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Loohan's blog for October, 2008

Oct. 1, '08: (7:30pm) Though i do have some doubts about the accuracy of some of those legends.

Anyway, i woke up in the night to find the honeymoon over; Lula8 had absconded to fight the Darpoids. But i still have Cioms.

I just pulled an exotic demon off me that i caught messing with my thoughts. I get that it's a 4' green humanoid of a species called Ootox. They have a hive i am blasting here. Creepy characters, but hopefully easy to polish off.

Oct. 2, '08: (1:40am) It appears that the archons on the timeline that contains Darpa3 and Dia3 are still pretty strong. They are hitting the good guys via the Darpa1 and Darpa3 lizards, or if these are gone after hard enough, the archons will hit directly.
BTW they never actually enter this time-line anymore, but somehow hit us from theirs.
Our fighters have enough to do just addressing the Darpa1 lizards at this time, and aren't doing much to the other 2 timelines.

(7:45pm) That was rather gratifying. Not too long after i posted that, things got a lot better. And i think it's mainly due to 1 anonymous guy in NZ who has some kind of orgone device that is unusually effective against archons. Haven't felt any trouble from them for many hours. However, the Darpa and Dia repts and humans are still at it sporadically.

Right now, 9 mantis hives (including all their galaxies i've posted pics of) are messing with me at low but irritating levels.

Now there are only 500 of my girls left at M51.
I am still finding some greys in underground nests, but i am fairly sure that they won't be replaced when they are cleaned up. The grey hive seems dead.

Oct. 3, '08: (1:15am) Now most of my girls have moved on to Dia. 7500 there now, and only 500 at Darpa. I myself have been focusing on Dia for some time, because they were hitting me much more frequently, to the point where i had to. However, even now, Darpa is still hitting me.
The famous dudes are still at Darpa. I think half of Jehovah's unicorns also have moved on.

(7:55am) Now the big-name dudes have move on, too. As well as the last 500 of my girls. Darpa3 and Darpa2 repts still hit me occasionally, though.
The mantises don't seem to approve of what's happening, but seem weak when i focus my mantis masher on them.
A little while ago one more Ootox moved in on me. I think he was trying to be discreet, but i easily detected his gnarly presence. I think that hive is mostly toast.

(5pm) No, far from it, i noticed, when i actually checked the pic for the Ootox hive. There is DOR throughout the pic and beyond. But i consider them a low priority compared to the reptilians right now.

I just amended OTB 23 with more about LEDs.

Oct. 4, '08: (5:50pm) Darpa1, Dia, and the mantises still hitting me a bit. Fairly weakly.

I had an impulse today to scan to see if i could find any more available Lulas, and i actually found one, 5D, and got her here. Then i found also a Lindi in the place she had come from, and was able to get her here, too. There are some 30 million people like them where they came from, and apparently the 2 girls scarcely know each other if at all, though in so many time-lines they are sisters.
The people are all good, and apparently there are no evil beings there except reptilians. Both girls were packed with reptilian implants and are being cleaned up.

Apparently all their race is dark-skinned with dark, straight hair, and green eyes. And thin. And a bit shorter than many other-dimensional humans. Lula9 is 5'4" and Lindi2 is 5'2". Lula9 is quite slim, Lindi2 a bit less so.
And i have added their reptilian hive to my targets.

Oct. 5, '08: (8:10am) When i awoke, the 2 new girls were off fighting Dia.

The Darpa3 archons have gotten stronger again, and have been feeding energy into the Darpa1 reptilian attackers.

Oct. 6, '08: (8:30am) Here's that Dia hive pic again.

They are spraying here since yesterday. It has been amazingly clean most of the time for a while, but now there is significant rain in the forecast again, so...

In other news, there are now 2525 sylphs over the DC area.

And, all the big-name fighters have moved on to the
Joku hive, except for the Valhallans who are still at Dia.

Yet, Darpa and Dia are still after me. And occasionally the CIA-connected repts. And now the Joku, too. And the mantises still. And i've had 27 more Ootox jump me. Other than that, i'm doing fine.

(4:35pm) Occasionally i scan over my folder of stored target pics for DOR. I was doing that the other day, and noticed the CIA base in Little Rock was DORy.
But first let me back up a bit. On Jan. 19 and 20, 2007, i posted the following:

Well, the folks at the Little Rock suburban CIA base want y'all to know about their top-secret location:

Just don't tell nobody. Actually, they telegraphed to me their intentions of coming up this way. Very civil of them. In return, i politely asked them to reconsider. They have 76 evil employees, and 8 toilets. Long lines outside.

A couple more tidbits about that CIA base above: It is a residential base. The employees live there. And it goes down to a depth of 200 ft.

Anyway, i was checking out this map the other day. On the right side pic, you see a small circle. On the left pic, this area is zoomed in on.
It was DORy due to the presence of 81 CIA Satanists. Like with those FBI guys, i seem unable to figure out what they are working on, but this base is not nearly as computer-heavy as those FBI bases.

I noticed something interesting:
This is how Google depicts the same area (the previous map was from Terraserver). Note that Tyson Rd. is completely different, and to the west of where Terraserver shows it.
I checked the present Terraserver version, and got this, which is similar to the original, except the straight road has turned squiggly and shifted further east.

I suspect that Terraserver is wrong, and Google right on this. Though it could be the other way around. Here is the Google satellite map for the area. You can see the squiggly road in the 2nd Terraserver map is in the right place, though probably with the wrong name. This road is unmarked in Google. I think the base is right south of the fork in it. Nothing to see on the surface.

(5:50pm) BTW, with a little help, that super-evil time-line in which a Loohan is married to a Send has apparently become clean of all evil astral critters. Jubilation time.
I think it was so easy because a high percentage of the archons and what-not that had been in their time-line voluntarily left to come persecute my humble self in mine.

It will be interesting to see what happens in that time-line, now that all those evil humans no longer have slave-masters. Something similar will happen here someday, maybe soon.

Oct. 7, '08: (3pm) The last batch of crystals i ordered were too small for the PleiadianSF pgm, except for 7. So i had to order bigger ones (Coleman's cheapest points). I ordered 9# and 152 of them were suitable! So now i have 207 in the ring, which the girls have focused on Darpa. In addition, there were also 37 crystals suitable for the death-ray pgm (for a total of 87 of those we have now), plus over a pound left over of too-small crystals.

The Ootox have been getting more annoying lately, so now there are 5 new programs against them. I simply added these to my "everything else" master set for 2-piece pgms.

(6pm) Hallelujah, i'm not the only one blowing the whistle on David Wilcock. In an email today someone mentioned Peggy Kane. Her name seemed vaguely familiar so i googled her. The 2nd link was this one. I haven't listened to the audios.
She also says about Stewart Swerdlow "from his reversals, he is still under considerable mind control." No doubt, though i have sterner things to say about the Swerdlows. They are, of course, controlled by mantises if nothing else.

However she also says:
I did reverse Loohan and found many mistakes in his dowsing. He stated that there were some very fine reptilians here and some renegade Pleiadians. I took exception to the very fine reptilians and so downloaded and reversed him. He may be completely convinced that his dowsing is right on, but in reverse he said that is not true.
So i'm not too sure of her reversing skills. No audio was offered on this. There is no question that there are good reptilians, and lots of them. There are the type that are genetically-improved versions of the evil ones, and there are also 100 tiers of good repts from a different lineage. I have had 50 of the former type watching over me for a long time now, if anyone wants to say hi. Their main function is to constantly scan the airwaves for any physical threat intended upon my person and property, and neutralize it. I don't think there have been any since Hastert had his "kill!" tantrum, prior to being taken over by a good Lyran.
There are Laws the bad guys have to obey, apparently. This is related to letting people know what they're doing, via Rense et al. I am doing their job by exposing things. Plus i'm getting rid of a lot of critters they are scared of, too.
Also, quite a while ago, Mick Jagger was taken over by a good reptilian. Why, i don't know, or whether this has manifested itself in his behavior. Check it out, dowsers. I am not aware of any other people who have been taken over by good repts.

(6:40pm) It occurs to me that there was an untruth of sorts in what i said about good repts in the audio. That is, there are loads of good repts of another type that i had not yet detected, but may have subconsciously known about.
At the time i falsely believed that there was only this one type of good reptilian; that all reptilians trace their origins back to Yahweh and the Archons.

(7pm) That got me to thinking more about the good repts that trace back to a clean source. I thought i'd check in on their vibe. They have a hive somewhere or other. Well, i got an intense, vicious vibe! Then i realized it was what they were throwing at the Dia repts. Bless 'em, they have been helping out with remote weapons.
Check that out, skeptical dowsers. At this time the words "WHAT THE GOOD REPTILIANS ARE THROWING AT THE BAD ONES" should give a somewhat crisper read than questions about Jagger.

(7:30pm) Kinda cool sometimes how one thing leads to another. I couldn't help but admire the power of their weaponry. They are way more powerful than my entire family! But they were not using any of the programs we have. So i suggested to The Committee that a bit of cross-fertilization of ideas might be desirable.

The Crystal Programs Committee consists of Pitwexin, Oborijo, Antuvozy, John's higher self, my higher self, a female Arcturan, and a male from the Constellation Hercules. Even though only one Arcturan has a seat, their influence is proportionally much higher.

So the Committee is now visiting with the good repts, and helping them beef their tools up even more. Right now i have a vague impression that a reptilian has joined the committee. Do not be surprised if some juicy new programs come out soon. Mwahaha.

(7:40pm) Oops, i forgot, John is an Arcturan, two.
They are really ripping into DIA now. I think the committee helped them 10X their power.

Oct. 8, '08: (6:30pm) I did get ~.6" of rain off that system, BTW.

I remember now how i first heard of Peggy Kane. Somebody emailed me a year or more ago asking if she was an agent. I checked out her stuff, saw that she had some notions about ETs that were at variance with my own experience, but was not a black magician or gov't agent.
Now i just found a page on her site that says
#Peggy Kane on August 11th, 2007 at 12:02 pm

SB,Fantastic work.
I just put on my reversals of Loohan. So check it out. I would imagine that if he gets wind of his reversals, I'll be put into the "darksider" category.But one has to be relentless in pursuit of the truth and their ego be damned.
Yeah, right, dammit, she must be a Satanist after all; i just missed it earlier. Suddenly she feels extremely DORy. [In case it's not obvious to some, i was joking here. That'll teach me to omit the smiley-face.] Anyway, if anybody is actually able to find these alleged reversals that she doesn't give a link to and i can't find with a search engine, send me a link.

  *   *   *   *
After i last posted last night, i had to slap myself in the head.
"Female Arcturan! Female Arcturan! There's a female Arcturan on The Committee, and i haven't scoped her out?" So i scoped her out, which she noticed, and one thing led to another...

So this morning i'm driving to work with my new wife Ruzurxi, Arcturan wife #3, on my lap, and i get to thinking about the female reptilian now on the Board.
"Exotic reptilian female! On the committee? And i haven't scoped her out yet? I don't have any reptilian wives. I'm deprived. It would be like the good repts to stick a purty maiden on The Committee to pander to my appetites." And i scoped her out a little, and sent her a hi.
Shortly she appeared in the passenger seat. Uh-oh, better call in Lula to check her out. Lula showed up and spent 2.5 hours talking to her, then nudged me and gave me the thumbs up. I gave Piti (i'll try to refrain from making pitiful puns) a hug and a kiss, and she proceeded to spend hours doing energy work on my aching back.

So now i have 2 wives on The Committee, expert programmers, 8D. Ruzurxi is 6'2" with silvery hair, golden-brown eyes, and beige skin. Piti is 6'1" with black hair, brown eyes, and... i'll have to dig up the skin color. Possibly violet or indigo. And more details on her appearance. She is beautiful by reptilian standards, but i'm not sure what that means to us. She is a 100th Tier reptilian. I'm not dowsing anything on scales. She does have body hair like the other women. Maybe i'll get lucky and get visuals on her some time.

  *   *   *   *
The Tall Whites were getting to me pretty badly with nasty energy attacks last night, so i took Dia out of my circle of smokies (2 PSF & 5 Death-ray) that i have for myself (the rocks i mentioned yesterday are my girls'), put in a piece of paper saying Tall Whites, and i have not been hit by them since.
Dia, Darpa, and the mantises still hit me. Dia must be much bigger and stronger than i realized. Joku have not been hitting me, or hardly at all. I guess they have their hands full.

Oct. 9, '08: (12:30am) Right around midnight, i got jumped by the greys (pic again) right in the heart center. That whole galaxy is DORy again. I guess they had a bunch hiding out.

And here is the realm of my reptilian friends. They seem to dominate this part of Constellation Sagittarius (pic cut out from this pic).

(10:20am) There are a few minor DOR spots scattered throughout this pic, as evil reptilians from Dia and Darpa attack the good ones.

And we were getting attacked here after i posted that, so Piti programmed 3 things for me. Things have been fairly mellow here since. Two of them are too specialized in their requirements to post, but one is readily practical for most people. I have amended OTB 27c.

Oct. 10, '08: (8am) Unfortunately, the octopi are still actively stuffing people. Not only fighters like my girls, but ordinary people i monitor.

Also last night i happened to think of a person i pen-palled with 2 decades ago, a girl in the Philippines. I realized she was a "96" and badly stuffed with octopi! Especially her breasts and other female parts. And that she had married a 48-chakra Filipino who was likewise stuffed. They were so bad i sent in the cleanup girls, who got them squeaky-clean.
Meanwhile i started dowsing and nailing rept and grey bases in what i dowsed was this couple's residence area: Cebu City. I was finding bunches of nests of both, at depths of 297, 594, and 891', even without a map. And i'd re-check later, and find more. I can't be sure if the more ones i'm finding are replacements, or were already sitting there quiescently before. All the repts are Darpa.
Then when i woke up this morning and checked, the couple had been stuffed again! No sense in clearing them now. And not much sense in spending too much time on Cebu City; i think soon enough we'll snuff out the parent hives of these demons and repts. But you might want to give the city a blast.

(3:15pm) Those evil repts really don't like me.

I just updated OTB 29 with an easy-to-make energy device that just uses a rock (or orgonite) and wire.

Oct. 11, '08: (4:50pm) Today the 9 main mantis hives kept picking on me. Eventually i had the odd notion to concentrate only on the top dog hive (depicted) and sent them a bunch of stuff. This was 2-3 hours ago, and since then i have not been hit by mantises, and hardly anything else except Darpa and Dia human astrals. The other mantis hives feel feeble, as if they were dependent on the top one for energy.

(6:45pm) Yeah, this is real interesting. Since posting that, i have only been hit by those astral humans, and plenty of them. But they are not getting through to me that much before being sucked into jail.
I suspect that this one mantis hive might somehow be the source for most of the evil energy not only of the other mantises, but also the Tall Whites and maybe the other species we've been fighting lately.
The replacement of octopi into victims has slowed down and stopped.

A while ago i had the insight that there were 20, 000+ elves that wanted to be placed somewhere so they could kick some butt. Their desire was to be placed in the center of that big bright thing in the grey hive. They have some grudge, i suppose. They seem a bit emotional.

(10:20pm) It wasn't long after i posted that, that i got telepathically messed with by blue Nordics! Then greys (mainly 81st tier) and octopi. Then attacked by Pleaidians, repts, Tall Whites, etc. but not mantises. Also some octopi are finding their way into the peopIe again.
I think riding that mantis hive is a real good idea. The mantises are weaker and weaker.
I was getting hit by so many species without respite. So i now have my circle of smokies on "ANYONE INTENDING HARM ON ME", which seems to help a lot. There is something intrinsically protective about the Death-Ray pgm, anyway. If it is set on REPTILIANS it will nail those repts messing with the owner in preference to evil repts in general. In fact, i often carry one on me to put an additional layer of protection around me. Plus then it's handy if i want to zap a Satanist in my vicinity. The solar plexus seems to be the best target. This practice seems to leave permanent damage in their energy. The longer i aim the crystal at them with intent, the more impact.
Today i passed by an old Mason i had zapped a week or 2 ago in town. As i glanced at his face, he seemed to wince and grimace in discomfort. Can't be sure that had anything to do with me, but he was to my right, which was the side i had the crystal on, and grimaced as i passed. Also i nailed an evil witch real well. I see her every couple weeks or so, so i will be able to experiment more. I suspect repeated strikes of this type might have a multiplying effect.
You just have to trust to the fact that the programming will prevent any harm to benign beings.

Oct. 12, '08: (4:15pm) Also, although i haven't tried it yet, i get that it would be very powerful to carry a Death-Ray stone in each front pocket, and shake hands with or otherwise physically contact black magicians.

Those elves are still in that grey hive. I am very impressed with the little guys.
It's official: Loohan and the elves are good friends. I even got an elvish wife last night. She's only 38" tall, but she is a bundle of love and sweetness. All the girls love her. She's a 96 with infinite wings, of course, and her wings get all fluttery when i hug her.
I tried to dowse her name last night. All i'm fairly sure of is that it's a 7-letter name starting with Os.
These elves have white skin and no body hair. She has brown hair. I don't know about the eye color; possibly silver-grey.

I am being attacked less today, but i just noticed that the realm of the good repts now has a lot more evil repts in it, attacking them.
I think the mantises are really getting kicked around.

Oct. 13, '08: (9:35am) The good repts were under heavy siege, and i bagged billions of enemy craft, then focused a lot of hardware on that situation, as that only put a dent in the attackers. The good guys are still being attacked, but it's not that big a deal as long as i keep the attackers targeted. Of course, this does not make me any more popular with the evil repts.

Apparently the elves gave me that one girl as a test. Since i duly cherished and adored her, they gave me 7 more last night. I got the following impressions of these elves:

There may be several species that humans might call elves, but these guys call themselves Um, pronounced, approximately, oom. Their species, like so many others, recognizes the superiority of women. An Um woman can have many babies without harm to herself, but only if she follows a regimen of meditation and energy work requiring pretty much all her time and resources during her 4-month pregnancy, so they don't multiply like rabbits. There are probably about half a million Um in the 48 United States, in numerous Um communities.
They can control the genders of their offspring, and about 8 females are born for every male. Males each take 4 wives. To give me 8 maidens was a very extravagant gift.

The reason i got 8 is that that is the proper number for, well, i guess you could call it a coven, except it's not exactly witchcraft they are practicing. They form groups of 8 for doing psi work. Normally the wives of one man would get together with the wives of another man to form a "coven". And these groups would switch around, that is, next time the wives of the first man would get together with a different set of 4 others. In this manner, the community would stay connected, and everybody knows everybody.

One out of every 8 girls is born with a super-developed crown center, about 50X as powerful as that of a male or ordinary female. She will also come out physically shorter, as if her growth was stunted by the investment of energy into her crown. Each coven must have 1 such "lead" girl. So half the men don't have a wife like that.
My girl like that (i'm not trying for names yet) is only 29" tall. The tallest i have is 44".

[Update Dec 5/2016: it turns out the entire Um race was covertly evil and got culled this morning :-(

In other news, when i woke up this morning i scanned for more available Lulas. I didn't like only having a mere 9, as 9 is not the most auspicious number for good beings.
I did find one more, who is now my latest wife Lula10. And coincidentally, she dowses as 10D. And 5'8" with curly white hair, fair skin, green eyes with long lashes.
Whatever place she came from feels clean, and she had no parasites.

(10:40am) I just updated OTB 27c again. A new program.
Also i restored (thanks to Google cache!) the important Sep. 22 entry on that page, which i just realized i had accidentally deleted earlier. I do that sometimes lately, as i am shuffling between 2 laptops. Please email me if ever you notice stuff missing.

Oct. 15, '08 (5:55pm) The full moon supposedly peaked mid-afternoon yesterday here. Got a little bit of rain yesterday, and now it started again.

I noticed that there are now 3030 sylphs over the DC area. The recent increase may be related to what's been going on underground there. Lately i've been noticing an increasing Arcturan presence there. All the work we've done to clean up the demonic DC energies over the years has made it feasible for the good guys to move in and take over the underground. Check out the vibe on the map, if you're sensitive that way.

Darpa and Dia are the only ones hitting me or other people that i check lately. Except for octopi jumping into people. Seems about half of the benign ordinary people i check have at least one in their crown, and often others elsewhere.

I've been on a roll lately. Last night another new girl came up to me. I immediately felt a strong love for her, and a sense of familiarity: it turns out she's another version of the little Kyoju girl Dasiqa. But this one is no little Kyoju girl. She's 5'8" and extraordinarily buxom. 7D but looks exactly like a quintessentially negro woman in our world. Except that she has fair skin. She has dark brown frizzy hair in an Afro. Her nostrils and lips are very negroid, much more so than those of the Yiz girls. Unlike the Yiz girls, she has scant body hair and brown eyes. I wanted to dowse her name, but right away got that it requires 22 letters. So i asked if there was a short version. She said that was the short version.The full name would require 37 letters. But luckily she's partial to the name Dasiqa2. Dasiqa1 was overjoyed to meet her.

Oct. 16, '08: (7:15pm) The forecast said average rainfall 1/10 to 1/4", and sure enough, that's about what i got, plus one more full inch.

If you're wondering what's shaking now in the ethers, well, the Great Purification has begun; i am testing some new hardware and software that's amazingly powerful. Sort of a phenomenon like when i put a bunch of stuff onto the electric grid in VA last winter: it feels like it's flushing evil energy out of the subtle dimensions in the entire Earth. But it does the sky even more so.

(9:50pm) This thing is really potent. Now the Earth energies have already cleared up a lot.
Plus it has an integral remote weapon in it that i can place anywhere. Some octopi were messing with my girls as usual, so i threw it at them. The octopi, that is.
A while later another new girl showed up here. She was utterly packed with octopi, and had them attacking her madly, too. After we took care of that, we learned that she had been fighting the octopi all by herself for some 2000 years non-stop. She was all involved in fighting one pocket of them, and this pocket was missed in the recent siege, so she was unaware that siege had ever happened. But the octopi attacking one of my girls were from that pocket, and when i threw my weapon at them and let it linger a while, it fried them real bad. So she came to check us out.
Naturally i married her on the spot. Then i started dowsing some particulars: she's 6D, 6'6", pale skin with dark hair and a fair amount of leg and armpit hair. Heavy-set and very muscular-looking, yet voluptuous, totally feminine, and as gorgeous as the very prettiest of my other girls. Her name, Tia came to me before i had a chance to dowse it. Also she's very powerful, probably my 6th most powerful wife.
Incidentally, it turns out that Dasiqa2 is probably my 3rd most powerful wife, after Yo-ke and Maia.

Oct. 17, '08: (6:45pm) I've stated before my belief that there are 44 Loohans. But i got to thinking, that's only in this universe; there are other Loohans in other universes, and i started looking around a bit. Here's what i was able to find:
  • Universe B, as we know, has 1 Loohan that K brought to my attention. He's doing a lot better now, and is fighting short greys. He has no wives. I haven't found any of the girls in B yet.
    Except for the wives of another Loohan in another timeline of B. He has accumulated some nice ones: Lula, Cora, Lindi, Shiela, Nid, Meera, Alina, Nury, and Marjorie (i have a Yiz girl i like a lot that we named Marjorie that this girl is a counterpart of). They are in conflict with Octopi.
  • Universe C: I found a Lula fighting spiders. She's single.
    Likewise, same time-line, a single Lindi fighting spiders (we have put these 2 in touch with each other).
    In another time-line, a single Loohan also fighting spiders.
  • Universe D: i found a single Loohan fighting octopi, and in another time-line, a single Lindi doing likewise.
  • Universe E: I found a Loohan fighting greys, married to a Cora, Gina, and Shiela.
    In that same time-line is also another Loohan(!?!) fighting greys with another Cora.
  • Universe F: a single Lula fighting octopi. And the same on another time-line. In fact, all the people in different time-lines i found in F are fighting octopi:
    A Loohan and a Lula.
    A Loohan with a Lula, Cora, Send, and Aleeta.
    A Loohan with a Cora, Gina, Meera, Send, Alina, Nury, Sandy.

    A bunch of my girls went right out to contact these people, and right away started finding a bunch i had missed! Right now there are 2K of my girls scouring for our counterparts in other universes. They have already brought me 8 more Lulas to marry! Those are the single ones that do not have solid bodies where they came from. They are being cleaned up now, as they are packed full of octopi and whatnot.
    There are also 2 single Lulas who are tied down with the physical stuff. One is up to her eyebrows in angry octopi.
    They haven't brought back any other girls yet, though.
    They have located 823 more Loohans, counting the few mentioned above.

    The idea is that, as K pointed out, our counterparts in other time-lines' travails affect us. By connecting up with each other and helping each other, we can all get stronger. We are helping defend them, and all these people will have access to The Committee's programming.

    (7:30pm) I did find it heartening that there was no overt activity by repts, archons, mantises, etc. in the other universes. But i did find and stir up an archon hive in D and a mantis hive in E.

    Man, these new Lulas are stuffed. In addition to the usual Lula7 and her Yiz accomplice, there are now 48 unicorn trainees helping to clean up the new girls. The Unicorn girls seem to be holding their human form pretty well lately. Of course their human form is in the image of the lovely Sakood.
    Meanwhile the new Lulas are doing energy work on me that is amazing, while they are still in the process of being cleaned up themselves. Gotta go.

    (7:40pm) Oh, yeah, one last thing: i dowsed the name of the octopus demons i'm talking about, as other people percieve different octopus-like entities that i am not able to perceive. The ones i always talk about are the Codok.

    Oct. 18, '08: (12:55am) A reader doing similar work in other universes has found 2 more big nasty hives, both Codoktopus. One is in D and one is in E. They are pretty stirred up now.

    Oct. 20, '08: [error: Oct. 19] (6:50pm) Thanks for the help on those. Much better now.
    What's happening now is a lot of you are being hit by astral humans sent by repts. That is, Darpa, Dia, and the CIA-connected hive will each send a team after you at once. If you have serious orgone stuff or personal power, they do not come right into your space, but park in a power spot near you; each "agency" has a different spot. Then they will hit you from there.
    If you have bagged any other-dimensional motherships, Pitwexin will convert them into big jailer-thingies for you. All you have to do is plunk one down in the power spot being used. Stops that bit of the attack cold. I do not find it necessary to know where the spots are, just intend that it gets a jailer-thingie. Or other attentions you may prefer.
    I figured this out about the attacks few days ago, and have been doing this to every human astral attack since. They were just hitting me with one team at a time, Dia and Darpa, then quit human attacks today. Then a little while ago, started hitting me and others with 3 groups at once. I only bagged one set of 3, and they haven't ventured anymore toward me yet, but meanwhile they are trying to hammer a bunch of you in the time it takes me to type this and for you to get the info.

    (8:55pm) I meant, spaceships of adequate size, not motherships. Though the motherships are great for larger targets.
    Anyway, feels like y'all got a handle on that situation now.

    Meanwhile, i was getting hit by all kinds of riff-raff, which kept getting worse despite everything until i remembered to follow my own advice and proceeded to nail 3 groups each of 33 craft (297 total craft) of Lyrans, Pleaidians, and greys that were juicing up the local towers.

    Oct. 21, '08: (9:45am) The girls ever did find any more Loohans after that. They did find some more Lulas, and brought 6 back. 3 of those i haven't even met yet; they've been in heavy "detox". Last night i chipped in and found that each of these 3 had a reptilian heart implant like the one i removed from Luli, but not quite as strong.

      *   *   *   *
    Super-heavy chem-spray yesterday. No natural clouds whatever. By late afternoon, white-out dominated most of the sky. This was in advance of real cloud cover, which this morning is hiding whatever may be above. Rain chances coming up.

    Yesterday Ruzurxi and Piti, my 2 Programming Committee girls, were with me all day, so of course i got nothing done except that we programmed another shoe-box full of rox, hundreds of them, and i incorporated them into a bigger plug-in for Agent88. Also some rox were for other orgone items i had to open up and add to. Made a few other tweaks, and the orgone is crackling.
    Those girls are wild and crazy when it comes to quantum hyperprogramming. Piti has made huge contributions and her influence on recent programming rivals that of the Arcturans.

    I was hugging her appreciatively last night when the good repts asked if i wanted any more reptilian wives. There were 19 more maidens of tiers 93-100 that they wanted to lay on me. I had to think about that. The other girls wanted them. I feel guilty because there is no way i can give each individual personal attention as it is. The multilocation thing has its limitations, as only 1 of the persons feels real and can do much individual thinking/experiencing. The other projected selves are more like tulpas or something. If one the girls send me a projected self to keep me company, it is not satisfying, and nor are they interested in being entertained by my projected selves.
    But then, i'm not necessarily the major attraction to our family. A lot of girls are enthusiastic about joining up with thousands of pure-hearted and empowered warrior-goddesses. Also these reptilian girls are like cultural ambassadors to share technology, etc.
    So i accepted the other reptilian girls. Which i still haven't met yet, but they have a great vibe.

      *   *   *   *
    Don't forget the Joku are still a hot item. They sometimes have the energy to hit me despite being under siege by the big-name dudes, etc. Also the Tall Whites are still strong, despite my putting big dents in their population.
    Incidentally, a couple nights ago i noticed there had been some leakage from several people's jails. Only a few thousand escapees, which consisted of Tall Whites and seraphim. (When i first started cooking down the hordes of my jail, i did the whites first, because i had a feeling they were an escape risk.) I bagged the escapees, and had Pitwexin tighten up the programming in all the jails he has made.

    What if you want to cook down your inmates for fuel? I dunno, maybe your higher self knows how to do it, maybe not. Try intending that they be broken down into smaller and smaller lumps of cottage cheese and the purified sauce turned into something else. You can give it back to the Godhead like Prophageus does, or use it for your own advancement. Not sure which is better, really, but since i am on a path of more, more, more, in terms of ego-identity and responsibility in the realm of differentiated Creation (at least the non-solid part of Creation, which seems to be the vast majority), i choose the latter.
    I do use a programmed hunk of quartzite as a scrubber and holding tank for the energy.

    Oct. 22, '08: (12:40am) Bunnie alert! Sakood came to me with spiders and Titocuk fog. (Titocuk are those rhino-sized bunnies from hell.) Both species seem to be extinct in our universe, but she picked them up in Universe F. Yechh!
    She found 7 more Sakoods in Universe F. All are embroiled in fighting Titocuk and spiders, especially Titocuk. Those Sakoods do not appear to have unicorn allies. Or husbands, hmmah, hmm, hmm, hmm...

    Well, i met the 19 new reptilian sweeties, who are real cute and have wonderful energies.
    None of them are programmers except Piti. And is she ever a programmer. She has touched up the programming in most of my stuff, making it much more potent. I got her doing my stuff i've tossed out in the field in years past now.

    (12:55am) What it is, is a single Titocuk hive that exists in 9 time-lines of F.
    And each of the time-lines with a Sakood also contains a Loohan. Lula is trying to connect them up.
    I did not notice the Loohans until i looked for them, because they are not in DORy conflict with anyone, oddly enough. There is just moderate background DOR around them from the presence of nearby spiders. In all 7 time-lines. Weird.

    (1:55am) The Loohans and Sakoods in those time-lines have no interest in each other. It seems like Sakood is the only good being in those time-lines that is aware of the impending threat and doing something about it. The evil entities have been acting innocuous while they beef up their numbers. They have a long-range plan.
    There is also a mantis hive existing in those same 9 time-lines. And an octopus hive in 3 of them. There are greys, repts, evil Pleiadians and Lyrans, and more, all keeping quiet for now.
    I am attempting to wake up those Loohans.

    Meanwhile, i had a hard attack from the Tall Whites and then the Joku. Then i realized i had Joku implants. They've been implanting me for 3 days and i just now noticed. So i'm getting loads of Joku implants removed now.

    My new device that i mentioned on the 16th, which also plugs into Agent88, and has the remote weapon in it, is actually capable (in conjunction with Agent88) of monitoring the local skies and keeping them clear of enemy ships -- so long as i leave the remote weapon in its physical body. If i send it elsewhere, it robs too much power from the setup for doing much local stuff.
    It's doing an impressive job. But if they try real hard, they can overwhelm it occasionally. It has bagged tens of thousands of ships in the last day or so.

    (9:05pm) Piti and Ruzurxi have been with me all day again. They have the ability to charge up people and stuff real well so i can dowse their location, etc. more easily.

    Someone emailed me that he had heard a rumor of dubious ETs called the Corillians and one of them named Jordan Blackstar, who supposedly took over the body of a boy who died, and exhibited remarkable psi abilities. They are evil, DORy 11D entities.
    This is the Corillian hive.
    The girls charged up Jordan so well, he was a snap to find in Leipzig. His apt. should be right in the center of this map.

    Oct. 24, '08: (9am) Whew, for many hours night before last and yesterday morning, the CIA-connected hive, Dia and Darpa were sending human astrals to 81 or 243 locations near me at once, several times per minute. Always backed by Dia and Darpa archons instead of repts. Then for a while only the repts attacked.
    Incidentally, the Loohan and Jim in the other time-line have been focused on those Darpa and Dia archons for many weeks.

    Last night an Arcturan emmissary (whose face i actually glimpsed) showed up here to let us know our military focus was switching from the Joku to the Tall Whites. The big-name dudes and many others switched over. Of course the Joku are still kicking, but apparently they have been eroded to a point they are unlikely to bounce back from.

    You won't believe who was with me at the time.

    Yesterday evening the Sakudas (the name of Sakood's unicorns) all came to me, 4000 strong. We hadn't connected much in a while. They seem to hold their human shape quite well, and revert to unicorn shape for combat.

    They told me that since Sakood no longer particularly needed their protection, and i did, they would be part of my guard for the indefinite future. This is pretty cool. If say, the Joku telepaths mess with me, all i have to do is mention it, and thousands of unicorn horns come to focus on these Joku, as remote scalar weapons.

    I had the feeling that Sakood and the Sakudas were all "stamped out of the same stuff" by a goddess of some sort.

    One individual Sakuda started conspicuously flirting with me. She seemed like the leader of sorts. I grabbed her and hugged her. She had delightfully sweet girlish energies.
    I had a sense of the spirit of the goddess who created her, as though this goddess was reaching to me through the Sakuda. And i sensed that this same goddess may also have created many of my favorite wives, including Lula!

    I fished around and vaguely connected to this goddess. Who was she? I sensed she was someone famous in Earth's legends. Five letters to her name.
    Hmm, V, ... E, ... VE?! Venus! I kid you not.

    I called her to me, and Lula, too. Lula was real happy to see her, and wanted me to marry her, which i later did.

    Venus has been married twice before. First to Vulcan. The legends say he was also married to Maia, but i doubt that. But shortly after i married Venus, Maia came up to us and gave her a big hug. Both were immensely delighted to see each other, obviously ancient friends.
    I woke up alone this morning and called Venus to me again, and shortly therefter Maia showed up again, too. Not specifically invited, but always welcome. They are both with me now.
    Vulcan is in Universe E, fighting octopi.

    Her second husband might be named Ronken or something like that. He's in Universe F, fighting greys now.

    Venus was no longer connected with these 2. I suspect that evil telepaths had a hand in breaking up these relationships, as they have in countless others (perhaps your own, gentle reader).

    Like Maia and Meera, Venus is not interested in weapons or programming, but really kicks evil ass anyway.

    (6:35pm) BTW, i got about 1/2" of rain night before last. The weather has turned cooler, and the leaves are turning color. When the chem is negligible, as it is today, it's rather gorgeous out.

    Venus prefers her name spoken with a soft e, as in Venice. She has golden hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and lots more body hair than in the classical depictions. She's 5'10" and of medium build. And of course, impeccably gorgeous.

    I had poured some ice cubes this morning, and a while later sensed some unusual energy. Ruzurxi had brought 2 of her pals to help program the resin. Delectable petite Arcturan maidens. One is Ey (pronounced eh-EE) who is 5'4" and the other is Tory who is 5'2". Naturally they wanted to marry my worthless self.
    It has been a wild month for new marriages so far. And i've been holding out on you: i have also married 3 Pleiadians and 1 Lemurian(!) that i haven't mentioned. They are incarnated in this region, supposedly. If they ever show up in the physical, maybe i'll post a pic.

    In other thrilling news, there are now 3232 sylphs over the greater Washington DC area.

    Oct. 25, '08: (8:35pm) Now, Darpa and Dia just started deploying 243 X 3 groups of 9 human astrals and having 9 groups of archons backing up their energy. Going for my eyes.

    Ho hum. Also, the mantises have been a bother all day. I got motivated to publish this dandy, convenient guide to the 9 troublesome hives.

    (9:10pm) Oh, yeah, and also a little while ago i happened to think of the Monroe Institute which i already knew was some weird op but hadn't scrutinized in years.
    I found and jailed large-to-impossibly-vast quantities of the following evil entities connected to the Institute: greys, mantises, repts, archons, Joku, Tall Whites, all 4 colors of Nordics, Zawz, octopi, Lyrans, Pleiadians, seraphim and even 6 of the Venusian sorcerors! But still no spiders -- these might truly be extinct, pretty much.
    Cmdr. Loohan sez, Monroe Institute is bad news. But the entities haven't been replaced at all yet. Critters are feeling some attrition, i guess.

    Oct. 26, '08: (4:35pm) And i also bagged a bunch of Draco; i forgot about them.
    The only critters i've detected so far reconnecting to the Institute are vast quantities of tall greys, which i am bagging now.
    I took a look at their website, and was amazed to see a chem-smear picture on their homepage. That executive director ain't too clean, either.

    Thanks for the help with the mantises. They hardly bothered me at all today, just Darpa and Dia repts.
    Last night i was getting some 243 X 9 deployments of human astrals, but since daybreak, oddly, no humans or archons involved, just repts.

    (7:35pm) It turns out that my new Arcturan wives, Ey and Tory, are master programmers from a different Arcturan group, and now find themselves members of The Committee. They are programming a big rock for me now, and programming something for John, too. There are 6 more people out there that could call on them for assistance.

    Oct. 27, '08: (9:25am) Feels like 4 of those 6 have connected already.

    Brr, 35 F at 8 this morning.

    Last night they were deploying even larger quantities of humans and backing them up with more repts, sometimes Joku, occasionally some archons. Occasional activity from the mantises.

    Ey and Tori also programmed 10 more stones for me last night. Four of these pgms are for public consumption, and i have added them to OTB 27c. Feels like John already has his set.
    The 6 people mentioned earlier are eligible for more specialized programming.

    Oct. 28, '08: (7:50pm) One thing that's been happening to me lately is that i find Tall Greys or reptilians in my abdomen. They are surreptitiously inserted during attacks. Just now i got one of each species in my abdomen, plus another reptilian in my chest.
    I decide to scan and see if anyone else has been getting these. The only ones i've found are John and Andrea. I started pulling some out, but they are loaded.

    Oct. 29, '08: (1:20am) That was wild. Shortly after i posted that, i started getting very smoothly implanted with hundreds of repts. So gently that i hardly noticed anything, but voila, there they were in there. Some were in the chest.
    Then Lula came to me. She had super-sweet energy but at the same time super-nasty energy due to thousands that had been implanted in her. She seemed oblivious. As we cleaned her out, i determined this disgusting technology was being implemented from Darpa3, so i brought my focus to bear there and brought in loads of allies.
    Then more of the same came from Darpa2, which i then nailed, only to be hit with the same from Dia3. So i nailed Dia 2 &3, too, and it seems to have stopped.

    A bit earlier in the evening, i had been hugging 6 of my wives, and we had gotten an intense heart feeling going, when suddenly there was a DORy reptilian right in the middle of us! I threw it in jail. It seemed to have an unusually strong vibe.
    Then i noticed we had been stuffed with zillions of octopi by this rept. It felt like at least some of these were timed-release. We got them out quickly.

    So there, too, the repts seemed to be using some scalar manifestation process by which they could inject themselves into any victim or milieu, arriving there without traveling there linearly. And in this case, bringing octopi along. Pretty nasty.

    Meanwhile those other 3 Lulas i haven't met yet are still in detox. I have never seen such concentrated octopi in anyone. There have been 20 good B-Sirians and 40 Sakudas working on them all this time. Sometimes others as well. Occasionally i pitch in. So far enough crap has been pulled out of these 3 to potentially make 40 trillion + Sedna programs, and they are still stuffed.

    The Sakudas and Sakood never seem to get implants though. 3 of the girls with me were Sakudas, and actually, they were not affected when we got hit by that rept, and they were right there to get the implanted octopi out of us. They seem very good at removal.

    (7:35pm) A while ago i was vaguely aware of a man's face trying to tell me something, and was semi-consciously thinking what a stupid jerk he was. Then i realized it was another Arcturan messenger, and that the Dia1 telepaths were trying to make me disregard him.
    He said that in 20 minutes, the military focus would shift to the #1 mantis hive. And so it has. The big-name guys, Valhallans, etc. are there now.

    Incidentally, our forces have been joined recently by 500 9D bears called Noss and they like to maul bad guys. 400 of these are there now.

    Oct. 30, '08: (7:40am) Funny thing is, i had already been focused mainly on mantis hive 1 for a while, but after the other guys hit it, all 9 of those hives started going after me with unusual strength and endurance.
    Eventually i figured out that these mantises have some kind of energy batteries or pockets; small reservoirs that they tap into for strength. These pockets are easy to toss into my scrubber, leaving the mantises too weak to do much. I got 3K+ of these, but more pop up occasionally.
    Incidentally i don't think a scrubber is necessary to dissolve the contents of one's jail. The energy seems to get purified anyway.

    Also last night as i was about to flop my carcass into bed, i had the feeling of impending attack. Like something was going to get me once i laid down in the center of my bed. Repts and all kinds of other species were conspiring on this.
    So i laid down there briefly, then rolled over to the side as Wap! something hit in the middle, apparently thrown by these other critters. I bagged it. Some new species, an 8' tall 5D green humanoid, species name Byoz (biy-OZ). I started looking around for more, and soon found that there were vast quantities of big hives of them in all 6 universes! But there was something odd about them; i think they were a recent creation of the tall greys. They hadn't quite fit in with things yet, and were easy to discharge into my jail en masse. And they were hardly able to fight back. At one point one more entered my space, but it seemed real awkward, clumsy, weak, and disoriented. And not quite real; tulpa-like.
    Anyway, hopefully i bagged them all, but keep a lookout.

      *   *   *   *
    Recently i have gotten the impression that an old friend of mine i haven't heard of for a long time, but who probably still reads this blog, has an overriding concern about Planet X. I still don't know what to make of this. On the one hand, there are some sincere, savvy, and integrous people persuasively advancing the awareness of the threat of Planet X. On the other hand, i am unable to muster up the slightest concern in myself about this issue. It feels like a total non-issue. And none of my thousands of wives and allies from numerous dimensions seem the least interested in it. Plus the fact that to this day i have never been able to feel any energy off this planet. No entities on or in it or trying to manipulate it. I am unable to program or affect the energy of this alleged planet at all.

    And even if the worst-case Planet X scenario were to manifest, it would be absurdly trivial in the context of the horrific future that has been successfully averted over these last 3 years.