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Evil ETs on Earth from Galaxy NGC 4414 (and other galaxies the same race has also colonized)
March 22, 2012: This is another group of evil ETs that look like us. As with many other such groups, most live under ground. Or have; we are eradicating them there.

Some Prominent NGC 4414 aliens: Until recently, this type of ET was usually pretty inscrutable. They would feel normal with maybe a slight "off" vibe, but I couldn't be sure what they were. Sometimes one could blast the heck out of them, and they would still feel pretty "invisible". Mordok could often spot them when I couldn't, but often even then I could not confirm that he was right.
Then a week or so ago I was lamenting to Mordok that The Committee had not been able to come up with a program that would light up these NCG 4414ers. Soon he found something and relayed it to my Yurtles, who set about implementing the program. Now these ETs are easy to find.

Right about then, an NGC 4414 cop ticketed Bal in Salt Lake City. This was the first I was aware that SLC had these in addition to all the other evil ETs there. Well, actually, Mordok has long suggested that the SLC ETs are of the same species as the NGC 4414ers, even though I trace the SLC bunch to the center of this pic. I do now believe they are the same "nationality", but most of the SLC ones are from this other location.
Anyway, there were a bunch from NGC 4414 under the south SLC area. Also 5 of them work at the SLC location of Industrial Suppy. And more work at the other locations. And all those locations had plenty more in underground areas nearby. And once our allies pounced on those, they kept finding more and more tunnels and bases until the entire USA between the Cascades and the Appalachians was DORy from all the action. About 1 billion of these underground ETs were killed. We're still mopping up dregs several days later. And likely will continue to find more for some time.

An example of an SLC ET that comes from the other distant galaxy: Jayne M Bradshaw of Hands From Heaven Massage. DORy parasite. She has the same kind of vibe as the NGC 4414ers. But also, her strain was always much easier for me to detect.

For that matter, Mordok has maintained that the Portland, Maine ETs are also the same group. I don't think I ever found their off-world home, but now I think they are from the same place as the SLC ETs.
Also the ETs that have been in the Dongjum, NE area, who hail from the bright spot near the bottom here, seem to be the same type.

Some characteristics of NGC 4414ers and their close cousins:
  • They often marry an Earthling with a good soul, and covertly parasitize and sicken them. We know of several such instances. Here's a pic Mordok captured from a chat screen the other day. She's married to an online friend. Usually it seems a female ET marries or becomes romantically involved with a male victim.
  • The NGC 4414ers at least, had extensive underground stashes of clones in suspended animation. These clones seemed to be readily-morphable to some extent. I think they had a diversity of clones, and could choose one that resembled a target person, then morph it to suit. Mordok and I are convinced that there are people in our little town of Leslie, AR who are such clones who have replaced real people who were killed.
  • Also they occasionally replace Earthlings with non-clone NGC 4414ers. At least, it is my impression that George Kavassilas was an ordinary guy who got replaced by this ET who is not a clone.
  • They are involved in weather mod with the grays in various ways. Three of them even work for wunderground, including the DORy Kari Kiefer. Actually, she is of another subset of these ETs, who come from NGC 4150. But i think the other 2 working for wunderground are NGC 4414ers.
  • Like the M32ers, they keep evil cats. One family in Leslie even has an evil German shepard. Mordok snapped this pic of a cat stalking him last November.

I first noticed this group on Sep. 28, '10. Blog excerpts are in blue font:
(6:50pm) George Kavassilas (his site) is another evil ET. I had trouble trying to dowse stuff about him, so i asked Mordok to check into it. He did, George sensed it, and George's 6 ET friends, 3 male and 3 female, have been hitting him from here. They are tough. I blasted them with stuff that would neutralize Earthlings, but they bounced back and resumed hitting him. They have not hit me, though.
So now i am blasting these 6 again, as are 4 of the repts up on the ship.

They are from NGC 4414. Feel like satanists. Red Draco are already hitting them there.
Then on Sep. 29 & 30 I wrote:
Sep. 29, '12:(6:20pm) ... And we are still blasting those 6 ETs messing with Mordok...

Mordok found this spot where someone put some type of transmitter that the ETs are using against him. We are trying to deactivate it...

(7:10pm) The position from which those 6 are hitting him (damn, they're tough) seems to have shifted slightly SE to here.
These guys must have an energy source i haven't cracked.

Meanwhile, Mordok called my attention to what he thinks is a stargate here just slightly north of the storage locker where the transmitter is. You can see the storage bldg on that last link; it's the square white thing just south.

Here's what i think happened. There fortuitously was a commercial storage unit right by the stargate, so they rented a locker and put some weird woo-woo device (non-electric) in there. I have an impression of a square thing about 31x31x9".

Then they became so frightened of Mordok that they stupidly hit him with a transmitter that happens to be only like 6 miles from Mordok, making him notice the stargate.

Now, these ETs are in freaking Mt. Shasta in northern CA, almost the opposite end of the country. Isn't it quite a coincidence that they happened to have a transmitter in Mordok's neighborhood?
Makes me wonder, do they have many more of such things around?
I think they're afraid of Mordok because he can dowse their crap better than i can. Meaning, they probably have a lot more crap for Mordok to look for.

(8:30pm) Well, they decided i was a problem, too, and 18 started slamming me from a U base here, which was soon knocked out, yet there is a strong residual nasty energy left. My guys are trying to clean it up, but it's really sticky.
These ETs are really into nasty energy.
Last November someone asked me about George Kavassilas, and i told him he was a satanist. The other guy concurred. Then recently he asked me about him again, and i couldn't feel distinct bad energy off the guy, and thought he might be OK, though his energy was weird and different, and i wasn't too sure he had a soul. And i could not dowse any evil connections on the guy, either.
Add to that the fact that George is refraining from hitting us himself, and one might conclude there is a deliberate policy of trying to make George feel clean, so that people are less likely to notice his vibe.

Interesting thing is, now those 6 guys that have been hitting Mordok are much enfeebled! Maybe the 18 guys at the U base had been feeding them energy somehow.

Sep. 30, '10: (2:50am) I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. Demons weren't helping any. Suddenly, an image of a spacecraft flashed in my mind's eye. It was one of the ships usually berthed in the starship [allied Starship Loohan]. The crew was getting my attention. They were blasting a spot just east of me that was also controlled by these same ETs! Who had been hitting me, which was obscured by demons hitting me simultaneously.
This spot (the green arrow tip) is 1 mile east of me, at a sharp turn in the road. I go by there every time i go into town. I have tossed numerous items into the creek right there over the years, because it seemed to have a bit of a negative vibe.
There are 3 of these ETs in what looks like a mobile home here, just about 9 miles east of me. Now, isn't that a coincidence? Just how widespread are these ETs? I have the impression these 3 have been there for 6 years.
I have actually gone down that road a few months ago with my bustmobile. Maybe i'll drop by again tomorrow with some TBs.
The small ship is blasting them now.

(8:35am) DORy fukrs.
I had my tools and allies working on this overnight. Getting better at dowsing these guys now.
After i went back to bed, i felt another spot that had been found. It is here on Military Road in an area that looks like a military base and has a rifle range and airstrip. Google gives no indication of what this place is. However, by doing some web searching, i found this page which happens to match the address of a bldg i was curious about (note how this map also hides any mention of what is there). So this place is the National Guard, Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation.

Confusing. If you look up Virginia Beach in Wikipedia, there is no mention of any Pendleton. If you look up Camp Pendleton, you get the marine base in California.
In google maps, if you look up you get this, which is our spot at 203 Red Horse Ln, but now called Air Guard, an entity i had never heard of. But Wikipedia says it it the Air National Guard, which i also had not heard of before.

OK, so after some unusual obfuscation, we have determined it is a base of the National Guard as well as Air National Guard.

This is interesting, because for the 1st time we have a gov't tie-in with these ETs.
5 of these ETs live in that barrack. At least they have for the past couple months. I suspect they are pilots.

OK, let's look at that HQ bldg again. It has the DORy vibe of 4 more of those cruds.

Above them i found a U base here with 42 more of these guys (i think we have only found males of this species so far on Earth) with the slow learning curve.
Another one here with 4 guys.
And 3 more in PA.
One in southern MO just about 4 miles east of Air Park South, Ozark, MO.
In that strip of residences to the east of the airport, i feel 21 more of these guys! However, are they National Guard or something else here? I could find no mention of National Guard there...

Found a U base with 32 more in far east MO. Another in AL. And AZ. And TX. And there are plenty more to do real quick before they become smart enough to vacate.

(9:50am) Think we nailed some 82 U bases total worldwide.

Suddenly i got curious enough to explore George's site. What do we find?
  • Here is a Q&A page with all the Qs written by other ETs of his type. One of them steers the reader to, the site of Val Valerian AKA John Grace, the NSAtanist disinfo guy.
    Further down, George says that Mohammed "was a real man with a wonderful message just like Buddha, Isous (Jesus), Krishna, Quetzacoatl etc." Except that he was a satanist and master black magician who got most of the Arab world to bow down daily to the DORiest, blood-drenched rock placed in the biggest, most demon-filled power spot around. It took a lot of work to clear that up. Including reprogramming the rock with the grid program, etc.
    Then he talks about moving through stargates.
    Then another planted Q steers the reader to another disinfo site i hadn't heard of, by Michel Desmarquet, who is also a satanist.
    I only briefly skimmed this page.
  • His forum boasts 92 members. Only 3 of them are more ETs like him. The rest are chumps. The agents are lightwalker, Rebecca, and greg calise (i think the same one who is the author).

    I don't really have much time for this. There's a Camelot Video, even.
    Some stuff about the Sacred Feminine, but i betcha it's warped. Like Sophia-worship. Sophia was a demoness of great power that i fought, jailed, and killed.

    (10am) The Sophia article was written by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike's granddaughter. Ike was not a satanist. But she is. NSA. I found an article by CIAtanist Al Webre...

    (11:30am) Real, real interesting. Since taking out those U bases, i am no longer being hit by demons at all. Even when i try to aggravate them by sending love to my wives. A great weight seems to have lifted off me. Somehow these ETs were apparently creating conditions for demons to mess with us here.

    (1pm) On Aug. 9, '09 i posted near the bottom of the page in OTB 27c about the free "roller" program which requires a rutilated quartz or Labradorite sphere. I have the impression that 6 of my readers have such spheres programmed.
    My guidance is that this is the best pgm to use against NGC 4414, home of these ETs. Use it aggressively, holding it in your hands, and visualizing NGC 4414 inside the sphere. I use the Black Pope as the dumping ground for deflected bad energies.

    (11:55pm) And here is where George resides, i'd wager. The green arrow. He reached out and touched me earlier.
  • More blog excerpts:
    Oct. 13, '10: (7pm) ... On Sep. 30 i wrote about some nasty ETs from NGC 4414:
    There are 3 of these ETs in what looks like a mobile home here, just about 9 miles east of me. Now, isn't that a coincidence? Just how widespread are these ETs? I have the impression these 3 have been there for 6 years.
    I have actually gone down that road a few months ago with my bustmobile. Maybe i'll drop by again tomorrow with some TBs.
    Well, i did go out and do some busting in the area, and today at work i noticed the 3 guys were a couple miles west of there.
    When i got home they were still there, and i was able to look them up on the map. They were "in" a pond! Or rather 40-50' under it. I think they were trying to escape the orgone.
    So i had the Red Draco off them.

    (8:50pm) How bizarre. I was on the trail of something else when i noticed a very DORy spot in OK. Another pond, with 3 more NGC 4414 guys under it.

    Jan. 16, '12: (5:20pm) AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema resigns to run for Congress. Cinema? Another actor? Not sure what the deal is, but she and her entourage all have the same weird nasty vibe. Wish i had teeth like her, though.
    They don't feel like satanists. Possibly they are NGC 4414 ETs.

    (5:30pm) And on her team is Jim Crounse of Mack Crounse Group in Alexandria, Va. In that pic, 6 people in the front row, as well as at least 3 of the others, have this same freaky vibe.
    And we have Karl Struble of the Washington, D.C.-based firm Struble Eichenbaum, who also has the same kind of team members.
    Ditto Grove Insight.
    All these people seem to come from different work backgrounds, however, making it unlikely they are ETs. So why do they all have this bizarre cult vibe?
    Note: they are all evil ETs; all NGC 4414ers. This is the pic presently on the Crounse Group homepage. I sense at least 13 clones, and get the feeling that 52 of these people, including Crounse himself, replaced Earthlings. Some of the clones: Jim Arnold, Shanon Henry, Eliud Arbelo.

    Nobody at Struble's or Grove is a clone. All the guys at Struble's are replacements of Earthlings. At Grove, only Jessica Paulson is a replacement.

    Yet more blog excerpts:
    March 28, '12: (7:45pm) ... Also, we found another strain of what i think are the same race as the NCG 4414ers, except these come from NGC 346. I sense at least 248 octillion there. Also they have U bases all over the Earth. Sittingtaoist has neighbors of this strain who are also Luciferans and into MPD. But that is not normal for such ETs.
    After we mop up a bunch of their DORy U bases, maybe i can locate more above-ground.

    March 30, '12: (5:50pm) And, i think i found yet another sub-strain of NGC4414-type ETs. Example: Owen Walters (pic halfway down page). And i found a U base easily here with 450+ more of them, now being nailed.
    I think these ETs are from the bright star on the right side of this unknown spiral galaxy. Pic from this page.

    (6:15pm) And, today Mordok spotted 3 NGC4414ers walking around in Leslie. We already got a bunch of their underground bases north of here. I tracked those 3 to this house. There are more nearby:
    This house.
    This house.
    In fact, there are many houses in this area with at least 285 ETs.
    Harrison Village Campground and RV Park.
    (end of blog excerpts)

    April 15, '12: This class of ETs is extremely widespread. We are finding them in all the towns around here where Mordok and I live. These are mostly non-satanists, but many elsewhere are satanists.

    These ETs comprise a high %age of the people of Qatar (pix), Bengal (pic), all the Berber People of Morrocco (pix). Many Swedes (pix) and Finns. A great many white NZers (pic, pic). Many Israeli satanists, especially in Mossad. I can spot 3 of them in this pic: bottom right guy, the guy above him, and the guy to the left of the 2nd guy. Also the cop in the center here.
    And almost all Frisians (pix) are also! Even the black guy that comes up is a hybrid.
    The Frisians are different from the other evil ETs though, in that most are not promiscuous. Many are very insular in their incestuousness. Many have only had sex with their parents, children, and spouse. Cuts down on communicable disease, i guess.
    All these Frisians in these pix have had sex with mommy and daddy.

    Some more famous ETs of this class:
    Jordanian royalty (satanists). Jordanian coins say "the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan". Wikipedia says "The Hashemites trace their ancestry from Hashim ibn Abd al-Manaf (died c. 510 AD), the great-grandfather of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, although the definition today mainly refers to the descendants of the prophet's daughter, Fatimah."
    I think Mohammed was actually a shape-shifting reptilian agent of Rome, but this Fatimah has the vibe of this type of ET, as does her mother. I think Fatima's descendants were mostly this type of ET.
    Karl Welz (Austrian satanist) is an NGC4414er!

    Are these ETs reptilian shapeshifters? Not that i can tell. I am unable to detect rept DNA in the clones, and the non-clones only have small amounts sometimes from breeding with Earthlings. However, i can't trust my dowsing too much on this class of ETs, because they are so "cloaky"; hard to read in some ways. There is a video of the Kavassilas clone shapeshifting, allegedly, but the quality is very poor. I have not watched it fully. Note that the interviewer is also NGC4414.

    BTW, note that, in cases such as Kavassilas and some of the ones in Leslie, AR, these are not clones of the people they replaced. Rather, they are lookalikes drawn from a repository of clones (or in rare cases like Kavassilas', non-clones) and then further morphed to resemble the original person. DNA and presumably fingerprints should be different from the originals'.
    Also, possibly they are shape-shifters of some sort but not reptilian.

    May 15, '12: I am no longer able to go to the trouble of re-posting stuff from my blog on this page. NGC4414ers are everywhere.
    My April and May, 2012 blogs are packed with more info on them. Lots of famous names and corporations, including Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, loads of congressmen, Procol Harum and other bands, Monsanto, Walmart, GM, Windstream...