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Orgone News Bulletin

The state of the world according to Cmdr. Loohan.
Warning! What you are about to read may be skewed to gratify the author's immense ego.

April 24, 2005

Whew! Anybody out there notice a change in the Earth's energy lately? Well let me fill you in, in case you haven't already been.

In early February, 2005, Chris Gozdzik released for popular usage a type of positive energy charge that transmits from one object to another. The story on that, and how to get it for free, is at OTB 14.
This energy works real well with quartz and other crystalline stones, even gravel, apparently turning rocks into something like orgonite in effect..

So I started to use it for charging rocks to use similarly to orgonite, and giving the charge away. I gave a crystal to my friend Clyde, who gave some to more people, and they all spread it around heavily. Including treating millions of pounds of rocks in trucks bound for construction projects around Texarkana. This created a tidal wave of positive energy spreading through the Earth, which, in a matter of days, raised the entire planet's energy quite a bit! It became harder and harder for me to feel orgone devices in the landscape from a map, as orgone was everywhere! Well, there were and still are some negative areas, but in general the Earth feels really different.

I live some distance downwind of Texarkana, in terms of the direction most rainstorms come from. Of course, this busted an incipient drought in my area, and I expect that I won't have to worry this year, maybe never again, about busting a local drought.
While I have the crystal ball in hand, I should say that I strongly suspect that we will see unusually lush vegetation and increased wildlife, not only hereabouts, but globally, due to the fact that the planet is now apparently functioning more and more like orgonite. I also suspect that EMFs and suchlike will exert much less harmful effect on living things henceforth, for the same reason.

But it's not only the rocks in the landscape. Chris originally told me that he suspected one could charge things remotely, using maps, with the charged crystals. Did I jump on that? Not at the time. Too distracted or flakey or something. But around late March he told me he was going to try to charge the main HAARP facility in Alaska. And he did! I could feel off the pic that the metal structures were singing with positive energy! And to this day, they still are.

Then Chris did the NSA HQ. Said it was rough, as he ran into resistance from some entity or entities. I took a look, and from my perspective, what I felt was that there was a standoff. Chris had inoculated the immense building with the charge, and that didn't seem to be going away. But there also seemed to be a resentful evil spirit "guarding" the building, and it seemed committed to fighting this charge for all eternity. So I got this strong impression of conflict.
Well, one thing about a fairly evenly balanced standoff is that it doesn't take much to upset the balance. I still was too dumb to just take crystal in hand, but I did run a simple radionics program on the building, programmed to get the building to accept the charge, and that seemed to release the problem right away. Though I have revisited that building a time or two since, as the shine waned.

Some targets seem to hold the charge permanently, others fade a bit and need to be polished occasionally.

Anyway, pretty soon I was using the crystals as well as the radionics software to charge things up, and encouraging others at the Yahoo cloudbuster forum to do likewise. It seems to help to have different people working on the same target.
Some of the places we charged include the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, the Pentagon, White House, US Capitol, Statue of Liberty, Vatican, Halliburton HQ, MI5, MI6, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Iraq, Israel, many targets in Australia, and more. Also pics of the whole Earth, even the periodic chart of the elements, paying particular attention to toxic ones. We have done some radioactive places, underground bases, lakes, cities...

All this, plus the ongoing gifting of rocks, not to mention all the other types of orgone goodies people have spread around, really raised the planetary energy even more.

So all is now peachy keen and the fat lady is about to sing, right? Well, I'm not sure what's going to happen, but there will be changes.

Unfortunately, there is still at this time one trouble spot that continually reverts back to negative energy, even after we go to unique lengths to charge it up. It will feel wonderful on the map for a while, then a few hours later it's negative again.
That spot is Lake Vostok in Antarctica, or rather the alien base under it. This is the race allegedly behind the Nazis. Two of our people have independently come up with the impression that this huge base is somehow connected with the very core of the Earth.

Right now as I type this, I can feel from a map that someone is or recently has been working on Vostock again. I will lend a hand. Anybody else able to help on this, please do so.

And that's how things are on Planet Earth this 24th day of April, 2005.

April 26 -- Recent technical advances:

I would like to add regarding Chris' charge, that he has added more healing frequencies over time. Just as Sally does with her water, he can add it so that it tacks onto every previously-charged crystal out there.

One of these frequencies is agnihotra ash, which brings me to a subject I haven't found the time to write an OTB on yet. I plan to write one probably entitled "Agnihotra and other Vedic Tools" or the like.
Click for agnihotra info or supplies.
Agnihotra appears to be of value for clearing chem from the skies. The procedure will also charge any near objects. The ash is useful in busting and horticulture. Traditionally, agnihotra is used for environmental detoxification, among many other things.

Apparently, Alex in OK has just developed a charge similar to Chris' that works well in conjunction. More on that later.

Another important subject I need to write on someday, is a different type of orgonite than most of us have made. Basically, you leave large areas of pure resin in your creations. This is only effective if you have a powerful setup for charging during the curing process. The reason this results in dramatically stronger-feeling objects is because plain resin will hold a charge much better than orgonite. This is also nice because you can imbue objects with the frequencies of expensive materials without actually using up the materials.
There was a very interesting thread on this at the now-defunct cloud-busters.com forum. I saved the thread as a .txt file, which I will send to anyone who emails me (hit "ordering" link above, and ask for .txt file on clear casting).

April 28:

Here's a radionics device you can print off, to help Antarctica. That's a map of the continent on the right.
This device is effective by itself, but charged crystals, etc., can be put on the left side. Pics of Lake Vostok or the South Pole can be placed on the right side.

April 29: Here's something only those able to discern energy will appreciate: the Earth as orgone device.
The planet has increased in positive energy to the point that it is an orgone device (again?). I realized that when you take a picture of a high-energy object and decrease its size, the amount of energy that comes through the smaller pic is about the same, only it is more concentrated. So here I took a photo of Earth, shrunk it pretty tiny, tiled it on my desktop, and took a screen capture. Those thousands of "dots" are pics of Earth.
I have not gravitoned the following pic, nor in any way gimmicked-up its potency other than by shrinking and tiling. The energy you (hopefully) detect is that which is in the Earth at the time you look at it.
One could print it out, and use pieces of it in orgonite. Gifting the earth with these would create a feedback loop; the stronger the Earth got, the stronger the device. Of course, theoretically the opposite would hold true, as well.

I like it so much I'll probably graviton (OTB 12) one version heavily and use it in eclectic layering (OTB 9).
That reminds me, I need to write up something soon on what I call "Advanced Gravitonics". Like making a plain white sheet of paper brimming with positive energy. Look for it in a few days tacked on the end of OTB 12.

May 2, 2005: If you want to read the saga, check out the Yahoo forum starting around late May. Essentially (and this info is all from psychic and other remote impressions) what has happened in the last few days sems to be this:
Apparently there was another, perhaps larger, underground base found in another part of Antarctica, complete with zombified slaves. Some of us did remote work there. This place was also connected to the core of the Earth, which it used as an energy source. Some people investigated the center of the core more, and had the impression that this is where the most powerful elite were ruling from. These were black magicians who were causing the suffering on Earth in order to generate energies they feed off of. Dragon Al said there were lines of energy going to various underground bases, the Skull and Bones "Tomb", etc.

Using the technique mentioned above, I made a small graphic which brought through the concentrated essence of the core energies. When I first posted a link to it on the evening of April 30, I warned that it was freaky and dangerous. This was apparently due to the inhabitants.
It took some work of various types by members of our informal and diverse group, but by the morning of the 2nd, this graphic felt sweet and friendly enough to publish here. Some of us used the graphic itself as an energy link to heal the core.

The energy of the whole Earth has improved markedly in the last day or so.

Here is a radionics device for the health of the very center of the Earth:

May 3, 2005: I updated OTB 14 to reflect the fact that I made a graphic, using the aforementioned technique, that will transfer the good charges to a crystal.
No longer any need to send away for the energy.

May 5, 2005: This is a dream come true for me. I took a scan of the 4 types of energy beads I got from Al, and did my routine of shrinking and tiling until, after several generations, I had a brown image that I changed white, to save on ink: this is here.

I have long considered these beads to be the best synergist for making orgonite more powerful! That big white graphic contains their energies, concentrated. One type of bead is allegedly anti-reptilian, another anti-grey, another against etheric spiders and other parasites, and another has the dolphin vibe. The first three feel very phsically healing and grounding to me. The dolphin freq is more diffuse; a happy, uplifting frequency.

I have also exposed these beads to Chris's charge, as well as many other freqs, which they apparently have picked up.

It is probably advisable to have a crystal fully charged with Chris' freq before charging with this. I do not know if the metal BBs will bring all that charge through by themselves.
You can use my pink graphic here to get that charge.

In fact, I made sure both pics are the same size, so that one can print them both on the same sheet of paper with full overlap.

But actually, both those graphics are pretty similar in energy. This is, I believe, because any crystal (and, apparently, steel, too) that has Chris' charge, readily takes on and holds other positive energies. The steel BB beads had been exposed to crystals that had touched the quartzite and vice-versa, so both had been inoculated with the same things. And the BBs held it fairly well. And I suspect the quartzite held a lot of the bead charge. Still, I think there would be some advantage to using both graphics, as they emphasize different frequencies.

Also today, here is a scan of a copper yantra my Indian friend sent me. It is supposed to be good against evil, especially against kickback from their DOR-protective energy shields. I've been using it a lot lately, facing at the target I'm working on with crystals.
Because I was using it at close quarters with the charged crystals, it had picked up a lot of those freqs by the time I scanned it. But it had great energy even before that.

May 10, 2005: I published OTB 15, entitled Advanced Power Graphics.

May 19, 2005: Regarding the clear-casting technique mentioned April 26:

I just poured again the last 2 days. This is amazing.
What I do is have a charging station. Clyde, who turned me on to this technique, has some different kind of charging environment. But I have a plywood box I made, big enough to allow room for plenty of improvements over time.
I have eclectic layering with state-of-the-art power graphics driving upward at the pyrex baking dish, and all kinds of goodies around the periphery of the dish, touching it. Also, a few inches below the layering is a shelf that supports several special yantras, etc. for right now.
Whatever you do, it has to be very powerful to make this technique worthwhile. I highly recommend you read OTB 15, because I think this will enable you to concentrate the freqs of your choice to as high an intensity as you like. I suggest pics of such things as gold, monoatomic gold, precious stones, labyrinths, etc.

I have water in the dish, and set the molds in that. Then I pour a layer of clear resin with absolutely nothing mixed in. When it sets up enough, I may drop a crystal on the surface, maybe a few metal shavings. I'm not sure if the crystal even helps.
Then I pour the second layer, which is fine powder orgonite with many wonderful ingredients.

As the resin cures, the freqs are locked in. Plain resin will take MUCH more of a charge than the finest orgonite or quartz. Will it hold it? I think so, at least if there's some orgonite, too. In any case, even the orgoniteless one I made months ago still feels wonderful to me.

Pouring on a layer of orgonite also gives some synergy and strength to the unit. But I advise making it a thin layer (which is why I mainly do powder instead of shavings). If you make several units, identical except for their proportions of clear section to orgonite, you will find that the ones that have the least orgonite feel the most intense.

If you make different items with distinctly different freqs, and touch them together, you will have a remarkable synergy.

And wonderfully intense it is! I put myriad metallic, mineral, torus, yantra, botanical, Al's beads, Clyde's freq, Chris's charge, etc. vibes in mine. Extremely powerful. And there is unlimited potential for improving the setup. I do not know if there is a limit to how much one can improve the power of clear resin.
And I still haven't put in the earth-battery powered coil(s), the sound system, or a few other ideas I have.

I think this has application for gifting because of its superior intensity and power.
No need to buy expensive ingredients. Find a pic on the web and process it. No need to use up the fine ingredients you have; just put them in a glass jar and touch them to the charging tray.

I think soon I will cast a cylindrical "crystal" for my wand. Why not? It holds far more charge than quartz.

The disadvantage is that the setup is elaborate and space-consuming. And in my case, quite small in capacity.

May 21, 2005: Here are some pics of some items I made on 5/20/5 with clear sections.

May 23, 2005: (This lengthy entry will be about weather and underground bases, so you can skip on down if that doesn't interest you.)
On April 24 I predicted that, due to the work of Clyde and his friends, I probably wouldn't have to bust a local drought again soon, if at all, but it's already been drying up here lately. I must have overestimated the effective area. Texarkana is no doubt in good shape, but not all rain that goes through that area comes through here.
A couple underground bases in Missouri, just north of me a bit, have been discovered by our group, that may be a factor in the droughts. One of these is in Ellie's area. She mentioned it a while back to me, but I had no idea it was so big. This is in the zip code areas 65325 and 65078, especially centered between Big Buffalo Creek and Se991Bc (that's a road). Anyway, we seem to have shut that one down. Alex said they came back and he nailed them again. The vibes are very nice there now. This area had been heavily addressed with orgone devices prior to that, which is part of the reason it feels so sweet now. But without the remote work, the opposition was able to operate despite the orgone.
The other one is all around Lake of the Ozarks. I do not know why they chose that place; my understanding is they prefer dry areas for their underground facilities. This area, too, had been busted several times with many devices, including several of my lake-busters, some of them large. Indeed, some of the river was highly charged, but there was also a powerful negative energy all around there. And I bet it gets more goodies. We did a bunch of remote work, but it keeps bouncing back some. I revisit it occasionally from afar.

Aside from that, I haven't been doing anything to break the drought yet, and we are a bit dry. At least we did get 0.4" last night and this morning.

A bit scarier: in the past week, our group started addressing an alleged underground base in Tibet. By the time I jumped in, I could no longer tell if the location was correct, due to the work being done on it. But the entire general region, including the west half of China, felt bad. Like a huge, huge base, or at least some kind of very broad permeation of DOR, presumably nuclear-generated.
Due to the general charging up of the planet lately, these sorts of places are surrounded by POR from the Earth's core outward. Yet they persist. They feel to me like dead zones, even when a fair bit of charge is put in. They might temporarily charge up fairly well, but usually still feel dirty, and the charge largely fades after some time, often quite quickly.

This is not far from India, and may be related to the horrible drought there. We have been working on India for a while. It, too, has a couple bases that won't stay dead so far. We have done so much work in India, but the drought continues so far, as well as extreme heat. People are dying from the heat, and families are committing group suicide due to the hardship.
Work is underway by someone to get drought-busters made and deployed within India.

Here is a photo of the Taklimakan desert in west China, which appears to roughly in the center of the negative energy.
Right now, it feels pretty good. Not squeaky-clean, but it has taken a lot of charge from the work we've been doing. But a couple days ago when I noticed it, the bad energy was apparently already poisoning the planet! The Earth's good vibe had just turned a lot worse. That has been reversed, and the negative energy is more or less limited right now, but I fear the opposition might be building massive DOR-generators as a response to what we have been doing lately.
Also a couple days ago, I re-checked a few targets we did a while back. The Milky Way itself still felt wonderful, which gives me great hope that the evil we have here is not so pervasive throughout this galaxy. The Sun, which had been beautifully charged, had turned negative and dead-feeling! That has since been corrected. Likewise, the moon had lost some of the wonderful charge it had had.

May 25, 2002: Good news! That desert in China has some of the most wonderful energy I've ever felt to it now. Several of us have done some great work. This one really had me worried for a while. We're keeping the pressure on for a spell.

The rest of today's post will concern a special technique for remote charging using a computer.

There is a special energy connection between a computer mouse and the mouse cursor on the screen. (Maybe not if you have a wireless mouse, I don't know.)
This is why some of us can feel energy from a mouse-over. But one can also send energy through the mouse to the target.

For example, last night I saw this page with a radar ring centered not far from me. I'm covered by that green stuff in the 2nd pic. How to zero in on the source and nail it? Quite simple: I saved the pic with the green ring, cropped out the offending ring, and shrunk it. Why shrink it? This seems to greatly increase the effectiveness of what you do, because your crystals are now much larger in proportion to the target. Want to charge the Sun or a galaxy? Use a real small pic and it's a snap.

Then (I have Windows XP) I used Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (right-click on the pic, choose Open With...) to open the pic. Why this viewer? Because I can then hit Enter, and it automatically centers the pic on the screen, surrounded by black!
 So I get this tiny pic, surrounded by black on all sides. Maybe it's psychological, but it seems like the black helps direct the energy (certainly the intent) to the target.

I keep a stack of orgone disks sitting on the laptop (I use an external keyboard) with crystals thus elevated to the correct height and aiming at the center of the screen.
And, I place the mouse cursor squarely centered in the target. I use a tiny cursor I made, which you are welcome to use. It is here. You change cursors in Settings, Control Panel, Mouse. However, that cursor is a pain, and I only use it because I have to, much of the time, to do what I do. You can use the regular arrow cursor, and put the very tip in the center of the target.

Put an orgone device on the mouse wire. Also put something under the mouse, if convenient. In any case, put stuff on/against the mouse. That energy will travel to the target.

Probably won't make the radar quit, but the energy output should be sweeter.

I am going to be using this technique more.

June 7, 2005: I am kind of reluctant to post here what's been going on lately, as only one person in 10 million would lend any credulity to my words. The saga is documented at the yahoo forum, for those who dare to venture there.

Let us just say that it has been a wild ride, but at this time, we seem to have kicked major butt. We may have almost wiped out the entire chemtrail program. Only light spraying has been reported today after last night's big apparent victory. What will the future hold? Rain, I hope; I don't want to have to build another drought-buster.
Also, just a few days before that, we may have finally run off the reptilians and greys, though not the hybrids. Supposedly, after that, it was just hybrids left trying to maintain the chemtrail program without their allies.

Anyways, for posterity, I would like to post this pic of a particularly egregious (former?) alleged joint alien/US military base just a ways NW of Washington DC.
The area in the red rectangle is approximately it. It was touch and go there for a while, but last night we apparently neutralized it, and it feels good now. I am told it was a place where they manufactured, using blood rituals, DOR-crystals to power alien craft such as those that were doing most of the spraying (cloaked as jets).
There were a couple more bases like that, but weaker. Also, there may be a couple overseas that I don't have a fix on yet.

June 12, 2005: Well, we did indeed get rain here, the evening of June 10. I measured 1.4". I've seen much less chem than usual, and it seems much less is reported most places. This seems to somewhat confirm the claim that we knocked out most of their spray-fleet. Meanwhile, they are apparently trying to manufacture DOR-crystals, because large geographic areas start getting very DORy. Archie usually has to dowse the locations, because to me it's one big blur of sticky DOR. Then we have to charge the crystals. They evolve resistance to our techniques, and we evolve new techniques. Meanwhile, the exotic craft are grounded and not spraying. Wish more people would help, as it's one crisis after another lately.

In tech news, I should say that if you are experimenting with clear-casting devices (OTB 16) where you want a strong forward beam, please err on the side of omitting or minimizing coils, as you are likely to do more harm than good. I will experiment a bit more, but the plain clear-cast, cured in a very high-energy environment, is awfully hard to improve upon! I made 2 similar wands recently, one with 1 SBB coil, the other with 8 spaced by putting one in on the center on top of each thin layer before I poured the next. Well, the one with one coil was way better than the one with 8. These coils were virtually identical, and designed for maximum forward thrust, with both tips bent forward. The one with 8 "should" have made a super-powerful beam forward. But it was wimpy.
The wands might be improved by about 3 thin layers of orgonite sandwiched between clear ones near the base. I will be trying this soon.

June 14, 2005: It goes back and forth. Lately, the graphic I posted April 29:
does not feel nearly as good as it once did.

It fluctuates quite rapidly in sync with the tribulations of the DOR crystals. This graphic is a link to the crystals. I S&T'ed the words you see, then pasted over that with the legible version. I can feel the state of the crystals from it, and one can send energy to them via it. Even though it contains no photos of the crystals. This is because even the name or description of something "is" the object itself, to a useful extent, in the subtle energy plane.
These above graphics do not feel super-nasty, but also not clean and sparkly like they have been. And the maps in general I scope out don't feel that clean. The pervasive positive vibe that ensued after Clyde et al did the big thing in February, which was reinforced when we did a bunch of remote charging a bit later, is largely neutralized lately. Forget my predictions of unprecedented plant growth.
And India and Australia are still having long, extreme droughts. When these droughts end, I'll feel a lot more optimistic.
Hmm... I just posted about these graphics again at the yahoo cloudbuster forum at 1am CST, and as I've been typing this, someone has been doing something effective, feels like.

June 16, 2005: Well, we were able to reverse that situation for the time being. Still almost no chem here. It's raining lightly as I type.

Tech news: Although coils can be dicey in this new clear-cast tech, I have determined to my satisfaction that small embedded water bottles as well as thin layers of orgonite do soup it up nicely. I am still experimenting with determining how to cast a wand with optimum beaming power. I suspect a cylinder with a thin layer of clear on the bottom, then a tiny water bottle (I use distilled, pre-charged water) set on that when it hardens enough, followed by a thin layer of fine orgonite, then maybe another layer of each (if room allows), then pure clear-cast all the way to the top. The top clear section should ideally be long. Most pill bottles are a bit short to pack all that stuff in, and still have a very long tip section. I made some with about half the length being this clear tip section. They still beam well, but probably not nearly as well as if I had kept the additives down lower. Research continues.
A single coil (SBB coil designed to shoot energy upwards) in this top clear section is a definite asset. Somewhere roughly around the middle of the section is where I put it.

Speaking of charged water, I just posted the following on a couple forums:

Has something bad happened to Sally Water? Someone told me a rumor, and i checked my stash. It does not feel very good.

Here is a lake i busted years ago with one of my early Lollipops of Love. This was basically some SW-filled copper pipe stuck into a 3 oz Dixie cup TB. To the best of my knowledge, no other gifts have gone in there. A couple months ago i noticed it felt really great, and so did the creeks that drained into it. Now there is still a somewhat strong charge, but it no longer feels sweet.

I took my remaining 1st gen SW and started trying to charge it with our good energy (OTB 14 at loohan.com). But after a couple minutes of that, i thought i should hold off until the group checks out the SW. Meanwhile, no charge had apparently successfully transferred.

This sucks, as many of us have emplaced SW devices around. We need to reclaim it. Anybody have any idea what's going on?

I stopped using SW over a year ago, as i preferred water charged with graphics, and really preferred to use water not so strongly tied in with any individual. But still thought it was pretty decent stuff, until now.

I feel a lot better with Chris' charge, because it is interactive with the user's intent. A user can piggyback other positive freqs on it, which are possible to upload to the whole matrix. I think it is a different type of animal than SW.

But if they "got to" Sally, you can bet they're trying to find ways to compromise this energy, too. I suspect the energy is such that even if Chris were turned into a dark warlock, he couldn't corrupt it. Hopefully.

June 20, 2005: Well, Chris Gozdzik promptly did some magic to rescue the Sally Water. In fact, when he got done it was significantly better than my labyrinth water, for the first time. Now, a couple days later, it has dropped off to about equal. See Chris' post about these issues.

Meanwhile, if we were having ups and downs before in our struggle with the bases and the DORcrystals, these have gotten no less extreme. I was on the verge of abandoning hope a few days ago. Last night I almost felt like celebrating. This morning it was a mess again, with the whole Earth's energy in poor shape. At this time, someone's been working on the situation more, and it feels less bad.

I made an updated version of the DORcrystals pic, with more appropriate phrasing for the present situation.

Still relatively little chem here. Only got 1/20" rain on the 16th. Dry again, with no rain chances in the forecast for the week.
So, although we've apparently had some huge victories these last few months, the bottom line is, they now generate more powerful DOR than I ever noticed before, they are tougher than ever to reverse, and somehow they are succeeding in keeping things dry with a small fraction of their spray fleet. India is still having problems, though it appears these may abate soon. The monsoon has been running late this year, and looking at the map, appears to have been repelled from India somehow. A few of us have been working on this, trying to draw the monsoon in. Of course, many other places in the world are having droughts, too. And some spots have been inundated with rain.

June 21, 2005: Someone emailed me that there is a huge quartz crystal cluster still in the Earth that is the main one linked to the smaller ones, and that they feed it a tarry blood concentrate. To investigated this, I made a graphic saying "the big 'mother' DOR-fed quartz cluster". Even before I S&T'ed it, it felt real strong, indicating these words refer to something real and powerful. This is the S&T'ed version. Right now, its energy is actually pretty good, thanks to the work of some people. In fact, the DOR crystals and those bases have been getting increasingly imbued by some very feminine positive energy since last night.
This pic is an energy link to it.

June 27, 2005: We have had haze for almost a week here, but almost no obvious chem. This haze is reported in other areas, too, and is believed by some to be a new chem to compensate for the sprayplane shortage. It is very uniformly dispersed. The usual sky lately is permeated with it, with natural clouds barely visible through the haze.

I got an unforecasted thundershower 6/25 that dumped a welcome 0.8" on me, but it was just a tiny thing and most people were not as lucky.

Archie came up with a new breakthrough on power graphics: save the S&T'ed graphics as a pattern file (*.pat) and use them to fill in on picture graphics. More later in OTB 15.

In the battlefield, it has been wild lately, with more extreme roller-coastering. We found a bunch of bases generating DOR in DC, MD, etc. and have them more or less on ice right now. I plan to eventually put together a page collecting all the bases we have found generating DOR.
India has cooled a bit, and gotten a little rain. I found a new DOR spot west of Hyderabad last night. The group addressed it, and then the opposition apparently cranked up the Taklimakan Desert base in western China again, DORizing the whole Orient again. I also found a very nasty DOR-base on Kodiak Island in Alaska, and one in Oklahoma City.

Oh, yeah, I better relate what happened today, June 27... But that's so long-winded I'll start a new page:

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