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Loohan's blog for November, 2008

Nov. 1, '08: (5:10pm) Night before last i finally got a visit from the 3 Lulas that had been so stuffed with octopi. Naturally, they have very sweet energy when not thus encumbered. One is 10D, one is 14D, one is 15D.

Also that night i found and apparently removed several hives of other species that were inside the Mantis #1 galaxy. No repts except the Joku and Draco varieties, but also greys, 4 types of nordics, tall whites, and octopi. Plus there there were big stashes of species i haven't encountered in this time-line in a while: archons, seraphim, and werewolf demons.

  *   *   *   *
I uploaded some info about holy basil in my garden page. This is an herb that may be of interest to orgone crafters.

  *   *   *   *
Sometimes the strategic logic of the enemy is beyond my comprehension.
Venus often hangs out with me lately, but for days whenever i address her (usually silently) instead of saying Venus, i usually say or think Athene.
This baffled me for days, as i had not had any thought about that Goddess priorly. Besides, she's married.
Then a couple days ago i figured that there is usually a vast quantity of mantises in each of 3 different hives that are totally devoted to having me think that Venus' name is Athene. If i rake them in, next time it will be from 3 different mantis galaxies.

Why? It doesn't bother Venus, as she understands what's going on. Nor does there seem to be any enmity between Venus and Athene. So why are they committing mass suicide to make me think "Athene" every time i address Venus?

So i vowed today that every time they reminded me of Athene, i would find out who she and her husband were fighting at the time and rake them in. First it was octopi in Universe F. Then octopi in another universe. Then greys in B. Sometimes they are not in battle.

Nov. 1, '08: (9pm) Today Venus hasn't even been with me, but every few minutes, if i think of it, i can scoop up enough mantises to make 12 Sedna programs, caught in the act of trying to make me think Athene's name. This at a time when the mantises are under severe attack. Does it make sense? I figure it's a plot to make me tarnish my sterling credibility by publishing impossibly silly idiocies.

I've been using a new unit of measurement lately:
sedna (lower-case): a unit of measurement coined by Cmdr. Loohan as a convenient way to measure negative entities. One sedna is the amount of entities required to make 1 Sedna program. The amount of individuals per sedna will vary. For 81st Tier Tall greys, a sedna is 22. For short greys, more like 30 trillion. First-tier mantises, about 8 billion.
I used to think a sedna would be a lot more.
There are still loads of bad guys for the grabbing out there. Once they're gone, they're gone. Don't say i didn't warn you as i hogged them all.
Still plenty of Dia and Darpa repts, for example.

  *   *   *   *
I have previously stated that of the 6 worst Rothschilds, all but one have been taken over by good Lyrans. If you are sensitive, you may detect them in their crown centers. Lyrans interface with crown centers, whereas most other ETs that walk into or incarnate into Earth humans interface at the 3rd eye level, e.g. the good Pleidian in Putin or the good reptilian in Jagger. Or the Lemurian in my secret wife's 3rd eye.
Good or evil. Nathaniel here has a Lyran in his crown, too. Remove it and and soon another will appear. Or that Jordan guy. Yank the Carillian out of his crown, and soon there's a new one of those. Carillians do crowns, too.

I have little concept of what it means in real terms to have the 5 Rothschilds in this state. Perhaps little or nothing. But i do know one thing, the other one of the 6, Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild, is not host to any good entity. None can stand to get near him.
Nor is he dead yet.
I give him a kick in the head occasionally.

Nov. 4, '08: (5:25pm) Ah, voting day! This time they had the booths in the town Eastern Star Masonic Lodge, no less. Never had peeked inside, as there are no windows. But only a front foyer-type space was open, and there was limited opportunity for sprinkling holy ash, but i did get a little down.

I thought there would be a way to write in Ron Paul, but no such option was available. Yet, McKinney was there on the Green Party ticket. Didn't even know she was running. She is another 96 that i've had to scrape demons off of more than once, so i voted for her. Got to vote for a black woman president. Hope she wins ;-)
I couldn't stomach voting for Obama just because he's only 94% as bad as McCain.

Mantises have been super-heavy all over Palin the last couple days. I've scooped off at least 30K sednas. Plenty more there to go around. I don't know if they're supposed to bring her good luck in the election, or what. They are not paying much attention to McCain or the others.
It may be that they already are confident that she's in as VP, and are now consolidating their total take-over of her. I suppose that a total mantis agent as VP is slightly more scary than merely a vacuous Satanist bitch pretending to be a Christian and a conservative.
It may be that they foresee McCain as having a short life-span in office.

  *   *   *   *
I mentioned months ago a mystery guy in Asia who reads my site and had 4X my firepower. Well, i had John take a peek, and that's where we ripped off that super-concentrated type of programming introduced in OTB 27c. Now i got way more power than that dude again.
Anyway just now i thought i'd see where this Japanese guy gets some of his stuff. Turns out it's from a 22D guy named Dik.
Who has just joined The Committee. Mwahaha! Very powerful guy.

Nov. 5, '08: (7am) I awoke around midnight and got online. Obama had won.
The mantises were no longer on Palin. But nor were they on Obama or Biden. Go figure. In the past Obama has often had a strong mantis presence about him. I don't quite know what to make of the fact that he does not right now.

In a way i am heartened: America has come to the point where it has elected a black person as president. And we have 2 non-Satanists as president and VP. Last president we had that was not a Satanist was Nixon, and he was a slut of the Satanic military-industrial complex nonetheless, so i'm not sure that is such great news, as these 2 guys appear to be no better.
But then again, as non-Satanists they are less blackmailable and less controllable.

(6:35pm) The Draco have been getting increasingly aggressive towards me lately. Here's their hive again.

  *   *   *   *
Good repts, bad repts:
I have said in the past, perhaps in my audio lecture, that some good beings long ago abducted some evil reptilians and switched around their DNA some to breed very positive reptilians with enhanced psi powers. And that the bad guys abducted some of these good reptilians in order to hybridize with humans (cloned psychic slaves). I don't think this worked out too well for them, because the positivity of the tweaked rept DNA was unkillable, and the slaves could not be made stably DOR-oriented.

But recently something else became apparent. A defector came to me the other night. A 41st Tier Evil Reptilian, but actually he is a hybrid of the bad reptilians with that same type of good ones that originally derived from evil ones.
Again, they wanted the enhanced psi powers bred into their own stock. Problem is, the bad repts do not have heart centers, but the hybrids tend to, to one extent or another. This problem was "solved" by stuffing their heart centers with very DORy special implants. But in recent times, it has become harder and harder to keep anything very DORy, so the implants are losing power.
Anyway, this guy has now been cleaned up of the implants, and has been extensively debriefed by my gang. I don't know more details.

(7pm) Some months ago, i noticed heavy mantis activity involved in the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hellywood (info, pic). I had someone drop off 2 very potent ice cube units full of anti-mantis programming. These are still there, and their energy is very irritating to the mantises, but they are still hanging on in large quantities.
In case anyone cares to know.

(8:15pm) Oh yeah, the turncoat reptilian is from Dia1.
I pulled some implants out of more hybrids remotely. Heh-heh.

Finally, i have been attacked by that other kind of octopus i heretofore could not perceive. They are the Fi (rhymes with pie) and fairly creepy. Their hive is here. Pic ripped off from here.
This whole region plus, if you were to travel in an 11:00 direction outward from the area depicted, you would find more. This is the only pic i could find.
The centers of the stars are DORy bases.

(8:20pm) Actually they have another pic, the one labeled "gravitational lensing" here. The star in the center seems very strong.
I dowse that these are the only pics of the hive findable by search engine.

Nov. 6, '08: (8:20am) Got about 0.3" of rain overnight and early morning.

The type of good reptilian that derives from the evil kind is known as Pisol (pi-SAWL), whereas the type that i recently married 20 maidens of are the Oyu (OY-yue).
The Oyu seem to be very focused in what they specialize in. They are not Jack-of-all-trades. Hence for example, Piti is a programmer par excellence, but probably does not have many unrelated skills. And there are 4 of these girls that are trained to work together fixing the four-ness of things. I don't understand much about it. It overlaps with 4-directions type stuff, but it's not like one of them is the Goddess of the North, another of the East, etc. They will cluster around me, one hugging me in front, one in back, one on each side, and vibe me.
When the 8 Um (elf) girls met them, they immediately formed a group of 12 with these 4 Oyu girls, and they have been doing mysterious energy work together since.

Last night i had the hunch that i needed to call another particular one of these 20 Oyu girls to me. Turns out her name is Salanna (rhymes with banana) and she's 5'7", a voluptuous and gorgeous 98th Tier maiden that is 400+ years old. Her specialty is energy work similar to Chinese Taoist internal arts. I suspect that it was some Oyu people that brought martial arts to the Taoists of the Wudang Mountains (wikipedia) ages ago. Even though the Oyu don't have the same kind of physicality as we do, they can cultivate their energy bodies to an amazing extent with such practices. But Oyu specialize, so only a few actually do these practices.
When Salana hugs me, i sometimes experience involuntary hyperventilation as my body assimilates the energies she throws at me.

It seems that the skin color of the Oyu varies and shimmers. If they are relaxed, feel secure and in a good mood, they are all pastel lavender. If they are fighting, working on a task, being cleaned of parasites, etc., they have varying amounts of olive-green shimmering on their skin.
Specialization aside, they all have to know how to fight, to survive in this multiverse. Unlike with humans, there does not appear to be a particularly great martial advantage to being trained in the stuff Salanna does. Those who specialize in fighting and military matters are not trained in this.

Nov. 7, '08: (7:50am) I was awake in the wee hours when an Arcturan messenger came to inform me that focus was switching to the Green Nordic hive.
Lotta action in the center.

Though from my perspective, the Dia and Darpa archons are much more of an annoyance lately. They fuel the attacks by the repts with their potent DOR. I got mass-implanted several times last night by archon-backed repts.

Hurricane Paloma (map) is heading for Cuba. So far i have only found one rept nest at 297' below the sea bottom, and that is being addressed. But it's stronger than usual.

(9:15am) The NRO is the National Reconnaissance Office (website).
As i recently posted (read thread), i have been getting hit by humans psychics from the Ukraine who are on our NRO's payroll. From a conspicuous building in the center of this map. Dark roof, white walls.
These are non black magicians. If i arrest the astral attacker, their body gets taken over by an evil Pleidian or Lyran, who then will later be sent out as the astral attacker just as the human was.
Also for a while they were doing remote psychic attacks while staying in the building.

More recently i have also been getting hit from Vani, Georgia, but only 1 attacker every few hours. Human, semi-tough. This is also an NRO thing.
Google maps is malfunctioning badly right now, but i was able to snap a pic of the building just a bit SE of the city center.

(6pm) Now, instead of just the usual Lyrans and Pleiadians, i am starting to notice 1st tier evil reptilians taking over human bodies that have lost their ... astral body? soul? whatever. I got jumped a while ago by a bunch of repts-as-astral-humans from that Ukraine place.

Also, duh, i realized that what the archons do for power is torture Pleiadian or Lyran prisoners, so i have resumed the old practice of scanning for and releasing prisoners.

I got implanted again a bit ago. First it was by repts powered by archons, and the 2nd time was similar to the other night, as an 81st tier rept popped up and deposited loads of octopi. The first time i got loads of many species, including repts, greys, tall whites, Fi and Codok octopi, the other type of spiders (tarantula-like), 6 were-dogs, and a mantis.

I removed a rept and grey from Sittingtaoist, and awoke Kneweyes to the fact that she was stuffed with repts and greys, which she removed with impressive speed. Whether her ordinary self was aware of it, i don't know.

Nov. 10, '08: (8:05am) Lately i have been noticing a lot of rept and grey nests under Ft. Worth (map). Seems there are lots of nests from 35W westwards including the entire area inside the beltway (west of 35W) and beyond the beltway somewhat. Right now i don't detect new ones that aren't already being addressed.
These days i find more and more nests at different depths than what used to be standard ones (33, 66, 99, 297', etc). They can be anywhere, e.g. 41', 62', 828'.

The attacks on me are diminished, largely because i focus more on just mantises and archons. I know if an attack is painful, usually either the mantises or archons are involved, and the repts, etc. can usually be ignored. The priority with the mantises is to snag their energy pockets (which are replenished with energy they siphon off of human suffering, etc.). And the priority with the archons is to deprive them of prisoners. My equipment weakens and jails the rest, mostly.
Continued long enough, this will result in the frustrated repts occasionally attacking me in much vaster numbers at once, enough to cause discomfort, so i will actually have to consciously bag them for a few seconds.

Aside from that, i do get maybe 81 X 3 of the Ukrainian attackers once in a while, along with 1 or 3 of the Georgian ones. But these are not as energetically nasty.

Nov. 11, '08: (5:25pm) Got at least 1.6" of rain last night.

The moon peaks at midnight here, and i may have just pulled off a major coup. I checked more into the source of the mantis' energy, and found that it actually seems to come entirely(?) from 2 power spots on Earth, of all places. They had some kind of etheric nets/shunts redirecting those natural energies to them for maybe 10K years.
Now i got that energy coming to me instead for a while, where i can keep an eye on it. And the mantises feel very weak. I'm not getting hit anymore by them since i did that. They were quite a bother lately.

(11:05pm) After i posted that, i realized that most of the species we have been having problems with also have these planet-sucking mechanisms. Most of the planets in our Solar System as well as several outside it were involved. One funny thing is that each species only had 1 such planet it was feeding off of. With the plethora of planets in the universes, one would think they would have been siphoning off from a great many.
Apparently this energy source was important to these other species, too, as they all seem very weak now.
Some species that were not thus fed are the archons, greys, and nordics. And evil humans, of course. So far though, the archons have stopped hitting me, or rather, stopped being involved in the Darpa and Dia attacks on me. Probably they were dependent on reptilian help to hit me from their different timelines, and the repts are now weak and unable to take prisoners to torture. [I suspect a lot of the prisoners tortured by the archons were trapped by the repts in the same timelines as the archons.]
The tall greys started hitting me, so i am focused on them with my toys.

Still no more mantis attacks, and furthermore, it feels like the Arcturans, etc. are tearing them up.
And, scanning several people that usually do get attacks from repts/greys/Codok octopi, they seem to not be getting hit now.

This all comes at a great time, just before the full moon peaks. Right now it's just the NRO sluts hitting me, as my stuff is keeping the greys at bay.

Nov. 12, '08: (7am) Oops, full moon actually peaks at midnight tonight, my mistake.

NRO are hitting me non-stop at times. According to their site, their HQ is here, but to me it feels like their base of operations (overseeing the Ukraine and Georgia ops) is actually here in Laurel MD in the the top floor of Laurel Centre Mall, of all places.
Shhhh, it's probably a secret.

(5:45pm) At work all day i was getting hit by groups of 81 from the Ukraine, usually 3 groups at a time or 9, sometimes 27 groups of 9!
I figured there has to be a big dorm nearby, and found one just a bit west of the other building. It has around 7K psychic mercenaries closely packed in it. Somehow they have a knack for real conspicuous buildings over there: check it out (map).
Smacking this building really seems to have knocked those guys for a loop, and they haven't attacked me in a while.

The Georgian guys have been hitting me in groups of 3 or 9 about non-stop. I'd still like to disable them better.

And that's all that's been hitting me, except for a mess of Joku once.

  *   *   *   *
About those planet-sucking devices, the way it works is that each planet has a yang spot and a yin spot. On Earth the yang spot is in Greece, and the yin one in Mexico. I re-routed all these energies to me, but they soon petered out. Presumably some kind of catalyst was used by the evil ones to make the planets polarize a certain way and bleed energy. Or something like that. Anyway, not much of that is happening anymore.
In case you're curious, the yin spot was here and the yang one here.

(8:10pm) Things are cooking a little. Found a huge pocket of Codok octopi still in M51. Had telepathic attacks from the mantises. And about 7K Ukrainians from that building jumped me all at once.
They have long since all been replaced several times by ET "souls". I don't think that ever happened with the bodies vacated by MPDed/Satanist astral attackers for some reason. But these non-Satanists just keep replacing their jailed astral bodies with ETs so the same humans can be used endlessly as a power base from which to send the ET attackers.
This new situation (dealing with not only humans, but also evil Lyrans, Pleaidians, and reptilians who "are" the astral bodies of physical humans) required a new crystal program. I am unsure whether anyone else needs this. Maybe a few people.
I used a funky danburite the size of my thumb, but any nice quartz of any color or type is also a likely candidate. It is sort of an astral ripper program, to weaken the attackers so they can be dealt with more easily. It is worn on the right side hip or pocket or can be set on nearby orgone devices. It is an amalgamation, an eclectic synthesis of styles cooked up by The Committee. One-part program.

Dik has been a strong influence on the programming lately. A few days after he joined The Committee, they started tweaking my stuff. After a few days of this, everything felt much more powerful.
Then they fed me a bunch of new programs for rocks that i had to put in a box and pour specific resin mix over. Amazing stuff.

Nov. 13, '08: (12:25pm) The Dia1 and Darpa1 repts have been tickling me sporadically, but no more archon or other-timeline involvement there now. Nor have the repts sent astral humans in a while.
Occasionally a few grey attacks. Octopi attack my girls, but not me lately.

Last night i summoned Cioms to me. She's very, very pregnant with baby Jom. But as soon as i had her in my arms, i felt deeply sad and couldn't stop crying. I couldn't figure out why at first, as she and the baby seemed fine.
Then i realized i was sensing her imminent death! She was a doomed woman.

Then i dowsed it was not for another 3.5 years or so.
It was those weird demons from a parallel reality that Harold talks about on the forum. Very hard for me to detect. They plan to kill Jom, too. Jom is destined to be an amazing goddess otherwise, as she will grow up in a relatively safe, protective, supportive environment. She and her mom are 2 of only a few survivors of the endangered Toyz species. The Toyz have been almost exterminated by demons for a good reason.
Cioms and Jom already had some kind of hooks in them to pull them to their death. That was what set me off subliminally.
Anyway, with the lightened load elsewhere, i am targeting these creeps and am optimistic.
As soon as i came down on those demons, the NRO psychics attacked much harder than they had in a while, suggesting a direct connection.

(4:55pm) Thanks for the backup on that, out there.
There is now a program against these guys, which i think are called the Pijokoy, and i just updated OTB 27c with that information.

(6:25pm) Wowee, i just noticed that my mantis masher unit has been programmed more. Only a fraction of that big quartzite was programmed last i checked. But now it's 100% filled up with advanced programs against mantises and the Venusian mutants. It's causing the quiescent Venusians in their hive to feel DORy so that i can dowse them. I feel 352,701 of them left. This is ripping their energy.
This programming is not available to the general public, but there is a half-dozen or so of you heavyweights who are eligible to get it.

Nov. 15, '08: (12:40am) Things are going better, especially with the mantises. I've had a bit of trouble with their telepaths in hive #9, is all.
I think it helped a lot that 6 more people got that new anti-mantis programming.

But for the last couple nights i've been finding implants in myself from the Pijokoy as well as (non-entity implants) from the octopi for the first time! I don't detect that anyone else has gotten these.
I think leaning on the Pijokoy is a real good idea.

Also lately i have been attacked by Wok, which are not Asian frying pans but rather roundish critters that seem to resemble grey boulders of different sizes up to the size of a large house. Their hive is the biggest bright galaxy just to the right of center here. Pic cropped from here.

How do i find these galaxy pics, you might wonder? It's a snap. First i hammer the crap out of the perps a while to get the energy all stirred up. Then i dowse whether the hive can be found on my HD or the web. If not on my HD but on the web, i go to google images and type in either galaxy or galaxies, depending on which intuitively seems most promising. Then at the bottom of the results page there are a bunch of numbers/links referring to the pages of results. I will dowse that it's, say, on p.9 of the results because i feel their stirred-up energy on the link, and i will find them on that page.
If the location is within the Milky Way, i will dowse the various astrological constellations, e.g Aquarius, Capricorn, and find one that's hot. Then i will find the hive on a pic of that constellation, though it might not always be a star within the constellation itself.

(5:20pm) Now the Vani, Georgia place is powering up. They started sending groups of 81, then 3 of 81, then 9 of 81 so far. I get that they, too, have a dorm building nearby, but now google is now even more malfunctional on that area, and i can't even find the town. But i get that the dorm is SW of the other building perhaps 1400' away. It normally houses about 2500 psi-mercenaries, i think.

(6:30pm) I just found vast numbers of octopi, Darpa1 repts, greys, and Joku hassling the heck out of the good Venusians on Venus. (These are 3D humans genetically and technically superior to us that have helped us out in the past.)
I mopped up pretty well and sent in some allies.

Nov. 16, '08 (7pm) Things seem to be going real well right now, the enemy seems weak, and i'm undergoing some kind of 85th dimension integration, whatever that is.

And they're about to get better as soon as you avail yourselves of the new program i just posted about in OTB 27c.

Nov. 17, '08: (7:35am) I posted a clarification about the new pgm on OTB 27c this morning. Some people have gotten the wrong idea about it.

The mantises are still kind of strong at times.

(11:50am) Three nights ago i was laying in bed when i got a very distinct image in my mind for some time. It was an ET-looking face, a bit grey-like as it had large, black "wrap-around" eyes. But the facial structure was something else. I can only describe it as very streamlined, ergonomic, and futuristic-looking in its contours.
I couldn't figure out much about who it was, other than it seemed to male, presumably a friend of one of my wives whom he seemed to be talking to.

Then the following night, there he was again.
I realized who he was: myself on the 85th dimension!
Furthermore, he associates with 85D versions of all my wives.
I suspected that a large part of the chemtrail thing is to prevent connections between those trapped in this messed-up world and their higher-dimensional aspects. I suspect that this is occurring to me now largely because in the last 2-3 months i have made some powerful Arcturan-inspired devices loaded with programmed rocks, that largely focus their action on the local sky. Apparently the Arcts perceive sky energies as being of key importance.

So last night i posted that i was acchieving 85D integration, and what do i get today? Unforecasted chem white-out, including plenty of overhead trails. NOAA's info outlet says mostly sunny today now. I think it just said sunny last night, but couldn't swear to it. But in any case, it is unusual to have such heavy spray when there are no rain chances forecast.

There is a technical detail i recently became aware of that strongly affects how well orgone devices affect the atmosphere. Basically, the orgonite should be insulated from the chembuster pipes or whatever, so that the orgone is not directly conducted to them, but inducted instead. Now, i'm fairly electronically illiterate, but offer a dictionary definition of induction:
the process by which a body having electric or magnetic properties produces magnetism, an electric charge, or an electromotive force in a neighboring body without contact.
I guess you kind of have to broaden the definition to include orgone.

I became aware of this when Sittingtaoist sent me a link to a forum thread on
Warriormatrix is an op run by the US gov't and the mantises, and from what little other impression i had of it, will ban anyone who posts about real, effective technical discoveries. So i was very surprised to find this thread, with mostly sincere people and great info.

Basically, this guy Starseed invented what he calls an Aegis (or Egide in French), which is a slightly modified version of a Croft chem-buster.
He also gives instructions and pics on how to convert a standard CB into an Aegis-like one.
Basically, you replace the copper pipe connectors with neoprene or PVC ones, so that the long pipes do not conduct orgone from the base and short pipes. And you put into each pipe a length of very heavy, insulated, braided wire that is insulated on the bottom end, so that it does not conduct, but rather inducts, the CB orgone past the insulators and into the top pipes.
The true Aegis doesn't use metal for the base pipes, i believe.

I dowse that this is a great thing to do. And Sittingtaoist converted his CB (which had removable base pipes) to an Aegis, and reports that he is no longer bothered by the CB's energy as he was previously.

Starseed got so smart by studying the original works of Lakhovsky, whereas i'm just a right-brained dunce that does things without a grasp of the technical theories behind them. Yet months ago, i may have employed the same concept.
I call your attention to this pic. This was built largely as a base for a 2-kilo serpentine rock that K in CA sent me. The Arcts programmed it with something that had very strong effects on sky energy. (Someday maybe i'll post a pic of the entire setup.) They also programmed many of the many stones inside both the black box and the clearcast base with programs relating to the sky, and tied in with the big serpentine's program.
But get this: i clearly got that the aluminum plate on which the serpentine rests should not be conductive with anything inside the box. Normally i would have wanted to connect it via a wire. This is the underside of the plastic lid. It has hardware cloth, 2 big emeralds, and a coil silicone-glued to it, but no metal connects to the metal on top. And the skies around here have some seriously crispy energy, even though the chem sticks a lot.
When they spray upwind of the mighty Cmdr. Loohan, they know they have to use the expensive formula. But with this energy, i have to wonder if all that chem is accomplishing whatever occult function it is supposed to.
I have not yet tried setting this hardware up outdoors.

I think this whole concept is a fertile one to incorporate into one's intuitive orgone designs.

(11:05pm) It actually did clear up for the most part, not long later. Still the occasional CT throughout the day.

Cioms finally had her baby in the evening. A bunch of us were hugging and love-bombing Cioms when plop, out came Jom, all of 9" tall.

Mantis hive #9 has seemed like the strongest one lately, in terms of both telepathic and energy attacks.

Nov. 20, '08: (3:30am) The mantises are key, i think. I played with this all day yesterday, and am still using it.
There is nothing more i can do at this time, in terms of concocting devices or programs, to strengthen my own firepower. My hardware and software is over the top, but still not adequate by itself to handle the enemy.
It boils down to, now i have to use the stuff. Specifically, i have to keep my conscious awareness locked onto my mantis masher much of the time. As long as i do this, the mantises are weakened. They may attack at times, but it is tolerable in intensity. And it appears that meanwhile, the greys, repts, octopi, etc. are also weakened, as though they are somewhat dependent on the mantises for energy. And when they are too weak, they cannot implant.

#9 still seems the strongest. I guess #1 was seriously damaged by our guys.
Yesterday evening i told my higher self to take a bunch of etheric weapons i have and deploy them within the 9 hives according to strategic importance. Then just now i checked to see where emphasis was placed: 40% went to 9, and 20% went to each of 3, 4, and 5. So i believe if we focus on these 4 hives, it will accomplish a great deal.

(8:10pm) Last night i bemoaned the fact that there were no new programs coming out, so today i had to spend hours getting rocks for oodles of new ones, and placing them in the device i've been slowly developing. I briefly referred to it at the end of the entry for the 12th. Now that box is mostly filled. The programs are all ones that are best kept near oneself, like within 25 feet or so. It now has 64 different jailer programs, among many other things i can't begin to comprehend. Things seem to have improved as the new ingredients powered up.

The mantises were kind of bad before that, especially #9 hive.

Big mantis hive found under Zug Island, Detroit, at 297' depth (pic).

Nov. 22, '08: (3:40am) An Arcturan messenger just came by. Military focus has now switched to the Andromeda galaxy, home of the Yellow Nordics.

Nov. 23, '08: (2:10am) I am so optimistic about the present spirit of cooperation manifest in the world's problem-solvers. Just look at the sparkling light of pure altruism shining forth from these fine public servants, who, despite their different ethnic backgrounds, share very similar religious backgrounds.
Apec leaders make free-trade vow

Mantis hive #9 is still the main thing i'm dealing with here.

(4:50pm) Several nights ago i thought i'd scan to see if there are any more psi-mercenary bases working for the NRO. I only detected one, in Sliven, Bulgaria. The building in the center (map). Nailed it pre-emptively. Only 157 scumbags there. They still have never hit me, and they don't seem like any big deal, but i thought i'd disclose this for posterity.

(9:05) A while ago, another Arcturan messenger came by to announce that they were about to beat up the hive of the blue nordics which is here.
We smacked them a while, then another one came to announce they were moving on to the hive of the evil red nordics which is here. It is the galaxy closest to the viewer.
After that, i think they will hit Darpa1 again.

(9:45pm) I was just reading the David Icke Newsletter for today, about Obama, and there's some interesting stuff in there. Like a link to a PDF file entitled An Examination of Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches .

Well, i haven't actually read that document, but i resonate with it because of an observation. I haven't had much chance to observe O's body language as i don't have a TV, but somewhere one day i saw a few seconds while in line at a store. An interviewer asked him a question, and as the question was being formulated, Obama put on a very thoughtful face (even before he could have had much clue as to what the question was about) while subtly reclining and very slightly nodding his head. At that time i got the distinct impression that he was a professional salesman.
Read Les Dane's Big League Sales Closing Techniques. There's a chapter called Nodding Your Head, i think. Well, i read it back when i was in Scientology in the early '80s, so i'm not sure it's a whole chapter. But a salesman nods his head sort of subliminally to put the prospect into an agreeable mood. Done well, the customer will become entrained into nodding his/her own head slightly without realizing it, which then tends to cause agreeable behavior in the prospect.
Required reading for Scientology registrars.

Nov. 24, '08: (6:10pm) I tweaked my hardware a bit today. Just hooking the same things up differently. Really seemed to help, especially my mantis masher.

The gang was working over Darpa1 today, and recently moved on to Dia1. After that, it's the Fi octopus hive (pic again).

Nov. 25, '08: (6:45pm) My mantis masher seems to be really frying them. And without their charismatic guidance, the other bad guys are seemingly losing it, too.
Also it doesn't hurt that The Committee programmed another 1/2 gallon+ rocks for me today. Now I gotta build another device with them.

A while ago another Arcturan messenger came by. Funny how it's a different one each time, always male. There is quite a variety of facial shapes and hair color. A couple of them were reminiscent of the Indian face on buffalo nickels.
Anyway, he announced that the big-name guys and Valhallans were done with the Fi for now, and were ending their fighting for the moment.
There are, of course, still lots of other people still badgering the bad guys.

Still worth hitting are the octopi, repts, and greys.

(10:20pm) Things got a bit hairier after i posted that.
A bunch of Arcturans and others are hitting the CIA-connected rep hive (pic), whereas others including the Valhallans and the big-name dudes are getting the grey hive (pic). And octopi are being a pain.

Nov. 27, '08 (6:45pm) Another Arcturan messenger came by. They are focusing on the grey hive right now, and ask that on this Thanksgiving evening, we show our gratitude for our blessings by blasting the crap out of the greys.

Nov. 28, '08: (10:45am) The following information will only be of use to a small handful of readers.

This concerns the mysterious matter of dirty people feeling clean.
For example, some time back, we on my forum blasted "the Pope". I said i was unable to find the original guy, but there were 3 clones of him at the Vatican. We blasted them until they felt "dead" to me.

But of course "the Pope" kept taveling to various countries and get his picture taken after that. But i could get absolutely no vibe off him or his picture. It was like he was just a hologram. No entities running him. I couldn't detect anything i attempted to implant into him. I couldn't pull anything out of him.
Also around the same time, i was aware of a dirty local kop who seemed the same way. I was mystified.

Then a few weeks ago, i finally detected that these popes and the kop were run by 1st Tier Tall Greys! For some reason these were extremely hard to detect as well as having the mysterious ability to block my psi-perception of the humans they were possessing. Despite the fact that i had previously found other tall greys running humans in an overtly DORy way.

More recently i was mystified by 3 other people who had to be evil, but felt super-clean.
One was Rahm Emmanuel, and another, i forget his name, but he is another Obama appointee. I could get no vibe off these guys nor seemingly affect their energy bodies in any way. I could detect no humans, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Tall Greys, or other ET presence.
But with some difficulty last night i finally detected that they actually were run by evil reptilians. Normally it is not hard to detect when repts have walked into a human body.

The other individual is Sensei Dennis of He is another individual that i "killed" years ago, and never had been able to detect his existence since in the energy universe. I could dowse almost nothing about him, but then i could faintly detect the vibe of evil friends, especially at the Masonic Lodge. Also he is still running the radionics machine linked to all the products and raw materials he has sold. It has been well reprogrammed by us, and his products and "gifts" too, although there is some slight residual funkiness.
Finally last night i was able to detect the possessing entity: an evil Pleidian.

The only way i was able to detect these last 3 ETs was by comparing the vibe of the evil humans to my own. That is, usually i scan chakras 1-7 in that order. If the person is a black magician, there will usually be funky energy noticeable in the 3rd and 4th centers that is not due to parasites, implants or attacks, and there will be a DORy presence in the 6th or 7th centers, depending on whether the person is run by a Pleiadian or Lyran respectively (and it's usually Lyran).
For some reason, only by scanning myself 1-7 then immediately scanning the suspect, was i able to detect the entity.

So, at least 3 evil species are capable of this same trick. In all 7 cases i mentioned, once i yanked the entity it was quickly replaced by a DORy evil Lyran. I have yanked those as well several time. Once, Emmanuel got his replaced by another "subtle" reptilian.

(6:40pm) I've been having trouble with the mantises, octopi, greys, etc. but another messenger just came and said that the big crew was now moving back to the yellow nordic hive.

Nov. 29, '08: (12:15am) I've been a bit mystified about who is behind the recent Mumbai atrocites. Definitely Satanists, but what nationality/agency? I was inclined to believe Mossad, but just couldn't find their vibe behind it. Not British, not US, not Muslims. Who?
Then i read something quoted from a channeled-info site, of all things, suggesting it was the Indian gov't itself, sort of pulling a 9/11 on itself.
Hmmmmm..... whattaya think about that? Feels right to me. The whole thing seems a bit contrived.

(5:05pm) Then this evening i read this theory that the "right-wing, Hindu-nationalist BJP party" is behind the attacks. Yep, that's what dowses for me better than the Indian gov't per se.
Cmdr. Loohan's offishul pronunciamento on zthe subject: the BJP (site) did it. Specifically, Shree Rajnath Singh masterminded and ordered it. Vajpayee is another Satanist, and is in on it. Advani is innocent and ignorant.

Nov. 30, '08: (6:30pm) The astral ripper program i gave in OTB 27c on Nov. 13 is really great for defense against any type of astral human. Lately Darpa and Dia have been throwing lots of them at me, and this crystal really seems to rip out their energy and throw them in jail. If i have it in my right pocket or pouch, or on a radionics device, i have to mentally tap it to activate it fully when the going gets rough. For best results, i hold it in my right hand.

Earlier this evening i wondered if it was good against evil J-rods (mutant humans from the future). It is. I happened to notice a bunch of DORy J-rods in some time/space, and yanked them into jail with my mind. I haven't even felt any counterrattacks, yet 30K+ J's have been jailed by my stuff without attention from me.

Then just now, another Arcturan messenger (the 3rd female so far) came to tell me that the gang was now moving on to a bunch of J-rods! I stirred them up, i guess. I get that they are from around 2800 AD.