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Loohan's blog for November, 2010

Nov. 2, '10 (1:30pm) Overcast. I sometimes hear presumed sprayers above, that have no vibe except a connection to the ETs i mentioned 2 days ago, whom i still have not traced to a source.

Meanwhile, Mordok found 8 U bases on Earth and 2 on Mars that were connected to yet another bunch of evil ETs. They seem to come from slightly below center here as well as in the center of the bottom pic here. I don't know if these are 2 pics of the same place, but it feels like they are the same.
Also, some of them (the bases contained members from both locations) came from M68.

(2:05pm) BTW, i think those are 5'1", hairless, big-eyed, but not greys.

OK, Durkistan has located the galaxy of those chemmers mentioned 10/31: NGC 5746. I have the impression of short reptilians, like 3' tall at the most, hairless.

(5:50pm) It's a good thing i got friends at this, 'cause a lot of stuff we run into these days, i can't easily detect. Especially since it's mostly physical ETs these days.
I sent Mordok a link to an article about a horse mute in Argentina, and he found 2 U bases of ETs, which are being disposed of. The ETs are from around the center of this pic.

And, i have been getting hit by jezz-wits and their Abell 2218 rept and human friends. Usually just one of them or maybe 3. Usually from underground for some reason. For a couple days they got real tough. Somehow they were resisting the lethal blasting from the Red Draco for unusually long periods, during which they would hammer me. I couldn't figure it out.
But Mordok directed me toward a U base in France, which has been scrubbed, from which somebody was somehow able to fortify the bad guys. They were super hard to knock off, too. Took several hours last night of concentrated combat with all 4 Fists, etc. The home of these pro-Vatican ETs (which Durkistan found) is right around the center here.

Also, that guy from UK said he was being attacked by 39 women from somewhere in the central US. I could not find them at first. Mordok tried, but they attacked him. So i was able to track them from the attack on Mordok to here. They have all the bldgs around the center of the map, and 3 of them live in a house i have marked in the cluster to the SW.
There are also 3 more smaller covens around the US that Mordok found that are being addressed.

(7:10pm) Aargh! Will it ever end? Another evil ET bunch on Earth:
Someone asked me about Thiaoouba Prophecy. Well, if these Thiaooubans exist, i haven't detected them yet. I doubt it. But the proponents, Michel Desmarquet and Tom J. Chalko (pics of both on this page) are nasty-feeling ETs from the Sombrero Galaxy. We have run into bad guys of a few species from that one already, but these are yet another race.

Nov. 3, '10: (6:40pm) Got a faint bit of rain this morning, then the overcast blew over, revealing some chem-clouds. Then that blew away, and the sky was clear most of the day. Then late, more chem crept in.

I have been getting hit most of the time from those 39 hags in MO. Sometimes 3, sometimes 6, sometimes 1 of them will be hitting me. Not much of it is getting through, though.

(8:20pm) The reason those hags were so tough is that they were being fed energy by another 33 in a U base. Above them on the heirarchy were 3 more U bases with 3 bitches each. Above them is this place in Iceland. Some 3,200' below the surface. 9 women, 1 of which seems to be the Queen Bitch. Also her 2 evil male sex slaves.
Being bombarded by the Red Draco right now.

(9:15pm) Now that the bitches are under control, i'm getting hammered by jezz-wits and their ET friends in Rome.
I get a particular vibe off this Deutsche Bank bldg, ground floor. 1 powerful rept.
I seem to recall that years ago i discovered that the satanist Indian politician Sonia Gandhi (Wikipedia) was being financed by Deutsche Bank in Interlaken, Switz.
Come to think of it, i get a real Vatican vibe off Deutsche Bank. And Sonia.

Street view. I had dowsed ground floor, but looking at the pic, i think that's wrong; it's the 2nd floor.

Nov. 4, '10: (7:50pm) Sunny and clear so far. Nice fall colors. Some people say fall colors depend on ample rain in the late summer and October, but we were pretty dry. Others say the color comes from many warm days alternating with cool nights, and we have had that lately.

Elizabeth had a dream recently:
I had a dreamwalk to a house where teens were being held and tortured. The ones holding them seemed to mostly stay in the basement. They didn't look like humans at all to me, more like monsters, I can't even describe them. At one point I was able to get outside, l was hoping to get an address, but when I walked across the lawn everything began to change. The trees started to warp and twist...

I got a strong vibe off her description, which i traced to this house in Poland, containing 10 adult satanists and 32 kids. Indeed, the staff seem to hang out in the basement a lot.

But i couldn't figure out what this was about, exactly. I don't think there was MPDing going on, just brutal rape, violence, and other overt torture. The kids do not seem to be doing much slave labor, but perhaps they are being "broken" for that?
The satanists, 4 males and 2 females, did not seem gov't-employed.

Delving further, there was a U base a few miles north with 6 more male satanists of the same crowd, but no kids.

I have the impression that 2 of the kids at the house are German brothers, 16 & 17 years old. All the kids are ensouled.
I think the other kids are Thai. Only 2 are girls.
I'll work on this stuff more later.

(7:55am) I just realized i said the satanists at the house were 10 in number, then later, 4 men and 2 women. And both statements seem correct, so what are the other 4????

(9am) I sensed another location with 1 male and 2 female satanists, and 5 female and 6 male teenage slaves. This is here in Thailand, though no bldg is depicted on the present map.
I think these kids, all Thai, work in the fields on a small agricultural plantation growing food.
Food not for retail but for the consumption of this group of satanists.
Five more of whom (bi males) live here with 1 female Thai domestic slave, maybe 15 years old.
Maybe the ones working the fields are destined to be sold as docile domestics? By then they might be almost grateful not to have to labor in the fields all the time.

A couple miles north of there is this house, where live 3 female and 3 male satanists, and 2 male and 1 female slaves.
1/3 mile east is this field, where the 3 slaves sometimes work, along with some others at times.

The satanists in Poland are Thai. Let's take another look at Poland. Starting with this spot, er, in nearby Lithuania. The map scale is not very good here, but there should be a house there, with 3 male and 3 female satanists, and 6 male and 6 female teen slaves. Only 1 (male) slave is Thai. The others are of 2 other nationalities... 2 Russian girls, friends that were abducted together maybe. The nationality of the others eludes me.

(9:15am) The slaveholders in Lithuania are Lithuanians. They put the slaves to work in the house; some kind of small-scale manufacturing for retail sales. They are connected to more Lithuanian satanists here, 3 male, 2 female. Presently there are 2 Thai boys there. They also work on this manufacturing at times.
Whatever the products are, i think they are shipped to Sweden, where they are sold in retail stores.

(9:50am) Here in Vietnam we have 2 male and 1 female Thai satanists, and 4 male and 2 female Thai teen slaves. The girls are used as prostitutes. The boys are doing something criminal, like maybe assembling counterfeit big-name watches(?) and selling them on the street to tourists, etc. as "hot" merchandise.

(12:40pm) Sweden is where the other mysterious products are sold, and is also where we find this spot: street view, aerial. No bldg depicted, but i sense 4 male and 2 female Thai satanists, and 2 male and 1 female Thai teen slaves. I think the slaves are for domestic and sexual purposes. The satanists are involved in product distribution. I doubt there is anything illegal about the product, other than that it's slave-produced.

Here, many smallish, fluffy white chem-clouds out now.

(2:05pm) And here, on an unlabeled island in China, we have 1 male Thai satanist and 1 14(?)-year-old Thai "daughter" to work his garden, etc. She doesn't attend school. Not sure what he's up to; possiblysourcing ersatz Rolex kits, etc.

Nov. 5, '10: (11:05am) Clear so far, and cold.

I uploaded another video of a vanishing chem-cloud to YouTube. Or you can download the .wmv from my site.

(3:10pm) Saw 1 chemtrail so far today.

It finally occurred to me to have Durkistan find where these guys in Rome are getting their energy fed from. Just left of center here is a conspicuous galaxy. It has Vatican-friendly 6'2" reptilians.

Nov. 6, '10: (5:50pm) Clear blue sky every time i checked today.

The "Romans" have stopped hitting me now that their energy source is under severe harrassment.

I have been pounded by demons all day. Partly perhaps to take up the slack left by the Vatican interests, but i believe what really pisses them off is this demon-fryer i completed this morning.

Nov. 7, '10: (7:45am) Still no chem so far.

The new orgone unit seems about "burned-in" now, the demons having expended most of their protest energy. Thanks for the back-up.

Incidentally, about those 4 individuals of unknown gender i mentioned on the 4th, my impression is they have prostates but no testes. Eunuchs/transvestites. I think they are what is called Kathoey (Wikipedia).

(5:05pm) On the subject of Thai stuff, there's a famous Thai restaurant in the DC area called Busara which is run and mostly staffed by NSA satanists.

Sky remained perfectly clear here until mid-afternoon when banks of stale chem drifted in.

(5:35pm) Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock: (pic). I have had these jokers on my agentlist for years, and now Kerri of Project Camelot has done an interview with Hancock (which i have not listened to). Suddenly i am more piqued as to these guys' connections. I had Durkistan help me out on this.
First thing i'm led to is this house in Hagerstown, MD where 2 male CIAtanists live.
Then there was a U base almost a mile north of there, with 20 CIAtanists.
Then right here there is no bldg depicted, but there is one there, with 2 more male CIAtanists.
Then the trail kind of peters out, but it, duh, does eventually lead to Langley.

Nov. 8, '10: (12:25pm) Bad chem here, including some "vibeless" sprayers.

That old flagrant CIAtanist al-Awlaki is up to tricks again (BBC article). I last mentioned him May 24, saying he was on the surface in the desert in Saudi Arabia. I think he still is, but in a different location, along with 4 Saudi bodyguards. The bodyguards are not satanist, and 1 even still has a soul. Of course the Saudi regime is satanist and Jesuit-controlled.

I just updated the Qikxie page, and also have to announce the advent of yet another little nature-humanoid ally. These have no name that i can get, so i'm calling them the Red Elves. They are not at all related to the Um (oom) elves that i have mentioned before. The Red Elves have not been in our solar system before. They found out about my group and showed up.
The first i noticed was that i sensed some strange entities working the energies on my property uphill from my cabin this morning. Three females. I shrugged and bent down to pick up some firewood near my cabin, when i sensed a presence. It was the 3 ladies, all lovey-dovey. Seems i had married them in my sleep 3 nights ago.

Red Elves are around 14" tall, with bright orange, curly hair on their heads, armpits, crotches, and legs, like humans (the Um do not have body hair and are taller with dark hair). They have orange irises and pink skin. They are impeccably beautiful.
I have invited more, and now there are 60 more elvish couples here.

(4:40pm) Lately my kami Wopwex and her companion the 7D girl often hang around my CB array (the one in the recent video) and work the orgone for days on end when the chem gets real bad.
I had my 3 Red Elves on my shoulders and i walked down there and introduced them. The elves started helping those two, then called the other Red Elves over and all 123 of these elves were working on it with the other 2 for a long time. Now the 3 have rejoined me while the others continue.

It has been a bizarre day for sprayer pics. So far i've gotten 3 more of those bottle-shaped sprayers, but they were all further away and the pics poorer.

Also several pics of this plane that seems to have a protrusion from the fuselage between the front and rear wings.

And i got several pics of this blob in the distance.

And several of a different-looking item.

At one point i heard a jet roar approaching, sounding like it was kind of low and slow and about to pop into view over the trees. I readied my camera. Like all the "planes" this afternoon, it had no vibe other than that of a connection to those NGC 5746 ETs, so i expected to see a chemtrail.
So imagine my surprise when this apparent propellor plane came into view, no trail, but sounding like a jet! Next time i'll have the presence of mind to switch the camera to movie mode and record the sound.

Nov. 9, '10: (4pm) Super bad chem today, in advance of forecast rain chances coming up starting tomorrow night and increasing thereafter. The Red Elves are still at the CBs. I persuaded them to scatter some personnel around to my other CBs.

Took this pic of an almost-invisible sprayer. The trail was fading fast due to orgone action.

(5:55pm) Got another one. I suspect the reason i see so many anomalous craft lately may have something to do with my powerful and sophisticated CBs, etc. which i suspect are de-cloaking the sprayers.

Nov. 10, '10: (6:20pm) Last night i decided it was time to really lay into those ETs in NGC 5746 with orgone weapons. They seem fairly susceptible. They've been hitting me back very lightly.
Today i saw no sprayers or trails. I saw a lot of natural clouds, a fair bit of chem-clouds, and a lot of those clouds that look real and fake at the same time.
Is there any relationship between my blasting and the lack of trails today? Maybe, maybe not. But it seems unusual for them to start spraying heavily ahead of a front, then quit. But then on the other hand, the forecast now says relatively small rain chances for the next 2 days, then getting stronger. Maybe they'll pick up the spraying again tomorrow or the next day.

Anyway, help me beat up on those guys if you feel like it.

Nov. 11, '10: (9:50am) Sky was perfectly clear earlier this morning. The yellows have largely faded from the trees, leaving predominantly red/brown foliage. Many leaves are falling.

But a bit ago extensive chem-cloudery moved in from the east. And i saw this sprayer leaving a short trail. Once again, the odd protrusions. If there are any aviation buffs out there that have an explanation for this, let me know.

(11:10) Interesting development. My ISP is too shaky to watch the vid, but i saw on this page where it says "This is relative proof that the mysterious Vandenburg rocket launch was remotely triggered by alien space craft to divert Norad Space Command attention from a huge mother ship located to the west of Los Angeles in USA air space."
Yes, there is a mothership (maybe 1/4 mile long?) and it has 400 ETs from here, the center of pic. These are good guys, friends of the Rojohy. 7' tall humans, fair skin, light hair, green eyes, called Ik, i think. Say hi.
Maybe Houston has a problem with that, but we don't, do we? I sure don't. They have my permission to be here to fuck with illegal, criminal, unpopular, satanic, pedophile, thieving, lying governments. Whereas said gov'ts have my permission to die.

(1:20pm) They first approached according to security protocols; with only a skeleton crew. Now they are shuttling more Ik into the ship. There are 6K+ in there so far.

I don't think they plan an aggressive military attack. They will probably just hang around to offer discouragement against any attacks on Iran, etc.
Meanwhile, stuff might discreetly occur at ground level in many places.

Nov. 12, '10: (5:10pm) They have been hanging out, along with the SS Loohan, some 900 miles above Yemen. I think at least one more big ship will be arriving soon; another race of humans.

No sprayers or chemtrails spotted today, except for 1 at 4:30 looking like a normal jet and leaving a short-lived chem-trail.
A fair bit of chem-clouds.
Amazing how here it is mid-November and we're still having mostly warm days in the 70s.

One reader thinks the protrusions on the planes are the engines, kinda like this. (Can't get away from that chem anywhere these days.)
Well, i can't rule it out. My picture quality is very poor, but to me it looks like the protrusions are too short, and maybe a bit too far forward.

Nov. 14, '10: (4:30pm) Only got an insignificant amount of rain night before last. And no chances forecast for the next week except 20% Tuesday. I just hope we get some rain before it really gets cold, for the sake of the trees.

Clear all day, except for some chem-clouds for a while.

I am still locked in combat with the NGC 5746ers.

Nov. 15, '10: (10:35am) Overcast this morning.

This confirms my suspicion that the Fourth Reich has lost all semblance of reason: Eat a Bagel, Lose Your Baby. I agree, she should not be eating Dunkin' Donuts crap, but at least it wasn't something real sugary. If it had been a corn-syrup 'n sugar 'n artificial color concoction, she would've been safer from the gov't, who is loathe to protect us from anything more dangerous than poppy seeds, raw milk or cannabis.

Nov. 16, '10: (9:10am) And now, Senate Bill 510 looms, the "Food Safety Modernization Act". Can't they dream up a more Orwellian, title?
This stuff cracks me up. Yo, tyrants, i am putting you on notice that I am not a subject of the Fourth Reich and you Satanist scum have zero authority over me and if you disagree, well, i invite you to send your SS cowards over to inspect my tomatoes at their own risk. I cannot guarantee their safety.

It is raining here since the wee hours. Rather lightly, but fairly steadily. Any bit helps. There was a big fire in the area last week. Many acres. Luckily it was pretty much only leaves that burned, as far as i could tell. And there have been other fires in the area, some kind of big.

(11am) Kongka La is near the Chinese-Indian border. It has an evil ET base here at 441-780' depth, with 3,140 ETs as i type, but by the time i post this, there may have been attrition already.
I dowsed this location before seeing this article and map, which i got by following a link from a forum post about the article.
These ETs come from near the center of the top pic here. I have a vague impression of 5'2" hairless reptilians.

Everybody seems so interested in this miserable planet.

(11:10am) Like some other guys from here that i traced from this triangle incident. The largest bright orange spot found a bit to the right and above the center.
These are humans, 6', blond, brown-eyed, i think.

(5:25pm) Sigh. Then Elizabeth emailed me that she suspected a base under the Lost Sea. Sure enough, reptilians. Gone now. They were from the galaxy slightly below center of the square cutout here.

I got 0.7", which is much better than i expected.

Nov. 18, '10: (10am) Got another 0.2+" yesterday evening.
BTW there have been some chem-clouds the last 3 days. The last trails i spotted were on the 15th, and were a bit stale by the time i saw them.
It is still grey this morning.

Braided leg hair: is this story a hoax?
No. My Fo-Touki and Yill have been in contact with these ETs, explaining why this world is so screwed up, since i read the story a couple days ago.
They are from NGC 0533 and are positively oriented. I don't think they are normally into casual sex. They like the genetics of this handsome Chinese specimen for some reason.

Though how a 3-meter tall person could procreate with an Earth human is beyond my comprehension. Besides, i dowse she is really more like 20' tall, like the rest of her species.

Confirmation of something i have been saying in the past: only on the most negatively-oriented, mind-controlled planets are women brainwashed enough to shave their legs and armpits. Then they then paint and dye themselves with toxin-laden pigments and creams, and perfume themselves with excessive levels of offensive, repulsive, irritating, endocrine-disrupting, gender-bending carcinogens, at great expense to make themelves more feminine!
And then they march for The Cure. Oh, please, government, industry, please rid us of breast cancer. We so want to be full women.

Note that men are seldom encouraged to shave more than their beards. This is because males do not particularly need body hair to be male. But women do need their head and body hair to be full women, and to be connected to the cosmos in the way that natural women are. The exception is many reptilian species and a few other species like the Oom elves, which naturally have no body hair.
Human women with freshly de-haired legs and pathetically scalped armpits are much more appealing to evil reptilians than wholesome ones.

I am of the impression that male ETs normally do not have long hair. Jehovah has it shoulder-length, but most seem to have short hair.
So when you see a new-age channeling page with pictures of pretty ET men with hair down to their asses (kinda like myself 35 years ago), know it is hokey. I am not aware of any male ETs like this.

(1pm) Got an email from a James Apker AKA harpermatrix. At first i noticed nothing. He was ensouled. (No longer.) At first i noticed nothing. He was ensouled. (No longer.) He seems to be some kind of very unusual psi-vamp. I am slamming him here in Holland.

He may have unusual abilities. The above sentence in my 2 different browsers displays as "I am slamming him nowhere" with the underline under the here only. Yet if you look at the source code for this page, you will see that that "now" does not exist! At least it does not show in my Notepad.
Maybe just a coincidental glitch, but i have never had such a thing happen before in all my years of typing html.

(1:05pm) Well, when i uploaded that and looked at the code in the online version, there was a bunch of mess i had deleted that did not show up in Notepad at all, no matter that i had closed and re-opened it. But i was able to copy that code off the web, paste it back in Notepad, and now re-delete the stuff.

Nov. 19, '10: (9:15am) Still grey, soggy, and dreary out. But i'd say fire danger levels have plummeted, which is good as more leaves are falling.

I am still working on helping that guy in UK who was getting the bizarre attacks from the US from those witchy women and CIA psychics. He still gets hammered every night by forces that are often difficult to perceive for me. I do nail a lot of perps, but even when he feels clean to me he may be getting hammered.
They are after him, apparently, because he is a psychic who perceives things others can't, and has ways of clearing away evil.

It feels like my allies are killing the human perps on Earth who attack him, even if they are in houses. I have checked a bunch of map links i had like that, and those people seem nowhere to be found. Also these same kind of guys attack me, and meet the same fate, as far as i can tell.

Also he and now i, have been getting hit by ETs from 3 other galaxies i found on the 15th:
  • Triangulum Nebula (6' humans)
  • Circinus (6' humans)
  • M81 (7' humans).
    Also he reported being monitored by mantises. These are 6' physical ones from around the center of this pic.

    This is a major pocket of nastiness that i wouldn't know about had this guy not appealed for help. He says
    usually they attack in the evenings and it appears like a coordinated attack and most intense around 10 pm - 2am U.S EST (well midnight apears to be worst of all), which presents a problem as it's like around 2-5am my time in the UK, so on many nights i just don't get any sleep.
    they're majorly pissed at me and have savagely attacked me for quite some time and i don't even know how i pissed them off so bad. this bunch are real bad evil shit and they've had a go at almost everyone i've been in contact with including family and friends and anyone i'm close to including colleagues and acquaintances... i don't know how they do it, yet they seem to have a tag and attack viral approach that spreads like wildfire...
    Hopefully i don't have the same set of vulnerabilities he has, due in part to my extensive orgone contraptions, but if you're a friend of mine, be alert.

    What i notice when i get attacked by the ETs is just a pervasive pressure that comes from countless psi-attackers. It doesn't even feel bad, really, maybe in part due to said orgone devices, more like a slightly annoying and distracting pressure that gets pretty strong at times. Also there is an odd feeling of altered consciousness, like my reality is unreal.
    When the psi attackers on Earth hit me, it's completely different. I will get hit by 1, 3, 6, or 9, sometimes more at once, and it will be painful for a brief period until they are neutralized.

    But, hey, it's been a long time since i felt anything from the Vatican/Abell 2218 crowd. We beat them back, and we'll wear out these guys, too.

    Nov. 20, '10: (2:45am) The overcast did clear off to reveal some chem-fluff, which in turn blew over / got fried, and the sky was clear after that.

    AB, Agenda Buster: A series of good frequencies originated by a 23D being that can be programmed into crystals or resin, or simply placed into metal, crystals, etc. with the mind.
    As of 5/09, only 4 out of the 10 freqs have been released. One can get "attunements" so that one becomes a channel for these freqs from anyone who has had them, e.g. my (astral) wife Cora.
    More info on my Jan. 18, '08 blog entry.
    That is from my glossary. It has been 2.5 years and #5 still has not been released.

    The reason i bring this up is, of all my entire arsenal, the most effective program against the evil guys in the Triangulum Nebula and M81 is Agenda Buster freq. #2. And the best against the ones in Circinus is freq #4.
    If you have the attunements, you can selectively send a freq to a target. Imagine the galaxy as very small compared to yourself.
    But you don't even need to get attuned. You can just put out a decent-sized crystal and ask The Committee to program it with Agenda Buster 2 or 4.

    (5:10pm) Of course, the crystal need not be forever dedicated to that one pgm. It can be repgmed later. Normally i use all 4 ABs as well as loads of other pgms in a lot of my stuff. It's just that for these 3 particular targets, these 2 pgms happen to be the best available.
    The AB pgms were brought to us by Al Gray. The Committee did not invent these. We just use the heck out of them because they are good.

    Overcast all day here.

    Elizabeth had bad dreams of alligators. I couldn't find any evil alligators. I suspect the ETs i posted about yesterday are "numbing" me. But Mordok found them. They have nasty energy. They are in the center of M96. I think they are 5' long, physical. Red Draco are hitting them.

    (6:25pm) Apparently i'm not numb to everything yet. I hit a link to an article about 29-year old twin ladies shooting themselves. Something funny about this. I read the article. Nothing feels suspicious about the parents. Then it mentions

    Methodist Ladies College their site. See that gorgeous smiley girl? Angelique (angelic). Very heavy satanic vibe.

    The Board of Directors has the same vibe throughout. Super nasty.

    All the "notable alumni" listed in Wikipedia also have that vibe.

    I get the impression that mind control experimentation occurs here, and that our girls were victims of some of the most dangerous skills. If i am correct, those more knowledgeable than myself will find all sorts of illuminati motifs about this created event.

    (1pm) Aha, now for the first time that i've noticed, reptilians hit me that are working with the other guys i mentioned yesterday. 3 of them on Earth.

    These repts come from a home base in the center here.

    Incidentally, the reason the perps feel so strong when they hit from Earth is because they are being fed energy from one or more of those 3 galaxies.

    Nov. 21, '10: (8am) Still overcast and foggy, like yesterday.

    Yesterday Mordok sent me a bunch of links he had found to U bases of the ETs we are after like the Abell 2218 and NGC 5746 ones. Only 1 small error in dozens of targets. I commented on his unusual good form, as he often has had periods of getting mostly wrong answers.

    He looked into that, and figured out some things:
    This week I have spent little time playing World of Warcraft, and in fact have not played it yesterday or today at all and I'm getting that THAT is the big difference. My subscription ran out today and I did not renew it and won't be playing anymore...
    It seems World of Warcraft is a part of which is a part of Activision. Activision is big in the video gaming industry. I'm getting that there is a frequency being broadcast with the video of WoW that inhibits psychic abilities. This was introduced between 3 and 4 weeks ago as they started making their changes in preparation for their new expansion for the game that will officially happen on Dec. 7. Activision recently released a new video game called Call of Duty: Black Ops which is similarly infected. I'm getting that this is alien technology and it comes through... guess what... the Vatican. Here is the link for the board of directors of Activision...
    This all feels correct. Except i'm not sure it's only been going on 3-4 weeks. Mordok has certainly had dowsing problems longer than that; we'll see how he maintains now.

    I never play video games, so i'm not exposed to such things. Yet i suspect something has been partially blocking me, too, lately."Call of Duty: Black Ops". Sounds like the gov't black operatives are the good, responsible, altruistic guys here. Got themselves sodomized, implanted, and MPDed for God and Country, no doubt.

    Nov. 22, '10: (7:40am) Mordok says
    I still get that the infection in WoW has only been for 3-4 weeks. Prior to that I'm sure things like sugar and other edible substances I shouldn't be eating were the cause. Last night when I was checking on this, I got that Diablo III was going to be infected along with 2 other games. I just looked on their site for games to be released soon and found Nascar 2011 and True Crime: Hong Kong, both games come across as infected. Other recent releases do not seem to be infected.

    I haven't from my UK friend, but judging by the attacks on me, those bad guys have definitely weakened.

    Grey all day yesterday, even had a bit of drizzle.
    The overcast blew off by morning, but perhaps since good rain chances are forecast later this week, they are spraying like mad. Not sure who "they" is. Mordok found sprayers trying to head this way from other galaxies last night.
    This one sprayed a big trail to overlap with a big existing chem-cloud, then turned it off as he left that cloud, continuing to emit just a short apparent contrail subsequently.
    I wish i could get some close shots. Quality is poor, but i am intrigued by this box-like structure that seems to appear when i magnify the pic.
    I tweaked the color balance and contrast, but not the focus.

    (10:05am) It clouded back over.

    I seem to recall that i have at least 1 reader in the Oakland, CA area. I need a volunteer to check out a location in Antioch where i think a new GMO-oriented bldg is (not yet shown on google maps) and reconnoiter, maybe take pics of it.

    (2:05pm) Grey skies.

    Mordok has also been finding bunches more of those female witches. He traced their connection to some ETs that have a bunch of U bases which are being taken care of. These ETs are reptilians from here. Same pic as i posted recently, or could have sworn i did but can't find it now. These guys are in the far right bright spot that's a bit below center.

    Nov. 23, '10: (8:55) A reader reminded me, the other time i linked to that pic was at 1pm on the 20th. However, i think there is a mistake with the time stamp there. Maybe it was really 10pm.

    Got another 1/3"+ rain overnight. Sun and chem-clouds out now.

    I heard from the guy in UK. He says the attacks on him are less intense.
    He became aware of some repts which he describes as resembling Chitauri, yet without such scaly skin, having more like a snake's head with a crest and dark eyes.
    They were cloaked and it took a while, but i found them in M51. M51 used to be a major stronghold of the 5D Tall Greys as well as the 4D short ones, back when they were our enemies.
    I got immediate kickback when i Fisted them, but it was not very strong.

    Nov. 24, '10: (9pm) Got another 1/2" last night. The overcast parted in the afternoon to reveal heavy chem.

    I just took care of 6 Jesuits in Rome who have been doing some woo-woo to mess up my dowsing. Not sure yet if it helps.

    Last night i read an interesting article that opened my mind a bit about North Korea: Korean War Crisis: Brought To You By Uncle Sam. For some reason i have never gotten much of a vibe off the North Korean oligarchy. Feels like only a small percentage are into black magic.
    The North Korean people are enslaved by a government that is using food as a weapon. Perhaps this is why the EU and the United States, via the UN World Food Program, resumed the shipment of hundreds of thousands of tons in food aid at the end of February 2003. This goes directly to the sitting dictatorship, which then decides who gets it by their level of allegiance to the state. Food aid only increases the power of Kim Jong-Il and yet it is veiled by the UN in bleeding heart humanitarian rhetoric. The money goes straight to enabling the North Korean leadership to live in the lap of westernized luxury with casinos and lavish new cars.
    They are Sluts of the Vatican! Asiatic degenerates unashamedly sucking the assholes of white satanist psychopaths in Rome. Just like South Korea (heavier satanic vibe in the leadership). So yes, looks like this one is a classic illuminati-created problem.
    Also, perhaps a distraction from other things? What is going on in Yemen?

    I had never heard of these North Korean concentration camps. Found an article with a map of the camps. It shows 14. Elsewhere i read that there are only 5 these days.
    Since we are spread thin with even more important issues, so far all we've done is station 1 Pisol reptilian at each camp, to observe, look for weaknesses, etc. There are 12 Pisols in 12 places. I think the gulags #1 & 4, both in Pyong-an, may be closed now. And the other red spots are accurate.

    Nov. 25, '10: (8:20am) It's been raining for 3 hours or so. In somewhat significant amounts, sounds like.

    On April 19, i wrote
    (2:50pm) Someone emailed me about a section of sky censored out on Google Earth (pic). Coordinates are 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58" and it's supposedly censored on Google Sky, Google Earth, and Microsoft Telescope. He says
    Dowsed something ..."humanoid" "cemje" "peace mission". not sure what cemje means.
    But the coordinates i gave you are redacted in both google and microsoft telescope.
    All i know is, i feel some powerful good energy there.
    That is a large area of sky, suggesting that possibly an object is close to us in that direction.
    Well, that guy just sent me another interesting link, this one to a YouTube video.
    The (alleged Nibiru) object feels amazingly good to me. I still can't ID the inhabitants.
    It does not seem to have moved in all this time.

    (8:35am) Interesting article about Monsanto front group AFACT. Nice pics of juicy satanists here.

    (2:15pm) A reader sent me a link to this Alex Collier lecture transcript which says in part:
    We also have, a million-and-a-half miles off of the South Pole, a 20-mile craft that has sat and is stationary. NASA and other organizations’ telescopes have been monitoring it for eight months. They watch its trajectory to us. It is now stationary and there are craft going in and out of this 20-mile structure. I don’t know any more about it than that.
    The lecture is dated 20 September 2009, so that would mean it has been there at least since Jan of last year.

    Nov. 26, '10: (1:10pm) Dunno about you, but for me the fact that this "Nibiru" has hung out in the same place for a couple years pretty well logically proves that it is an errant planet with a wide-ranging orbit. Or maybe it has been coming directly toward us all this time. Probably smack us pretty soon.
    Not that i understand astronomy or how they can overlay co-ordinates on a constantly-shifting background.

    The rain turned to sleet around dusk yesterday, and then soon stopped. Got a full 2.5"!
    Now it is clear and sunny. So far i have only seen a few old chem-clouds way over by the eastern horizon.

    Been getting minor demon attacks today, is all.

    (4:35pm) It also got down to 24 F here. At least, that was the temp around dawn; it may have been colder. And it was several degrees lower down in the valley. This was the first freeze of the season, and melted all my remaining garden plants except for tap-root vegetables.

    The demonic attacks got harder and harder this afternoon. They were being sent by a jezzooit in Rome. My guys nailed him, but another starts in on it every time we nail one.

    (6:45) Now, their favorite thing is to simultaneously hit me by 3 repts in Abell 2218, 3 humans in Abell 2218, and 3 jezzwads in Rome. Hitting me themselves instead of sending demons. Giving me a headache. But it costs them.

    Nov. 27, '10: (1:40am) There is some kind of space battle going on now around here offshore of Hanoi now, involving on our side the Ik ship and the Braided Leg People ship (incidentally i have 15 20' tall braided leg wives now, who are supposedly going to come and abduct me for biological experiments some day).
    Whoever they are hitting are in some way involved with the present attacks on myself.

    (2:25am) It is a mothership with 2K reptilians from the Andromeda Galaxy. They have been hitting me from the ship. There seems to be a standoff. The SS Loohan does not want to leave Yemen now.

    (7:10am) Standoff still stands, but now it's 300 miles SE of the last spot. And the repts seem too fried to hit me, so i'm feeling better.
    I think these are little repts, like 5'3".

    (4:30pm) Not long after that, jezzoids in Rome started hitting me directly again, and they have kept it up all day, despite seeming demise of the perps. They keep getting replaced. Maybe they realize that they can't win, so they may as well commit suicide, and if they can do that by hassling Loohan with their last breath, might as well go for it.
    There i go again trying to impute logic to their activities. Or to my perceptions.

    It was a gorgeous day, perfectly clear and sunny, upper 60s. Of course i have to work indoors on weekends.

    (5:25pm) The standoff is still there, now about 250 miles SE of the original spot. Feels like the bad repts are getting zinged by the 2 other ships as well as a Red Draco ship. I think the bad guys are blocking at least 30% of it, but maybe what is getting through will incapacitate them eventually.
    I think the bad guys have powerful weapons which keep our guys hanging back a couple miles.
    I don't know why the bad guys are doggedly sticking around that area, nor what is up with Yemen that requires the starship there.

    Nov. 29, '10: (9:40am) Mordok figured it out. There's a portal here in Yemen. Apparently there is a U station or something, and some bad ETs were holding some good prisoners, so our guys didn't want to blast the place. So Mordok closed the portal, then re-opened it only for the evil ones to leave. And they eventually left, but there are still 18 good guys down there, supposedly, who will hopefully be rescued. I still can't feel them.
    Now the SS Loohan is over Rome, which seems to help a lot with the attacks.
    There is still that standoff near Hainan, China, which, incidentally, is also the island i mentioned on the 4th.

    And Mordok has been finding some jezzwidts in Rome as well as some apparently physical U transmitters near me, messing with my dowsing.

    And i'm still numb to a lot. But that allows me to focus more on developing other skills. Last night i was practicing on attacking the physical hearts of the Black Pope and the 3 Ratzinger clones.

    Yesterday started almost clear, but by mid-afternoon the sky was largely covered in chem-clouds. Overcast today. Rain just now started.

    (11:05am) Got a good shower for a while, and now there's a lull. Heavy fog, at my altitude at least.

    Those bad guys we let go from Yemen are from NGC 3370 and are being hit by the Red Draco.

    (2:40pm) Fog, intermittent sprinkles.

    I just read an article about how Matt Drudge won the war against TSA. Excerpt:
    Indeed, the whole issue underscores once again why the establishment media is so petrified of Drudge’s power to direct the nationwide rebellion against big government. One man with a website was able to take on the might of the multi-billion dollar corporate media industry and the federal government for whom they act as apologists, and in doing so stir the next great wave of resistance against tyranny.

    The establishment continually berates Drudge and attempts to assert that he has lost the power to influence the national discourse, even as the Drudge Report continues to smash its traffic record year after year.
    Wow, i had no idea Drudge was embroiled with the TSA, and was doing such great things. I stopped going to his site 5 years ago when such satanists came out of the closet, energetically.
    Hmm, "stir the next great wave of resistance against tyranny", eh?

    Nov. 30, 10: (8:35am) The rain ended yesterday late afternoon. Got 0.45". Still overcast this morning.

    There is no longer a standoff near Hainan. The Ik ship and the Braided Leg ship are over Rome along with the SS Loohan.
    Last night my 15 giant wives came into our atmosphere. They had been on 3 different planets in NGC 0533. They keep threatening to abduct me, but with my luck, it'll never happen.
    They are in one craft, piloting it themselves (6 of them can drive) which is protected by 3 war craft each with 10 female and 10 male on the crew. They are hanging about 3 miles above me. Er, so beam me up, already!
    Shortly before dawn, 2 more of those big evil ships like the one that was over Hainan appeared near them!
    And some unknown higher military power promptly disintegrated these, as well as the one by Hainan. I don't know who these new allies are. I get the impression they are not reptiloid.

    (9:40am) And guess where they are from? M51. I last mentioned M51 on the 23rd, a week ago:
    I heard from the guy in UK. He says the attacks on him are less intense.
    He became aware of some repts which he describes as resembling Chitauri, yet without such scaly skin, having more like a snake's head with a crest and dark eyes.
    They were cloaked and it took a while, but i found them in M51. M51 used to be a major stronghold of the 5D Tall Greys as well as the 4D short ones, back when they were our enemies.
    I got immediate kickback when i Fisted them, but it was not very strong.
    I think they are humans similar-looking to us. I suspect they are grateful for the help with the astral greys and more recently these evil repts. Our Red Draco have been killing off such repts in M51 for a week.
    Incidentally i am feeling better about the Red Draco lately; perhaps the therapy is producing deep changes in their traditionally imperialistic nature.

    (2:10pm) Still grey and cold out.

    Our friends from M51 have 2 large ships here. Each has 2K personnel. One ship is above me, the other is presently frying the Pentagon with orgone weapons.

    (3:15pm) And now, that other ship is over Busan, SK, frying this bldg, which has 41 evil military people in it.