I find the best energy results from having GOD FORCE and the reiki symbol dominant, but also including GOLDEN C CRYSTAL and the OM symbol, and even other little symbols you like. I put little OM symbols and reiki symbols in any empty spots left on the foil after the bigger stuff has been done.
For me the best energy comes from aligning the entry path of the labyrinth right over the O in GOD; 2nd best is 180 degrees off. I always alternate, that is, GOD on one foil will be over the FORCE on the next foil, and the labyrinth tunnel will be 180 degrees from the next closest one.


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